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Images and Poems

by Phantomimic All right reserved RAGG

1) Scientific Explanation 2) The Wooden Face 3) A Shape 4) Spring/Winter 5) Something Went Terribly Wrong in the Garden 6) Despair 7) Hope

Scientific Explanation
One oxygen, two hydrogens, electronegative, electropositive, minute electric charges. Transient dipoles, hydrogen bonds, surface tension, coherence to the whole. Swirling molecules, Brownian motion, spherical worlds rise on hydrophobic surfaces. Setting sun's photons reflected and refracted. Convex surfaces focus light. OK, so much for the science. Now I need to write a poem......oh.

The Wooden Face

Wandering the forests on the outskirts of Carlyle I came upon a wooden face that gave me a wooden smile. Cracked and stained and weathered bereft of life and sap the face just looked at me as I beside it sat. So out I took my notebook and jotted down in ink What I thought this face would say if I fancied it could think. "The knots were not for naught." It said, "The rings show my histories. The seedlings that I've left behind have now grown into trees." "And whether I decay or burn or get hacked into wood pile. The heavens will be my witness that I have borne a smile!"

A Shape
So crooked and knotty, contorted, chaotic. So bent and tangled, twisted and mangled. So messy and ruffled, muddled and tousled. So snarled and jumbled, disheveled and scrambled. So curved and knobby, gnarled and thorny... this shape.

Spring is......


Winter doesn't......................................stand a chance!

Something Went Terribly Wrong in the Garden

Caress my hips, hiss at my ears, for you I'll arch my back. Come and taste my flesh again, make me moan and sigh. Loop your coils around my body. Push my legs apart. Find my sweet spot sinful lover. Slither up my thighs. Stroke my breasts with your tongue Gaze into my eyes. Unleash the fire within me. I want to burn tonight! . Do those things you do so well. Those things no other can. Make me forget my maker and make me forget my man.

I dream of steel structures rising up to the sky in a city of strangers lost in reflections.

I dream of brick walls that separate our cores, that confine our lives, and shape our perceptions.

I dream of sinister clouds blood red at dusk harbingers of pain, loss, and deception.

I dream of predators that hunt for souls in the wreck of our lives and our civilization.

I dream of a darkness pervasive and wide, of the fires of hell, of death and damnation.

I dream the madness that consumes my life. Is there hope for my dreams? Is there hope of salvation?

Blow with the wind. Do like the birds. Take off in flight. Silhouette a palm tree. Hover on clouds. Get lost in light. Rise like the sun. Set like the sun. Herald the night. Do not fear the darkness. Do not despair. The moon will shine bright.

All poems, photographs and artwork are by Phantomimic except the image of the painting "Lilith" by John Collier in "Something Went Terribly Wrong in the Garden", and the image of the painting "Saturn Devouring his Children" by Francisco Goya in the last panel of "Despair". Both images are in the public domain. If you liked these poems you may be interested in: Visiting my website: Phantomimic's Website Following me on Twitter: Phantomimic on Twitter Liking my Facebook Page: Phantomimic on Facebook Thank you! : ^ )