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United States Navy Uniform Regulations NAVPERS 15665

Who is the Uniform Board guided and established by?


Historically, uniforms have been the product of a sailor's environment by

what three things?

Physical, Geographical, and Technical

Women's uniforms were designed to duplicate what?

Fashion Trends

Is it appropriate to be smoking, drinking, or having hands in

pockets(anytime) while walking from point to point?


When are cover's required to be worn while out to sea?

On specific watches or on ceremonial occasions

When is it authorized to wear covers indoors?

Those member's in a duty status and wearing side arms

T/F A cover is mandatory when entering or within a military establishment

while in a duty vehicle or in a POV?

True unless it is impractical or hazardous

T/F Poromeric Shoes (corfam) are authorized aboard ship for normal daily


Are V-Neck/Sleeveless undershirts authorized for daily use aboard ship?


Is the Clothing Replacement Allowance (CRA) authorized for washing, dry

cleaning, or altering uniforms?


Who is responsible for paying for the soiled uniforms that are damaged due to
lack of adequate protective garments?


Who is responsible for uniform policy afloat?

Senior Officer Present (SOPA)

When is the Service Dress Blue uniform authorized for wear while traveling?


What is authorized for wear for personnel on PCS or TAD orders?

CIVVIES unless otherwise directed by cognizant authority


T/F Navy Blue coveralls are authorized for commuting to and from work?


Are brown leather flight jackets and camouflage uniforms authorized while


T/F Clothing issued by the U.S. can be sold, bartered, exchanged, pledged,
loaned or given away.


Is it authorized to for another member to be wearing someone else's article

of apparel?


Can a member of the Armed Forces (including retired member and reservists)
wear a uniform during: political activities, private employment or during
public speeches, picket lines or rallies?


What is the annual clothing replacement allowance?

A cash allowance provided for replacing a minimum quantity of each required

uniform and paid over the estimated useful life of the articles

When may former members of the Armed Forces wear a military uniform?

Former members who served honorably during a war and whose most recent
service was terminated under honorable conditions may wear the uniform of the
highest grade held

Where may former members of the Armed Forces wear a military uniform if they
are authorized to wear one?

Military funerals, memorial services, weddings, inaugurals and patriotic

parades or ceremonies which any active or reserve United States military unit
is taking part

What distinctive mark did the Secretary of the Navy prescribe to members of
military societies which are composed entirely of honorably discharged
officers and enlisted personnel and the instructors and members of duly
organized cadet corps?

A diamond, 3 ½ inches long in the vertical axis, on all outside clothing on

the right sleeve at the point of the shoulder, placing the upper tip of the
diamond ¼ inch below the shoulder seam
What elements are grooming standards based on?

Neatness, cleanliness, safety, military image and appearance

When can’t conservative sunglasses be worn?

In military formations

Authorized Brief Stops. Working Khakis, Utilities, Winter Working Blue,

Flight Suits, and Camouflaged Utility uniform may also be worn for brief and
appropriate stops off-base during duty hours, or while commuting to and from
place of duty, such as?

Dropping off/picking up children from daycare centers or school; obtaining

gas or other essential driving aids (wiper blades, snow chains, fluids,
lights, etc.); picking up/dropping off dry-cleaning;
automatic teller machines; picking up vehicles at repair shops or gas
stations; at drive-thru windows where exiting the vehicle is not required; at
a convenience store or drug store solely for the purchase of emergency
childcare or health products (milk, diapers, medicine, etc.); and business
conducted in financial institutions

Unauthorized Stops. Sailors are prohibited from wearing the above working
uniforms as a liberty uniform off-base or during inappropriate
circumstances such as?

Restaurants, pizza parlors, bars, lounges, etc.; when dealing with public
officials (police, courthouse, attorneys); while attending classes or
activities, or conducting business at education facilities;
at commercials airports/bus stations for travel or entering pick/drop off
passengers; at retail/rental stores, shopping malls, and shops for shopping
or paying bills; at grocery stores/supermarkets; and at movie theaters, mini-
golf, or other similar entertainment/ recreational or sporting activities

What it the policy on military creases?

Military creases are an individual option, sewn in creases are not authorized

Are Navy personnel assigned to Marine Corps units authorized to wear issued
Marine Corps service uniforms at no expense?

Yes, and they will abide by grooming standards established for Marines

T/F Pens, Pencils, cell phones are articles that are authorized to protrude
from the uniform?


What kind of military creases are not authorized with the uniform?
Sewn in

Is it authorized to tailor a uniform to present a tight fit?

No, only to provide a well-fitting, professional manner

How shall the hair above the ears and around the neck for men be?

