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Mesha Sankramana / April / 2
Journal for National Resurgence

Vol.10 No. 10
APRIL 2010
Mesha Sankramana

Edited, Printed & Published by

Naaraayana Shevire
on behalf of
Jnana Bharathi Prakashan,
Mangalore - 575 008

Deepak Kamat The space between morality and spirituality has always, been debatable.
The most acceptable Indian way has been that of the
Advertisement/Cir.Manager middle path - clarified by the Buddha himself.
Chandrakant Patil However, the Guru-scene in India offers a range that
09686137934, 09096991295 cannot be fathomed in a dry logical manner.
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Sunil Kulkarni
There were very sober and learned sages in the past and even in the present. They are like Vashisthas -- learned,
sober, patient and an epitome of virtues.
At the same time, there have also been aggressive Gurus
Digantha Mudrana Ltd., who have been short-tempered and accused of all kinds of
Yeyyadi, Mangalore-575008 improprieties. They are like the Jamadagnis and the
Phone: 2212551
Durvasas -- angry sages... but nevertheless pious.
Cover Price : Rs. 20.00 The problem with the Indian Media is that it never had the
IQ/EQ to respect and judge the Gurus. They instead chose
4th Floor, City Point Building, to look down upon them as "Loony Cults".
Kodialbail, Mangalore - 575
This is not to say that all "Gurus" are noble. One can
Mobile : 94484 92707 never see life in plain "black and white". So also the
Gurudom is full of variety. To look down upon them as
EMAIL "Loony Cultists" is like throwing the baby out along with the
Websites: One should respect nobility in any situations rather than
take judgements with pre-conceived notions.
Mesha Sankramana / April / 3











Mesha Sankramana / April / 4
When the sex scandal of RAJEEV MALHOTRA
Swami Nithyananda suddenly
erupted on March 2, 2010, I was
already in Delhi as part of a group to extrapolate important lessons damage the broader interests of
to go to Kumbh Mela. I was also from this episode for other Hindu dharma as well as jeopardize the
finalizing my new book which organizations, which I predict will ashramites. Along with two other
deals specifically with Tamil Nadu face similar scandals as and sympathizers who are not
religious politics, and in particular when their weaknesses become ashramites, I have personally
with the role of various nexuses understood by those opposed to recommended to Swami
based overseas. So I decided to them. This article highlights my Nithyananda that the best course
jump into the eye of the storm of findings at these multiple levels at this stage would be for him to
this scandal in order to investigateand issues. resign completely from his
whether similar nexuses were at organization. He should turn it
During this 2-week investiga- over to a small team of senior
work in this case. Naturally, at one tive period, I have been loyal to
level I have seen this scandal Hindu mahatmas, so that the
my pledge to give Swami assets can be used in the best
through the framework of a Nithyananda’s organization the
civilization encounter in which interests of dharma. Further,
benefit of doubt and to report under the guidance of these
Vedic culture is pitted against the their side of the story. Besides
Dravidian divisiveness that is mahatmas he must live a quiet
wanting to balance out the one- life as a sadhu devoid of any
being backed by Christian evan- sided media depictions, I wanted
gelism. At another level, I found access to the ashram’s core institutional responsibilities.
that the sensationalized media Because the head of any organi-
group for my own research on the zation must accept responsibility
reports were too one-sided, and broader subject of civilization
none of them had a single state- encounters. I respect the sensi- that “the buck stops here,” only
ment to report from the swami such a move can salvage the
tivities of that organization con- organization and the reputation
himself. Furthermore, there was sisting of many decent and
chaos and mismanagement of the dedicated devotees who have of dharma at large. Over several
crisis from Swami Nithyananda’s sacrificed a great deal and stand years, this resignation would
inner circle. In hindsight, things hopefully reduce the massive
to lose a lot. pressure that has built up against
might have turned out differently
had they managed more sensibly But I have concluded that the him personally, and enable him to
and faster – which I will elaborate situation is now beyond repair for live peacefully as a sadhu. It is
later in this article. Given this, Swami Nithyananda and that his up to him to accept or reject this
another interest of mine has been continued involvement can only advice. The basis for this conclu-

Mesha Sankramana / April / 5

himself. I have been investigating the moral dimension, while not
what happened to such gurus, in determining the siddhis, was also
terms of the shifts in their West- important because it led to
ern followers over time, their receiving the grace of the divine.
scandals, their Indian followers I agree with him.
and critics, and also how each
So there are two separate
guru negotiated his/her position
phenomena involved: (i) spiritual
sandwiched between Indian
technologies that are objective
orthodoxy on one side and
and that allow anyone to harness
Western modernity on the other.
spiritual energies, and (ii) moral-
The relevance of this in the
ity which is important in itself, not
context of Swami Nithyananda will
for attaining siddhis, but in order
become clear very soon.
to have a positive relationship
sion becomes clearer once the The first provocative question with the divine. Either one can be
reader has gone through the I asked Sri Sri concerned the developed without the other;
rest of this article. nature of yogic powers: What is however, the dharma tradition
the relationship between siddhis encourages us to cultivate both.
I want to begin by examining and morality? If siddhis are a The reason that meditation
some principles about the scientific phenomena dealing systems prescribe things like
relationships between siddhis with powers that can be har- vegetarian diet, ahimsa, etc. is
(extraordinary yogic powers), nessed by all humans then one because an inappropriate
morality, Tantra and sex. This must bear in mind that science lifestyle interferes with the mental
will provide the framework in deals with truths that are morally tranquility required to advance.
which to interpret what has neutral. If Einstein was declared This lifestyle change can be
happened. Then I will turn to my to have lived an immoral life it appreciated regardless of
initial interest in pursuing the would not invalidate his scientific whether one believes in a per-
challenges facing Hinduism in theories. A person who designs sonal God or not. This absence
south India from a variety of aircrafts or any other complex of a personal God is clear in
forces. technological systems may or Buddhist meditation. Different
may not be moral in order to be Hindu systems place different
Siddhis (Extraordi- effective in his technical work. In levels of emphasis upon a
nary Yogic Powers) other words, rtam (the patterns personal God for the yoga to
of the cosmos), which we dis- function. This is why many
and Morality cover and call science, functions secular and scientifically minded
A few days ago, I had the independently of human morality. persons are also drawn towards
honor of having a two-hour This is why a scientific principle meditation techniques. In other
private conversation with Sri Sri can be used either morally or words, something cannot be a
Ravi Shankar at his ashram in immorally, because it is indepen- science if it depends upon
Rishikesh. I introduced myself dent of morality. There are moral morality, because science is
as an independent researcher persons who lack any siddhis or objective and stands indepen-
who is writing a series of books even ordinary scientific compe- dent of morality.
on Indian civilization in the tence. Conversely, there are
The relevance of this question
context of the global challenges great siddhas (like Ravana) who
is as follows: Many persons who
and opportunities. One of my lack morality. Sri Sri’s pranayama
have learned advanced medita-
volumes will be specifically on techniques would also produce
tion from Swami Nithyananda
the major global gurus since the results for an immoral person.
want to know if any moral
1960s – including Krishnamurti, Sri Sri seemed impressed by breaches by him would invalidate
Swami Muktananda, Maharishi this question, and agreed with the whole Hindu claim of achiev-
Mahesh Yogi, Pabhupada, my overall position on the inde- ing higher states of conscious-
among others - as well as living pendence between siddhis and ness. When a far worse sex
global gurus such as Sri Sri morality. But he pointed out that scandal against the legendary
Mesha Sankramana / April / 6
Swami Muktananda emerged in pletely dealt with in the time
Nithyananda are not his original
the 1990s, involving charges by ones; he has made it clear available for our meeting. I hope
a large number of his Western to pursue this some day with him
repeatedly that they are from the
female disciples, the Western Shiva Sutras which have a long and with various other acharyas
academy rashly condemned not for my own benefit. Its signifi-
history in our civilization. I feel
only one man’s morality, but also that he does have the siddhi ofcance in the present scandal
the whole legitimacy of the Indian being able to transmit these becomes clear soon. I asked
tradition itself. In that series of techniques very effectively to whether the Shiva Sutras are
debates (with RISA scholars like others. For instance, I have valid, pointing out that among the
Sarah Caldwell, etc.), I took the 112 spiritual enlightenment
never before in my life been able
same position then as I am taking techniques taught in them, about
to sit still and alert in meditation
now: that Muktananda’s capabili- 6 deal with sexual contact be-
for the whole night, but he had a
ties in harnessing spiritual few hundred persons in a large tween a male yogi and a female
energies are separate and hall achieving this. The point yogini. Kashmir Shaivism as well
independent from whether or not as the Tantra traditions have
here is similar to saying that the
he violated any code of morality. mathematics and golf I have included exemplars that practiced
learned from someone is not these techniques. Recently,
Patanjali warns against invalidated when the teacher isOsho tried to revive them and
getting lured by siddhis which found to be immoral. nowadays Deepak Chopra has
appear along the way when one brought some elements of these
practices advanced meditation Hence, the issue of his moral-
into his repertoire. Sunthar
persistently. One is not supposed ity must be pursued separately Visuvalingam, a US based
to indulge in them. This warning and independently from whether scholar of Tantra and Kashmir
is found in various Hindu systems his siddhis are genuine. Shaivism, is one of the voices
that deal with the body as a who brings out the authenticity of
vehicle for spiritual evolution, these approaches in the tradi-
because these energies are very Is Tantra a Part of tion, despite the common rejec-
powerful and can get out of tions by society at large. The
control. Another point that is Hinduism? tradition considers itself not
worth noting is that the tech- suitable for mainstream society
The second question that I
niques taught by Swami and is meant only for a small
asked Sri Sri could not be com-
Mesha Sankramana / April / 7
people include Swami
Vivekananda among those who
undermined Tantra. I disagree
with this charge. He was saying a
separate set of things to his
Western audiences than to
Indians. In his Western lecture
tours, he presented a Hinduism
that Westerners could relate to
and appreciate, but he did not
ask Indians to shift their practice.
It is unfortunate that after his
death, the Ramakrishna Mission
he started has diluted itself into a
sort of pseudo-Christianity. Kali
and other related Tantra deities,
symbols and rituals that were
dear to Ramakrishna himself,
subset of people. Many popular Church in its very official geno-
have become “hidden” for the
Hindu rituals and symbols have cide of several million practitio-
“private” use by the monks, but
emerged out of the Tantra ners across Europe. This Church
are marginalized publicly and
traditions – such as Shiva lingam, prosecution was called the
considered as an embarrass-
etc. The Tantra and Vedic tradi- Inquisition and was widespread
ment. Their lead in this direction
tions were not separate until for a few centuries. The use of
has spread across modern
recent times. The Vedic-Tantric shakti and anything concerning
Hinduism to such an extent that
integration is found in Adi the body as a spiritual resource
Vedic Hinduism has become
Shankara all the way to Jiva was considered not only immoral
separated from Tantra, and
Goswami (the great integrator of but also demonic, and was
Tantra is now widely condemned
Vaishnavism who took outlawed with draconian enforce-
by many Hindu gurus. This is
Ramanuja’s ideas further), and ment. The term “occult” was used
also a factor that worked against
even more recently in the life of to refer to a vast assortment of
Swami Nithyananda’s reputation
Sri Ramakrishna. The Bihar such practices and was heavily
among orthodox Hindu leaders,
School of Yoga has Tantra condemned by the Church as the
for he uses Tantric techniques
practitioners, but they do it work of the Devil.
that arouse body energies, such
privately and not publicly.
This mentality entered India as kundalini.
I have an unpublished mono- under the British. The Criminal
My own feeling is that Tantra
graph that shows the history of Tribes Act of India was passed by
is making a big comeback. First
this shift in Indian consciousness the British in the late 1800s. It
there was Western popularity of
concerning Tantra. It was under listed several dozen tribes that
distorted versions of Tantra; but
British rule that certain Indian practiced such “evil” techniques,
this is now being followed by
leaders (such as Ram Mohan and they were officially perse-
more clinical experimentation by
Roy) started to condemn (as part cuted into extinction. A middle-
psychologists and others. The
of their “reform” of Hinduism) class “whitened” Hinduism
whole issue of latent human
those aspects of Hinduism that evolved as the mark of being
energies and potentials (both
bothered puritan Christian “civilized” on British terms. We
positive and dangerous) is a hot
values. It must be noted that could thus be proud of our
topic of serious scientific investi-
Christianity has had a very identity, now that it was
gation. Hindus should reclaim this
negative posture towards the “cleansed” of “primitive” practices
aspect of their own tradition
human body starting with the of our ancestors.
rather than waiting for U-Turned
Biblical episode of Origin Sin.
In this history of removing (appropriated) versions to get re-
This is why female priests (called
Tantra out of Hinduism, some exported back to India, packaged
“witches”) got demonized by the
Mesha Sankramana / April / 8
as “Made in USA” spiritual
science. This requires an attitude
of experimentation under the
appropriate controls to prevent
abuses and quackery.
I just returned from Kumbh
Mela where I walked amidst
several tens of thousands of
naga sadhus who were com-
pletely naked. I did not consider
them as either vulgar or primitive.
The old guard of Hindu orthodoxy from Osho. But he failed to
rejects Tantra at least in public, publicly clarify whether he was
and yet lives in contradictions practicing those techniques that
because they do respect the involve sex. Privately, he ex-
naga sadhus and also the plained to me in recent days that
spirituality. Shiva Sutras have two categories
various symbols and rituals that
have their foundations in Tantra. Here it must be noted that of techniques. Most of the sutras
The vacuum left by avoiding the brahmacharya (involving sexual do not involve physical contact
subject of Tantra has created abstinence) is just one of the with another person and only use
opportunities for the likes of spiritual paths of Hinduism. The the four senses of sight, sound,
Wendy Doniger to formulate first half of my recent stay in taste and smell as pathways to
distorted interpretations. I feel Haridwar was as a guest of the spiritual experiences. Hence an
that Hindu spiritual practitioners Gayatri Pariwar, one of the individual practices these tech-
as well as intellectuals must take greatest and largest Hindu niques entirely on his/her own.
back control over Tantra as an movements, that does not This path is what he has taught
intrinsic part of our tradition. advocate being brahmachari. Its thus far to the public. The best
founder, its present head and its pursuit of this path is as a
members at large, are house- brahamachari according to him,
holders and not brahmacharis. and he has initiated many follow-
Sex and Morality But for Swami Nithyananda to ers into it. But for a small number
claim moral authenticity under of persons, he feels that the 6
Against this backdrop, I will
this system, he would have to sutras involving sexual Tantra
address the issue of Swami need to be tested and perfected
Nithyananda’s morality. Just to pronounce himself as a house-
holder and not a sannyasin. He for modern times, before they
has never done that, so we must can be safely taught more widely.
My first point above has been examine his morality by some This he considers to be like any
that the morality issue about other criteria. R & D done in a lab for develop-
Swami Nithyananda does not ing a product.
impact the effectiveness of the Another approach for him
could have been to announce My sense is that he did
meditation techniques he has
himself as an experimenter of practice Tantra with a very small
taught very successfully. Their number of persons, and I believe
efficacy is best evaluated by the Tantra for modern times, thereby
that he even entered into written
tens of thousands of practitioners making himself transparent of legal contracts with them to make
for themselves. any such charges. This would
place him in the same category sure that both parties were clear
My second point was that as Osho. Many times in his public about the arrangement. The
there is nothing inherent about discourses and teachings, he reason for this “Non-Disclosure
sex that is rejected by Hinduism has praised Osho as his greatest Agreement” was to make sure
across the board, although teacher and enlightened exem- that someone who willingly
certain strains of Hinduism do plar. He even said that many of approaches him for Tantra does
reject sex seeing it as harmful to his own teachings were derived not later accuse him of inappro-

