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95 JANUARY 2021

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North American SNJ-5 Texan [88-15754, ex-USN BuNo 43763] of American Airpower Heritage Flying Museum Inc / Commemorative Air Force in the
sunshine at Conroe/North Houston Regional Airport (KCXO) on 5 January 2021. (Jarrod Wilkening)

Ilyushin Il-76TD-90VD RA-76511 [2123422752] of Volga-Dnepr in the snow at Toronto/Pearson on 7 January 2021. (Hawthorn Photography)

Cessna 414A XB-RKB [414A-0843], paying a visit to McCarran International Las Vegas on 22 November 2020. (Barry Ambrose)

January 2021
ISSN 0950‑7442

United Kingdom Register … … … … … Alan Johnson … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … JAN.5
AHUK Register … … … … … … … … … Lloyd Robinson … … … … … … … … … … … … … … NOT THIS ISSUE
Around & About … … … … … … … … Stuart McDiarmid … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … JAN.13
United States Register … … … … … … Barrie Towey … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … JAN.30
Overseas Registers … … … … … … … Ian Burnett … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … JAN.42
Display Diary … … … … … … … … … Trevor Warren … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … NOT THIS ISSUE
Hot Air Ballooning … … … … … … … Mel Kirby … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … JAN.72
Preservation Notes … … … … … … … Bob Ogden … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … JAN.73
Military Aviation … … … … … … … … Steven Wells and David Woods … … … … … … … … … … … … … JAN.75
Emergency Services … … … … … … … Bryn Elliott … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … JAN.98
Islander News … … … … … … … … … BN Historians … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … NOT THIS ISSUE
Biz‑Props … … … … … … … … … … Ton van Soest … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … JAN.102
Biz‑Jets … … … … … … … … … … … Steven Sowter … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … JAN.109
Commercial Airline News … … … … … Stephen Moon … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … JAN.124
Commercial Scene … … … … … … … Colin Frost, Mark Gould, David Garbett, Peter Hillman,
Stephen Jakeman and Charlie Stewart … … … … … … … … … … JAN.143

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COVER: Stinson V-77 Reliant N69745/42-46703 [77-64], formerly FK877 with the Fleet Air Arm, was captured on an air-to-air sortie en route to RNAS
Yeovilton on 19 December 2020. (Lee Howard)

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Alan Johnson, 249 Arncliffe Drive, Heelands, Milton Keynes MK13 7LQ

Welcome to ABN for 2021 and the UK Register Section in particular. departures than arrivals, with many EU‑owned or based aircraft
Thank you for joining or re‑joining us for another twelve months of UK leaving the register before Brexit became final. Of the new
register changes – and all the other ABN sections of course. Production registrations the Stearman G‑CLWU is the example that was on
of ABN started at the beginning of 1972 and 2021 is therefore its 50th display at Flixton, Offpiste G‑CLZD is a SSDR microlight and Aero
year which we feel is a milestone in the history of Air‑Britain G‑CLZT is a hot air balloon.
publications. As usual our thanks go to the UK CAA and IOM and Guernsey
In spite of the current Covid‑19 problems the UK register was registration authorities, and my thanks go to Richard Cawsey and
quite busy during December 2020. However, there were far more Bernard Martin for their input to the data appearing below.

G‑CLRW Piper PA‑28R‑201 Arrow III 28R‑7837199 D‑EAWW 11.12.20 Midlands Aviation Ltd (London N1)
G‑CLSS Schempp‑Hirth Arcus T 91 16.12.20 A Aveling tr Sixty‑Six Group Lasham
G‑CLTT Cameron Sport‑70 12415 16.12.20 H K Powell Pucklechurch, Bristol
G‑CLUL Airbus MBB BK117 D‑2 20351 08.12.20 Airbus Helicopters UK Ltd Oxford
G‑CLVH Embraer ERJ 170‑200 STD 17000342 EI‑RDJ 24.12.20 Drake Jet Leasing 3 DAC Maastricht Aachen, Netherlands
G‑CLVK Embraer ERJ 170‑200 STD 17000343 EI‑RDK 24.12.20 Drake Jet Leasing 3 DAC Maastricht Aachen, Netherlands
G‑CLVN Embraer ERJ 170‑200 STD 17000345 EI‑RDL 30.12.20 Drake Jet Leasing 3 DAC Maastricht Aachen, Netherlands
G‑CLVT Embraer ERJ 170‑200 STD 17000346 EI‑RDM 24.12.20 Drake Jet Leasing 3 DAC Maastricht Aachen, Netherlands
G‑CLWK de Havilland DHC‑1 Chipmunk 22 C1/0263 WD325 04.01.21 Historic Aircraft Flight Trust AAC Middle Wallop
G‑CLWM Schempp‑Hirth Ventus‑3T 124 TS 16.12.20 W J Murray Lasham
G‑CLWS Airbus EC130 T2 8897 21.12.20 Airbus Helicopters Marseille, France
G‑CLWU Boeing Stearman D75N1 Kaydet (PT‑27) N62842 14.12.20 T W Gilbert Enstone
75‑3851 FJ801 RCAF, 42‑15662
G‑CLWX Robinson R66 Turbine 0110 A2‑HDD 22.12.20 Eastern Atlantic Helicopters Ltd Brighton City
G‑CLXA AgustaWestland AW119 Mk II 14770 I‑PHAS 15.12.20 Artonjet Ltd (London WC2H)
G‑CLYG Van’s RV‑14A 140260 07.01.21 E & J Woolard North Connel, Oban
(project LAA 393-15379)
G‑CLYM Schleicher AS 33 Es 33005 21.12.20 M C Foreman & P J O’Connell Lasham
G‑CLYO Schleicher AS 33 Es 33004 07.12.20 J E Gatfield Lasham
G‑CLYY Dyn’Aero MCR‑01 VLA Sportster 161 PH‑GSZ 03.12.20 P G Leonard (Somersham)
G‑CLZA Zenair CH 601HDS Zodiac LAA 162‑15679 04.01.21 S Foreman (Kenninghall, Norwich)
G‑CLZD Offpiste Discovery Tandem 210 14748 16.12.20 J Soper (Kingston St Mary, Taunton)
G‑CLZG Schempp‑Hirth Ventus‑3T 123 TS 15.12.20 G R Glazebrook Dunstable Downs
G‑CLZK Schempp‑Hirth Ventus‑3M 125 MP 15.12.20 D Latimer Sutton Bank
G‑CLZT Aero 31 AM9 003 10.12.20 R J Clements Lower Weston, Bath
G‑DIYA TAF Sling 4 TSI 238 SK 01.12.20 Inditu Air Services Ltd (Chislehurst)
(project LAA 400A-15689)
G‑DRLA Leonardo AW109SP Grand New 22423 I‑EASJ 11.12.20 Sloane Helicopters Ltd Sywell
G‑EIAR Jodel DR250/160 Capitaine 98 D‑EIAR 18.12.20 D G Holman Leicester
G‑ENTO American General AG‑5B Tiger 10166 D‑ENTO 22.12.20 D M San tr G‑ENTO Group Elstree
G‑FKKR Fokker D.VII replica RPD708 24.12.20 P D & S E Ford Derby
(project LAA 387-15264)
G‑FLFX Embraer EMB‑550 Praetor 600 55020122 PR‑LBI 09.12.20 Flexjet Ltd Birmingham
G‑GBVN Robin DR400/180 Regent 1408 F‑GBVN 14.12.20 G Tvalashvili tr Bicester Robin Crew Bicester
G‑GUIN Ultramagic B‑70 70/30 23.12.20 A M Holly Breadstone, Berkeley
G‑JBHL Bell 505 Jet Ranger X 65312 C‑GAEP 02.12.20 Jones Brothers (Henllan) Ltd (Cross Hands, Llanelli)
G‑JSLE M&D JS‑MD 3 3.MD099 23.12.20 L M P Wells Bidford
G‑LAMO Bombardier BD‑700‑1A11 Global 5000 CS‑LAM 09.12.20 Concierge U Ltd London Stansted
9602 C‑GXAH
G‑LAPW Piper PA‑46‑350P Malibu Mirage 4636327 D‑EKCC 16.12.20 D P Wood (Chipping Sodbury, Bristol)
G‑LCAF Embraer ERJ 190‑100 SR 19000548 EI‑GTG 10.12.20 BA Cityflyer Ltd London City
B‑3139, PT‑TBO
G‑LCTO Piper PA‑28‑181 Archer TX 2881220 N8018Q 11.12.20 Escola de Aviacao Aerocondor SA Cranfield

Cessna C560XL Citation G-NJAA [560-5787] at Bournemouth on 11 December 2020; it was officially registered on the 18th. (Martin Uzzell)

G-MCSO Airbus EC175 B 5048 18.12.20 Babcock Mission Critical Services Offshore Ltd
Aberdeen International
G-NHAE Eurocopter AS.365N3 Dauphin II 6779 G-DOLF 02.12.20 Multiflight Ltd Leeds Bradford
G-NHVG Airbus EC175 B 5008 OY-HLV 23.12.20 NHV Helicopters Ltd Norwich International
G-NHVJ Airbus EC175 B 5026 OY-HPV 23.12.20 NHV Helicopters Ltd Norwich International
G-NJAA Cessna 560XL Citation XLS 560-5787 CS-DXW 18.12.20 Netjets Europe Sociedade Unipessoal Lda
N5145V (Paco de Arcos, Portugal)
G-NJAB Cessna 560XL Citation XLS 560-5789 CS-DXX 18.12.20 Netjets Europe Sociedade Unipessoal Lda
N5211Q (Paco de Arcos, Portugal)
G-NJAC Cessna 560XL Citation XLS 560-5791 CS-DXY 18.12.20 Netjets Europe Sociedade Unipessoal Lda
N5268A (Paco de Arcos, Portugal)
G-OASL Avions Transport ATR 72-202F 265 EI-SOA 16.12.20 ASL Airlines UK Ltd East Midlands
G-OORB Diamond DA40D 40.084 OE-KTB 15.12.20 Gemstone Aviation Ltd Retford Gamston
G-OVIR Pipistrel Virus SW 121 VSW 1210007 PH-VIR 16.12.20 Ifly Electric UK Ltd Damyns Hall, Upminster
G-PAWA Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee C 28-4025 G-AVRU 30.12.20 A Barnett tr Lanpro Group North Weald
G-PTPA Pipistrel Virus SW 115 BMAA/HB/723 24.12.20 Cold Air Flying Machines Ltd (Saffron Walden)
G-RVVE Saab 340B 340B-223 ES-NSG 06.01.21 RVL Aviation Ltd East Midlands
G-SGWA Comco Ikarus C42 FB100 Charlie 2008-7607 02.12.20 A & C Williams (Tonypandy)
G-SMBA Cessna P210N Pressurized Centurion D-EJDK 11.12.20 Northumbria Aerospace Ltd t/a
P21000808 N4598A NAL Engineering Ltd Newcastle International
G-STBO Boeing 777-300ER 66584 N5041K 24.12.20 British Airways PLC London Heathrow
G-STBP Boeing 777-300ER 66633 29.12.20 British Airways PLC London Heathrow
G-SUTY Robinson R44 Raven II 12388 G-HOCA 02.12.20 Heli Air Ltd Wellesbourne Mountford
G-THDR Leonardo AW109SP Grand New 22420 I-EASQ 07.12.20 Thunder Aviation LP Denham
G-TTNM Airbus A320-251N 10144 F-WWIN 11.12.20 British Airways PLC London Heathrow
G-TUKC Boeing 737-8FZ 31713 EI-FHH 23.12.20 TUI Airways Ltd t/a TUI Luton
G-TUKM Boeing 737-8K5 38097 D-ATYH 06.01.21 TUI Airways Ltd t/a TUI Luton
SE-RFT, N1787B
G-XTUG Lambert Mission M108 LAA 370-15736 16.12.20 Lambert Aircraft Engineering BVBA Wevelgem, Belgium
G-XWBH Airbus A350-1041 446 F-WZHD 14.12.20 British Airways PLC London Heathrow

G-AHXE Taylorcraft Plus D 171 LB312 08.12.20 Historic Aircraft Flight Trust AAC Middle Wallop
(cld 22.01.19 by CAA)
G-BIGK Taylorcraft BC12D 8302 N96002 07.12.20 M J Kirk (Taunton)
(cld 29.05.20 by CAA) NC96002
G-BJWL Britten-Norman BN-2A-26 Islander 166 5B-CHD 03.12.20 Air Alderney Ltd Biggin Hill
(cld 27.07.89 as re-regd in Lebanon) (OD-MIK), G-BJWL, 4X-AYC, G-51-166

G-BMZP Everett Gyroplane Series 1 010 22.12.20 P A Gardner (Shrewsbury)
(cld 25.03.08 by CAA)
G-BUBT Stoddard-Hamilton Glasair II-SRG I-GLSR 14.12.20 Signs Plus Ltd Biggin Hill
(cld 03.08.20 by CAA) PFA 149-11633 G-BUBT
G-BVVO Yakovlev Yak-50 853007 SP-YYH 07.12.20 R Ellingworth Spanhoe
(cld 26.02.98 as re-regd in Lithuania) T7-JJJ, LY-AHC, G-BVVO, LY-AMO, DOSAAF
G-BXUX Brandli BX-2 Cherry 161 23.12.20 M F Fountain Clipgate Farm, Denton
(cld 22.12.20 as wfu)
G-CIMH P&M Quik Lite 8706 01.12.20 C Clarkson Nicolton Road, Polmont
(cld 04.11.20 by CAA)
G-EZTN Airbus A320-214 4006 HB-JYE 18.12.20 easyJet Airline Company Ltd Luton
(cld 04.01.13 as re-regd in Switzerland) G-EZTN, F-WWDY
G-TTEN Tecnam P2010 008 (5B- ) 03.12.20 Fisfir Aviation Ltd (Nicosia, Cyprus)
(cld 30.09.20 as re-regd in Cyprus) G-TTEN

The restorations above were first regd in the UK as follows:

G-AHXE/09.07.46; G-BIGK/29.10.80; G-BJWL/24.02.82; G-BMZP/14.11.86; G-BUBT/06.02.92; G-BVVO/03.11.94; G-BXUX/04.04.98; G-CIMH/04.02.15;
G-EZTN/26.08.09; G-TTEN/30.03.15.

M-ABNK Embraer ERJ 190-100 LR 19000524 B-3137 31.12.20 CLC Aircraft Leasing (Shanghai) Co Ltd Guangzhou, PRC
M-ABNV Embraer ERJ 190-100 LR 19000570 B-3210 22.12.20 Aero Power Leasing Company Ltd Guangzhou, PRC
M-ASER Embraer EMB-505 Phenom 300 50500590 11.12.20 Maser Aviation Ltd (Dublin, RoI)
M-CNZI Bombardier BD-700-1A10 Global 6000 M-MAXX 21.12.20 Lavenda Services Inc (Tortola, BVI)
9678 N968DW, C-FFGZ
M-DAWN Beech B200GT King Air BY-238 G-NYCO 09.12.20 Dawn Meats Group UC Waterford, RoI
M-EKSL Airbus A330-243F 1124 D-AAED 15.12.20 DHL Air Ltd (for Air Hong Kong) Dresden, Germany
M-FUAD(2) Gulfstream VI 6430 N630GA 16.12.20 Future Aviation (IOM) Ltd (Douglas, IOM)
M-KNOX(2) Cessna 525C CitiationJet CJ4 525C0343 04.01.21 Cabbane Ltd (Douglas, IOM)
M-LWCW Bombardier BD-700-2A12 Global 7500
70043 C-GJHK 24.12.20 Eircraft Ltd (Douglas, IOM)

2-ACSD Airbus A320-232 1663 ES-SAW 03.12.20 ACS Aero 2 Omega Ltd St Athan
2-ACSG Airbus A319-112 3406 OK-NEM 03.12.20 ACS Aero 2 Omega Ltd St Athan
2-ACSH Airbus A319-112 3452 OK-NEO 21.12.20 ACS Aero 2 Omega Ltd St Athan
2-ACSJ Airbus A320-214 1873 YL-LCO 03.12.20 ACS Aero 2 Alpha Ltd St Athan
2-ACSM Boeing 737-76N 33420 SE-RJR 18.12.20 ACS Aero 1 Alpha Ltd St Athan
2-AOBG Boeing 737-8FZ 29664 A40-BG 02.12.20 Horizon II Aviation 2 Ltd Lleida-Alguaire, Spain
2-AODZ Airbus A330-343 1427 A40-DZ 16.12.20 QIC Europe Ltd Teruel, Spain
2-AVLD Airbus A320-214 5166 F-WXAT 08.12.20 Avolon Aerospace (Ireland) AOE 45 Ltd
JA804P, F-WWDJ Ostrava, Czech Republic
2-DBRV Cirrus Vision SF50 0237 07.12.20 Ferimare Ltd –
2-FALA Embraer ERJ 170-100 LR 17000107 XA-ALK 16.12.20 Rapide Aircraft Leasing 1 Ltd
ES-AEC, OH-LEG, PT-SAP Middle Georgia Regional, USA
2-FALC Embraer ERJ 170-100 LR 17000141 XA-GAQ 16.12.20 Ravelin Jet Leasing 1 DAC Middle Georgia Regional, USA
2-FALD Embraer ERJ 170-100 LR 17000146 XA-GAM 16.12.20 Ravelin Jet Leasing 1 DAC Middle Georgia Regional, USA
2-HXHU Airbus A320-232 6749 VH-XUH 02.12.20 CBA A320 6749 Pty Ltd Lourdes, France
2-TABS Eclipse EA500 000229 N229EA 07.12.20 TAK Aviation LLC –
2-VSYF Boeing 737-85R 34797 VT-SYF 21.12.20 Crolly Aviation Ltd Shannon, RoI
2-VSYG Boeing 737-85R 34798 VT-SYG 21.12.20 Mardal Aviation Ltd Shannon, RoI
2-VSYM Boeing 737-8BK 29685 VT-SYM 08.12.20 CIT Group Finance (Ireland) Shannon, RoI
OE-IDD, VT-JTA, A40-BA, N1786B

2-VSYO Boeing 737-7BK 33025 VT-SYO 16.12.20 Wells Fargo Trust Company NA Shannon, RoI
2-VSYP Boeing 737-7BK 33026 VT-SYP 16.12.20 Sapphire Leasing (AOE 6) Ltd Shannon, RoI
2-WZIE Airbus A320-214 3626 SU-BSM 22.12.20 SMBC Aviation Capital Ltd Ostrava, Czech Republic

With particular thanks to Bernard Martin:
G-ACNS DH.60G III Moth Major 5068 D Shew Malshanger, Basingstoke 01.12.20
G-AHCR Gould-Taylorcraft Plus D 211 M J Laundy Middlezoy, Westonzoyland 14.12.20
G-ARDS Piper PA-22-150 Caribbean 22-7154 N J Szkiler (West Knapton, Malton) 15.12.20
G-ARFB Piper PA-22-150 Caribbean 22-7518 Airspeed Aviation Ltd Derby 01.12.20
G-ARIM Druine D.31 Turbulent PFA 510 S R P Harper Furze Hill, Hungerford 01.12.20
G-ATRW Piper PA-32-260 32-360 Lance Assets Ltd t/a WF Aviation Birr, RoI 24.12.20
G-AVEO Cessna F150G F150-0204 T W Gilbert Enstone 17.12.20
G-AWEX Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee 28-24472 CBM Associates Consulting Ltd Beverley (Linley Hill) 14.12.20
G-BACO Reims/Cessna FRA150L FRA1500163 Limora Oldtimer GmbH & Co KG (Bucholz, Germany) 16.12.20
G-BAEO Reims/Cessna F172M F17200911 Fairbank Investments Ltd (Barnsley) 03.12.20
G-BAHF Piper PA-28-140 28-7125215 Warwickshire Leasing Ltd Wellesbourne Mountford 31.12.20
G-BALH Robin DR400/140B Major 80 766 SARL HM MAT Import (Givry en Argonne, France) 10.12.20
G-BOGK ARV ARV-1 Super 2 PFA 152-11138 J D Winder White House Farm, Southery 17.12.20
G-BRNC Cessna 150M 15078833 K T Orme & R Price tr G-BRNC Group Retford Gamston 17.12.20
G-BRTL Hughes 369E 0356E Flitwick Helicopters Ltd Castle Dairy Farm, Renhold 03.12.20
G-BTDT CASA 1-131E Jungmann 2131 T J Alderdice Mullaghglass 02.12.20
G-BUGV Slingsby T61F Venture T.2 1884 N Harrison tr Venture Flying Group Enstone 17.12.20
G-BUJN Cessna 172N Skyhawk II 17272713 Warwickshire Leasing Ltd Wellesbourne Mountford 31.12.20
G-BUVM Robin DR250/160 Capitaine 54 T W Gilbert Enstone 01.12.20
G-BWFH Europa Aviation Europa 201 G M Quinn (East Kilbride) 08.12.20
G-BWUU Cameron N-90 3954 M T Evans Radstock 07.12.20
G-BXSD Cessna 172R Skyhawk 17280310 Warwickshire Leasing Ltd Wellesbourne Mountford 31.12.20
G-BYMD Piper PA-38-112 Tomahawk 38-82A0009 Merseyflight Ltd Hawarden 15.12.20
G-BYMI Cyclone Pegasus Quantum 15 7533 J Childs (Twywell, Kettering) 04.12.20
G-CBUS Cyclone Pegasus Quantum 15 7916 G Hitchcox (Chalgrove) 07.12.20
G-CCEU RAF 2000 GTX-SE 001 J G Roberts (Whittington, Oswestry) 04.12.20
G-CDDH X’Air Falcon Jabiru(3) 944 M Roberts Ley Farm, Chirk 14.12.20
G-CFPA CZAW Sportcruiser 700848 M Cooper Full Sutton 02.12.20
G-CFUJ Glaser-Dirks DG-300 Elan 3E353 K Z Handzlik & T J Rusin (Leeds) 09.12.20
G-CGAZ P&M QuikR 8436 I Tulkan (Kirkby-in-Ashfield,
Nottingham) 15.12.20
G-CGLM AutoGyro MTOsport RSUK/MTOS/020 M P Rainford Wolverhampton Halfpenny
Green 04.12.20
G-CGLR Czech Sport Sportcruiser 09SC324 J S Fogel (Epping) 02.12.20
G-CGOM Flight Design MC A.10-04-31 A Vaicvenas (Grays) 17.12.20
G-CGWO Tecnam P2002-JF Sierra 168 Academy Aviation Ltd North Weald 18.12.20
G-CIPU Cessna F172F F172-0112 G Hinz (Wesselburenerkoog,
Germany) 29.12.20
G-CJEZ Glaser-Dirks DG-100 03 D P Spragg (Richmond, Twickenham) 01.12.20
G-CJNB Rolladen-Schneider LS8-18 8227 A P & A R Wheeler Seighford 17.12.20
G-CJWI CFM Streak Shadow (mod) SA-014 C Johnson Fenland 07.12.20
G-CKEY Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II 28-7916061 Warwickshire Leasing Ltd Wellesbourne Mountford 31.12.20
G-CKMK Sportine Aviacija LAK-17AT 157 B N Searle & P M Yeoman Saltby 10.12.20
G-CLIX Aviat A-1B Husky 2430 C H M Brown Sleap 01.12.20
G-CLLI DHC-1 Chipmunk 22 C1/0508 J & R Pike & S Woodgate Eshott 08.12.20
G-CLZM Eurofly Snake/Grif Zip 20001 M A Fay (Liverpool) 02.12.20
G-CRVC Van’s RV-14 140362 I A Sweetland (Gartocharn, Alexandria) 09.12.20
G-DCOC SZD-30 Pirat B-472 N A Betteridge & B M Sutherland Lyveden 07.12.20
G-DDRB Glaser-Dirks DG-100 31 M C Bailey (Woodstock) 10.12.20
G-DKEM Bell 407 53750 Bellavio Ltd Nicosia, Cyprus 02.12.20
(prior to transfer to Greece 29.12.20)
G-EDYO Piper PA-32-260 32-415 Japa Aviation & D M Mendoza Brighton City 18.12.20
G-EEBZ Schleicher ASK 13 13614 Buckminster Gliding Club Ltd Saltby 23.12.20
G-EHXP Rockwell Commander 112A 227 Iomys Ltd Bagby 17.12.20
(prior to transfer to RoI 23.12.20)
G-ELSE Diamond DA.42 Twin Star 42.114 A M Clark Solent 17.12.20
G-ENSX Robinson R44 Clipper II 12281 HQ Aviation Ltd Denham 10.12.20
G-FLOE Robinson R66 Turbine 0631 Countyclean Holdings Ltd Brighton City 02.12.20
G-GEHP Piper PA-28RT-201 Arrow IV 28R-8218014 J D C Lea Bournemouth 17.12.20
G-HAGU Agusta A109C 7665 G Martinelli Milan, Italy 18.12.20
(prior to transfer to USA 18.12.20)
G-HALS Robinson R44 Raven II 11639 Adventure 001 Ltd Newcastle International 01.12.20
G-HEAL Lindstrand LTL Series 1-31 073 A G A Barclay-Faulkner Hopton, Stafford 11.12.20

G-HWOW Robinson R44 Clipper 2219 J Pratt (Sawley, Clitheroe) 07.12.20
G-IFLI Gulfstream American AA-5A AA5A-0831 M Sinkovec (Dublin, RoI) 30.12.20
G-IIJC Bushby-Long Midget Mustang XU-5 D M Casey (Cheddar) 29.12.20
G-JIBO BAe Jetstream 3102 711 KB Leasing Ltd St Athan 14.12.20
G-LFSR Piper PA-28RT-201 Arrow IV 28R-7918091 D Sluman (Southampton) 24.12.20
G-LYNI Evektor EV-97 Eurostar 2004-2311 G Clipston (Geddington, Kettering) 17.12.20
G-MEEP Robinson R44 Clipper II 11641 Blue Sky Aviation Ltd Jersey 07.12.20
G-MHGS Stoddard-Hamilton GlaStar 5720 R Stalker Perth 15.12.20
G-MNTP CFM Shadow Series C K 022 A C Leak (Chapel-en-le-Frith) 30.12.20
G-MTBE CFM Shadow Series CD K 035 A P Jones (Broadstone) 11.12.20
G-MVFH CFM Shadow Series CD 086 T E Twyman Priory Farm, Tibenham 09.12.20
G-MWZZ Solar Wings Pegasus XL-R SW-WA-1541 The Microlight School Ltd Fisherwick 10.12.20
G-MYEK Pegasus Quasar IITC SW-WQT-0540 The Microlight School Ltd Fisherwick 10.12.20
G-MYWR Cyclone Pegasus Quantum 15 7002 The Microlight School Ltd Fisherwick 10.12.20
G-NEMO Raj Hamsa X’Air Jabiru(4) 602 C D Swift Damyns Hall, Upminster 15.12.20
G-NKEL Robinson R44 Raven II 10488 Ariane SRL (Sondrio, Italy) 23.12.20
(prior to transfer to Austria 30.12.20)
G-NOCK Reims/Cessna FR182 FR18200036 Just Plane Trading Ltd Top Farm, Croydon 15.12.20
G-NYNE Schleicher ASW 27-18E 29569 J Eccles Husbands Bosworth 08.12.20
G-OCLV Robinson R44 Clipper II 10498 CR Flight Hire Ltd (Aldermaston) 08.12.20
G-OHJE Alpi Pioneer 300 Hawk 262 R S Harvey tr Abergavenny Flying The Byre, Hardwick,
Group Abergavenny 16.12.20
G-OLPE Aerospatiale AS.350BA 1272 Ariane SRL (Sondrio, Italy) 23.12.20
(prior to transfer to Austria 30.12.20)
G-OUAV TLAC Sherwood Scout SS 004 J Scanlan tr University of
Southampton Aviation Society Popham 09.12.20
G-PCDP Moravan Zlin Z-526F Trener 1163 G Takacs (Szeghalom, Hungary) 30.12.20
G-PIPZ Bristell NG5 Classic HD LAA 385-15279 T W Lorimer Strathaven 04.12.20
G-RGUS Fairchild 24R-46A Argus 1145 A R Willis Spanhoe 16.12.20
G-RIFY Christen Eagle II GN-1 C Butler & G G Ferriman Jericho Farm, Lambley 31.12.20
G-RIGS Piper Aerostar 601P 61P-0621-796328 W Reinstaller (Tirolo, Italy) 17.12.20
G-SCCA Cessna 510 Citation Mustang 510-0106 SCCA Ltd Jersey 22.12.20
G-SIIO Schempp-Hirth Ventus-3T 003 TS P J Harvey (Hanslope, Milton Keynes) 14.12.20
G-SMAR Schempp-Hirth Arcus M 66 B J Flewett tr AR Syndicate Lleweni Parc 02.12.20
G-SUTE Van’s RV-8A 83219 C R Robert (Bloxham, Banbury) 03.12.20
G-TBIO SOCATA TB-10 Tobago 340 O Fooks (Dorking) 07.12.20
G-VGAL Boeing 747-443 32337 Celestial Aviation Trading 14 Ltd Marana, AZ, USA 08.12.20
(prior to transfer to USA 29.12.20)
G-VLIP Boeing 747-443 32338 Celestial Aviation Trading 14 Ltd Marana, AZ, USA 08.12.20
(prior to transfer to USA 31.12.20)
G-YUGE Schempp-Hirth Ventus cT 130/407 T Janikowski Aston Down 24.12.20

G-BEEH Cameron V-56 (250). CofA expired 05.11.10. Cld 16.12.20 G-DOWN Colt 31A (1570). CofA expired 08.06.00. Cancelled 16.12.20
as wfu. as wfu.
G-BJDF SOCATA MS.880B Rallye 100T (3000). CofA expired G-MDBD Airbus A330-243 (266). Parted-out at Manchester. Cld
07.07.13. Cld 30.12.20 by CAA. 11.12.20 as wfu.
G-BNLY Boeing 747-436 (27090). To Dunsfold 05.12.20 for G-MLJL Airbus A330-243 (254). Parted-out at Manchester. Cld
preservation. Cld 16.12.20 as wfu. 11.12.20 as wfu.
G-BVFU Cameron Sphere-105 (3137). CofA expired 30.09.17. Cld G-MMOB Mainair Gemini/Southdown Sprint (244-584-2(K). PtoF
04.12.20 as wfu. expired 30.10.17. Cld 04.12.20 by CAA.
G-BVKF Europa Aviation Europa (050). PtoF expired 18.05.12. Cld G-MYAO Mainair Gemini Flash IIA (894-0392-7-W689). PtoF
17.12.20 as wfu. expired 07.02.16. Cld 02.12.20 as wfu.
G-BXUX Brandli BX-2 Cherry (161). Cld 22.12.20 as wfu but G-MYJK Solar Wings Pegasus Quasar IITC (6752). PtoF expired
restored again 23.12.20 – q.v. 03.03.13. Cld 10.12.20 as wfu.
G-BYGC Boeing 747-436 (25823). To St Athan 11.12.20 for G-MYRH BFC Challenger II (PFA 177A-12690). PtoF expired
preservation. Cld 05.01.21 as wfu. 07.09.16. Cld 09.12.20 by CAA.
G-BYGD Boeing 747-436 (28857). To St Athan 27.11.20 for parting- G-MYSO Cyclone AX3/503 (C 4043215). PtoF expired 24.03.17. Cld
out. Cld 05.01.21 as wfu. 04.12.20 by CAA.
G-BYGG Boeing 747-436 (28859). To St Athan 23.11.20 for parting- G-OMYT Airbus A330-243 (301). Parted-out at Manchester. Cld
out. Cld 14.12.20 as wfu. 11.12.20 as wfu.
G-CBMU Whittaker MW6-S Fatboy Flyer (PFA 164-13339). Cld G-PIKK Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee (28-22932). CofA expired
09.12.20 as wfu. 17.12.16. Cld 29.12.20 by CAA.
G-CIVC Boeing 747-436 (25812). To St Athan 06.11.20 for parting- G-POOL ARV ARV-1 Super 2 (025). PtoF expired 10.05.19. Cld
out. Cld 14.12.20 as wfu. 29.12.20 by CAA.
G-CIVU Boeing 747-436 (25810). To St Athan 13.11.20 for parting- G-RIZE Cameron O-90 (3163). CofA expired 25.04.09. Cld 07.12.20
out. Cld 14.12.20 as wfu. as wfu.
G-CJYX Rolladen-Schneider LS3-17 (3289). CofA expired 06.08.14. G-RSMC Medway SLA 100 Executive (131106). PtoF expired
Cld 08.12.20 by CAA. 13.06.13. Cld 30.12.20 as wfu.
G-DIWY Piper PA-32-300 Cherokee Six B (32-40731). Damaged at G-RVLZ Cessna 310R II (310R1837). CofA expired 21.11.19. Cld
North Coates 23.06.20 – see page 2020/JUL.1091. Cld 01.12.20 as wfu.
09.12.20 as destroyed. G-UPUP Cameron V-77 (1828). CofA expired 09.08.09. Cld 07.12.20
as wfu.

2-ACUA Airbus A330-202 (947). Stored at Lourdes, France 06.19. Transferred to other UK marks (including those returning to
Cld 02.12.20. former marks):
2-ACUB Airbus A330-202 (956). Stored at Lourdes, France 07.19. G-AVRU/G-PAWA G-DOLF/G-NHAE G-HOCA/G-SUTY
Cld 02.12.20. M-MAXX/M-CNZI

The following accidents include those most recently reported in the AAIB’s December 2020 Bulletin (on their website):

G-AZBE AESL Airtourer T5 (A535). On landing at Shotton Colliery, G-CLLA Best Off Skyranger Swift 912(1) (1707.1121). After
Peterlee 21.08.20 the nosewheel dug into the soft ground landing at Sywell 24.08.20 the nose of the aircraft began
and the nose undercarriage leg broke off. Cld 20.11.20 as to pitch up. The aircraft then made a heavy landing and
destroyed – see page 2020/DEC.2038. the came to rest inverted.
G-BGFJ Jodel D9 Bebe (PFA 1324). Failed to climb after take-off G-CLNN Best Off Skyranger Swift 912(1) (BMAA/HB/711). On
from Kingstanding, near Ascott under Wychwood landing at Desborough 20.09.20 the aircraft bounced and
18.07.20, landed in a field, and overturned. Cancelled then pitched nose down, damaging the nosewheel on the
02.11.20 as destroyed – see page 2020/DEC.2038. subsequent touchdown. The aircraft then collided with a
G-BPKF Grob G115 (8075). The aircraft bounced twice on landing hedgerow at the end of the field, causing damage to the
at Nottingham City 23.08.20 and then made a go around. right wing, engine cowling and propeller.
During the bounced landing the nose landing gear leg G-CTSB Diamond DA40 NG (40.N283). Crashed on take-off at
had detached but the aircraft returned and made a safe Cranfield 12.12.20. The pilot was seriously injured and the
landing. aircraft was substantially damaged.
G-BTKA Piper J5A Cub Cruiser (5-854). On landing at Finmere G-DDGJ American Champion 8KCAB Super Decathlon (1049-
16.09.20 the aircraft ground-looped and then struck a 2007). During the landing roll at Wishanger Farm,
fence post damaging the left elevator. Frensham 11.08.20 the aircraft’s nose pitched down and
G-BTTY Denney Kitfox Model 2 (PFA 172-11823). Veered to the the propeller struck the ground.
right towards the runway edge on landing at Trenchard G-DOTW ICP MXP-740 Savannah VG Jabiru(1) (08-03-51-
Farm, Eggesford 12.07.20 and pitched nose down. The 694). Encountered turbulence on landing at Barville
propeller struck the ground and the aircraft overturned. Farm, nr Dover 07.07.20. The aircraft’s left wing lifted and
G-BVIL Maule MXT-7-180 Super Rocket (14059C). Landed heavily the right wing struck the ground. The aircraft then
at Lower Lyde Court Farm, Hereford 29.08.20, bounced rotated to the right and came to rest facing back towards
then landed nose wheel first. The nose landing gear the threshold. Severe damage to the airframe and engine.
sheared off, the nose dug in and the aircraft overturned. G-JRME Jodel D140 Mousquetaire (444). The aircraft ground
Cld 28.09.20 as wfu – see page 2020/OCT.1656. looped on landing at Newquay Cornwall 20.07.20 and the
G-BXRV Vans RV-4 (3461). As the pilot applied power at Croft main landing gear collapsed.
Farm, Defford 01.07.20 with the brakes on, the tail lifted, G-OYES Mainair Blade 912 (1186-1198-7-W989). Made a heavy
the aircraft pitched forward and the propeller struck the landing at East Fortune 06.08.20, damaging the landing
ground. Damage to the airframe and propeller. gear.
G-BZWT Tecnam P92-EA Echo (419). The aircraft bounced after G-RJIT Groppo Trail Mk.2 (123/82). Landed heavily short of the
touchdown at Manor Farm, Bicester 15.09.20 and the nose runway at Woodlands Barton Farm, Roche 02.08.20 and
landing gear collapsed. rolled into a gate. The aircraft was substantially damaged
G-CDJR Evektor EV-97 teamEurostar UK (2005-2318). On landing and may be beyond economic repair.
at Eddsfield, Octon Lodge, Thwing 29.09.20 the aircraft G-TLEE TLAC Sherwood Kub (TLAC-3-003). Made a forced landing
bounced and on the next touchdown the nosewheel leg in a field near Egerton, 06.09.20 and collided with a
collapsed and folded backwards. The aircraft came to rest hedge.
on its mainwheels and nose. G-WARU Piper PA-28-161 Warrior III (2842023). While landing at
G-CKMX Vans RV-7 (74008). The aircraft bounced on landing at Wellesbourne Mountford 05.09.20 the aircraft drifted
City of Derry 27.09.20, damaging the wheel spats, the towards the left edge of the runway. On touchdown, the
right landing gear leg and the left wing tip. The aircraft aircraft yawed sharply to the left and came to a halt in a
made a go-around and landed safely. maize crop.
G-CKTF Vans RV-6A (24431). The aircraft descended rapidly just G-YTLY Rans S-6-ES Coyote II (1108-1910). Decided to return to
prior to touchdown at Holmbeck Farm, Burcott 08.08.20. Longside 26.04.20 soon after take-off for a local flight.
The nose landing gear dug in and then collapsed, and the The aircraft landed heavily and bounced, and the nose leg
aircraft overturned. collapsed. Damage to cockpit structure and propeller.


G-AOJR DHC-1 Chipmunk 22 C1/0205 F- 24.12.20 G-CERT Mooney M.20K Mooney 231 25-1134 OO-TSE 16.12.20
G-ARCT Piper PA-18 Super Cub 95 18-7375 EI-AVE 21.12.20 G-CFJN Diamond DA40D D4.295 F- 24.12.20
G-BFOF Reims/Cessna F152 II F15201448 SX- 04.12.20 G-CFJO Diamond DA40D D4.296 F- 24.12.20
G-BGAX Piper PA-28-140 28-7325409 EI-GVB 22.12.20 G-CHDE Pilatus B4-PC11AF 223 D- 21.12.20
G-BMTA Cessna 152 II 15282864 CS- 23.12.20 G-CHGI Beech A36 Bonanza E-1784 F- 30.12.20
G-BMXA Cessna 152 II 15280125 CS- 23.12.20 G-CKBY Eurocopter AS.365N3 6949 TS- 08.12.20
G-BOZZ Gulfstream American AA-5B Tiger G-CKTR Tecnam P2006T 007 SX- 02.12.20
AA5B-1155 D-E 16.12.20 G-CKUT Eurocopter EC155 B1 6655 PH- 22.12.20
G-BTBV Cessna 140 12727 D-ETBV 03.12.20 G-CKVB Eurocopter EC155 B1 6658 PH- 22.12.20
G-BVXM Aerospatiale AS.350B 2013 OE-XSC 02.12.20 G-CKZV Piper PA-28-161 2842068 EC-NNI 18.12.20
G-BWJG Mooney M.20J Mooney 201 G-CLTB Airbus EC175 B 5038 OY-HHZ 22.12.20
24-3319 OK- 29.12.20 G-CRFX Embraer EMB-135BJ 145780 N904FL 09.12.20
G-BXJM Cessna 152 II 15282380 CS- 23.12,20 G-DFMG Schempp-Hirth Discus b 242 HB-3470 14.12.20
G-BXJS Schempp-Hirth Janus CM 35 D- 18.12.20 G-DHGY SZD-24C Foka W-180 SP- 04.12.20
G-CBZK Robin DR400/180 Regent 2543 F- 14.12.20 G-DKEM Bell 407 53750 SX- 29.12.20

G-DOEA Gulfstream American AA-5A G-PIOS Leonardo AW139 31758 N896ZZ 11.12.20
AA5A-0895 F- 29.12.20 G-RITZ Cessna 182S Skylane 18280029 D-E 08.12.20
G-DTFT Czech Sport PS-28 Cruiser C0506 D-E 15.12.20 G-RKAF Diamond DA40D D4.186 F- 24.12.20
G-EDEN SOCATA TB-10 Tobago 66 RA- 10.12.20 G-RKAG Diamond DA40D D4.255 F- 24.12.20
G-EDGK Cessna TR182 R18200941 D-E 23.12.20 G-RKAH Diamond DA40D D4.258 F- 24.12.20
G-EENO Cessna T210N 21064162 D-E 15.12.20 G-RKAI Diamond DA40D D4.257 F- 24.12.20
G-EFAM Cessna 182S Skylane 18280442 D-E 30.12.20 G-RKBD Diamond DA42 42.183 F- 24.12.20
G-EHXP Rockwell Commander 112A 227 EI-GVG 23.12.20 G-SEAL Robinson R44 Raven II 12508 OE- 30.12.20
G-EZAA Airbus A319-111 2677 N5307U 04.12.20 G-SHLE Agusta A109E Power 11100 I- 21.12.20
G-EZAL Airbus A319-111 2754 N9312U 04.12.20 G-SLAC Cameron N-77 2295 ZK-FAK 01.12.20
G-EZIV Airbus A319-111 2565 N2302U 11.12.20 G-TAWH Boeing 737-8K5 38107 SE-RFN 29.12.20
G-GMKE Robin HR200/120B 257 EI-GTC 17.12.20 G-TAWJ Boeing 737-8K5 38108 SE-RFM 22.12.20
G-GREY Piper PA-46-350P 4636155 D-E 29.12.20 G-VGAL Boeing 747-443 32337 N 29.12.20
G-HAFT Diamond DA42 42.057 F- 24.12.20 G-VLIP Boeing 747-443 32338 N 31.12.20
G-HAGU Agusta A109C 7665 N 18.12.20 G-VWET Lake LA-4-200 Buccaneer 1106 OO-WET 07.12.20
G-HANG Diamond DA42 42.026 F- 24.12.20 G-VXLG Boeing 747-41R 29406 VP-B 07.12.20
G-HRIO Robin HR100/210 Safari 149 D-E 04.12.20 G-WNSM Sikorsky S-92A 920237 LN-OQU 23.12.20
G-ICSG Aerospatiale AS.355F1 5104 OE-XES 01.12.20 G-XXTB SOCATA TB-20 Trinidad 1821 D-E 17.12.20
G-JJFB Eurocopter EC120B Colibri 1506 OK-ACE 15.12.20 G-ZLOJ Beech A36 Bonanza E-1677 D-E 01.12.20
G-KAFT Diamond DA40D D4.191 F- 24.12.20 G-ZZSN Airbus EC225 LP Super Puma 2989 B- (PRC) 30.12.20
G-LAFT Diamond DA40D D4.193 F- 24.12.20 M-ABNL Embraer ERJ 190-100 LR 19000556 XY- 23.12.20
G-MAFT Diamond DA40D D4.243 F- 24.12.20 M-ABNS Boeing 737-8F2 34405 N802XT 04.12.20
G-MATW Cessna 182P Skylane 18261335 D-E 21.12.20 M-ANTA Bombardier CL-600-2B19 8094 RA- 15.12.20
G-MCSE Airbus EC175 B 5022 OY-HHY 22.12.20 M-ARUB Bombardier CL-600-2B16 6075 RA-67245 23.12.20
G-MCSM Airbus EC175 B 5046 OY-HHU 22.12.20 M-ASHI Bombardier CL-600-2B16 5765 OY-CCH 21.12.20
G-MOUL Maule M-6-235 Super Rocket 7518C D-E 30.12.20 M-CITY Cessna 525B CitationJet CJ3
G-MPWI Robin HR100/210 Safari 163 D-E 16.12.20 525B0557 9H-WIN 14.12.20
G-MWNU Mainair Gemini Flash IIA M-FUAD(1) Gulfstream V-SP 5227 N527GD 14.12.20
813-1190-5-W606 AP- 10.12.20 M-GASG IAI Gulfstream 150 299 N922LR 21.12.20
G-NKEL Robinson R44 Raven II 10488 OE- 30.12.20 M-GGBL Dassault Falcon 7X 114 N1KX 17.11.20
G-NOAH Airbus A319-115CJ 3826 B- (PRC) 15.12.20 M-HHHH Airbus A318-112CJ 4650 T7-HHHH 08.12.20
G-NONI Grumman American AA-5 AA5-0383 YL- 01.12.20 M-KNOX(1) Cessna 525 Citation M2 525-1019 T7- 22.12.20
G-NYCO Beech B200GT King Air BY-238 M-DAWN 09.12.20 M-MJLD Cessna 680A Citation Latitude
G-OBFS Piper PA-28-161 2842039 PH- 22.12.20 680A0017 N1326A 22.12.20
G-OCFT Bombardier CL-600-2B16 5067 2- 14.12.20 M-SAMA Bombardier BD-700-1A10 9579 N330KC 15.12.20
G-OLPE Aerospatiale AS.350BA 1272 OE- 30.12.20 2-HOPN ATR 72-212A 1288 F-HGNU 16.12.20
G-OMEM Eurocopter EC120B Colibri 1006 PH- 21.12.20 2-JBMF Embraer EMB-550 Phenom 100
G-OOFT Piper PA-28-161 2842083 EC-NNJ 18.12.20 50000250 ZK-PHN 03.12.20
G-ORAC Cameron Van-110 4577 ZK-FAE 01.12.20 2-SAFC Bombardier CL-600-2D24 15090 N 18.12.20
G-OSPY Cirrus SR20 GTS 1546 D-E 15.12.20 2-SEPB Bombardier DHC-8-402 4175 OY-YBA 04.12.20
G-PARI Cessna 172RG 172RG0010 EI-JAM 21.12.20 2-SSFG Airbus A319-131 2326 ER-SKY 18.12.20

G-AXXC/EI-GRW Piel CP.301B Emeraude G-DDUF*/D-1119 Schleicher K.8B G-SLMG/F-CLMG Diamond HK 36TTC
G-BJSV/PH-VFD Piper PA-28-161 G-DIGS/F-HMOS Hughes 369HE G-XHOT/PH-DED Cameron Z-105
G-BVZY/EI-GRY Mooney M.20R Ovation G-EMHB/I-PIKI Agusta A109E Power M-ABNH/XY-ALO Embraer ERJ 190-100 LR
G-CBBR/N625XT SA Bulldog Srs 120/121 G-JKMJ/SX-SAA Diamond DA 42 M-EAGL/F-GCAF Dassault Falcon 900EX
G-CEEZ/T7-TAS Piper PA-28-161 G-KMLA/OH-KML Cirrus SR20 M-NJSS/RA-02757 Embraer EMB-135BJ
G-CEXO/SX-GAO Piper PA-28-161 G-LBHA/SP-ZIW Pilatus PC-12/47E
* corrects page 2020/DEC.2039 – see page
G-CJVF/N9754 Schempp-Hirth Discus CS G-LXAA/EI-GVC Aerospool Dynamic WT-9
G-CKSK/OE-5750 Pilatus B4-PC11AF G-MRAG/F-HHTT Cessna 182T Skylane
G-CLGH/5N-BXN Sikorsky S-92A G-MTXL/EI-GPR Noble Hardman Snowbird With thanks to Ian Burnett/Overseas
G-CLUW/OE-XXK Robinson R44 Raven I G-NTVE/EI-GVT Beagle A,61 Terrier 3 Registers, Barrie Towey/ US Register,
G-COBO/F-WNUI ATR 72-212A G-OARS/OO-JDH Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP Steven Sowter/Biz-Jets & Cyril Leeson.
G-DDHH/HA-4046 Eiri PIK-20B G-PBIG/RA-07344 EC130 T2


NB the date shown is the date of amendment to the official record, not the date of modification, etc:

G-BYTV Type to Avtech Jabiru UL-450 17.12.20 G-FAGK The manufacturer is now correctly shown as
G-CHHJ Type to Aeropro EuroFOX 912(1) 09.12.20 the de Havilland Aircraft Co Ltd – we drew
G-CLFK Type to Aeropro EuroFOX 912(S) 10.12.20 attention to this on page 2020/SEP.1477. 10.12.20
G-CLSC Type to Evektor EV-97 Sportstar SLM 14.12.20 G-JOET Type to Aeropro EuroFOX 912(S) 01.12.20


G-FLXY Type should be Piper PA-28-181 Archer TX (corrects G-KDRZ Piper PA-28-181 Archer LX (2881415). Mike Didbury
page 2020/DEC.2033 (with thanks to Colin Smith). has pointed out that the ownership details shown on
page 2020/DEC.2034 actually relate to the aircraft’s 2nd

owner. The aircraft was first regd 24.11.20 to British page 2019/OCT.1749 reported it as being in storage at
European Aviation Ltd at Wycombe Air Park before a Lydd and its recent cancellation suggests that it may
change of ownership 26.11.20 to Pringle Commercial now have been used for spares.
Estates Ltd – as shown on page DEC.2037.
G‑STHA Piper PA‑31‑350 Chieftain (31‑8052077). Further to Changes of Ownership – page 2020/NOV.1833 and DEC.2026 –
our comments on page 2020/NOV.1836 about the Zenair CH.601 c/ns.
cancellation 16.09.20 as wfu, Russell Carter tells us that Barry V Taylor comments that the c/ns of the following have once
it recovered from the emergency landing at Luton and again been scrambled in the process of converting our files between
was subsequently flown to St Athan. In June 2016 it various Microsoft software programmes and should read as follows:
flew to Lydd and by 2018 it was being offered for sale G‑CCED/6‑9332; G‑CCTA/6‑9207; G‑CEUW/6‑9856; G‑CHZL/6‑9867.
by Atlantic Bridge Aviation as available for spares. ABN

The recent publication on AB‑IX of a Grob G120 production list has revealed a number of test registrations – mainly the frequent re‑use of D‑EGVV
and D‑EGVX – which we have not previously published in this section. Although the information is now of historic interest we have included the test
marks in the table below:
C/n Test UK Date To MoD RAF 11129 D‑EGVV G‑CKIA 04.09.17 19.09.17 ZM311
11099 D‑ETPI G‑MFTS 10.11.16 20.07.17 ZM300 11130 D‑EGVX G‑CKIB 04.09.17 19.09.17 ZM312
11100 D‑EGAQ G‑MEFT 10.11.16 20.07.17 ZM301 11131 D‑EGVV G‑CKIC 12.10.17 14.11.17 ZM313
11111 D‑EGVV G‑CJYB 01.03.17 26.09.17 ZM302 11132 D‑EGVX G‑CKID 12.10.17 14.11.17 ZM314
11112 – G‑CJYG 03.03.17 17.11.17 ZM303 11137 – G‑CKIV 10.11.17 29.11.17 ZM315
11113 D‑ETPI G‑CJYH 03.03.17 16.05.18 ZM304 11138 – G‑CKIW 10.11.17 29.11.17 ZM316
11117 D‑ETPQ G‑CJZR 10.05.17 20.07.17 ZM305 11142 D‑EGVX G‑CKLJ 12.01.18 19.02.18 ZM317
11118 D‑EGVX G‑CJZJ 10.05.17 20.07.17 ZM306 11143 D‑EGVV G‑CKLO 12.01.18 19.02.18 ZM318
11122 D‑EGVX G‑CJZI 02.06.17 20.07.17 ZM307 11144 – G‑CKRY 12.02.18 05.04.18 ZM319
11123 D‑EGVV G‑CJZF 02.06.17 20.07.17 ZM308 11145 – G‑CKRP 12.02.18 23.03.18 ZM320
11127 D‑EGVV G‑CKCO 30.06.17 26.09.17 ZM309 11146 – G‑CKSJ 11.03.18 17.04.18 ZM321
11128 D‑EGVX G‑CKCS 30.06.17 04.08.17 ZM310 11147 – G‑CKSI 05.03.18 17.04.18 ZM322

Air‑Britain has a thriving network of local branches spread throughout the UK and Europe. Full details and contact information can be found
in Aviation World magazine and on our website; abbreviated details can be found at the front of this issue.