Tapered from the lower natural hairline upwards at least ¾ inch and outward
not greater than ¾ inch to blend with hairstyle; hair must not touch the

What it the maximum length a man can have his hair?

No longer than 4 inches and may not touch the ears, collar, extend below the
eyebrows when headgear is removed show under front edge of headgear or
interfere with the proper wear of headgear

What is the maximum bulk of hair for men and women?

Shall not exceed approximately 2 inches as measured from the scalp

When a hairstyle of multiple braids is worn, braids shall be small in

diameter approximately?

What is the maximum of small barrettes/combs/clips that are similar to the

hair coloring be used?


T/F Fabric elastics bands are not authorized.


May any portion of the mustache extend below the lip?


What is the maximum length that the mustache may be?

½ inch

If a member has a "No Shave" chit, is he authorized to keep his neck neatly
trimmed or manicured?


Who is responsible for monitoring and ensuring individuals with shaving

waivers are following the treatment regimen?

Which personnel are not authorized to wear any facial hair?

Brig awardees, brig prisoners, restrictees

What are men authorized to wear to cover natural baldness or a physical


Wig or Hairpiece

T/F Long false eyelashes are authorized to be worn in uniform?


How many rings are authorized while in uniform?

One ring per hand, plus wedding/engagement ring set

What is the hair regulation for women in while in uniform?

The hair may touch, but not fall below the horizontal line level with the
lower edge of the back of the collar. With the jumper uniform, hair may
extend a maximum of 1½ inches below the top of the jumper collar

What are the earring uniform regulations for women?

One earring per ear centered on the earlobe, 4mm – 6mm approximately 1/8
to ¼
inch plain with shiny or brushed matte finish, screw on or with post

What is the regulation for stencils?

Stencil letters shall be approximately 3/8 inch high blocked letters

What is the regulation for embroidery on the utilities and coveralls?

½ inch high blocked letters on the utilities and ¾ inch high blocked letters
on the coveralls

When the Commanding Officer authorizes a deserter’s uniforms to be sold what

should done to the uniforms?

The name of the former owner shall be obliterated with a red “D.C.” stamp and
the purchaser’s name shall be placed above, below, or next to it

In the event that ordering special uniform items is not practical, Navy women
are authorized to wear what male uniform items until when?

Peacoat, all-weather coat, jacket and sweaters, shoes, rating badges,

coveralls, belts and buckles, utility shirts and trousers, working Khaki
shirts and trousers; as long as they are serviceable

As a part of a full sea bag how many pairs of coveralls are required?

As a part of a full sea bag how many sets of utilities are required?

On what side do men and women coats button?

Women’s coats button on the left and men’s button to the right

How are men and women belts to be worn?

Men wear the belt with clip to the left of the buckle and women wear the belt
with clip to the right of the buckle

What is the correct wear of the beret for women?

Wear the beret toward the front of the head approximately ¾ inch from the
forehead hairline, and tilted slightly to the right, align insignia above the
left eye

How should the ball cap be worn?

Wear squarely on the head, with bottom edge parallel to and 1-1/2 inch above
the eyebrows

How far above the eyebrows should the garrison cap be worn?

1 inch

How should the watch cap be worn?

Wear squarely on the head, double folded approximately 2-1/2 inches to 3

inches, with the bottom edge parallel to and 1-1/2 inches above the eyebrows

What are the widths of the stripes that are worn on the sleeve of officers?

2 inch, ½ inch or ¼

Where does the first stripe start on the sleeve of an officer?

It starts 2 inches form the edge of the sleeve, multiple stripes have ¼ inch
intervals in between

What will a Fleet Admiral wear on their sleeve?

One 2 inch stripe with four ½ inch stripes above it

What will a Rear Admiral (Lower Half) wear on their sleeve?

One 2 inch stripe

What will a Captain wear on their sleeve?

Four ½ inch stripes

What will an ensign wear on their sleeve?

One ½ inch stripe

What is the cap device for commissioned officers?

Consists of two gold crossed fouled anchors with burnish silver shield
surmounted by a burnish silver spread eagle facing the wearer’s right

What is the cap device for commissioned warrant officers?

Consists of two gold crossed fouled anchors, of a size to be inscribed in a

circle 2-1/4 inches in diameter

What is on the visor of flag officers?

2 rows of gold leaves and acorns

What is the size of the CPO cap device?

1-3/4 inch

What is the size of the CPO collar device?

1 inch

What is the size of the CPO miniature cap device?

1-1/4 inch
How far above the visor shall the insignia for a ball cap be placed?

1-1/4 inch above the visor