Mesha Sankramana / April / 9

with her, and the media reports of her
statements, her stance seems to be
along the following lines: She took the
sexual initiative with him on the occasion
shown in the videotape, at a time when
he was not fully alert. But this activity did
not proceed to intercourse. It was
terminated. She has also said that the
videos being shown on TV are manipu-
lated versions of what actually hap-
pened, because they exaggerate the
situation. They do not show portions
where he asked her to stop. Different
clips from various videos seem to have
been turned into a single video by
editing. She has not filed any complaint
against him. So in the worst case, this
was consensual sex between adults,
and that too backed by a formal written
contract between the parties. Because
she has refused to give any statement
against Swami Nithyananda, she feels
threatened by those who set her up and
who did this sting operation. I hear that
she has gone overseas to protect her
safety from this mafia-like conspiracy. I
have not been able to corroborate this
thesis directly from her.
My concern about his morality is,
therefore, not based on sex between
consenting adults. Rather, my moral
issue is about the lack of transparency
before the public. He could have openly
said that he wants to select a few
yoginis to experiment Tantra under
priate physical contact. On March 9 (about a week ago), I did mutual consent. At worst this would have
a specific video interview with him dealing with this issue very upset many followers and pushed them
specifically. But this video was blocked by his ashram leaders away. In response to my concern over
even though he personally felt that it was a good idea to show his lack of transparency, he could offer
it. I gave up arguing in favor of showing it, because his the argument that this was a private
ashram management took a firm stand against it. I still feel activity between adults who are under
that this was a blunder they made. Swami Nithyananda is very no obligation to disclose it to the public.
forthright and clear in that interview – I felt that it was the best After all, people do not go about broad-
interview of all the ones I did with him, but it was never made casting their sexual lives. So long as this
public. was under mutual consent, he might
say, it cannot be an offense. And if it
I surmise that Ranjitha, the Tamil actress in the scandalous
was done under the Tantra portions of
videotape, was practicing Tantra with him. He taught her the
the Shiva Sutra, it was also an act within
self-control she had to achieve before any intimacy. I have
the Hindu tradition despite the contro-
tried to interview her in order to get her side of the story, but
versy surrounding Tantra today.
so far I have not succeeded in getting through to her. Based
on third party reports from some persons who are in touch Having given this best case argu-
Mesha Sankramana / April / 10
ment on his behalf, I must say that This concludes what I have to say about his morality
there could also be the alternative issue as shown in the sex tapes.
scenario, namely, that this was mere
lust packaged as Tantric spirituality.
David White, one of Wendy’s Chil-
dren, has written extensively making
My Impressions of Swami Nithyananda
the claim that all Tantra is “hard core Prior to this Scandal
porn” that gets wrapped up before
I was introduced to Swami Nithyananda a couple of years
the public in metaphysical mumbo-
ago, by a prominent Hindu leader based in California. This
jumbo to appear to be legitimate
man was so impressed by the young swami that he fre-
spirituality, which he calls “soft porn”
quently called me to speak about him in glowing terms. I told
coating. White’s latest book takes this
him that I had a guru already, and that my present interest in
allegation to the extreme, and states
interacting with gurus was mainly as a part of my research
that all major yogic exemplars in
for my book on global gurus. He arranged a private meeting
Indian history were basically not
for me with Swami Nithyananda, which I used mostly to
engaged in any kind of spirituality at
explain the civilization threats facing Hinduism, citing numer-
all. Instead, he claims, they were
ous examples, and questioned him on his position in this
developing personal power for the
regard. I found him to be very sharp, a great listener, and in
purpose of exploiting others. I am
agreement that we must engage social issues rather than
unqualified to comment on whether
pursuing the “world negating” or “escapist” paths that are
Swami Nithyananda’s case fits this
typical of many gurus today.
notion of “soft porn,” or whether it was
legitimate Tantra. Nor do I have Later on, I attended a weekend course in USA where he
adequate factual data of what hap- taught the Patanjali Yoga Sutras. I have read several trans-
pened to pass judgment either way. lations of this great classical work, but I had never before
Mesha Sankramana / April / 11
plained to him that I had previ-
ously learned and practiced
meditation techniques from
multiple sources for over 30
years, including: Maharishi
Mahesh Yogi, Sri Sri Ravi
Shankar, Yogi Amrit Desai (who
certified me as a teacher),
Deepak Chopra, Vipassana, and
more. Additionally, I had practiced
numerous bhakti traditions, as
well as formal Vedanta education
from Swami Chinmayananda and
Ramakrishna Mission. I went
through a serious study of the
writings by Sri Aurobindo, various
Madhyamika Buddhist systems,
Kashmir Shaivism, Ramana
Maharshi, etc. So I was not
seeking a new guru like most
others who took his courses.
seen it taught experientially. lism. Rather than building a
Swami Nithyananda gave the temple in every village and I have to say that he never
attendees their own personal needing a purohit in each of the pressured me to adopt him as my
inner experience of every one of thousands of villages across new guru, and even said that one
the eight limbs of Patanjali’s Tamil Nadu, the strategy was to must remain loyal to one’s guru.
system, right up to and including bring to each village this “temple To be classified as a devotee/
samadhi. This was quite an on wheels.” What I discovered by disciple of his, there are two
achievement in two days. my own independent fact-finding criteria, neither of which applies
was that wherever this temple on to me. First, there is an optional
Overall, my interactions with program one can sign up for, to
him remained centered largely on wheels went, the missionaries do “paada puja” at the guru’s
the geopolitics of religions. I saw were upset because it blunted feet, in order to develop a special
him as a prominent swami who their conversion efforts.
link with him. The second is that
was not running away from I attended his 21-day medita- one can ask to be given an
troubling issues, such as Chris- tion program in December 2009. initiation with a new name, in
tian conversions and the The various techniques in it are which case his policy is that the
Dravidianization of Tamil identity. very deep and transformative. person must legally change his/
Given that I have been writing a The best evaluation of this can her name, and use this new
book for three years (now in the be done by the hundreds of name publicly. I did not do either
editing stage) on this very issue attendees, who were divided of these steps. So my relation-
as it exists in Tamil Nadu, I was roughly equally between Indians ship is not as a devotee or
especially impressed by his and whites from North America. disciple, but more arms-length.
experimental program of a Hindu
temple on wheels traveling from In several side conversations It was a two-way street. While
village to village. In each village with him as well in the public he taught me meditation, I
this mobile temple stops and forum, I pursued the point that I brought to him my scholarship on
offers chanting, a talk by one of already have a guru since 1994, the geopolitical positioning of
the leaders, food, medicines, etc. so I was not looking for a new Hinduism which I feel the gurus
So it combines religion with social guru. Since my guru had left the know only superficially. They do
service and thus competes body a few years ago, I wanted not adequately know things like:
directly against Christian evange- to continue learning new tech- Western philosophy, neither of
niques for my practice. I ex- the religious nor the secular
Mesha Sankramana / April / 12
variety; or Western history; or
Western institutions that have
been set up explicitly to spread
its civilization; or various global
campaigns under way to invade
Indian civilization through conver-
sions, education, media, political
policymaking and more.
He requested that I should
present him my findings on such
matters so that he and his senior
acharyas could learn. I told him
that most gurus have little time to
listen attentively to a layperson
like me, because the gurus like to
do all the talking. He replied that
he would sit and listen to me
seriously. I made it clear that I No other guru in the world has nothing concrete was done to
was disinterested in giving a invested so much time with me to prevent or at least anticipate the
short talk of a few minutes, try and learn these global issues crisis that was to follow.
because my findings required so deeply. (The only other
considerable time to be examined prominent guru I know personally
seriously. I told him that I would who understands these issues
need two full days of undivided about the external challenges is
My Approach to
attention, so that I could present Swami Dayananda Saraswati.) Investigation
300 Powerpoint slides. Most gurus tend to either be
When the scandal broke out I
Swami Nithyananda sent me dismissive by resorting to spiri-
was in Delhi. I called the Banga-
an invitation when I was in Delhi tual loftiness, or imagine that
lore ashram management and
to visit his ashram and present they already know whatever
found them confident but con-
my research. I was delighted to there is worth knowing. Thus, my
fused. Probably they felt that the
have such an important audi- primary interest in Swami
matter would soon get forgotten if
ence. I was very impressed by Nithyananda was as a vehicle to
left alone. But exactly the oppo-
the fact that he sat through two spread greater awareness of the
site happened, as each day
long days of my talks, about 12 kinds of issues that I was re-
brought fresh allegations and
hours per day. He asked his 40 searching. (For instance, he
sensational media coverage.
top acharyas and various bought a couple of hundred
After several days had passed I
thought leaders in his ashram to copies of the book, “Invading the
was invited to go to Bangalore to
sit and listen to me for both the Sacred” at the full price, and
study the situation for myself. At
days. The interactions were made it required reading for all
that time I had no clue about his
intense, and I explained many his ashram residents.)
Tantra practice with any women.
points from my forthcoming I must balance this praise with Whatever I knew was based on
books. I felt that he and I had a criticism. In my 2-day talks, I had what his followers told me,
peer relationship, each side explicitly discussed that many because he was personally
being an expert in his domain to gurus were falling prey to sex inaccessible for several days
teach the other. After my two scandals, often with women even after I reached Bangalore. I
days of talks were over, he asked planted as part of sting opera- spent many hours daily with
me to help him incorporate my tions, or women in the inner some of his ashram’s top team.
core ideas into his curriculum, so circle who got too close and let
as to make sure that his teach- What I wrote earlier in this
things get out of control. Despite
ings helped position the Vedic article actually comes later in the
these warnings, it seems that
civilization properly. chronology of my investigation.

Mesha Sankramana / April / 13

of principle, regardless of
whether or not he is guilty of the
morality charge, I felt opposed to
spurious criminal charges being
piled up by the irresponsible
media just to create sensational-