CHILTERN BRANCH (Chiltern Aviation Society)

Our meetings are cancelled until further notice.
VENUE: We meet at Ruislip Methodist Church, Ickenham Road, Ruislip, Middlesex.
Branch Contact: Keith Hayward Tel 01895 637872 for further details (Keith is not IT enabled) Full details can be found on the branch

Thursday 11th February 2021. Commence 13.30 hrs.
Zoom Meeting: See our website, Facebook page, or contact us for more details.
VENUE: Normally we meet at the Avro Heritage Museum, Woodford Aerodrome, Chester Road, Woodford, Stockport, SK7 1QS.
Branch Contact: Brian Downs E‑mail:


Our meeting for Tuesday 9th February 2021 is a video lecture presented by Zoom and commencing at 8.00pm: Greg Baughen: Duncan Sandy
– Demon or Fall Guy?
Author and ( sometimes controversial) speaker Greg Baughen returns with a talk that describes hw the Air Ministry was heading towards
pilotless aircraft long before the 1957 Duncan Sandys White Paper. It looks at various unmanned systems developed between 1916 and
1957. It describes how in the 1950’s there was general agreement between government and the Air Staff about the general direction the RAF
was going and explains that the 1957 Defence review was not about replacing aircraft with missiles.
To register your interest as a visitor please contact Chris Bosworth at
VENUE: Normally we meet at Kents Hill Community Centre, Frithwood Crescent, Kents Hill, Milton Keynes, MK7 6HQ
For more details contact our Lectures Organiser Ian Carr E‑mail: or Tel (Home): 01234 742057 or see our website:

Tuesday 2nd March 2021: commence at 20.00hrs
An inter-active Virtual Meeting including a presentation on the USAF Museum, Dayton, on,
which is fully accessible to non-facebook users. We hope you can join us.
Our virtual meetings are also available to view on the branch website
Branch Contact: Brian Richards, 12 Sylvan Tryst, Billericay, CM12 0AX. E‑mail:

Stuart McDiarmid, c/o 10 Crosslands, Fringford, Oxon OX27 8DF

Welcome to the first A&A of 2021. As I write this the majority of the UK AAC WATTISHAM, SUFFOLK – Currently based here with the Army
is in the new national lockdown as a result of the new extremely Gliding Association’s Wyvern Gliding Club is Scheibe SF25C G‑CGNW.
virulent mutated strain of Covid being discovered (initially in Kent). As Also based are CFM Shadow G‑MNVJ and Van’s RV‑8 G‑VMOZ, which
nobody is supposed to go out unless for essential shopping, medicine shares its time with Monewden.
or work, it has already restricted reports from airfields. Many countries
around the world have also banned flights from and to the UK, so ARNCOTT, OXON – The fate of Tornado GR.1 ZA319 displayed on the
there are fewer aircraft to report anyway. If you do send in any reports gate of the Defence Storage & Distribution Agency Site C here has
please make sure you comply with any Covid‑19 restrictions whilst been hanging in the balance ever since the Ministry of Defence tried
obtaining the information!
to scrap it in July 2019. It was saved by local intervention and it has
One bit of good news is that the Brexit situation seems to have
finally been decided that it will be going to the Boscombe Down
finally settled down, so if & when the Covid problems are sorted out
Aviation Collection at Old Sarum once the current Covid‑19 restrictions
we should hopefully be able to travel to Europe again.
Just before the section went to print I had a complete computer allow for the movement of the aircraft.
failure and have had to revert to an old laptop to complete things, so
if anything doesn’t look quite right that’s why! If you sent anything in BAKERSFIELD FARM, WELDON, NORTHANTS – New here is Rans S7
to me in the last few days of December and have not had an G‑KATI following sale to a local owner. Flight Design CTSW G‑KVAN is
acknowledgement then please resend it. back here following its move to nearby Deenethorpe last year.
There are certain abbreviations that are used in this section. In
order to aid your reading the following guide is given: BARNARDS FARM, WEST HORNDON, ESSEX – Confirmed as still
based here is Cessna 182Q N735CX, which is an Advanced Lift 260
CHOW Change of Ownership n/s2 Night stopped for 2 nights
CofA Certificate of etc STOL conversion. It was noted parked outside on 30th November.
Airworthiness PCOO Potential Change of
div Diversion Ownership BIGGIN HILL, LONDON – Correcting NOV.1837, Aerospatiale AS355F2
c/ts Circuits PWFU Permanently Withdrawn G‑TBHH was marked as such (with what appeared to be a stuck‑on
f/f First flight from Use registration over the old marks) and indeed flew like that for a few
f/t From/to o/f Overflight years. It seems this ‘sticker’ has now been removed/fallen off. Also
f/v First visit as such o/s Overshoot correcting the same page, the two‑seater Hurricane marked as BE505
n/s Night stopped t/g Touch & Go is, of course, G‑HHII not G‑HURI.

POTENTIAL RAF MUSEUM DISPOSALS – A recent leaked internal e‑mail, already widely discussed in online & printed forums and repeated here
for the record, has revealed that the RAF Museum is potentially looking at divesting itself of a large number of airframes – 26 in total. Whilst
some are duplicates, many others are unique survivors, including the world’s only two‑seat Focke‑Wulf Fw 190, the prone pilot Meteor WK539,
two world speed record holders (the Tangmere Meteor & Hunter) and the P.1127 prototype, as well as the Rolls Royce Eagle‑powered Vickers
Vimy replica. The aircraft that are out on loan will probably be gifted to the museums where they are currently on display, but many of the
others are also significant in their own way and the Museum’s reason for getting rid of them is quite strange! With the way it seems to be going
there will soon be nothing but interactive displays and mobile phone apps for visitors to look at!
The list below gives the aircraft, current location and the Museum’s justification for potential disposal.
Auster C4 Antarctic WE600 Cosford (displayed) Relevance
Avian Hang‑Glider (Civil) ‘33’ Cosford (stored) Relevance
Avro 707C WZ744 Cosford (stored) Significance
Bristol Sycamore HR.14 XJ918 Cosford (displayed) Duplication
BAe Jetstream T.1 XX496 Cosford (displayed outside) Relevance/Environment
DH60GM Moth G‑AAMX Stafford (stored) Relevance
DH104 Devon C.2/2 VP952 Cosford (displayed) Significance/Interpretive Potential
Fairchild PT‑26A Cornell 15252 Stafford(stored unrestored) Relevance/Completeness
Focke‑Wulf Fw190F‑8/U1 584219 Hendon (displayed) Significance/Duplication
Gloster Meteor IV (Special) EE539 Tangmere Museum (loan, displayed) Significance
Gloster Meteor F.8 (Mod) WK935 Cosford (displayed) Duplication
Gloster Meteor T.7 (Mod) WA634 Cosford (stored) Duplication
Hafner Rotachute III P‑5 Army Flying Museum (loan, displayed) Relevance
Hawker P1052 VX272 FAA Museum (loan, stored) Significance
Hawker Hunter F.1 WT619 Stafford (stored) Relevance
Hawker Hunter F.3 WB188 Tangmere Museum (loan, displayed) Significance
Hawker P.1127 XP831 Science Museum (loan, displayed) Significance
Lockheed SP‑2H Neptune 204 Cosford (displayed outside) Relevance/Environment
North American B‑25J Mitchell N9115Z/34037 Hendon (displayed) Relevance
North American P‑51D Mustang N6526D/413573 Cosford (stored) Duplication/Completeness
Panavia Tornado P02 XX946 Cosford (stored) Relevance
Slingsby Sedbergh TX.1 VX275 Stafford (stored) Relevance
Sopwith Tabloid Replica G‑BFDE/168 Stafford (stored) Originality/Significance
Supermarine 510 VV106 FAA Museum (loan, stored) Significance
Vickers Vimy Replica G‑AWAU/F8614 Stafford (stored) Originality/Significance
Westland Dragonfly HR.1 VX595 FAA Museum (loan, displayed) Relevance/Significance

Further to DEC.2041, the Covid testing centre at the Lookout Café G‑CENO; Sportcruiser G‑CFUZ n/s2; Diamond DA42 G‑DJET o/s;
here is not an NHS run facility but rather is a private one run by the Eurocopter EC135 G‑DORS o/s; Piper PA‑38 G‑RVRM; SOCATA
airport for use by arriving & departing business passengers & crew. TBM‑700C2 2‑PLAY
6 Eurocopter EC135 G‑NWEM
BIRMINGHAM, W. MIDLANDS – Cessna 425 N71HE arrived from 8 Robinson R44 G‑NICI; Piper PA‑34 G‑RVRB o/s; Cessna 525 SP‑AST
Reykjavik on 10th December and departed to Dubrovnik on the next 9 Eurocopter EC135s G‑GLAB n/s & G‑SCAA
stage of its delivery flight to Megiddo, Israel. 10 Grob G115E G‑BYVI o/s; Ikarus C42 G‑CIFZ n/s2; Beech B200
PH‑ZAZ t&g ×2
BLACKBUSHE, HANTS – Beech 19A G‑AWFZ arrived on 28th October 11 Diamond DA42s G‑LHXA, G‑LHXB & G‑LHXC
and Cessna F150G G‑AVEM arrived on 11th November; both are now 12 Beech 76 G‑BXXT o/s; Piper PA‑38s G‑RVRK & G‑RVRM
resident. Cessna 172M G‑CISX (arrived 9th December) & Beech B55 13 Cessna R182 G‑OZOI; Bell UH‑1H G‑UHIH ×4
G‑DGST (arrived 19th December) are both new with Blackbushe Flying 14 Cessna 550 G‑SPRE ×2; Hawker 400XP SP‑ATT
Group. 16 Beech B200 G‑FPLD o/s; Beech 250s M‑CDBM n/s & M‑CDMS n/s
(both Walney Island divs)
BLACKPOOL, LANCS – Diamond DA40 G‑DPAZ arrived on 19th 17 Piper PA‑31‑350 G‑FCSL; Pilatus PC‑12 OO‑GEE n/s
November for Westair. It is owned by David Pilkington, who also owns 18 Airbus H145 G‑RNGS
DA62 G‑DPAI, which shares its time between Blackpool & Retford 19 Bell 505 G‑JRXV
Gamston. He also owns Sling 4 G‑SLIV and is currently building 20 Cessna 560XLS D‑CXLS n/s2; Hawker 400XP SP‑ATT
another Sling at his house. Further to DEC.2042, Slingsby T67A G‑BJXA 21 Eurocopter EC135d G‑CPAS & G‑HEMN; Sikorsky S‑92As G‑MCGJ &
has now moved into Hangar 1. G‑MCGK ×2
Hangar 4 has now been renamed High G Jets, which is reflected on 22 III Sky Arrow G‑CBTB; Piper PA‑28 G‑EKIR; Eurocopter EC135
new airport road signage. Aero L‑39 G‑SHMB has been flying a lot G‑EMAA; Robinson R44 G‑NICI; Cessna 208 N2055A n/s
lately, whilst John Hurrell trains the owner. (eastbound delivery f Reykjavik t Avignon en route to Nairobi,
Piper PA‑34 G‑BBXK (CofA expired 1st January 2020) is now in Kenya)
High‑G Hangar 2 and ownership is in the hands of the executors of the 23 Sikorsky S‑92A G‑MCGJ o/s; Piper PA‑46‑600TP G‑PMCM; Eclipse
owner’s will. EA500 2‑JEZA; SOCATA TBM‑700C2 2‑PLAY
Cessna F152 G‑BHFI has been rebuilt following the incident on 8th 24 Beech 200 G‑FSEU
September when it contacted high ground near Settle during a solo 25 Cessna 560XLS D‑CAHO n/s; Airbus AS350B3 G‑LEOG
training flight that had entered cloud. It somehow managed to 26 Piper PA‑24 G‑ARXG; Piper PA‑28Rs G‑AVYT o/s & G‑BTRT; III Sky
become airborne again and made it back to Blackpool with a shattered Arrow G‑CBTB; Diamond DA42 G‑LLMW o/s; Cirrus SR22 G‑OGGM;
windscreen and a twisted fuselage. It was noted back in the air on 9th Cirrus SR22T N986DT
December. 27 Piper PA‑28 G‑GBRB; Cessna 182Q N759AU o/s
Correcting DEC.2042, AW139 G‑PERD (which arrived 30th 29 Sikorsky S‑92A G‑MCGJ
November) is, of course, operated by Babcock MCS Offshore, not NHV. 30 Beech 200 G‑FSEU; Robinson R44 G‑GOES
It and Eurocopter AS365N3 G‑REDF both departed to Aberdeen on
Regular visitors were Beech 250 G‑IASB on 12th o/s, 13th o/s, 26th,
30th November, while AS365N3 G‑CKBY departed to Bournemouth on
27th o/s, 28th t/g & 30th o/s ×2; Robinson R44 G‑LINJ on 2nd n/s,
1st December, en route to Tunisia. It was cancelled to there on 8th
3rd ×2 n/s, 17th n/s & 18th n/s and Diamond DA42 G‑OCCX on 5th o/s,
19th o/s, 26th o/s & 28th o/s.
NHV took over the rig flights completely on 1st December and
have now moved into Hangar 43 which has been vacated by Babcock.
BOURNEMOUTH, DORSET – European Aviation’s Airbus A340‑642s
Leonardo AW169 G‑NHVD arrived from Norwich on 27th November to
are still busy with their daily flights to China & New York. Stored A340
join AW139 G‑NHVB and then Eurocopter EC145 OO‑NST (20221)
2‑EALK was still current on the Guernsey register on 1st December,
arrived from Ostend (via Norwich) on 1st December and was
despite reports that it is now 9H‑EAC, and it carried out engine runs
temporarily based for 10 days operating to the Liverpool Bay rigs. It
12th December using the call‑sign 2‑EALK. The Guernsey Register isn’t
departed back to Ostend (again via Norwich) on the 11th. Agusta
always the most up to date, so the new update on 1st January 2021
AW139 G‑NHVB had a mishap on 3rd December when it went strayed
may tell a different story. Fellow stored A340 EC‑NFP carried out
from the taxiway near the Offshore Helicopter Terminal and got stuck
engine runs on 12th December, as did sister‑ship 9H‑PGS. Then on
in the mud. Two tow bars were broken trying to tow it out so a crane
30th December 9H‑PGS was a surprise departure to Abu Dhabi as
was brought in on the 4th to lift it out and it was taken to Hangar 1 for
“MLT346M”, the company’s standard maintenance call‑sign.
damage assessment. It was flying again by the 6th. G‑NHVB departed
Piper PA‑28 G‑BOAH arrived 5th December for work at Fast
back to Norwich on 24th December and returned on the 27th. The
Aviation. On the 14th it taxied to the Airtime paint shop for respray.
airport closed at 1800 on 24th and re‑opened again at 0700 on the
Cessna 172M G‑CISX visited Fast on the 11th & again on the 17th.
Long‑term Gama Aviation maintenance visitor Commander 695
Westair had a quiet month with just Cessna F406 G‑RVLY in 14th,
G‑LEGZ carried out engine runs on 24th November & 16th December.
out 16th and Piper PA‑44 G‑BGCO in 19th (still present at month end).
Challenger 601 9H‑THC departed on 26th November to Kharkiv,
Vista Aircraft Engineering had Piper PA‑28R G‑BTRT out 4th (in 23.10)
Ukraine. Former Gama Global Express N468TN (ex G‑MAZS) also
& in 27th (still present at month end); Piper PA‑28 G‑CJJS in 5th (still
departed on 26th November, on delivery to its new owner in China.
present at month end) and Piper PA‑28 G‑BXJD in 26th (still present at
Challenger 604 VP‑BJE arrived on 4th December & was still present
month end).
late in the month while Beech 250 2‑FIFI departed on 8th December.
UK Aviation Services also had a relatively quiet month with
The Gama BN‑2 Islander fleet has been quiet of late but made up for
Leonardo AW109SP G‑HLCM in 4th, out 18th; Robinson R44 G‑DHAM in
it in December. BN‑2T G‑BJOH departed 9th December as “Falcon 67”,
6th (still present at month end); Eurocopter AS350B3 G‑LBRR in 9th,
while on the 11th it was active as “Stat 75” with sister‑ship G‑BSAH
out 16th; Robinson R44 G‑POET in 12th, out 27th; Sikorsky S‑76C
active the same day as “Trojan 42” & again on the 17th. BN‑2T G‑BIIO
M‑ONTY out 17th (in 11.10, corrects DEC.2042); Airbus AS350B3
has not been seen for a while but was out for ground runs on 23rd
G‑LEOG in 18th, out 21st; Robinson R22 G‑EPAR in 21st (still present
December with a new red stripe livery. It departed the following day
at month end); Bell 206L‑3 G‑CIUY out 26th (in 6.8) and Agusta
on a standard Gama call‑sign. Gulfstream 650 VP‑BCT departed on 4th
AW109SP G‑SGRP in 26th, out 27th.
December & returned on the 6th. It attempted to depart on the 10th
November 2020 visitors (nothing reported on missing dates): but aborted the take off with smoke from the engine & the pilot
1 Diamond DA42 G‑DJET o/s reporting hearing a bang. It remained hangared until the 23rd when it
2 Cessna F406 G‑FIND; Piper PA‑46‑500TP 2‑COOK o/s; Phenom 300 emerged for an engine run. It was test flown on the 24th before
2‑JBMF departing on the 29th but returned again on the 30th. Cobham’s
3 Piper PA‑46‑500TP N5347V o/s Beech B200 G‑FPLD arrived on 11th December while Beech C90GTx
4 Cessna 525 F‑HRCA n/s; Piper PA‑44 G‑BGCO; Beech 76 G‑BGVH; M‑TSRI arrived on the 21st. Gama’s own Challenger 605 G‑DAYR was
Piper PA‑28RT G‑BOUV; Piper PA‑28 G‑BTAW; Aerospool Dynamic out for ground runs on 22nd December and an air‑test on the 30th,

Saab 91D Safir OE-KTP/04 [91464, ex Austrian Air Force 3X-SF] at Breighton on 27 December 2020. It is an import for Tony Smith of the Real Aeroplane
Company, having arrived by road and sea from Italy. It will remain on the Austrian register for the time being. (Andy Wood)

having been here for a number of months. Company Boeing 737‑7GV Cobham Aviation/FR Aviation are now referred to as Draken by the
VQ‑BLX & Challenger 604 G‑DAYA have been parked outside the company Falcon 20 pilots & ATC. The hangar & fleet still carry Cobham
hangar all month. titles but these should be changed over the coming months. Late
news is that Falcon 20C G‑FRAS had Draken titles applied by 28th
Pilatus PC‑12 OH‑JEM departed Bournemouth Aviation Services on
28th November while Pilatus PC‑24 LX‑PCF departed on 6th December
& PC‑12 HB‑FWZ left on the 9th. PC‑12 OH‑SSS was here from the 1st
to 14th December while fellow Finnish PC‑12 OH‑ACT arrived on the
OCT.1667, SkyRanger G‑CFJG is actually based here, not Deanland or
8th, was test flown on the 18th & departed on the 19th. Regular visitor
PC‑12 N381SL arrived on 18th December while PC‑12 F‑HOLI departed Headcorn.
on the 20th. Beech 200 EI‑JIA was outside for engine runs on 12th
December, now with a white fuselage & pale blue tail with Jobec titles, BREDBURY, GTR MCR – Noted overflying here on 1st December was
and was test flown on the 19th, 21st, 23rd & 29th December. Arriving Cessna 182P G‑ENEA towing a banner reading ‘RIP Nana, We love you
here on 29th December was Beech 200 HB‑GIL, potentially another for forever’.
work & re‑registration to Irish marks.
Falcon 50EX M‑CICO visited Thurston Aviation from 29th November BREIGHTON, N. YORKS – The Real Aeroplane Company has acquired
to 7th December & again from 10th to 14th December. Learjet 45 former Austrian Air Force SAAB 91D Safir OE‑KTP [91464]. It arrived by
M‑MRBB departed on 30th November while Global Express N551SW sea/road from Italy in mid‑November and was re‑assembled by 19th
departed on 5th December, but was back from the 14th to the 15th, November. York Flying School is currently using Cessna FRA150L
before departing to Zurich. Falcon 2000LX M‑TBUC was active on 14th G‑PPFS on lease from Dukeries Aviation at Netherthorpe.
December on a test flight before returning to the hangar.
Recently‑registered Global Express N926PN arrived on 4th BRIGHTON CITY, W. SUSSEX – Noted on 2nd December following the
December for Jetworks. Regular visitor Falcon 2000LX VQ‑BIJ departed lifting of the latest Lockdown was Eurocopter EC130B VP‑CGC
on 2nd December while Falcon 2000EX N542AP departed on the 17th. hangared with Advance Helicopters whilst outside were Eurocopter
Cessna 525B N619CJ visited Technicair from 27th November to 2nd AS350B2 N9FJ and MD902 N902GB (ex G‑HDMD). Visitors noted were:
December with Cessna 550 G‑EJEL here from 30th November to 18th Piper PA‑31T D‑IFTO (in 1st, f/t Reichelsheim); Piper PA‑28s G‑BWUH
December & Cessna 525M2 M‑KNOX present from 2nd to 7th & G‑CBWO; Chipmunk G‑BXHA; Guimbal Cabri G‑FPEH; Robinson R22
December. Cessna 750 T7‑OCC departed on 6th December while G‑TOLY; Phenom 300 HB‑VRW (f/t Zurich); Piper PA‑39 N39CR (f/t
Cessna 550 2‑WOOD arrived on the 7th. Cessna 750 D‑BEEP was out Biggin Hill) and Hughes 369E N369E.
for engine runs on 11th December before departing on the 24th but it Another visit on 9th December found the following visitors:
returned again on the 28th. Cessna 510 M‑USTG arrived on 22nd Commander 112A G‑BEDG; Cessna TU206F G‑BFCT; Tecnam P2002
December while Cessna 525B N22UB arrived on the 29th. Netjets have G‑BLJY; Robinson R44 G‑DGFD; Piper PA‑28RT G‑LAOL; Sonaca 200
changed three Cessna 560XLSs to join the UK register as predicted G‑LKAM; Partenavia P68B G‑RVNG; Piper PA‑32R N83VK (f/t Redhill)
with CS‑DXW, ’X & ’Y becoming G‑NJAA, ’B & ’C respectively on 18th and Hughes 369E N369E again. Resident Piper PA‑28 G‑FTAC was first
December. However G‑NJAA & G‑NJAC had their new marks applied in noted as such.
early December while CS‑DXX arrived on 8th December and has not The following visitors were noted on a further visit on 17th
yet been seen in the new marks. December: Cessna F152s G‑BFOE & G‑BYFA; Cessna 172P G‑BPWS;
Hawker 850XP G‑HASS left Jets Engineering on 29th November but Piper PA‑28s G‑BWUH & G‑BXOZ; Evektor EV‑97 G‑CGGM; Robin DR400
was back again from 2nd to 9th December. Hawker 800XP N534RV G‑ELUN; Diamond DA40s G‑SPTT & 2‑PASD; Enstrom 280FX G‑VVWW;
arrived on 30th November & is due to become EJ‑REVA for Reva Air Cirrus SR22T N57DG (f/t Elstree); Cirrus SR22 (f/t North Weald); Piper
Ambulance. Airlec BAe 125‑1000B F‑HOSP was here from 8th to 29th PA‑46 JetProp DLX N955SH (f/t Cambridge).
December and swapped places with sister‑ship F‑HMED, which arrived
on the 29th December. Air Charter Scotland Legacy 500 G‑ESNA was BRINE PITS FARM, DROITWICH, WORCS – Bell 206B G‑BUZZ spends
here between 8th and 14th December. time here as well as at Gloucestershire, but as the owner’s registered
MCA had SOCATA TBM‑700 N700CS arrive for work on 8th address is at the latter, we shall leave it as based there.
December with TBM‑700C2 2‑WARD here between 9th and 11th
December. BRISTOL, SOMERSET – Former Air Côte d’Ivoire Airbus A319‑112 TU‑
Cessna F172N G‑BEWR arrived on 8th December for Fly With Me TST arrived here from Abidjan on 23rd November as ‘VRE9000’. It was
Aviation & has been very active since so looks like it is now based. then parked up until 11th December (despite having made a number

of abortive attempts to leave!) when it departed to Reykjavik en route CRANFIELD, BEDS – Correcting DEC.2044, delete the reference to
back to the lessor at Hondo, TX. Cessna T240 N218CS being here on 30th September as it was back in
the USA by 23rd September, if not earlier.
BRISTOL COTTAGE, PYMOOR, CAMBS – Resident at this strip not far BAe 146‑200 N480NA [E2055, ex D‑AMGL] departed on 21st
from Ely is Bristell NG5 G‑NGAA. December bound for Keflavik en route to its new home with Neptune
Aviation Services at Missoula, MT.
Design CTLS G‑CVET is new here following a recent CHOW to a local CROSLAND MOOR, W. YORKS – Adding to DEC.2044, Piper PA‑28
Codford owner. N267DH (ex G‑RNCH), has been languishing in Hangar 3 at Blackpool
for more than 12 months, having suffered damage when it ran
BRUNTINGTHORPE, LEICS – Further to DEC.2044 it is reported that through a wire fence on landing at Causeway, Coleraine on 17th
the breaking up of Super Guppy 201 F‑BTGV started on 12th December, August 2016. Doug Holtom acquired the wreck and repaired it.
although it is thought that parts are going to NASA as spares for their However he couldn’t get it to a state that would allow it to be ‘signed
active Super Guppy N941NA and the nose section is reported to be off’ to CAA standards so he put it on the US register (the last two of
going to a museum in the UK? Long‑stored Boeing 747‑212 SX‑OAD the registration ‘DH’ are his initials). However he is still struggling to
has already been broken up. VC‑10s ZA147 & ZD241 have also been get it airworthy paperwork wise. He also owns the wreckage of the two
moved to the scrapping pan and will also be broken up. The ex RAF Great Lakes (G‑BIIZ, which crashed on landing at Upper Harford,
Tristars N304CS, N309CS, N405CS, N570CS, N703CS & N705CS are also Gloucestershire on 8th August 1998 and a second, as yet unidentified,
thought to be not long for this world. modern 2T‑1A‑1 for use as a donor airframe) that were stored in the
Beech D18S G‑BKRN (Permit to Fly expired 26th June 1983) back of Hangar 8 at Blackpool and they are also now stored here.
departed by road on 20th December to an private site near Oakham.
Most of the smaller aircraft have now been moved to a new site behind DAVIDSTOW MOOR, CORNWALL – SkyRanger G‑CJXF is confirmed as
the Lightning QRA sheds, although Victor K.2 XM715, Nimrod MR.2 being based here.
XV226 & Comet 4C G‑CPDA/XS235 (cancelled 27th March 2008) still
remain on the airfield. DENHAM, BUCKS – Visitors after the November close‑out included
Eurocopter EC155B G‑CFOJ and EC130B4 F‑GXPG [3810] n/s f/t Dinard,
CAMBRIDGE, CAMBS – SOCATA TB10 G‑BGXT is new here from Little both on 30th November. Omitted from last month’s report was an
Gransden. unusual (for Denham) flex‑wing visitor on 6th November, Quik GT450
G‑CDWZ, which flew in f/t nearby Plaistows Farm.
CHURCH FARM, PILTDOWN, E. SUSSEX – Doubling the residents here At AS Aerospace the three new Leonardo AW119 Koalas – G‑HZRD,
is former long‑term Cambridge‑based Rallye Minerva 220 G‑AZGL, G‑MADX and G‑WHIP – that arrived on 2nd November, have yet to take
joining Partenavia P68B G‑FJMS. to the air again and remain hangared. Leonardo AW109SP G‑THDR
joined the Koalas on 14th December having departed the Leonardo
COBB’S CROSS HOUSE, COBB’S CROSS, GLOS – Updating DEC.2044, factory in Italy on the 12th and routing via Cannes, Paris, Lydd and the
AutoGyro Cavalon G‑CLAZ is another resident here. owner’s stately home in Suffolk, Heveningham Hall. Unlike its new
stablemates, it did make several subsequent sorties t/f Cranfield and
COMPTON ABBAS, DORSET – New here is Bristell NG5 G‑XFTF. Heveningham Hall. Agusta A109E G‑KGRP is now resident with AS. Bell
505 G‑MADZ was in for maintenance on 1st December and Eurocopter
COSTOCK HELIPORT, NOTTS – Robinson R44 G‑TPTP is new here with AS350B2 G‑SCHI was noted test flying there on 8th.
East Midlands Helicopters. At HQ Aviation, Robinson R44 G‑HALS, which underwent a CHOW
on 1st December and is now sporting new ‘NORTHUMBRIA’ titles,
COTSWOLD, GLOS – Another escapee this month: Airbus A320‑232 departed to its new base in Newcastle on the 14th. Robinson R66
VP‑CFR flew out on 9th December en route to Istanbul‑Sabiha Gökçen, PH‑PVZ, which arrived on 19th October took to the air as G‑TLMI on
reportedly for further storage. Further to DEC.2044, former CSA Airbus 8th December. HQ acquired timed out R44 G‑ENSX (CofA expired 28th
A319‑112 OK‑NEN was noted wearing its new marks 2‑ACSE by 7th February 2020) in early December, which arrived by road from
December. Northern Ireland. Noted in for maintenance this month were Robinson
Former Finnair Airbus A319‑112 OH‑LVA arrived from Helsinki‑ R22s G‑BROX and G‑EFOF, R44s G‑COPR, G‑ICEZ, G‑INDX, G‑JEFA &
Vantaa as ‘FIN8961’ on 1st December for parting out by ASI. Then on G‑PUNT and R66s G‑MSPR and G‑SAPA plus Guimbal Cabri G‑ICEJ.
the 4th former TAP Air Portugal Airbus A319‑111 CS‑TTE flew in from Activity increased following the end of the second national
Porto as ‘TAP9748’. Moving on to the 11th and another former TAP Air Lockdown on 2nd December, resulting in a few more visitors but
Portugal A319‑111, CS‑TTF, also arrived from Porto, again as ‘TAP9748’ declined again after Denham joined Tier 4 on 20th December. On 5th
and a company Airbus A320‑214 CS‑TNG also arrived from Porto on Cessna 208B N424AG was recorded f/t Gloucestershire (and on the
the 16th as ‘TAP9749’. Then on the 18th Airbus A320‑214 CS‑TNI 12th from Gloucestershire to Sherburn‑in‑Elmet) plus two Van’s i.e.
arrived from Lisbon as ‘TAP9742’. RV‑7A G‑PPLL and RV‑8 G‑IIRW. Aerospatiale AS350B N330MG paid its
The British Phantom Aviation Group has announced they are f/v on 9th (n/s2) f/t its Northern Ireland base at Maghere. Also that
moving their operations to Cotswold, alongside The Buccaneer day, Agusta AW139 M‑SHRM visited f London Stansted t Duxford. Piper
Aviation Group. FG.1 XT597 & FGR.2 XT905/P will be moving from the PA‑46 JetProp DLX N14EF arrived from Dublin on 10th (n/s 6)
current storage facility at Wymeswold, while F‑4J(UK) XV360, at departing to Vienna (via Sanderfjord, Torp, Norway!) on the 16th. On
present being slowly dismantled at Manston, will be coming here as the 15th rotary visitors included Hughes 369HM G‑PETO and Robinson
well. BPAG member Mike Davey has also acquired the nose section of R44 G‑ILLD. One of JetFly’s newest acquisitions, Pilatus PC‑12NGX
FGR.2 XT895 for restoration. It is currently stored at a private site in LX‑FLH, which made its f/v on 18 October, made a welcome return on
south Lancashire. 21st December. Leonardo A109S G‑HITX made a brief sortie f/t Elstree
on 22nd.
COVENTRY, WARKS – A visit on 19th December found Piper PA‑38 The airfield closed for Christmas from 24th to 27th December. In
G‑BGGI, Piper PA‑28 G‑CDDG and Cessna F152 G‑OVMC on detachment the week leading up to New Year’s Eve it was particularly quiet with
with Aeros. A number of machines were noted in for work with just a handful of JetFly Pilatus PC‑12 movements, the remainder being
Aerotech Aircraft Maintenance, namely Piper PA‑28 G‑AVLE, Cessna local flights by Denham‑based aircraft.
T210L G‑EMLS, Cessna 182T G‑KTWO, Commander 112TC G‑OVIN &
Piper PA‑46R‑350T G‑TFAM. DERBY, DERBYSHIRE – Cessna F172L G‑AZKW is new here.
The two DC‑6s G‑APSA (CofA expired 23rd May 2009) & G‑SIXC
(cancelled as PWFU 2nd August 2011) are both slowly being DONCASTER SHEFFIELD, S. YORKS – The Vulcan to the Sky Trust has
dismantled for their move to the South Wales Aviation Museum at St launched yet another fundraising appeal, this time for £4 million to
Athan. The former is due to be restored for display using parts from help meet the total cost of a new hangar to house Vulcan B.2 G‑VLCN/
the latter, although some or all of the fuselage of G‑SIXC will probably XH558 (cancelled as PWFU 19th August 2017) & Canberra B.6 G‑CTTS/
be saved. WK163 (Permit to Fly expired 29th June 2008) and possibly a few other

Leonardo AW109SP Grand New G-THDR [22420] at Denham on 14 December 2020. (Brian G Nichols)

aircraft. The Trust is also currently in negotiation to secure a £2.4 November 2020 visitors (nothing reported on missing dates):
million mortgage to help build the hangar. It seems an awful lot of 1 Pilatus PC‑12 LX‑JFS
money to borrow for what will be a relatively small visitor attraction 2 Eurocopter EC135 G‑WPDE
quite a way from any major conurbations, especially in the current 3 Piper PA‑28 G‑BRBD
financial climate, when there are already two Vulcans preserved 4 The Pre‑Lockdown Fly‑in today was mainly covered on page
indoors (at Hendon & RAF Cosford) and others displayed outside DEC.2103. Additions are Piper J3C G‑AKIB; Andreasson BA4B
elsewhere! G‑AYFV; Beagle Pup G‑AZEV; Piper PA‑28s G‑BABG & G‑BNNZ;
Cessna 208B 5Y‑SLA [208B0574] arrived from Avignon on 3rd Robin DR400 G‑BAEN; Piper PA‑28R G‑SHUG; Binder CP301S
December, night‑stopped and departed to Wick and Reykjavik en G‑BSVE; Dyn’Aero MCR01 G‑CBZX; Van’s RV‑9A G‑RUVY; Stearman
route to back to the USA.
TBM‑850 N463RD
6 Piper PA‑28R G‑AYPU
DUNKESWELL, DEVON – Not much to report this month with to our
24 Robinson R44 G‑NESH
correspondent being unable to visit due to ‘Lockdown 2’ as well as not
many movements during the month. On the 4th of November, the day DUNSFOLD, SURREY – Boeing 747‑436 G‑BNLY (painted in the retro
the Lockdown started, there was a flurry of visitors for the Pre‑ ‘Landor’ colours) flew in from Cardiff on 5th December as ‘BAW9154’
Lockdown Fly‑in, getting out for the last time before both the to join sister‑ship G‑CIVW to be used filming and advertising purposes
Lockdown and probably the winter weather? by Aces High.
A new resident is Quik GTR G‑EGJJ, previously based at Jersey.
Cessna F172H G‑MFAC and Cessna 182Q G‑CDRC both arrived on 4th DUXFORD, CAMBS – The Historic Aircraft Collection’s Spitfire Vb
November for AT Aviation Sales and Piper PA‑28 G‑WARW departed to G‑MKVB was rolled out in new colours on 11th November and is now
King’s Farm, Thurrock the same day following its sale. On 3rd coded RF‑M, representing Spitfire II P8331 (although still carrying
November Piper PA‑24 G‑ARDB arrived for attention from FlyMoores. BM597) of 303 Squadron in June 1941 in which its Polish Pilot Acting

Pilatus PC-12 NGX HB-FUU [2040] at Elstree on 10 December 2020. (Phil Kemp)

Wing Commander Piotr Laguna was shot down by enemy ground fire on the grounds that it would “produce a substantially replica aircraft,
near Coquelles, Calais on 27th June 1941. The remains of the real require far greater resources & impact on the ability of the Museum to
P8331 have recently been recovered and a full rebuild is planned, to display its bomber aircraft effectively & efficiently within the building
which end it has been registered as G‑KOSC. space available to it”. The wings are incomplete and in extremely poor
The American Air Museum here has been granted Grade II* listed condition but will hopefully being going into store in case any future
status, together with its associated ‘Counting the Cost’ memorial management might change its mind.
sculpture, a rare move for a building less than 50 years old.
HIGH CROSS, WARE, HERTS – A visit on 4th November found that
EAGLESCOTT, DEVON – New here from the Isle of Man is Robin DR400 Yak‑50 G‑CBPM & Cessna A185F N185JH are currently based here. For
G‑BKVL. the record, Tipsy Trainer G‑AFSC (Permit expired 14th August 2015)
and Curtiss Robin G‑HFBM (Permit expired 15th January 2013) both
ELSTREE, HERTS – Piper PA‑32 G‑FDDB was noted in the main black remain in store here.
hangar on 30th November and seems to be resident. Noted visiting on
1st December were Cirrus SR22 N45KB (f Leicester t Gloucestershire) HINCKLEY, LEICS – Steve Milnthorpe has completed his 15‑year
and Cirrus SR22T N57DG [2190]. This arrived from Leicester and restoration of the nose section of Douglas A‑20G 43‑9628. It is
stopped for less than five minutes before returning back there. It painted up to represent RAF Boston III BZ264/B “Beer is Best” and is
subsequently arrived back the next day and is now resident here.
being mounted on a trailor so it can participate in cockpit meets and
Cessna 172R G‑CLVB arrived from Hoeven in the Netherlands on 30th
other events should they go ahead this year.
December and is also now resident.
Pilatus PC‑12 HB‑FUU arrived from Zurich on 9th December, night‑
HUMBERSIDE, LINCS – Spitfire XVIIIe G‑BUOS (marked as SM845/R)
stopped and departed to Sion.
has been sold to a new owner at Bremgarten in Germany.
ENSTONE, OXON – Further to NOV.1843, CEA DR250 G‑BUVM was
KETTERING, NORTHANTS – Piper PA‑25 G‑ATFR (cancelled by CAA
damaged at Walton Wood on an unspecified date when it made a
heavy landing whilst carrying out circuits, damaging the propeller & 20th March 2018) was reported on display at Kestrel Caravans site in
fuselage. Warkton Lane here, 1½ miles east of Junction 10 on the A14 in May last
The fuselage frame of Stearman N66576 is currently stored here. year. Can anyone confirm if it is still there?
The rest of it was used in the restoration of sister‑ship G‑CLLW.
KINGS FARM, THURROCK, ESSEX – A business visit on 30th November
FAIROAKS, SURREY – Extra NG G‑EXNG was delivered from the allowed a full check of the residents here. Please note there is
factory in Germany, via a quick stop at Headcorn, on 6th November. absolutely no public access to this private airfield. However the
Fairoaks Flight Centre had a number of machines on short term leases aircraft parked outside can be seen from external public footpaths.
during November: Cessna 152 G‑BOYL (12th to 19th) and Piper PA‑28s Piper PA‑34 G‑BACB is now based here as is Cessna 182P G‑CDXI
G‑BSNX (4th to 13th) & G‑BXWO (13th & still present at month end). (formerly at Lydd), while the wreck of sister‑ship G‑AZOT (cancelled as
Other arrivals still present at the end of the month were Cessna F182Q PWFU 16th December 2011. Crashed on landing at Glenswinton Farm,
G‑GCYC (in 4th) & Piper PA‑28R 2‑YELL (in 6th). Parton, Dumfries & Galloway 15th April 2011) is dumped in the wreck
A number of aircraft departed for maintenance etc in the days compound. Cessna F150M G‑BCUJ (which arrived from Andrewsfield
before and after Lockdown 2 on 4th November, namely CAP‑232 on 28th September) and Commander G‑ERIC (noted hangared here on
F‑GXDB (to Turweston 22nd, due back as G‑XCAP), Commander 112 22nd July last year) are also possibly now resident.
G‑BEDG (to Goodwood 5th), Piper PA‑28RT G‑BGVN (to Goodwood In for work with General Aero Services were Rallye 180GT G‑EXIT,
4th), Piper PA‑28 G‑CGZI (to Brighton City 4th), Cessna 182T G‑DJST (to Cessna FA152 G‑FLIP, Piper PA‑28 G‑WARW & Commander 114
Wycombe Air Park 4th), Pilatus PC‑12 G‑ERGP (to Biggin Hill 3rd), Piper N4874W. A couple of other machines parked around the site that are
PA‑28 G‑GASP (to Goodwood 5th), Piper PA‑28R G‑OBAK (to Goodwood maintained by GAS and are usually attributed to bases elsewhere were
28.10, returned 26th November), Piper PA‑46 JetProp DLX N14EF possibly stuck here due to the assorted Lockdowns They consisted of
(to Coventry 25.9, returned 20th), Beech 58 N266EA (to Goodwood Piper PA‑28R G‑BOIC (back to Stapleford 12th December) & Piper
4th), Pilatus PC‑12 N412MD (to Palma 4th) & Cirrus SR22 N677CD (to PA‑28 G‑CCYY (back to Fairoaks on 3rd December).
Leeds Bradford 4th, back 26th, but back to Leeds Bradford the same
day). LANDS END, CORNWALL – On 11th December a Flylogix FX‑2 UAV,
marked as FX2-4, completed the first of a series of trials, flying a small
FARNBOROUGH, HANTS – Phenom 300 T7‑SST arrived here from load of freight to St. Mary’s in the Isles of Scilly and returning with a
Keflavik on 8th December on delivery from the factory at Melbourne, load of local produce (gin & flowers!). The trials are expected to last
FL (via a tour around the USA). It departed on the 18th en route to two years and are being carried out in conjunction with the Isles of
Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. Scilly Steamship Company. From next summer there will be a daily
freight flight service from here to St Mary’s and return. The aim is to
develop a larger, more commercially viable UAV. The current Flylogix
Airbus EC145 G‑EMSS visited the helipad at Aintree University
FX2s are not large enough to require registrations at present, but do
Hospital on 9th December.
seem to be marked with an individual identity, with FX2-2 also having
been reported.
FELTHORPE, NORFOLK – New here is Tecnam P2002 G‑TEMB.

FENLAND, LINCS – New here in September was Beech C24R G‑BZPG LANGHAM, NORFOLK – A pole‑mounted, all‑silver unmarked Spitfire
(local Leverington owner). Mk.IX full‑scale model was put on display at the Langham Dome here
on 21st August 2020.
FINMERE, BUCKS – Robin R2112 G‑BZFB has moved in from Headcorn.
LEEDS EAST, W. YORKS – Beech B200 N235LC arrived from Luqa,
GOODWOOD, SUSSEX – A visit on 12th December found Strathallan‑ Malta on 20th December and departed to Reykjavik en route to
based Gippsland Airvan G‑SCOL in for winter maintenance with the Billings, MT.
Goodwood Road Racing Company. The northern part of Runway 16/34 is currently used for vehicle
storage; the rest of the runway is still in use but this does not have a
HARDWICK, NORFOLK – Van’s RV‑8 G‑RVOM was new here by the end great impact on the airport operations as for the majority of days
of November. runway 06/24 was the favoured runway due to the prevailing winds in
the area.
HENDON, GTR. LONDON – The RAF Museum has been decided that Hangar 1 is now part of Yorkshire Studios and was the filming
only the restored fuselage of Hampden TB.I P1344 will be going on location for the ITV drama “Victoria”. It is now the largest studio space
show here. Restoration of the badly damaged wings will not be done, in Yorkshire.

Rallye 150SV G-KHRE [2931] is a new resident at Leicester, photographed on 6 December 2020. (Nigel Bailey-Underwood)

LEICESTER, LEICS – The airport re‑opened on 2nd December after the 18 Boeing 767‑304ER PH‑OYI
latest Lockdown but after Leicester entered Tier 4 restrictions on 30th 19 Boeing 737‑301(SF) G‑JMCU f/v
December the airport was closed until further notice. 20 Avro 146‑RJ100 G‑JOTS
Rallye 150SV G‑KHRE is a new resident. The Helicentre apron has 21 Avro 146‑RJ85 G‑JOTR n/s
been extended to make room for an Agusta A109 that is due to take 23 Boeing 737‑3Y0(SF) G‑JMCM f/v
up residency soon. 24 Eurocopter EC135 G‑EMID o/s; Boeing 737‑3Y0 G‑TGPG
26 Global 6000 CS‑GLC; Embraer 170 G‑CIXW n/s
LITTLE STAUGHTON, CAMBS – IAE’s new hangar complex here is 27 Avro 146‑RJ100 G‑JOTS
almost complete and they have signed a 99‑year lease for the runway. 30 Falcon 7X OO‑FAE f/v
They are expected to be moving in during January 2021 and once they
are up and running here their facility at Cranfield will be closing. The LONDON HEATHROW, MIDDLESEX – November saw only six non‑
company’s Cessna 150E G‑ASZU & Piper PA‑28 G‑TWEL moved over airline visitors, starting with NetJets Global 5000 N100QS on a return
from Cranfield on 26th November. trip from Westchester, NY on the 2nd, Hampshire Aviation Gulfstream
280 M‑ISTY from Geneva on the 8th, K5 Aviation Airbus A319‑115CJ
LIVERPOOL JOHN LENNON, MERSEYSIDE – Liverpool Flying School’s D‑APGS from Helsinki on the 10th and on to Los Angeles next day,
recently re‑registered Piper PA‑38 G‑LFSU was noted outside on 4th Zenith Aviation Learjet 75 G‑ZNTJ on the 19th also from Helsinki and
December in new overall black colours, with the name “Blackbird 7”. MT Fly Gulfstream 450 CN‑GMT from Geneva on the 23rd. Finally,
Merseyflight has decided to move lock, stock & barrel over to Flight Calibration Services Piper PA‑31‑350 G‑FCSL made a few
Hawarden, which has cheaper circuit & landing fees than Liverpool. approaches very early on the 26th.
Notwithstanding this, they took delivery of Piper PA‑38 G‑BYMD on It has been announced that Terminal 4 will remain closed until at
9th December when it arrived from Hawarden (it was registered to least the end of 2021. The airport has, however, reverted to the old
Merseyflight on 15th December). two‑runway operation on 14th December, still swapping around at
15.00 as was the case before the virus took hold.
LONDON GATWICK, W. SUSSEX – Lockdown 2 reduced daily
November 2020 visitors (nothing reported on missing dates):
movements to barely a trickle in November with just four airliner first
2 Global 5000 N100QS
visits; FleetAir Aerospatiale ATR‑42F HA‑KAN with freight on the 2nd,
8 Gulfstream 280 M‑ISTY n/s
Loganair Embraer 145 G‑SAJL from Manchester on the 5th and West
10 Airbus A319‑115CJ D‑APGS n/s
Atlantic Boeing 737s G‑JMCU on the 19th and G‑JMCM on the 23rd. Of
19 Learjet 75 G‑ZNTJ
the dozen or so business movements only Jet 1’s Legacy 600 N515JM
23 Gulfstream 450 CN‑GMT
from Birmingham on the 6th, Pfizer Gulfstream 650 N6CP on the 13th
26 Piper PA‑31‑350 G‑FCSL g/as
and Belgian Air Force Falcon 7X OO‑FAE from Brize Norton on the 30th
were making their first appearances. The other business movements
LONDON STANSTED, ESSEX – Executive jet movements continue to
were Gama Aviation Cessna 560XLS G‑OJER from Jersey and Jetpool
be dominated by the regulars from Netjets, Vistajet, Flairjet, Air
Network Cessna 560XLS OE‑GDS on the 1st, Luxwings Phenom 100
Hamburg, Air‑X Charter & Air Scotland, which are not listed below.
9H‑FGV from Amsterdam on the 8th, NetJets Global 6000 CS‑GLC from
Some interesting executive jets of note in this report included the first
Munich on the 10th (it also visited from Teterboro on the 26th), Jota
visits from Hawker 800XP N302PJ on 5th November, the new Oman
Aviation BAe 146 G‑JOTS from Southend on the 20th and again from
Royal Flight Boeing 747‑800 A4O‑HMS and Pilatus PC‑12NGX HB‑
Liverpool on the 27th and sister‑ship G‑JOTR from Birmingham on the
FUU on 6th December, Gulfstream 550 N884SG on the 10th & Cessna
21st. Finally, Boeing 737‑300 G‑TGPG of 2Excel Aviation visited from
550 S5‑BBG on the 18th, although the latter was seen by only a few
Rennes on the 24th.
night workers and insomniacs as it was only on the ground between
November 2020 visitors (nothing reported on missing dates): 0130 and 0310! The Royal Jets Boeing 737s were all related to an
1 Cessna 560XLSs G‑OJER & OE‑GDS f/v n/s official visit from a high‑ranking Prince/Minister from the UAE. Also of
2 Aerospatiale ATR‑42‑320F HA‑KAN f/v note were a number of weather (fog) diversions on 6th & 8th
4 Agusta AW109SPs G‑GOSP o/s & G‑MOAL o/s December from Luton, Biggin Hill and Lakenheath (Gulfstream V
5 Embraer 145 G‑SAJL f/v n/s; Legacy 600 N515JM f/v n/s N721MC on the 6th). On the 17th Challenger 850 D‑AJOY, which arrived
8 Phenom 100 9H‑FGV n/s5 on 22nd November, emerged and departed as 9H‑DOM.
10 Global 6000 CS‑GLC n/s Airliner movements started to pick up with Anadolu Jet
13 Gulfstream 650 N6CP f/v recommencing services from 4th December with daily Boeing 737

flights. However, the new December Covid lockdowns do not bode well 15 Legacy 600 A6‑ANK; Challenger 300 D‑BOOM; Airbus A330‑243
looking forward. Some football‑related charters brought some EC‑NCK; Boeing 737‑900s LX‑DIO & VP‑BDB; Learjet 36A N31GJ;
different visitors, namely Airbus A320 LZ‑LAG on 25th November, A319 Gulfstream 650 N650GY; Legacy 650 5N‑LRK
9A‑CTI on 2nd & 3rd December & Embraer 190 OO‑JEB on 9th 16 Boeing 737‑77W A6‑RJV; Boeing 767‑38AER SE‑RFR; Gulfstream
December. There were some changes to the stored Laudamotion/ IV‑SP 7Q‑MAG
Ryanair A320s, with arrivals 9H‑LOI (13th December) & 9H‑LMB (17th) 17 Phenom 100 D‑IDAS; Global 5000 N373GG; Cessna 510 OE‑FOG;
and departures 9H‑LOY (9th) & 9H‑LOI (18th). As is only to be Boeing 767‑219ER(BDSF) OY‑SRF; Challenger 850 9H‑DOM out
expected, a number of Ryanair Boeing 737s have now been placed at (see notes); Airbus A320‑232 9H‑LMB f/v
various locations around the airfield out of service. Given that these 18 Global 5000 A7‑CEE; Pilatus PC‑12 HB‑VVA; Gulfstream V N93VP;
frequently move, it is not practical to say what is where and when. Falcon 7X N999PN; Boeing 737‑86J PH‑CDH; Cessna 550 S5‑BBG;
For December FedEx has used leased Etihad Boeing 777F A7‑DDA Challenger 850 9H‑BSG
on its Memphis‑STN‑Memphis service daily, except Sunday. UPS put 19 Airbus A330‑202 A7‑HJJ; Global Express N551SW; Gulfstream V
two aircraft through on first visits, namely Boeing 747‑8F N623UP on N801HH; Falcon 7X N919NE; Gulfstream 550 OE‑ICQ; Global 5000
2nd December and Boeing 767F N393UP on the 8th. Bluebird Cargo 3B‑PGT
Boeing 737‑400F TF‑BBK has been based since at least 25th November 20 Gulfstream 450 A6‑FLH; Embraer 145 F‑HFCN; Gulfstream 550
for night postal flights and can be seen parked near the terminal OE‑ICQ; Global 5000 OE‑LML
during the day.
LOTMEAD FARM, WANBOROUGH, WILTS – A visit on 11th October
Continuing with November 2020 visitors: found Whittaker MW7 G‑BTUS (Permit to Fly expired 20th June 2006)
24 Beech B200 G‑CDZT; Falcon 2000EX VT‑HGL is no longer here.
25 Gulfstream 650s A7‑CGF & N288WK; Boeing 767‑4SFER A9C‑HMH;
Airbus A320‑231 LZ‑LAG; Fokker 100 OM‑BYC; Boeing 737‑4Q8(SF) LYDD, KENT – Further to NOV.1846, the Army Watchkeeper UAVs were
TF‑BBK (see notes) only here on trial and have returned to Horne Barracks, Larkhill,
26 Boeing 737‑48E(SF) D‑ACLW; Airbus A330‑243 G‑VYGM; Airbus Wiltshire and the Tekever AR5 G‑TEKV remained in operation
A319‑115CJ OE‑LJG (still present 20.12); Gulfstream 550 VT‑BRS; throughout, although it does not seem to fly every day.
Boeing 767‑34AER UR‑CSX; Airbus A320‑214 9H‑LMT (for
storage) MAGHULL, MERSEYSIDE – North West Air Ambulance Eurocopter EC135
27 Cessna 525A D‑IHUB; Gulfstream 550 OE‑ICQ; Gulfstream 650 G‑NWEM landed at the King George V Recreation Ground off Northway
VP‑BMP; Challenger 850 9H‑BSG (the A59) on 16th December while attending a nearby incident.
28 Boeing 747‑433(BDSF) ER‑BBC; Pilatus PC‑12 LX‑TAI; Gulfstream
450 N478QS; Cessna 510s OE‑FBD (Biggin Hill div) & OE‑FOE MANCHESTER, GTR MCR – Further to NOV.1846, former Thomas Cook
(Biggin Hill div); Gulfstream 550 OE‑ICQ; Legacy 650 T7‑MBH (still Airbus A330‑243s G‑MDBD, G‑MLJL & G‑OMYT were cancelled as PWFU
present 20.12); Gulfstream 650 VP‑CER on 11th December. They all due to be broken up in the old Thomas
29 Legacy 600 D‑AVAN; Global 5000 N373GG; Boeing 767‑34AER Cook hangar, if they haven’t been already.
UR‑CSX; Gulfstream 650 VP‑CPA
30 Pilatus PC‑12 LX‑TAI; Global 5000 VT‑IBG MANCHESTER BARTON, GTR. MCR – New here from Sleap on 27th
August was Sportcruiser G‑CGIP.
Moving on to the December 2020 visitors (nothing reported on missing
MANSTON, KENT – The Defence Fire Training & Development Centre
1 Boeing 777‑FFX A6‑DDA (see notes); Airbus A320‑232 A7‑AAG;
here has now closed with all training transferred to Moreton‑in‑the‑
Boeing 777‑212ER EC‑MUA; Falcon 7X N621MM; Cessna 525
Marsh q.v. See under Roadrunners & Spey Bridge, Moray for details of
some recent departures from the Centre: Wessex HC.2 XR503, Dominie
2 Challenger 604 D‑AUKE; Boeing 747‑8F N623UP f/v; Airbus
T.1 XS714 along with most of Nimrod MR.2 XV226 (see below) &
A319‑112 9A‑CTI
Phantom FGR.2 XV411 (nose to Spey Bay, Moray) were apparently
3 Boeing 737‑8AS G‑DRTZ f/v; Pilatus PC‑12 LX‑NEW; Gulfstream
650 N900KS; Airbus A319‑112 9A‑CTI The cockpit section of the Nimrod has been acquired by the RAF
4 Learjet 60 D‑CNUE; Pilatus PC‑12 LX‑NEW; Falcon 7X N919NE; Manston History Museum. The Museum has however scrapped
Global 5000 T7‑SAI; Gulfstream 650 9H‑OKO Whirlwind HAS.7 XN380, the condition of which had deteriorated over
5 Challenger 604 D‑AUKE; Gulfstream 550 I‑DELO; Hawker 800XP the years.
N302PJ f/v; Cessna 680A N512QS; Praetor 600 PR‑KIT
6 Boeing 787‑8H0 A4O‑HMS f/v; Boeing 737‑7Z5 A6‑RJZ; Leonardo MARRIDGE FARM, UGBOROUGH, DEVON – Groppo Trail G‑RPPO is
AW169 G‑GETU; Pilatus PC‑12 HB‑FUU (Luton div); Boeing based here.
757‑23N M‑RISE; Gulfstream V N721MC; Gulfstream 550 N800DL
(Luton div); Global 5000 N814LL; Cessna 510 OE‑FOG; Boeing MAYPOLE FARM, CHISLET, KENT – The owners of the airfield recently
737‑7AV P4‑BBJ put the 55‑acre site, plus a bungalow, up for sale for £2 million as a
8 Boeing 737‑7Z5 A6‑AIN; Global 5000 CS‑GLY (Luton div); Hawker going concern. The local pilots were shocked to be told to remove their
850XP LY‑BGD (Luton div); Boeing 767‑316ER(BDSF) N393UP f/v; aircraft by 11th January, which with a waterlogged airfield and
Challenger 604 SX‑KFA; Falcon 8X TC‑RMK (Luton div); Boeing Covid‑19 restrictions is a very tight deadline. There is speculation that
747‑8HVF VQ‑BRJ permission is being sought to develop the site. The local pilots &
9 Boeing 737‑700s A6‑RJU, A6‑RJV & N502BJ; Challenger 604 owners say they have not been consulted about the airfield closure
D‑AFAG; Sikorsky S‑92A EZ‑S721 (test flight t/f Duxford); Airbus and have criticised the way the situation has been handled. The letter
A320‑232 G‑WUKE; Embraer 190 OO‑JEB; Boeing 767‑25E(BDSF) sent to them by the owner’s solicitors reads: “We act for Andy and
OY‑SRI; Global Express XRS VP‑CEO Sally Haigh, who as you know are owners of Maypole Airfield and we
10 Boeing 757‑2J4 N770BB; Gulfstream 550s N884SG f/v & OE‑ICQ; hereby give you formal notice that the airfield will close on the 10th of
Challenger 604s SX‑KFA & T7‑RMH; Legacy 600 5N‑FZE January, 2021. If you are unable to fly your aircraft from Maypole
11 Pilatus PC‑12 LX‑JFA; Gulfstream IV‑SP N151SD; Gulfstream 550 Airfield prior to the 11th of January, 2021, which is when the runway
N176SM; Falcon 8X VQ‑BXH; Challenger 604 2‑SLOW; Challenger will close, you must make arrangements to remove your aircraft
850 9H‑BSG before that date by other means.”
12 Boeing 777‑2ANER A6‑ALN; Gulfstream 650s A7‑CGF & N601CH; As we went to press Aviat Husky G‑HSKE & Tecnam P2002 G‑RLMW
Beech B200 G‑CIFE; Hawker 400XP I‑TOPX; Boeing 737‑7BC have been able to move out, but many others do not have much of an
N666ML; Cessna 510s OE‑FOG & 2‑MSTG option.
13 Airbus A319‑115CJ A7‑MHH; Legacy 600 D‑AVAN; Airbus A320‑214
9H‑LOI (for storage); Global Express XRS 9H‑SRT MICHAELWOOD LODGE FARM, HUNTINGFORD, GLOS – This strip is
14 Airbus A320‑232s A6‑HMS & A7‑AAG; Cessna 560XLS D‑CKHG; 1½ miles east of Michaelwood Services on the M5 and is home to
Global Express XRS 9H‑SRT Tecnam P92 G‑CCDU and Ikarus C42 G‑KENC.

