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Erik Petersen
1285 Guernseytown Road
Watertown CT, 06795
(860) 274-7335

Profile: Creative minded and motivated teacher with Master’s Degree in Elementary
Education. Over 14 years of field experience with a reputation for creative lesson plans,
passionate instruction, and excellent classroom management skills. Lifelong learner who
is eager to motivate and inspire learning in students through humor, interactive and hands
on lessons, and by creating an open, non threatening atmosphere in which students feel
free to participate and shape their own learning.


Fall 2006: Charter Oak Online- Statistics (Grade: A)

Spring 2006: Naugatuck Valley Community College- U.S. History I (Grade: A)

2004-2005: University of Bridgeport- Certification in Elementary Education

1996-2000: Providence College- Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Science

Graduated with Cum Laude Honors

Work/Field Experience:

Winter 2005 – Present: Substitute teacher for Thomaston Public Schools

Spring 2005 – Present: Tutor for a number of students in grades 3-6, often with anxiety
issues in the subject of math

Fall 2009-Spring 2010: 5th grade teacher for the Thomaston After School Learning
• Developed curriculum in the subjects of Math, Reading, and Writing
• Used learning centers to allow students to participate in a variety of high interest
• Supervised and Directed Staff Assistant

Fall 2007-Spring 2008: Tutor at Sylvan Learning Center

• Tutored Students in both Academic Reading and Math Essentials
• Taught a wide range of academic skills to students in grades 1 through 8
• Worked with a diverse group of students of varying academic and cognitive skill

Summer 2007-2008: Teacher for Thomaston Summer Education Program

• Developed individualized lesson plans for special needs students
• Supervised and directed staff assistants
• Created curriculum based on weekly “themes” such as space, dinosaurs and the
• Worked in both one on one and group settings with children with Autism, Fragile
X Syndrome and Down’s Syndrome
• Developed reward based behavior plans tailored to each students individual needs
and interests
• Worked cooperatively with students parents to create curriculum based on their
child’s personal interests and needs

Fall 2005: Student Teacher at Thomaston Center School

• Developed lessons for fourth grade students in mathematics, English, science and
social studies
• Took over role of teacher and taught both originally developed lessons and
teacher developed lessons on a full day basis.

2004-2005: Worked as EIP Intern at ten Elementary Schools in Waterbury

• Substituted for both regular and special education teachers while they attended
EIP meetings.

2003-2004: Special Education Staff Assistant at Thomaston Center School

• Tutored special education students in grades 4-6 under staff direction

• Worked in a 1-on-1 capacity with autistic student on both educational and life
skills activities
• Supervised student activities and followed behavior plans
• Designed enrichment activities to reinforce student learning

Summer 2003: Special Education Staff Assistant at Black Rock School

• Tutored special education students in grades 2-6 under staff direction

• Supervised student activities and followed behavior plans
• Designed enrichment activities to reinforce student learning

2002-2003: Special Education Staff Assistant at Thomaston High School

• Tutored special education students in grades 7-12 under direction of special

education staff
• Substituted for regular education staff while they attended meetings
• Administered CMT tests to regular and special education students as requested by
• Assisted students in word processing and internet research

Summer 1995- Summer1998: Student Intern in Watertown Special Education Summer


• Tutored second grade students in reading, math and language arts

• Assisted in planning a summer reading program
• Followed a behavior plan to assist an autistic child with socialization skills