The Conspiracy
against Swami
Since I had arrived at the
scene while writing my book on
But I presented it up front be- have mentioned earlier, even
the conspiracy in Tamil Nadu
cause most readers are ob- after certain interviews were
religious politics, it was natural to
sessed with getting my answer to recorded by me, the ashram
start with that as my emphasis for
only one single question: did he leadership used its discretion not
the investigation. But in this short
or did he not have sex? Nothing to air them.
article I have decided to focus on
else seems to matter to them,
In response to my critics on the matters surrounding his
whereas my investigation’s
how I conducted my interviews, I conduct and his organization’s
emphasis has been about issues
would also like to explain why I conduct, because these have
broader and more consequential
chose to focus on the criminal assumed a more urgent nature.
than any one man’s morality.
charges being made against The details of the conspiracy
Until I concluded my fact- Swami Nithyananda. Besides the belong in my book as corroborat-
finding 2-week period recently, I sex-tape being off limits as ing evidence for my thesis there.
was unable to discuss the sexual mentioned in the foregoing The types of parties reported to
acts shown in the videotapes. I paragraph, the criminal charges be behind the conspiracy, both
had to respect the policies of his became my focus for two rea- foreign and India based, were
people as part of the trust being sons. These charges could be remarkably similar to the ones I
placed in me to gain access. ascertained with objectivity – have written about in the book.
They also needed legal clear- such as asking for documents on So for now I shall merely summa-
ance on what can and cannot be the land ownership, the medical rize some of the main points
said by them. Their policy on the reports on the death of one concerning this conspiracy.
sex tapes was that Swami meditation participant 2 years
First one must understand
Nithyananda would directly ago, and so forth. The evidence
why Swami Nithyananda became
explain his acts. The Tamil was more clear-cut than the
such a target. He was virtually
actress’ lawyer was also in evidence on what exactly hap-
unknown 7 years ago, but once
contact with them and her sensi- pened in the videotapes between
he appeared in public his popu-
tivities had to be respected. The two persons none of whom were
larity catapulted at a dramatic
sensitivities of the 140-strong willing to talk with me about it.
rate. For example, last year,
ashramites had to be protected Secondly, the consequences of
YouTube wrote to him that he
also. Given this set of circum- criminality would be far more
was the most watched of all
stances facing me, I feel that it severe than mere moral fallibility.
Indian spiritual leaders on the
was unfair to demand that I While immoral conduct is a big
Internet and proposed a closer
should hound him with the one concern for the devotees, it is
collaboration for their viewers.
critical question. People have not enough grounds by itself for
This letter also stated that among
assumed that it was up to me to the state to confiscate the entire
all spiritual leaders worldwide
decide what would be within the property that runs into very large
(not just Indian) he was the
scope of each interview. As I sums of money. Also, as a matter
second most popular one, the
Mesha Sankramana / April / 14
Vatican being first. His meditation programs have
become very popular in USA and in certain Indian
states. The main factors are that participants almost
invariably report experiencing higher states of con-
sciousness, and he has healed a large number of
persons of a variety of diseases. His healing powers are
what brought together his core inner group of devotees
from around the world – doctors, businessmen, IT
professionals, corporate executives. Many of them have
explained their personal healings from terminal illnesses
as the turning point in their lives. His meditation pro-
grams sometimes bring up to a few thousand attendees
for periods ranging from a few days to several weeks.
While the funds come mostly from upper strata
participants in India and USA, a large portion of the
expenses have been allocated to develop grass-roots
social and spiritual programs focusing primarily in Tamil
Nadu, his native state. This is where he is seen as a
threat by Dravidian as well as Christian forces. For
instance, in December 2009, about 600 villages across
Tamil Nadu sent their local “Nithyananda leaders” for a
celebration and planning session in his main ashram
near Bangalore. I happened to be present for the
event. These common folks, mostly from the lower of this was spontaneous but was being
strata of Tamil society, had walked 300 kilometers for centrally orchestrated under a systematic
this journey, which they saw as a spiritual pilgrimage. plan.
The reason for the anger of Christian and Dravidian
forces is that his activities have put a dampener to What became evident to me was that
conversions in many districts, and several Christians there was “cooperation” in informal and
have returned to Hinduism by getting initiated formally unofficial ways among the media, police and
into his organization. The swami himself has spoken lower level judiciary. In fact, many third
against conversions, and has also stated that the parties were aware of the attack in advance
Dravidian movement had made Tamil people unspiritual and had warned his people before it hap-
in their lives, and that this had caused social decay. His pened with specific details of the plan. For
Tamil language publications and courses have become instance, one of his top devotees got a
his most popular ones, far exceeding the numbers in phone call from someone based in New York
English. Also he is a very big threat because he is not a describing the media and police attack that
Brahmin. Because he cannot be targeted using the was to come. His predictions turned out to
classic attack strategies used on Brahmins, and be- be accurate but at that time the ashramites
cause the masses in Tamil Nadu were rising to swell his did not take the threat literally. He said that
ranks, the threat he posed to the existing political power for the right sum of money he could be
structure had to be stopped one way or another. helpful in preventing such an attack. He
claimed that the planning for this attack had
The attack against Swami Nithyananda has con- started a year ago. He mentioned that a
sisted of two prongs, destroying his image and alleging budget of Rs 200 crores was allocated by
legal misdeeds. At first a highly sensational sexual some overseas groups to demolish Hindu
charge was broadcast in order to devastate his credibil- gurus especially in south India, and named
ity and create an atmosphere in which any and all kinds two south Indian churches as the nodal
of outlandish allegations would be taken at face value. agencies to coordinate this strategic plan. (I
Once the media and popular sentiments had been am presently pursuing these leads as part
turned against him, there was one amazing allegation of my book investigation.)
after another in rapid sequence. It was clear that none
Mesha Sankramana / April / 15
in Pune who runs a magazine
and is a devotee of Swami
Nithyananda, told the ashram a
week in advance of the attack
that some such catastrophe
would happen. He named his
source as a man in the Banga-
lore Press Club. Another pub-
lisher in Hyderabad who distrib-
utes Swami Nithyananda’s books
in Telugu, called three times to
warn that a graphic video would
be released and gave a precise
time for this to happen. It was
also reported that an American
devotee who had fallen out of the
ashram was working in associa-
tion with one Jody Razdik who
specializes in guru bashing at a
prominent web site. He was being
helped by an Indian based in San
Diego, who was once very deeply
involved inside the Nithyananda
organization but had turned
malicious. The only man who has
openly come out as the main
accuser was an ashramite who
had a falling out when he got
demoted due to his conduct. It
was recently reported that he
had a prior criminal record
There was another concrete the Nithyananda organization against him but nobody in the
extortion effort about eleven or seem like a terrorist outfit that ashram had checked out his
twelve days prior to the scandal needs to be attacked for the background before admitting him.
breaking out. A lawyer contacted sake of public safety. This letter
them and claimed that his client along with a DVD of the sex There were constant threats
had compromising videos, and video was delivered to the Chiefreceived to harass the
that the client was seeking Minister of Karnataka state two ashramites and scare them away,
money or else they would get hours before the videotape was with claims that “narcotics will be
released. The same intermediary first aired. Clearly, the attackplanted to cause arrest war-
later sent a letter containing a was well planned and executed rants.” The actions by the police
variety of unsubstantiated across many locations, and was were being leaked to the media
criminal allegations against persistently carried out over ahead of time and even to the
Swami Nithyananda, and this opposing side, leading to numer-
several days. This is not the work
letter’s distribution list included of some isolated individuals. ous “tips” received by “friends”
India’s Prime Minister, President, asking the ashram dwellers to
Sonya Gandhi and Rahul There were warnings given to run away before “the attack
Gandhi, various Chief Ministers individuals in the ashram that comes.”
and police heads, various na- their phones were being tapped
tional criminal investigation and and that they better leave to But even after a couple of
security organizations. I have a save their own lives, because weeks since the scandal has
copy of this letter, and it makes something horrible was about to erupted, the lawyers for Swami
happen. One friendly man based Nithyananda’s ashram have
Mesha Sankramana / April / 16
failed to get copies of any con-
crete charges filed with the
police, except a few trivial ones.
Each time they approach for
specific details they are told that
there is no formal charge, except
relatively minor ones. So the
intimidation has been carried out
mainly through media reports,
without any legal due process
starting where facts and argu-
ments could get cross-examined.
This lack of formal charges has
enabled an atmosphere of
intimidation using rumors and
threats that cannot be pinned
down officially. exclusive. But after the interview, areas of competence. The
she betrayed them and turned it Brahmin job description focuses
It is important to contrast this on spirituality and research;
into more distortion and smut.
with the manner in which Indian Kshatriya on governance, politics
This led Swami Nithyananda’s
media treats scandals facing and leadership; and Vaishyas on
handlers to give interviews to
Islamic or Christian groups. The commerce and financial capital.
more stations in order to coun-
numerous scandals occurring Swami Nithyananda had persons
teract this distortion. But the
overseas often get blocked by with Brahmin qualities performing
more they said before TV cam-
Indian media entirely, or are duties that demand Kshatriya
eras, the worse the scandal
given mild treatment with tremen- and Vaishya skills. This was
became. One station was blatant
dous sensitivity, in order to be counterproductive. The ashram
in its threat to the swami’s assis-
seen as “secular” and not “com- leaders were selected and
tant: “If you don’t give us an
munal.” By contrast every kind of trained for skills and roles that
interview right away, we will show
allegation against any Hindu are very different than this
you the power of the media to
group gets clubbed in one situation demands. Too often
destroy you.” At one point a
homogeneous category and their bhakti and spiritual practice
major TV station also wanted to
treated as a social scourge substituted for professional
drag in Ramakrishna Mission with
equivalent to terror groups. competence in managing a
similar allegations, but someone
The media’s hounding mental- was able to stop that. rapidly growing global enterprise.
ity and mafia tactics deserve to The sole emphasis was placed
be condemned. In the Swami on traditional Brahmin qualities,
Nithyananda case, they have and none on what would be
Failures of Swami
used carrots and sticks to lure considered Kshatriya qualities.
and threaten, using whatever
Nithyananda’s Organization
For example, there are a
would get them more sensational Hindu tradition separates large number of white devotees
footage. Several TV stations and three kinds of varna (skills), each who do have Kshatriyata -
journalists camped out in representing a form of social leadership expertise, courage
Haridwar and sent me emails capital, and these three were and commitment. But even after
requesting my help in arranging never supposed to be concen- this attack the ashram organiza-
an interview. When I failed to trated in a single person, thereby tion has blundered in its failure to
deliver (because it was not up to preventing too much concentra- leverage and deploy them. I met
me to deliver any such thing), tion of power. I use the terms some of these Westerners at the
some of them turned nasty Brahmin, Kshatriya and Vaishya Kumbh and found them remark-
against me. One TV woman not as birth based “caste,” but as ably willing to stand up for their
promised the swami’s people merit based social capital and guru, but nobody had bothered
“positive” coverage if she got an
Mesha Sankramana / April / 17
himself with sycophants who tell him what he
wants to hear, and this feedback loop of self
glorification turns into group delusion.
I noticed this in the form of the inner circle’s
inability to make common sense judgments,
and their misrepresenting the facts to their
leader by giving him too much “good news.”
The result was that the honest truth did not
come out fast enough to allow pragmatic and
realistic planning. I had a difficult time to get
dependable information, and the stories kept
changing not only over time but also between
one person and another within the group. I
could not tell if there was a cover up and if
new lies were fabricated to cover prior lies. In
such an atmosphere one cannot tell which
individuals might have a separate stake and
vested interest from the group. Lacking
competent Kshatriyas, the swami had not
anticipated that such a crisis was ever pos-
sible, despite the fact that outsiders (including
myself in my 2-day talks at his ashram) had
explained to them the threats facing every
prominent Hindu mahatma today.
While on the one hand I blame those in
positions of responsibility at the ashram,
ultimately Swami Nithyananda bears the
responsibility as he selected them, defined
their roles, evaluated their performance,
to organize them and take advantage of the fact that
motivated and supervised them very closely.
Swami Nithyananda has a global following. Instead of
In this regard, his spiritual capabilities had
such initiatives to deal with the crisis, his organization
failed to evaluate those very close to him as
was in utter chaos, reacting to each “hit” by the other
well as the external reality. An enlightened
side. Its leaders were running scared, driven by one
master must do better than this, or else he
rumor after another. Decisions were being made in
must not try to control everything so person-
desperation and panic. The group was cognitively
disoriented and many of its members were psychologi-
cally breaking down. I acknowledge that being a global guru is
very demanding today, given that one has to
The organization was too much of a one-man show
represent a very old tradition authentically
with the leaders operating like children dependent on
and yet in a manner that appeals to modern
the swami for every decision. The swami had become
people. This is why Hindu leaders need a
the iconic object of the ashram’s inner circle. Their
crash course on matters that are well beyond
proximity to him became their measure of personal
the traditional education in their own
power and identity. This is classical cult-like behavior
sampradayas (lineages).
that cannot survive the onslaughts that are inevitable
nowadays. Such a concentration of all varnas into one
man not only makes an enterprise incompetent, but it
also can also get to the leader’s head and make him Hindu Chaos
power hungry. Especially when the guru has siddhis,
this power can easily become co-opted by his ego into Swami Nithyananda’s own support base in
a dangerous mixture. The result is that he surrounds India has started to distance itself out of self
Mesha Sankramana / April / 18
preservation amidst all the I sent feelers to the Hindu
rumors and slander. His closest Dharma Acharya Sabha as to
supporters were not approached whether it should offer to step in
soon enough with his side of the and take over the ashram and its
story, and by the time they were related organizations, thereby
approached the damage to his bringing new management to
credibility was already irrevers- clean up matters and bring
ible. They did not want to risk stability to the enterprise. I was
being associated with a “fallen told that while this was a “good could either remain a place for
guru.” Many Hindu gurus have idea in principle,” it was not spiritual training or turn itself into
started to publicly lash out practical because HDAS is simply a Hindu social service organiza-
against the “fallen godman”; not set up to deal with this. tion. Either way it would be a
others became silent or neutral better outcome than the likely
publicly, while offering private alternative of the government
sympathy but refusing to stick
their necks out.
The Way Forward stepping in to take over the
ashram and turn it over to
My overriding concern administrators who are not
One factor is that the swami’s
throughout this investigation has positively disposed to Hindu
approach was too conservative
been to find a way to do damage spirituality – as has happened in
for some and too liberal for
control in order to protect the numerous similar cases of
others. It is too filled with deities,
broader interests of dharma. government takeovers of Hindu
symbols and rituals of a very
This requires a pragmatic ap- temples and organizations
orthodox kind for the aesthetic
proach. Given the state of despite government claims of its
taste of modern global gurus who
affairs, it seems that the mess actions being “secular”.
propagate a whitened, Western-
cannot be cleaned without the
ized “clean” Hinduism that is Besides giving up the organi-
swami leaving the movement and
abstract and metaphysical but zation, Swami Nithyananda
going into a strictly private life of
devoid of imagery associated should return to his personal
meditation and self inquiry. I
with “primitive paganism.” At the sadhana under the guidance of
worry for the young ashramites
other end of the spectrum are
who I feel are amazing individuals these spiritual leaders. Let them
orthodox Hindu leaders who find
but in need of proper mentoring. evaluate him and his organiza-
his idea of youthful dancing,
They have a solid commitment to tion, and issue their independent
celebration, and liberal atmo- report to the public.
the cause and their personal
sphere to be not “real” Hinduism.
spiritual paths, but they lack the Swami Nithyananda should
A couple of shankaracharyas
sophistication and maturity to fearlessly and humbly submit
interviewed on NDTV lashed out
deal with what they face today. himself to their judgment of what
against “false” gurus and claimed
that only the shankaracharyas Swami Nithyananda should happened and what the remedies
had the authority to certify who resign immediately and hand ought to be.
was qualified to be a guru. So over all his organizations to Hinduism has survived for
Swami Nithyananda fits neither senior spiritual masters, prefer- many millennia and faced many
end of this spectrum. ably Shaivites practicing the kinds of crises, just like all the
Shiva Sutras and related tradi- other major religions of the world.
Many of the gurus I met have
tions. He told me in an interview It has its own internal resources
told me in confidence that they
hat I recorded on March 9th that and mechanisms to deal with
fear that similar attacks are
he was willing to leave everything such situations.
coming to more Hindu gurus, but
and become a wandering sadhu
that there is no central Hindu These need to be put to use
again. I wish that interview had
mechanism to deal with these and they need to become mod-
been aired.
episodes along the lines of ernized. This is not the last such
various Church mechanisms that The new spiritual leaders scandal Hindu groups are going
intervene when Christianity faces would give the ashram a new life to face in the near future.
a scandal. and chance to revive itself. It
Mesha Sankramana / April / 19
Bhaskar Pai analyses the pros
and cons of tantric sex
six are related to sex, while there concerned about security. None
Now that Rajeev Malhotra
are others related to breath, of them had the maturity level for
has unravelled the Truth about
hearing, humming, mantra and Tantric sex. I really have doubts
Nithyananda Paramahamsa and
other techniques. whether Ranjeetha (she seemed
the fascist Indian Media-Mission-
hot) had the maturity for Tantric
ary nexus in his brilliant analytical When Osho was asked what sex. Tantric sex was forbidden
piece, I would like to focus on the the difference between Tantric sex exactly for this purpose as it
areas that he has not touched. and ordinary sex was. He said usually degenerated into a sexual
For those who have not read that Tantric sex was cool and orgy on the pretext of spirituality.
Malhotra’s excellent piece, here it compassionate while ordinary sex Even Swami Vivekananda ab-
is: is hot and passionate. horred this orgy in the name of
geopolitics-guru/973-why-swami- I heard in a Sri Sri tape that spirituality.
nithyananda-must-resign-now.html there are three types of sex — one
This is not to deny the
The crux of Mr. Malhotra’s deals with genitals (most immature possibilities about the heights of
investigation is that Nithy was and juvenile), other deals with Tantric sex. In our tradition, we
experimenting with Tantric sex and companionship, while the last and have had several examples of
that Ranjeeta was a willing victim the most superior is about the couples achieving the Ultimate
in that she had signed an agree- ultimate merger. Climax. I am fully aware of the
ment that she was willing to enter In a single word, Tantric sex is Missionary manipulations and the
into tantrix sex experiments with like dreamless sleep –ideal but Vicotrian prudishness when it
Nithy. My opinion is that Nithy impractical in the way of the comes to Tantric sex. But I never
had every right to experiment with world.However, in moments of considered these missionaries and
tantric sex. Where he erred was deep meditation and hitting at the the present day journalists ma-
that he misled his devotees into core, both dreamless sleep and tured enough to cover something
believing that he was a cool sex are eminent possibilities. as subtle as tantric sex. Meditation
brahmachari. is a way of life. It is not just about
There is another problem with postures and concentration.
Now let me delve deep into tantric sex is that it requires the
Meditation percolates into every
this part of Tantric sex. Is it really other. It is not a one-man show.
activity including sex. There is
valid. Vigyan Bhairava Tantra Even the partner should be equally nothing wrong or impractical
mentions 112 types of meditation receptive. In this day and age,
about Tantric sex except that one
techniques to enable a man to most of the females that I came should not legitimise orgies in the
reach superconsciousness. In this across were either bitchy or too
name of tantra.
Mesha Sankramana / April / 20
One of the world’s most misunderstood
literary works, Vatsyayana’s Kamasutra is actu-
ally an ancient acknowledgement of holistic living
The Kamasutra of Vatsyayana is the product
of a civilization that had set out to understand
human life in all its expressions. The nature of
desire and its workings was one of its fundamen-
tal inquiries. The quest of pleasure and happiness
was always acknowledged to be the spring of all
human actions.
Sukh, or ‘pleasure and happiness’, which
includes sexual pleasure, was a subject of inquiry
in the major Upanishads. At least 40 long chap-
ters are devoted to it in the Mahabharata. And it is
there, long before Vatsyayana composed his
Kamasutra, that the human sexual impulse is
investigated systematically.
But there was in all this a certain method of their integral togetherness, they constitute the life
understanding that must be understood first. Of force, or prana. Neither is man separate from
the many attributes of that understanding, we nature; for the five elements of nature are already
need concentrate mainly on four. Firstly, every within him as the generative parts of his physical
person wants to understand experience, and not and mental being. Thus, the material and the
just go through it without making sense. Under- spiritual are not two separate domains.
standing is therefore experiential and not merely The physical and the material, as forms of
intellectual. energy, are spiritual, and therefore equally worthy
The problem, however, is that: one, we of reverence. The human body is as sacred as the
generally see experience as something happen- spirit. This is the clearly stated position of the
ing to us, rarely seeing that every person is also Upanishads-the first human striving towards
an active creator of his, or her, experience. Thus, understanding the self as the world, and the world
self-understanding is the first step towards as the self.
meaning. Two, we tend to fragment one experi- Thirdly, the method is to show that life is to be
ence from another, and then seek to understand understood and lived paradoxically. For human life
each; which, of course, is impossible. The is paradoxical. The paradox of pleasure is that
attributes of a human being are interrelated in unrestrained pleasure kills itself. In other words,
such a way that one flows into the other, and can self-restraint is the first condition of pleasure. The
be understood only in its togetherness. That is to paradox of intimacy is that distance is its first
say, the first step towards pleasure and happi- condition. The intimacy in which there is no dis-
ness is to experience oneself in one’s inner tance, turns very soon either into resentment or
togetherness, and not as a fragmented being. even into hatred.
Secondly, therefore, the method is to show The paradox of sexual pleasure is that all
the natural inner unity of human attributes. The those conditions that create sexual pleasure and
physical body is not separated from the mind; nor happiness lie outside sexuality. The paradox of
are they separated from emotions and feelings. In
Mesha Sankramana / April / 21
ous notion that one is gross and the other
refined, one at a lower and the other at a
higher level of consciousness, is from the very
start to do violence to human worth, and thus
do violence to one’s self. Joy is not to be
separated from reverence under the stupid
notion that one is frivolous and the other
It will be equally erroneous to separate the
physicality of sex from the erotic. Without the
erotic, the physicality of sex is empty. To the
body belong the sensations, to the mind and
heart, feelings and emotions and sensibility.
self-interest is that the only way of serving one’s
Sexuality, for Vatsyayana, in order to be experi-
self-interest is to serve the interest of the other: that
enced and not just sensed for a little while, is
is to say, the pleasure and the happiness of the
suffused with the erotic, which will be the
other is an essential condition of one’s own plea-
proper translation of the word kama, or desire.
sure and happiness. The paradox of self is that
without the other, the self will be inconceivable. And, The attributes of being a person, in being
above all, there is the paradox of limits, which a natural unity, express the erotic in combina-
consists of the fact that one becomes aware of tion with the rest, and not in isolation. The
one’s limits only by transgressing them. togetherness of man and woman in a whole-
some relationship requires first of all a whole-
Fourthly, the method is to show how everything
some relationship with one’s own self, in
in human living is a function of the ‘proper place,
which any one human attribute is not
time and person’, or desa, kala and patra. These
wrenched from the others and made the sole
three must always combine so that we may dis-
basis of one’s life. The art of making love
cover the meaning and beauty of life and relation-
would require, even in its own terms, cultiva-
ships. But, after emphasizing at every turn, the
tion of a much wider area of sensibility, such
importance of context, it is also emphasized that a
as music, dance, poetry, literature.
person is
Indeed, Vatsyayana’s list of the arts to be
not his, or her, context alone. Much else re-
cultivated by a man and a woman, as essen-
mains to being a person. This means that if con-
tial to the fulfilling experience of kama, is so
texts are ‘given’, within which most of one’s life is
very long that one might feel discouraged in
lived, they are also ‘created’ by a person so as to
ever hoping to be a successful lover. It in-
move towards beauty and joy, transcending the
cludes, for example, knowledge of architecture
limits of the given. That is the substance of creative
and house-construction, of metals, jewels and
precious stones, of magic and creating illu-
If we read the Kamasutra of Vatsyayana in the sions. At the first reading, this may seem
light of the four main attributes of the Indian method wholly absurd. For, what is being demanded of
of understanding the human condition briefly a man and a woman, of both of them, before
sketched above, we will get a very different picture they can experience the joy of their sexuality,
of that work than what we would without is that they should also be architects, metallur-
them.Indeed, with their light we will have a radically gists, and magicians.
different perspective on human sexuality.
Vatsyayana is, of course, doing nothing of
To the author of the Kamasutra, the body is as that kind. In reading a text, any text, one should
sacred as the spirit; sexuality in all its concrete not be too literal, and thus insult the author’s
forms as worthy of reverence as the spiritual. They as well as one’s own intelligence.A text is
flow into each other, as energy, to create the joy of always suggestive; and exaggeration is a
life. To separate the two, under the wholly errone- standard method of making a point forcefully. It