MIDDLEZOY, WESTONZOYLAND, SOMERSET – Taylorcraft Plus D October) departed back to Den Helder on 4th November, with PH‑EUA
G‑AHCR has moved in here following a recent CHOW on 14th December arriving to replace it. This stayed until the month end, although it did
and apparently no longer carries LB352. go back to Den Helder on a few occasions overnight. Finally, PH‑EUE
arrived on the 24th and was still present at the month end.
November 2020 visitors (nothing reported on missing dates):
has apparently been stuck at Exeter International since at least July,
1 Piper PA‑23 G‑ARJU c/ts; Cessna 650 9H‑WII out (in 31.10)
presumably due to Covid restrictions?
3 Agusta AW109SP G‑PIFZ o/s ×2; Falcon 900LX M‑ILTA; Cirrus SF50
2‑DRDR ×4
MILL HOUSE, WACTON, NORFOLK – The sole resident here is Van’s
RV‑3 G‑BVDC. 4 Phenom 100 D‑IAAR; Piper PA‑28 G‑AYAT c/t, G‑CFMX & G‑EGLS
×3; Cessna F152 G‑EGSL; Cessna 152 G‑PTTE; Challenger 605
MILLBROOK, BEDS – Agusta A109s G‑IOOK & G‑THDR both visited the G‑RANE; Piper PA‑32R N517FD;
Millbrook Proving Ground here on 15th December. 5 Cessna 525A OE‑FGB
6 Diamond DA42 G‑YDEA ×2; Bell 429 M‑YMCM
MONEWDEN, SUFFOLK – New here is Zenair CH601 G‑CHZL. 7 Piper PA‑28R G‑AYAC; Partenavia P68B G‑RVRX ×2 n/s
8 Phenom 100 D‑IAAW
MORETON-IN-THE-MARSH, GLOS – Tornado GR.4 ZG773 has arrived 10 Beech 1900D F‑GTVC n/s; Airbus A319‑111 G‑EZAL o/s
at The Fire Service College here from storage at MoD Boscombe Down. 11 Diamond DA42 N228US ×2
This seems a pity; it was one of the aircraft displayed in Horseguards 12 Cessna 510 F‑HAHA; Van’s RV‑8 G‑DOBS; Robinson R44s G‑GOES
Parade, London during the RAF100 celebrations in 2019. Tornado F.3 n/s & G‑LINZ n/s
ZE165 has also arrived from Manston. 15 Partenavia P68B G‑RVRX n/s
The Fire Service College, which is run by Capita, has taken over the 16 Diamond DA42 G‑LHXA; Cessna F406 G‑MAFB; Partenavia P68B
training of all military fire service personnel under a 12‑year, £525 G‑RVRX; Agusta AW139 PH‑EUK
million contract. The company will also provide the fire fighting 17 Diamond DA42 G‑LHXA; Leonardo AW169 G‑MGPS; Bell 429
personal at 53 military fire stations throughout the country (as well in G‑ODSA
Cyprus and the Falklands). 19 Beech 76 G‑BIMZ c/ts
20 Eurocopter EC135 G‑HOLM: Pilatus PC‑12 LX‑JFA n/s
NEW MANOR FARM, COTTESCOVE, OXON – Further to JUN.933, 21 Diamond DA40 G‑CTSE o/s; Falcon 900LX M‑ILTA
enquiries with Southern Helicopters indicate that the unmarked, all‑ 22 Piper PA‑31‑310 G‑OUCP ×2 + o/s
black Rotorway Executive here is very old example that was never 23 Grob G115E G‑BYXG; Robinson R44 G‑LINZ ×3 n/s
registered, it being uneconomical to work on! 24 Grob G115E G‑BYUE; Diamond DA42 G‑LHXC; Agusta AW139
NORTH COATES, LINCS – Evektor EV‑97 G‑CDJR, which has been under 25 Cirrus SR22 G‑GCVV
repair at Eddsfield since its accident in September, was expected back 26 Diamond DA40 G‑CTSE o/s; Airbus H145 G‑HEMC
here in early November. However, according to FR24 it has not flown 29 Beech A36 OO‑VKB [E‑994]
since the accident. Based Bristell NG5 G‑COLF is currently under repair 30 Cessna 650 9H‑WII n/s
at a workshop in Cleethorpes, following its accident at New House A regular visitor was Diamond DA42 G‑COBS on 17th n/s, 18th ×2 n/s,
Farm, Birds Edge back on 12th July, when it collided with Tiger Moth
19th ×2 n/s & 20th ×2 n/s.
G‑BAFG on landing.
Air Livery had quite a busy month with Boeing 737‑8K2 F‑GZHP in 2nd,
NORTH WEALD, ESSEX – Ikarus C42 G‑CECC is reported to have out 12th; Boeing 737‑8K2 F‑GZHK in 2nd, out 21st; Challenger 604
moved in here from its previous base at Ludham. D‑AFAA out 4th (in 8.10); Airbus A321‑253NX out 6th (in 30.10); Boeing
737‑8K2 F‑GZHL in 9th, out 21st; Boeing 737‑8K2 PH‑HSJ in 9th, out
NORWICH INTERNATIONAL, NORFOLK – Diamond DA42 N228US 19th; Boeing 737‑8K2 F‑GZHM in 13th, out 27th to storage; Phenom
arrived from North Weald on 12th November and is now resident. 300 D‑CMXM out 14th (in 12.10); EC‑KRJ in 14th (still present at month
As usual there were a number of changes to the based end); Boeing 737‑7K2 PH‑XRD in 19th, out 27th and Legacy 650
Dutch0registered Agusta AW139s. PH‑SHP (which had arrived on 18th D‑AFUN in 20th (still present at month end).

Agusta AW.139 PH-EUE [31387] of CHC Helicopters at Norwich on 26 November 2020. (Peter Bowater)

KLM Engineering UK were also quite busy, with Boeing 737‑8HX site is considered to be an inefficient use of land which could
F‑GZHF in on the 1st (still present at month end); Boeing 737‑85P otherwise be developed for a use which is in much need, and a use
F‑GZHZ in 2nd, out 30th; Boeing 737‑8K2 F‑GZHO in 9th (still present which would ultimately provide greater long term social and economic
at month end); Boeing 737‑8K2 F‑HTVI in 11th (still present at month benefits to the local and wider District and economy through the
end); Boeing 737‑9K2 PH‑BXT in 11th (still present at month end); creation of a sustainable settlement.” If the plan is approved then the
Boeing 737‑883 LN‑RRT in 17th (still present at month end); Boeing airport will almost certainly be closing later this year.
737‑705 LN‑TUL out 17th (in 17.10); Boeing 737‑3T0(SF) G‑JMCP out
19th (in 19.9) and Boeing 737‑85P LN‑RRE in 30th (still present at RNAS YEOVILTON, SOMERSET – Further to OCT.1667 under
month end). Henstridge, Bulldog G‑CBAN (marked as XX688/I) is still based here.
Embraer 190 G‑LCYP arrived for storage on the 2nd and Avro 146‑
RJ85 A9C‑HWR departed on the 18th (in 27.5). A number of the BA ROADRUNNERS – Noted on a convoy of low‑loaders heading west on
Cityflyer Embraers also undertook test flights during the month. the M25 between the A12 & M11 junctions on 2nd December were the
fuselage (less cockpit) of Harrier GR.3 XW922, a Gazelle HT.3 XW870/F
NOTTINGHAM CITY, NOTTS – Further to DEC.2050, the newly resident (plus a set of Jaguar wings) and the fuselage of Jaguar GR.3 XX116, all
Maule M.7 is N1054T [26004C], not N1053T. It has also been reported en route from the Defence Fire Training & Development Centre at
as being based at the strip at Westhouses, Derbyshire (DEC.2057) and Manston to Jet Art Aviation at Thorpe Wood.
it certainly visits there fairly often. The unmarked, grey painted fuselage of ATR‑42 G‑ISLG (cancelled
Schweizer 269D G‑CLVC graced the UK Register for only a short as PWFU 3rd August 2016) was noted travelling south on the M3 on
period (11th to 19th November) before transfer to N214TS. Photos on the early afternoon of 23rd December and subsequently westbound
the JBS‑Helicopters Ltd webpages (JBS=James Bradley Silverstone) on the M27 near Romsey at around 1400. It was previously in use as an
show it still wearing RP‑C8456 on the tail‑boom with N214TS on the ‘Escape Room’ at Studio 338, 338 Boord Street, Greenwich (see
masthead and one wonders if the UK marks were ever applied. It NOV.1946/2019 & FEB.212/2020) and is believed to have been heading
featured on the PlaneCheck sales webpages by 14th December. By the to the Bournemouth area (though apparently not the airport?).
time these words are read, Hughes 369A N992CH (380346) should be
passing through their hands. RUFFORTH, N. YORKSHIRE – New here is Glaser‑Dirks DG500 G‑CKHC
(local Tockwith owner).
OLD BUCKENHAM, NORFOLK – Dismantled Slingsby T67C G‑BOCM
(CofA expired 22nd July 2010) has been found in the garden of a house RUMWOOD GREEN FARM, LANGLEY, KENT – Bell 206B G‑BXAY has
in the village. moved to the owner’s private helipad here following a CHOW on 21st
OLD SARUM, WILTS – The Boscombe Down Aviation Collection has
received a £28,600 grant from the Culture Recovery Fund to help it SANDOWN, ISLE OF WIGHT – Robinson R44 OK‑LTM arrived here on
expand various displays and implement a new digital strategy. See 9th December and is now resident. It will reportedly remain on the
under Arncott, Oxon for details of a pending new addition to the OK‑ register, with no plans at present to go G‑.
SANDTOFT, LINCS – Piper PA‑28 G‑BNCR arrived from Wycombe Air
OLD WARDEN, BEDS – Cessna T182 G‑IZZI has been noted operating Park on 23rd October and is reported as based, although no CHOW has
out of here, notwithstanding its ownership change on 2nd September appeared on G‑INFO so far.
to a Binfield, Berkshire owner. Derelict Cessna 150s G‑BLVS (CofA expired 14th December 2007) &
G‑BORL (CofA expired 21st July 2009) have been moved out of one of
OXFORD, OXON – Eurocopter EC135 M‑PACF, which is usually based on the storage hangars here and now lay behind it.
the M/Y Pacific, departed from here on 15th December, bound for
Yverdon, Switzerland. Probably heading to the chalet for Christmas? SHOTTON COLLIERY, PETERLEE, DURHAM – Flight Design CTSW
Due here soon from Textron at Prague is Bell 429 G‑RIDC for the G‑CEKD was flying from here during October.
National Grid. It was noted performing a test flight from Prague on
now based here.
POPHAM, HANTS – Van’s RV‑4 G‑RVNS is back after repair following its
at accident at Sandown on 7th June. It was noted test flying on 15th SLEAP, SHROPSHIRE – New here is Roko NG4 G‑ROKO.
A visit on 12th December found Magni M24Cs G‑CLTE (Hitchin & SOLENT, HANTS – Piper PA‑28R G‑MOSH arrived on 7th November
Saffron Walden owners) and G‑JJMM (Orsett, Grays owner) in the and seems to be resident as it undertook local flights during
Gyrocopter Experience hangars, probably present for pilot training? November (although no PCOO or CHOW is showing on G‑INFO as yet).
AutoGyro Calidus G‑IROS arrived on the 4th. Guimbal Cabri G‑CRSS &
RAF MARHAM, NORFOLK – Further to OCT.1671, preserved Victor K.2 Robinson R44 G‑SUNN have both returned from Blackbushe and
XH673 was broken up during November. Cessna F172N G‑BEWR returned from lease at RAF Waddington but
moved on again on 8th December to Bournemouth. Aeronca 11AC
REDNAL, SHROPSHIRE – Magni M16 G‑CGLF is now here following a G‑AKUO (Permit expired 25th April 2018) is currently here under
few months at RAF Mona. Also still based is the recently re‑registered restoration by Mark Masters.
M16 G‑IROW (the former G‑DBDB). Updating CARBI2020, Zlin Z526 G‑BPNO apparently departed to
Branscombe sometime in 2019 but seeing as this strip was reported to
RETFORD GAMSTON, NOTTS – On 12th November Beech E90 N211SG have closed in mid‑2020 it has presumably moved on again. Does
was noted in use by DEA Aviation. anyone know where to? Its CofA was renewed by Cornwall Aviation
The airport is one of two garden village sites named in the
Services at Bodmin on 8th June last year.
Bassetlaw District Council draft local plan which is expected to receive
The HM Coastguard Agusta AW189s based during November were
final approval in March. The council says “The amount of land available
at Gamston Airport allows for the creation of a sustainable and stand‑
alone new settlement. … It is currently a small scale, commercial November 2020 visitors (nothing reported on missing dates):
enterprise which serves the needs of local businesses. Whilst 2 Piper PA‑38 G‑CHER
development of the site would result in a loss of airport‑related 3 Ruschmeyer R90 D‑ENBR [021] n/s; BN‑2T Islander G‑BJYT; Piper
employment, the new village would provide opportunities for new PA‑28RT G‑BYKP; Cessna 182Q G‑CDRC; Cirrus SR20s G‑CHPG &
employment.” The draft plan goes on to write‑off the airport: N120MX; Aerospatiale AS355F2 G‑PDGP; Cirrus SR22T N179JD;
“Gamston Airport is relatively free from any significant constraints Cirrus SR22 N771SR
and also benefits from being classified as previously developed land 4 Piper PA‑28Rs G‑BHWY, G‑BZKL, G‑CCIJ & G‑IBFW; Commander
(brownfield) due to its current use an airport”. “The present use of the 114 G‑BKAY; Piper PA‑28s G‑BMFP, G‑BRXD, G‑JAVO & G‑OJWS;

Aeronca 11AC Chief G-AKUO [11AC-1376] at Solent on 4 November 2020. (Terry Coombes)

Long‑EZ G‑BRFB; Beech 58 G‑BTFT; Robin DR500 G‑CDMD; Evektor returned from Maastricht on the 9th. A further 14 easyJet aircraft
EV‑97 G‑CGOG; Europa G‑CHOX; Cessna F172s G‑CIIM & G‑WACY; arrived here in November, three of which departed again. They were
CEA DR221 G‑CPCD; Piper PA‑32RT G‑CUBA; Sportcruiser G‑DADZ; A319‑111s G‑EZAC (from LGW 16th), G‑EZAG (from LTN 6th), G‑EZAN
Diamond DA20 G‑DAZO; Glasair G‑LASR; Kolb Twinstar G‑MYLN; (from LTN 13th), G‑EZAV (from LTN 15th), G‑EZBD (from LGW 9th),
Remos GX G‑OBOF; Robinson R44 G‑RAVN; Van’s RV‑9A G‑RTRV; G‑EZDJ (from LTN 14th), G‑EZDL (from LGW 9th), G‑EZFR (from LTN 9th
Van’s RV‑6 G‑RVSX; Tecnam P2008 G‑TSFC; Grob G109B G‑WAVE; but departed back to LTN 15th), G‑EZGG (from LGW 2nd but departed
Van’s RV‑10 G‑XRVX; Cessna 182S N369AN; Piper PA‑46 JetProp to LTN 15th) & G‑EZNM (from LGW 15th) and A320‑214s G‑EZOP (from
DLX N955SH LTN 16th), G‑EZRZ (from LTN 13th), G‑EZTG (from Maastricht 7th but
5 Cessna F172M G‑BKII departed to LGW 15th) & G‑EZUA (from LGW 15th). Therefore the
6 Cessna 172s EI‑GRX (still present at month end) & EI‑GWY; Piper following 19 easyJet aircraft were parked here at end of November: 15
PA‑28 G‑BNMB; Commander 114A G‑NATT A319‑111s G‑EZAB, G‑EZAC, G‑EZAG, G‑EZAN, G‑EZAV, G‑EZAY, G‑EZBD,
11 Tecnam P2008 G‑JACL and 4 A320‑214s G‑EZOP, G‑EZRZ, G‑EZTZ & G‑EZUA.
12 Diamond DA40 G‑CTSA; Piper PA‑28 G‑RVRA
Ryanair had just Boeing 737‑800 EI‑GJS based here at the
13 Piper PA‑46‑350P G‑DNOP; Robinson R22 G‑EFOF; Piper PA‑32
beginning of November. This was replaced on 8th November by sister‑
ship EI‑GSH from Stansted, which returned to Stansted on 16th
14 Leonardo AW189 G‑MCGV
November, following the cessation of services from Southend.
18 Airbus EC135 G‑HIOW; Agusta AW109SP G‑MOAL
Therefore no Ryanair aircraft were based here at end of November.
21 Aerospatiale AS355F2 G‑NLSE
ASL Airlines (Ireland) had Boeing 737‑42C(SF) EI‑STL and leased
22 Piper PA‑28RT G‑BYKP; Piper PA‑28 G‑KEVB
23 Diamond DA40 G‑CTSA; Partenavia P68B G‑RVNM n/s Titan Boeing 737‑436(SF) G‑POWS based here at the start of the
24 SOCATA TB20 G‑BZPI; Beech B200 G‑JASS month. Both of these departed on 4th November, EI‑STL to Rome‑
25 Robin HR100 G‑CJJN Fiumicino and G‑POWS to Stansted, the latter being replaced by
26 Sportcruiser G‑DADZ; SOCATA TB20 G‑HGPI; Robinson R22 G‑OBIL Boeing 737‑436(SF) G‑POWP from Belfast the same day. G‑POWP was
based until it departed to Stansted on the 21st, being replaced the
Regular visitors were Enstrom 480B G‑ENHP on 3rd, 6th, 10th, 12th & same day by G‑POWS from Belfast, which remained here until the end
23rd; Piper PA‑28 G‑GGEM on 2nd, 6th, 9th & 23rd and Piper PA‑28 of the month. EI‑STL had been replaced by Boeing 737‑4M0(SF)
G‑LOTE on 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th & 27th. EI‑STU from Rome‑Fiumicino on 5th November, which in turn was
switched with Boeing 737‑4Z9(SF) EI‑STM in Malpensa on the 26th,
SOMERTON, SOMERSET – A full list of the 15 Sea Kings stored at the latter staying here until the end of the month, along with G‑POWS.
HeliOps warehouse here has now been revealed. For the record they
During the month, they were supplemented by non‑based aircraft. On
are: Sea King ASaC.7s XV656/185, XV664/190, XV671/183, XV697/181,
the 1st EI‑STU flew in from Shannon and departed to East Midlands
XV714/188, ZA126/191 & ZE420/189; Sea King HU.5s XV670/17,
the same day. On the 5th Boeing 737‑4Q8(SF) EI‑STN arrived from
ZA134/25 & ZA137/20 and Sea King HAR.3s XZ586/B, XZ590/F, XZ594,
Madrid, operated to/from Barcelona on the 6th and departed to
XZ596 & ZA105/Q. Note this is a private facility and all of the machines
Leipzig on the 7th. On the 6th G‑POWS positioned in from Belfast to
are inside so they are only likely to be seen if you can pre‑arrange a
visit! operate to/from Madrid before departing to Stansted that day. On the
10th G‑POWS again assisted when it positioned in from Belfast to
SOUTHEND, ESSEX – November again found easyJet using Southend operate the return trips to Barcelona and Madrid before departing to
as a parking lot, with several of its aircraft departing to or arriving Stansted later that day. Also on the 10th, EI‑STL had operated from
from other easyJet bases or just getting airborne on local scheduled Barcelona before departing to Cologne.
maintenance flights. There were 17 easyJet aircraft parked here at the On 10th November ASL Airlines inaugurated a new daily service
start of the month, namely 13 Airbus A319‑111s (G‑EZAB, G‑EZAJ, from/to Leipzig, using a Leipzig‑based aircraft. Aircraft used on this
G‑EZAO, G‑EZAP, G‑EZAX, G‑EZAY, G‑EZBF, G‑EZBJ, G‑EZBY, G‑EZBZ, service in November were as follows: Boeing 737‑448(SF) EI‑STK
G‑EZDN, G‑EZEH & G‑EZFI) and four Airbus A320‑214s (G‑EZTL, (11th, 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th & 29th), Boeing 737‑42C(SF) EI‑STL
G‑EZTT, G‑EZTZ & G‑EZWL). Ten of these departed during November, (30th), Boeing 737‑4Q8(SF) EI‑STN (14th, 15th, 16th & 23rd) and
as follows: G‑EZAJ (to Luton (LTN) 14th), G‑EZAO (to LTN 6th), G‑EZAP Boeing 737‑48E(SF) EI‑STS (10th, 12th, 13th, 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th,
(to Gatwick (LGW) 9th), G‑EZAX (to LTN 9th), G‑EZDN (to LGW 15th), 21st, 22nd & 24th).
G‑EZFI (to LGW 16th), G‑EZTL (to LTN 16th), G‑EZTT (to LTN 13th), Titan Airways’ Airbus A321‑211 G‑POWW remained parked here
G‑EZTZ (to Maastricht 7th) & G‑EZWL (to LGW 2nd). However, G‑EZTZ throughout November.

The hulk of the ex‑Braathens Regional Avro 146‑RJ100 SE‑DSY expired 28th November 1980) to Newark Air Museum, Leicestershire
emerged from the hangar on 10th November after having been County Council has changed its mind and will further deliberate the
stripped of many parts and was moved to the scrapping area, where it matter. It follows an on‑line petition signed by 1,300 people
was still extant at month‑end. requesting the aircraft be kept airworthy for the time being. It is
Seemingly a part‑time resident only, Bell 47G‑4A G‑MASH again currently in the care of Windmill Aviation here who restored it back to
departed back to Sandon on 6th November. flight and have completed test flying up to the point where a Permit
to Fly could be obtained.
November 2020 visitors (nothing additional reported on missing dates):
1 BAe 146‑100 G‑OFOM n/s; Eurocopter EC155B M‑HELI; Cessna
P210N N210VT [P21000522] (westbound delivery f Rotterdam SPIRE VIEW, COOMBE BISSETT, WILTS – EuroFOX G‑COCG arrived on
t Wick en route to Burlington, VT) 1st November and is now resident here.
2 Legacy 500 G‑MRFX n/s; Learjet 40XR N700KG out (in 3.9); Cirrus
SR22 N803SR n/s; Cirrus SR20 N907MM; Daher TBM‑940 N940PS; STOCKPORT, GTR MCR – Sikorsky S‑92A G‑MCGJ visited Stepping Hill
Beech 400A SP‑TAT n/s Hospital on 26th November, overflying our correspondent in nearby
3 Eurocopter EC155B M‑HELI; Agusta AW139 M‑SHRM; Cirrus SR22s Denton while inbound at 19.30.
N224CE & N787JD; Learjet 40XR N700KG n/s; Piper PA‑32R
N31008 n/s; Cirrus SF50 2‑DRDR STOW MARIES, ESSEX – Correcting both CARBI2020 & NOV.1852,
4 Mooney M20 D‑EBIE [25‑0665]; Cirrus SR22 N224CE; Beech G58 Sportcruiser G‑SCRZ has been based here for some years and was
N256PT; Piper PA‑34 N459PA out (in 23.10); Diamond DA40 presumably only visiting Forwood Farm, Treswell.
OE‑KTB [40.084]; Pipistrel Virus PH‑VIR; Cirrus SR20 2‑YULL
5 Learjet 40XR N700KG n/s (still present at month end) STURGATE, LINCS – Beech B55 2‑NOVA arrived here on 18th October
8 Cessna 560XLS EC‑MSS and is now hangared in the Lincoln Aero Club hangar, as is Cessna
11 Challenger 605 9H‑BOM F172M G‑BGHJ, which arrived on the 25th.
12 Eurocopter EC155B M‑HELI
13 Dornier 228 D‑CAAL ST. MICHAELS, LANCS – Skyranger G‑CFWR has apparently moved
16 Daher TBM‑940 N940PK here from nearby Moss Edge Farm, Cockerham.
18 Sikorsky S‑92A G‑MCGH
19 Learjet 45 M‑RBIG n/s (still present at month end) SYWELL, NORTHANTS – Leonardo AW109SP G‑DRLA arrived here on
20 SOCATA TBM‑700C2 G‑PTXC 17th December on delivery from the factory in Italy. It is a replacement
22 Challenger 350 G‑OOEG; Beech G58 N256PT for older model G‑TAAS with Derbyshire, Rutland and Leicester Air
23 Learjet 45XR CS‑TFQ n/s2; Piper PA‑28R N216GC Ambulance.
24 Cirrus SR22 N224CE
26 Cirrus SR22T N717HS TATENHILL, STAFFS – New here is Jabiru J430 G‑OHRA. It made its
27 SA227AC Metro III EC‑GPS; Bell 429 M‑YMCM first flight back in August and achieved its Permit to Fly on 22nd
28 Beech 250 G‑REXA; Cessna 550 G‑SPRE (Biggin Hill div); Beech October.
350 G‑SRBM; Cirrus SR22 N147LD Based Cessna 172N G‑TALP has been repainted in Tatenhill
29 Phenom 300s D‑CHIC n/s & D‑CMXM Aviation colours. Auster 5 G‑AOCU has been sold to new owners at
30 Cessna 510 OE‑FNP Finmere and Stinson V‑77 N69745 is now based at RNAS Yeovilton –
see the front cover of this issue. Cessna FR172K G‑BFIG arrived from
Regular visitors were Cessna 550 G‑MERR out 1st (in 21.10), in 8th n/ Abbeyshrule on 25th November for maintenance with Tatenhill
s2, in 13th n/s4 & in 19th (still present at month end) and Agusta Aviation and was still present as we went to press. Central Flight
AW109SP M‑INES on 11th, 19th, 20th, 23rd & 24th.
Training were using Blackpool based Piper PA‑28 G‑BSTZ in early
Avionicare had Cessna 550 G‑SPRE in 16th & out 25th while JRB December – it was last noted on the 13th. A visit on 31st December
Aviation had Cessna F177RG N177SA out 3rd (in 24.9). found Cessna FR172K G‑BFIG still on maintenance and it had been
joined by Cessna 182S G‑ZEZE.
SOUTH HYKEHAM, LINCS – Noted flying from here on 11th October
was resident Ikarus C42 G‑CJRZ. TATTERSHALL THORPE, LINCS – The bare fuselage frame of Auster
AOP.5 G‑ANFU (cancelled as PWFU 3rd August 1976) was acquired by
SPANHOE, NORTHANTS – Less than a week after it announced it was the Thorpe Camp Visitor Centre from the South Yorkshire Aircraft
considering loaning the Reid & Sigrist Desford Trainer G‑AGOS (CofA Museum during November.

Cirrus SR22 N803SR [1959] visited Southend on 3 November 2020. (John Coleman)

TEESSIDE INTERNATIONAL, CO. DURHAM – Former SAS Boeing 737‑ WATTON, NORFOLK – Stored at the old airfield here are Slingsby
883 LN‑RCX arrived from Stockholm Arlanda on 12th November for T61A G‑AYUM (CofA expired 10th June 2002) and Piper PA‑25 G‑BPWL
parting out by Willis Asset Management. (CofA expired 8th July 2011). At a workshop in the local village are
Cessna FRA150L G‑PHUN arrived from Netherthorpe on 2nd stored Evans VP1 G‑BBXZ (cancelled as PWFU 20th October 2014) and
December for Scenic Air Tours and they are now offering aerobatic Isaacs Fury G‑BCMT (No Permit to Fly issued), along with an
experiences & training courses. Jet Provost T.3A G‑BVEZ is due from unregistered & incomplete replica SE5A.
Newcastle soon to take up residency. Commander 112A G‑EHXP
departed to Bagby on 23rd October and is now up for sale. WELLESBOURNE MOUNTFORD, WARKS – Updating DEC.2057, Cessna
172 N975SF has not returned to the USA; it was noted at Coventry in
November 2020 visitors (nothing reported on missing dates):
December. So it seems my guess of a wrongly encoded Mode‑S box on
1 Airbus H145 G‑YOAA o/s
whatever is flying in the USA was correct.
2 Cessna 560XLS G‑SNJS
3 Piper PA‑28s G‑BXLY t/g & G‑VOAR; Cirrus SR22T G‑KOKO &
WEST TISTED, MEON, HANTS – Robin DR400 G‑BRNT is currently
N122DR; Cirrus SR22 G‑TAAB; Pilatus PC‑12 LX‑FLH n/s
based here.
4 Piper PA‑28s G‑BGBG + o/s & G‑BXLY; Cessna F172N G‑ROLY;
Cirrus SR22T N122DR; Piper PA‑46‑500TP 2‑COOK
5 Grob G115Es G‑BYWK o/s & G‑BYXJ o/s; Beech B200 G‑FLYK ×2;
being here on DEC.2046 was actually hardly newsworthy, since it was
Partenavia P68B G‑HUBB; ATR‑72F G‑CLNK f/v; Diamond DA42
first reported here back on 6th June 2008! It did at least confirm its
G‑OCCX c/ts
continued presence. David Beale is, however, imminently moving his
10 Airbus A319‑111 G‑EZBE; Airbus AS365N3 G‑NHAD o/s; Agusta
AW139 G‑NHVA Mew Gull Replica G‑HEKL here when weather and Covid‑19 permits.
11 Diamond DA42 G‑DJET n/s; Agusta AW139 G‑NHVI
WICKENBY, LINCS – Currently on rebuild here are a couple of Tiger
12 Airbus A319‑111 G‑EZDF; Bell 206B G‑GSMR
Moths. The fuselage of G‑ANNN (cancelled as PWFU 6th November
13 Cirrus SR22T 2‑CYFR
16 Airbus AS365N3 G‑NHAD c/ts; Gulfstream 650 N288Z n/s 2000) is being incorporated in the rebuild of G‑ACDJ (CofA expired
17 Beech C90B F‑GPLK; Beech B200 G‑NIAA 18th August 2007), while G‑ANKV (No CofA issued, No Fly date 11th
18 Beech 250 G‑CWCD; Beech 200 G‑FLYW; Boeing 727‑2S2F(RE) July 2016) is apparently being converted into a World War One
G‑OSRA; Embraer 135 G‑SAJR; Cirrus SR22T 2‑CYFR ×3 Rumpler C series look‑alike. Please note that there is another Tiger
19 Cessna 182T G‑MPLC; Vulcanair P68R G‑POLV o/s; Eurocopter Moth marked as G-ANNN, a replica at Thorpe Camp.
EC135 G‑SCAA; Cessna 525 OO‑CEJ
20 Learjet 45 D‑CICU f/v; Embraer 145 G‑SAJD WILDING’S FARM, STEEPLE BUMPSTEAD, ESSEX – Based at this new
21 Cessna 510 OE‑FZA n/s strip is Ikarus C42 G‑GBCC.
23 Cessna F150H G‑AWOT; Beech B200 G‑DXTR
24 Cessna 172RG G‑BILU c/ts; Cessna 560XLS G‑SNJS; Piper PA‑32R WOMBLETON, YORKS – Updating CARBI2020, Cessna 182T G‑CEFV is
N517FD now based here. Resident Rallye 150ST G‑PIGS (CofA expired 3rd
25 Robin DR400 G‑BBMB c/ts; Grob G115E G‑BYYA o/s; Cirrus SR22T September 2019) is currently stored.
26 Eurocopter EC135 G‑POLA WYCOMBE AIR PARK, BUCKS – Former Blackpool resident Cirrus SR20
27 Cessna 560XLS CS‑DXG; Beech B200 G‑FLYK G‑DOLI arrived from Sywell, where it underwent some pre‑delivery
maintenance, on 28th September.
A regular visitor was Diamond DA42 G‑FFMV on 11th n/s, 16th, 23rd &

THORPE WOOD, N. YORKS – Jet Art Aviation has acquired the

fuselage, less cockpit, of Harrier GR.3 XW922, a Gazelle HT.3 XW870/F
and Jaguar GR.3A XX116 from the Defence Fire Training & Development
Centre at Manston (see Roadrunners above). They intend to restore
Airbus EC175 G‑CLTB was registered on 20th November although this
the Jaguar to its former mid‑1990s 16 (R) Squadron all‑black display
one is not going to be based at Aberdeen. The in‑sequence UK
colours, complete with a yellow ‘Saint’ motif on the tail.
registration was to cover time in this country for a repaint at Hawarden
and modifications here, where arrived on 13th December, before
TIBENHAM, NORFOLK – New here from RAF Honington is Slingsby
heading to Denmark five days later where it became OY‑HHZ. Sister‑
ships G‑MCSE and G‑MCSM left Aberdeen for Esbjerg on 13th and 6th
TOFT BARN, TOFT, DUNCHURCH, WARKS – Military Vehicle Solutions December respectively and have now been re‑registered as OY‑HHY
here have Lynx AH.7 XZ218 (painted in false USAF markings), which is and OY‑HHU. G‑MCSN was taken by road to and from Hawarden for
used for military vehicle displays around the country. It had been repainting from its former CHC colours at the end of November and
converted to ‘resemble’ a UH‑60 Blackhawk for a Channel 4 G‑MCSO flew from Marseille to Hawarden on 19th December for
documentary and was dropped into a lake. It was then recovered and repaint then onwards to Aberdeen to become based. Eurocopter
converted back to a Lynx. AS365N3 G‑REDF positioned to Aberdeen for storage following the
end of the contract at Blackpool on 30th November although it isn’t
TOP FARM, CROYDON, CAMBS – Van’s RV‑12 G‑CKZH is new here. clear how long it will be here and Agusta AW139 G‑PERD also returned
from Blackpool as expected the same day for a further period of
TREW VIEW, HIGHER CLOVELLY, DEVON – Correcting CARBI2020, storage.
there is a small strip behind the owner’s property here which is home Bristow’s contract providing the UK’s search & rescue helicopters
to Micro Aviation Bantam G‑CFHB and Pathfinder G‑MJDE. for the Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) has been extended by
two years until 31st December 2026. The procurement process for the
WADSWICK MANOR FARM, CORSHAM, WILTS – Van’s RV‑8 G‑RVBI is second generation service (known as UKSAR2G) will now begin in
new here following a CHOW to a Batheaston owner on 16th October 2022. The MCA is also currently evaluating fixed wing & UAV use.
2020. Over at CHC Scotia, paperwork issues have delayed the proposed
move of Sikorsky S‑92A G‑CLNH from Humberside to Aberdeen and
WALLIS INTERNATIONAL, THORNEY, CAMBS – Further to DEC.2049, it may not happen now.
Pioneer 300 G‑CDSD is reported as being resident here in addition to Tecnam P2012 N945CA [024/US] arrived from Ozzano in Italy on
Piper PA‑18 G‑NESY. However it is currently away under repair 29th November and departed to Reykjavik en route to its new home at
following its landing accident here on 9th June 2020. Hyannis, ME.

ACHARACLE, ARGYLL – Sea King HAS.5 XV648, painted in RAF HAR.3 KINLOSS, MORAY – Dominie T.1 XS713/C, previously on the dump at
yellow colours, which used to be in a disused bus depot here, has RAF Shawbury, has been acquired by Morayvia and was roaded in on
reportedly been moved to a currently unidentified local croft. 18th November. It will be restored for display.
Further to DEC.2059 under Roadrunners, Wessex HU.5 XS510 has
CASTLE KENNEDY, DUMFRIES & GALLOWAY – It has been reported actually been under restoration by members of the Morayvia team
that it is planned to use the airfield here as a lorry park (just like they elsewhere in the county since February 2019.
were doing at Manston) in the event of Irish ferry delays etc due to
Covid‑19 and or Brexit. KIRKNEWTON, W. LOTHIAN – Further to NOV.1856, SIAI‑Marchetti
SF260 N260AP had been repaired at Prestwick and was back flying
CULTER HELIPAD, PETERCULTER, ABERDEEN – Robinson R22 from here again by 14th December.
G‑CDBG returned to HJS Helicopters at Culter Helipad after
maintenance at Blackpool on 22nd November, replacing sister‑ship LOCH NESS, HIGHLANDS – Correcting NOV.1856 regarding G‑PBYA,
G‑EPAR which went to Blackpool the previous day having been the engine failure on start up whilst on the loch happened first. It was
present as cover since 19th September. the starboard unit and although initially diagnosed on the loch as a
failed starter motor, it later transpired that the failure was further
CUMBERNAULD, N. LANARK – Bell 206L‑4 G‑PTOO departed heading inside the engine which meant it could not be repaired in situ. The
north east on 28th November and has not been seen again since, so it damage to the blister transparency – port side, not starboard as
has possibly moved somewhere else? stated – happened after the engine failure and after a well‑meaning
RIB driver rammed the rear hull. The aircraft was put back in the water
DUNDEE, TAYSIDE – Piper PA‑28RT G‑BONC, which has been leased to on 1st December after its starboard engine had been changed and
Tayside Aviation for the last couple of years, departed south to Carlisle subsequently took off for the short flight to Inverness. It then flew
Lake District on 1st November. Its CofA was subsequently renewed by down to Tatenhill, night‑stopped (as Duxford was closed due to
Shropshire Light Aircraft at Sleap on 19th November. Further to Covid‑19 restrictions) and finally returned to Duxford on the 2nd.
NOV.1855, Learjet 40 N40XR returned on 11th December presumably Also on NOV.1856, G‑PBYA is described as a ‘PBV‑1A Canso’. It was
for the holidays and perhaps a further period of extended parking? in fact built by Canadian Vickers Aircraft Ltd as a Canso A (note ‘A’
suffix for Amphibian). Canadian Vickers also had a contract to build US
EAST FORTUNE, E. LOTHIAN – Quik GT450 G‑CERP has changed from Navy PBV‑1As but although ordered by the US Navy, they were all
an owner in Haddington to CR Chapman at an address in Earlston in destined for the USAAF as OA‑10As. Just for the record, G‑PBYA is
the Borders but remains based here. QuikR G‑CGMZ is a prospective registered with the CAA as a PBY‑5A!
new resident with an as yet unknown owner.
LONGSIDE, ABERDEEN – Based Piper PA‑28 G‑BSYZ has lost the name
FIFE, GLENROTHES, FIFE – Gippsland Airvan G‑VANA, which was ”Knight of the Thistle” (although it retains its ‘Scottish Knight on a
detached here on para‑dropping duty with Skydive St Andrews black horse’ tail symbol) and was noted visiting Dundee on 19th
December carrying a new name “Sgt Ben R Scaman RCAF 165 Squadron”.
between January and March 2020 and again from 7th August, flew
south on 9th December to Netherthorpe for maintenance with
MONTROSE, ANGUS – The Montrose Air Station Heritage Centre is
Dukeries Aviation. Having only arrived towards the end of last year,
advertising on its Twitter feed for funds to acquire a fully restored
HeliAir is now advertising Robinson R44 G‑HYND, R66 G‑OHAS & R22
Slingsby T38 Grasshopper TX.1 primary glider. Pictured is WZ791 from
G‑ORMB for sale, so we expect them to depart at some point soon.
the RAF Museum at Hendon although we don’t know if this is the
actual aircraft involved.
for the last five years with Aircraft Engineers but rarely flown and out
of C of A since 8th May 2020, is mentioned on Facebook as having been
DEC.2059, Quik Lite G‑CIMH was restored to the register on 1st
fitted with a new engine and thereafter sold to a new owner down
December and remains based here.
One final delivery in November was: PERTH, PERTH & KINROSS – GlaStar G‑MHGS has settled here in
30 Pilatus PC‑12 HB‑FQX [2057] (westbound f Stans‑Buochs preference to Strathaven or Cumbernauld, arriving for its new owner
t Reykjavik en route to Denver‑Rocky Mountain Metropolitan, CO) on 22nd November, although we think this may be a candidate for
Balado in due course. Piper PA‑28 G‑GHKX, which is an oddball having
And moving on to December’s deliveries: a diesel engine and is part of the Cloud Global/AST Training fleet, has
2 Beech 350 N350PT (westbound f Luton n/s2 to Reykjavik en route been sold and departed by air on 6th December to a new owner in
back to the USA) Madrid. Jodel D18 G‑BODT has departed and is now resident at
9 Pilatus PC‑12 HB‑FQZ [2059] (westbound f Stans‑Buochs Portmoak. Cessna U206F SE‑KFF, which is on rebuild with AST
t Reykjavik en route to Denver‑Rocky Mountain Metropolitan, CO); Engineering, was registered G‑CLST to CG Aviation Ltd on 1st
Pilatus PC‑12 N954AF [2054] (westbound f Stans‑Buochs December, but is being advertised for sale so may not remain once
t Reykjavik en route to Denver‑Rocky Mountain Metropolitan, CO) work is complete.
11 Daher TBM‑930 N95CK [1354] (westbound f Tarbes‑Lourdes, n/s
t Reykjavik en route to Pompano Beach, FL) SPEY BAY, MORAY – Further to DEC.2059 under Roadrunners, Wessex
17 Pilatus PC‑12 HB‑FRB [2061] (westbound f Stans‑Buochs HU.5 XT773 came north from RAF Shawbury to Spey Bay where the
t Reykjavik en route to Denver‑Rocky Mountain Metropolitan, CO) Spey Bay Salvage Company has it at its premises. This firm had the
20 Daher TBM‑930 N977MD [1356] (westbound f Tarbes‑Lourdes contract to remove most of the remaining aircraft from the Defence
t Reykjavik en route to San Antonio, TX) Fire Training & Development Centre at Manston, where it acquired the
22 Cessna 182T N894PT (18383119) (eastbound f Reykjavik, n/s2 rather burnt nose of Phantom FGR.2 XV411 (the rest of which was
t Chambery‑Aix, France) scrapped) and possibly Lynx AH.7 XZ215 (which, causing identity
24 Cessna 525 M‑YSPC (eastbound f Keflavik t Leeds East) confusion, has the boom from XZ607). It seems a very long way to
transport all these items just to break them up and we wonder if they
INVERNESS, HIGHLAND –Cessna F406 G‑SMMA flew in from Reims on aren’t here for scrap but perhaps are loosely connected with Morayvia
6th December, having been there for extended maintenance (or stuck at Kinloss.
there during French lockdowns) since 20th March. With G‑SMMB
having been at Leeds Bradford for a month in September this explains STOCKIEMUIR ROAD, CITY OF GLASGOW – On the A809 (the
the presence of G‑MAFA and G‑MAFB, both of which are now back at Bearsden to Drymen road) between Carbeth & Craighat, a mile past
Cranfield. the Queens View & Whangie car park on the right‑hand side of the
Tornado GR.1 ZA362 from the now closed Highland Aviation road heading north is Sea King HU.5 XV705, covered totally by
Museum moved south on 14th December to a new home at a farm tarpaulins outside a cottage. There are no parking areas by the
close to RAF Coningsby, where it is stored inside. cottages but the Sea King can be seen easily when you travel north.

There is no entry allowed into the driveway to the cottages and the Late November & early December visitors noted were as follows:
owner wishes his privacy to be respected. 25/11 Partenavia P68B G‑RVNK n/s (f Liverpool t Glasgow Prestwick)
26/11 Piper PA‑32 G‑PECK n/s3 (f/t Perranporth)
STRATHAVEN, S. LANARK – Sportcruiser G‑CFPA departed to a new 27/11 Robinson R44 G‑NMMC (f/t Enniskillen)
home at Full Sutton on 22nd November and GlaStar G‑MHGS has 28/11 Airbus AS350B3 G‑KLLY (f/t Enniskillen plus local)
become based at Perth in preference to Cumbernauld or here. 2/12 Bell 206L‑4 EI‑GPN ( f/t Dublin Weston, crew ferry for
EI‑OFM); Cessna F172N EI‑OFM out (in 14.10)
WICK JOHN O’GROATS, CAITHNESS – Further to DEC.2059, BN‑2B‑26 6/12 ATR‑42 G‑LMRD ( f/t Dundee, Belfast City div); Jetstream 41
Islander VP‑FMC finally arrived at Port Stanley on 6th December after G‑MAJB (f/t Southampton, Belfast City div)
its epic ferry flight, including having to fly South from Punta Arenas, 9/12 Beech B200 G‑NIAA (f London Stansted t Belfast
Chile to Cape Horn and then East and North to avoid Argentinian International)
airspace. 11/12 Piper PA‑32 G‑PECK n/s3 (f/t Perranporth)
Cirrus SR22 N666AJ [4992] arrived from Reykjavik on 2nd 12/12 Sikorsky S‑92A EI‑ICU (f/t Sligo)
December and departed to Groningen‑Eelde, en route to its new home 21/12 Piper PA‑32 G‑PECK n/s6 (f/t Perranporth)
at Stadtlohn in Germany.
ENNISKILLEN, ST ANGELO, CO. FERMANAGH – Noted visiting on 12th
December was Cessna 182S N1033Y f/t Ballyboy, whilst on the 17th
WALES Agusta A109E G‑RSCU was f/t Limerick.

