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Facilitation Rubric

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Handout Handout is neither clear nor Handout is not clear or is Handout is clearly laid out, but Hand out is clearly laid out,
Organization laid out properly. It is missing missing some important is missing one piece of with all necessary information
essential information. information. information. present.
Handout The handout has several A maximum of 6 grammar or A maximum of 3 grammar or No grammar mistakes are
Grammar spelling and grammar spelling mistakes are present spelling mistakes are present present on the handout. Every
mistakes. It is not easy to on the handout. on the handout. piece of information is easy to
understand as a result of understand.
these mistakes.
Pronunciation / Several pronunciation / A maximum of 8 pronunciation A maximum of 5 pronunciation Less than 3 pronunciation /
Intonation intonation /stress errors. / intonation /stress errors. / intonation /stress errors. intonation /stress errors.
Spoken Grammar Several grammar mistakes. It A maximum of 8 grammar A maximum of 5 grammar No grammar mistakes are
is not easy to understand as a mistakes are made. mistakes are made. made. Every part of the
result of these mistakes. facilitation is easy to
Comprehension Student does not seem to Student has an understanding Student makes very few Student seems to completely
of Listening understand the broadcast at of the broadcast, but does not listening errors and understand the listening. No
all. Several errors in seem to fully understand demonstrates a good understanding errors present.
understanding are present. everything. understanding of the
Quality of Questions have little to do Questions do not ask for Questions are relevant to the Questions ask or elicit the true
Comprehension with the broadcast. relevant information. broadcast. meaning of the broadcast.
Discussion Discussion questions are Some discussion questions One question is closed- Questions are all open-ended
Questions either all closed-ended are closed-ended or elicit little ended / questions mostly and generate good
questions or do not elicit discussion. generate discussion. discussion. Students are
discussion. interested in the topic.
All steps None of the steps of the A few of the steps were either One step of the facilitation Class was managed very well
followed / lead facilitation were followed. skipped or not covered was missing / skipped. Class and all steps were covered
effectively. Facilitator did not have control effectively. Control of the was mostly well controlled. effectively.
of the class. class was limited.
Video is Video does not fit the Video fits the expectations
appropriate and expectations or criteria laid and criteria laid out in the
fits the criteria. out in the assignment. assignment. / 30