Mesha Sankramana / April / 22

is only that Vatsyayana wants us
to be aware of the truth of the
paradox of sex, that the condi-
tions of a satisfying sexual union
of man and woman lie outside
sex. Sex as energy requires at
the same time the flow of other linga, or phallus. Similarly, In some ways the distinc-
forms of energy, without which it women are described differently, tions he makes are perfectly
will diminish, and die. according to the varying depth of sound, and obvious. For ex-
their yoni, or vagina. ample, as everybody knows, so
Moreover, language is
many marriages have invited
always symbolical. A word, in Vatsyayana then suggests
great unhappiness, and are
denoting something, is saying that there are, accordingly, nine
often wrecked, because of the
much more than what it de- types of union between men and
unequal nature of feelings and
notes. In one context, a word women of different proportions.
emotions and passions.
may denote something crude; in Besides, there are nine types of
Vatsyayana is thoroughly realis-
another context, the same word unions, according to the varying
tic in advising that one should
will be immensely exciting, strength of passion. The kissing
mate with one’s own type, of
indeed an essential aid while is said to be of four types. The
temperament and feeling, and
making love. Therefore, embrace, and the pressing of
also physical make-up. The
Vatsyayana shows the impor- the thighs, is also of different
unresolved problem, however,
tance of uttering certain words, kinds, each given a name.
is, which he does not mention,
and sounds, when man and There are sixty-four different
that there is no way in which that
woman, in embrace, are flowing positions that can be taken in
can be adequately pre-deter-
into each other. They are creat- the act of making love. If it is
mined. One can know that one
ing magic for each other in done this way, it is called this; if
has been matched wrongly only
those moments. it is done that way, it is called
after one has been wrongly
And the erotic is magic; not matched.
in the sense of conjuring up So far as making intricate
Therefore, what it is also
something that does not exist, distinctions is concerned, there
saying is that the texts on kama
but in the sense of marvel, is evidently here a delightful
“are of help only till passion is
astonishment, and wonder. playfulness. When there is no
not excited: but once the wheel
When there is no magic in the playfulness in sex, it quickly
of passion starts to roll, there is
togetherness of man and loses much of its charm. There
then no shastra and no order”.
woman, and no poetry, sex is a is in the Kamasutra, a curiosity,
And yet, there is order. It is that
lifeless, dead thing. That is what of the possibilities of the body
of self-restraint, which is an
Vatsyayana is saying. and the mind, and also their
essential condition of fulfilling
limits, an exploring. But this
There is another character- sexual passion. Another form of
curiosity is playful. Fearing that
istic of the Kamasutra, which on order is in knowing what to do
some men and women may
the first reading, may appear to and when.
take him far too seriously, in
be thoroughly artificial, showing
trying, for example, many, or all, Above all, Vatsyayana says:
nothing more substantial than
the sixty-four positions, “At all times, the man must
the author’s delight in making
Vatsyayana, after describing carefully observe every action of
distinctions and coining new
them, immediately adds, some- the woman he loves, and so
words for them. It persists
what laughingly, that merely gauge her passion and prefer-
throughout the work. First of all,
because something could be ences, and act accordingly, to
men are said to be of different
done, that is no good reason for give her the greatest pleasure.”
types, depending upon the
doing it. Nothing is to be hurried; nothing
length and thickness of their
Mesha Sankramana / April / 23
Sanskrit word sam-bhoga, meaning ‘enjoying
together, enjoying in harmony’.
Vatsyayana repeatedly says that reciproc-
ity is absolutely essential to the joys of love.
He says: “Every lover must reciprocate
the beloved’s gesture with equal intensity, kiss
by kiss and embrace by embrace.
If there is no reciprocity, the beloved will
feel dejected and consider the lover as a
is to be forced. stone-pillar.
The most remarkable characteristic of the It will result in a highly unsatisfactory
Kamasutra is its attitude of equality between man union. To keep the passion alive and inflamed,
and woman in matters of erotic love. That attitude reciprocity is absolutely essential.” In brief,
is inherent already in the word sam-bhoga, ordi- where there is only taking, there is also the
narily translated as ’sexual intercourse’, which loneliness of the innermost.
completely misses the true import of the original
Ravi Pillay

An expert has said that economic crisis signifies an ideal
was set in motion with the Septem-
Jihadist terror organizations have opportunity and platform to ber 11 attack on the Twin Towers,
set economic terrorism as their leverage a economic terroristwhen Osama bin Laden stated on
new target, intending to harm and campaign,” he said. In the course
the video tapes that he sent out
paralyze Western economies, the of a study that was carried out
that these attacks mostly damaged
United Sates in particular. The over a number of years, Prof.the United States’ economic base
claim was made by Professor Weimann surveyed public and and that these attacks, which cost
Gabriel Weimann, expert re- encoded websites run by Islamic
500,000 dollars to carry out, cost
searcher of terrorism over the terrorist organizations, forums,
the US 500 billion dollars. Other
Internet at the University of Haifa video clips, and practically all the
publications by bin Laden himself
in Israel. information related to Islamic Jihad
and by other terrorist leaders show
terrorism that is flowing through
that they understand that Western
Prof. Weimann monitored
the network. and US power lies in their eco-
websites hosted by terrorist and
terrorism-supporting organizations. According to Prof. Weimann, nomic strength and that the jihad
“For the Jihadists, the present the focus on economic terrorism movement should focus on damag-
Mesha Sankramana / April / 24
ing this power by employing killing anyone who collaborates critically damage the American
various tactics. with these personalities. economy.
The tactics include, hitting Monitoring the Muslim Therefore, they aim to make
international corporations directly; terrorist-related information on the the US open as many military
harming international corporations Internet, Prof. Weimann also fronts around the world as pos-
by means of 1.5 billion Muslims revealed that the armed struggle sible.
boycotting them, which would against the US in Iraq and Afghani-
Another result of this new
pressure the respective govern- stan is aimed at prolonging Ameri-
focus on Econo-Jihad is an in-
ments to adjust their policies; can expenditure on maintaining
creasing jihadist interest in
striking at resources that were forces in these countries, and not
websites and online information on
“looted” from Muslim countries, necessarily at military defeat.
the American and Western econo-
such as oil-drilling companies in
The jihadists believe that this mies, so as to glean an understand-
Iraq; assassinating key personali-
would help drain America’s ing of how these economies can be
ties in the global economy, most of
financial resources and eventually hit the hardest. (ANI)
whom they believe are Jews, and

Mesha Sankramana / April / 25

healthy obsession with denigrat-
ing, opposing and threatening
the Shankaracharya.
But Sankararaman had
been harassing the
Shankaracharya for 40 years. In
fact, he had gone so far that
there was an open-and-shut
case of harassment against
him, but the Shankaracharya
had chosen not to lodge it. That
made the timing of his decision
to 'eliminate' Sankararaman
difficult for the police to explain.
The police had further
claimed that some of the ac-

Thank The Good Lords

cused whom they had arrested
had implicated him in their
crime. A cellphone known to be

The Shankaracharya case was used by the Shankaracharya

had a record of calls made to

always flawed — luckily the SC some of the accused both

before and after

sees through it Sankararaman's murder. Ten

lakhs of rupees, the FIR stated,
had been withdrawn by the
PREM SHANKAR JHA Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham Math
" Thank God for the Su- and distributed to 'the accused'.
preme Court," was my first There was thus prima facie
grant of bail, the Tamil Nadu
reaction when I read this morn- evidence of motive, means and
police was unable to prove
ing that it had shifted the murder reward.
case against the Kanchi But by mid-December
Shankaracharya to Pondicherry. My anxiety had been sharp-
gaping holes had begun to
For ever since the Chennai ened by the stories that had
appear in the police's case. The
police had arrested Jayendra begun to appear in the press
two key witnesses, on whose
Saraswati on the night of Diwali within weeks of the arrest.
word the Shankaracharya was
11 months ago, I had been filled By pursuing the case with charged with complicity and
with a sense of foreboding. no holds barred, Jaya was trying arrested, later claimed they had
"What if," I had written in these to put a new gloss on her been tortured into signing blank
columns, "after having accused tarnished image. pieces of paper for the police.
him of murder and of causing
the disappearance of evi- The case had always The account in the HDFC
dence...; after putting him in jail seemed flimsy. All that the police bank had been found not to exist
with common criminals, pro- seemed to have against him for and the police had amended its
claiming his guilt to the entire the murder of A. Sankararaman, petition to name another bank in
Indian media in tones that manager of one of the temples its place.
brooked no possibility of error, at Kanchipuram, was that the
As an 'insurance against
and adamantly resisting the man had developed an un-
the failure of the first', the police
Mesha Sankramana / April / 26
had filed a second case accusing the swami of having
another functionary of the math and his family attacked
and beaten up.
If the case failed to stick would the Tamil Nadu
government, I wondered, apologise and let the
Shankaracharya go?
Or, as is happening disturbingly often these days,
would it stretch the envelope of police procedure to make
a case against him at any cost? In mid-December last
year, there were already disturbing signs that it was
headed down the latter road.