NEWTOWNARDS, CO. DOWN – Pilatus PC‑12 M‑IRTH visited here on

FAENOL FAWR HOTEL, BODELWYDDAN, DENBIGHSHIRE – Based on 3rd December. On 12th December Cessna 172Ss G‑UFCE, G‑UFCG &
a private helipad here, clearly visible on Google Maps, is Robinson R44 G‑UFCI flew to Abbeyshrule & back.
SCRABO, NEWTOWNARDS, CO. DOWN – Correcting NOV.1858, the
ST. ATHAN, S. GLAMORGAN – Boeing 737‑436 G‑BYGC (painted in second Quicksilver is actually G‑MJJK (Permit to Fly expired 21st
retro BOAC colours) has been acquired by eCube Solutions and will August 2006), not G‑MJJX, which was a Hiway Demon.
reportedly be preserved as a memorial to the type, being available for
conferences, events, school visits etc. It arrived from Cardiff as SLEMISH AIRPORT, BUCKNA, CO. ANTRIM – A planning application
‘BAW747’ on 11th December, making what is almost certainly the last has been made ‘for lighting an aircraft landing site, 10 metres east of
ever flight by a British Airways Boeing 747! 86 Buckna Road, Broughshane’. Clearly the new airstrip here is already
Former SAS Boeing 737‑76N SE‑RJR arrived from Oslo as ‘SAS9125’ proving popular!
on 8th December for parting out by eCube. The next day, the 9th, saw
ex Ural Airlines Airbus A321‑211 VQ‑BKH arrived from Yekaterinburg
as ‘SVR3902’ as well as former CSA Airbus A319‑112 from Prague as
‘CSA9400’. Both are for parting out. Then on the 11th Iberia Airbus
A319‑111 EC‑MFO arrived from Madrid as ‘IBE0038’.
Dismantled Hunter T.8M G‑BWFT (cancelled as PWFU 16th March
2020) has departed from Horizon Aircraft Services following its sale to Further to last month (DEC.2060/2061) where we mentioned that
new owners in Canada. Rans S.6 G‑YTLY was an insurance write‑off, the accident has now
The South Wales Aviation Museum took delivery of Pembroke C.1 featured in AAIB Bulletin 12/2020. After encountering turbulence on a
G‑BNPU/XL959 (cancelled as PWFU 11th August 1988) on 11th local flight on 26th April on return to Longside, in the flare it
November, when it was roaded in from the old Air Atlantique storage descended rapidly and in the hard landing, the nosewheel leg
site at Compton Verney, Warwickshire. The following day Twin Pioneer collapsed and the cockpit structure and propeller were damaged. In
G‑AZHJ (cancelled as Temporarily WFU 23rd July 1997) also arrived by the same issue (DEC.2061), we commented on the fact that the newly
road from the same location. Permitted Savannah G‑DOTW was the candidate for being broken for
spares, unless it had been a recent accident. The same AAIB Bulletin
OLD PARK FARM, MARGAM, NEATH PORT TALBOT – Streak Shadow confirms that it was – less than a month after Permit renewal, it
G‑BYOO is currently resident here following sale to a new local suffered severe damage to the engine and airframe on 7th July while
Brackla‑based owner. practising landings at a strip at Barville Farm. Boyes Hill near Dover.
The unlicensed student pilot and a friend encountered turbulence late
into a landing, but on trying again, the right wing tip hit the ground
and the aircraft yawed right and ended up facing in the opposite
NORTHERN IRELAND direction. Further to NOV.1858), Ultravia Pelican PL G‑MPAC has
reappeared, this time on offer from Martin Hodkinson of Martin Plant
Ltd in Irlam. His intent was as a garden ornament, but he has decided
AUGHRIM, KILKEEL, CO. DOWN – Resident Aeronca 7AC G‑OTOE has
been sold to a new owner in Waterlooville, Hants. that someone might like to rebuild it.
From Wiltshire Microlight Centre at Yatesbury comes a dismantled
BELFAST INTERNATIONAL, CO. ANTRIM – Not many deliveries Mistral. Given the location, this is possibly G‑MGAG which was there
reported through here during December: when de‑registered 9th November 2015 with the Seend, Melksham
9 Gulfstream 280s N217GA [2217] & N218GA [2218] (westbound owner. Also for sale is a Jabiru airframe that was going to be a gate
f Tel Aviv to Boston en route to Dallas‑Love Field, TX, with guardian, but with a lack of planning permission, is on offer for
N280GU acting as crew ferry as usual, transiting back f Boston disposal. The description is too vague to identify this airframe.
t Tel Aviv on 10th) A partially‑completed WAR FW‑190 is offered by Stuart Porter in
21 Beech 350CER N503DE [FL‑1051] (eastbound f Reykjavik to RAF Northern Ireland and is LAA Project No: 081‑15159. It comes with a
Brize Norton en route to Erbil, Iraq) Continental O‑200 and instrument panel with instruments.
29 DHC‑8‑200 N989HA (eastbound f Keflavik t Luxembourg en route From a Gloucestershire location is a partially built RV‑14A project
to Kabul, Afghanistan) comprising a completed empennage except for the fibreglass work
and now attached to front half of fuselage, Quick‑build fuselage
CASTLEWELLAN, CO. DOWN – Resident at a private helipad here is construction up to fitting the rear window. Tying it up to one of some
Robinson R44 N279HL (the former G‑RWEW). 10 potential LAA projects is not yet possible.
Jason Urrutia is offering his 2007‑built Quik GT450 G‑CETL from
CITY OF DERRY, CO. LONDONDERRY – Correcting NOV.1858, Cessna Little Trostrey Farm, Kemeys Commander. It has only recently been
F172N EI‑OFM on 14th October actually remained here until 2nd fitted with an engine of only 185Hrs serviced by GS Aviation and the
December, when it departed to Dublin Weston. Permit expired 14th June 2020 could easily be renewed on sale.

A rather quaint offer is of an X’Air airframe fitted with a relatively
new (2019) Jabiru 2200 for effectively the cost of the engine and a ISLE OF MAN
give‑away airframe! This is G‑CBCM, whose original HKS700 was
replaced by Kevin Hyam of CAMit Aero Engines Ltd. The owner is keen
to transfer to low‑wing flying, hence the sale from North Coates. ISLE OF MAN – The ATP Trust’s “G-MAUD” (actually the former SE‑LHX)
It is always nice to see an old Classic and Scintex CP301C G‑ARDD has been moved to Area V, adjacent to the Manx Aviation Museum but
is on offer from Headcorn. It is a project which requires a repair to the still on the airport and is due to be moved into the Museum grounds
spar at the port undercarriage mounting box. The wing is otherwise in January.
undamaged and the undercarriage leg is OK; tyres are little used. The The takeover of West Atlantic by Swiftair has marked the beginning
engine and propeller are excluded but the offer includes all the of the end for the ATP, which are apparently to be replaced by ATR‑
instruments, radio and mode C transponder. It was due to be relocated 72Fs within three years. The local maintenance operation has been
from Headcorn to elsewhere in Kent, but the Covid‑19 restrictions down‑graded to a line‑station and will no doubt have to scrap the
have probably caused the plans to be altered. A quick search for a eight aircraft which are currently stored here – SE‑LPT, MEX, MHC,
recent accident found only the one at Draycott on 8th April 1990 (AAIB MHD, MHE, MHF, MHG & MHJ – all of these are engineless and LPT was
Bulletin 06/90) and it has since had a Permit up to 12th December noted minus many parts on the 30th November.
2018. Nonetheless, the older accident damage (right wing root and Loganair continued with the IOM‑London City service (daily except
adjacent fuselage area and main spar cracked) perhaps has been of Saturdays) in its own right using ATR42 G‑LMRA (having previously
underlying concern? indicated that it would cease on 30th October). G‑LMRA also operated
Julian Pool is offering a pair of damaged Jodel D117 airframes the IOM‑Liverpool‑IOM service on the morning of the 4th.
potentially for restoration into one machine. These are G‑AWFW and The two Liverpool and single Manchester flights (daily except
G‑AZKP. He reports that the wing of one is excellent with a good Saturdays) were operated by Embraer 145 G‑SAJG until the 26th when
covering and there is a good undamaged fuselage. Parts required are it went tech at Manchester and was replaced by G‑SAJJ for the rest of
a new propeller and canopy glazing and there appears to be only a the month.
single Continental C90 engine included. Both have Permits expired in However Loganair, started a once daily Monday‑Thursdays
2014 and are likely to be stored at his Barton‑upon‑Humber home or (mornings) with afternoon flights on Friday and Sunday service to
at Low Hill Farm, North Moor, Messingham where G‑AWFW was last Heathrow from the 1st December using an Embraer 145, although the
reported. London City service was sadly dropped at the same time. A Saturday
Tom Beare offers Avid Aerobat G‑BUON with a new Permit from flight will start on 19th December. Whilst the IOM borders remain
21st September 2020 from Bodmin. This tricycle‑undercarriage closed for the foreseeable future, the service will continue to be
version had a wing extension kit fitted in 2014 along with a complete subsidised by the IOM taxpayer, as are/were the London City, Liverpool
recovering and respray and is effectively in full STOL configuration. and Manchester services.
Evektor EV‑97 G‑CCTO is for sale from the current owners Harry &
Barry at Athey’s Moor, Longframlington. Not a lot of additional November 2020 visitors (nothing reported on missing dates):
comment required, although they report that it acquired a new black 1 Beech B200 G‑OLIV
dash and a new three‑blade Kiev propeller in 2016 and new seat 2 Cessna 560XLS CS‑DXR; Challenger 850 9H‑BOO
covers with extra padding in 2019. From the same location, Rans S.6 3 Beech 400A SP‑TAT
G‑BSSI is also offered for sale. Although stored for a number of years 9 Cessna 560XLS G‑CKUB
in Northern Ireland from 1999, the previous owners brought it back to 11 Lineage 1000 9H‑NYC
life in 2015 and the current owner since 2019 offers it with a Permit to 12 Cessna 680A CS‑LTM; Eurocopter EC135 G‑GLAB
22nd March 2021. 16 Hawker 800XP G‑GDEJ
Due to the illness of its owner, Cricket Mk.4 G‑YIRO (Permit expired 18 Falcon 900EX M‑AKKA; Eclipse EA500 2‑JEZA
20th June 2014) has been mothballed for the past few years, but is 20 Cessna 680A CS‑LTI; Eurocopter EC135 G‑GLAB
now offered via eBay from the Leeds area. Our last recorded base was 23 Learjet 45 CS‑TFQ; Cessna 525 D‑IHUB; Eurocopter EC135 G‑GLAB;
at Melrose Farm. Melbourne. The accompanying photos show that it is Cessna 560XLS SE‑RIL; SOCATA TBM‑700C2 2‑PLAY
named “Lucky Lisa” which we do not seem to have previously recorded. 25 Beech 200 G‑FSEU; Phenom 300 G‑JAGA; Piper PA‑27 G‑RVRJ o/s
Robinson R66 N4480W appears for sale on eBay from Sloane 26 Cessna 525B N619CJ
Helicopters North America at Gloucestershire. Although currently 30 Legacy 650 D‑AVIB; Cessna 525C M‑AZIA; Challenger 605
registered to Atlantic Bridge Aviation and operated at Lydd by Lyddair, 9H‑VFA
PA‑31‑350 G‑BBNT (CofA expired 17th September 2019) is for sale via
MarcsAero in Spain via PlaneCheck. STRANG – An unidentified Sikorsky S‑92A “Rescue 936” called at
Some of the UK‑based non‑UK‑registered specimens appearing on Nobles Hospital on the 10th November to collect a patient who
PlaneCheck, AvBuyer and similar sites have recently included Piper required urgent transfer to the UK whilst the normal Air Ambulance
PA‑28R‑201 N38273 from Europlane at White Waltham, Rockwell was already on a mission; this would presumably have been either
112TCA N4698W of the quaintly named Optimus Fuga Pactum Ltd G‑MCGJ or ’K.
from Kyle Millett/WILCO Aviation, Beech B36TC N3084M, Cirrus SR22s
N852CD & N663CD and Piper PA‑28RT‑201 N29566 via Gemstone
Aviation, Gamston (along with HOAC DV20 G‑BWGY). AvBuyer also CHANNEL ISLANDS
included Diamond DA40 G‑CCXU with owners in Haute Pyrenees and
AA‑5B Tiger G‑TGER via Andy Caddick.
Further to SEP.1499, Gavin Hunter has repeated his eBay offering of GUERNSEY – November has been another quiet month with some
the heap of bits that was once Ryan PT‑22 G‑BPUD (force landed in a business movements but not much else. Only two visitors to ASG were
field at Great Ryburgh, Norfolk 8th November 1992). Perhaps that noted during the month, namely Piper PA‑46‑500TP 2‑MARS on the
description is a trifle harsh, since he has been associated with other 24th and Cessna 501SP N1008 on the 27th, making its first visit to the
successful rebuilds at Perth and Archerfield. Quoting from the advert:
Island. The only other items of news were the re‑registration of
“the airframe is complete although needing repair. Two sets of wings
Eclipse EA500 N229EA to 2‑TABS on the 23rd, the departure of Piper
(original yellow coloured ones in photos with damaged spare uncovered
PA‑28R 2‑YELL on the 6th and the arrival of Hawker 850XP M‑ARIE to
wings laying on top, all flying controls surfaces were pretty much
take up residence on the 12th.
undamaged also have spare elevator, rudder, flap,ailerons, vertical fin.
ASG is now a fully accredited Cirrus Service Centre for the SF50
Crate of engine parts comes with it, including three crankshafts, three
Vision jet, so can now offer maintenance on the full Cirrus range.
crankcases, six cylinders, pistons, cams, three back cases many parts,
almost complete undamaged undercarriage including two tail wheel November 2020 visitors (nothing of note reported on missing dates):
assemblies, propeller in excellent condition and hub, cowlings, 3 Beech 250 G‑NICB; Eclipse EA500s N229EA f/v & N27052
windshield ×2 , many other unlisted and not in photos.” 4 Piper PA‑28RT G‑BPXJ n/s; Eclipse EA500s N58EH & 2‑TAKA n/s2;
Willem & Bob Rongé also re‑offer their rebuild project of Tipsy Beech F33A N78GG; Beech A90 N812AC; BN‑2B‑26 Islander
Nipper OO‑VIC (ex G‑ARBP/G‑OWBR/OO‑NIX). 2‑CIAS; Navion Rangemaster H 2‑RIOH

5 Cessna 525A G‑SONE 28 Cessna 680A CS‑LTF; Cessna 525A G‑SONE; Beech A36 2‑LOLA
6 Piper PA‑46R‑350T G‑EXPO; Piper PA‑28R 2‑YELL 29 Cessna 680As CS‑LTF & CS‑LTM; Diamond DA40D F‑HASP [40.281];
7 Piper PA‑28R G‑BYKP; Hawker 850XP M‑ARIE; Pilatus PC‑12 Cessna 525M2 G‑CMTO; Cirrus SR22 N122ZT
OE‑EGO f/v; Cessna 510 OE‑FAT; Cirrus SR22 2‑SING 30 Cessna 680A CS‑LTF; Cessna 560XLS D‑CKJM; Cessna 510 F‑HEND;
9 Cessna F182Q G‑BGAJ; Aerospatiale ATR‑72F G‑CLNK f/v Pilatus PC‑12 G‑PKHA
10 Cessna 560XLS CS‑DXG; Cessna F182Q G‑BGAJ n/s; Diamond DA62
G‑DVOR; Piper PA‑34 G‑OOON Frequent visitors during the month included Beech 250 G‑REXA on
12 Phenom 300 CS‑PHK; Leonardo AW169 G‑CMCL; Hawker 850XP 16th, 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 23rd & 29th; Beech 200 G‑VALK on 3rd,
M‑ARIE; Lancair LC‑41 N209DW 4th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 22nd & 27th; Beech 200XP G‑XVIP on 1st‑30th;
15 Beech 250 G‑NICB Eclipse EA500 2‑JEZA on 11th, 16th, 18th & 23rd and SOCATA
16 Tecnam P2010 G‑PWFW TBM‑700C2 2‑PLAY on 3rd, 4th, 6th & 17th.
17 AA‑5A Cheetah N9910U [AA5A‑0310] f/v n/s2
20 BN‑2B‑26 Islander 2‑CIAS; Piper PA‑32 2‑SALA
21 Cessna T303 G‑DOLY IRELAND
22 Cessna F182Q G‑BGAJ n/s; Beech 200 G‑VALX f/v
23 Tecnam P2010 G‑PWFW g/a; Eclipse EA200 2‑TABS
24 CEA DR340 F‑BRTL [413] DONEGAL. CO. DONEGAL – SOCATA TBM‑700B N700EL visited from &
25 Piper PA‑34 G‑OOON to Dolly’s Grove on 28th November.
26 Cessna 172RG EI‑FII f/v; Cessna 525 N498YY
27 Lancair LC‑41 N209DW; Extra EA400 N400YY
28 Gulfstream 550 G‑LSCW; Tecnam P2010 G‑PWFW g/a; Beech V35
Airbus A320‑214 TS‑INB flew in from Monastir as ‘LBT108P’ for parting
N30VT; Beech A90 N812AC
out by Eirtrade.
30 Leonardo AW169 G‑CMCL; Cessna 525A G‑SONE
The airport was closed between 14th November & 13th December
Frequent visitors this month were Beech B200 G‑GMAF on 20th (f/v), and was being used as a Covid‑19 testing centre.
24th, 25th, 26th, 28th & 29th; Piper PA‑28 G‑JACH on 1st, 6th, 9th, 16th Correcting NOV.1862, Beech 250 G‑NYCO is based at Waterford and
(n/s), 17th (n/s), 20th, 22nd & 29th; Piper PA‑28RT G‑OPJD on 2nd n/s, not Knock.
10th, 20th n/s & 25th n/s and Beech B200 G‑YVIP on 25th, 26th &
28th‑31st. SLIGO, CO. SLIGO – On 12th December Cessna 172Ss G‑CLMK &
G‑NALA both visited f/t Cork.
JERSEY – Comings and goings this month included Piper PA‑28
G‑ATOT, which departed to Gloucestershire for a new owner on the
6th; AA‑5 Traveler G‑BCEE which was air‑tested on the 18th after
repair and departed the next day and Piper PA‑28 G‑LFSI which GERMANY
returned to mainland UK after lease to a local group. Cessna 182T
G‑LUEK left for Gloucestershire and winter storage at Ledbury farm
strip during the month and Cessna 414A N569JM returned from Biggin BITBURG, RHEINLAND-PFALZ – Grumman TBM‑3R HB‑RDG (marked
Hill on the 21st after a repaint. Finally Blue Islands Aerospatiale as 53319, the former G‑BTDP) has been sold to a new German owner
ATR‑72 G‑ISLN departed to Monchengladbach on the 2nd. Further to and was delivered to here on 18th October.
DEC.2052, Chipmunk G‑BWUN actually departed to Solent Airport for
its winter maintenance.
November 2020 visitors: (nothing reported on missing dates): SWITZERLAND
1 Cessna F406 G‑RVLY; Cessna 525A G‑SONE; Beech B200 M‑SPOR
2 Cessna F406 G‑RVLY; Pilatus PC‑12 LX‑NEW; Gulfstream IV‑SP
N91JS GENEVA-COINTRIN, GENEVA – Pitts S‑2B G‑IIII is now based here
3 Cessna 680A CS‑LTD; Cessna 525A G‑TWOP following its sale to a local resident.
4 Challenger.350 CS‑CHG; Cessna 680A CS‑LAU; Phenom 300
CS‑PHC; Piper PA‑32R G‑VONI; Pilatus PC‑12 LX‑JFA; Cessna 510 CREDITS: Nigel Bailey‑Underwood, Neil Baker, Del Barrow, Rob
OE‑FZE; Eclipse EA500 2‑TAKA Belcher, David Bougourd, Steven Bowler, Jim Brazier, Peter Budden,
5 Global 6000 CS‑GLD; Piper PC‑12 LX‑FLH Mike Burdett, Sue Bushell, Mike Cain, Terry Coombes, Paul Crellin,
6 Cessna 680A CS‑LTE; Airbus EC175B G‑MCSE; Cessna 525A Keith Cruttenden, Howard J. Curtis, Ken Dalton, Terry Dann, Trev
G‑SONE; Airbus A320‑251N G‑TTNH f/v; Diamond DA40 OE‑DBJ Davies, Martin Degg, Andy Drinkwater, James Dumbrill, Tom Dunstall,
[D4.317] Kevin Dupuy, John Dyer, Martin Fenn, Dave Field, Bill Fisher, Steve
7 Piper PA‑28RT G‑BYKP; Piper PA‑27 G‑BKJW Garner, Dave Haines, Steve Hall, Al Henderson, Paul Hewins, Mike
8 Airbus A320‑232 G‑EUYP f/v; Pilatus PC‑12 LX‑JFE Holford, Mark Howard, Peter Hulme, Ian Johnson, Phil Kemp, Ken
9 Diamond DA40 F‑HASP [40.281]; Beech B200 G‑CDZT; Diamond Ledward, David Legg, Graeme Lovell, Jan Makkus, Andy Marchmont,
DA62 G‑DVOR Steve Martin, Kevin McLaughlin, Stuart Miller, Julian Moody, Alistair
10 Aerospatiale ATR‑72F G‑CLNK f/v; Commander 114Bs G‑HPSF & Ness, Brian Nichols, Dave Oliver, Nigel Ponsford, Alan Reid, Mike Rice,
2‑AKOP Graham Rollings, Robin Sauvary, Rod Sayer, Martin Smith, Tony Smith,
11 Cessna 680A CS‑LTH; Beech 300 N127QR
Brian Thompson, David Thompson, Barry Tippett, Tony Twinn, David
12 Cessna 525A G‑TWOP
Whitworth, Alec Wilson, Lewis Wilson, Martin Wilson, John Wiseman,
13 Beech B200 G‑CDZT; Cessna 525A G‑TWOP; Cessna 510 OE‑FZE
Barrie Womersley, Colin Wright, Tom Wylie, Aeroplane, Air Yorkshire,
14 Cessna 680A CS‑LTM
Aviation for All Forum, Aviation News, Blackpool Aviation Society,
15 Leonardo AW189 G‑MCGW
Civilian Aviation Forum,, EGHH Google
16 Cessna F406 G‑RVLX; Learjet 75 G‑ZENJ; Cirrus SR22T N497BC
17 Cessna 525A G‑TWOP group, FlightAware, Flightradar24, FlyPast, Freebird Aviation
18 Cessna 525A D‑IBBS; Leonardo AW189 G‑MCGW; Hawker 900XP Database, LAAS, Light Aviation, Military Aviation Review, NI Aviation
HZ‑A9; Cessna 510s OE‑FFB & OE‑FHK Enthusiasts Forum; NWAN Forum, Prestwick Airport Movements
19 Cessna 560XLS D‑CFLY; Cessna 510 G‑FFFC Group, South Wales Aviation Group and all those who have contributed
21 Challenger 350 CS‑CHI; Pilatus PC‑12 LX‑JFA to the Airfields, Civil Spotters, Cranfield, MSF & FLYER e‑mail Lists
22 Pilatus PC‑12 LX‑JFA; Cessna 510 OE‑FPP; Eclipse EA500 2‑JSEG which are monitored by myself and Bernard Martin for items relevant
23 Cessna 525A OE‑FSP; Beech A36 2‑LOLA to Around & About and names are included where they are identifiable
25 Cessna 560XLS D‑CXLS; Pilatus PC‑12 LX‑NEW (some are truncated by the system or are pseudonyms) and John
26 Beech B200 G‑DXTR; Eurocopter EC.130 VP‑CGC [8478] Phillips for his assistance in the background helping put the larger
27 Pilatus PC‑12 LX‑NEW; Diamond DA40D OE‑DBJ [D4.317] reports into the format you see above.

Barrie Towey, 62 Chapeltown Road, Radcliffe, Manchester M26 1YF

Welcome back to ABN for 2021, and the 50th volume (if you haven’t Airbus AS350B3: (8017) N356PB to N2020T [23] (8735) N608AH to
renewed, please do so as this is the last edition you will receive). For N904CF [28] (8914)+N821PD [7]
new readers, this section excludes all Airliners, Biz Jets and Biz Props Eurocopter AS365N3: (6548)+N234VM ex JA21RP canx 07Aug20 as
that appear in their respective columns. wfu [7]
In 2019 revoked entries reduced from 3,304 to 1,541 and I said Eurocopter EC 130 B4: (7317) N47HN to N130KR [9]
that I hoped that 2020 would see the end of these. Alas, less than 900 Eurocopter BO 105S: (S‑549)+N549VS ex DQ‑HVS restored canx
were removed and 665 are still left. There are also over 600 other 10Dec20 [14]
aircraft that probably need removing. The total entries in the FAA’s MBB BK 117 A‑4: (7086)–N587MC to C‑ …. [4]
download file is slightly down, from 290,101 to 287,984. Eurocopter MBB‑BK 117 C‑1: (7541)–N18AU to ZK‑ … [17]
A 770‑nautical mile race track centred roughly on Wichita KS Eurocopter MBB‑BK 117 C‑2: (9209)+N145GF ex C‑FTSU restored [29]
running East/West above 39,000 feet has been designated for testing American Eurocopter MBB‑BK 117 C‑2: (9399)+N140AH ex 10‑72157
non‑military aircraft that fly faster than the speed of sound and will – owner still US Army [4]
support flights up to Mach 3. No doubt this is for the Boom XB‑1. Airbus MBB‑BK 117 D‑2: (20026) N746AF to N6EU [11]
The new Piper Pilot 100i has now been certified and eight should Aviat A‑1C‑180: (3370)+N50WY [30]
be delivered to American pilots by the time you get this edition. Aviat A‑1C‑200: (3114) N63PR to N48EA [30] (3368)+N81WY [21]
Ayres S2R‑G6: (G6‑121)+N3160M restored; canx 10Jly20 [16]
Thrush S2R‑H80: (H80‑234)–N5102R to PP‑CRA [21]
Extracts to 31st December 2020 (H80‑236DC)–N51063 to PS‑ORQ [21]
Thrush S2R‑T34: (T34‑509)–N5115K to PS‑ASB [22]
Thrush S2R‑T660: (T660‑149)–N5115J to EC‑NNE [9]
(+ = addition to register; – = cancelled from register)
[8] means 8th December Balloon Works Firefly 7: (F7‑425)–N7120A replaced by Kubicek 1727
Adams Balloon A55: (045)–N1061A exp 31Aug20 [12] then
(045)+N1061A restored [28] BEECH/RAYTHEON/HAWKER/TEXTRON
Adams Balloons A55S: (285)+N895AB [14]
Adams Balloons A60‑S: (278)+N895EA [14] (286)+N8940A [15] 95‑B55 Baron: (TC‑2409)+N355AD ex PT‑OCM [17]
Adams Balloons A‑B: (280)+N894QA [14] D55 Baron: (TE‑549)+N455FP restored; canx 14May13 [3]
Aero Vodochody L39C Albatros: (931532)–N39MX to VT‑ … [2] E‑55 Baron: (TE‑1186) N300CT to N6LS [3]
Aeronca 7AC: (7AC‑2752)+N84065 restored; canx 08Sep20 [3] 58 Baron: (TH‑245)+N1629W restored; canx 03Oct20 [29]
(7AC‑85)+N81466 restored; canx 28Feb20 [14] (TH‑484)+N111AL restored; canx 03Oct20 [28]
Champion 7AC: (7AC‑6506)+N2923E restored; canx 08Aug13 [16] 58P Baron: (TJ‑193)+N98BB ex D‑IGBB [10]
American Champion 7GCBC: (1388‑2005) N254SA to N72LF [9] G58 Baron: (TH‑2467) N555MC to N47PH [18] (TH‑2481)+N848D
(1479‑2021)+N956JW [7] restored canx 31Oct20 [9]
American Champion 8GCBC: (609‑2020)–N60006 to C‑GBIY [14] 35‑B33 Debonair: (CD‑488)+N330CL restored; canx 10Jly20 [15]
(610‑2021)+N55VM [21] F33A Bonanza: (CE‑378)–N9032V to OE‑ … [14] (CE‑480)–N3156W
Bellanca 8KCAB: (259‑76)–N33GR exp sr 15Apr20 [4] then w/o 29Jly20 Malbis AL [14] (CE‑1478) N653DK to N33MK [29]
(259‑76)+N33GR restored [23] (CE‑1480)+N627KC ex C‑GMRZ restored [11]
American Champion 8KCAB180: (665‑92)+N64DJ restored; canx F33C Bonanza Bonanza: (CJ‑28) N777WF to N34JP [15]
04Sep20 [14] B35 Bonanza: (D‑2545)+N8890A restored; canx 02May20 [11]
Agusta A109C: (7631)+N897BC was N43TC canx 26Apr13 address is C35 Bonanza: (D‑3231)+N8966C was N1951D canx 10Sep14 [16]
Santo Domingo Dominica Rep [17] E35 Bonanza: (D‑3914)+N3249C restored; canx 29Nov19 [11]
Agusta AW119 MkII: V35A Bonanza: (D‑8751)–N8358N exp 31Aug20 [5] then
(15009)+N389PA [2] (15015)+N691SH [14] (D‑8751)+N8358N restored [11]
(15010)+N432PA [2] (15016)+N694SH [14] V35B Bonanza: (D‑10005)–N17761 to TG‑ … [28]
(15011)+N884PA [14] (15833)+N703SH [14] A36 Bonanza 36: (E‑1244) N4612M to N36YV [3] (E‑1804)+N48TZ
(15012)+N688SH [14] (15834)+N705SH [16] restored; canx 26Jly19 [8]
(15014)+N684SH [14] (15835)+N706SH [16] B36TC Bonanza: (EA‑437)+N136CM restored; canx 28Feb18 [28]
Leonardo AW139: (31758)+N896ZZ ex G‑PIOS [15] then (EA‑558) N5836B to N837ML [14]
(31758)–N896ZZ to HS‑ … [22] G36 Bonanza: (E‑4102)–N102NX to Argentina [22]
Agusta AW139: (41569) N233LC to N208LC [21] (41576)–N576MM to A23‑24 Musketeer Super III: (MA‑98)+N5696S restored; canx
Japan [9] 10Dec18 [16]
(41577)+N348PA [9] (41579)+N566PA [9] C23 Sundowner 180: (M‑2043)+N5167M restored; canx 02Aug20 [12]
(41578)+N497PA [15] (41580)+N658PA [9] C24R Sierra: (MC‑576)–N5124M to C‑ …. [2]
77 Skipper: (WA‑171)+N3735R restored; canx 30Nov20 [22]
Air Tractor AT‑301: (301‑0035)–N4355S to Mexico [21]
B95 Travel Air: (TD‑315)–N951TC w/o 30Jly18 Melbourne FL gear
(301‑0533)–N3164E to Mexico [21]
collapse [10]
Air Tractor AT‑402B: (402B‑1315)–N235LA to TI‑ … [31]
Air Tractor AT‑502B: (502B‑3243)–N503WF to PS‑TOM [21] Bell 204‑B: (2043)+N808ML ex C‑FOKY [7]
Air Tractor AT‑802: (802‑0870)+N870JT [15] Bell 206B: (1124)+N224KM restored; canx 18Sep20 [14]
Air Tractor AT‑802A: (802A‑0868)+N848HA [2] (802A‑0869)+N8007X Bell 206‑L4: (52282)–N267AL to Mexico [18]
[11] (802A‑0874)+N874MM [23] Bell 222B: (47138)+N153H restored canx 31Jan20 was stored Leeds
Aerospatiale SA319B: (2020)–N748GC to ZU‑ … [8] Coney Park UK [2]
Aerospatiale SA341G: (1137)–N71PU to ZU‑ … [21] Bell 407: (54022)+N897KV ex C‑GLEF [23]
Aerospatiale SA342M: (3956)+N342MR ex 3956 French Army c/n Bell 429: (57025) N427AL to N429VG [4]
1956? [8] Bell 407: (53189)+N667AT ex YV2322 [4] (54902) N885RK to N88VR
Aerospatiale AS350B: (2354)–N350NN to F‑HBRG [8] [28] (54903)–N887FB to Argentina [21] (54904)+N741AM ex

C-FZIC [28] (54907)+N743AM ex C-FZGL was resd N742AM then (172S12636)+N536TH [1] (172S12646)+N646TH [1]
changed N743AM [29] (54911)+N742AM ex C-GFNP (originally (172S12641)+N641TH [1] (172S12647)+N647TH [1]
resd as N743AM) [28] (54922)+N37DF ex C-GLZC [2] (172S12642)+N642TH [2]
(54928)+N896KK ex C-GBRL [23] (54946)+N103JP [17] 175: (55544)+N175A restored; canx 27Dec19 [18] (55983)+N7683M
Bell 429: (57409)–N890ET to Mexico [14] restored; canx 06Jan20 [9]
Bell 505: (65145)+N505MK ex C-GSZW [29] (65206)+N50RM was 177RG: (177RG0668)+N55MP restored; canx 16Jly19 [8]
4X-BIA but exported from Canada [4] (65327)+N606XX ex C-GRRE 180: (30518)+N2218C restored canx 10Nov20 [18] (31052)–N9004C
[15] (65330) N271FW to N505FW [2] (65337)+N337HG [7] to C-…. [2]
Boeing PT-27: (75-3851)–N62842 to G-CLWU [11] 180J: (18052594)+N9939N restored; canx 03Oct20 [12]
Britten-Norman BN-2A-21: (449)–N799MT to T8A-9MT [17] 182: (18261434)+N970AS ex V5-IUJ to Beegles [9]
182A: (33907)+N5907B restored; canx 10Aug18 [11] (34821)+N4721D
Cameron Z-140: (6751)+N543AB rest canx 12Jly18 [10]
restored backdated 01Jly20 was canx 01Jun20 [8]
182B: (52335)+N8435T restored; canx 26Sep17 [15]
182C: (52516)+N8616T restored; canx 20Jly20 [12]
182D: (18253212)+N8812X restored canx 22Aug13 [28]
C-34: (301)+N15462 restored; canx 07May20 [9]
182H: (18256533)+N8433S restored; canx 04Nov19 [21]
140: (8147)+N89139 restored; canx 03Oct20 [31] (9861)+N72685
182J: (18257093)+N2993F restored; canx 03Apr20 [28]
restored; canx 06Sep19 [11]
182K: (18258183)+N3183Q restored; canx 13Feb18 [10]
150A: (15059120)–N7020X wind damage Hurricane Sally 16Sep20
(18258382)–N2682R exp 31Aug20 then (18258382)+N2682R
sold as salvage [7]
restored [31]
150E: (15061251)+N3551J restored; canx 26Jun18 [31]
182L: (18258598)–N3198R to Russia [29] (18258626)+N3326R
150F: (150-61617)+N8017S restored; canx 28Aug13 [14]
restored; canx 04Nov19 [4]
(15061662)+N8062S restored canx 04Sep20 [11]
182M: (18259362)+N70697 restored; canx 28Mar18 [3]
(15064226)+N8126F restored; canx 28Feb20 [3]
182N: (18260122) N92269 to N388AG [30]
150G: (15065335)+N4035J restored canx 01May20 [22]
182P: (18262142) N58565 to N550PJ [29] (18262966)+N52942
150H: (15068732)+N23112 restored; canx 30May18 – went to
restored; canx 14Feb18 [14] (18263496) N5705J to N289CR [29]
Wentworths [4]
182Q: (18265282)–N735AY exp 31Aug20 [8] then (18265282)+N735AY
150J: (15069611)–N50872 [28]
restored [14] (18265926) N759EC to N828PB [29]
150L: (15073354)+N5454Q restored; canx 02Jun20 [10]
(18266249)+N759TP restored; canx 03Oct20 [11]
(15073457)+N16074 restored canx 02Aug20 [14]
(18267534)+N5127N restored; canx 31Oct20 [15]
(15074279)+N19256 restored; canx 12Jly18 [8]
182R: (18268441)+N331SP restored; canx 31Oct20 [15]
(15075543)+N11587 restored; canx 10Apr13 [11]
R182: (R18201500)–N237RP owner’s request [4]
A150L: (A1500425)+N6140F restored; canx 10Jly20 [21]
TR182: (R18201011)–N73VX to Mexico [17]
150M: (15076828) N45294 to N903KS [9] (15078618)+N704HF
182T: (18281645) N451BA to N1ER [2] (18281650) N2132C to
restored; canx 04Sep20 [1]
N420CS [1] (18282464)–N3655W to F-…. [8] (18283114)–N2064L
152: (152-80189)–N184AK to SP-… [5] (15279753)+N757HM
to PS-AVE [2] (18283117)–N819JT to Russia [29]
restored; canx 02Dec19 [11] (15282748)–N89439 to G-…. [30]
(18283119)–N894PT to F-…. [30]
(15284449)+N6585L restored; canx 23Jly13 now sr [30]
(18283120)+N464J [11] (18283122)+N822CS [23]
(15284925)+N5351P restored; canx 08Jun18 [22]
(18283121)+N421CS [23] (18283124)+N824CS [23]
A152: (A1520876)–N4710A to C-…. [21] (A1520925)–N4982A to
T182T: (T18208133) N5176J to N182ME [29] (T18208233)–N22AS to
RP-C-…. [1]
Russia [2] (T18208915)+N117AP ex CP-2707 [17]
162: (16200154)+N6034J restored; canx 04Sep20 [3]
195: (7842)+N251Z ex C-FCQV restored to 1970 registration [16]
172: (28043)+N5043A restored; canx 18May11 [17] (28890)+N6790A
195B: (7888)+N3005B restored; canx 10Jan20 [4]
restored; canx 17Dec18 [7] (29950)+N8150B restored canx
206H: (20608277)–N60563 to HP-… [4]
24Sep20 [22]
T206H: (T20608701)+N2059U restored; canx 02Aug20 [14]
172A: (46993)+N7393T restored; canx 03May13 now sr [28]
(T20608731)+N78ML restored; canx 03Apr20 [11]
172D: (17250175)+N970RB ex V5-OEW to Beegles [9]
(T20608828)+N338WS ex XB-KVJ [10] (T20609218)–N334AD to
172E: (17251035)+N3835S restored canx 06Sep19 [28]
Mexico [22] (T20609627)+N527DM [2]
(17251554)+N5654T restored canx 04Sep20 now rp [8]
210-5: (205-0256)+N8256Z ex C-GHOR restored [10]
172F: (17252217)+N8317U restored canx 28Jan19 [17]
210A: (21057612)+N12RF restored; canx 19Jun17 [10]
(17252259)+N8359U restored; canx 28Feb20 [28]
210B: (21058044)–N9744X to Mexico [2]
172G: (17254079)+N3910L restored; canx 06Oct14 [29]
210L: (21060540) N94209 to N93JE [29] (21061378)–N732BC to
(17254427)+N4354L restored; canx 02Aug20 [7]
Argentina [16]
172H: (17255033)+N1638F restored; canx 29May20 [12]
T210L: (21061071)–N2107S [31]
(17255199)+N3704F restored; canx 18Apr18 [7]
T210M: (21062250)+N96RB restored; canx 03Feb20 [12]
(17255412)+N3912R restored; canx 12Aug20 [30]
(21062893)–N6025N to CP-…. [15] (21062897)+N69LE was
172K: (17258265)–N79938 exp 31Jly20 [11] then (17258265)+N79938
N6029N canx 25Nov14 [23]
restored [16] (17259016)+N7316G restored canx 26Jun18 [31]
P210N: (P21000258)–N508TM to C-GOME [1] (P21000553) N777BK to
R172K: (R1722269)–N3999V to HC-… [18]
N545ST [29]
172L: (17260401) N7101Q to N595K [16]
T210N: (21063938)+N7336C restored canx 18Aug18 [31] (21064602)
172M: (17264573) N9955V to N955PT [28] (17264899)+N875CD
N9800Y to N51BW [30]
restored canx 03Apr20 resd 12May20 not rest canx 13Nov20 [14]
T240: (T24002095)+N240VB ex C-GYTX [10]
(17265119)+N211DX restored canx 17Jly17 [2] (17266055)+N9262H
T-310P: (310P0047)+N61MW restored; canx 09Jan19 [8]
restored; canx 27Feb18 [10] (17266435)–N80192 owner’s request
310Q: (310Q1008)+N923TA ex C-GSMA [22]
expires 31Dec20 [15] (17266558)+N80376 restored; canx 02Aug20
T310Q: (310Q0234)+N9RV restored; canx 06May19 [22]
[11] (17266928)+N1232U restored; canx 10Jly20 [14]
310R: (310R0223)+N310CJ restored; canx 03Oct20 [3]
172N: (17267952)+N172SR restored; canx 03Apr18 [14]
(310R0682)+N628BW restored; canx 04Sep20 [10]
(17269829)+N738AR restored canx 02Aug20 [3]
(310R0981)+N18BK restored; canx 06Sep19 [8]
(17271233)+N2322E restored; canx 03Jan18 [14]
(310R1623)+N310JZ restored; canx 09Mar19 [3]
172R: (17281263)–N32LU to HC-… [22]
Cessna LC41-550FG: (411023)+N524TG ex C-FTMW [1]
172RG: (172RG0238) N5104U to N474TB [23] (172RG0958)+N9671B
restored; canx 05Oct20 [31] Cirrus SR20: (2658)+N517PT [22]
172S: (172S12563) N17278 to N20711 [11] (172S12570)–N892RT to Cirrus SR22: (0038)–N2821T to Argentina [10] (1386)+N994PM
VT-… [21] restored; canx 04Sep20 [21] (2803)–N949CG w/o 16Aug20 Osage
(172S12619)+N676CB [9] (172S12643)+N743TH [1] Beach MO & post crash fire [12] (3121) N328CW to N921HR [1]

(3204)+N782PG restored; canx 06Sep19 [21] (3409)–N696MD to Balony Kubicek BB22ED: (1746)+N770ED [11]
D-…. [15] (3614) N914CF to N914GT [14] (4227) N419KD to Balony Kubicek BB26D: (1727)+N7120A [21]
N293LM [9] (4326) N900KP to N5050M [7] (4395)–N520GW to Balony Kubicek BB26ED: (1760)+N708DM [29]
Argentina [16] (4879) N272NF to N323KG [1] Balony Kubicek BB30D: (1751)+N1514R [15]
(4965)+N415PW [8] (4997)+N115MM [4] Balony Kubicek BB30Z: (1716)+N1435 [14]
(4980)+N503WK [1] (4999)+N1972D [30] Balony Kubicek BB51Z: (1770)+N1511J [30]
(4995)+N1094D [16] (5001)+N32PY [30] Balony Kubicek BB60Z: (1766)+N4440C [30]
Cirrus SR22T: (0028)–N233CF to S5-DHN [3] (0369)+N148BD
Consolidated Lake LA-4-200: (754)+N747CB restored canx 06Sep19
restored; canx 01Nov19 [2] (0622) N522PW to N526PW [10]
(0734)–N626EA to CC-… [2] (1333) N221VC to N223VC [21]
Lake LA-4-200: (1011)+N95ST restored; canx 07Jly17 [9]
(1811) N11P to N406MK [9] (1904) N129PK to N727AL [2]
Lindstrand 60X: (5740)+N40196 [16]
(2015)–N426SC to HS-… [9] (2106) N848LD to N423BE [10]
Lockheed Martin 382J: (5824)–N2382J [4]
(2120) N412WH to N151TC [10] (2122) N220JS to N801GW [30]
Lockheed L100-30: (5055)–N8213G [9]
(2137)–N357JL to D-…. [22] (2185)–N102FH to D-…. [3]
Silvaire Luscombe 8: (5231)+N2504K restored canx 12Mar18 [22]
(2189)–N2189G to HK-…. [17]
Luscombe 8A: (1218)+N25342 restored canx 03May18 [15]
(2210)+N522PZ [4] (2243)+N455RM [16]
Luscombe 8E: (5964)+N1337B restored; canx 02Aug20 [11]
(2225)+N419KD [16] (2244)+N473P [17]
(2227)+N710SF [4] (2247)+N854SD [30] Maule M-7-260C: (30062C)+N668R [31]
(2234)+N490PD was resd 20Nov20 & canx 23Nov20 [3] Maule MT-7-235: (18066C)+N128CP restored; canx 10Jly20 [16]
(2241)+N228Z [16] Mooney M20B: (1716)+N812CH was N74716 canx 08May13 [23]
Thunder & Colt Airborne AX8-90 S 2: (2472USA)+N897HC [19] Mooney M20C: (2107)+N6268U restored; canx 03Oct20 [14]
Continental Copters-Darling El Tomcat MK-5A: (MHTC-7)+N7MH (680036)+N4109N restored; canx 13Mar18 [12]
restored canx 06Mar18 [15] Mooney M20D: (183)+N6824U restored; canx 29Mar18 [5]
CASA 1.131E: (E3B461) N46925 to N713CW [31] Mooney M20E: (541)+N55GA restored; canx 10Nov20 [1]
Corben Baby Ace D: (A52251)+N74CT was N5494 canx 13Oct06 sold Mooney M20F: (22-1215)+N7438V ex C-GMCK [22] (22-1224)+N7447V
as parts! [7] (appeared as N75CT restored; canx 04Nov19 [29]
Cub Crafters CC19-180: (CC19-0055)+N920WC [7] Mooney M20J: (24-0084)+N201CV restored; canx 01Nov19 [5]
(CC19-0056)+N57EH [8] Mooney M20K: (24-1040)+N3687H restored; canx 12May15 [3]
Cub Crafters CC19-215: (CC19-0057)+N888C [21] (25-0222)+N231NK restored canx 01May20 [12]
(25-0321)+N231NF restored; canx 02Aug20 [18]
de Havilland-Kenmore DHC-2: (1412) N715JR to N590DB [29]
(25-0535)+N706GP restored canx 03Apr20 [14] (25-0880)+N5810J
de Havilland DHC-2: (1450)+N779XP restored; canx 02Aug20 [21]
restored; canx 08Oct20 [23]
Diamond DA 40: (40.386)+N386JP restored; canx 13Nov20 [29]
Moravan Ortrokovice Z142: (0228)+N228KN restored; canx 10Sep20
(40.463)+N537MA restored; canx 17Nov20 [29] (40.487)–N159PS
[28] (40.567)+N38CF restored; canx 13Nov20 [29] (40.986)+N326AF
restored; canx 13Nov20 [29] (40.1229)+N299DA ex C-FBDA [28] Naval Aircraft Factory N3N-3: (2716)+N45043 restored; canx
Diamond DA 40 NG: 04Sep20 [21]
(40.NC116)+N78PA [8] (40.NC120)+N920LA [28] North American Navion A: (NAV-4-244)–N91197 acc 09Oct20 New
(40.NC117)+N845PA [8] (40.NC121)+N930PA [23] Milford CT gear up [9] (NAV-4-1032)+N4032K restored; canx
(40.NC118)+N27CD [15] (40.NC122)+N252DA [28] 29May20 [8]
(40.NC119)+N519LA [16] Ryan Navion: (NAV-4-1342)+N4342K restored; canx 26Sep20 [2]
Diamond DA42 NG: (42.375)+N787AM restored; canx 13Nov20 [29] Ryan Navion B: (NAV-4-2062B)+N5162K restored canx 06Sep19 [9]
(42.N413)+N294DM [7] Navion Navion G: (4-2479)+N575VV ex D-EOMI NAV4-2479 address
Diamond DA 62: (62.146)+N73PS [8] Michelstadt Germany [22]
Diamond DA 62: (62.C029)+N119DA [11] (62.C030)+N215E [29] North American SNJ-6: (112227) N455WA to N451WA [9]
Dornier DO 28 D-1: (4006)+N7171G restored; canx 03Feb20 [7] North American P51D-20-NT: (44-12866)–N866F c/n 111-36149 [29]
Ercoupe 415-C: (27)+N28932 restored; canx 06Sep19 [12] Pilatus P3-05: (487) N487RD to N305TX [29]
Epic E1000: (K009)+N19RJ [28]
Extra EA-300: (002)+N300PN restored canx 17Jan18 [2] PIPER
Extra EA 300/L: (07)+N22EX restored; canx 18Jly17 [18]
Extra NG: (NG001)+N100NG ex D-EXNG [22] J3C-65 Cub: (15441)–N87783 to VH-… [28] (15647)–N88028 to VH-…
[28] (15999)+N88381 restored; canx 04Apr18 [29]
Game Composites GB1 Gamebird: (0014) N299GC to N96SD [6]
(17689)+N70669 restored; canx 06Sep19 [8] (20194)+N6954H
Gippsaero GA8: (GA8-20-262)+N7050F [17]
restored canx 03May13 [14] (22308) N3293X to N3637K [7]
American AA-1: (AA1-0036)+N5636L restored; canx 26Mar18 [4]
J5A Cub Cruiser: (5179)+N30354 restored; canx 25Sep12 [29]
(AA1-0307)–N6107L dam 05Sep20 Atlanta GA [17]
PA-12 Super Cruiser: (12-1507) N2374M to N694AR [9]
American AA-1A: (AA1A-0173)+N9386L restored; canx 04Sep20 [22]
PA-18-135 Super Cub: (18-3516)+N27036 restored; canx 12Jan18 [12]
Grumman American AA-1B: (AA1B-0069)+N6269L restored; canx
PA-22 Tripacer: (22-498)+N1771A restored; canx 03Oct20 [22]
03Apr20 [7]
(22-2190)+N8001C restored; canx 19Nov14 [19]
Grumman American AA-5A: (AA5A0566) N26403 to N863BW [7]
PA-22-108 Colt: (22-9317)+N5528Z restored; canx 03Feb20 [31]
Grumman American AA-5B: (AA5B0739) N28665 to N89YT [4]
(22-9809)+N5938Z restored; canx 04Sep20 [21]
(AA5B0752)+N28896 restored; canx 02Jun20 [28]
PA-22-135 Tripacer: (22-2415)+N1538P restored; canx 05Sep14 [19]
Grumman G-44A: (1452)+N1SW restored; canx 05May20 Canadian
PA-22-150 Tripacer: (22-4118)+N6874B restored canx 15Jly13 [12]
address (Montreal) [30]
PA-22-160 Tripacer: (22-6649)+N9737D restored; canx 15Mar18 [29]
Grumman Schweizer G-164A: (1360)–N40ET to CX-… [11]
PA-23-160 Apache: (23-1376)+N425SQ restored; canx 06Jan20 [9]
Head Balloons AX7-77: (486)+N353MS [18] PA-23-250 Aztec C: (27-3588)–N101JD to C6-… [21]
Helio H-295: (1201)+N80TH ex C-GBYA [1] PA-23-250 Aztec F: (27-7754031)+N315NY ex VH-JYI [23]
Hughes 369A (OH-6A): (380346)+N992CH ex V5-HUG restored (27-7854023)–N8BV to Russia [3] (27-7954012)+N585NY ex
(Southern Acft Consultancy) [7] VH-DCQ [28]
Hughes 369D: (1170237D)+N690WA ex C-GSZM [9] PA-24 Comanche: (24-2889)+N7678P restored; canx 29Jan18 [15]
(390479D)+N316HK ex C-GLHT [17] PA-24-250 Comanche: (24-1574)+N6459P restored; canx 06Mar18 [3]
MD Helicopters 369FF: (0718FF) N19FF changed from 365D c/n 0601E PA-24-260 Comanche: (24-4171)+N8722P restored; canx 31Oct20 [2]
PA-28-140 Cherokee: (28-20211)+N6201W restored; canx 06Mar18
JMB Aircraft VL-3TE-915: (VL-3-370)+N56AA [9]
[28] (28-23271)+N9782W restored; canx 28Jan19 [3]
Balony Kubicek BB17XR: (1272)+N933KB restored canx 06Jan20 [10] (28-23989)+N1581J restored; canx 29Nov19 [21]