Dissatisfied with the S. Gurumurthy of the Chennai children, let alone a state or a
progress that its huge, 29- edition of the Indian country. Tamil Nadu chief minis-
member task force was making, Express.Lawyers have been ter Jayalalitha's belief that she is
the government had replaced singled out for special treat- more than a mere mortal has
both its senior-most officers. ment, for they have had crimi- been on public display for a long
The message of these 'trans- nal cases lodged against them time. The Supreme Court's
fers' was clear—a case had to to prevent them from appearing decision reinforces the conclu-
be made at any cost. for the Shankaracharya. Not sion I had arrived at 10 months
The scathing remarks even under the British, the ago, that by pursuing the
made by the Supreme Court court observed, had the ac- Shankaracharya with no holds
show that for the whole of the cused been denied, or im- barred, she was trying put a new
year that has elapsed since the peded from having, defence gloss on her somewhat tar-
arrest, the Tamil Nadu govern- lawyers of their choice. nished secular credentials and
ment has pursued the The court has left no one simultaneously seeking to take
Shankaracharya with grim in doubt that it considers these advantage of the latent anti-
determination. "The state ma- cases to be frivolous. Brahminism in Tamil Nadu. But
chinery in Tamil Nadu," it con- what do we make of the police
cluded, "is not only taking an For, incensed to a degree and administration officials who
undue interest, but is going to that it rarely displays, the two- 'do their duty' in the face of every
any extent in securing the judge bench of Justices R.C. moral consideration in much the
conviction of the accused by any Lahoti and G.P. Mathur has same manner as Adolf
means, and to stifle even publi- accused the Tamil Nadu Eichmann did 63 years ago.
cation of any article or expres- government of having created
a 'fear psychosis' in the state in The Tamil Nadu witch-hunt
sion of dissent in the media or
anyone who dared to defend is only the latest of several that I
the Shankaracharya. have written about in these
To stifle criticism of its columns in the last few years.
handling of the case, the state So, thank the good Lord None of them could have been
has harassed journalists, men that we have a vigilant Su- carried out without a complai-
of stature in public affairs, and preme Court. But what does sant bureaucracy.
even lawyers who dared to write this horrifying episode tell us
about our politicians and We've converted the British
or appear in favour of the ac-
bureaucrats? ideal of a non-political bureau-
cracy into a non-moral bureau-
Cases have been lodged In one sentence, it tells us cracy. This is the democracy we
against BJP leader M.M. Joshi, that these people are not fit to keep tootling about!
DMK leader M. Karunanidhi, and govern the nurseries of their

Mesha Sankramana / April / 27

Nazeer has confessed to his Kerala
Police interrogators that he had met 26/
11-accused Fahim Ansari in the Gulf at a
rendezvous point arranged by LeT’s
Pakistan-based West Asia coordinator
Wali. This revelation was followed up by
the discovery of clues which suggest
that Sabir alias Ayub, another Kannur
native, had been in contact with David
Headley. Sabir was Tahawwur Rana’s
local help when he visited Kochi prior to
26/11. Sleuths have also discovered that
Nazeer and his associates had received
training from Pakistani national

Kerala wakes up
Muhammad Fahad, an Al Badr terrorist
with family roots in Kerala who was
arrested in Mysore while plotting an
attack on the Karnataka Assembly

to nasty reality
building. After his arrest, the Kerala
Police had conveniently limited their
probe to a simple passport application
irregularity. Again, Shammi Feroze,
The Pioneer Edit Desk Date: 25.3.10 arrested by the NIA as the seventh
Till some months ago, Keralites could not have even accused in the Kozhikode bombing
dreamt that their State was a haven for ruthless terror- case, was living comfortably in Abu
ists. But with the revelations that roll out every day from Dhabi while two more accused in the
the interrogation chambers in north Malabar, where case are still in the Gulf. The funds for
Thadiyantavide Nazeer, Lashkar-e-Tayyeba’s South India the 2008 Bangalore terror bombings
commander and a Kannur native, and his jihadi brethren were arranged by Ernakulam native
are housed, peace-loving Keralites are realising that they Sarfaras Nawaz. These revelations and
have been living in a fool’s paradise. The Kerala jihadis’ more destroy the myth of peaceful
connections spread far and wide and include terrorists Kerala. It also suggests that the State is
like David Coleman Headley, Tahawwur Hussein Rana perhaps the epicentre of terror in the
and Fahim Ansari, the infamous accused in the 26/11 south India.
terror strikes on Mumbai, as well as the Al Badr, whose
operatives are trained by Pakistan’s espionage institu-
tions. The most unfortunate aspect of all this is that the
‘secular’ political parties in Kerala as well as the State’s
police system still refuse to accept that terrorism is a
clear and present danger in God’s Own Country. Even
the National Investigation Agency is shocked by the
revelations being made by Nazeer, his aide and relative
Shafaz, co-accused Shammi Feroze, etc, about LeT
south India’s cross-border connections. It is hardly
surprising that funds, explosives, arms and ‘theoretical
ammunition’ for jihad have always been available locally,
given that the jihadis, directly or indirectly, enjoy signifi-
cant political support. The case of Islamist leader Abdul
Nasser Madani and his wife Sufiya exemplifies this.

Mesha Sankramana / April / 28

Women suicide
bombers recruited
by al-Qaida had the
explosives inserted
in their breasts
under techniques security checkpoints, British intelligence agency MI5

similar to breast has claimed.

enhancing surgery
"Women suicide bombers recruited by al-Qaida
are known to have had the explosives inserted in
their breasts under techniques similar to breast
enhancing surgery," the British newspaper Sun
=============================================== quoted terrorist expert Joseph Farah, as saying.
Jihadists hiding bombs in breast
The lethal explosives called PETN are inserted
implants-"Women suicide bombers inside plastic shapes during the operation, before
recruited by al-Qaida are known the breast is then sewn up, he added.

to have had the explosives inserted According to the MI5, al-Qaida doctors have
in their breasts under techniques been trained at some of Britain's leading teaching
hospitals before returning to their own countries to
similar to breast enhancing sur- perform the surgical procedures. The intelligence
gery," the British newspaper Sun agency has also discovered that extremists are
inserting the explosives into the buttocks of some
quoted terrorist expert Joseph male suicide bombers.
Farah, as saying.
=============================================== Top surgeons have confirmed the feasibility of
the explosive implants. "Properly inserted, the Date: 25.3.10 implant would be virtually impossible to detect by the
usual airport scanning machines," one surgeon
As I predicted, they would find some way said. "You would need to subject a suspect to a
to circumvent the full-body scanners. "Al- sophisticated X-ray. Given that the explosive would
Qaida hiding bombs in breast implants, says be inserted in a sealed plastic sachet, and would be
MI5," from the Times of India, March 24 a small amount, would make it all the more impos-
(thanks to all who sent this in): sible to spot it with the usual body scanner," he
LONDON: Al-Qaida is laying deadly
"booby traps" by equipping its female suicide A sachet containing as little as five ounces of
bombers with explosive breast implants that PETN could blow "a considerable hole" in an
are impossible to be detected at airport airline's skin, causing it to crash, experts said.

Mesha Sankramana / April / 29

"Godman" Pope
Benedict faces
child abuse
cover-up queries
Questions are being raised about whether Pope Benedict was
personally involved in covering up a case of child sex abuse by
a Roman Catholic priest.
Pope Benedict XVI Benedict response to child abuse cases. New York Times gave accounts of
once led the Vatican office charged the priest pulling down their
Allegations that the Church
with investigating abuse trousers and touching them in his
sought to cover up child abuse by
Questions are being raised about Catholic priests in Europe have office, his car, his mother's country
whether Pope Benedict was per- haunted the Vatican for months. house, on class excursions and
sonally involved in covering up a fund-raising trips, and in their
'So friendly' dormitory beds at night. "If he was
case of child sex abuse by a Roman
Catholic priest. The documents seen by the a real mean guy, I would have
New York Times suggest that in stayed away," said Arthur
Documents seen by the New Budzinski, 61, a former pupil of at
1996, the then Cardinal Ratzinger
York Times newspaper allege that in St John's School for the Deaf, in
twice failed to respond to letters
the 1990s, long before he became St Francis, in the Diocese of
sent to him personally.
Pope, he failed to respond to letters Milwaukee.
about a US case. Instead of removing [Fr
Murphy] from the priesthood, they "But he was so friendly, and so
Fr Lawrence Murphy, of Wis- nice and understanding. I knew he
just gave him a free pass
consin, was accused of abusing up was wrong, but I couldn't really
to 200 deaf boys. They concerned the Rev believe it."
Lawrence Murphy, who worked at
Defending itself, the Vatican said According to the New York
a Wisconsin school for deaf
US civil authorities had investigated Times, Fr Murphy was quietly
children from the 1950s.
and dropped the case. moved to the Diocese of Superior
Three archbishops of Wisconsin in northern Wisconsin in 1974,
For more than 20 years before
were told Fr Murphy was sexually where he spent his last 24 years
he was made Pope, Joseph
abusing boys but those allegations working freely with children in
Ratzinger led the Congregation for
were not reported to civil authori- parishes and schools. He died in
the Doctrine of Faith - the Vatican
ties at the time. 1998, still a priest.
office with responsibility, among
other issues, for the Church's Alleged victims quoted by the Two lawyers have filed lawsuits

Mesha Sankramana / April / 30

Pope Benedict faces child abuse cover-up queries BBC News Questions are
being raised about whether Pope Benedict was personally involved in covering
up a case of child sex abuse by a Roman Catholic priest.
Documents seen by the New York Times newspaper allege that in the 1990s,
long before he became Pope, … Abuse Scandal's Ripples Spread Across Europe
New York Times Vatican defends decision not to defrock U.S. priest Reuters
Vatican halted trial for man accused by deaf boys
on behalf of five men alleging the
a free pass," he said. of the matter until some 20 years
Archdiocese of Milwaukee did not
take sufficient action against the The Pope's official spokesman, later."
priest. Federico Lombardi, called it a The Milwaukee diocese was
"tragic case" but pointed out that asked to take action by "restricting
One of the lawyers, Jeff Ander-
the Vatican had become involved Father Murphy's public ministry
son, told the Associated Press
only in 1996, after US civil au- and requiring that Father Murphy
news agency that the documents
thorities had dropped the case. accept full responsibility for the
they had obtained on Fr Murphy,
and shown to the New York "During the mid-1970s, some gravity of his acts", the Rev
Times, showed the Vatican was of Fr Murphy's victims reported Lombardi added.
more concerned about possible his abuse to civil authorities," the He also said that Fr Murphy's
publicity than about the abuse Rev Lombardi said in a statement. poor health and a lack of more
allegations. recent allegations had been factors
"The Congregation for the
"Instead of removing him from Doctrine of Faith was not informed in the decision not to defrock him.
the priesthood, they just gave him
Mesha Sankramana / April / 31
Victims of sexual abuse Top Vatican officials — includ-
by priests have long ar- ing the future Pope Benedict XVI worked at a renowned school for
gued that the Church has — did not defrock a priest who deaf children from 1950 to 1974.
molested as many as 200 deaf But it is only one of thousands of
been more interested in cases forwarded over decades by
protecting its reputation boys, even though several Ameri-
can bishops repeatedly warned bishops to the Vatican office called
and helping its priests them that failure to act on the the Congregation for the Doctrine
than seeking justice for matter could embarrass the of the Faith, led from 1981 to
victims, our correspon- church, according to church files 2005 by Cardinal Ratzinger. It is
dent adds. newly unearthed as part of a still the office that decides whether
lawsuit. accused priests should be given full
Fr Murphy died in canonical trials and defrocked.
1998, with - in the The internal correspondence
from bishops in Wisconsin directly In 1996, Cardinal Ratzinger
Church's view - no offi- to Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the failed to respond to two letters
cial blemish on his future pope, shows that while about the case from Rembert G.
priestly record. church officials tussled over Weakland, Milwaukee’s arch-
whether the priest should be bishop at the time.
But questions about dismissed, their highest priority
After eight months, the second
why Cardinal Ratzinger was protecting the church from in command at the doctrinal office,
failed to respond to con- scandal. Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, now the
cerns being raised by The documents emerge as Vatican’s secretary of state,
American archbishops Pope Benedict is facing other instructed the Wisconsin bishops to
still demand answers, our accusations that he and direct begin a secret canonical trial that
correspondent says. subordinates often did not alert could lead to Father Murphy’s
civilian authorities or discipline dismissal.
And such questions priests involved in sexual abuse But Cardinal Bertone halted the
mean that this sexual when he served as an archbishop process after Father Murphy
abuse crisis continues to in Germany and as the Vatican’s personally wrote to Cardinal
have an impact at the chief doctrinal enforcer. Ratzinger protesting that he should
very highest level in the The Wisconsin case involved an not be put on trial because he had
Roman Catholic church American priest, the Rev. already repented and was in poor
Lawrence C. Murphy, who health and that the case was