PA-28-140 Cherokee C: (28-26867)+N5979U restored; canx 01May20 Alexander Schleicher ASG 32 MI: (32080)+N200NR [10]
[17] Alexander Schleicher ASH 31 MI: (31209)+N461JP [28]
PA-28-151 Cherokee Warrior: (28-7715201) N7170F to N141TA [28] Schleicher ASW-20CL: (20791)–N77NK to Argentina [7]
PA-28-160 Cherokee C: (28-3811) N5961W to N961W [30] Schempp-Hirth Discus CS: (271CS)+N9754 ex G-CJVF [23]
PA-28-161 Warrior II: (28-7916228)+N2224K restored; canx 10Jly20 Schempp-Hirth Ventus B/16.6: (166) N13JR to N371MT [1]
[18] Schempp-Hirth Ventus 3F: (112 FS)+N70LK [8]
PA-28-161 Warrior III: (2842142)–N138DC to VH-… [14] Schweizer SGS 1-26E: (541)+N17911 restored; canx 15Aug13 [11]
(2842181)–N234SR to VH-… [14] Scottish Aviation 100MDL 101: (108)+N108BD restored; canx
PA-28-180 Cherokee: (28-694)+N7014W restored canx 30Mar18 [22] 24Dec14 [18]
PA-28-180 Cherokee B: (28-1193)+N7324W restored canx 02Sep20 [8] Scottish Aviation Bulldog 120 M121: (BH120/290)+N625XT ex
PA-28-180 Cherokee C: (28-2431)+N8276W restored; canx 28Feb20 G-CBBR/XX625 [30]
[19] (28-3131)+N9093J restored; canx 30Jun17 now rp [21] Seabird Australia SB7L-360A: (070014) N603SP to N505SA [9]
(28-3738)+N9498J restored; canx 15Jun17 [16] Sikorsky UH-60A: (78-22975)+N897JF c/n 70041 [21]
PA-28-180 Cherokee Challenger: (28-7305132)+N15739 restored; (81-23549)+N897GB c/n 70270 [21] (83-23880)+N896TB c/n
canx 24Aug20 [16] 70705 [7]
PA-28-181 Archer: (2843173)–N4127X to VH-… [14] Keystone S-76C: (760642)+N642MS ex C-GTHI [17] (760658)+N658MS
(2843513)–N330PA to VH-… [14] (2881220)–N8018Q to ex C-GTGU [17]
G-LCTO [10] Sikorsky S-76D: (761006) N76UT to N29RT [9]
(2881424)+N337G TX model [4] (2881428)+N358G TX model [4] Sikorsky S-92A: (920155)+N933BG ex C-FKNF restored [4]
(2881425)+N203D LX model [4] (2881429)+N381G TX model [4] (920299)–N299VT to 5N-… [4]
(2881426)+N844AB LX model [4] (2881430)+N384G TX model [7] SOCATA MS894A: (11623)+N88PX restored; canx 08Mar18 [10]
(2881427)+N8020V model LX [8] SOCATA TB 30 Epsilon: (138)–N138KL to F-… [17] (155)–N155TB to
PA-28-181 Pilot 100i: (28020005)+N505AF [2] (28020006)+N507AF F-… [21]
[4] (28020007)+N508AF [4] (28020008)+N509AF [7] Stolp Starduster SA300: (1706)+N169BD restored; canx 10Jly20 [18]
(28020009)+N239JA [4] (28020010)+N240JA [4] Stolp Starduster Too: (1078)+N757BH ex C-FUKR [11]
(28020011)+N241JA [4] Stolp Starduster Too SA300: (1374)+N983AM restored canx 27Dec19
PA-28R-180 Cherokee Arrow: (28R-30367)+N4511J restored canx [14]
04Jan18 [12] (28R-30558)+N4662J restored; canx 26Jun18 [21] Taylorcraft BC12-D: (7957)+N95657 restored; canx 10Jly20 [23]
PA-28R-200 Cherokee Arrow: (28R-35226)+N2607R restored; canx (8759)+N96459 restored; canx 28Feb20 [21] (9734)+N95334
05Oct19 [9] restored; canx 29May20 [28]
PA-31-325 Navajo C/R: (31-7712015)+N102TM ex PT-TOM [2] Taylorcraft DC-65: (5520)+N46270 restored; canx 06Sep19 [1]
PA-31P Pressurized Navajo: (31P-7400190)+N14TG restored; canx Taylorcraft DCO-65: (5733)+N64733 restored; canx 30Apr13 [14]
20Aug20 to Guatemala never registered [4] then Tecnam Astore: (027)–N627TA (027)+N125 [29]
(31P-7400190)–N14TG to TG-… again [28] Tecnam P2012 Traveller: (025/US)+N965CA [1] (026/US)+N995CA
PA-32-300 Six 300: (32-7940089)+N2162X restored; canx 04Sep20 [8] [17]
PA-32R-300 Cherokee Lance: (32R-7680345)+N288A ex ZS-JXN [31]
(32R-7780317) N188PG to N76FR [22] Ultramagic N-210: (210/147)+N225ED [23]
PA-32R-301 Saratoga SP: (32R-8113052)+N8355E was N8355H canx Ultramagic T-150: (150/02)+N784ME restored; canx 03Jun20 [14]
03Jan19 [10] WACO UPF-7: (5499)+N30102 restored; canx 06Sep19 [7]
PA-32RT-300 Lance II: (32R-7885249)–N772SG w/o 27Apr20
Huntsville AL [4] Aerostar YAK-52: (878206)+N31656 restored; canx 10Jly20 [18]
PA-34-200T Seneca II: (34-7870063)+N2085M restored; canx Yakovlev YAK 52: (855410)+N254YK restored; canx 28Feb20 [7]
02Aug20 [2] (34-7870288) N36051 to N616BB [29]
PA-34-220T Seneca III: (34-8133257)–N294AB w/o 07Jly18 Gulf UAV
Shores AL – owner’s request [2]
PA-38-112 Tomahawk II: (38-81A0085)–N25954 to Mexico [7] Altus Intelligence ORC2: (ORC2HL0006)–N780PA [11]
PA-44-180 Seminole: (4496280)–N585ND to C-…. [28] (4496515) Amazon Logistics MK27: (000301)–N398PA [17] (000302)–N559PA
+N28115 [4] (4496516)+N818TY [7] (4496517)+N8022B [18] [17] (000303)–N387PA [17] (000311)–N558PA [17]
PA-46-350P Malibu Mirage: (4636089)–N389MA to PS-LRE [29] (000314)–N471PA [17] (000315)–N322PA [17] (000318)–N337PA
PA-46-350P M350: (4636742) N342WA to N449MM [7] [17] (000319)–N339PA [17] (000353)–N570PA [17]
(4636775)+N80220 [17] (000360)–N473PA [17] (027B-000602) N147PA c/n was
PA-46-500TP Malibu Meridian: (4697374)+N447PT ex C-GMIF [22] 027-000602
PA-46-500TP M500: (4697618)+N578RA restored; canx 02Jun20 [17] Autel Robotics MDCP: (HV5920241758)+N41758 [5]
(4697645)–N52DR to PS-GFN [23] DJI Matrice 300 RTK: (1ZNDH3L0010652)+N602AZ [7]
PA-46-600TP M600: (4698156)+N8023E [15] (4698157)+N813LL [7] (1ZNDH9B00CP0EW)+N115PD [30]
PA-46R-350T Matrix: (4692164)–N269LP to Argentina [21] DJI Matrice 600 PRO: (M80DGBH0039S5W)+N582MN [17]
DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise: (M0017725)+N204MF [17]
Pitts Spec. S-1C: (2114)+N68R restored; canx 29Mar18 [8] DJI Mavic 2 Enterp Dual: (298CH4FR0A0439)+N82GW [30]
WSK-PZL-Mielec TS-11 ISKRA: (1H0304)+N304WV restored; canx DJI Mavic 2 Zoom: (0M6CH19R0A676Q)+N546AZ [9]
03Apr20 [16] DJI Mavic Air 2: (3N3BH6G00204W3)+N570WD [5]
Quest Kodiak 100: (100-0228)–N228QK to C-FCSO [11] (100-0276) (3N3BH8601205ZC)+N896WG [15]
Freefly Systems Altax: (400707)N420PX was c/n 958716
N276KQ to N808CL [3]
(917049)+N430PX [17]
Raven Industries Rally RX7: (RX7-265)+N57251 restored canx Malloy Aeronautics TRV-150: (TRV-150-12)+N896LM [14]
26Aug20 [7] (TRV-150-13)+N896MM [12] (TRV-150-14)+N896QL [11]
Aerostar S53A: (S53A-3070)+N52227 restored canx 23May18 [16] (TRV-150-17)+N896PD [12] (TRV-150-18)+N896NW [11]
Aerostar S-66A: (S66A-3005)+N2864T restored; canx 26Aug20 [2] Pulse Aerospace Vapor 55: (800032-0222-01)–N690PA [11]
(S66A-3065)+N52785 restored; canx 26Aug20 [7] R4robotics R4 Compact Roller: (R4CR0720202)+N881AV [30]
Reims Cessna FR172E: (0041)+N172RE restored; canx 10Jly20 [11] Rhoman Aerospace Rhomancraft: (RC0001)+N69RC [17]
Reims Cessna F177RG: (F177RG0143)–N177LP to SE-GME [11] Yuneec Typhoon H: (YU16321261B08A01)+N16892 [30]
Robinson R44: (1075)–N873GS to Japan [17]
Robinson R44 II: (10335)+N879YE restored; canx 23Dec20 [28] HOMEBUILT etc
Robinson R66: (0122)+N730TL ex ZS-HIV [15] (1025)+N211SL [2]
Rockwell 114: (14052)+N4722W restored; canx 28Feb20 [18] Glider
(14239)+N519CA restored canx 17Jan20 [9] Schreder RS-15: (RS-15-21)+N25133 restored canx 09Jly13 [12]

Balloon Staudacher SZX: (38)+N38ZX [31]
Aerostatica A-210: (6923)+N30087 [7] Steen Skybolt: (001)+N628BF restored; canx 10Jly20 [17]
Best Aviation Services P-36B: (201)+N32AX [22] sic TEAM Airbike: (AB21SAM)+N160C [4]
Brien 002-24-66: (232NT)+N232NT restored; canx 22Sep20 [11] TEAM F1 Rocket: (152)+N138LG restored; canx 31Oct20 [17]
Gunter Amateur Built: (001)+N9090A [4] Texas Aircraft Colt 100: (TXA007)+N830TX [2]
Piccard 1: (001)+N897LT [22] Thatcher CX4: (146-X)+N111SF [7]
Thunder Mustang: (TM-038)+N38TM [9]
Titan 912S: (D02912SOHK0439)–N923BE [9]
Aeroprakt A32: (140)+N297AM [15]
Ultimate Aerobatics Spitfire MK 26B: (075)+N237RS ex VH-ATZ [4]
Airmax Seamax M22: (122)+N618AP ex PU-TMP M22 FW [16]
Van’s RV-3A: (BOWER 002)+N439RB restored; canx 04Jan18 [16]
Alpi Pioneer 200: (40)–N151AA to Mexico [22]
Van’s RV-3B: (10159)+N159SJ restored canx 01May20 [18]
American Eaglecraft Eaglet 230: (1061) N537Y to N514Y [3]
Van’s RV-4: (1016)+N918ML ex C-GMOP [4]
American Legend AL18: (AL-1237)+N1973R [29]
Van’s RV-4/Harmon Rocket: (RV-4#1751/HARMON ROCKET#01)
Badlands Traveler 2: (005) N607GB to N98HP [28]
+N54HR restored; canx 03Apr20 [7]
BRM Aero Bristell LSA: (517/2020)+N517FA [29] (546/2020)+N272BW
Van’s RV-6: (21926)+N494BW restored; canx 23May20 [16]
(23194)+N97JE restored canx 03Feb20 [2]
Challenger II: (010TW1)+N420CW restored; canx 04Jan18 [16]
Van’s RV-6A: (21201)+N247RD restored; canx 12Jun20 [7]
(CH2-0701-2108)+N896YS [10] (CH2-0901-2131)+N137DG
(23241)+N3ZW restored; canx 02Aug20 [14] (23492)–N628JB w/o
restored; canx 20Mar18 [8] (CH2-0217-2912)+N895BT [8]
27Aug20 Milton DE on test flight [9]
Challenger Single Seat LW: (020378)+N2647T restored; canx 01Mar18
Van’s RV-7: (70784)–N162J to Argentina [10] (73890)+N122TK [8]
(74673)+N726RG [2]
Chesnut CA-18: (001)+N53SC [15]
Van’s RV-7A: (70835)+N732RC [3] (71170)+N629LE [8]
Christavia MK 4: (011)+N3982 ex C-GIXR canx 29Nov10 [18]
(74393)+N974NA [29] (74503)+N410DT [11] (74653)+N33VP [1]
Cubcrafters CCK-1865: (CCK-1865-1024) N298B to N1235F [30]
Van’s RV-9A: (91029)+N20LF [15]
Cubcrafters CCK-2000: (CCK-2000-0020)+N83ZC [1]
Van’s RV-10: (40014)+N504CL [10] (40531)+N433PW [22]
(CCX-2000-0113)+N75GT [30]
(41171)+N917CM [2] (41717)+N627DG [12] (41897)+N955CT [31]
Cubcrafters CCX-2300: (CCX-2300-0021)+N334GM [4]
(42086)+N242FM [21]
(CCX-2300-0022)+N20XC [30]
Van’s RV-12: (120941)–N548RV to Argentina [10]
EAA Model P: (GGV 001)+N8976R ex C-GKNV [30]
Van’s RV-12IS: (120652)+N623BP [14] (121154)+N471LJ [31]
Europa XS: (A157)+N340NP [30]
(121161)+N11734 [29]
Evolution REV X: (X1031)+N582XS [16] (X1032)+N722AB [16]
Van’s RV-14A: (140200)+N779RW [21] (140322)+N213GB [1]
Glasair RG: (324)–N324DJ acc 23Sep20 Hagerstown MD [28]
(140509)+N14YZ [22]
Glasair SHA: (315)–N315LP (315)+N9VG [3]
Velocity Standard RG: (DMO 157)+N14B restored canx 10Jly20 [29]
Glasair Sportsman GS-2: (7134) N316RM to N538MS [3]
Velocity: (DM0155)+N4095T restored; canx 02Mar19 [28]
(7498)+N28TT [3]
Wheeler Auriga: (005)–N505JS acc 14Aug20 Rockford IL [9]
Glasair-1RG: (291)+N61LL restored canx 27Mar18 [9]
Wild Sky Goat: (1731)+N372WS [23] (1732)+N373WS [22]
Harmon Rocket: (24-2)+N48DH restored; canx 03Dec18 [7]
(1737)+N378WS [31]
ICP Savannah S: (20-04-54-0717)+N787KC [8]
Wolf W-11 Boredom Fighter: (W-11 304)–N429DB owner’s request [8]
(20-04-54-0718)+N110AZ [8]
Zodiac 601XL: (6-4759) N601AY to N772PM [3]
Javron PA-18: (JA1707112)+N221PZ [22]
Zenith CH 650B: (65-10831)+N524WB [31]
Jihlavan Airplanes JA-600 Skyleader: (6 319 336Z)+N653CM [22]
Zenith 701: (7-1392)+N701AK restored; canx 02Mar18 [14]
Johnson Four Place Cub: (006)+N97YF [30]
(7-6028)+N701VX [2]
Jungster 1: (130)+N2214 restored; canx 07Aug20 [8]
Zenith CH750: (75-10249)+N386LB [7]
Just Acft Superstol: (JA503-12-16)+N434JM [28]
Kitfox: (107)+N991CD restored canx 04May19 [8] Rotor/Gyro
Kitfox 2: (TFE-262)+N262KF was N1553D canx 21Mar18 now rp [30] Autogyro Calidus: (C00453)+N820TN restored; canx 03Feb20 [19]
Kitfox IV: (1510)+N461CW restored; canx 28Feb20 [23] Pavel Tango2: (20022)+N256AV [12]
Kitfox Model IV: (ADS 159)+N4742D [23] RAF 2000 GTX SE: (H2-97-8-323)+N357HB ex C-GEFE [21]
Kitfox S7 Super Sport: (KA14787283)–N821JM (KA14787283)+N86AZ Rotorsport UK Cavalon: (RSUK-V00482)+N888LK [21]
Powered Parachute
Lancair IV-P: (1)–N25BJ to VH-… [21] (LIV376)+N601VP restored;
Destiny 2000: (1C0245)–N2546T to C-…. [17]
canx 22Oct20 [1]
Helderberg Blue Heron: (HD0412GM)+N88800 restored; canx 13Jly18
Lancair IV-PT Propjet: (LIV-503) N17NY to N5EL [29]
Norber Norbair: (001)+N99EN [10]
Powrachute Airwolf 912ULS: (A260ULS)+N766NP restored; canx
Pazmany PL-9: (003)+N6156X [22]
06Jan20 [7] (A358ULS)+N897RP [23] (A359ULS)+N897TP [23]
Performance Aircraft Legend: (136T) N240ST to N811T [7]
Six Chuter Legend XL: (3171)+N490SC restored canx 28Feb20 [12]
Pickering 4 Place: (441)+N526WP [29]
Six Chuter SR7: (97-1706-2SR7)+N2532N restored; canx 12Feb18 [30]
Quicksilver: (001)+N6115Y restored canx 27Sep19 [10]
Quicksilver Sport 2S: (001KS)+N897PS [22] (002KS)+N897MK [22]
(SPORT S2 0141)+N394V restored; canx 30Jan13 [21]
Rans S14: (1094076-JH)+N1123J was N6334N as c/n 1094076 canx RESERVATIONS
24Apr18 builder Karpal [21]
Rutan Long Ez: (685) N817JW to N107RZ [30]
Rutan Varieze: (417)+N890UB was N5584K canx 22Apr13 builder Champion Aeronca 7AC: (7AC-1648)+N82996 to be restored; canx
Boyer [31] 19Nov14 [1]
Scoda Super Petrel LS: (S0378)+N60SP [31] (S0379)+N772SP [31] Aeronca 11AC: (11AC-943)+N9305E to be restored; canx 24Nov14 [30]
Seamax M-22: (161)+N639MS [16] Air Tractor AT-602: (602-0665)+N8511Q to be restored; canx 10Jly20
Skykits Savannah VGW: (08-11-51-788)+N341JD restored; canx [28]
25Nov19 [11] Firefly Balloons Firefly7-15: (F7-2059)+N21410 to be restored; canx
Skystar Pulsar III: (P9707-0535)+N5585X [8] 03Jan20 [29]
Sling 4 TSI: (138SK)+N234SL [23] (185S)–N69SN to RP-.…. [17] Beech 95-A55 Baron: (TC-213)+N1545Z to be restored; canx 08Feb18
(230SK)+N740MM [1] [8]
Sonex Onex: (ONX0017)+N23092 [10] Beech 58 Baron: (TH-1089)+N6684V to be restored; canx 08Jan18 [30]
Sonex Subsonex: (J5X0044)+N3471P [29] Bell OH-58A: (71-20394)+N42TN to be restored; canx 01May20 c/n
Sport Performance Panther LS: (0097)+N108L [2] 41255 [23]

Bell 205A-1: (30058)+N211GH ex C-GSHD [10] Rans S-21: (10180019)+N782PR [22] (12180033)+N80BK [18]
Bell 206B: (5160)+N67497 to be restored; canx 10Jly20 [1] Sonex: (1612)+N816KT [30]
Bell 407: (54943)+N622LT [4] Steen Skybolt: (001)+N90517 to be restored; canx 03Oct20 [21]
Bell 429: (57416)+N32FE ex C-GBUP [18] Van’s RV-3: (11317)+N984CT [28]
Bell 505: (65336)+N505NX [2] (65339)+N63GC [1] Van’s RV-7A: (74728)+N2278P [22]
Casa Bucker 1.133C: (ES-1-42)+N133JW ex EC-MBR c/n 114 [7] Wag Aero Wag-a-bond: (147)+N47AT to be restored; canx 12Oct18 [29]
Cessna 150H: (15069289)+N50418 to be restored; canx 03Apr20 [22] Zenith 750 STOL: (10941)+N775CB [10]
Cessna A150K: (A15000028)+N8328M to be restored; canx 10Aug18 Zenith CH650: (65-7500)+N650LM to be restored; canx 06Jan20 [28]
resd 12Feb19 not rest [21]
Powered Parachute
Cessna 152: (15284744)+N6469M to be restored; canx 03Oct20 [30]
Buckeye Dreammachine: (3425)N34JL c/n changed from 90340
Cessna 172G: (17250432)+N2832U to be restored; canx 18Apr18 [4]
Hughes Aero Predator: (PC03079XW3)+N912AM restored; canx
Cessna 172E: (17251390)+N162HR to be restored; canx 02Aug20 [1]
08Mar18 [2] (PC03079XWC)+N912RM [2]
Cessna R172K: (R1723186)+N758LS to be restored; canx 09Sep20 [14]
Cessna 177RG: (177RG0050)+N8050G to be restored; canx 04Oct19 [9]
Cessna 182J: (18256826)+N341RM ex C-FUDG [7]
Cessna 182L: (18259259)+N42941 to be restored; canx 19Jan18 [21] RESERVATIONS II
Cessna T210L: (21060020)+N306AM to be restored; canx 24Jly20 [29]
Cessna T303: (30300044)+N64WA to be restored; canx 06Sep19 [2]
N-Number to N-Number reservations to 31st December 2020 are:
Cessna 337G: (33701490)+N1890M to be restored; canx 06Sep19 [12]
Curtiss P-40F: (41-13758)+N13758 c/n 16794 if serial correct dbr Resd Current c/n Type
09Jun42 Bradley Field CT [29] N964KP N964TC 14737 Agusta AW119 MKII [29]
de Havilland DHC-3: (90)+N75GE ex C-FITS [22] N804HB N818FA 802A-0710 Air Tractor AT-802A [31]
Diamond DA20-A1: (10139)+N83RF to be restored; canx 25Nov14 [14] N352PA N414HP 3378 Eurocopter AS 350 B3 [16]
Ercoupe 415-D: (1151)+N93828 to be restored; canx 28Sep12 [23] N60ZX N292MS 0039 Eurocopter EC-135 [28]
Flight Design CTSW: (06-05-02)+N399CT to be restored; canx N622PP N822PP 0823 Eurocopter EC 135 T2+ [30]
22Sep15 was salv – aft fus broke in two [14] N103MT N392TC 9286 Eurocopter MBB-BK 117 C-2 [08]
Balony Kubicek BB60Z: (1698)+N210ES [16] N912BT N912ET S-772 MBB BO 105 CBS-4 [01]
Messerschmitt-Bolkow-Blohm BO 105M: (6024)+N897UF ex 86+24 N914TG N911TG 7506 Eurocopter MBB-BK 117 C-1 [09]
German Army [28] (6085)+N8972M ex 86+85 German Army [29] N982LF N592AH 9842 Airbus MBB-BK 117 C-2 [10]
(6097)+N8974M ex 86+97 German Army [29] N608UW N626AH 9850 Airbus MBB-BK 117 C-2 [28]
Piper PA-18A: (18-7013)+N9944D to be restored; canx 02Feb19 [21] N80DF N17556 D-9982 Beech V35B [01]
Piper PA-22-135 Tripacer: (22-1827)+N3023M to be restored; canx N2TX N36FW E-2296 Beech A36 [02]
09Nov12 [7] N456AD N369P E-3026 Beech A36 [02]
Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee B: (28-25156)+N318FC to be restored; N36ZZ N36958 EA-137 Beech A36TC [28]
canx 31Jan20 [21] N707FF N15FV E-3818 Hawker Beechcraft G36 [31]
Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II: (28-8116187)+N8363E to be restored; N15HC N15HS E-4032 Beechcraft G36 [03]
canx 27Aug13 [22] N407HA N407DP 53099 Bell 407 [31]
Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee B: (28-4731)+N6323J to be restored; canx N307KH N665RL 53172 Bell 407 [07]
29May20 [5] N12557 N62359 75-2625 Boeing A75N1(PT17) [09]
Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche B: (30-1727)+N178E to be restored; canx N73YA N11592 15075548 Cessna 150L [02]
30Apr15 [29] N41FA N390DV 17272997 Cessna 172N [30]
Piper PA-46-500TP Malibu Meridian: (4697343)+N731JB to be N614AZ N99599 17276475 Cessna 172P [29]
restored; canx 31Oct20 [30] N100WY N6939E 56439 Cessna 175A [18]
Robinson R44 II: (10335)+N879YE ex YU-HFK [2] (11880)+N144SG N438SA N566RW 18282421 Textron 182T [31]
was N666RL canx 03Oct20 [23] N806CT N1858R 18502573 Cessna A185F [07]
Stinson 108-2: (108-3336)+N336C to be restored canx 02Mar18 resd N185DS N185EX 18503827 Cessna A185F [03]
19Dec19 canx 04Aug20 [21] N194TW N914KA T20609145 Cessna T206H [23]
Taylorcraft BC12-D: (7343)+N43684 to be restored; canx 31Jan20 [9] N144G N248CS T20609598 Textron T206H [30]
Yakovlev YAK 52: (8978652)+N897FA [18] N99PR N1BR T24002085 Textron T240 [29]
N652KW N556RT 310P0077 Cessna 310P [04]
N10BD N5320C 310R1539 Cessna 310R [14]
Pipistrel Taurus Electro G2: (175 T ET)+N121GW [29]
N700MZ N363RM 310R0046 Cessna T310R [23]
Single N831AZ N722CD 0003 Cirrus SR22 [29]
American Legend AL18: (TX-315)+N1033 [9] N31MA N817SR 2514 Cirrus SR22 [03]
Apple Trail Air: (1)+N551TA to be restored; canx 09Mar19 [1] N21BQ N559NS 1284 Cirrus SR22T [04]
Challenger II: (CH20190-0511)+N260LP to be restored; canx 12Jan18 N55MH N806LM 1874 Cirrus SR22T [04]
[10] N789VS N877TK 2132 Cirrus SR22T [08]
Cruz Cub: (001)+N66LZ to be restored; canx 05Jly19 [10] N480MD N480N 5115 Enstrom 480B [28]
Edra Helicentro Sao Paulo Seabird: (0026)+N7067U to be restored; N328LT N42GR LT028 Extra EA 300/LT [03]
canx 08Jan18 [15] N45CG N340JK SC056 Extra EA 300/SC [28]
Excalibur: (52819)+N437JS [23] N18J N105GC 0026 Game Composites GB1
Fisher R80 Tiger Moth: (TM091)+N135B [10] Gamebird [29]
Glastar: (5802)+N8968Q [17] N1221L N1193W 10072 American General AG5B [01]
Kitfox II: (423)+N93WM to be restored; canx 03Apr20 [30] N11DS N227TA 0323 Schweizer 269C-1 [28]
Kitfox Model 2: (651)+N84LJ [4] N5284F N8374F 0585E MD Helicopters 369E [30]
Kitfox S7 Super Sport: (KA13194267)+N896RA [4] N36FG N4000Y 0322FF MD Helicopters 369FF [14]
Kitfox S7 Supersport: (KA13206268)+N969KB [4] N999WG N323LL 7 Aerofab Lake LA-4-250 [28]
Meixner Cockatoo: (489)+N42WM to be restored; canx 06Sep19 [7] N237RP N9306 31-0095 Mooney M20TN [11]
Murphy Rebel: (318R)+N82KP [4] N52419 N5289V 49-3179 North American AT-6G [04]
Progressive Searey: (1MK321C)+N435RW to be restored; canx N232TK N8084V 140610 North American T-28C [28]
04Nov19 [21] N37924 N3513N 22743 Piper J3C-65 [29]
Rans S-7 Courier: (0402318)–N979EC to be restored canx 06Sep19 N35873 N28982 6638 Piper J3L-65 [03]
resd 17Jun20 not rest [18] N162K N3180Z 18-7171 Piper PA-18-150 [23]
Rans S-12XL(Airaile): (04960709)+N3117C was N3711C canx 19Mar13 N18UG N574CB 186424 Piper PA-18A-150 [31]
[21] N284TA N30061 28-7916075 Piper PA-28-161 [03]

N60NA N8272P 28-8116049 Piper PA-28-161 [28] 10 U N2RX P21000030 Cessna P210NHelena MT
N586RC N92500 2890207 Piper PA-28-181 [18] 29 U N210LA P21000838 Cessna P210RAtlanta GA
N919BB N19TF 31-7852025 Piper PA-31-350 [28] 12 U N980AM 340-0518 Cessna 340 Memphis TN
N60PL N3923W 32-870 Piper PA-32-260 [08] 02 U N572CT 3200 Cirrus SR22 Smyrna TN
N223MD N44460 32-7440154 Piper PA-32-300 [23] 10 U N577CP 3345 Cirrus SR22 Ogden UT
N956CR N1593G 3257294 Piper PA-32R-301T [28] 18 U N292DR 4102 Cirrus SR22 Houston TX
N33LM N355DA 4636732 Piper PA-46-350P [16] 06 U N2674H 3299 Ercoupe 415-C
South Boston VA
N464JF N805MA 4636752 Piper PA-46-350P [02] 17 S N42NL 109 Extra EA 300/L
Santa Monica CA
N314GF N600BR 4697357 Piper PA-46-500TP [03] 17 S N102JK 1250 Extra EA 300/L
Aledo TX
N627GB N282ST 4698111 Piper PA-46-600TP [28] 13 U N138CT 07-09-25 Flight Design CTSW
Marion NC
N758WW N45PA 4698127 Piper PA-46-600TP [28] 27 S N205HL 142 Glasflugel Libelle
Bunn NC
N63VB N635WA 4698135 Piper PA-46-600TP [09] 01 S N48594 1677 Gr Schweizer G-164A
Elton LA
N333KK N246JH 100-0084 Quest Kodiak 100 [28] 29 D N103SU 210895D Hughes 369D Laurel MS
N805RC N644MD 11410 Robinson R44 II [28] 15 U N5023L 480 Lake LA-4-200
Orlando FL
N694YK N254YK 855410 Yakovlev YAK 52 [07] 10 S N2238K 4965 Luscombe 8A Manvel TX
08 U N5758Q 3081 Mooney M20C Coeur d’Alene ID
N953RA N837TB T05010 Air Creation Tanarg [31]
01 S N3205F 680002 Mooney M20F El Monte CA
N77KC N321DX 001 Exstrom Skyranger [31]
17 U N231NK 25-0222 Mooney M20K Lafayette GA
N47JY N2026L 5183 Glastar [03]
11 U N305PE 25-0818 Mooney M20K Punta Gorda FL
N716W N459BA 00070 Icon Aircraft A5 [04]
05 U N381KH 27-0345 Mooney M20M Boise ID
N697JS N8435 7584 Pegasus Quantum 15 [10]
30 U N728VM 31-0136 Mooney M20TNHolly Ridge NC
N221WT N415RK 1068 Progressive Searey LSA [29]
21 S N4106K NAV-4-1106 Navion Navion A
Livermore CA
N896UT N46BT H2-94-5-143 RAF-2000 [07]
08 U N2554M 12-1013 Piper PA-12 Spearfish SD
N816EZ N666VV 114 Rutan Defiant [03]
03 S N4900C AI-18062 Piper PA-18-150
Juneau AK
N594CE N134BY 4177 Van’s RV-4 [09]
06 U N78329 27-2329 Piper PA-23-250
Milton FL
N93SC N8KZ 80314 Van’s RV-8 [16]
23 U N8089P 24-3337 Piper PA-24 Daytona Beach FL
N45SG N96DM 82626 Van’s RV-8 [22]
12 U N7639P 24-2851 Piper PA-24-180
Nashville TN
23 U N7875P 24-3101 Piper PA-24-250
Mt Pleasant SC
30 S N33DN 24-4896 Piper PA-24-260
Shirley NY
ACCIDENTS 18 U N6978W 28-21176 Piper PA-28-140
Tampa FL
16 U N55168 28-7305326 Piper PA-28-180
Shreveport LA
28 U N1236 30-1167 Piper PA-30 Novasota TX
Two from late November 2020 28 U N3588C 31-8052126 Piper PA-31-350
Vero Beach FL
D=destroyed S=Substantial damage U=Unknown 06 S N8178Y 32R-8029074 Piper PA-32R-301T
Windom MN
02 U N2420F 38-79A0433 Piper PA-38-112
25 S N9198P 24-4692 Piper PA-24-260 Linden NJ
Pines FL
29 S N8056N 28-25304 Piper PA-28-140 Bellefonte PA
06 U N83750 44-8107053 Piper PA-44-180T Mount Vernon IL
December 2020 19 D N662TC 468508095 Piper PA-46-310P Naples FL
26 S N6534A S60A-3071 Aerostar S-60A Peoria AZ
D=destroyed S=Substantial damage U=Unknown F=Fire
10 D N7085Z 0217 Robinson R44 Colorado City TX
03 S N82787 7AC-1434 Aeronca 7AC Elyria OH 05 U N371MP 14298 Robinson R44 II Marietta TX
03 S N28067 79-30966 Bellanca 17-30A Blaine MN 22 U N2991T 364 Aero Com 200D Millington TN
02 U N669SS 14940 Agusta AW119 MkII Philadelphia PA 24 S N2830W 4-187 SIAI-Marc S.205/22R Little Rock AR
19 U N574AM 4613 Eurocopter AS350B3 Driggs ID 17 S N5547Y 1246 SOCATA TB 10 Pembroke
29 U N916MT TC-1623 Beech 95-B55 Westfield MA Pines FL
28 U N377J TE-179 Beech 95-C55 Tahlequah OK 23 U N2522B 863 SOCATA TB-20 Nashua NH
28 U N5474D D-5064 Beech H35 Santa Ynez CA 09 U N340C 108-3340 Stinson 108-2 Fort Worth TX
30 U N36JZ E-3965 Hawker Beech G36 Caldwell NJ 03 U N57729 L-5143 Taylorcraft DCO-65 Williston FL
29 U N134BA LD-202 Beech 65-A80-8800 Alexandria MN 16 U N601ES 601-043S Aircraft CH601XL Hazelhurst MS
21 F N772BM BMX101 Wheeler Express CT Grand Prairie TX
20 U N5937G 15071437 Cessna 150K Colorado 26 S N895BT CH2-0217-2912
Springs CO Challenger II Waldron MO
19 U N49024 15281106 Cessna 152 Lumberton NJ 11 U N7094T 522 Kolb Firestar II Durham NC
06 U N4853B 15283674 Cessna 152 Angleton TX 16 U N449JP 08950644 Rans S12XL Port Isabel TX
18 U N9590A 19151 Cessna 170A Albion NE 13 D N11TG 0041 Silverlight AR-1 San Mateo FL
13 U N1297D 19873 Cessna 170A Trenton NJ 16 U N261MD 0048 Silverlight AR-1 Heber UT
22 U N4580C 25524 Cessna 170B Madisonville TN 24 S N610DJ 0959 Sonex Pecatonica IL
27 S N8311X 17248811 Cessna 172C Millbrook NY 28 U N84WG 1054 Sonex Hamilton VA
08 S N46017 17256990 Cessna 172I Dillon MT 19 S N935EK 1617 Sonex – Tailwheel Fort Worth TX
11 U N19801 17260764 Cessna 172M Dexter ME 01 U N322SL 121 Star-Lite San Antonio TX
26 D N75825 17267982 Cessna 172N Locust Grove GA 08 S N69HF 21624 Van’s RV-6 Hitchcock TX
04 S N737NB 17269536 Cessna 172N Palm Springs CA
29 U N106GT 17270199 Cessna 172N Dania Beach FL
13 S N5098E 17271711 Cessna 172N San Diego CA EXPIRED – Cancelled by FAA
31 S N949AF 17280449 Cessna 172R Hope AK
22 S N505LP 172S8546 Cessna 172S Culpeper VA
18 U N5298N 172S9244 Cessna 172S Daytona Beach FL sr: “Sale Reported” with date
10 U N1956V 172S9934 Cessna 172S Glencoe MN rp: “Registration Pending” with date
29 U N6327F 18264160 Cessna 182P Pottstown PA rev: revoked (with date where known)
09 U N4427C 16012 Cessna 195B Miami FL exp plus date: date (owner’ship) certificate expired
07 U N93024 U20604392 Cessna U206G Gambier Bay AK back: cancellation backdated to (date)
12 U N9475M 20700695 Cessna 207A Kongiganak AK
14 U N9432M 21059332 Cessna T210K Valparaiso IN Adams Balloon A-69: (243)–N825DU exp 31Aug20 [5]
21 U N2246S 21061190 Cessna 210L Midway GA Aero Vodochody L-29 Delfin: (792661)–N82601 exp 31Aug20 was in
21 U N560SL 21064702 Cessna 210N Houston TX Lone Star Flight Museum [5]

Aeronca 7AC: (7AC-4795)–N1237E exp 31Aug20 [5] V35B: (D-9776)–N711NC exp 31Aug20 [8] (D-10009)–N730SM exp
(7AC-5105)–N6439H exp 31Aug20 [8] (7AC-5665)–N2095E exp 31Aug20 [8]
31Aug20 [5] 36: (E-161)–N8092R exp 31Aug20 [28]
Champion Aeronca 7CCM: (7CCM-130)–N4564E exp 31Aug20 [8] A36: (E-1071)–N18275 rp 30Aug19 [4] (E-2561)–N8014T exp
Aeronca 7DC-CONV: (7AC-1679)–N83023 exp 31Aug20 [5] 31Aug20 w/o 08Jun19 Southold NY [5]
American Champion 7EC: (1000-2006)–N82AC exp 31Aug20 [5] 23: (M-67)–N2353Z sr 11Mar20 [11]
Champion 7ECA: (806-71)–N9131L exp 31Aug20 [5] A23-24: (MA-345)–N6134N exp canx 06Jan20 resd 24Jun20 not
Bellanca 7GCBC: (784-75)–N88405 exp 31Aug20 [10] restored [28]
(846-75)–N8732V exp 31Aug20 [5] (909-76)–N113ME exp B23: (M-1258)–N7637R exp 31Aug20 [8]
31Aug20 [5] C23: (M-2132)–N6014M exp 31Aug20 [8]
Bellanca 7KCAB: (321-72)–N68531 exp 31Aug20 [8] (322-72)–N68505 65-80: (LD-79)–N8NB exp 31Aug20 [5]
rp 05Sep19 [4] 95: (TD-199)–N83Z exp 31Aug20 [5]
American Champion 8GCBC: (462-2004)–N131PM exp 31Aug20 [5] E18S: (BA-316)–N5611D exp 31Aug20 [8]
Bellanca 8KCAB: (249-76)–N7639S exp 31Aug20 [8]
Bell 47G-2: (2254)–N470SB exp 31Aug20 [8] (2474)–N108DA exp
Aeronca 11AC: (11AC-455)–N86034 exp dealer 17Jly18 [4] 31Aug20 [5]
(11AC-784)–N9150E exp 31Aug20 [5] (11AC-842)–N337TD exp Bell 47G-3B-1: (6666)–N6252N exp 31Aug20 [8]
31Aug20 [5] (11AC-1073)–N116ET exp 31Aug20 [5] Bell 47G-5A: (25138)–N59400 exp 31Aug20 [8]
Bellanca 14-13: (1291)–N86929 exp 31Aug20 [5] Bell OH-58A: (72-21366)–N298SP exp 31Aug20 [5]
Bellanca 17-30: (30249)–N6568V exp 31Aug20 [8] Bell 206A: (242)–N4042G exp 31Aug20 [5] (605)–N9422 sr 19Mar20
Bellanca 17-30A: (75-30741)–N14728 exp 31Aug20 acc 25Jun17 address Sunderland UK once G-ONOW, UK-based [18]
Grove OK [5] (75-30755)–N4143B sr 20Mar20 [18] Bell 206B: (1232)–N683DS sr 24Mar20 [28] (1431)–N35RP exp
Aeronca 65-CA: (CA13951)–N33854 exp 31Aug20 [5] 31Jly20 [7] (5178)–N67609 sr 03Mar20 [4]
Aeronca 65-LB: (L-14841)–N34497 exp 31Aug20 Freeman Heritage Bell 222U: (47547)–N222AM exp 31Aug20 [5]
collection Kingsbury TX [5] Boeing A75N1: (75-1763)–N48784 exp 31Aug20 [8] (75-340)–N61559
Air Tractor AT-301: (301-0264)–N3652B exp 31Aug20 [5] exp 31Aug20 [8] (75-3880)–N61652 rp 03Sep19 [4]
Air Tractor AT-802A: (802A-0350)–N528MB exp 31Aug20 acc 09Aug17 (75-5733)–N4777V exp 31Aug20 [8]
Galesburg IL [8] (802A-0563)–N397AS exp 31Aug20 acc 14Aug18 Brantly B-2B: (404)–N64ZX exp 31Aug20 [8]
Northport WA [5]
Aerospatiale AS350B: (1472)–N909KP exp 31Aug20 [5] Cameron V-56: (335)–N130CB exp 31Aug20 [5] (5804)–N7506Y exp
Antonov AN-74-200: (365.470.98.956)–N462HA exp 31Aug20 [8] 31Aug20 [8]
became EK-94956 May15 then EV-331/EY-304 Cameron Z-90: (6287)–N8084E exp 31Aug20 [5]
Rockwell S-2R: (2324R)–N7900V exp canx 04Sep20 resd 16Oct20 dbr Cameron O-84: (5483)–N2183 exp 31Aug20 [5]
21Sep20 Hamilton GA [3] Cameron Z-133: (6823)–N24216 exp 31Aug20 [5]
Ayres S-2R: (2415R)–N5048X exp 31Aug20 [8]
Thrush S2R-T34: (T34-447)–N5532G exp dealer 03Nov16 w/o CESSNA
23Nov16 Paso Intl Chile on delivery [4] (T34-492)–N1003Y exp
dealer 19Aug19 exported? not built? [4] 120: (13419)–N3161N exp 31Aug20 [5]
Thrush S2R-T660: (T660P-205DC)–N829KH [4] 140: (9933)–N72750 exp 31Aug20 [8] (11483)–N77270 exp 31Aug20
(T660P-206DC)–N830KH [4] (T660P-207DC)–N831KH [4] [8]
(T660P-209DC)–N833KH [4] (T660P-210DC)–N834KH [4] 140A: (15331)–N9610A exp 31Aug20 [5]
(T660P-211DC)–N835KH [4] (T660P-212DC)–N836KH [4] 150: (17547)–N59HR exp 31Aug20 [8]
(T660P-214DC)–N838KH [4] (T660P-215DC)–N839KH [4] 150B: (15059437)–N7337X sr 11Mar20 Wentworths [11]
(T660P-216DC)–N840KH [4] (T660P-217DC)–N841KH [4] 150D: (15060685)–N5985T sr 16Mar20 [18]
(T660P-218DC)–N842KH [4] (T660P-220DC)–N847KH [4] 150F: (15062232)–N87JP exp 31Aug20 [5] (15064200)–N8100F exp
(T660P-221DC)–N844KH [4] (T660P-222DC)–N849KH [4] 31Aug20 [5]
(T660P-223DC)–N851KH [4] (T660-119)–N41022 [4] 150G: (15064773)–N4723X exp 31Aug20 [8] (15065714)–N2914J exp
(T660P-204DC)–N828KH [4] (T660P-208DC)–N832KH [4] 31Aug20 [5] (15066043)–N3343J exp 31Aug20 [5] (15066383)
(T660P-213DC)–N837KH [4] (T660P-219DC)–N846KH [4] (T660P- –N8483J exp 31Aug20 [5] (15066815)–N2915S exp 31Aug20 [5]
224DC)–N852KH [4] all these were registered to Thrush 25Apr17 150H: (15067616)–N6916S sr 05Mar20 [4] (15068830)–N23258 exp
– were they ever built or were they all exported? 31Aug20 [5]
150J: (15069718)–N51031 exp 31Oct20 owner’s request [10]
Balloon Works Firefly 7-15: (F7-1069)–N7035C exp 31Aug20 [8] (15069737)–N51060 exp 31Aug20 [8] (15070093)–N60130 exp
(F7-778)–N2560L rp 30Aug19 [4] 31Aug20 [8]
Firefly Balloons Firefly 8B-15: (F8B-2034)–N15209 rp 19Sep19 [18] 150K: (15071145)–N5645G exp 31Aug20 [8]
150L: (15072843)–N101FA exp 31Aug20 [5] (15072861)–N1561Q exp
BEECH/RAYTHEON/HAWKER/TEXTRON 31Aug20 [5] (15074638)–N7297G exp 31Aug20 [8]
(15074963)–N10671 exp 31Aug20 [5]
95-B55: (TC-557)–N3WK sr 12Aug20 acc 15Jan20 Abilene TX gear 150M: (15076087)–N66507 exp 31Aug20 [8] (15076974)–N45570 exp
collapse [14] (TC-927)–N43SS exp 31Aug20 [5] (TC-1526)–N1683W 31Jly20 [8] (15077254)–N63347 exp 31Aug20 [8] (15077268)
exp 31Aug20 [5] –N63375 exp 31Aug20 [8] (15078339)–N9391U exp 31Aug20 [5]
58: (TH-400)–N40XL exp 31Aug20 Dodsons [5] (TH-471)–N41EC exp 152: (15283303)–N48222 exp 31Aug20 [8] (15283498)–N49710 exp
31Aug20 [5] 31Aug20 [8] (15285184)–N6175Q exp 31Aug20 [8]
G58: (TH-2439)–N215GT exp 31Aug20 [5] 162: (16200187)–N6050B exp 31Aug20 [8]
58P: (TJ-60)–N4004S exp 31Aug20 Dodsons [5] 170: (18132)–N2622V exp 31Aug20 [5] (18522)–N4189V exp
35-33: (CD-118)–N1960D rp 17Sep19 [18] 31Aug20 acc 11Aug17 Axtell KS [5]
F33A: (CE-1463)–N5621Z exp 31Aug20 [8] 170A: (19752)–N5798C exp 31Aug20 [8] (20134)–N1421D exp
35: (D-268)–N111CE exp 31Aug20 [5] 31Aug20 reg to Salvage company [5]
A35: (D-1891)–N8413A rp 11Sep19 [11] 170B: (20775)–N2623D exp 31Aug20 [5] (25710)–N3066A exp
B35: (D-2532)–N357LG exp 31Aug20 [5] 31Aug20 [5]
F35: (D-4037)–N3370C sr 11Mar20 [11] (D-4140)–N3877B exp 172: (29172)–N7072A exp 31Aug20 [8] (29683)–N6483B exp 31Aug20
31Aug20 [5] w/o 09Oct19 Aberdeen SD [8] (36162)–N8362B exp 31Aug20 [5]
H35: (D-5003)–N5025B sr 14Jan20 acc 19Jly19 Madison WI gear up [4] (36269)–N8569B exp 31Aug20 [5] (36515)–N8815B exp 31Aug20
N35: (D-6734)–N880MC sr 17Mar20 [18] [5] (46247)–N172CF rp 23Sep19 [28] (46360)–N6260E exp
P35: (D-7102)–N535RS exp 31Aug20 [8] 31Aug20 [8] (46502)–N6402E exp 31Aug20 [8]
S35: (D-7906)–N8906U exp 31Aug20 [5] 172A: (47036)–N7436T sr 02Mar20 [4]

172B: (17247780)–N463RC exp 31Aug20 [8] 310Q: (310Q0955)–N69743 exp 31Aug20 [8] (310Q0957)–N234TL
172C: (17248986)–N8486X exp 31Aug20 [5] exp 31Aug20 [5]
172D: (17249562)–N2062Y exp 31Aug20 [5] (17249732)–N2432Y exp T310Q: (310Q1047)–N8108G exp 31Aug20 [5]
31Aug20 [5] (17249874)–N2574Y sr 16Jan20 [29] T310R: (310R0077)–N500AW sr 09Mar20 [11]
172E: (17251223)–N5323T rp 25Sep19 [28] 337: (337-0148)–N4765H exp 31Aug20 [8]
172F: (17251828)–N7828U exp 31Aug20 [8] T337G: (P3370276)–N91GE exp 31Aug20 [5]
172G: (17253592)–N5923R exp 31Aug20 [8] (17253746)–N6077R exp 340A: (340A0251)–N340SJ sr 05Mar20 [4] (340A0799)–N242G exp
canx 15Feb18 resd 11May20 not rest [10] (17253930)–N3761L 31Aug20 [5] (340A0914)–N2703U exp 31Oct20 [14]
exp 31Aug20 acc 22Jly19 Madras OR [5] (340A0958)–N711SD exp 31Aug20 [8] (340A1512)–N5454X exp
172H: (17255013)–N1618F exp 31Aug20 [5] (17255160)–N1765F exp 31Aug20 [8]
31Aug20 [5] (17256041)–N2841L exp 31Aug20 [5]
Cirrus SR20: (1206)–N295CD exp 31Aug20 [5]
(17256457)–N8257L exp 31Aug20 [5]
Cirrus SR22: (2453)–N215EM exp 31Aug20 [5] (2961)–N173CT exp
172K: (17257521)–N78192 sr 05Mar20 acc 24Sep19 Hillsborough
31Aug20 w/o 31Mar19 Farmington NM [5] (3778)–N972TB exp
Township NJ [4] (17257795)–N72BL exp 31Aug20 [8]
31Aug20 [5]
(17258862)–N7162G exp 31Aug20 [8]
Cirrus SR22T: (0785)–N127RP exp 31Aug20 [5] (1312)–N161WH exp
R172K: (R1722257)–N3549V rp 30Aug19 [4]
31Aug20 [5]
172M: (17261217)–N20355 exp 31Jly20 [28] (17262763)–N13453 exp
31Aug20 acc 16Feb18 Broomfield CO [5] (17266361)–N80088 exp de Havilland DHC-2: (540)–N67691 exp 31Aug20 [8] (1455)–N450LA
31Aug20 [5] (17266716)–N80725 exp 31Aug20 [5] (17266855) exp 31Aug20 [8]
–N1126U exp 31Aug20 [5] (17266892)–N1191U exp 31Aug20 [5] Diamond DA20-C1: (C0004)–N104CL exp 31Aug20 [5]
172N: (17267934)–N75765 exp 31Aug20 [8] (17270402)–N739BA sr (C0142)–N542DC exp 31Aug20 [8]
11Mar20 [11] (17270425)–N739BZ exp 31Aug20 [8] Douglas TB-26C: (44-35371)–N4818E exp 31Aug20 [8]
(17270751)–N739RT sr 16Mar20 Wentworths acc 27Oct19 Plant Douglas C-118A: (44675)–N888DG exp 31Aug20 stored Fairbanks AK
City FL [18] (17271789)–N636CX exp 31Aug20 [8] was used as test bed [5]
(17271987)–N6063E exp 31Aug20 [8] (17272485)–N5268D exp
Eagle Aircraft Eagle DW-1: (DW-1-0089-82)–N88141 exp 31Aug20 [5]
31Aug20 [8] (17273115)–N4983F exp 31Aug20 [8]
Enstrom 280C: (1049)–N122TV exp 31Aug20 [5]
172P: (17276080)–N96493 rp 08Aug19 [16]
Enstrom F-28A: (139)–N56U exp 31Aug20 [8]
172RG: (172RG0088)–N172RM sr 05Mar20 [4] (172RG0267)–N5163U
Ercoupe 415-C: (786)–N93463 sr 19Mar20 [18] (3783)–N3158H sr
exp 31Aug20 [8] (172RG1172)–N9457D exp 31Aug20 [5]
11Mar20 [11] (983)–N93660 exp 31Aug20 [5]
175: (55017)–N9217B exp 31Aug20 [5] (55109)–N9309B exp
EAA Biplane: (00001)–N7128C rp 19Sep19 [18]
31Aug20 [5]
175A: (56536)–N7036E exp 31Aug20 [8] Fairchild 24R-40: (R40-409)–N25392 exp 31Aug20 [5]
177: (17700563)–N52KK exp 31Aug20 [8] Fairchild 24R-46: (R46169)–N81269 exp dealer 17Jly18 [4]
177B: (17702381)–N11937 exp 31Aug20 [5] Funk B75L: (245)–N81115 exp 31Aug20 was in Santa Maria Museum
177RG: (177RG0746)–N1572H exp 31Aug20 w/o 11Mar20 Sterling of Flight [5]
MA [5] Funk B85C: (351)–N77721 exp 31Jly20 [28]
180: (30698)–N1189R rp 24Sep19 [28]
Glasflugel Libelle 205: (158)–N76PX exp 31Aug20 [8]
180G: (18051363)–N5466E exp 31Aug20 [8]
Glaser Dirks DG-300 Elan: (3E67)–N300GG exp 31Aug20 w/o
180H: (18051471)–N4771U exp 31Aug20 [8]
25Aug19 Wilkeson WA [5]
180J: (18052491)–N333DW sr 07Feb20 address Canada (and
Globe GC-1B: (1236)–N3243K exp 31Aug20 [5]
imported 22Dec20) [22] (18052607)–N180JJ exp 31Aug20 [5]
Universal Globe GC-1B: (3688)–N42WW exp 31Aug20 [5]
(18052741)–N7807K exp 31Aug20 reg salvage company [8]
Great Lakes 2T-1A-2: (1009)–N7GL exp 31Aug20 acc 22Oct17 Dayton
182: (33758)–N5758B sr 26Mar20 [28]
OH [8]
182A: (51246)–N5146D exp canx 07Jly17 resd 18Jun20 not rest [18]
American AA-1: (AA1-0111)–N5711L rp 05Sep19 [4]
182B: (51558)–N2258G exp 31Jly20 [9] (51743)–N2340W exp
American AA-1B: (AA1B-0009)–N6209L sr 25Mar20 [28]
31Aug20 [5]
(AA1B-0066)–N6266L exp 31Aug20 [8]
182G: (18255465)–N189CF exp 31Jly20 [28]
Grumman American AA-1B: (AA1B-0592)–N1492R exp 30Jun20 [8]
182K: (18257781)–N2581Q sr 24Mar20 [28]
Gulfstream American AA-5A: (AA5A0783)–N882F exp 31Aug20 [5]
182M: (18259800)–N91510 exp 31Aug20 [5] (18259902)–N91775 exp
Grumman American AA-5B: (AA5B-0042)–N1542R exp 31Aug20 [5]
31Aug20 [5]
(AA5B0849)–N424WB exp 31Aug20 acc 21Jan20 Tallahassee FL [5]
182P: (18262727)–N52630 exp 31Aug20 [8] (18262815)–N52746 exp
Tiger Aircraft AG-5B: (10220)–N322KL exp 31Aug20 [5]
31Aug20 [8] (18263323)–N7609G exp 31Aug20 [8]
Grumman F8F-1: (90446)–N14HP exp 30Jun20 Breckenridge Avn
182Q: (18266540)–N94938 exp 31Aug20 [5] (18267188)–N97776 exp
Museum [8]
31Aug20 [5] (18267566)–N5198N exp 31Aug20 acc 11Sep18 Page
Grumman G-73T: (J-34)–N380GB exp 31Jly20 acc 21May17 Winter
AZ [8]
Haven FL landed gear up [28]
R182: (R18202024)–N64057 exp 31Jly20 [28]
Grumman Schweizer G-164A: (1188)–N9533 exp 31Aug20 [5]
A188B: (18802136T)–N9166R exp 31Aug20 [5]
(1273)–N9806 exp 31Aug20 [5]
T188C: (T18803538T)–N2863J exp 31Aug20 acc 14Jly19 Knox IN [5]
195: (7392)–N195E exp 31Aug20 [5] Head Balloons AX7-77: (101)–N1084H sr 24Mar20 [28] (239)–N82917
210-5(205): (205-0110)–N8110Z exp 31Aug20 [5] exp 31Aug20 [5]
U206: (U2060340)–N5379X exp 31Aug20 [8] Helio H-295: (1225)–N6333V exp 31Aug20 [8] (1287)–N8208J exp
U206F: (U20602662)–N33192 exp 31Aug20 [22] 31Aug20 [5]
207: (20700187)–N1587U exp 31Aug20 [5] Helio H-395: (63-13173)–N103CM exp 31Aug20 third time it expired [5]
T210H: (T210-0320)–N9690T exp 31Aug20 [5] Schweizer 269C: (S1878)–N1675U exp 31Aug20 [5]
210L: (21059574)–N4674Q exp 31Aug20 [8] Hughes OH-6A: (67-16235)–N472SD exp 31Aug20 [8]
T210L: (21060036)–N210NY sr 27Mar20 [28] Hughes 369HS: (640613S)–N501FC exp 31Aug20 [8]
P210N: (P21000255)–N4671K exp 31Aug20 [8] (P21000309)–N920NZ
Balony Kubicek BB85Z: (1249)–N304WC exp 31Aug20 [5]
exp 31Aug20 [5]
Balony Kubicek BB100Z: (914)–N938BS exp 31Aug20 [31]
310B: (35687)–N5487A exp 31Aug20 [8]
310D: (39279)–N6979T sr 23Jan20 [5] Aerofab Lake 250: (102)–N8435H exp 31Aug20 [5]
310G: (310G0057)–N8957Z exp 31Aug20 acc 01Sep17 Broomfield CO Lake LA-4-200: (435)–N6672L sr 11Mar20 acc 03Sep19 Girdwood AK
[5] (310G0105)–N2905R exp 31Aug20 [5] [11]
310H: (310H0071)–N1071Q exp 31Aug20 [5] LET L13 Blanik: (008606)–N213TA sr 19Mar20 acc 28Oct19 Enumclaw
310I: (310I0170)–N8170M sr 12Mar20 Wentworths [11] WA [18]
310N: (310N-0098)–N4198Q exp 31Aug20 [5] Lindstrand 90A: (5066)–N676LB exp 31Aug20 [8]