Mesha Sankramana / April / 32

beyond the church’s own statute of in parishes, schools and, as one
limitations. lawsuit charges, a juvenile deten-
tion center. He died in 1998, still a
“I simply want to live out the
time that I have left in the dignity of
my priesthood,” Father Murphy Even as the pope himself in a
wrote near the end of his life to recent letter to Irish Catholics has
Cardinal Ratzinger. “I ask your emphasized the need to cooperate
kind assistance in this matter.” The with civil justice in abuse cases, the
files contain no response from correspondence seems to indicate
Cardinal Ratzinger. that the Vatican’s insistence on
secrecy has often impeded such
The New York Times obtained
cooperation. At the same time, the
the documents, which the church
officials’ reluctance to defrock a
fought to keep secret, from Jeff
sex abuser shows that on a doctri-
Anderson and Mike Finnegan, the
nal level, the Vatican has tended to
lawyers for five men who have
view the matter in terms of sin and
brought four lawsuits against the
repentance more than crime and
Archdiocese of Milwaukee. The As to why Father Murphy was
documents include letters between never defrocked, he said that “the
bishops and the Vatican, victims’ The Vatican spokesman, the Code of Canon Law does not
affidavits, the handwritten notes of Rev. Federico Lombardi, was envision automatic penalties.” He
an expert on sexual disorders who shown the documents and was said that Father Murphy’s poor
interviewed Father Murphy and asked to respond to questions health and the lack of more recent
minutes of a final meeting on the about the case. He provided a accusations against him were
case at the Vatican. statement saying that Father factors in the decision.
Murphy had certainly violated
Father Murphy not only was The Vatican’s inaction is not
“particularly vulnerable” children
never tried or disciplined by the unusual. Only 20 percent of the
and the law, and that it was a
church’s own justice system, but 3,000 accused priests whose
“tragic case.”
also got a pass from the police and cases went to the church’s doctri-
prosecutors who ignored reports But he pointed out that the nal office between 2001 and 2010
from his victims, according to the Vatican was not forwarded the were given full church trials, and
documents and interviews with case until 1996, years after civil only some of those were
victims. Three successive archbish- authorities had investigated the defrocked, according to a recent
ops in Wisconsin were told that case and dropped it. interview in an Italian newspaper
Father Murphy was sexually with Msgr. Charles J. Scicluna, the
Father Lombardi emphasized
abusing children, the documents chief internal prosecutor at that
that neither the Code of Canon
show, but never reported it to office. An additional 10 percent
Law nor the Vatican norms issued
criminal or civil authorities. were defrocked immediately. Ten
in 1962, which instruct bishops to
Instead of being disciplined, conduct canonical investigations percent left voluntarily. But a
Father Murphy was quietly moved and trials in secret, prohibited majority — 60 percent — faced
by Archbishop William E. Cousins church officials from reporting other “administrative and disciplin-
of Milwaukee to the Diocese of child abuse to civil authorities. He ary provisions,” Monsignor
Superior in northern Wisconsin in did not address why that had Scicluna said, like being prohibited
1974, where he spent his last 24 never happened in this case. from celebrating Mass.
years working freely with children
Mesha Sankramana / April / 33
cathedral. Mr. Budzinski’s friend But it is clear from these docu-
Gary Smith said in an interview ments that in 1997, they were still
that Father Murphy molested him in force. But the effort to dismiss
50 or 60 times, starting at age 12. Father Murphy came to a sudden
By the time he graduated from high halt after the priest appealed to
school at St. John’s, Mr. Smith Cardinal Ratzinger for leniency.
To many, Father Murphy said, “I was a very, very angry
appeared to be a saint: a hearing In an interview, Archbishop
man gifted at communicating in Weakland said that he recalled a
American Sign Language and an In 1993, with complaints about final meeting at the Vatican in May
effective fund-raiser for deaf Father Murphy landing on his 1998 in which he failed to per-
causes. A priest of the Milwaukee desk, Archbishop Weakland hired suade Cardinal Bertone and other
Archdiocese, he started as a a social worker specializing in doctrinal officials to grant a canoni-
teacher at St. John’s School for the treating sexual offenders to evalu- cal trial to defrock Father Murphy.
Deaf, in St. Francis, in 1950. He ate him. After four days of inter- (In 2002, Archbishop Weakland
was promoted to run the school in views, the social worker said that resigned after it became public that
1963 even though students had Father Murphy had admitted his he had an affair with a man and
disclosed to church officials in the acts, had probably molested about used church money to pay him a
1950s that he was a predator. 200 boys and felt no remorse. settlement.)

Victims give similar accounts of However, it was not until 1996 Archbishop Weakland said this
Father Murphy’s pulling down their that Archbishop Weakland tried to week in an interview, “The evi-
pants and touching them in his have Father Murphy defrocked. dence was so complete, and so
office, his car, his mother’s country The reason, he wrote to Cardinal extensive that I thought he should
house, on class excursions and Ratzinger, was to defuse the anger be reduced to the lay state, and
fund-raising trips and in their among the deaf and restore their also that that would bring a certain
dormitory beds at night. Arthur trust in the church. amount of peace in the deaf
Budzinski said he was first mo- community.”
He wrote that since he had
lested when he went to Father become aware that “solicitation in Father Murphy died four
Murphy for confession when he the confessional might be part of months later at age 72 and was
was about 12, in 1960. the situation,” the case belonged at buried in his priestly vestments.
“If he was a real mean guy, I the doctrinal office. With no
Archbishop Weakland wrote a
would have stayed away,” said Mr. response from Cardinal Ratzinger, last letter to Cardinal Bertone
Budzinski, now 61, who worked Archbishop Weakland wrote a explaining his regret that Father
for years as a journeyman printer. different Vatican office in March Murphy’s family had disobeyed the
“But he was so friendly, and so 1997 saying the matter was urgent
archbishop’s instructions that the
nice and understanding. I knew he because a lawyer was preparing to funeral be small and private, and
was wrong, but I couldn’t really sue, the case could become public
the coffin kept closed.
believe it.” and “true scandal in the future
seems very possible.” “In spite of these difficulties,”
Mr. Budzinski and a group of Archbishop Weakland wrote, “we
other deaf former students spent Recently some bishops have
are still hoping we can avoid undue
more than 30 years trying to raise argued that the 1962 norms publicity that would be negative
the alarm, including passing out dictating secret disciplinary proce-
toward the church.”
leaflets outside the Milwaukee dures have long fallen out of use.

Mesha Sankramana / April / 34

Expressing displeasure about
SC approves quota for
today’s Supreme Court’s interim
order giving 4% reservation to 14 backward Muslims in
Andhra Pradesh
castes of Muslims, VHP International
Secretary General Dr Pravin Togadia
said, "The castes allowed to get 4%
reservation as Muslim castes are
already getting benefit of 27% reser- quota-for-backward-muslims-in-andhra.htm
vation benefits as OBC. Now with
this, albeit temporary order, these The Andhra Pradesh government received a major boost
Muslims will get double reservation with the Supreme Court, in an interim order, upholding the
that is from 27% OBC quota AND 4% validity of four percent reservation provided to backward
as Muslim castes. This is absolute members of Muslim community in the state on Thursday.
socio-religious injustice to OBCs A bench of Chief Justice K G Balakrishnan and Justices J
who are non-Muslims because these M Panchal and B S Chauhan, however, referred the issue to
castes are already eating up from a Constitution bench to examine the validity of the impugned
their OBC’s rightful quota & plus to Act since it involved important issues of the Constitution.
get added 4% reservation. Giving any
reservation based on religion is itself The bench passed the direction while dealing with a
unconstitutional & giving the same Special Leave Petition filed by the government against an
group double reservation is a com- order of Andhra Pradesh high court, which had earlier struck
plete injustice." down the provision as being unconstitutional.
VHP Termed it as ‘Andhra A seven-judge Constitution bench of the high court had
Pradesh government’s attempt to by a majority judgement of 5:2 held the Andhra Pradesh
divide Bharat on the basis of religion Reservation for Socially and Educationally Backward
by snatching educational & job Classes of Muslims Act, 2007 "unsustainable" and violative
opportunities of Scheduled Castes, of Article 14 (equality before law) and other provisions
OBCs, Tribals & meritorious Hindus. pertaining to prohibition of discrimination by State on
VHP further declared that any such grounds of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth.
attempt will be democratically, legally
The high court, while setting aside the state Act, had also
& socio-politically opposed by VHP
quashed a subsequent 2007 government order allocating
four per cent reservation to Muslim groups in educational

Mesha Sankramana / April / 35

What Marxism
was to
Jihadism is to
institutions and jobs. The state
had moved a bill in the Assembly This is a “lazy” post – essentially a compilation of excerpts from
on the basis of a report submit- articles related to radical Islam, “Islamism” and “Jihadism”. They
ted to it by the Andhra Pradesh make for worrying reading. Comments and thoughts welcome
Commission for Backward (emphasis mine, throughout).
Classes. Radical Islam: An Introduc-
First, excerpts from
The bill was later passed by tory Primer by Barry Rubin
the assembly. The report had
…A young American named Ramy Zamzam, arrested in Pakistan
recommended that the socially
for trying to fight alongside the Taliban, responded in an interview
and educationally backward
with the Associated Press: “We are not terrorists. We are
should be adequately repre-
jihadists, and jihad is not terrorism.”
sented in the state. The high
What he says is well worth bearing in mind in order to understand
court held that the recommen-
the great conflict of our era. First and foremost, Jihadism or
dation made by the APBC was
radical Islamism is far more than mere terrorism. It is a revolution-
unsustainable as it failed to
ary movement in every sense of the word. It seeks to overthrow
evolve and spell out proper and
existing regimes and replace them with governments that will
relevant criteria for identification
transform society into a nightmarishly repressive system.
of social and educational back-
And so one might put it this way: Revolutionary Islamism is the
wardness and inadequate
main strategic problem in the world today. Terrorism is the main
representation in public employ-
tactical problem.
ment among classes or persons
belonging to Muslim community. What is Islamism?
Radical Islamism is the doctrine that each Muslim majority coun-
It said the data was not
try-politics, economy, society-should be ruled by a totalitarian
collected properly by the APBC
dictatorship guided by the given movement’s definition of proper
for determining the social and
Islam. What Marxism was to Communism, and fascism to Na-
educational backwardness of
zism, Jihadism is to Islamism.
the Muslims in the state. The
In some cases, Islamists have a wider ambition to transform the
high court said the Commission
entire world, starting with Europe. While this may seem ridiculous
relied on data collected and
to most Westerners, it does not seem so to the Islamists who
observations made by Anthropo-
hold that view.
logical Survey of India which
Only a minority of Muslims is Islamist but that sector has grown
was meant to make an anthro-
sharply over the last twenty years and seems to be on the in-
pological profile of Indian popula-
crease still. Muslims are also among the greatest opponents of
tion and has no relevance to the
political Islamism, and often its victims.
affirmative action or reservation
…The fact that radical Islamism relates to a religion, Islam, is very
under Article 15(4) and 16 (4) of
important (see below) but should not blind observers to the fact
the Constitution.
Mesha Sankramana / April / 36
that this is basically a political peals to these movements for
movement and not — at least in very specific reasons. These
the modern Western sense — a include the following points.
theological one. While the Islamists claim they
Of course, Islamism is rooted in are only conducting a “defensive
Islam but a strong opposition to jihad” — since there is no
Islamism…is in no way an caliph, offensive jihad isn’t
expression of bigotry against a supposed to happen — they are
religion. Similarly, the idea that actually conducting offensive
opposition to Islamism is in revolution.
some way “racist” is absurd The article was first published in
since no “race” is involved. Just January 2010.
as opponents of Communism Next, excerpts from a startling
(capitalist, imperialist) and article, titled
fascism (Jews, Bolsheviks) Londonistan by
could be discredited by calling a British Muslim who founded a
them names, the same is done Christian Caryl. think tank to combat Islamic
with those who oppose …the case of the Underwear extremism, worries that a big
Islamism. Bomber has dramatized the share of the blame goes to his
…To argue that Islamism is the extent to which Britain remains own government. For decades,
inevitable or “correct” interpreta- a launching pad for jihad. (Nige- he says, Britain tolerated plotting
tion of Islam is as silly as it is to rian Nobel Prize laureate Wole by domestic Islamic radicals as
argue that it is some external, Soyinka prefers the term long as they targeted other
heretical ideology which has “cesspit” to describe London’s countries, often ones in the
“hijacked” Islam. function as an Islamist breeding Middle East.
…To summarize in one sen- ground.) …In the 1990s, policymakers
tence: we should be absolutely Just in case the Brits hadn’t desperate to address the con-
honest in showing how the most figured that out, the usual cerns of the nation’s Muslims
sacred texts of Islam appear to anonymous U.S. State Depart- decided to foster the creation of
validate revolutionary Islamists ment official was happy to do it Islamic umbrella groups. They
but we should understand that a for them. Last month, an (US also unwittingly fostered radical
struggle is going on among State Department) official told ones.
Muslims in which different the Daily Telegraph that their …Last fall, the Taxpayers’
interpretations are contending. country “has the greatest con- Alliance, a watchdog group,
While Islamism is not the only centration of active al Qaeda published a report assailing the
possible interpretation of Islam, supporters [in the West], “insufficient monitoring” of
its approach is certainly shaped The same article cited a fresh government funds disbursed to
and justified by basic Islamic and ominous finding from the community organizations
texts. Unless Muslims and director of MI5. He estimated his through a program to combat
especially qualified clerics service was aware of some Islamist extremism. The report
reinterpret these tenets, 2,000 “radicalized Muslims” who found that Britain had granted
Islamism will continue to have a might be involved in terrorist more than $60,000 to the
strong advantage in competing plots. That figure, of course, Cordoba Foundation — which,
with conservative traditional doesn’t include the population of for instance, reportedly once
Islam while liberal reformism will plotters who have escaped MI5 hosted Anwar al-Awlaki, whose
remain a tiny, powerless view- scrutiny, like Abdulmutallab. radical preaching inspired
point. …So why is this particular front Abdulmutallab and Maj. Nidal
…As for terrorism, that is a in the war on terrorism proving Hassan, the Fort Hood shooter.
strategy and tactic which ap- such a challenge? Haras Rafiq, Then, there’s the Muslim Coun-

Mesha Sankramana / April / 37

Taliban spokesman retorted
angrily, unless the President
meant the lazy old Muslims who
sit idly at home instead of joining
the jihad against Jews, Hindus
and Americans.
…Radical Islam is an
ugly, dangerous ideol-
ogy. There is nothing in it
that would help solve the
world’s problems or
lighten its shadows. Its
fundamental principle is
that everything we need
cil of Britain (MCB), an umbrella between Islam and the west.
to know about life, laws
organization of more than 500 Read in full here. and faith is revealed in
British Islamic groups that There is more. Below, excerpts the Koran and that we
received $1.35 million in govern- from Tavleen Singh’s article on must abide by the inter-
ment funds. Among the MCB’s why we must not tolerate radical
more notorious members is Islam: pretation given us by
Daud Abdullah, its deputy As a huge fan of Barack Obama semi-literate, fanatical
secretary general, who last and a dedicated enemy of mullahs. If not we will be
spring signed the “Istanbul radical Islam it worried me to punished horribly by
Declaration.” The document hear the American President talk
essentially declares war on any of ‘moderate’ Taliban. I found bearded mujahideen.
country that supports Israel myself wondering how they Radical Islamists believe
(known in the declaration as the would be graded. Would those they have the right to
“Zionist Entity”) and thus seems who burned girls’ schools but
to legitimize jihadist attacks on did not participate in the global
impose their diktat well
British troops. Since then, the jihad be considered moderate? beyond faith to politics,
MCB has issued a string of What about those who believe in culture and every aspect
press releases expressing stoning women to death and of life. This is where the
support for the British armed marrying nine-year-old girls but
forces and stressing the patrio- not in suicide bombing—would problem begins.
tism of British Muslims. It has they be considered moderate? For us in India it is an especially
not, however, disavowed By this measure the men who serious problem. Not only do we
Abdullah. blew the Bamian Buddhas to have more Muslims than almost
…You might well argue that both smithereens would be consid- any other country but we are
of these issues are so funda- ered mere pranksters trying to also the ultimate idol-worship-
mental to our notions of democ- amuse Allah with a spectacular ping country, bursting at the
racy, freedom and decency that display of idol smashing. seams with heathens who
nobody should be afforded credit After the American President indulge happily in such pagan
for supporting them. But this is made his comment about festivals as Holi.
to ignore (as the government moderate Taliban he got a …The religions of India are in
does consistently, pretending response from the Taliban their essence atheistic and the
not to notice) the enormous, themselves. There is no such opposite in almost every way to
profound ideological differences thing as moderate Taliban, a the theistic religions that came

Mesha Sankramana / April / 38

to us from the neighbourhood in been beheaded for telling the
…Even by the standards of
which Islam was revealed to the truth and Sufi Mohammad has
radical Islam the Taliban are
Prophet. For centuries we have given interviews saying that
unspeakable monsters as can
lived peacefully with Islam democracy is an infidel idea. To
be seen from a casual examina-
because of our fundamental accept any of these things as
tion of what they did when they
belief that everyone has a right acceptable because Islam has a
ruled Afghanistan and what they
to their own faith. But, with the different set of values to ours
are now doing to Swat and
visible radicalisation of Muslims would amount to tolerating
Bajaur. In Swat more than 200
across India under the malevo- intolerance.
girls’ schools have been burned
lent influence of radical Islam- in recent months, schoolgirls
ists, tensions between the There is a silver lining
have been attacked for daring to
communities have grown in though..From Sadanand
go to school, journalists have
recent years.
Mesha Sankramana / April / 39
United States. The Hindu right
against the moral relativ-
Dhume’s “India’s Groupthink on
doesn’t make this mistake, but
Islam” here is the final excerpt:
ism that has prevented its tendency to group all Muslims
If you’re looking for a defining
Western intellectuals from together, its inability to distin-
image from the fifth Jaipur
scrutinizing Islam as they guish between Islam as a
Literature Festival, which ended
do Christianity and Juda- religion and Islamism as an
Monday…none was as arresting
ism. She asked why it ideology, and its championing of
as the unannounced (for secu-
causes important to the most
seemed impossible to
rity reasons) appearance of the
orthodox Hindu believers shades
controversial Dutch-Somali have a sober discussion into bigotry and religious chau-
writer and activist Ayaan Hirsi
about the Koran and the vinism.
Ali. sayings of the Prophet In Jaipur, Ms. Hirsi Ali challenged
Speaking to a packed hall, Muhammad without riling the assumptions of both groups.
with her burly bodyguard Muslim sentiment... She was flatly unapologetic
unobtrusively off-stage, about her views on Islamic
…But her very presence in
theology, but at the same time
Ms. Hirsi Ali spoke about Jaipur speaks of the ways in she urged the audience to think
Islam—and its problems which India, home to 150 million
of Muslims as “individuals who
with individualism, Muslims, is slowly starting to
are capable of changing their
grapple with the faith.
women’s rights and sexu- ...The Indian debate about Islam mind.”
ality—with a frankness …Jaipur marked a small step
has remained frozen in a time
toward the slow but inexorable
unfamiliar to most Indians. warp. The mainstream intellec-
knitting of India into the main-
She described the faith tuals who dominate the
stream of global discourse on a
she was born into as “a country’s editorial pages and
sensitive subject. A clutch of
television channels tend to trace
dangerous, totalitarian books by Indian authors that
the Muslim world’s problems
ideology masquerading as almost exclusively to the alleged take a critical look at Islam and
a religion.” She argued Islamism are also contributing to
misdeeds of Israel and the
this trend.
Mesha Sankramana / April / 40
David Coleman
Headley has
exposed Pak
Army's direct link
to Mumbai
terror attacks
According to a report published in Outlook, We have got to see how Pakistan reacts," said
the Pakistani-American terror suspect has Mehta.
confessed about the involvement of some
Till now Pakistan has been claiming that the
serving Pakistani Army officials in the 26/11
Mumbai terror attacks was masterminded and
executed by 'non-state' actors.
Headley reportedly identified the Pakistani
Earlier, the four Pakistani handlers named by
Army officers as Major Sayeed, Major Iqbal,
Headley were referred to as A, B, C and D by
Major Sameer and Colonel Shah.
American investigating agencies.
According to Headley it was Colonel Shah
Headley used to work as a double agent for the
was the one who was communicating with the
US Drug Enforcement Administration and also
terrorists and directing them during the terror
interacted with the Lashkar-e-Toiba in Pakistan.
attacks in which at least 166 people were
killed and nearly 200 others injured. He was arrested in the US in October 2009 by
the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force at O'Hare
Editor-in-Chief of Outlook magazine, Vinod
International Airport before boarding a flight to
Mehta said that Headley's revelations have
Philadelphia, intending to travel on to Pakistan.
nailed Pakistan. "One of the four named,
Colonel Shah was managing 26/11 on the The 49-year-old is currently in custody in the
phone line telling the perpetrators what to do US and has pleaded guilty to all the terror charges
and what not to do. He was giving tactical levelled against him by the FBI in a US District
information. Three of those named are serving Court in Chicago. He is being tried in the US for
officers and one is a retired officer. Headley plotting terror attacks on behalf of the Lashkar-e-
told this to FBI (Federal Bureau of Investiga- Toiba against India and on charges of plotting a
tion) and FBI told this to India. There's a terror attack against the facilities and employees of
difference between state and non-state actors. the Danish newspaper which had published
For the first time now Headley has revealed cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in 2005.
that state actors from Pakistan were involved.
Mesha Sankramana / April / 41
The Wrong Way to Fight Jihad
lived in Iran from 1976 to 1979, the civilized world has properly
during the Islamic Revolution of decried and abolished. Such
Ayatollah Khomeini. I immi- submission is a political act. I
grated to the United States in am a freeman, and I refuse to
1979. All my life, I have been submit to Islamic hegemony.
interested in political thought.
Third, Islam does not have
During my travels, I came to
any exit policy for its believers.
realize that Islam is unlike any of
The act of submission required
the other world religions for a
to become a Muslim is held to
variety of reasons, and they
Frontpage Interview’s guest be final, irrevocable, and perma-
summate to the Islamic ideology
today is Vijay Kumar, who is nent. So criticizing or question-
behind Jihad.
currently running for the U.S. ing Islam or its teachings or
Congress as a Republican First, Islam was conceived leaders, or attempting to leave
candidate for Tennessee 5th as a world empire to govern all Islam, all are considered severe
Congressional District. The mankind. It teaches that all the crimes against Islam, punish-
Primary vote comes on August 5 world, and everyone and every- able by death.
of this year, and the General thing in it, already belongs to
In contrast, non-Islamic
Election is on November 4. Islam–some people just haven’t
religions allow for dissenting
When he ran before, in 2008, he been made to understand that.
views, introspection, and rea-
received about 30% of the vote Until they have, according to
soned debate. In non-Islamic
in Republican Primary. His Islam, they are considered
religions, if you so choose, you
website is “infidels” and inferiors. Put
can leave the faith you were Visit his another way, the Islamic view is
born into without being threat-
blog at that all of us in the world are
ened with physical violence or
subjects of the Islamic Empire,
FP: Vijay Kumar, welcome to death. In Islam, both criticism of
and those of us who do not
Frontpage Interview. the faith and apostasy are
acknowledge our subjugation to
capital offenses.
You are one of the rare it must be overcome and
individuals running for office in brought to submission, through All of that is what drives
America who is actually making conversion or force. No other Jihad: Jihad is a permanent war
the issue of Islamic Jihad a religion in the world has such a against the unbeliever and his
significant part of your cam- purpose of world conquest and land to bring about his submis-
paign. Tell us your view of domination. sion. It has been going on for
Islamic Jihad and the back- fourteen centuries all over the
Second, Islam does not allow
ground you have to make you world, which is why I coined the
any introspection or self-criti-
see it the way you do. term “Universal Jihad.” Islam’s
cism. It calls for total accep-
Universal Jihad is the single
Kumar: I am a native of tance, total submission. The
greatest threat to Western
Hyderabad, India, which is very word “Islam” means “sub-
civilization and to the entire non-
where I first encountered the mission,” and the word “Muslim”
Islamic world in general. It is
Muslim culture. We have a means “one who submits.” The
more dangerous than Nazism
substantial number of Muslims other side of submission, of and Communism combined.
there, a higher percentage than course, is domination. Islam
most other parts of India, and I seeks to dominate every indi- FP: More dangerous than
began to observe things that vidual and every nation into Nazism and Communism
troubled me. Later, I traveled a submission. In that, it shares a combined? Please explain this
number of Islamic nations, and I key element of slavery, which perspective.