Liberty Aerospace XL-2: (0127)–N657XL exp 31Aug20 [8] PA-24-250: (24-1478)–N6368P exp 31Aug20 [8] (24-1577)–N6462P sr
Lockheed C130E: (61-2365)–N307SA exp 31Aug20 [5] 30Dec19 [8] (24-3497)–N8243P exp 31Aug20 last flew 31Oct20
Luscombe 8A: (1455)–N28626 exp 31Aug20 [5] (3822)–N1095K exp after expired! [7] (24-3547)–N8294P exp 31Aug20 acc 29Jun19
31Aug20 [5] Brunswick GA [5] (24-3648)–N8389P exp 31Aug20 [5]
Silvaire Luscombe 8A: (5316)–N2589K exp 31Aug20 [5] PA-28-140: (28-20223)–N6194W exp 31Aug20 [8]
Luscombe 8D: (3487)–N72060 exp 31Aug20 [8] (28-21209)–N5500U exp 31Aug20 [8] (28-22054)–N7499R exp
Luscombe 8F: (4572)–N1845K exp 31Aug20 [5] 31Aug20 [8] (28-22296)–N8419R exp 31Aug20 [5]
(28-24432)–N6725J exp 31Aug20 [8] (28-24722)–N7367J exp
Maule M-4-210C: (1117C)–N51463 exp 31Aug20 [8] 31Aug20 [8] (28-26838)–N8263S exp 31Aug20 [5]
Maule M-5-210C: (6084C)–N62050 exp 31Jly20 [5] (6162C)–N348X (28-7225021)–N1871T exp 31Aug20 [5]
exp 31Aug20 [5] PA-28-161: (28-7716121)–N2765Q exp 31Aug20 [5]
Maule M-7-235C: (25026C)–N24VB exp 31Aug20 [5] (28-8016010)–N2973W exp 31Aug20 [5]
Maule MXT-7-180: (14070C)–N3187S exp 31Aug20 [5] PA-28-180: (28-2383)–N8240W rp 17Jly20 [28] (28-2568)–N8371W
Messerschmitt-Boelkow-Blohm BO-105C: (S110)–N460T exp exp 31Aug20 [5] (28-4851)–N6433J exp 31Aug20 w/o 17Dec17
31Aug20 [8] Reeds Spring MO [8] (28-4861)–N6443J exp 31Aug20 [8]
Messerschmitt BO105CBS: (S784)–N911BQ exp 31Aug20 [5] (28-7405003)–N56337 sr 26Mar20 [28]
Messerschmitt-Boelkow-Blohm BO-105S: (S702)–N153EH exp PA-28-181: (28-7790026)–N4384F exp 31Aug20 [5]
31Aug20 address Port Vila Vanuatu [5] (28-7990020)–N39940 exp 31Aug20 [5] (28-7990137)–N3055B
Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-21: (1109)–N6285L exp 31Aug20 was Classic exp 31Aug20 [5] (28-8590035)–N948HW exp 31Aug20 [5]
Acft Museum OR [8] PA-28-235: (28-10330)–N8784W exp 31Aug20 [5] (28-10828)
Mooney M20C: (2365)–N6583U exp 31Aug20 [8] (2828)–N7865V exp –N51338 exp 31Aug20 [8] (28-7610095)–N8890E exp 31Aug20 [5]
31Aug20 [31] (3426)–N3492X exp 31Aug20 [5] (20-1152)–N7418V PA-28R-180: (28R-30622)–N4904J exp 31Aug20 [8]
exp 31Aug20 [8] (680058)–N69ZZ exp 31Aug20 [8] (28R-30706)–N4958J rp 18Sep19 acc 24Oct19 Shelter Cove CA 2
(700041)–N9423V exp 31Jly20 [11] fatal [18] (28R-31114)–N3121R exp 31Aug20 [5]
Mooney M20E: (282)–N1995Y exp 31Aug20 [5] (1123)–N3429X exp PA-28R-200: (28R-35321)–N200NT exp 31Aug20 [5]
30Jun20 [8] (1298)–N9366M exp 31Aug20 [5] (28R-7135187)–N1994T exp 31Aug20 [5] (28R-7235277)–N1395T
Mooney M20J: (24-0301)–N201SV sr Wentworths after w/o 31Oct19 exp 31Aug20 acc 10Dec19 Miami FL [5] (28R-7635099)–N7284C
Winslow AZ gear up [10] (24-1407)–N56904 exp 31Aug20 [8] exp 31Aug20 [8]
Mooney M20K: (25-0041)–N231RS exp 31Aug20 [5] (25-0616)–N305L PA-30: (30-1129)–N8020Y exp 31Aug20 [5] (30-1833)–N888DM exp
exp 31Aug20 [5] 31Aug20 [5]
Mooney M20R: (29-0115)–N2153K exp 31Jly20 [28] PA-31: (31-156)–N827HT exp 31Aug20 [5]
PA-31-325: (31-7612015)–N59747 sr 05Mar20 [4]
Navion Navion B: (NAV-4-2161B)–N5261K exp 31Aug20 [8] (317812061)–N77DS sr 05Mar20 [4]
Navion Navion D: (NAV-4-741D)–N2524B exp 31Aug20 [5] PA-32-260: (32-7100017)–N4871S exp 31Aug20 [8]
North American Navion: (NAV-4-565)–N8600H exp 31Aug20 [5] (32-894)–N3945W exp 31Aug20 [5]
North American-Medore SNJ-4: (88-12850)–N2269U exp 31Aug20 [5] PA-32R-300: (32R-7780387)–N38127 exp 31Jly20 [29]
North American T-28B: (138294)–N5440F exp 31Aug20 acc 13Mar19 PA-32R-301: (32R-8313021)–N318JM exp 31Aug20 [19]
Compton CA struck Cessna N48962 [8] PA-32R-301T: (32R-8129104)–N84337 exp 31Aug20 [5]
Pietenpol Aircamper: (WR-2)–N17WR exp 31Aug20 [5] PA-34-200: (34-7250283)–N1293T exp 31Aug20 [5]
Pilatus PC-7: (615)–N60LT exp 31Aug20 [8] PA-34-200T: (34-7670069)–N4553X exp 31Aug20 [8]
(34-8070052)–N951GP exp 31Aug20 [5]
PIPER PA-38-112: (38-79A0509)–N2379G exp 31Aug20 [5]
PA-46-350P: (4636174)–N295S exp 31Aug20 [5] (4636605)–N629AG
J-3C: (17108)–N70130 exp 31Aug20 [8] exp 31Jly20 [10]
J3C-65: (5003)–N30635 exp 31Aug20 [5] (18708)–N98506 exp PA-46R-350T: (4692178)–N2549D exp 31Aug20 [9]
31Aug20 [5] (20018)–N3ZF exp 31Aug20 [5] (23091)–N1559N exp Pitts Special S-1C: (XP1-EH)–N8521A exp 31Aug20 [5]
31Aug20 [5] Pitts S-1E: (HB-1)–N84HB exp 31Aug20 [5]
J3F-65: (7475)–N49762 exp 31Aug20 [8] Aerotek Pitts S-2A: (2034)–N6MC exp 30Jun20 [9] (2074)–N600RF
J3L-65: (5552)–N4992N exp 30Jun20 [8] exp 31Aug20 [8]
J4A: (41183)–N30402 exp 31Aug20 [5] Aerotek Pitts S-2B: (5027)–N600DF exp dealer 22Oct14 w/o 16Aug19
PA-12: (12-730)–N6AD exp 31Aug20 [8] (12-2625)–N3675M exp New Orleans LA back 02Mar20 [9]
31Aug20 [5] (12-2997)–N4102M exp 31Aug20 [5] PDPS PZL-Bielsko SZD-55-1: (551192032)–N171DM exp 31Aug20 [5]
PA-15: (15-78)–N4195H exp 31Aug20 acc 03Jly17 Farmville VA [5]
Raven Industries Rally RX7: (RX7-396)–N27927 exp 31Aug20 [5]
PA-18-125: (18-1240)–N1602A exp 31Aug20 [5]
Aerostar RX-9: (RX9-3023)–N51027 exp 31Aug20 [8]
PA-18-135: (18-1863)–N2151A exp 31Aug20 [5] (18-2668)–N1466C
Aerostar Raven S49A: (S49A-3144)–N9066B sr 24Jly20 [18]
exp 31Aug20 [5] Raven S-50A: (S50A-207)–N51489 exp 31Aug20 [8]
PA-18-150: (18-5310)–N5886D sr 16Mar20 [18] (18-6971)–N9292Z Raven S55A: (S55A-756)–N5725M exp 31Aug20 [8]
exp 31Aug20 [5] (18-7391)–N5357X exp canx 06Mar18 resd Rearwin 9000-KR: (657)–N25452 exp 31Aug20 [5]
15Apr20 not restored [29] (18-7609149)–N329DP exp 31Aug20 Robinson R22: (2833M)–N306RL exp dealer 17Jly18 (acc 15Nov16
[5] (18-8821)–N4471Z exp 31Aug20 [8] West Chester PA) [4]
PA-20: (20-215)–N7307K exp 31Aug20 [8] (20-518)–N7696K exp Robinson R22 Alpha: (0383)–N8470V exp dealer 17Jly18 [4]
31Aug20 [8] Robinson R22 Beta: (1857)–N4073Q exp 31Aug20 [5] (2681)–N8346K
PA-20-135: (20-1032)–N8901C exp 31Aug20 [5] exp 31Aug20 [5] (3085)–N926EL exp dealer 16Jun16 [4]
PA-22-150: (22-5323)–N7619D exp 31Aug20 [8] (22-6732)–N9841D (3747)–N404TB exp 31Aug20 acc 23Sep17 Clearwater FL [5]
exp 31Aug20 [5] (22-6811)–N2818Z exp 31Aug20 [5] (3922)–N62JF exp 31Aug20 [8]
(22-7562)–N3664Z exp 31Aug20 w/o 09Aug17 Las Vegas NM [5] Robinson R44: (0485)–N440HG exp 31Aug20 [5] (1604)–N597SA exp
PA-22-160: (22-5991)–N8822D exp 31Aug20 [5] 31Aug20 [8]
PA-23-250: (27-2900)–N5771Y exp 31Aug20 [8] (27-3737)–N6436Y sr Robinson R44 II: (10335)–N879YE exp resd 02Dec20 ex YU-HFK not
24Aug20 address in Bahamas [11] (27-4001)–N66GT exp 31Aug20 registered [23] (11607)–N445AP sr 12Mar20 Arizona Air Salvage
[8] (27-7854053)–N778PA exp 30Sep20 w/o 16Oct20 off Gonzales [11] (13408)–N603AH exp 31Aug20 [9] (13628)–N883TY exp
LA cr in Gulf of Mexico [28] 31Aug20 acc 29Jun19 Parsons WV [5]
PA-24-180: (24-1703)–N6581P exp 31Aug20 [8] (24-1714)–N6592P sr Rolladen-Schneider LS-4: (4081)–N88LA sr 30Dec19 [9]
09Mar20 [11] (24-2375)–N7205P exp canx 29Mar18 resd 04Jun20 Rose Parrakeet A-1: (102)–N14842 exp 31Aug20 w/o 12Jly18 Rhome
not rest [4] TX [5]

Ryan Aeronautical ST3KR: (2085)–N54907 rp 30Aug19 [4] Cassutt CJS: (112)–N38CR exp 31Aug20 [5]
Challenger I LW: (1194 Y 0521)–N2096Q exp 31Aug20 [5]
Schleicher K 7: (7023)–N108WC exp 31Aug20 [5]
Challenger II: (CH2-0594-1150)–N492CR exp 31Aug20 [8]
Schempp-Hirth Cirrus: (39)–N3839 sr 03Mar20 [4]
(CH2-0598-1749)–N6399P exp 31Aug20 [8]
Schweizer SGS 1-26B: (310)–N691U exp 31Aug20 [8]
(CH2-0801-2125)–N485FQ exp 31Aug20 [8]
Schweizer SGU-1-19: (50)–N91826 exp 31Aug20 [5]
Christen Eagle II: (HUTCHINSON-0001)–N69VM exp 31Aug20 [8]
Sikorsky S-76A: (760205)–N80GH exp 31Aug20 [5]
Co-Z Cozy: (38)–N92VT exp 31Aug20 [5]
Smith Miniplane DSA-1: (HCP-2)–N25P exp 31Aug20 [5]
Crawford Wichawk: (JHC-2)–N29JC exp 31Aug20 [5]
SOCATA MS894A: (11031)–N1500W exp 31Aug20 [5]
Cubcrafters CC11-160: (CC11-00355)–N355WA exp 31Aug20 [5]
Stinson 108: (108-675)–N97675 exp 31Aug20 [5] (108-70)–N40140
Cubcrafters CCK-1865: (CCK-1865-0038)–N66DN exp 31Aug20 w/o
exp 31Aug20 [5]
30Jun19 Moab UT [8]
Stinson 108-3: (108-4701)–N6701M exp 31Aug20 [8] (108-4727)
Darrow AL-6: (96131)–N61262 exp 31Aug20 [8]
–N4SV exp 31Aug20 [5] (108-5176)–N4176C exp 31Aug20 [5]
Dragonfly: (843)–N103AW sr 09Mar20 [11]
Taylorcraft BC12-D: (7845)–N95545 exp 31Jly20 [28] (8416)–N96116 Europa Tri Geer: (A056XS)–N417J exp 31Aug20 [5]
rp 17Sep19 after acc 12Jun19 Conchas Dam NM [18] Evans Volksplane VP1: (1230)–N457V exp 31Aug20 [8]
Tecnam P2006T: (167/US)–N167TU exp dealer 30Apr19 bird strike Flight Design CTSW: (07-06-07)–N389CT exp 31Aug20 [5]
11Apr18 Salt Lake City UT [11] FPNA A-22 Valor: (223)–N712FP sr 27Mar20 after acc 01Jly18 Malone
Thorp MT-18: (442)–N3327 exp 31Aug20 [5] NY [28]
Gilpen CM-1823: (00100)–N9956T exp 31Aug20 [5]
WACO UBF-2: (3693)–N13428 exp 31Aug20 [5]
Glasair: (316)–N40PS exp 31Aug20 [5]
Wittman Tailwind W-8: (91)–N191AS exp 31Aug20 [28]
Glasair SH II: (658)–N658PM exp 31Aug20 [8]
Yakovlev YAK-3M: (0470104)–N529SB exp 31Aug20 [8] Glastar: (5052)–N770VM exp resd 23Jun20 not regd [28]
Yakovlev/Burdis YAK 3 UPW: (004)–N43UP exp 31Jly20 [8] (5452)–N29RW exp 31Aug20 [5]
Nanchang China CJ-6A: (532021)–N522FP exp 31Aug20 reg Bird Avn Hatz CB-1 Classic: (693)–N693W exp 31Aug20 [8]
Museum ID [8] Icon Aircraft A5-POC: (001)–N997BA exp 31Aug20 poss wfu,
prototype, still reg with Icon [5]
Aircraft Mfg & Development CH 2000: (20-1017)–N650AM exp
Interplane Skyboy LSA: (076/2003)–N9595 exp 31Aug20 [5]
31Aug20 [8] (20-1061)–N367AM exp 31Aug20 [5] (20-1063)
Javelin V6 STOL: (001)–N156ST exp 31Aug20 [5]
–N375AM exp 31Aug20 [9] (20-1064)–N376AM exp 31Aug20 [5]
Just Acft Superstol: (JA 354-02-14)–N7831H exp 31Aug20 [5]
Keller Husky Cub: (001)–N9696D exp 31Aug20 [5]
Kitfox: (212)–N1118 exp 31Aug20 [5]
Kitfox 3: (888)–N888KF sr 03Mar20 [4]
3D Robotics Solo: (S111A5705470)–N819XF exp 31Aug20 [5]
Kolb Firestar: (FS-565)–N8788M exp 31Aug20 [5]
Airbus Group VAH001: (001)–N301VX sr 04Mar20 [4] (002)–N302VX
Kolb Mark III Extra: (M3X6-1-0007)–N85500 exp 31Aug20 [5]
sr 04Mar20 [4]
Kolb Twinstar Mk II: (110)–N7010D exp 31Aug20 [8]
Airrobot AR200: (AR00477)–N153LS exp 31Aug20 [5]
Lancair Legacy 2000: (L2K-119)–N7ZW exp 31Aug20 [8]
(AR00478)–N167LS exp 31Aug20 [5]
Lockwood Aircam: (AC240)–N813PH exp 31Aug20 [5]
Arcturus UAV T-20: (T20-1111-131)–N620RE exp 31Aug20 [8]
Miller M-6: (1)–N45B exp 31Aug20 [8]
DJI Inspire 1: (W130CB14020167)–N565NR sr 03Mar20 [4]
Neal BX2-TW: (189)–N78AZ exp 31Aug20 [8]
(W13DCL07061360)–N827MC exp 31Aug20 [5]
North Wing Scout X-C: (LS9006)–N417HW exp 31Aug20 [5]
DJI Mavic Pro: (08QDE6301201PW)–N826NB exp 31Aug20 [5]
North Wing Sport X2: (LS7028)–N456NW exp 31Aug20 [8]
(O8QDE150120395)–N828GC exp 31Aug20 [5]
Pegasus Quantum 503: (7577)–N9058N exp 31Aug20 [5]
DJI Mavic 2 Pro: (163CG9KR0A1X00)–N889LJ exp resd 26Jun20 [28]
Pereira Osprey 2: (1298)–N33VR exp 31Aug20 [5]
DJI Phantom 2 P330Z: (PT645227222)–N281TM exp 31Aug20 [5]
Phantom Aeronautics Phantom: (441)–N614RB rp 18Jly19 [28]
DJI Phantom 2 Vision +: (PH645451913)–N780GG rp 24Sep19 [28]
Pietenpol Aircamper: (JV001)–N20548 sr 19Mar20 [18]
DJI Phantom 3 Profession: (P77DCJ13011209)–N819FS exp 31Aug20 [5]
Pipistrel Alpha Electro: (834 AE 60)–N723KL exp 31Aug20 was reg
DJI Phantom 4 Pro: (0AXCE4S0B31075)–N825XR exp 31Aug20 [5]
Tomorrows Aeronautical Museum CA [8]
(OAXCE4VOA30001)–N824QK exp 31Aug20 [5]
Pober Jr Ace: (79N)–N6676P exp 31Aug20 [8]
Gopro Karma: (E5112324526756)–N822RG exp 31Aug20 [5]
Progressive Searey LSA: (1105)–N777SH rp 15Jly20 [7]
Physical Sciences Instanteye MK-2 GEN3: (0030200300634)–N619TD
Progressive Searey LSX: (1LK484C)–N314ML exp 31Aug20 [5]
exp 31Aug20 [8]
Quick Air: (1)–N151QA exp 31Jly20 [16]
Skyryse Pegasus: (SRP0002)–N480SR exp 31Aug20 [8]
Quickie: (RJM-1)–N80DM exp 31Aug20 [5]
Sunlight Aerospace Sunlink-XD: (SLXD00013)–N608SL exp resd
Quickie Q-200: (001)–N202RP exp 31Aug20 [5]
16Jun20 not regd [18]
Quicksilver MX II: (1582)–N44737 exp 31Aug20 [8]
Yuneec International Q500 4K Typhoon: (YU15211864B04B01)
Quicksilver Sport II: (254)–N2628C exp 31Aug20 [5]
–N639MK sr 11Mar20 [11]
Quicksilver Sprint II: (SPRINT 0641)–N2605E exp 31Aug20 [5]
Rainbow Sky Reach Bushcat: (CH190C)–N703BC exp 31Aug20 [8]
Rans S-14: (0295082)–N50452 exp 31Aug20 [8] (0392016)–N8083E
exp 31Aug20 [5]
Replica 7/8 Nieuport 11: (00549)–N1028 exp 31Aug20 [5]
RVB Baloes E Inflaveis SS-30-KC: (MAB2014141)–N1751K exp
Rutan Long Ez: (430)–N8JE exp 31Aug20 [5]
31Aug20 [5]
Rutan Varieze: (977)–N410U exp 31Jly20 [16] (PJ0222366)–N4341P
Single exp 31Aug20 [5]
Advanced Aviation Buccaneer II: (307)–N7229L exp 31Aug20 [8] SAW-Revo: (SAW-1001)–N605AW exp 30Jun20 [8]
Aero Designs Pulsar 1: (106)–N53DR exp 31Aug20 [8] Sea & Sky Cygnet: (20136)–N128AT rp 16Apr20 [29]
Aeropro A220: (57819)–N214K sr 19Mar20 acc 27Jan20 Eastern WV Sonex: (1018)–N13MA exp 31Aug20 [5]
[18] Sopwith Pup: (ONE)–N1917P exp 31Aug20 [5]
Arion Lightning XS: (167)–N26LB exp 31Aug20 [5] Sorrell Hyperlight SNS-8: (0056)–N85DH exp 31Aug20 [5]
ASAP Beaver RX550: (BRX0167)–N95SM exp 31Aug20 [5] Stephens Akro 1: (1)–N77LW exp 31Aug20 [8]
Aviastar II: (076)–N831JA exp 31Aug20 [5] TEAM 1600R Mini-Max: (1006)–N275SF exp 31Aug20 [5]
Avid Aircraft HH C: (622)–N622AZ exp 31Aug20 [8] TEAM Minimax 1600R: (756)–N2974A exp 31Aug20 [5]
Avid Flyer: (715)–N715LK exp 31Aug20 [8] TEAM Mini-Max: (JG101)–N7031Q exp 31Aug20 [8]
Baker Scatter: (1)–N3044 exp 31Aug20 [5] Tecnam P92 Eaglet: (1139)–N911TE sr 17Mar20 [18]
BRM Aero Bristell S-LSA: (087/2014)–N587BL exp 31Aug20 w/o Trella T-21: (106)–N450C exp 31Aug20 w/o 17Jun19 Endicot NY [8]
22Dec18 Lakeland FL [8] Ultravia Pelican PL: (696)–N484S exp 31Aug20 [8]

Van’s RV‑6: (23191)–N164DC sr 20Mar20 Wentworths [18] NOV.1721 Piper PA‑44‑180: (4496295)‑N2422X became 9M‑NKZ
(60382)–N1407W exp 31Aug20 [5]
Van’s RV‑6A: (20305)–N31JS exp 31Aug20 [5] (22104)–N805BJ exp 2017
31Aug20 [5] SEP.1613 Dornier Alpha‑Jet: (0114)–N114ZA became C‑GVNY
Van’s RV‑7A: (73905)–N5972C exp 31Aug20 [8] 2018
Van’s RV‑8A: (81302)–N7736T exp 31Aug20 acc 15Feb20 Columbus APR.659 Cessna 172F: (17252324)–N8424U became RA‑67301 exp
MS [8]
SEP.1745 Fisher FP Tiger Moth 80: (TM44)–N928VS became LZ‑TGM
Velocity 173RG Elite: (DMO 285)–N173JB exp 31Aug20 [5]
NOV.2148 Sikorsky S‑76D: (761067)–N7667R became 5N‑BWO
Velocity Elite RG ST: (DMO247)–N241KW exp 31Aug20 [5]
NOV.2148 Sikorsky S‑92A: (920288)–N288NT became 5N‑BWE
WAG‑Aero Cuby: (1208)–N52539 exp 31Aug20 [8]
Wesley 600: (WG‑600‑2)–N846LA exp 31Aug20 [5] 2019
Wittman Tailwind 10: (RB 001)–N375JX exp 31Aug20 [5] OCT.1766 Sikorsky S‑76D: (761050)–N7650G became 5N‑BXA
Zenith CH‑701: (7‑3014)–N54312 exp 31Aug20 [8] OCT.1766 Sikorsky S‑76D: (761053)–N7653H became 5N‑BXB
Zodiac 601XLB: (6‑6731)–N516YD exp 31Aug20 [8]
Gyro/Rotor MAY.793 Beech V35B Bonanza: (D‑9964)–N358T became RA‑07849
Hickox Andys Gyroplane: (1263063‑1)–N152AH exp 31Aug20 w/o JUN.944 Steen Skybolt: (111)–N111PG became CX‑DUP
28Sep17 Umatilla FL [5]
JUL.1187 Agusta AW119 MkII: (14967)–N685SH became RA‑07700
Revolution MINI‑500: (104)–N501CM exp 31Aug20 [8]
AUG.1297 Cessna 177RG: (177RG0887)–N7605V became RA‑67302
Rotorway: (6329)–N8882Y exp resd 04Jun20 not registered [4]
AUG.1299 American Legend AL3: (AL‑1102)–N82EH became 23‑8840
Rotorway Exec 162F: (6504)–N26GF exp 31Aug20 [5]
SEP.1505 Cessna R182: (R18200440)–N9193C became RA‑67303
Rotorway Scorpion 133: (1344)–N1396C sr 25Mar20 [28]
SEP.1506 Globe GC‑1B: (2306)–N78306 became F‑AYES
Powered Parachute OCT.1683 Bell 206L‑3: (51566)–N521RG became ZT‑RFH
Buckeye Breeze: (16520)–N762JL exp 31Aug20 [8] OCT.1686 Sikorsky S‑76C: (760615)–N894BG became C‑GUKW
Buckeye Dream Machine: (4168)–N6550V exp 31Aug20 [8] OCT.1686 Sikorsky S‑76C: (760654)–N45003 became C‑GUKS
(6019)–N7056K exp 31Aug20 [8] OCT.1686 Sikorsky S‑76C: (760664)–N897BG became C‑GKZN
Destiny 2000: (1C0272)–N31591 exp 31Aug20 [5] OCT.1686 Sikorsky S‑76C: (760718)–N821VW became C‑GUKJ
Destiny XLT: (4C0589)–N4444U exp 31Aug20 [8] OCT.1686 Sikorsky S‑76C: (760654)–N45003 became C‑GUKS
Infinity Powered Parachute Commander: (A151 INF)–N2646A exp NOV.1685 Kaman K‑1200: (A94‑0052)–N12001 became B‑723C
31Aug20 [5] NOV.1864 PA‑46‑500TP M500: (4697671)–N500RU became
Powrachute Pegasus: (A0075PEG)–N623SV exp 31Aug20 [8] RA‑07854
(A481PEG)–N405EP exp 31Aug20 [5] NOV.1866 Sikorsky S‑76C: (760660)–N823KA became C‑GUKQ
Whately Eagle: (4975)–N2564X exp 31Aug20 [5] DEC.2065 Air Tractor AT‑802A: (802A‑0852)–N8002H became EC‑NNC
DEC.2066 Bell 407: (54883)–N881BS became JA6420
Finally, only three that were revoked long ago have been removed: DEC.2066 Bell 407: (54890)–N881CH became JA6421
Cessna 140: (13635)–N4164N exp revoked 14Nov73 w/o 19Aug72 DEC.2066 Bell 505: (65178)–N505YY became RA‑01643
Hemet CA [15] DEC.2066 Cessna 172N: (17271597)–N3583E became C‑GVOT
Fairchild 24W‑9: (111)–N97K exp deregistered 16Sep71 [15] DEC.2066 Cessna 182Q: (18265477)–N735KD became C‑GKPP
Taylorcraft BF: (8941)–N96641 exp deregistered 25Jun71 [15] DEC.2066 Cessna 182T: (18281887)–N1420D became HB‑TCT
DEC.2067 de Havilland DHC‑2: (1227)–N375RM became ZK‑AMD
DEC.2068 Quest Kodiak 100: (100‑0210)–N210KQ became F‑HNMD
UPDATES DEC.2068 Sikorsky S‑76C: (760641)–N875AL became C‑GUKU
DEC.2068 SOCATA TB 10: (981)–N25238 became C‑GUPC

2011 With thanks to Ian Burnett, Barry Collman, Alan Johnson, Steve Ozel,
NOV.1721 Piper PA‑44‑180: (4496294)‑N2320R became 9M‑NKY Colin Smith.


1. A member should not commit any act which would bring Air‑Britain into disrepute.
2. A member should not attempt to gain access to airfields or aviation‑related premises without the express
permission of the owner or administrator of the property.
3. A member should not enter or interfere with any aircraft or airfield installation without the knowledge and
permission of the owner.
4. A member should not purport to be acting on behalf of Air‑Britain without the express authority of the Board of
Trustees of Air‑Britain.
5. A member should not attempt to acquire or disseminate information which they know is subject to military or
industrial security restrictions.
6. A member should not commit any act in any country which would contravene the laws of that country or bring into
jeopardy any members of Air‑Britain resident or visiting therein.
7. A member should not pass on any information about the administration or activities of Air‑Britain which could be
of commercial value to other bodies or to the detriment of Air‑Britain.
8. A member should not abuse the advantages of Air‑Britain membership.


Ian Burnett, “Briarwood”, Swallowfield Street, Swallowfield, Berks RG7 1QX

EI‑RDK ERJ‑170‑200STD (17000343) Canx 23.12.20 to G‑CLVK.

IRELAND EI‑RDL ERJ‑170‑200STD (17000345) Canx 29.12.20 to G‑CLVN.
EI‑RDM ERJ‑170‑200STD (17000346) Canx 23.12.20 to G‑CLVT.
EI‑RJF Avro 146‑RJ85 (E2337) Canx 14.12.20 to N399AC.
Thanks to Geraldine Hickey of the IAA we can start 2021 with one of EI‑SLX ATR‑72‑202F (222) Reverted to HB‑AFL. Canx 8.12.20.
the largest sections for some time. The customary perennial airliner EI‑SOA ATR‑72‑202F (265) Canx 15.12.20 to G‑OASL.
movements are joined by a large number of light aircraft making the EJ‑IOBN ERJ‑190‑100ECJ (19000632) Canx 23.12.20 to N731TS.
pre‑Brexit move away from the UK register. Also of interest is the
vintage Snowbird EI‑GPR.
EI‑EVY B737‑8AS (40319) Reported reserved as TC‑JZV 12.20.
EI‑EVZ B737‑8AS (40316) Reported reserved as TC‑JZU 12.20.
EI‑GBI B737‑8JP (39434) Reported reserved as 9H‑CXC 12.20.
EI‑AVE PA‑18‑95 (18‑7375) A.R.Hassett & P.Morgan
EI‑GTS A320‑232 (4008) Reserved as EC‑NMY 11.20.
– Navan R24.12.20
EI‑LBR B757‑2Q8 (28167) Reserved as N751AL 12.20.
EI‑FHT B737‑8JP (40867) SMBC Aviation Capital Ireland CHANGES OF OWNERSHIP
[SE‑RRT(2),EI‑FHT,LN‑DYL] Leasing 3 Ltd R 23.12.20 EI‑DAL B737‑8AS (33718) To Celestial Aviation
EI‑GPR Noble Hardman Snowbird Mk IV (SB‑006) Trading 23 Ltd 9.12.20
P.Cattigan & J.Selman EI‑DEC A320‑214 (2217) To Wilmington Trust SP
[G‑MTXL] – (Claregalway,Co.Galway) R1.12.20 Services (Dublin) Ltd 17.12.20
EI‑GRY M.20R (29‑0045) DK Innovation Ltd – Weston 2.12.20 EI‑DPB B737‑8AS (33603) To ASL Aviation Holdings DAC 2.12.20
[G‑BVZY,OE‑KGG,OY‑ELW,G‑BVZY] EI‑DPD B737‑8AS (33623) To ASL Aviation Holdings DAC 17.12.20
EI‑GSV A320‑232 (2587) ECAF I 2587 DAC 9.12.20 EI‑GPO ATR‑72‑212A (1315) To Commuter Aircraft
[YU‑APG,VH‑VQO,F‑WWDL] Leasing 2017 I Ltd 1.12.20
EI‑GTC HR.200/120B (257) Nogaro Ltd – (Dublin) 21.12.20 EI‑GPP ATR‑72‑212A (1322) To Commuter Aircraft
[G‑GMKE,F‑GMKE] Leasing 2017 I Ltd 3.12.20
EI‑GTI ERJ‑190‑100LR (19000564) GY Aviation Lease EI‑OFM F172N (F17201988) To National Flight Centre
[B‑3209,PT‑TDT] 1707 Co Ltd (To be G‑LCAH) 21.12.20 Ltd – Weston 8.12.20
EI‑GUA B737‑490F (28888) Aircraft 23810 QC Holdings
Ltd (Poste Air Cargo) 22.12.20
EI‑GUL ATR‑72‑600F (1653) ASL Airlines Ireland Ltd
[F‑WWEX] – Dublin 16.12.20
French data takes the register to year end 2020 and comes as usual
EI‑GUY Beech 1900D (UE‑379) ACIA Aero Leasing
from DGAC sources. An interesting selection includes Globe Swift
[HB‑AEM,F‑HALS,N31525] (Ireland) Ltd 22.12.20
F‑AYES and Yak F‑AZOS as well as Quest Kodiak F‑HNMD,and Pacific‑
EI‑GUZ ICP MXP‑740 Savannah S (20‑11‑54‑0744) Funfly
based Twin Otter F‑OFUT (the former HB‑LRO). We also have an
Aerosports Ltd – Rathangan,Co.Offaly 22.12.20
identity at last for the Cessna F‑HPRE.
EI‑GVA A320‑232 (3674) Pembroke Aircraft Leasing
EI‑GVB PA‑28‑140 (28‑7325409) M.Sun & D.Conway F‑AYEF J‑3C‑90 Cub (12028) CAAL Aviation – Dijon‑Darois
[G‑BGAX,PH‑NSH] – (Dublin) 31.12.20 [D‑EPAQ,F‑GJRC,(F‑GJPR),HB‑OIR,44‑79732] 10.12.20
EI‑GVC Aerospool WT‑9 Dynamic LSA (18003) D.Conway F‑AYES Globe GC‑1B Swift (2306) B.Chauvet
[G‑LXAA] – (Claremorris,Co.Mayo) 15.12.20 [N78306,NC78306] – Chateauroux‑Villers 9.12.20
EI‑GVG Commander 112A (227) Iomys Ltd – (Dublin) 23.12.20 F‑AYZO SE.313B (1398) A.and S.Luchini – Aubenas 4.12.20
EI‑GVT A.61 Terrier 3 (B.626) N.O’Brien & F.Hopkins F‑AZOS Yak‑3UA (172612) M.Defaye – La Ferté‑Alais 22.10.20
– Kilkenny 7.12.20 [N9YK,Egyptian AF]
[G‑NTVE,LN‑TVE,SE‑ELR,(SE‑ELJ).G‑ASIE, F‑HBRG AS.350BA (2354) Rotor Trade – Valence 14.12.20
G‑35‑11,VX924] [N350NN,9M‑XFR,N350EC,JA9890]
EI‑JAM Ce.172RG (172RG0010) Mannion Automation Ltd F‑HGNU ATR‑72‑600 (1288) SAFE Capitgal 2015‑1 LLC
[G‑PARI,N4685R] – (Doughiska,Co.Galway) 22.12.20 (Regourd Aviation) – Clermnont‑Ferrand 17.12.20
EI‑LRE A321‑253NXLR (10245) Aer Lingus Ltd – Dublin 21.12.20 [2‑HOPN,F‑HOPN,F‑WWER]
[D‑AZAE] F‑HGZZ R44 Raven II (11743) Guyon Air – Avignon 14.12.20
EI‑NYE B787‑9 (38756) Celtago II Leasing Ltd (NEOS) 7.12.20 [I‑ELTT]
[LN‑LNX,G‑CJGI,(EI‑LNM)] F‑HHBR Falcon 7X (227) Dassault Falcon Jet Palair
EI‑XIN B787‑9 (38774) Quadrant MSN 38774 Ltd Leasing LLC (Dassault Aviation)
[LN‑LNT,G‑CKLZ] (NEOS) 17.12.20 [TC‑MMM,F‑WWHK] – Le Bourget 17.11.20
F‑HHTT Ce.182T (18282414) A.C.Mascaraque – Cannes 27.11.20
EI‑DAH B737‑8AS (33546) Canx 4.12.20 to N240GE. F‑HIBO Lindstrand LTL Series 1‑180 (112) Montgolfière
EI‑DAI B737‑8AS (33547) Canx 17.12.20 to N241GE. du Perigord – Sarlat 22.12.20
EI‑DAL B737‑8AS (33718) Canx 21.12.20 to N242GE. F‑HJLC DR.400/120 (2752) Les Ailes Foreziennes – Aero
EI‑FHH B737‑8FZ (31713) Canx 22.12.20 to G‑TUKC. Club d’Andrezieux Boutheon – St.Etienne
EI‑GEW A330‑203 (472) Canx 15.12.20 to 9H‑BFS. et St Galmier – St‑Etienne 3.12.20
EI‑GPK Agusta AW.139 (31545) Canx 11.12.20 to India. F‑HMOS H.369HE (89‑0105E) W Air Collection
EI‑GTG ERJ‑190‑100SR (19000548) Canx 10.12.20 to G‑LCAF. – La Ferté‑Alais 27.11.20
EI‑RDJ ERJ‑170‑200STD (17000342) Canx 23.12.20 to G‑CLVH. [G‑DIGS,G‑DIZZ,N9029F,ZK‑HJL,N9029F]

F‑HNFC Pilatus PC‑12/47E (1277) GREMAR – Valence 18.12.20 F‑HTMB Tecnam P.2006T (315) 12.20
[OO‑JCV,HB‑FVN,HB‑FQH(13)] F‑HTVS B737‑86J (37766) Transavia France – Orly 12.20
F‑HNMD Quest Kodiak 100 (100‑0210) Héli Bearn [VP‑CMV,HL8053,D‑ABME]
[N210KQ] – Tarbes‑Lourdes 23.12.20 F‑ …. AS.350B (2354) 12.20
F‑HORA DR.400/180 (2184) ACTC SXB – Nancy‑Essey 23.11.20 [N350NN,9M‑XFR,N350EC,JA9890]
[D‑EJTA(2)] F‑ …. Ce.182T (18282464) [N3655W] 12.20
F‑HOXO R44 II (14419) X‑Fly – Valenciennes 14.12.20 F‑ …. Ce.182T (18283119) [N894PT] 12.20
F‑HPHX Hawker 900XP (HA‑0186) Terralia (Valljet) F‑ …. DR.400/180 (2543) [G‑CBZK] 12.20
[G‑KLNE,N186XP] – Le Bourget 10.12.20 F‑ …. EMB‑145LR (145449) [RBAF CE‑01,PT‑SUU] 12.20
F‑HPOD Falcon 7X (217) Dassault Aviation – Le Bourget 8.12.20 F‑ …. EMB‑145LR (145480) [RBAF CE‑02,PT‑SVZ] 12.20
[VH‑CRW(5),F‑WWHD] F‑ …. G.1159 (111) 12.20
F‑HPRE FA.150K (FA1500008) B.Novau – Pontoise 1.12.20 [N900DH,N900BR,N765A,N13LB,N10LB,N815GA]
[OO‑PRL] F‑ …. TB‑30 (138) [N138KL,Fr.AF] 12.20
F‑OFUT DHC‑6‑300 (523) Zimex Aviation AG (Air
Caledonie International) – Wallis‑Hihifo 2.11.20 MODEL AND UAV REGISTER
F‑DALL BB Jodel (0506) P.Nadal 4.12.20
F‑ORLB ATR‑42‑500 (1605) ASAP 20209 (Air St Pierre
F‑DCAD CNIM Diridrone – .20
[F‑WWLZ] SAS) – St‑Pierre et Miquelon 11.12.20
(Dirigible airship drone, currently being trialled
F‑OTIB A320‑271N (10049) Niaouli (Air Caledonie
as a helicopter replacement for power line
[F‑WWIR] International – Noumea‑Tontouta 22.12.20
F‑PJAZ Dyn’Aero MCR‑4S 2002 (176) P.Konecki
– Vendée Air Park 4.12.20
F‑PXXE Deramecourt 2000 (02) C.Ravel
– St‑Martin‑de‑Londres 2.12.20 CANCELLATIONS
F‑CHHQ Ventus 2a (26) P.Delobel – Habere‑Poche 4.11.20 The following accidents are known:
[HB‑3194] 12IT Fly Synthesis Storch – DBR after overturning on landing
F‑CHSD Jonker JS‑MD3 (3.MD078) SDAviation at Granville airfield on 8.12.20.
– La Roche‑s‑Yon 26.5.20
F‑CHSH Janus Ce (303) Association Aéronautique REGISTER NOTES
[D‑9395] La Llagonne – La Llagonne 2.7.20 52GL Rans S‑6ES XL Coyote II (11961066XL) c/n confirmed.
F‑CKDE ASK‑13 (13429) Centre Velivole de L’Eure Canx 15.6.17 to OO‑I22.
[D‑2137] – Bailleau 29.12.20
[G‑SLMG,N267JP] – St.Hubert 4.12.20 ABN 12/20 F‑AYSA SA.341F2 Gazelle – correct c/n should be 1353.
F‑COPI ASK‑13 (13134) Y.Melou and Ptnrs – Beynes 19.11.20
F‑AYAS Aeronca 11AC‑S (11AC‑S‑50) Canx 10.12.20.
F‑BRSV Bellanca 17‑30 (30051) Canx 17.11.20. Our survey takes in all three countries – while Luxembourg information
F‑BRZE DR.315 (450) DBR on a touch‑and‑go at Marmande on is now difficult to obtain, we nonetheless have another comprehensive
10.11.19. Canx 18.11.20. Belgian update thanks again to Bob Rongé of the Aviation Society of
F‑GBVN DR.400/180 (1408) Canx 11.12.20 to G‑GBVN. Antwerp. The Harvard OO‑MHL was swapped by Eric Vormezeele with
F‑GCAF Falcon 900EX (237) Canx 30.12.20 to Canada. the Brussels Museum for a Netherlands AF airframe in the late
F‑GHVQ SE.313B (1398) Re‑regd F‑AYZO. Canx 4.12.20. eighties. It was stored for several years but is now being restored. The
F‑GLZK A340‑313X (207) Canx 16.10.20 to YA‑WTA. cancellations continue with many non‑active homebuilts and
F‑GXDB CAP.232 (33) Canx 25.11.20 to G‑XCAP. ultralights. We complete our survey with a brief look at Dutch changes
F‑HECR Falcon 7X (116) Canx 22.12.20 to N4CE. for 11.20 thanks to Airnieuws.
F‑HPCE Falcon 7X (266) Canx 22.12.20 to N266FJ.
F‑HPOD Falcon 7X (217) Canx 18.12.20 to N479W. NEW REGISTRATIONS
F‑HUFD EC.225LP (2897) Canx 7.12.20 to F‑ZAJB (CEV). LX‑FLI Pilatus PC‑12/47E (2060) Jetfly – Luxembourg 12.20
F‑HUFG EC.225LP (2932) Canx 7.12.20 to F‑ZAJC (CEV). [HB‑FRA(21)]
F‑HUGN Agusta AW.139 (31398) Canx 8.4.20 to D2‑BFE. LX‑KAY Beech B200GT (BY‑382) .20
F‑HVGT Aerospool WT‑9 Dynamic LSA (DY‑473/2013) Canx 26.11.20. OO‑BYR(2) Cameron A‑340HL (12385) Atlantic Ballooning
F‑OVEA DHC‑6‑400 (859) Canx 23.11.20. – Destelbergen 2.12.20
F‑CCST Carmam M100S (31) Canx 15.1.20. OO‑JDH Ce.172S (172S11048) De Hertog Juweeldesign
F‑CGAQ H‑36 Dimona (36226) Canx 22.6.20. [G‑OARS,N90042] – Antwerp 16.12.20
F‑CGNI Centrair 101A Pégase (101A0258) Canx 1.12.20. OO‑MHL North American AT‑6C Harvard IIA (88‑9728)
F‑CHKA Centrair 101A Pégase (101A0408) Canx 12.8.20. – F.Vormezeele – Brasschaat 30.11.20
The following accidents are also known: [RBAF H‑39,EX292,SAAF7182,EX292,41‑33265]
F‑HJAF EC.135T1 (0044) w/o during a training exercise in OO‑TSE M.20K (25‑1134) S.Lammens – Antwerp 18.12.20
mountainous terrain at Bonvillard, French Alps on 8.12.20. [G‑CERT]
OO‑WET Lake LA.4‑200 (1106) Belgian Seaplane Club
REGISTER NOTES ASBL – Gosselies 21.12.20
F‑OLOV A340‑313 (668) Canx 20.2.19. Became F‑WTBJ with Azur [G‑VWET,D‑EARS,G‑VWET,D‑EARS,N8523J]
Aviation 12.20. OO‑XSP Sonaca Aircraft S201 Trainer Pro (028) Sonaca
F‑WRUR Yak‑52 (878107) ex RA‑1474K,RA‑01474. Now confirmed. Aircraft SA – Temploux (To be ES‑ESP) 3.12.20
F‑WRUX Yak‑52 (867012) ex RA‑3418K. Now confirmed. OO‑XSQ Sonaca Aircraft S201 Trainer Pro (029) Sonaca
Aircraft SA – Temploux (To be ES‑ESR) 15.12.20
KNOWN IMPORTS/RESERVATIONS OO‑I23 Skyranger Nynja (19090291) Aviastock
F‑HGYM EMB‑145LR (145548) Amelia 12.20 – Goetsenhoven 3.12.20
[RBAF CE‑04,PT‑SZL] PH‑BVV B777‑300ER (66888) KLM NV – Schiphol 12.20
F‑HSPR Sonaca Aircraft S201 Trainer Pro (030) .20R PH‑DED Cameron Z‑105 (10999) 27.11.20

Sonaca S201 Trainer Pro OO-XSQ [029], destined for Estonia as ES-ESR, at Temploux on 1 December 2020. (Bob Rongé)

PH-LJU Van’s RV-7 (74876) 30.11.20 prop and instruments were used in another project from
PH-MAV Vulcanair P.68C (455) Miramap Aviation BV the same owner – the Pigo-1 – a machine that never flew.
[D-GFLY] – Budel 9.11.20 Canx 6.11.20.
PH-NLX Pipistrel Velis Electro (VSW1280011) Test Living OO-119 Marco J5 (05) CofA exp 17.1.95. Canx 6.11.20 as WFU.
Lab Electric Flight NLR 27.11.20 OO-121 Air Commander 532 Elite Gyro (646) w/o in a fatal crash
PH-SWT Thunder AX6-56 Bolt (328) R13.11.20 at Saint Hubert on 7.6.89 just one day after its
PH-VFD PA-28-161 (28-8016229) 16.11.20 registration on the Belgian register. Canx 6.11.20.
[G-BJSV,PH-VZL,(OO-HLM),N35787] OO-122 Murphy Renegade Spirit (0292) Damaged in a forced
PH-VRH Murphy Rebel Elite (E-679) Base Midden Zeeland 4.11.20 landing near Leopoldsburg on 12.08.91. Later restored to
static condition and preserved/on display in the “Vliegend
Luxembourg (LX) Museum Seppe” at Seppe, Holland. Canx 10.11.20.
CANCELLATIONS OO-125 Rand Robinson KR-2 (001) Always stgored and never
LX-FFL Falcon 900B (106) Canx to RP-C9968 11.20. flown as the owner did not follow the Belgian CAA
requirements during the construction. Noted at Kiewit
Belgium (OO) on 16.5.93 but never seen afterwards again. Canx
OO-129 CFM Streak Shadow (K156-SA) CofA exp 14.5.96. Canx
OO-BLR(2) Kubicek BB51Z (1015) Canx 5.11.20 to Netherlands.
OO-JCV Pilatus PC-12/47E (1277) Canx 2.12.20 to F-HNFC.
OO-134 Rans S.10 Sakota (0892145) Re-regd OO-E34 24.11.03.
OO-RTK AA-5A Cheetah (AA5A-0766) Canx 12.11.20 to LN-RTK.
Canx 10.11.20.
OO-SSD A319-112 (1102) Canx 1.12.20 to OE-ISI.
OO-22 Jodel D.9 Bébé (386) w/o in a force landing at Poederlee OO-789 Dynali Chickinox BI Tandem (AAC-00) WFU in 2009. Canx
on 3.5.89. Remains stored at the owner’s house for 19.11.20.
several years – current status unknown since owner OO-918 Dynali Chickinox BI (31111598) Sold as 59XC and w/o at
passed away. Canx 3.11.20. Sterpenich on 14.6.99. Canx 19.11.20.
OO-66 Evans VP-1 Volksplane (V-2574) CofA exp 17.5.95. OO-996 Weedhopper AX2-503 (0102821) Canx 19.11.20 as WFU.
Reported still stored. Canx 3.11.20 as WFU. OO-B39 CFM Shadow C-D (K216) Became 59DAZ 5.10. Canx
OO-69 Tipsy T.66 Nipper Mk.IL (29) Still stored in a truck at the 19.11.20.
owner’s house. Officially regd as G-BWHR with c/n OO-C90 TEAM Minimax 1600 (967) Damaged in a storm in 2003
PFA/25-12843 27.2.01. Canx 3.11.20. and later burnt by the owner. Canx 23.11.20.
OO-70 Monnett Monerai P (190) CofA exp 24.6.90. Canx 3.11.20 OO-D25 B&F Technik FK9 Mark 3 (134) Became 38SA some time
as WFU. ago. Canx 23.11.20.
OO-72 Monnett Monerai S (265) CofA exp 29.6.90. Canx 3.11.20 OO-D42 Rans/Confluence S.6ES Coyote II (11001400) Became
as WFU. 86GE some time ago. Canx 24.11.20.
OO-83 Evans VP-2 Volksplane (3730) CofA exp 14.3.85. Canx OO-E19 Murphy/LimAir Renegade Spirit (664) Damaged at
3.11.20 as WFU. Zwartberg on 6.4.07. Canx 24.11.20.
OO-96 Mignet HM.293A Pou-du-Ciel (B-001) w/o at Recogne on OO-E57 B&F Technik FK9 Mark 3 Paraplegic (232) w/o in an
14.8.99 – remains stored with a Belgian “Mignet-freak”! accident at Prinardo, Italy on 8.7.10. Canx 27.11.20.
Canx 3.11.20. OO-E72 B&F Technik FK.14 Polaris (14-048) w/o in a fatal crash at
OO-100 Mass 302 (001) Canx 3.11.20 as WFU. Mègève, France on 6.4.17. Canx 27.11.20.
OO-102 Rutan Model-31 Vari-Eze (1434) CofA exp 13.11.98. Canx OO-G51 Flight Design CT2K (99-12-04-78) Damaged in a hard
4.11.20. landing at Goetsenhoven in 3.11. Canx 8.11.20 to
OO-106 Colomban MC-15 Cri-Cri (163) CofA exp 31.10.90. Canx Hungary.
5.11.20. OO-H85 Air Création Tanarg 912ES/iXess 13 (T07059) Canx
OO-107 SCWAL 101 ATL (001) Canx 6.11.20 as WFU. 24.11.20 to France.
OO-111 Grinvalds G.802 Orion (80/014) Still stored intact in the OO-1HH Niviuk Link – Canx 13.11.20.
owner’s private hangar at Antwerp Airport – last flight OO-1MZ Swing Mistral Twin 38 – Canx 24.11.20.
was in 9.90. Canx 6.11.20 as WFU. OO-2JF ITV Bulldog – Canx 17.11.20.
OO-118 Jean Pissoort JP-II (01) CofA exp 5.11.92. Donated to the OO-2LC Niviuk R-Bus – Canx 5.11.20.
Brussels Air Museum in 1999. Parts including engine, OO-2RI Adventure Smart – Canx 26.11.20.