Mesha Sankramana / April / 42

Kumar: Nazism was in power for 15 years or
so. Communism was in power for about 70 years.
Today, Germany, Japan, and Russia, our former
adversaries, are now our allies. Also, they are
liberal democracies.
Nazism, Communism, and Islam are all three
totalitarian ideologies. Communism and Nazism,
though, lack a system of transcendental meta-
physics, which Islam has. Nazism and Commu-
nism do not claim to be religions, and there is no
threat of hell-fire to hold over its adherents. By
contrast, Islam is a totalitarian form of governance
that also claims to be a religion, and so has
proved to be far more sustainable than any other
form of aggressive totalitarianism.
The doctrine and politics of Universal Jihad
have been assaulting the world for 1,400 years. It
is exactly what launched the Christian Crusades,
which were an attempt to save European civiliza-
tion from the relentless onslaught and wholesale
murder of invading Muslim forces.
Under Universal Jihad, non-Muslim civilizations
have been annihilated. To mention just a few
examples: Turkey was Christian; Iran was Zoroas-
trian; North Africa and the Middle East were
predominantly Christian; Afghanistan and Central
Mesha Sankramana / April / 43
Syed Abul A’ala Maududi also
spelled out clearly how many
different ways Universal Jihad is
to be waged against ”the infi-
“In the jihad in the way of
Allah, active combat is not
always the role on the battlefield,
nor can everyone fight in the
front line. Just for one single
battle preparations have often to
be made for decades on end
and the plans deeply laid, and
while only some thousands fight
“Islam wishes to destroy all in the front line there are behind
Asia were Buddhist; Pakistan
States and Governments any- them millions engaged in vari-
was Hindu; Egypt was Coptic,
where on the face of the earth ous tasks which, though small
orthodox Christian. All have
which are opposed to the themselves, contribute directly
fallen prey to invasion by Islam.
ideology and program of Islam to the supreme effort.”
Today, Universal Jihad has regardless of the country or the Unlike any other religion
been brought to the West–not Nation which rules it. The anywhere in the world, Islam’s
just by overt violence, but purpose of Islam is to set up a clear, inarguable overarching
through every strategy and tactic State on the basis of its own purpose is Universal Jihad and
conceivable. Islam is not just the ideology and program . . . [T]he global conquest, using any
faith of another immigrant group; objective of Islamic Jihad is to means. It is not waged just
it is a complete political and eliminate the rule of an un- through terrorism and violent
paramilitary ideology. Political Islamic system and establish in conflict. That is an extraordinar-
Islam is here to Islamize the its stead an Islamic system of ily naive view. Islam also uses
Western nations, and that State rule. Islam does not intend psychological warfare, propa-
includes the United States. to confine this revolution to a ganda, covert operations,
So Universal Jihad is a single State or a few countries; infiltration, and demographic
permanent form of warfare the aim of Islam is to bring about saturation.
against the infidels, their nation- a universal revolution.”
Universal Jihad exists and no
states, and every non-Islamic Any Muslim or apologist who amount liberal “political correct-
form of government in the world. claims otherwise, or who insists ness” is going to wish it away. It
It has been Islam’s mandate for that Islam is just “a religion of is here on the soil of the United
1,400 years that other cultures peace” is not arguing against States right this minute. Its
must submit to it. Islam is me: they are arguing against openly-declared goal is to
devoted to an eternally-unchang- their own most revered leaders destroy the United States as a
ing doctrine: it is obligated to and experts on Islam and its system of government, to tear
conquer entire world. true purpose. They are spread- up our Constitution, and subject
No one needs to take my ing Islamic propaganda that has us all to Islamic totalitarianism
word for it. Syed Abul A’ala no other purpose than to lull the under Sharia law.
Maududi, a Pakistani, was infidel into a false sense of
friendship and security. FP: Let me ask you this:
arguably the most influential
World War I was won in four
Muslim theologian and thinker of Such propaganda is a pri- years, World War II was won in
the 20th Century. He said the mary and vitally important tool of six years. But the Israel/Pales-
following point-blank: Islam’s psychological warfare.
Mesha Sankramana / April / 44
tine and the India/Pakistan
conflicts have not resolved after
62 years. Why do you think?
Kumar: It’s simple: Muslims
do not want peace, they want
conquest. When they enter into
an alleged “peace accord,” it is
only a ploy to buy time to build
their position for ultimate con-
quest. This is by their own
creed: in Islam’s system of
“ethics,” it is perfectly accept-
able to lie to mere infidels.
In the case of Israel, the
West has never been 100%
behind Israeli sovereignty. Both
the West and Israel have always less war against the infidel. It
considerably. Anybody who
only wanted to buy truce with the has been formally, blatantly
believes that it’s suddenly going
Islamic nations–never peace. It declared. To the Muslim, Jewish
to change–for any reason,
is an endless case of appease- Israel and Hindu India are
through any amount of “diplo-
ment that puts Neville Chamber- nothing more than inferior infidel
macy”–is either grossly unin-
lain to shame. nation-states that must be torn
formed or delusional.
As I have said before, and as down and brought under Islamic
Islamic imperialists have no control.
history proves conclusively and
desire at all for peaceful coexist-
invariably, Islam does not recog- Remember this: Kashmir
ence with Israel. They want to
nize pluralism, and Islam never was a Hindu land continuously
annihilate the “Zionist Entity.” By
wants a lasting peace with any for 5,000 years. That’s over
the way, during the last 60
non-Islamic people or states. twice as long as the time that
years, Israel has absorbed more
When Muslims are in a relatively has passed since the birth of
than a million Sephardic Jews
weak position they may offer Christ. Islam went there as an
from Arab countries. The Arab
truce–a temporary agreement– imperial force, subjugated the
nations, on the other hand,
but never lasting peace. Even a local people, and conquered
refuse to absorb two million
cursory study of the treaties them, both politically and demo-
Palestinians. It’s a sad irony that
made by Muhammad proves at graphically, after 5,000 years of
two million Palestinians are
once that every Islamic treaty is Hindu peace and civilization.
considered so important while at
merely another tactic toward Hence, today the Kashmiri
the same time the suffering
ultimate conquest and domina- Hindus are refugees in their own
inflicted upon 50 million Kurdish
tion. He set the standard for land. They have been reduced to
people by Muslim nations goes
using treaties as a path to a minority.
almost unnoticed, unremarked.
Muslims do not recognize the It is not Kashmir alone. Now
Since then, Islam has been Muslims of India wants
right to existence of either Israel
waging a relentless war for the Mughalstan, the Land of Mugal
or India. They simply consider
past 1,400 years against every empire. They want to build an
them roadblocks to world
non-Muslim within their reach. In Islamic state from Pakistan to
conquest that need to be re-
the last century, technological Bangladesh that includes the
moved, no matter what it takes,
advances have extended the entirety of north India.
no matter how long it takes.
reach of the Muslim world
Universal Jihad is infinite, end-
Mesha Sankramana / April / 45
Iran, Saudi Arabia, and
Pakistan form the Axis of Univer-
sal Jihad. Unless and until we
address the leaders of this Axis
of Jihad, and the militaristic
ideology of world domination that
is their chief export, there is no
possibility for peace in the future
for humanity.
The real power behind
Universal Jihad, in all of its
manifestations, lies with the
Pakistani ISI–the intelligence
services of Pakistan–along with
the Pakistani military, the Paki-
various geographical locations, stani feudal elite, and the Islamic
Every year, we are paying and thereby never see the
Islamic tribute to Pakistan, theological leaders. As a nation-
bigger picture. state, Pakistan exists for two
Egypt, and Palestinians in hopes
of maintaining a tenuous truce. Universal Jihad is an ideol- reasons: its pathological hatred
We are not really giving them ogy, a doctrine, that is fixed and of India and Hindus, and its
“aid.” It is nothing but Islamic unchanging. Waging battles of parasitic dependence on Ameri-
tribute to keep them at bay. force and military action alone– can aid. Their leaders’ battle cry
especially on Islam’s home turf– is always “Islam in danger”
It’s really too simple for and continuing to send troops when they want to stoke the
anyone to try to complicate it: out as reaction to the latest fires of Jihad, and of course
Islam wants the entire world to flare-ups or hot-spots in Islam’s Muslims are commanded by the
submit. India and Israel are endless war will never succeed. Quran to go forth immediately
simply two obstacles or road- Never. when called to fight by their
blocks to that goal. If they can Islamic leaders.
get Israel and India to disappear That’s also why the idea of a
from the face of earth, Islamic “War on Terror” is absurd. Make no mistake: you can
Umma–community, or “nation” Terrorism is nothing more than only solve the problem of Af-
in the larger sense–would be one of the many technique and ghanistan when you address the
one unified imperialism from tactics used to advance Islam’s problem of Pakistan, because
Morocco to Indonesia. Then it political ideology. On this subject Afghanistan is a client state of
would be Europe’s turn to be of terrorism, groups like the Pakistan. And you can only solve
annihilated. Taliban are a bunch of obedient the problem of Pakistan when
foot soldiers. They are what Karl you address the problem of
FP: How do we best win the Marx called the “lumpen-prole- Saudi Arabia, because Pakistan
wars in Afghanistan and Iraq in tariat.” Allow me to direct your is a client state of Saudi Arabia.
your opinion? attention to the fact that we The Pakistanis are being
Kumar: It can’t be overstated never see Islamic Imams– sponsored by the hedonistic
or said too many times that religious leaders–blowing rulers of Saudi Arabia. Saudi
these are merely the current themselves up. If martyrdom is rulers are materialistic hedonists
fronts of open conflict in Univer- such a high holy act, as Islam’s in their practice, but preach
sal Jihad. In fact, it plays into the leaders preach, why aren’t they Wahabi Islamic fundamentalist
purposes of Universal Jihadists the ones strapping on the doctrine to the world.
for the Western world to be explosives? It’s a curious case
fixated on isolated actions in of “do as I say, not as I do.” The bottom-line is this: The

Mesha Sankramana / April / 46

hedonist Saudi ruling elite form FP: What do we do then to
the epicenter for global terror- confront Jihad effectively?
ism, because it is they who fund
Kumar: To reach a lasting
all mosques and madrasas
solution to Universal Jihad, and
around the world–and that
to all the violence and terror and
includes the United States.
misery it causes throughout the
They export oil and worldwide world, the goal of the Western
Islamic fundamentalist revolu- world should be to demilitarize,
by our own leaders that the only
tion. secularize, and democratize the
real enemy is Universal Jihad
Axis of Jihad. Anything short of
That fundamentalist revolu- and the three seats of its power:
that goal is like putting a band-
tion is Universal Jihad, and its Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan.
aid on leprosy. For starters, we
entire force comes solely from It is an existential crisis for all
should do the following things:
its ideology, an ideology that was non-Muslim nations, and for all
born right in the deserts of Saudi 1. Stop all immigration from freedom-loving people every-
Arabia. Therefore, the only real the Axis of Jihad nations. where in the world. This tran-
war, and the war that is win- scends all ethnic, cultural,
2. Stop paying Islamic trib-
nable, is against the ideology religious, and political bound-
ute–so-called “aid”–to Pakistan,
that is the doctrine of Universal aries. Islamic imperialism draws
Egypt and the Palestinians.
Jihad. no distinctions between “infi-
3. Support those moderate, dels.” Until we win this war, we
All three of these nations that
secular, Muslims–there are are all targets for takeover.
make up the Axis of Jihad are
many—against theological
ready for internal revolutions. FP: You mention immigration.
We, the West, are not taking Expand on your thoughts on
advantage of that situation. 4. Build a United Front of demographics when it comes to
Victims of Jihad. That is where Islam.
In Iran, for example, a major-
Jew and Gentile, Saxon and
ity of the Iranian population is Kumar: Demographic con-
Slav, Hindu and Buddhist,
under 25 years old. They were quest is the most permanent
Norwegian and Nigerian, Catho-
born after the Iranian Islamic form of Islamic conquest. Before
lic and Protestant, Evangelical
Revolution of 1979. All of those the expansionism of Islam, by
and Orthodox, have common
young men and women are force and infusion, Egypt, North
ground. All can unite to contain
ready to be liberated from the Africa, and the southern coast of
the extremist ideology, because
totalitarianism that prevails at the Mediterranean were Chris-
all historically have been victims
the hands of the Ayatollahs. We tian. There was a Buddhist
of Universal Jihad.
must appeal to their reason and monastery in Alexandria, Egypt.
their own human desire for The United States and Israel Turkey was Buddhist and
freedom, liberty, and the right to have many allies and friends in Christian. Persia–now Iran–was
free will. this cause. All we have to do is Zoroastrian. The Hindu culture
look around. covered an area of the world
Similarly, the Saudi regime is
twice as large as it is now.
ready to collapse because of its Together, there are many
own corrupt system. It is begin- ways we can fight the ideologi- The fatal flaw of every one of
ning to come under assault from cal war and win it with reason, these nations that has fallen
Islamic fundamentalists for its and with appeal to the human before Islamic invasion has
hedonistic life style. Instead of quest for freedom. That is our been to open its arms to Islam,
kowtowing to the Saudis, we strongest ally. only to be stabbed in the back.
should be shining a bright light
The first ideological hurdle to Islam primarily is a political
on the rampant hypocrisy.
overcome is a clear recognition and military doctrine, dedicated

Mesha Sankramana / April / 47

of the land. The only exceptions
should be apostates and refu-
gees from Islam. We must pass
laws to denaturalize and deport
all those advocates of Sharia
from the West. Europe is
already becoming Eurabia, and
in Europe multiculturalism
means submitting to Islamic
FP: Your perspective on
Islam’s dualistic ethics?
Kumar: The Quran, the
Islamic holy book, has two sets
of ethics. One set of ethics is for
believers, the other set of ethics
for the Kaffirs–their name for
infidels, non-Muslims. The
Quran has no good news for the
In Islam ethics are based
upon a simple formula: “good” is
whatever advances the cause of
Islam, and “evil” is whatever
resists the cause of Islam.
In Islam, all Muslims are
brothers who should be kind and
honest to each other. But Allah
hates the infidel; Allah plots
against the infidel, so Muslims
should, too. Over 60% of the
Quran is devoted to the Kaffir,
to world conquest, that wears irony is that the liberals who tout
and every mention is negative,
the cloak of religion. The reli- the Islamic cause are the first
demeaning, insulting, or hateful.
gious cloak is the Trojan Horse it victims when Sharia takes its It teaches war in the name of
uses to infiltrate the cultures and grip around the throat of a peace, hate in the name of love.
nations and civilizations it seeks nation. But this appeal to liberals
to destroy and replace with for sympathy and support is a “Ethics” in Islam is an ideol-
Islamic totalitarianism. key part of Islam’s ideological ogy of double standards, inter-
war. nally warring dichotomies, and
Liberals and progressives in endless contradictions. Even its
those target nation-states Unrestrained legal and illegal
own Imams war among them-
become the water-carriers for immigration is tearing apart the
selves on what is correct “inter-
Islam’s demographic tactics, very fabric of Europe and the
pretation.” That is why it can be
demanding that immigrant United States and Canada. To
fought with reason and over-
Muslims be granted all the survive, the West must ban
“rights” they need to kill off the immigration from all Muslim
host country and take over. The nations where Sharia is the law FP: Let’s finish up by talking
some more about what can be
Mesha Sankramana / April / 48
done. Expand on the best way
that free peoples who want to
remain free can defend them-
selves against Sharia and
Islamic Jihad. What is the wrong
way to do it? What are the
Kumar: The wrong way to do
it is for the liberal media and
politicians to keep inhaling the
opiate of Islamic propaganda
about “peace, peace, peace,
peace be upon you,” and blow-
ing that toxic smoke all over the
world. If we don’t shake them
out of their narcoleptic slumber, why I am running for Congress. I campaign, and why I fully believe
their own children, or their want to help build that coalition that war against Universal
children’s children–and ours as and help raise people’s aware- Jihadists can be won globally in
well–are going to be bowing in ness. less than five years, that it can
submission before the tyranny of Our leaders have to come to be won for less than one billion
Islamic domination and Sharia grips with the fact that the seats dollars, and that can be won
law on our own soil. of power of Universal Jihad are without any more loss of Ameri-
Here’s how the liberals and Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Pakistan. can or Western lives.
progressives can help: they These are the command cen- There are two great forces at
should start an organization like ters. They are openly declared work in this war. One is the
the Peace Corps, called Free enemies of every principle our totalitarian ideology of Islamic
Americans for Islamic Rehabili- nation was founded upon. We theocracy, which permits of no
tation–F.A.I.R.–that sends must treat them as such, or separation of church and state,
volunteers to all Islamic nations Universal Jihad will continue no true freedom of thought,
to demand tolerance and equal unabated around the world, freedom of speech, or equal
rights in those nations for all flaring up endlessly as we pour rights under the law. The other is
other religions, for women, for more money and innocent blood our own Declaration of Indepen-
minorities, and for homosexuals. down the drain. dence and our Constitution,
Now there would be true liberal- We can win this war, and we which proclaim and guarantee
ism in action. We’ll see how far can win it decisively, but we human freedom, sovereignty,
they get putting their money have got to recognize and name dignity, and basic inalienable
where their mouth is in an the true enemies of mankind human rights.
Islamic nation. and freedom, and take effective These two ideologies are
Meanwhile, those of us who action in combating the ideology diametrically and irrevocably and
are already awake have got to that drives them. Right now, our irreconcilably opposed. It is a
energetically build a coalition of own State Department and war of ideas. It is a war of
free nations and people around government agencies are philosophies. They are mutually
the globe, regardless of race, spending enormous amounts of exclusive. One of them is going
creed, ethnicity, politics, or dollars and energy defending the to win over the other.
religion, and begin an informa- very ideology that wants to wipe
them and our whole form of Which will it be?
tion campaign that is more
relentless and eternal than government from the face of the FP: Vijay Kumar, thank you
Universal Jihad. That sums up earth! This is why I say repeat- for joining Frontpage Interview
edly, as a central part of my
Mesha Sankramana / April / 49
The Orwellian line that All this makes a lay Hindu,
some people are more equal wonder whether there are
than the others applies to one set of rules for the mi-
India. nority leaders and the other
hard set for the leaders of
Here, there are spate of
the majority community.
stories on sex abuse by the
padres and the mullahs. All this is kosher when
However, they are cleanly reservations are extended to
swept under the carpet. the minority community. Even
the Prime Minister goes on
Even the slightest errors
record to say that the first
of ommission and commission
resources belong to the
on the part of Hindu Gurus is
minorities. On the other
magnified and projected in a
hand, Hindu institutions are
very criminalistic manner.
always under scanner.

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