OO-1BW Dudek Nucléon (P-05393) (Canx 26.1.18) R26.11.20 CANCELLATIONS
OO-2FK ITV Boxer (2K15-M-167) (Canx 27.3.17) R19.11.20 PH-CZD Pilatus PC-12/47E (1004) Canx 18.11.20 to ZS-CON(2).
OO-2XN ITV Bulldog 38 (2K20-38-067) 3.11.20 PH-GSZ Dyn’Aero MCR-01 Sportster (161) Canx 20.11.20 to G-CLYY.
OO-2XO Dudek Hadron (P-210061) 3.11.20 PH-HSL Cameron V-77 (2495) CofA expired more than 1 year.
OO-2XP ITV Billy S (2K14-S-1129) 3.11.20 Canx 18.11.20.
OO-2XQ Bruce Goldsmith Design Magic Motor PH-LLU PA-34-200 (34-7450185) Canx 30.11.20 to USA.
(BG0828026A) 6.11.20 PH-RCF F172N (F17202034) Canx 6.11.20 to Germany.
OO-2XR Ozone Roadster (RD322-T-32A-066) 9.11.20 PH-TTC Ce.172R (172815845) Canx 25.11.20 to G-CLVB.
OO-2XS ITV Bulldog (2K12-38-572) 12.11.20 PH-VIR Pipistrel Virus VSA121 (VSW1210007) Canx 12.20 to
OO-2XT Niviuk Qubik-23 (OI550193) 12.11.20 G-OVIR.
OO-2XU ITV Piper 25 (2K19-25-358) 16.11.20 PH-1586 ASW-20L (20385) Canx to C-GXCB(3) 12.20.
OO-2XV Bruce Goldsmith Design Magic Motor
OO-2XW Sol Flexus M (22892) 23.11.20 ABN 12/20 LX-BIM Cameron C-70 (10952) CofA exp in 2017. Canx
OO-2XX Ozone Spyder 3.26 (SD326-U-45-B-046) 26.11.20 13.10.20 to OO-BIR(2).
PH-PVZ R66 (0638) Canx 4.11.20 to G-TLMI.
OO-GUY(4) PA-22-108 (22-8822) G.Wauters – Grimbergen 7.7.20R
OO-MDB(2) Boeing Stearman N2S-3 (75-7935) H.De Boer
[N75546,BuA38314] – Zwartberg 27.8.19R
(Reported to remain US-regd)
OO-XSR Sonaca Aircraft S201 Trainer Pro (030) Sonaca A short consolidation section dealing with recent known changes
Aircraft SA – Temploux (To be F-HSPR) .20R following our large update last month.

The following reservations remained NTU and are now known to have NEW REGISTRATIONS
been canx as follows: D-E… AA-5B (AA5B-1155) [G-BOZZ,N4530N] 12.20
(OO-ALK) R66 (0861) – Reserved 18.1.18 for Deblaere – Wevelgem. D-E… Beech A36 (E-1677) [G-ZLOJ,ZS-LOJ,N6748J] 12.20
Became N42LK 10.5.18. D-E… CSA PS-28 Cruiser (C-0506) [G-DTFT] 12.20
(OO-EYE) Cirrus SR20 (1016) Reserved 13.9.11 for E.Preat and D-E… F172N (F17202034) [PH-RCF,H-AYO(3)] 11.20
E.Heymans – Wevelgem. Operated by the Belgian D-E… Ce.T210N (21064162) [G-EENO,D-EENO,N5321Y] 12.20
owners as N102CD since 2012. D-E… Cirrus SR20 (1546) [G-OSPY,N81706] 12.20
(OO-GGV) Cirrus SR22 (3421) Reserved 20.7.16 for Fintan IT – D-E… HR.100/210 (149) [G-HRIO,F-BTZR] 12.20
Antwerp. Remained as N250CK based at Antwerp. D-E… HR.100/210 (163) 12.20
(OO-JMB(2)) JMB Aircraft VL-3 Evolution (VL-3-281) Noted at Aero [G-MPWI,F-GBTY,F-ODFA,F-BUPD]
2018 at Friedrichshafen. D-E… PA-12 (12-558) [SE-BEK,HB-OOD,OO-SCD] 12.20
(OO-JMB(3)) JMB Aircraft VL-3 Evolution (VL-3-325) Noted at Aero D-E… TB-10 (625) [SE-MLV,G-TOBA,N600N] 12.20
2019 at Friedrichshafen. D-E… TB-20 (1821) [G-XXTB,G-KPTT,F-GRBI] 12.20
(OO-LOR) Robin R.2160 (113) ex F-GAXB. Reserved for J-M. D-FKJM Pilatus PC-12/47E (2049) [HB-FQP(22)] 11.20
Lorange 9.10.03 but remained as F-GAXB. D-K… Janus cM (35) [G-BXJS,OH-819] 12.20
(OO-SLY) Falcon 7X (271) ex F-HCMR,F-WWUH. Reserved 5.8.16 D-…. Janus C (111) 11.20
for Abelag Aviation and noted as OO-SLY in the USA [SE-UUB,BGA2723,BGA4168,RAFGSA R1,
15.8.16. Became F-HCMR for ferry to France, and later BGA2723/EJM,D-7013]
became OO-GPP.
REGISTER NOTES D-AAED(2) A330-343 (1124) Canx to M-EKSL 12.20.
OO-BOB(4) UltraMagic M-77 (77/189) Regd to G.Peisman – St-Niklaas. D-AAER A321-211 (7311) Canx to B-321R 12.20.
OO-HER Ce.172M (17263034) Sold to Romania. Left Wevelgem on D-AAET A321-211 (7358) Canx to B-321T 12.20.
delivery to Baneasa 31.10.20. D-AJOY CL-600-2B19 (8069) Canx to 9H-DOM 12.20.
OO-NZA FRA-150M (FRA1500336) Left Ostend on a trailer to D-ALCB MD-11F (48782) Canx to N263UP 12.20.
Poland on 30.7.20. D-AMGL BAe.146-200 (E2055) Canx to N480NA 12.20.
OO-WVS Ce.172N (17269394) Sold to Spain. Left Wevelgem 6.11.20 D-ATYH B737-8K5 (38097) Reserved as G-TUKM 1.21.
and later noted at Tenerife North. Allocated EC-NNA. D-BMVV Falcon 2000Easy (42) Canx to N360FC 12.20.
OO-XSN Sonaca S201 (027) To become TC-UUN. D-EAMB(2) BO.208C Junior (597) Canx to G-JUNR 11.20.
OO-I22 Rans S-6ES XL Coyote II (11961066XL) ex 52GL (Canx in D-EAWW(2) PA-28R-201 (28R-7837199) Canx to G-CLRW 12.20.
France 15.6.17). Regd to Y.Stout – Zoersel 10.11.20. D-EIAR DR.250/160 (98) Canx to G-EIAR 12.20.
D-EXJF Extra NG (NG009) Dream Aviation (c/o J.& F. Goossens) – D-EJDK Ce.P210N (P21000808) Canx to G-SMBA 12.20.
Wevelgem. D-EKCC(3) PA-46-350P (4636327) Canx to G-LAPW 12.20.
F-PJKV Paumier MP-21 Baladin (01) T.De Moor. Stored at the D-EPAQ J-3C-90 Cub (12028) Canx to F-AYEF 12.20.
owner’s home since 13.8.14. D-FLAT Pilatus PC-12/47E (1487) Canx to N831MP 12.20.
F-PRSV Stampe SV-4C (1018) ex (F-AZSV),F-BDKQ,CN-TUI,F-BDKQ D-IBAK(4) Ce.525 (525-0499) Canx to CS-DEY 9.20.
– sold by Y. Dumortier to a French owner in 2007 – still D-IGBB Beech 58P (TJ-193) Canx to N98BB 12.20.
under restoration. D-IRKV Beech C90A (LJ-2173) Canx to N273RK 12.20.
59CFZ Zenair CH.601 Zodiac – force landing near Maillen on
D-KURS Sportavia-Pützer RF-5 (5036) Canx to OH-1037 7.20.
D-0145 ASK-13 (13134) Canx to F-COPI 11.20.
I-A708 Flight Design CTSW (07-08-25) ex T7-MAK(1). Owner is
D-2137 ASK-13 (13429) Canx to F-CKDE 12.20.
T.Delaval – Keiheuvel.
D-7879 LS-3a (3084) Canx to G-CLVA 11.20.
N77EN PA-28RT-201T (28R-8231030) Dhr. Huining – new owner
D-9395 Janus Ce (303) Canx to F-CHSH 7.20.
and remains based at Antwerp.
N147WM Maule MX-7-160 (19044C) Reported sold in Lithuania The following accidents are also known:
recently. D-EGIR(2) F172M (F17201360) w/o near Pegnitz while en-route
OK-WUS 12 Aerospool WT9 Dynamic – Damaged in an accident at Landshut to Kulmbach on 23.12.20.
Saint Ghislain – repaired by the constructor and active D-EHRF(2) Ce.172N (17272487) w/o at Flammersfeld near Bonn-
again from Wevelgem. Hangelar on 8.12.20.

D‑HTAT Guimbal Cabri G2 (1048) DBR during training at Speyer Finland (OH)
airfield on 8.12.20.
OH‑LVA A319‑112 (1073) Ferried to Kemble for part‑out 1.12.20.
D‑ESCE(2) Ce.T210R (21064969) Now known to be ex V5‑EEC, thus
Denmark (OY)
full PI is V5‑EEC,ZS‑PYS,N766DP,N7584U.
ADDITIONS AND AMENDMENTS OY‑ATF(2) DHC‑1 Chipmunk Mk.22 (C1/0256) Canx 16.12.20 to
ABN 12/20 D‑EVDC PA‑28R‑200 (28R‑7135126) Canx 17.8.20 to France.
I‑JAVA. OY‑HLP R44 Clipper II (10191) Canx 11.12.20 to SE‑JVZ.
OY‑HLV EC.175B (5008) Canx 22.12.20 to G‑NHVG.
OY‑HPV EC.175B (5026) Canx 22.12.20 to G‑NHVJ.
OY‑LLE Aero Designs Pulsar XP 912 (96/03‑474) Canx 22.12.20 to
OY‑TWO(2) Pilatus PC‑24 (133) Canx 1.12.20 to LX‑VGF.
OY‑XZX Ventus 2cT (98/285) Canx 22.12.20 to Germany.
We start with a few recent confirmed Finnish additions before listing OY‑YCY DHC‑8‑402 (4184) Canx 11.12.20 to PNG.
a remarkably large number of Danish changes thanks again to Lars
Finken,as well as a similar number of items to record in Sweden. REGISTER NOTES
OY‑ALN(2) DH.82A Tiger Moth (85593) Fully regd 2.12.20.
NEW REGISTRATIONS OY‑JGM J‑3F‑65 Cub (9059) Fully regd 2.12.20.
OH‑HYI R44 Raven II (13160) Lillbacka Powerco Oy
OH‑KBA Pilatus PC‑12/47E (2043) Kitzbühl Airways GmbH
[HB‑FQJ(22)] (Hendell Aviation Oy) – Vantaa 18.11.20 NEW REGISTRATIONS
OH‑KML Cirrus SR20 (1763) KML Aviation Oy – Kuopio 17.12.20 OY‑9977 Blackwing BW 600RG (014) [SE‑V14] 11.20
OY‑ASA(2) B737‑405 (24644) Airseven A/S – Roskilde 3.12.20T Sweden (SE)
OY‑ASB(2) B737‑430 (27007) Airseven A/S – Roskilde 3.12.20T SE‑BEK PA‑12 (12‑558) Canx 8.12.20 to Germany.
[YR‑BAS,HS‑TGC,N290PL,I‑AIMR,D‑AGMR, SE‑GVA PA‑28R‑201 (28R‑7837027) Canx 1.12.20 to Ukraine.
HA‑LEU,D‑AGMR,TC‑SUS,D‑ABKL] SE‑KBH TB‑9 (887) CofA exp 15.8.11. Canx 8.12.20 as scrapped.
OY‑CCH(2) CL‑600‑2B16 (5765) 22.12.20T SE‑LEB F.27‑050 (20120) Canx 17.12.20 to Kenya.
[M‑ASHI,VQ‑BDG,C‑FYTZ,N605FH,C‑FUAU] SE‑LPU BAe ATP (2060) CofA exp 14.6.16. WFU at Coventry. Canx
OY‑CGN(2) DC‑9‑82 (49901) Danish Air Transport – Billund 4.12.20T 8.12.20 as scrapped.
[I‑SMER,N6202S] SE‑MIU Ce T206H (T20608855) Canx 11.12.20 to Poland.
OY‑CUF ATR‑72‑212A (664) 10.12.20T SE‑MLV TB‑10 (625) Canx 29.12.20 to Germany.
[HB‑ACC,(OY‑CUF),I‑ADCD,D‑ANFJ,F‑WWEO] SE‑RGX Ce.525 (525‑0502) Canx 17.12.20 to OE‑FLI.
OY‑HHU EC.175B (5046) [G‑MCSM] 22.12.20 SE‑RJR B737‑76N (33420) Canx 16.12.20 to 2‑ACSM.
OY‑HHY EC.175B (5022) [G‑MCSE] 22.12.20 SE‑RRT B737‑8JP (40867) Canx 23.12.20 to EI‑FHT.
OY‑HHZ EC.175B (5038) [G‑CLTB] 22.12.20 SE‑THK Bergfalke III (5637) CofA exp 1.5.15. Canx 3.12.20 to Poland.
OY‑RAD(2) Falcon 8X (478) [F‑WWQQ] 21.12.20 SE‑ZHM Kubicek BB‑PNEU SS (053) CofA exp 31.8.00. Canx 2.12.20
OY‑YBA DHC‑8‑402 (4175) 18.12.20 to USA.
[2‑SEPB,ZS‑YBZ,HB‑JQB,C‑FMKK(2)] SE‑ZMN Cameron Z‑140 (11490) Canx 2.12.20 to USA.
OY‑ … Progressive Aerodyne Searey (DK385C) 10.20
SE‑GME F177RG (F177RG0143) SylBer Aviation HB The following Alouettes formerly displayed at the Aeroseum, Göteborg‑
[N177LP,SE‑GME] – Bromma R22.12.20 Säve were transferred to the Alouette Museum at Barneveld,
SE‑JSL BK.117D‑3 (21013) Nova Capital Helicopters Netherlands in 11.20:
Two Ltd (Babcock Scandinavian SE‑JCR SE.3160 (1208) ex A‑208.
Air Ambulance AB) 23.12.20 – SE.3160 (1350) ex A‑350.
SE‑JTT R44 Raven I (2597) GCC Capital AB SE‑JEK SE.3160 (1494) ex A‑494.
(Scandinavian Osterberg Helicopter – SE.3160 (1495) ex A‑495.
[ES‑SSS] Center AB) – Västerås 18.12.20 SE‑JEL SE.3160 (1500) ex A‑500.
SE‑JVZ R44 Clipper II (10191) NP Sweden Holding
Group AB (Scandinavian Osterberg Helicopter Iceland (TF)
[OY‑HLP] Center AB) – Västerås 16.12.20 CANCELLATIONS
SE‑LXP Yak‑52 (822508) 14.12.20 TF‑LLX B757‑256 (29311) Reserved as N818NH 12.20.
(TUIfly Nordic AB) – Arlanda 22.12.20 ABN 7/20 SE‑V11 Blackwing BW600RG (011) Canx 8.6.20 to
SE‑RFN B737‑8K5 (38107) Bank of Utah (TUIfly Nordic ABN 12/20 SE‑JTM R44 Raven II (13160) Canx 26.11.20 to OH‑HYI.
[G‑TAWH,C‑GQWH(2), AB)– Arlanda 29.12.20 SE‑KFF Ce.U206F (U20601942) Canx 30.11.20 to
SE‑RUC A320‑251N (10051) Adhan Aircraft Leasing 3
[D‑AVVD] Ltd (SAS Sverige AB) – Arlanda 18.12.20


LN‑LNX B787‑9 (38756) Canx to EI‑NYE 12.20. A large section from the region this time featuring Estonia, Lithuania,
LN‑RAC(2) CSA PS‑28 Cruiser (C0422) Canx to OM‑SCN 12.20. Bulgaria (from the latest official listing), the Czech Republic and
LN‑RCZ B737‑883 (30197) Canx to N763PB 12.20. Slovakia (with another welcome ultralight listing thanks to Bob Sage).
LN‑RPO B737‑883 (30467) Canx 11.20 to N738TK. We also have snippets from elsewhere – notably Poland as well as
LN‑RPR B737‑883 (30468) Canx 12.10 to N707HP. Romania (thanks to Steve Ozel).

NEW REGISTRATIONS OM-ZMI Tomark Viper SD-4 RTC (32911) Mgr Zuzana
ES-ESP Sonaca Aircraft S201 Trainer Pro (028) .20R Jirsakova – Fly in the Sky (Future Fly s.r.o.) 11.20
[OO-XSP] OM-0339 Centrair 101A Pegase (101A0339) P.Manka R11.20
ES-ESR Sonaca Aircraft S201 Trainer Pro (029) .20R [F-CGOT]
[OO-XSQ] SP-ZIW Pilatus PC-12/47E (1904) [G-LBHA,HB-FQH(21)] 12.20
ES-… CL-600-2C10 (10014) 11.20 SP-… Beech 1900D (UE-25) [N83413,N834CA] 12.20
[2-SAAZ,S5-AAZ,D-ACPC,C-GISW] SP-… Bell 429 (57412) [C-GHES] 12.20
HA-… PA-28R-201T (28R-7703212) [G-BFDO,N38396] 11.20 SP-… Ce.152 (15280189) [N184AK] 12.20
HA-… PA-32R-301T (3257033) [ZS-OFH,N92929] 11.20 SP-… Ce.T206H (T20608855) 12.20
LY-BGP Yak-52 (877712) Base Magdeburg,Germany .20 [SE-MIU,SP-OPM,N6212Q]
[SP-YUH(2) RA-3620K,UR-BLU,DOSAAF 69] SP-… Cirrus SF50 (0014) [2-AUER] 11.20
LY-BHB B737-86N (28686) Carlyle Aviation Partners 7.20 SP-… Hawker 400XP (RK-512) 12.20
[HL7559,N1786B] [N408LH,YV564T,N408LH,CS-DMQ,N37339]
LY-DYN Aerospool WT-9 Dynamic – .20 SP-4… Bergfalke III (5637) [SE-THK] 12.20
LY-GSJ LAK-17B FES Mini – .20 SP-4… Grob G.102 Astir CS (1247) [SE-THX] 11.20
LY-ICP ICP MXP-740 Savannah S – .20 SP-4… SZD-24C Foka (W-180) 12.20
LY-UNG CL-600-2B19 – .20 [G-DHGY,BGA3945/HGY,SP-2385]
LY-VIT PA-30 – .20 YL-AAX BD-500-1A11 (55094) Air Baltic – Riga 12.20
LZ-AWH A320-232 (2914) R26.10.20 [C-FOUQ]
[VT-IHD,LZ-AWH,B-22312,4R-ABH,VT-ADS(2), YL-AAY BD-500-1A11 (55095) Air Baltic – Riga 12.20
LZ-DAC A321-231 (2919) DAE Capital 12.20 YL-… AA-5 (AA5-0383) 12.20
LZ-DAD B737-86J (37740) DAE Capital (To be G-TUKB) 26.10.20 YL-… Ce.404 (404-0644) 11.20
LZ-DAH ATR-72-600 (1312) DAE Capital 12.20 G-BHNI,(N5302J)]
[HZ-MHH,F-WNUB,F-WWES] YR-ARA(3) CSA PS28 Cruiser (C0670) Aeroclubul Romaniei
LZ-DAI ATR-72-600 (1352) DAE Capital 12.20 – Clinceni 11.20
[HZ-ABS,F-WNUF,F-WWEL] YR-ATN ATR-72-600 (1629) TAROM – Otopeni 12.20
LZ-DAJ ATR-72-600 (1371) DAE Capital 12.20 [F-WWEW]
LZ-DAS A321-231 (1970) DAE Capital 1.12.20 YR-PPS Ce.421B (421B0832) (See notes) .20
LZ-DPB Ce.TR182 (R18200898) 16.9.20 YR-TWA F172F (F172-0163) Transylvania Wings .
LZ-GNH A321-211 (1713) Genesis Airlines 20.11.20 YR-TWB Evektor EV-97 SportStar RTC (20202127)
[CS-TJG,D-AVZS] Transylvania Wings .20
LZ-GNI A319-131 (2469) Genesis Airlines 11.9.20 YR-TWC Evektor EV-97 SportStar RTC (20202128)
[ZS-SFM,D-AVYH] Transylvania Wings .20
LZ-MDR A320-232 (5158) R26.10.20
LZ-PRS B737-4YO (24686) 15.10.20 CANCELLATIONS
[UR-CQU,UR-KIV,F-GQQJ,F-WQQJ,EC-FZZ, ES-SSS R44 Raven I (2597) Canx 11.20 to SE-JTT.
LZ-RMX Lindstrand LBL-150A (1209) [PH-FEG] 27.11.20 Hungary (HA)
LZ-STT Bell 430 (49074) 3.11.20 REGISTER NOTES
[TC-HUC,EI-TIP,N430MK,N9151Z,C-GAHJ] HA-4046(2) PIK-20B (20124) ex G-DDHH,BGA2124/DHH. Identity now
LZ-TGM Tiger Moth R-80 (TM44) 7.10.20 confirmed.
LZ-VJT Ce.550 (550-0972) 30.10.20 ULTRALIGHT REGISTER
[S5-BBL,PH-HMA,N52462] HA-UAW(2) TL-2000 Sting S4 (11ST366) [62-11(2)] .20
OK-ACE EC.120B (1506) Deveron a.s. 23.12.20 HA-UBF(2) Halley Apollo Fox (170616) .20
[G-JJFB] HA-UBQ(2) Halley Apollo Fox (220417) [2-030] .20
OK-IDO Bristell B23 (006/2020) A.J.Hemmink 17.12.20 HA-UCL(2) Ikarus Comco Fox C22 (8606-3020) .20
OK-JNG LET L-410-UVPE20 (3317) Aircraft Industries a.s. 8.12.20 [06-80,D-MFLH(1)]
OK-NGB LET L-410 (5002) Aircraft Industries a.s. 7.12.20 HA-UCR(2) Pipistrel Alpha Trainer (705AT912)[12-69] .20
OK-VLB R44 (1929) Beves Lanskroun s.r.o. 3.12.20 HA-UCT(2) Pipistrel Virus SW – [12-99] .20
[(D-H…),SE-JNM,G-CFJY] HA-UCZ(2) Fly Synthesis Storch (350A406) [35-08(2)] .20
OK-1608 Kubicek BB45 (368) M.Kovar 30.11.20
[D-OSNA(3)] Lithuania (LY)
OK-9030 Discus bT (“009”) P.Vitvar 3.12.20
OM-LAZ Tecnam P.2006T (016) PHOTOMAP s.r.o. 11.20
LY-NVU A321-231 (1421) Canx to 9H-AMD 12.20.
LY-UNC CL-600-2B19 (7583) Ferried to Helsinki 12.20 for ground
OM-NFR Tomark SD-4 Night-VFR Viper (29916)
instructional use with the Vantaa Vocational College.
TOMARK s.r.o. .20
OM-NFT Tomark SD-4 Night-VFR Viper (30181) REGISTER NOTES
TOMARK s.r.o. .20 The following identities are now confirmed:
OM-RLL R44 Raven I (2037) TECH-MONT Helicopter LY-BFI Fire Balloons G30/24 (957)
[OK-BAJ,OK-VKZ] Company 11.20 LY-BFS Ikarus C42B (0911-7069) ex D-MXPH.
OM-SCN CSA PS-28 Cruiser (C0422) Sky Story s.r.o. 12.20 LY-EAE Flight Design CTSW – c/n is 07-02-22 (not 22-02-07).
[LN-RAC(2)] LY-GFB LAK-17AT (109)
OM-SKC PA-46-500TP (4697492) DeGarde s.r.o. 11.20
[D-FSFS] Bulgaria (LZ)
OM-XWB AS.350B1 (2296) Raffeisenbank (Aerial East s.r.o.) CANCELLATIONS
[OE-XWB,(SP-SAV(2),HA-ECU,I-DSAM,F-WYMA] 11.20 LZ-BPP Ce.550 (550-1007) Canx to 9H-SAL 11.20.

LZ‑DAS A321‑231 (1970) Ferried to Kansas City for part‑out ULTRALIGHT REGISTER
LZ‑ELI Ce.172 (29004) Canx .20.
SP‑M … Pegasus Quik 912S (8110) [LN‑YPU] 11.20
SP‑SEXY Ekolot KR‑030 Topaz – .20
SP‑SKAY Ekolot KR‑030 Topaz – .20
LZ‑HEH A321‑253N (7694) Regn date 9.11.20.
SP‑SOBC Ekolot KR‑030 Topaz – .20
LZ‑HEI A321‑253N (8085) Regn date 9.11.20
SP‑S … Rans S‑6ESD Coyote II (0992.349) [G‑MYGP] 11.20
LZ‑MDI A320‑233 (3378) Regn date 9.10.20.
Czech Republic (OK) SP‑ZARA These are multiple‑use test flight marks used by Ekolot.
CANCELLATIONS SP‑ZARA has been noted on a JK‑05 Junior, a KR‑030 Topaz
OK‑BAJ R44 Raven I (2037) Canx 21.11.19 to OM‑RLL (dDamaged Sport, and currently on the prototype KR‑030 Topaz SW.
in accident 5.9.18 thus presumed repaired).
OK‑ELT Ce.172S (172S9373) Canx 30.11.20 to SE‑MGP. Latvia(YL)
OK‑HSI Tecnam P.2008‑JC (1105) Canx 5.11.20.
OK‑IQA Diamond DA62 (62.045) Canx 24.11.20 to OE‑FMA(3).
YL‑BBR B737‑31S (29266) Canx to 5N‑BYR 12.20.
OK‑NEM A319‑112 (3406) Ferried to St.Athan for part‑out
YL‑BBX B737‑36Q (30334) Canx to 5N‑BYQ 12.20.
30.10.20. Canx 19.11.20. YL‑SKR F172H (F172‑0473) Canx to UR‑AVR 11.20.
OK‑NEO A319‑112 (3452) Ferried to St.Athan for part‑out 9.12.20.
OK‑1551 JS‑MD Single (1C‑108) Canx 6.10.20. Romania (YR)
YR‑FKA F.28‑0100 (11340) Canx 12.20.
OK‑ZUD 33 Bu.133UL Jungmeister – .20 REGISTER NOTES
OK‑ZUG 02 Jihlavan Skyleader 600 – Base Ceske Budejovice .20 YR‑EXC Extra EA.330SC (SC080) Aeroclubul Romaniel – Clinceni.
OK‑ZUR 26 BRM Bristell NG5 – Base Dvur Kralove c/n now confirmed.
Nad Labem .20 YR‑PMW Antonov AN‑2R (1G181‑47) Confirmed current 11.20.
OK‑ZUV 84 ATEC‑321 Faeta NG – .20 YR‑PPS Ce.421B (421B0832) Noted as such at Porta Westfalica in
4.20. Identity physically confirmed. Still parked in the
CANCELLATIONS same spot on 13.9.20 now without marks. Presumably
The following accident is known: never delivered to Romania thus marks NTU,
OK‑YUL 40 Flying Machines FM250 Vampire – w/o at Ronneburg YR‑ZAC(2) Zlin Z.526F (1256) c/n confirmed.
21.11.20. YR‑ZAJ Zlin Z.526F (1262) c/n confirmed.
YR‑ZRZ F172H (F17200669) ex D‑ECCB. Confirmed current.
REGISTER NOTES YR‑2840 IS28B2 (21) ex YR‑284. Noted current 11.20.
OK‑JUK 05 Correct type is D8 Moby Dick. YR‑2940 IS28B2 (96) c/n as noted. Current.
OK‑JUR 14 Fly Synthesis Storch (034) c/n confirmed. YR‑3550 IS28B2 (147) ex YR‑355. Noted current 11.20.
OK‑KUO 28 Fly Synthesis Storch (088) c/n confirmed. SE‑GYY F172N (F17201820) Resident at Clinceni 11.20.
OK‑UWC 25 AutoGyro Calidus (C00365) c/n confirmed.
OK‑VWA 41 Arrowcopter AC10 (024) c/n confirmed. The Aeroclubul Romaniei are now reported to have four Maules as follows:
OK‑VWC 38 AutoGyro Cavalon (V00157) c/n confirmed. YR‑VLO Maule MT‑7‑235C – Identity unknown. Photo evidence in
OK‑VWC 39 AutoGyro Calidus (C00459) c/n confirmed. 8.19 shows a new all‑yellow c/s and taildragger
OK‑XWC 52 AutoGyro Calidus (C00364) c/n confirmed. configuration although marked as a MT‑7‑235.
OK‑XWC 65 AutoGyro Cavalon (V00365) c/n confirmed. YR‑VLP Maule MT‑7‑235C (18044C) ex N369ZX (Exported to
OK‑YUL 80 TL Stream – Should read OK‑YUA 80 (DEC.2088). Romania 1.10.19). Photo evidence confirms likely identity
and retains tri‑gear.
Slovakia (OM) YR‑VLS Maule M‑7‑235C (25114C) ex N577SB (Exported to
Romania 16.12.19). Photo comparison indicates likely
OM‑VIS Tecnam P.2006T (016) Re‑regd OM‑LAZ 11.20. Canx.
Also known to have been delivered is M‑7‑235C N55105 (25104C)
ULTRALIGHT REGISTER (Exported to Romania 21.11.19). The date would suggest it is YR‑VLR
NEW REGISTRATIONS but not confirmed.
OM‑M142 Straton D8 Moby Dick – .
OM‑S216 Blackshape Prime (040) Base Langhennesdorf, ULTRALIGHT REGISTER
Germany . YR‑5591 ICP MXP‑740 Savannah S – .
OM‑M465 Koma Twin DSBS‑01 – [OM‑M452,OM‑DXBP] . YR‑7755 JMB VL‑3 Evolution – .
OM‑M478 Apollo Fox – Base Dunakeszi,Hungary .
OM‑M514 Apollo AG‑1 – . REGISTER NOTES
OM‑S777 Blackshape Prime – Base Bonn‑Hangelar . YR‑5448 Apollo Fox (RO‑220716/2017) c/n confirmed from
(Noted 9.20 thus Vidor Asso V (34/18 presumed no accident report.
longer current)
OM‑M796 UFM‑13 Lambada – Base Farkashegy,Hungary .
[38‑20(2),OK‑GUA 12] RUSSIA
OM‑M841 Tecnam P.92‑S Echo – Base Poland .
OM‑M960 Celier Xenon 912ULS – .
Thanks once again to Jos Stevens we can update the Russian register
REGISTER NOTES for the period 24.9.20 to 4.12.20. The proliferation on Western‑built
OM‑M457 3Xtrim (E36) ex SP‑YTK. Identity confirmed. GA aircraft is becoming progressively more apparent, with a huge
number listed below.
Poland (SP)
SP‑YUH(2) Yak‑52 (877712) Canx to LY‑BGP .20. RA‑01643 Bell 505 (65178) 23.11.20
SP‑YYH Yak‑52 (853007) Canx to G‑BVVO 12.20. [N505YY,(N505AY),N505YY,C‑GIYZ]

RA-01698 Agusta AW.189 (49039) 9.11.20 CANCELLATIONS
[I-AWCU,OY-HFD,I-EASO] The following were cancelled between 24.9.20 and 4.12.20:
RA-01705 Agusta AW.189 (49062) 3.11.20 RA-01601 Bell 429 (57086) Canx to HB-ZUF.
[I-RAIW] RA-02545 BO.105CB4 (S-608) Canx.
RA-01706 Agusta AW.189 (49063) 30.10.20 RA-02654 Diamond DA40NG (40.NR013) Canx.
[I-RAIL] RA-04353 R44 (2136) Canx to G-CLUW, then OE-XXK 12.20.
RA-01875 PA-28-161 (28-8016090) 3.11.20 RA-04399 PZL W-3 Sokol (31.08.01) Canx.
[RA-1787G(?),LY-…,F-GFAX,OO-FLF,OO-HLE, RA-05713 Van’s RV-8 (81616) Canx.
N8097E] RA-05745 Zlin Z.37T (P002/83) Canx.
RA-02707 Diamond DA42NG (42.N409) 25.11.20 RA-07225 EC.130B4 (4655) Canx.
RA-02730 Hawker 850XP (258845) 3.11.20 RA-07226 EC.120B (1530) w/o. Canx.
[YL-KSD,M-CSTD,TC-STD,N72645] RA-13339 Antonov AN-26 (1208) Canx.
RA-02757 EMB-135BJ (145686) 22.10.20 RA-20893 Mil Mi-2 (538332093) Canx.
[M-NJSS,P4-IVM,N686SG,PT-SAT] RA-20901 Mil Mi-2 (548340093) Canx.
RA-07341 EC.130T2 (8355) 17.11.20 RA-22772 Mil Mi-8T (98311643) Canx.
[LN-OPK(2),F-WWPT] RA-24169 Mil Mi-8T (98943015) Canx.
RA-07344 EC.130T2 (8298) 2.11.20 RA-28940 Antonov AN-28 (1AJ00906) Canx.
[G-PBIG,G-CJYT] RA-30036 Antonov AN-30 (0703) Canx.
RA-07345 EC.130T2 (8352) 8.10.20 RA-31011 Kamov Ka-32T (5235001380607) Canx.
[LN-OPJ(3),F-WWPR] RA-31035 Kamov Ka-32A (6217/012) Canx.
RA-07400 R44 II (14418) 23.11.20 RA-42422 Yak-42D (4520424304017) Canx.
RA-07401 R44 II (14421) 23.11.20 RA-46692 Antonov AN-24RV (47309903) Canx.
RA-07700 Agusta AW.119 Mk II (14967) 2.11.20 RA-67259 DHC-8-201 (459) Canx.
[N685SH] RA-68124 Antonov AN-2 (1G195-29) Canx.
RA-07849 Beech V35B (D-9964) 29.9.20 RA-68168 Antonov AN-2 (1G197-03) Canx.
[N358T] RA-71276 Antonov AN-2 (1G207-47) Canx.
RA-07850 TB-10 (168) 26.10.20 RA-74040 Antonov AN-74 (36547097930) Canx.
[D-EGKH(3)] RA-0105A AutoGyro Calidus Maxaero – Canx.
RA-07852 PA-28RT-201 (28R-8018104) 27.10.20 RA-0162A MD-50GDS – Canx.
[D-EYYY,N8262V] RA-0250A Sky Ranger-Severok – Canx.
RA-07854 PA-46-500TP (4697671) 12.11.20 RA-0412A Urban Air Samba XXL – Canx.
[N500RU,N9545N] RA-0554A Korneev Kazachok 16 – Canx.
RA-09611 Falcon 8X (462) 28.10.20 RA-1410A Ryjik – Canx.
[F-WWZZ] RA-0115G X-32 B-1 Bekas – Canx.
RA-22442 Mil Mi-8AMT (8AMT00643187752U) 8.10.20 RA-0604G Lastotchka – Canx.
RA-24321 Kamov Ka-26 (7706113) R5.10.20 RA-0630G Fregat SH-105 – Canx.
RA-24543 Mil Mi-8MTV-1 (97520) 27.10.20 RA-1019G Forsaj – Canx.
RA-24553 Mil Mi-8MTV-1 (97473) 27.10.20 RA-1517G Poisk-06PP – Canx.
RA-24676 Mil Mi-8AMT (8AMT00643187803U) 23.11.20 RA-1759G Zlin Z.42M – Canx.
RA-31112 Kamov Ka-32A11BC (5233243110026) 25.11.20 RA-2965G Ezxjik (Gyro) – Canx.
RA-44271 AK-18A Berkut – 12.10.20 RA-3041G Piper Cub – Canx.
RA-67214 Ce.421C (421C0478) 20.10.20 The following accidents are also known:
[PH-MRO,(PH-MRF),D-IHOS,N6845C] RA-07328 AS.350B3e (8555) DBR after rolling over on snow W of
RA-67264 DHC-6-400 (982) 16.11.20 Podgornoye, Ramonsky district on 23.12.20.a
[C-GUVA(9)] RA-1381G PiperSport – w/o near Tomilino, Lyubertsy, Moscow on
RA-67265 DHC-6-400 (986) 16.11.20 7.11.20.
RA-67301 Ce.172F (17252324) 12.11.20 A-SUFFIX REGISTER
RA-67302 Ce.177RG (177RG0887) 18.11.20 RA-0767A Sinjaja Strela – 22.9.20
[N7605V] RA-0768A H-32 Simargl – 29.9.20
RA-67303 Ce.R182 (R18200440) 23.11.20 RA-0773A ANG-1 – 30.9.20
[N9193C] RA-0774A SP-30 Orlik – 9.10.20
RA-67610 ATR-72-212A (917) KrasAvia 11.11.20 RA-0775A X-32 Lebed – 8.10.20
[SE-MDH,F-WWEO] RA-0776A X-32 Vorobej – 8.10.20
RA-67611 ATR-72-212A (930) KrasAvia 3.11.20 RA-0777A AutoGyro MTOsport – 12.10.20
[SE-MDI,F-WWEF] RA-0778A MDM-1 Fox (252) 27.10.20
RA-73034 B767-306 (27612) Azur Air 28.10.20 RA-0779A AutoGyro MTOsport – 27.10.20
[VQ-BSX,P4-KCA,PH-BZI] RA-0780A Magni M24 Orion Plus – 16.11.20
RA-84546 Antonov AN-2 (1G189-13) 20.10.20 RA-0781A Antonov AN-2 Soroka – 23.11.20
[CCCP84546] RA-0782A Antonov AN-2 Sokol – 23.11.20
RA-89137 Sukhoi RRJ-95B-100 (95183) 8.10.20
RA-89138 Sukhoi RRJ-95B-100 (95187) 5.10.20 G-SUFFIX REGISTER
RA-89149 Sukhoi RRJ-95B-100 (95179) 5.11.20 RA-1924G Ce.172N (17271458) [N3166E] 28.10.20
RA-.…. Ce.172R (17280727) [N997WW] 11.20 RA-3080G AX-8 Caravella – 29.9.20
RA-.…. Ce.172RG (172RG1169) [N9453D] 11.20 RA-3086G Rusbal AT104 Model 902TA (01720) 12.11.20
RA-.…. Ce.182L (18258598) [N3198R] 12.20 RA-3111G Tsikata-TKO – 22.9.20
RA-.…. Ce.182T (18283117) [N819JT] 12.20 RA-3112G Beech 35 – 8.10.20
RA-.…. Ce.T182T (T18208233) [N22AS] 12.20 RA-3113G Legenda-570 – 22.9.20
RA-.…. Ce.421C (421C0627) [N96JL] 11.20 RA-3114G AV-18T – 29.9.20
RA-.…. Cirrus SR22 (1819) [N223SS] 10.20 RA-3115G Albatros – 26.10.20
RA-.…. PA-23-250F (27-7854023) [N8BV,N63873] 12.20 RA-3117G Ce.172-2020 Amphibian – 2.10.20
RA-.…. TB-10 (66) [G-EDEN] 12.20 RA-3118G Aeroprakt A-22LS-2 – 13.10.20
RA-.…. Zlin Z.42M (0189) [N9121T] 11.20 RA-3119G Valdaj-Avia – 5.11.20

RA‑3121G R‑32 – 3.11.20
RA‑3126G AX‑8 Maestro – 26.11.20 SWITZERLAND AND AUSTRIA
RA‑3127G FM‑52 – 18.11.20
RA‑3128G Maestro – 20.11.20
RA‑3129G MS.880B – 26.11.20 Another comprehensive section finishing off most 2020 changes on
RA‑3132G MS.893A – 26.11.20 both registers. Swiss numbers continue to be bouyed by steady
Pilatus production, while Michael Riedel brings us another detailed
update from both Austro Control and the Austrian Aero Club. The
The following identities and c/ns are now confirmed:
RA‑31110 Kamov KA.32A11BC (523324299818) latter includes a large number of balloon cancellations.
RA‑31111 Kamov KA.32A11BC (5233243110021)
RA‑0732A Aeroprakt A‑32L (024) NEW REGISTRATIONS
RA‑0746A Aeroprakt A‑32L (025) HB‑AFL ATR‑72‑202F (222) Zimex Aviation Ltd R8.12.20
RA‑1991G PA‑28‑180D (28‑3900) ex N9709J [EI‑SLX,F‑GKPF]
RA‑2009G Ce.177RG (177RG0398) ex N1998G HB‑FQV(22) Pilatus PC‑12/47E (2055) ⎫ 12.11.20
RA‑2495G TB‑20 (2119) ex N71GT HB‑FRE(22) Pilatus PC‑12/47E (2064) ⎪ 4.12.20
RA‑2598G Ce.182P (18263838) ex D‑EOLE,(F‑BOFU),N6790M HB‑FRF(21) Pilatus PC‑12/47E (2065) ⎪ 9.12.20
Pilatus Flug‑
RA‑2864G Ce.182P (18261041) ex N182ES HB‑FRG(22) Pilatus PC‑12/47E (2067) ⎪ 17.12.20
zeugwerke AG
HB‑FRH(22) Pilatus PC‑12/47E (2068) ⎪ 22.12.20
(For delivery)
HB‑HWA(3) Pilatus PC‑21 (314) ⎪ 30.11.20
UKRAINE AND CIS HB‑HWB(3) Pilatus PC‑21 (315) ⎪ 17.12.20
HB‑HWC(3) Pilatus PC‑21 (316) ⎭ 23.12.20
HB‑JDC A320‑271N (10242) Lufthansa Asset
A short section dealing mainly with changes in Ukraine for the period Management Leasing GmbH (Swiss Int/l
21.11.20 to 23.12.20 thanks again to Jos Stevens. We also have a few [F‑WWIS] Air Lines Ltd) – Zürich 31.12.20
snippets from Moldova, Belarus and Kazakhstan. HB‑JIM Falcon 8X (475) Cayley AG (Jet Aviation Business
[F‑WWQN] Jets AG) – Zürich 7.12.20
NEW REGISTRATIONS HB‑JLF BD‑700‑2A12 (70052) Rolex SA (Air King Jet SA)
ER‑SKY A319‑131 (2326) HiSky 12.20 [C‑GKLX(2)] – Geneva 16.12.20
[2‑SSFG,ZS‑SFG,D‑AVYT] HB‑LVR Diamond DA42NG (42.N411) H.Burkhard
EW‑326SL Pipistrel Taurus – .20 – Triengen 17.11.20
EW‑496AS Magnus Fusion 212 (MG11‑024) [HA‑XAH] .20 HB‑TCT Ce.182T (18281887) U.Brüngger
EW‑521SL Aeroprakt A‑32 – .20 [N1420D] (Verein HB‑TCT) 11.12.20
EW‑538LL Ce.TU206G (U20605625) .20 HB‑VVE Pilatus PC‑24 (209) Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG
[4R‑ASD,JA3872,N5306X] – Stans 10.11.20
EW‑553LL Ce.177RG – .20 HB‑VVF Pilatus PC‑24 (202) Pilatus Flugzeugwerke AG
UK32023 A320‑251N (10423) Uzbekistan Airways 12.20 – Stans 20.11.20
[F‑WWIO] HB‑Z.. Bell 407GX (54924) 12.20
UP‑A0340 Antonov AN‑2 (1G118‑40) TOO AKLTs [C‑GHGI]
‘Tyan‑Shan’ 21.8.20 HB‑2541 Jonker JS‑MD3 (3.MD091) XTRON‑Computer
UP‑A0355 Antonov AN‑2 (1G106‑40) AO ‘AK Aziya Bühler – Altenrhein 10.11.20
Kontinental Avialines’ 19.8.20 HB‑2673 HpH Glasflügel 304TS (005‑TS) Zuzak
UP‑EC040 BK.117D‑2 (20354) Ministry for Emergency Rechtsanwälte AG – Schaffhausen 26.11.20
Situations (EMERCOM) .20 HB‑3470 Discus b (242) N.von Merveldt – (Nyon) 16.12.20
UR‑AVR F172H (F172‑0473) O.S. Verizhenko 26.11.20 [G‑DFMG,BGA3365/FMG]
[YL‑SKR,LY‑ …,OY‑AHD] OE‑EBF Pilatus PC‑12/47E (2055) Taransay GmbH
UR‑FSE Ilyushin IL‑76TD (1003403075) Aganya [HB‑FQV(22)] – München 12.20
Holdings Ltd (TOV Fly Sky Airlines) 1.12.20
OE‑FLI Ce.525 (525‑0502) SPARFELL Luftfahrt GmbH
[SE‑RGX,N133CS,N51881] – Schwechat 12.20
UR‑PBAG Aerospool WT‑10 Advantic (AD‑005/2016)
OE‑HST BD‑100‑1A10 (20866) International Jet
[UR‑POMA] R.M.Galayko 1.12.20
[C‑GOVY] Management GmbH – Schwechat 12.20
UR‑PVLN Van’s RV‑10 (42025) SGPP RAT 2.12.20
OE‑IID B737‑8Q8 (30702) SASOF III (A22) Aviation
UR‑SKM Kubicek BB30N (318) V.E. Shchenyavsky 24.11.20
Ireland DAC 17.12.20
UR‑TSV Yak‑52 (889207) GO TSO of Ukraine 3.12.20
[Ukraine AF]
UR‑UZJ Antonov AN‑26 (138‑09) Expedition Aviation OE‑ILG A320‑214 (3021) Wilmington Trust SP Services
(FZC) (PRAT Aviakompaniya Constanta) 24.11.20 (Dublin) Ltd 12.20
UR‑UZK Antonov AN‑26 (138‑08) Expedition Aviation OE‑IOZ B737‑8BK (33019) CIT Aerospace International 12.20
(FZC) (PRAT Aviakompaniya Constanta) 24.11.20 [HL8035,2‑TSGK,VT‑SGK,YR‑BIC,OY‑SEM]
[Romanian AF 808,YR‑ADL] OE‑IPL Gulfstream VII (73038) MJet GmbH – Schwechat 12.20
UR‑ … PA‑28R‑201 (28R‑7837027) [SE‑GVA] 12.20 [N638GD]
OE‑IPT B737‑8KN (40240) Horizon II Aviation 3 Ltd 12.20
Kazakhstan (UP) [HL8343,A6‑FDM]
REGISTER NOTES OE‑IRC A319‑112 (3727) DCAL 5 Leasing Ltd 21.12.20
UP‑LA153 Sukhoi SU‑29 (76‑031) Marks presumed NTU as this is [PR‑MYB,D‑AVWT]
still current as N888SU. OE‑IRE A330‑343 (1562) Winter Leasing 1562 DAC 12.20
Ukraine (UR) OE‑IRJ A320‑232 (3497) Allco Leasing (IGO No 2) Ltd 12.20
UR‑CGY B737‑548 (25737) Canx to 9U‑BBJ 12.20. OE‑IRW A320‑214 (3605) Madeleine Leasing DAC 12.20
UR‑CNP B737‑4YO (23980) Canx 12.20. [B‑6396,F‑WWDN]
UR‑POMA Aerospool WT‑10 Advantic (AD‑005/2016) Re‑regd OE‑IRY A320‑232 (1857) Sapphire Leasing I
UR‑PBAG 12.20. Canx. [PR‑MAP,F‑WWBZ] (AOE 7) Ltd 10.12.20

OE-ISI A319-112 (1102) K2 Aircraft Finance Ltd 7.12.20 OE-LOQ A320-214 (3131) Canx 12.20 to 9H-LOQ.
[OO-SSD,EI-DEY,F-WQQE,OO-SSD,D-AVW] OE-LOS A320-214 (3153) Canx 12.20 to 9H-LOS.
OE-K.. Beech F33A (CE-378) [N9032V] 12.20 OE-RAC Cameron TR-70 (11082) Canx 13.11.20.
OE-LMF A320-214 (3475) Aercap Ireland Ltd 12.20 OE-RJK Kubicek BB30Z (683) Canx 4.11.20.
[VP-CXW,F-WWDF] OE-RSP Cameron Z-105 (12195) Canx 13.11.20.
OE-SBK Kubicek BB60Z (1749) Ballonfahrt Kusternigg OE-SBS Cameron O-65 (2577) Canx 3.11.20.
GmbH – Krumpendorf 28.10.20 OE-SKW Cameron Z-105 (11392) Canx 4.11.20.
OE-XES AS.355F1 (5104) S.Seebacher – (Aigen im OE-SMA Cameron Z-140 (12167) Canx 13.11.20.
[G-ICSG,G-PAMI,G-BUSA] Ennstal) 12.20 OE-STW Fire Balloons G (1643) Canx 13.11.20.
OE-XSC AS.350B (2013) S.Seebacher – (Aigen im Innstal) 12.20 OE-XRM BO.105S (S-147) Canx 12.20.
[G-BVXM,I-AUDI,I-CIOC] OE-ZBS(b) Cameron N-120 (2663) Canx 3.11.20.
OE-XXK R44 (2136) Startrade Heli GmbH OE-ZEI Cameron Z-140 (10908) Canx 3.11.20.
[G-CLUW,RA-04353] – Burbach, Germany 12.20 OE-ZHI Cameron Z-120 (11339) Canx 6.10.20.
OE-ZUI Kubicek BB30Z (1755) H.Hoogenboom OE-ZKS Thunder AX7-77 SI (2386) Canx 9.11.20.
– Oudewater, Netherlands 6.10.20 OE-ZMH Schön Neptun 3000 (S 019/5/96) Canx 3.11.20.
OE-6163 RX2 18 TR/Truster Moster 185 (9099/TR-D 110903) Canx
Switzerland (HB) 12.10.20.
CANCELLATIONS OE-6720 Bion 33 Motorversion/Cumulus (49796/1) Canx 16.11.20.
HB-CUE Ce.182M (18259376) Canx 26.11.20.
HB-EFM Beech V35 (D-8414) Canx 4.11.20. REGISTER NOTES
HB-FQJ(22) Pilatus PC-12/47E (2043) Canx 16.11.20 to OH-KBA. OE-AHH(2) Yak-52TW (06.126.05) To Th.Jünger – Bad Nauheim,
HB-FQM(22) Pilatus PC-12/47E (2046) Canx 30.11.20. Germany 11.20.
HB-FQP(22) Pilatus PC-12/47E (2049) Canx 16.11.20 to D-FKJM. OE-DLA F172F (F172-0132) To Quantum Swiss Holding GmbH –
HB-FQU(22) Pilatus PC-12/47E (2054) Canx 2.12.20 to N954AF. Nürnberg,Germany 11.20.
HB-FQV(22) Pilatus PC-12/47E (2055) Canx 21.12.20 to OE-EBF. OE-XAK(2) R44 Clipper II (11918) To Specialist Joinery Fittings
HB-FQX(21) Pilatus PC-12/47E (2057) Canx 30.11.20 to N521RT. Limited – Maghera, NI 11.20.
HB-FQY(22) Pilatus PC-12/47E (2058) Canx 3.12.20 to N928PG. OE-XAN S.269C (1075) To Commercial Helicopter Services GmbH
– Sulingen, Germany 11.20.
HB-FQZ(22) Pilatus PC-12/47E (2059) Canx 17.12.20 to N944JD.
OE-XXZ(2) R44 Raven I (1692) To Startrade Heli GmbH – Burbach,
HB-FRA(21) Pilatus PC-12/47E (2060) Canx 17.12.20 to LX-FLI.
Germany 11.20.
HB-FXU Pilatus PC-12/47E (1935) Canx 17.12.20 to VH-LWO(2).
OE-5734 L-13 Blanik (26203) To Th.Ager – Unterwössen, Germany
HB-JSM Falcon 7X (181) Canx 25.11.20 to D-ARIE.
HB-JYE A320-214 (4006) Reverted to G-EZTN. Canx 18.12.20.
N273D Glasair III (3501) Canx as such 3.1.18. Incomplete
HB-KLC DR.400/180R (1047) Canx 20.11.20.
project offered for sale in Austria 12.20.
HB-KOU Tecnam P.2002-JF (047) Canx 17.11.20.
HB-LIG PA-34-200T (34-7670262) Canx 2.11.20, D-GDIP was
ABN 9/20 HB-CKV Ce.TR182 (R18200898) Canx 6.7.20 to LZ-DPB
HB-LMN Ce.340A (340A0948) Canx 27.11.20.
HB-PDW PA-28RT-201T (28R-7931169) Canx 25.11.20.
ABN 10/20 HB-511 Aeromere M-100S (055) Canx 20.8.20 to
HB-PEY PA-28-161 (28-8016323) Canx 26.11.20 to G-FTAD.
HB-PHV PA-28-161 (28-8416082) Canx 26.11.20 to G-FTAC.
ABN 11/20 HB-3194 Ventus 2a (26) Canx 16.9.20 to F-CHHQ 11.20.
HB-RVQ Hawker Hunter F.Mk 58 (41H-697431) Canx 18.11.20.
ABN 12/20 HB-LRO DHC-6-300 (523) Canx 27.10.20 to F-OFUT.
HB-RVU Hawker Hunter F.Mk 58 (41H-697453) Canx 18.11.20.
HB-VSS(2) Pilatus PC-24 (204) Canx 26.11.20 to N929MZ.
HB-ZLY EC.120B (1551) Canx 11.12.20 as exported.
HB-ZVN Guimbal Cabri G2 (1212) DBR during training at Sion SPAIN AND PORTUGAL
airport after hitting Bell 505 HB-ZYN (65061) which was
also damaged. Canx 16.12.20.
HB-1225 H401 Kestrel (124) Canx 27.11.20. We start with another batch of Spanish provisional registrations, while
HB-1688 Centrair 101A Pégase (101A042) Canx 13.11.20. both countries feature a number of cancellations with those in Spain
HB-3415 Duo Discus (524) Canx 27.11.20. including such long-term gems as the former Spantax Convair 990
HB-3450 ASW-27-18 (29068) Canx 18.11.20. fleet. As always, grateful thanks are due to David Garbett for his
valued input.
The following accident is also known:
HB-LUV Ce.T303 (T30300058) DBR in runway excursion landing NEW REGISTRATIONS
at Annecy, France on 4.12.20. CS-DEY Ce.525 (525-0499) 9.20
REGISTER NOTES CS-… EMB-505 Phenom 300 (50500570) [N443QS] 12.20
HB-LSR Ce.340 (340-0180) Base is Grenchen. EC-KDT A320-216 (3145) Vueling – Barcelona R11.20
Austria (OE) EC-NMY A320-232 (4008) 11.20
OE-FKW Eclipse EA500 (500-00237) Canx 12.20. EC-NMZ A350-941 (459) Iberia – Barajas 11.20
OE-IDP A321-211 (6376) Canx 12.20 to VN-A278. [F-WWIW]
OE-IHD A320-232 (3270) Canx 12.20 to 9H-IHD. EC-NNA Ce.172N (17269394) 11.20
OE-IHH A320-232 (2502) Canx 12.20 to 9H-IHH. [OO-WVS,C-GZJI,N731FY]
OE-IHL A320-232 (3105) Canx 12.20 to 9H-IHL. EC-NNB Kubicek BB113P (1775) 11.20
OE-IKF A319-132 (4301) Canx 12.20 to YU-APM. EC-NNC AT-802A (802A-0852) Air Tractor Europe 11.20
OE-IOF A321-211 (6114) Canx to VQ-BFJ 12.20. [N8002H]
OE-IOJ A321-211 (6056) Reserved as G-HLYB. EC-NND UltraMagic N-210 (210/58) 11.20
OE-IOV A321-211 (6038) Reserved as G-HLYA. EC-NNE Thrush S.2R-T660 (T660-149) PLYSA 11.20
OE-KTB Diamond DA40 (40.084) Canx 12.20 to G-OORB. [N5115J]
OE-KZT(b) UltraMagic M-145 (145/14) Canx 25.11.20. EC-NNF Ce.172RG (172RG0407) 12.20
OE-LGA DHC-8-402 (4014) Canx 12.20. [EC-HTY,D-EINW,N4877V]
OE-LGH DHC-8-402 (4075) Canx 12.20 to Canada. EC-NNG UltraMagic M-90 (90/203) 12.20

EC-NNH A330-202 (1936) Iberia (Level) 12.20 EC-BZP Convair CV-990-30A (30-10-18) Scrapped at Palma 11.95.
[F-HLVN,F-WWKU] Forward fuselage used as crew trainer at Sabadell. Canx
EC-NNI PA-28-161 (2842068) Aerodynamics Malaga SL 11.20.
– La Axarquia 12.20 EC-CCK L-13 Blanik (025306) Canx 11.20.
[G-CKZV,N268ML,G-CKZV,N268ML,(G-….), EC-CJQ MS.893E (12434) Canx 11.20.
N268ML,N268ND] EC-CLG Beech F33A (CE-517) Preserved at Salamanca from 2006.
EC-NNJ PA-28-161 (2842083) Aerodynamics Malaga SL Canx 11.20.
[G-OOFT,N170FT,N9514N] – La Axarquia 12.20 EC-CNF Convair CV-990-30A (30-10-8) Scrapped at Palma 7.91.
Canx 11.20.
EC-NNK UltraMagic N-180 (180/130) 12.20
EC-CNG Convair CV-990-30A (30-10-7) Scrapped at Palma 7.91.
EC-NNL A320-214 (3545) 12.20
Canx 11.20.
EC-CNH Convair CV-990-30A (30-10-17) Scrapped at Palma 7.91.
EC-NNM A320-214 (3574) 12.20
Canx 11.20.
[VP-BZO,F-WWBK] EC-CNJ Convair CV-990-30A (30-10-14) Scrapped at Palma 7.91.
EC-NNN A320-214 (3835) 12.20 Canx 11.20.
[VQ-BBC,F-WWBI] EC-CNN L-13 Blaník (026109) Canx 11.20.
EC-N.. R44 II (14050) [ZT-RKB] 11.20 EC-CNR SZD-30 Pirat (S-01.20) Canx 11.20.
EC-HC4 ICP MXP-740 Savannah S (20-10-54-0731) 11.20 EC-CNZ L-13 Blaník (025829) Canx 11.20.
EC-CUX PA-36-285 (36-7560065) Canx 11.20.
Portugal (CS) EC-CXT L-13 Blaník (026305) Canx 11.20.
CANCELLATIONS EC-CXU L-13 Blaník (026308) Canx 11.20.
CS-DFF Falcon 2000EX (41) Canx to N241VR 12.20. EC-DBF MS.893E (12980) Canx 11.20.
CS-DFH Falcon 2000EX (91) Canx to N900KU 12.20. EC-DER AA-5A (AA5A-0629) Canx 11.20.
EC-DI1 Vol 9 Sky Ranger (SKR 0005047) w/o on landing at Campo
CS-HER Agusta A.109E (11083) Canx to I-BUIN 12.20.
de Vuelo ULM de Garray, Soria 14.6.14. Canx 11.20.
CS-LAM BD-700-1A11 (9602) Canx to G-LAMO 12.20.
EC-DLX Zlin Z.50L (0023) Canx 11.20.
CS-LTQ Ce.680A (680A-0224) Canx to N449MH 12.20.
EC-DPG Grob G.103A Twin II Acro (3685-K-36) Canx 11.20.
CS-TJG A321-211 (1713) Canx to LZ-GNH 12.20. EC-DPH Grob G.103A Twin II Acro (3685-K-37) DBR at Ocana
CS-TNG A320-214 (945) Ferried to Kemble for part-out 16.12.20. 21.8.02. Canx 11.20.
CS-TNI A320-214 (982) Ferried to Kemble for part-out 18.12.20. EC-DPO(2) Rallye 235C (13365) DBR at Ocana 9.12.88. Canx 11.20.
CS-TTE A319-111 (821) Ferried to Kemble for part-out 4.12.20. EC-DPP Rallye 235C (13356) BU at Monflorite, Huesca 7.02. Canx
CS-TTF A319-111 (837) Ferried to Kemble for part-out 11.12.20. 11.20.
EC-DTF BO.105CB (S-599) BU at Cuatro Vientos 2012. Canx 11.20.
Spain (EC) EC-DTM BO.105CB (S.9-402) Preserved at Cuatro Vientos 2006.
EC-AC8 Aquillon Etoile (B-19) Canx 11.20. EC-DVR Agusta A.109A (7231) Canx 11.20.
EC-AQB C-47A-20-DK (12844) Last known stored at Alicante. EC-DXC BO.105CB (S-690) Canx 11.20.
EC-ECI BO.105C (S-720) Canx 11.20.
Canx 11.20.
EC-ECJ AS.350B (2031) w/o at Vandellós, Tarragona 13.8.94. Canx
EC-ASP C-47B-20-DK (15535/26980) Last known derelict at
Madrid-Barajas. Canx 11.20.
EC-EDS G.164B (262B) Canx 11.20.
EC-AZF PA-25-235 (25-3114) Canx 11.20.
EC-EFF H-36 Dimona (36230) WFU at Ocana. Canx 11.20.
EC-BJC Convair CV-990-30A (30-10-22) Scrapped at Palma 7.91. EC-EJR PA-36-375 (36-8002041) w/o at Alcora, Castellón
Canx 11.20. 14.10.10. Canx 11.20.
EC-BUG(2) C-47B-25-DK (15986/32734) Preserved at Salamanca EC-EKB Bell UH1B (345) Canx 11.20.
from 19.6.01 marked as EdA T.3-59. Canx 11.20. EC-EUX Ce.172M (17264726) Canx 11.20.
EC-BXI Convair CV-990-30A (30-10-35) Scrapped at Palma 7.91. EC-EVG PZL M-18A Dromader (1Z020-21) w/o at Pantano de
Canx 11.20. Buendía, Illana, Guadalajara 15.7.97. Canx 11.20.
EC-BZO Convair CV-990-30A (30-10-30) Scrapped at Palma 7.91. EC-FAH C-47A-5-DL (9336) w/o at Palma 2.3.93. Canx 11.20.
Canx 11.20. EC-FBO PZL M-18A Dromader (1Z021-21) Canx 11.20.

Airbus A320-251N CS-TVH [10033] of TAP Air Portugal at London-Heathrow on 2 January 2021. (K West)

EC-FCZ Grob G.102 Astir CS (1355) Canx 11.20.
EC-FDO PZL M-18A Dromader (1Z022-20) Canx 11.20. ITALY AND MEDITERRANEAN
EC-FDQ PZL M-18A Dromader (1Z022-21) Canx 11.20.
EC-FDR PZL M-18A Dromader (1Z022-22) Canx 11.20.
EC-FGC AS.350B (2250) w/o at Pradoluengo, Lugo 21.7.93. Canx Another comprehensive survey of the region inevitably concentrates
11.20. on Italy, Greece, Slovenia, Turkey, San Marino and Malta.
EC-FHH PA-28R-180 (28R-30537) Canx 11.20.
EC-FHV PA-28-161 (28-7816361) Canx 11.20. NEW REGISTRATIONS
EC-FIM TB-9 (1338) Canx 11.20. I-BUIN Agusta A.109E (11083) [CS-HER] 12.20
EC-FJG PA-36-285 (36-7660118) Canx 11.20. I-CABC Guimbal G2 Cabri (1271) 12.20
EC-FJM PZL M-18A Dromader (1Z022-27) Canx 11.20. I-PIKI Agusta A.109E (11111) MP SRL/2A SRL 11.20
EC-FLB R.3000/160 (154) w/o at Urbaniz, Barcelona 18.7.92. Canx [G-EMHB,ZR324,G-EMHB,YR-TIA,HB-ZDL]
11.20. I-WNDG Agusta AW.139 (31550) Weststar NDD SRL 16.12.20
EC-FLM PA-30-160 (30-657) Canx 11.20. [HS-UOJ]
EC-FME AS.350B2 (2448) Canx 11.20. I-WNDH Agusta AW.139 (31554) Weststar NDD SRL 16.12.20
EC-FNN BO.105CBS (S-870) Canx 11.20. [HS-UOI]
EC-FPL TB-10 (1483) Canx 11.20. I-…. BD-700-1A11 (60027) 12.20
EC-FRS Bell 206L-1 (45412) Canx 11.20. [C-GUOJ(3),N20010,C-GIAO]
EC-FUY Agusta A.109C (7670) Canx 11.20. I-…. PA-18-150 (18-7909174) F.Actis – Aeritalia 11.20
EC-GAU R22 (0015) DBR at Cuatro Vientos 10.11.04. Now [G-KYTT,I-SCDT,N9754N]
preserved at Sabadell. Canx 11.20. SX-GAO PA-28-161 (2842041) Global Aviation SA 11.19
EC-GDL AS.350B2 (2879) Canx 11.20 [G-CEXO,N250ND]
EC-GGB DC-7CF (45112) Scrapped 1.10. Nose preserved Musée SX-KKA EMB-135BJ (14500832) Marathon Airlines 12.20
Européene de l’Aviation. Canx 11.20. [ZS-ECB,G-SIRA,OE-IAS,(N832SG),PT-SIL]
EC-GGC DC-7CF (45215) Preserved 20.3.11 Parque de Miraflores, SX-NAC A321-271NX (10189) Aegean Airlines – Athens 11.20
Córdoba. Canx 11.20. [D-AYAP]
EC-GJG R.1180TD (246) Canx 11.20. SX-SAM PA-28-181 – .20
EC-GLV Bell 212 (30587) Canx 11.20. SX-TEC A320-251N (956) Sky Express 23.12.20
EC-GYA MS.892E (2774) Canx 11.20. [F-WWDU]
EC-HAT Ce.172N (17269055) Canx 11.20. SX-… F152 (F15201448) [G-BFOF] 12.20
EC-HJM TB-20 (412) Canx 11.20. SX-… Tecnam P.2006T (007) [G-CKTR,T7-JAR] 12.20
EC-HPZ TB-9 (1387) Canx 11.20. S5-… Beech C90 (LJ-723) [SE-IIB,OY-ASI] 11.20
EC-HQB MS.893E (12233) Canx 11.20. S5-DHN Cirrus SR22T (0028) Air Hana d.o.o. 29.10.20
EC-HQE R.2100A Club (126) Canx 11.20. [N233CF]
EC-HSB R22 Beta (1704) Canx 11.20. S5-DVE Pipistrel Virus SW128 (VSW1280002) Pipistrel
EC-IGD MS.893A (10478) Canx 11.20. Vertical Solutions d.o.o. – Ajdovscina 22.12.20
EC-IGI PA-34-200 (34-7450016) Canx 11.20. S5-MMY Gogetair G-750T (IQ008) Midoma AG
EC-IHT PA-34-200 (34-7250163) Canx 11.20. – (Sursee,Switzerland) 27.10.20
EC-JAJ TB-9(227) Canx 11.20. S5-MTT Panthera X152 (PX1520007) Artur Sobejko
EC-JCV SA.226AT (AT-038) Canx 11.20. – Szczecin,Poland 11.11.20
EC-JIP SA.226TC (TC-301) Canx 11.20. S5-MTZ Gogetair G-750T (IQ007) nano Vo Sp z.o.o.
EC-KRJ ERJ-190-200LR (19000196) Canx 11.20 as WFU. – Gliwice,Poland 12.11.20
EC-LIQ TB-9 (141) w/o at Ronda,Malaga 24.12.15. Canx 11.20. S5-PID Tecnam P.92 Echo Mk II (1617) Avio Fun Klub
EC-LNQ ATR-72-202 (303) WFU at Casablanca 19.3.16. Canx 11.20. Koroska – Libelice 24.11.20
EC-LNR ATR-72-212A (428) WFU at Casablanca 19.3.16. Canx 11.20. S5-PIF Tecnam P.92 Echo Mk II (1607) Aviofun d.o.o.
EC-LNT AT-802 (802-0411) Canx 11.20. – Libelice 11.11.20
EC-LQN A320-232 (2168) Canx to N1913U 12.20. TC-JZU B737-8AS (40316) Sun Express – Antalya 12.20
EC-LQO A330-243 (505) Canx 12.20 to 9S-ASJ. [EI-EVZ]
EC-LSF AS.350B3e (7416) Canx to 9N-AMT 12.20. TC-JZV B737-8AS (40319) Sun Express – Antalya 12.20
EC-LVL A330-243 (461) Canx 11.20 to OE-IRD. [EI-EVY]
EC-MBR Bü.133C Jungmeister (114) Canx 11.20 to N133JW. TC-RBF A321-251NX (9495) Pegasus Airlines – Istanbul 12.20
EC-NFP A340-642 (933) Last known stored at Bournemouth. Canx [D-AVYU]
11.20. TC-RBG A321-251NX (10007) Pegasus Airlines – Istanbul 12.20
The following accident is also known:
TC-UDO Aquila A212 Turbo – 10.20
EC-ZQJ TEAM Mini-Max 1650R (01104-1641) w/o in f/l following
TC-UGO Aquila A212 Turbo – 10.20
engine failure near Oliva on 13.12.20.
T7-AEG Gulfstream VI (6146) 11.20
EC-CVX FR172G (FR17200218) Noted still WFU in open storage T7-AYA BD-700-2A12 (70048) [C-GJIU(3)] 12.20
at Cuatro Vientos 12.20. T7-CIF Gulfstream G280 (2072) 12.20
EC-EMM Ce.172N (17268338) Noted WFU in open storage at [VP-CVH,N272GA,4X-CVI]
Cuatro Vientos 12.20. T7-FOZ Ce.525 (525-0851) .20
EC-LKG A320-214 (1047) Ferried to Knock for part-out 10.12.20. T7-HHHH A318-112CJ (4650) Sorens Aero 30.11.20
EC-MFO A319-111 (938) Ferried to St.Athan for part-out 11.12.20. [M-HHHH,F-WHUI,D-AUAG]
T7-INC Beech 58P (TJ-55) .20
The following full registration dales are now known: [9H-MAW,I-MAWW,(D-IAWW),I-MAWW,HB-GFZ]
EC-NFX (16.11.20) EC-NJA (12.11.20) EC-NJM (3.11.20) T7-JBJ BD-700-1A10 (9470) 12.20
EC-NGP (5.11.20) EC-NJB (6.11.20) EC-NKS (16.11.20) [9H-NBB,N470JG,9H-GVG,OY-GVG,N683JB,
EC-NGS (30.11.20) EC-NJC (6.11.20) EC-NLI (24.11.20) ZS-SYH,C-GSDU,C-FHYL]
EC-NHJ (20.11.20) EC-NJE (4.11.20) EC-NLM (16.11.20) T7-ME5 A321-271NX (10147) M.E.A. – Beirut 12.20
EC-NIA (23.11.20) EC-NJF (23.11.20) EC-NLQ (24.11.20) [D-AVYP]
EC-NIC (11.11.20) EC-NJG (23.11.20) T7-ME6 A321-271NX (10174) M.E.A. – Beirut 12.20
ABN 12/20 CS-DXX Ce.560XLS – correct c/n 560-5789. T7-TAS PA-28-161 (2842161) AeroSkies Aviation Academy
CS-DXY Ce.560XLS – correct c/n 560-5791. [G-CEEZ,N53513] – Thessaloniki 1.20

T7-TIA Falcon 50EX (295) 12.20 ULTRALIGHT REGISTER
T7-WIN BD-700-1A-10 (9372) [VP-CGM,C-FYIZ] 12.20
I-9764 R22 Beta – .
T7-… Beech B200GT (BY-174) [N20NL,N5074Q] 12.20
T7-… Ce.525 (525-1019) [M-KNOX,N40958] 12.20 I-D578 Tecnam P.92 Echo – .
T7-… EMB-135BJ (145699) 12.20 I-D646 BRM Aero Bristell NG5 – .
T7-… Pilatus PC–12/47 (864) [C-FDLV,HB-FSO(8)] 12.20 CANCELLATIONS
YU-TUU Ce.550 (550-1136) Air Pink d.o.o. – Belgrade 12.20 The following accidents are known:
[YU-TUC,S5-BSA,LZ-GMV,OE-GMV,N998SR,N51743] I-4723 Eurofly Firefox – w/o on landing at Pozzonovo
9H-ACX A340-313 (544) 12.20 aviosuperficie, Padua on 28.11.20.
9H-ACY A340-313 (582) 12.20 Greece (SX)
9H-ACZ A340-313 (590) 12.20
The following details are now confirmed for the Skies Aviation Academy
9H-AGQ B737-85P (28535) 12.20
SX-AEX Tecnam P.2008JC Mk.II (1159) ex I-PDVI.
9H-AGZ EMB-135BJ (14500999) Blue Square Aviation 12.20 SX-AEY Tecnam P.2008JC Mk.II (1160)
[9H-IDB,OE-IDB,PT-SKR] SX-AEZ Tecnam P.2008JC Mk.II (1161) ex I-PDVE.
9H-AHQ A330-343 (1754) 12.20 SX-IRN Tecnam P.2008JC Mk.II (1158) ex I-PDVE (w/o 3.8.20)
[ZS-SXJ,F-WWCH] SX-SAA Diamond DA.42 (42.141) ex G-JKMJ.
9H-AMD A321-231 (1421) Avion Express Malta – Luqa 12.20
[LY-NVU,OE-IBD(3),SP-HAV,G-OZBZ, Slovenia (S5)
9H-ANS BD-700-1A10 (9537) 12.20 S5-BBL Ce.550 (550-0972) Canx to LZ-VJT 10.20.
9H-CXC B737-8JP (39434) Corendon Airlines Europe 12.20 Turkey (TC)
9H-DOM CL-600-2B19 (8069) Air X Charter – Luqa 12.20
TC-HUC Bell 430 (49074) Canx to LZ-STT 12.20.
9H-FLX Falcon 900LX (270) 11.20
[T7-BCS,F-HPVB,M-WING,F-WWFX] TC-JKO B737-752 (34300) Canx to VP-CCU 9.20.
9H-IHD A320-232 (3270) Lauda Europe – Schwechat 12.20 TC-JUF A320-232 (2164) Canx to N2164E 12.20.
[OE-IHD,AP-BLN,EI-EYG,VT-KFX,F-WWBX] TC-OEG A321-231 (2919) Canx to LZ-DAC 12.20.
9H-IHH A320-232 (2502) Lauda Europe – Schwechat 12.20 TC-SBZ B737-86N (28628) Canx to N245GE 12.20.
[OE-IHH,AP-BMD,EI-EXK,OE-IBH,VT-KFD, TC-SZA Falcon 7X (225) Canx to N685AB 12.20.
F-WWBG,F-WWDI] TC-TJN B737-85P (28535) Canx to 9H-AGQ 12.20.
9H-IHL A320-232 (3105) Lauda Europe – Schwechat 12.20
9H-LOQ A320-214 (3131) Lauda Europe – Schwechat 12.20
T7-AAK EMB-505 Phenom 300 (50500329) Canx to 5N-AAK(2)
9H-LOS A320-214 (3153) Lauda Europe – Schwechat 12.20
9H-SAL Ce.550 (550-1007) Hyperion Aviation – Luqa 11.20 T7-BCS Falcon 900LX (270) Canx to 9H-FLX 11.20.
N717CB,N51995] Serbia (YU)
9H-VDS A320-214 (1757) Gallistair 12.20 CANCELLATIONS
[HK-5051,LY-NVS,HK-5051,PR-MHT,EI-DJI, YU-APG A320-232 (2587) Canx to EI-GSV 12.20.
I-PEKQ,F-WWIR] YU-DPE PA-28RT-201T (28R-7931310) Canx 12.20.
9H-VIA BD-700-2A12 (70041) [C-GFJO(4)] 12.20 YU-HFK R44 II (10335) Canx to N879YE 12.20.
9H-VMG Learjet 60XR (60-361) [N487LP,N361TS,N5014E] 11.20 YU-TUC Ce.550 (550-1136) Re-regd YU-TUU 12.20. Canx.
9H-WIN Ce.525B (525b-0557) [M-CITY,N5206T] 12.20
The following accident is also known:
Italy (I) YU-DCX PA-28-161 (28-7916053) w/o at Omarska, Bosnia-
CANCELLATIONS Herzogovina on 10.12.20.
I-ARFX EMB-135BJ (145775) Canx to N905FL 12.20.
I-AWVB Agusta AW.109SP (22353) Canx 22.12.20 to A6-RRR. Cyprus (5B)
I-BRIP P.66B Oscar 150 (43) Canx 18.12.20 as exported. CANCELLATIONS
I-DIOS Agusta AW.109SP (22217) Canx 17.12.20 as exported. 5B-CHD BN-2A-26 (166) Canx to G-BJWL 12.20.
I-ELTT R44 Raven II (11743) Canx 25.11.20 to F-HGZZ.
I-GLSR Glasair II-SRG (PFA/149-11633) Reverted to G-GLSR Croatia (9A)
12.20. Canx.
I-PACA UltraMagic M-105 (105/41) Canx 4.12.20 as exported. CANCELLATIONS
I-PHAS Agusta AW.119Ke (14770) Canx 14.12.20 to G-CLXA. 9A-ASV Skrlec (1) Canx 12.20.
I-VITH Beech 400A (RK-309) Canx 17.12.20 as exported.
Malta (9H)
The following accident is also known:
I-LGLG AS.350B3e (8661) w/o and DBF at Reinswald, Sarntal, CANCELLATIONS
South Tyrol on 30.12.20. 9H-AFI Beech 1900D (UE-31) Canx to ZS-FED(2) 12.20.
9H-NBB BD-700-1A10 (9470) Canx to T7-JBJ 12.20.
REGISTER NOTES 9H-DTY Gulfstream VI (6146) Canx to T7-AEG 11.20.
I-JAVA PA-28R-200 (28R-7135126) ex D-EVDC,VH-SLH,N8595N.
Identity confirmed. Operated by Aero Club di Genova – ADDITIONS AND AMENDMENTS
Genoa. ABN 11/20 I-AWVD Agusta AW.109SP (22406) c/n confirmed.

UAE (A6)
A6-FDG B737-8KN (29636) Canx to G-TUKG 11.20.

Our survey concentrates mainly on the Gulf region and in particular REGISTER NOTES
the UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. We have confirmed identities for N570TW Ce.208B (208B5570) ⎫ Exported to UAE 12.20
several airline-training Diamonds thanks to Pete Longley, while the N572TW Ce.208B (208B5572) ⎭ presumed to military.
number of vintage machines in Saudi Arabia continues to increase.
Saudi Arabia (HZ)
A6-BMJ B787-10 (60770) Etihad Airways – Abu Dhabi 12.20
HZ-ABS ATR-72-600 (1352) WFU 9.19. Canx to LZ-DAI 12.20.
A6-EVL A380-842 (261) Emirates – Dubai 12.20
HZ-AK1 Gulfstream IV (1444) Canx to N445SC 11.20.
HZ-HGA ATR-72-600 (1371) WFU 9.19. Canx to LZ-DAJ 12.20.
A6-EVM A380-842 (264) Emirates – Dubai 12.20
HZ-MHH ATR-72-600 (1312) WFU 9.19. Canx to LZ-DAH 12.20.
A6-EVN A380-842 (267) Emirates – Dubai 12.20
Kuwait (9K)
A6-HID Diamond DA42NG (42.N046) Etihad Airways . CANCELLATIONS
A6-HIE Diamond DA42NG (42.N047) Etihad Airways . 9K-ALE A320-214 (4135) Canx to M-ABNP 11.20.
A6-MNR Agusta AW.139 (31904) [I-PTFT] 12.20
A6-RRR Agusta AW.109SP (22353) Falcon Aviation 12.20 ADDITIONS AND AMENDMENTS
[I-AWVB,3A-MDF(2)] ABN 11/20 HZ-… Stinson V-77 Reliant (77-248) Also ex FL161.
A6-WZC A321-271NX (10311) Wizz Air Abu Dhabi
[D-AVYV] – Abu Dhabi 12.20
A6-WZD A321-271NX (10391) Wizz Air Abu Dhabi AFRICA
[D-AVXH] – Abu Dhabi 12.20
A7-ANS A350-1041 (420) Qatar Airways – Doha 12.20
[F-WZNF] A wide-ranging miscellany of changes from many states other than
A7-JJJ Diamond DA40NG (40.N337) Qatar Aeronautical South Africa featuring Tanzania and Nigeria.
Academy .
A7-KKK Diamond DA40NG (40.N338) Qatar Aeronautical NEW REGISTRATIONS
Academy . CN-… Beech A36 (E-2581) [ZS-PND,PH-BWA] 10.20
A7-LLL Diamond DA40NG (40.N339) Qatar Aeronautical CN-… Hawker 800XP (258656) 12.20
Academy . [N6546VR,B-3915,N850VR,CS-DFX,N656XP]
A7-MMM Diamond DA40NG (40.N340) Qatar Aeronautical D2-BFE Agusta AW.139 (31398) [F-HUGN,G-VINB] 12.20
Academy . ET-… AS.350B3 (3587) 10.20
A7-NNN Diamond DA40NG (40.N367) Qatar Aeronautical [ZT-REY,G-ERKN,G-ORKI,EC-IHX,F-WQRN,
Academy . F-WQDM]
A7-OOO Diamond DA40NG (40.N370) Qatar Aeronautical TL-ACC ICP Ventura 4 – .20
Academy . TS-H.. AS.365N3 (6949) [G-CKBY,TS-HSI,F-WWOF] 12.20
TT-ABG Dornier 328-300 (3209) République du Tchad
A7-PPP Diamond DA40NG (40.N345) Qatar Aeronautical
[N430FJ,D-BDXB] – N’Djamena 12.20
Academy .
3B-SGT BD-700-1A11 (60013) [C-GUGE(3)] 12.20
A7-RRR Diamond DA40NG (40.N368) Qatar Aeronautical
5A-DFN Ce.680A (680A-0248) [N199CK] 12.20
Academy .
5A-… EMB-145LR (145298) [N13997,PT-SKP] 12.20
A7-SSS Diamond DA40NG (40.N346) Qatar Aeronautical
5H-FLJ EMB-120ER (120162) Banc ABC (Flight Link Ltd
Academy .
– Dar Es Salaam 24.3.20
A7-ZZZ Diamond DA40NG (40.N369) Qatar Aeronautical
Academy .
5H-MEA UltraMagic N-425 (425/137) Miracle Experience
A9C-FI B787-9 (40601) Gulf Air – (Victorville) 12.20
Ltd – Arusha 14.12.18
5H-MEB UltraMagic N-425 (425/138) Miracle Experience
HZ-AL54 Agusta AW.139 (31895) Saudi ARAMCO 12.20
Ltd – Arusha 28.1.19
[(N865AH),I-RAIR] 5H-MEC UltraMagic N-425 (425/…) Miracle Experience
HZ-AL55 Agusta AW.139 (31896) Saudi ARAMCO 12.20 Company Ltd – Arusha 18.6.19
[I-EASH] 5H-MED UltraMagic N-450 (450/03) Miracle Experiences
HZ-AL56 Agusta AW.139 (31898) Saudi ARAMCO 12.20 Tanzania Ltd – Arusha 24.10.19
[I-PTFS] 5H-MFA Ce.208B (208B0552) Hirola Resources P/L
HZ-AR29 B787-10 (40058) Saudi Arabian Airlines – Jeddah 11.20 (My Fly Aviation Company Ltd) – Zanzibar 6.12.19
HZ-NS33 A320-251N (10097) flyNAS – Jeddah 12.20 [ZS-TJE,A2-AKI,5Y-VIJ,7T-VIJ,N1132M,(N5133E)]
[D-AVVI] 5H-MYF Cameron Z-425LW (12171) Adventures Aloft
HZ-… AS.350B3e (8754) [ZT-RFF] 11.20 (Tanzania) Ltd – Arusha 20.7.18
HZ-… Boeing A75N1 (75-4961) 10.20 5H-MZD Ce.208B (208B0714) Fly Zanzibar – Zanzibar 8.9.20
[G-CIOC,N9548H,BuA55724,42-16798] [5H-VIP,N208FK]
HZ-… CCF-4 Harvard Mk 4 (CCF4-442) 10.20 5H-POP Dynamic 450 Voyageur (91201395) Swifting
[G-TVIJ,G-BSBE,MozPLAF1730,FAP1730, Holdings R2.20
AA+652,52-8521] 5N-AAK(2) EMB-505 Phenom 300 (50500329) 12.20
HZ-… Flight Design CTLS (F-18-09-02) [N2030A] 11.20 [T7-AAK,PR-PGO]
9K-AKO A320-251N (10082) Kuwait Airways – Kuwait 11.20 5N-BWE Sikorsky S-92A (920288) Bristow Helicopters
[F-WWBJ] [N288NT] (Nigeria) 10.18
9K-AKP A320-251N (10087) Kuwait Airways – Kuwait 11.20 5N-BWN Agusta AW.139 (41228) Bristow Helicopters
[F-WWBI] [VH-ZFN,N368SH] (Nigeria) 5.19
9K-AKQ A320-251N (10060) Kuwait Airways – Kuwait 11.20 5N-BWO Sikorsky S-76D (761067) Bristow Helicopters
[D-AUAB] [N7667R] (Nigeria) 10.18

5N-BWY EMB-145LR (145622) United Nigeria – Lagos 11.20 Gabon (TR)
5N-BWZ EMB-145LR (145623) United Nigeria – Lagos .
TR-LEX Falcon 900EX (24) Canx to N7BD 12.20.
5N-BXA Sikorsky S-76D (761050) Bristow Helicopters
[N7650G] (Nigeria) 9.19
Tunisia (TS)
5N-BXB Sikorsky S-76D (761053) Bristow Helicopters CANCELLATIONS
[N7653H] (Nigeria) 9.19 TS-INB A320-214 (1175) Ferried to Knock for part-out 10.12.20.
5N-BXM Hawker 800XP (258396) 10.20
[N21EL,N23585] Côte d’Ivoire (TU)
5N-BXN Sikorsky S-92A (920203) Bristow Helicopters CANCELLATIONS
[G-CLGH,VH-ZUO,N203Y] (Nigeria) 3.20 TU-TST A319-112 (2066) Canx on return to lessor 12.20.
5N-BXO CL-600-2D24 (15283) 8.20
[G-CLJH,S5-AAU,(YI-AQI),C-GZQM] Namibia (V5)
5N-BXP CL-600-2D24 (15284) 5 20
5N-… Sikorsky S-92A (920299) [N299VT] 12.20 V5-HUG H.369A (38-0346) Canx to N992CH 12.20.
5T-… Beech 1900D (UE-10) 12.20 V5-IUJ Ce.182P (18261434) Canx to N970AS 12.20.
[C-GMZE(2),ZS-PUJ,V5-COX,ZS-OYB,V5-COX, V5-OEW Ce.172D (17250175) Canx to N970RB 12.20.
ZS-OYB,VH-MML,N137MA] The following accident is also known:
5T-… Beech 1900D (UE-228) 12.20 V5-ULT AutoGyro Calidus (00235) w/o and DBF on the main road
[C-GMYY,ZS-PKA,N228GL,N228YV] near Windhoek International Airport on 17.12.20.
5X-NIL A330-841 (1977) Uganda Airlines – Entebbe 12.20
[F-WWYS] Burkina Faso (XT)
5Y-VBB AeroAndina MXP-1000 Tayrona – (See accidents) .
5Y-… Ce.208 (20800665) [N2055A] 12.20
5Y-… F.27-050 (20120) 12.20 XT-HAL AS.350B3 (3219) Reverted to ZS-RWB 11.20. Canx.
PH-JHD,(PH-LMC),(VH-FNO),PH-EXE] Tanzania (5H)
6V-AEN A320-251NCJ (10196) Govt of Senegal – Dakar 12.20 CANCELLATIONS
[F-WHUE,F-WWDS] 5H-TZV Ce.208B (208B5145) Canx to ZS-BTG(2) 10.20.
6V-ASN ATR-72-600 (1452) Air Senegal – Dakar 12.20 5H-VIP Ce.208B (208B0714) Re-regd 5H-MZD 9.20. Canx.
7Q-MAG Gulfstream IVSP (1304) [N526EE,N287TX,N404QS] 12.20 Nigeria (5N)
9J-WCP Ce.182 – Wildlife Crime Prevention .20 CANCELLATIONS
9J-… Ce.208B (208B5549) [N425HP] 12.20 5N-BXN Sikorsky S-92A (920203) Canx to C-GUPQ(3) 12.20.
9S-ASJ A330-243 (505) C.A.A. – Kinshasa 12.20
[EC-LQO,5B-DBS,F-WWKO] Kenya (5Y)
9S-GYF HS.125-700A (257035) .
(N995SL),N995SK,N486MJ,SE-DPY,N36NP,G-5-16] 5Y-FAB EMB-120ER (120162) Canx to 5H-FLJ 3.20.
9S-… Ce.208B (208B2354) M.A.F. 12.20 5Y-HOT Ce.208B (208B0677) Canx to N114RF 12.20.
[N145JV,PK-ICY,PK-LTY,M354RM] 5Y-PAH Bell 412 (33066) Canx to VH-ZMK(2) 11.20.
9U-BBJ B737-548 (25737) 12.20 5Y-PHO Bell 412 (33204) Canx to VH-NVS(2) 11.20.
[UR-CGY,RA-73006,LY-AYW,EI-CDF] 5Y-PPS Bell 407GXP (54616) Canx to ZT-RMZ 11.20.
The following accidents are also known:
Botswana (A2) 5Y-KAS Ce.R172K-XP (R1723164) w/o in f/l at Borana on 2.12.20.
CANCELLATIONS 5Y-VBB AeroAndina MXP-1000 Tayrona – w/o in f/l at Maili Saba,
A2-HDD R66 (0110) Canx to G-CLWX 12.20. Isiolo on 9.12.20.

Sikorsky S-92A 5N-BXN [920203] at Southampton on 12 November 2020 awaiting transport to Nigeria. (Ian Cooke)

Ghana (9G)
9G‑ACA DHC‑8‑402 (4094) Canx to C‑GUCQ(2) 12.20.
9G‑MRH DHC‑8‑402 (4098) Canx to C‑GUDC(2) 12.20.
9G‑PIA DHC‑8‑402 (4095) Canx to C‑GUBU(2) 12.20. Our customary regional miscellany covers most countries and features
a welcome short update extracted from a recent Pakistani register as
DRC (9S) well as more news from Thailand thanks to Steve Ozel.


9S‑GJT Beech B300 (FL‑857) Canx to C‑GBCN(3) 12.20. B‑16859 ATR‑72‑600 (1645) Mandarin Airlines 12.20
B‑18772 B777F (66891) China Airlines Cargo – Taipei 12.20
SOUTH AFRICA HL8383 A350‑941 (425) Asiana – Incheon 12.20
HL9670 Sikorsky S‑76C+ (760554) 21.12.20
A short but welcome update from the SA CAA thanks again to Ray [PR‑LCA,N2039K]
Watts takes the register to mid‑December 2020. HL‑C238 Ce.162 (“152‑2020”) 16.12.20
HS‑TTA B777‑300ER (66587) Thai Airways International
NEW REGISTRATIONS – Suvarnabhumi 12.20
ZS‑EKA(2) BD‑700‑1A10 (60020) [C‑GKRA(4)] 12.20 HS‑VET Zenair CH‑701 – Base Tantawan .20
ZS‑FED(2) Beech 1900D (UE‑31) 9.12.20 HS‑VKP A320‑214 (5742) ThaiVietJet Air – Suvarnabhumi 12.20
ZS‑HJD Kubicek BB85Z (1737) 9.12.20 HS‑VKQ A320‑214 (5822) ThaiVietJet Air – Suvarnabhumi 12.20
ZS‑TVH Beech 1900D (UE‑364) 9.12.20 [VN‑A686,F‑WWBR]
[PK‑TVH,N30469] HS‑ … Agusta AW.139 (31798) 12.20
ZT‑HCC EC.130T2 (8928) 8.12.20 [VH‑DKU(2),P2‑HCC,I‑EASY]
ZT‑RFH Bell 206L‑3 (51566) 4.12.20 HS‑ … Cirrus SR22T (2015) [N426SC] 12.20
[N521RG,N521RC,N93EA,5B‑SMC,N4278Z] JA07XJ A350‑941 (451) Japan Airlines 12.20
ZU‑ITJ Rans S‑21 (05190048) R.C.Leighton 1.12.20 [F‑WZNG]
ZU‑ITK Jabiru J230 (966) 2.12.20 JA08XJ A350‑941 (476) Japan Airlines 12.20
ZU‑ITL ICP MXP‑740 Savannah S (19‑10‑54‑0698) 16.12.20 [F‑WZNB]
ZU‑ITM Aeroprakt A‑22LS (381) 8.12.20 JA08VA A320‑214 (6447) Peach Air R12.20
ZU‑PPA TAF Sling 4 TSI (207S) J.P.Van Zyl 15.12.20 [F‑WXAI,JA08VA,F‑WWII]
ZU‑STH TAF Sling 2 (298) 8.12.20 JA17DA TBM‑700C (5) Ogaki Construction 13.11.20
ZU‑STO TAF Sling 2 (305) 1.12.20 [N781TM,N731TM]
JA143A A321‑272N (10232) All Nippon Airways 12.20
ZS‑ECB(2) EMB‑135BJ (14500832) Canx 3.12.20 to SX‑KKA. JA144A A321‑272N (10363) All Nippon Airways 12.20
ZS‑HIY(2) R66 (0122) Canx to N730TL 12.20. [D‑AYAT]
ZS‑HYS Colt 240A (2579) Canx 15.12.20 to Namibia. JA871B Beech B300 (FM‑83) Japcon 25.11.20
ZS‑JXN PA‑32R‑300 (32R‑7680345) Canx to N288A 12.20. [N83FM]
ZS‑MPZ B737‑301 (23741) Canx 17.12.20 to PK‑YST. JA6420 Bell 407GX (54883) Bell Helicopter Godo Kaisha
ZS‑OAT B737‑476 (28150) Canx 22.12.20 to N102FF. [N881BS,C‑GPZH(3),C‑GFNM] – Chiba Pref 13.11.20
ZS‑SZH A320‑232 (6306) Canx 17.12.20 to France but became JA6421 Bell 407GX (54890) Bell Helicopter Godo Kaisha
9H‑SZH. [N881CH,C‑GQVJ(2),C‑GIQU] – Chiba Pref 13.11.20
ZS‑THU DHC‑8‑102 (038) Canx 15.12.20 to C‑FCGE. JA …. Agusta AW.139 (41576) [N576MM] 12.20
ZU‑DLV Kitplanes for Africa Bushbaby (018) Canx 9.12.20 to JA …. R44 (1075) [N873GS,JA7982] 12.20
Kenya. PK‑SNX EC.130T2 (8829) Smart Aviation 12.20
ZU‑SLL Jabiru J430 (812) Canx 15.12.20 to Australia. PK‑YST B737‑301 (23741) Trigana Air Service – Jakarta 12.20
ZU‑TAC TAF Sling 4 (113) Canx 17.12.20 to Australia. [ZS‑MPZ,OY‑JTJ,EC‑JUV,N576US,N360US,N353P]
PK‑ … Ce.208B (208B5579) [N890PT] 12.20
The following accidents are also known:
RP‑C9968 Falcon 900B (106) 11.20
ZS‑CNM(2) Cirrus SR22 (2946) w/o after a go around at Nelspruit
airfield on 6.11.20.
ZS‑MCC Bell 407 (53766) w/o in f/l in a lake after t/o at an
RP‑C …. Ce.A152 (A1520925) [N4982A] 12.20
unknown location in Tanzania on 16.11.20.
RP‑C …. TAF Sling 4 TSi (185S) [N69SN] 12.20
ZU‑CFU Windlass Aquilla (WA/871) w/o near Mooiplaas Tshwane,
T8A‑9MT BN‑2A‑21 (449) [N799MT,C‑GMND,N96JA,G‑BDAA] 12.20
Gauteng on 7.12.20.
VN‑A278 A321‑211 (6376) Vietravel Airlines 12.20
ZU‑DTL Yak‑52 (866404) Badly damaged in runway excursion on
t/o from Wings Park airfield, East London on 8.11.20.
VT‑ATG(2) A320‑251N (10156) AirAsia India 12.20
VT‑ILB A321‑251NX (10190) Interglobe Aviation Ltd
ABN 10/20 ZS‑SXA A340‑313 (544) Canx to 9H‑ACX 12.20.
[D‑AVYI] (IndiGo) 12.20
ZS‑SXB A340‑313 (582) Canx to 9H‑ACY 12.20.
VT‑ILC A321‑251NX (10109) Interglobe Aviation Ltd
ZS‑SXC A340‑313 (590) Canx to 9H‑ACZ 12.20.
[D‑AVYJ] (IndiGo) 12.20
ZT‑RHC Bell 206B (3825) c/n confirmed.
VT‑ISR A320‑251N (10170) Interglobe Aviation Ltd
ZU‑IPS TAF Sling 4 (167S) c/n confirmed.
[D‑AVVO] (IndiGo) 12.20
ABN 11/20 ZS‑SFM A319‑131 (2469) Canx 20.8.20 to France but
VT‑ISS A320‑251N (10332) Interglobe Aviation Ltd
became LZ‑GNI.
[F‑WWIA] (IndiGo) 12.20
ZS‑SXJ A330‑343 (1754) Canx 12.10.20 to 9H‑AHQ 12.20.
VT‑IUZ A321‑251NX (10155) Interglobe Aviation Ltd
ZU‑ISK Jabiru J400 (0054) ex V5‑PAT.
[D‑AZAW] (IndiGo) 12.20
Dave Wise reports that the UAV and Drone Solutions Bathawk Drones VT‑TQB A320‑251N (10261) Vistara 11.20
ZT‑WPN/O/U (NOV.1896) are small drones and thus have no connection [F‑WWIB]
with the Mcro Aviation Bathawk aircraft. VT‑TSH B787‑9 (66528) Vistara 12.20

Boeing 777F B-18772 [66891/1684] of China Airlines Cargo at Paine Field on 17 December 2020. (Brian Worthington)

VT-TSN B787-9 (66529) Vistara 12.20 AP-BNP Ce.172M (17266680) ex N80632.

[N1003W] AP-BTP Agusta AW.139 (31609) ex I-RAIN.
VT-… Aero L-39C Albatros (931532) [N39MX] 12.20 AP-CAB Beech B200 (BB-1999) ex D-IPAP,N3199Z.
XY-… ERJ-190-100LR (19000556) Myanmar Airways AP-CAC Beech B200 (BB-2000) ex D-INOR,N3200V.
International – Yangon 12.20 AP-EGA HAFEI/HAIC Y12 Mk IV (015) ex DQ-AFS,B-745L.
[M-ABNL,B-3205,PT-TDL] AP-FFL CL-600-2B16 (5887) ex M-GINI,AP-FFL,C-GNDZ.
XY-… ERJ-190-100LR (19000570) Myanmar Airways AP-GAK CL-600-2B16 (5438) ex N609CC,C-GLXM.
International – Yangon 12.20 AP-MAM Ce.441 (441-0108) ex N108TJ.
[M-ABNV,B-3210,PT-TES] AP-NST Gulfstream G200 (240) ex OE-HGE,N440GA.
YA-WTA A340-313X (207) Kam Air – Kabul 11.20 AP-PAL Hawker 400XP (RK-526) ex N7226P.
[F-GLZK] AP-PIR Beech B200 (BB-1737) ex AP-PLE(1),N665MW,N263SP,
8Q-… DHC-6-300 (617) 11.20 N44375.
[C-GKBR,8Q-MAU,C-GKBR,8Q-MAU,C-GKBR, AP-PLE(2) Beech B200GT (BY-322) ex N322BY.
G-JEAC,G-BGMC] AP-SAM PA-46R-350T (4692059) ex N84MH,N6073E.
9N-AMT AS.350B3e (7416) [EC-LSF] 12.20 AP-SKJ Hawker 400XP (RK-454) ex N454RJ,N465LX.
AP-ZAI Ce.162 (16200008) ex N167JA.
Pakistan (AP) AP-ZBR Ce.162 (16200236) ex N6092A.
AP-AZQ Ce.421C (421C0222) Canx some time ago this is now South Korea (HL)
exhibited at the Pakistan Army Museum in Lahore.
AP-BDV Ce.R172-XP (R1723419) Still shown as current but WFU
HL7402 B747-4B5 (26407) Canx 3.12.20 to N786CK.
at Karachi.
HL7569 B737-9B5 (29987) Canx 11.12.20 as exported.
N419LC Beech 1900C (UC-119) ex AP-BJC,N119YV,YV-1070C,
HL7711 A321-231 (1636) Canx to N636WT 12.20.
N119YV. Formerly with JS Air. Noted WFU in open storage
at Karachi in 9.20 with no engines. HL8035 B737-8BK (33019) Canx 16.12.20 to OE-IOZ.
N545LC Beech 1900C (UC-145) ex AP-BJS,ZS-PCD,N143GA, HL8266 A321-231 (5350) Canx 15.12.20 as exported. Last known
N145GL,N55594. Formerly with JS Air. Noted WFU in open stored at Goodyear 12.20.
storage at Karachi in 9.20 with no engines. HL8343 B737-8KN (40240) Canx 8.12.20 to OE-IPT.
AP-… Mainair Gemini/Flash IIA (813-1190-5-W606) ex HL-C086 Zenair CH-701 STOL (7-9374) Canx 21.12.20 as scrapped.
G-MWNU. Exported to Pakistan 12.20.
Thailand (HS)
A recent listing from the Pakistan CAA Airworthiness Directorate
included a current basic register. While most current entries are well CANCELLATIONS
known the following are all confirmed: HS-UOI Agusta AW.139 (31554) Last known flight 22.4.20.
AP-ALI Gulfstream G200 (223) ex M-ALIK,VP-CIM,OE-HSB, Believed stored at Songkhla. Ferried to Subang 21.10.20.
N383GA Canx to I-WNDH.
AP-BJY Ce.172S (172S11493) ex N55280. HS-UOJ Agusta AW.139 (31550) Last known flight 20.2.20.
AP-BJZ Ce.172R (17281187) ex N150UD. Believed stored at Songkhla. Ferried to Subang 21.10.20.
AP-BKB Learjet 60XR (60-346) ex N724EB,N724EH. Canx to I-WNDG.
AP-BKQ Ce.150M (15076264) ex N66770.
AP-BKR Ce.150M (15077094) ex N63087. REGISTER NOTES
AP-BKT Ce.152 (15284947) ex N158SK. HS-DAI Diamond DA42 (42.249) ex (B-9171),OE-VPW. Regd to
AP-BKU Beech 200 (BB-309) ex LN-ULV,OY-PEB,5Y-SMB. Asian Aerospace Services 11.10.07. Canx 23.8.11 to
AP-BLO Ce.172R (17281388) ex N1576C. Malaysia as 9M-ITC.
AP-BLP Ce.152 (15280089) ex N757XQ. HS-TYW RTAF serial now known to be B.L15k-2/63.
AP-BLQ Ce.152 (15282186) ex N68208. HS-YEA(2) CTRM Eagle 150B (030) ex 9M-BEQ,N150EF,VH-EAF. Regd
AP-BLR Ce.R172K-XP (R1722977) ex N758BZ. to Young Eagle Co.Ltd 7.7.08. Canx 9.9.14 to Malaysia.
AP-BMA Ce.172M (17263013) ex N13818. HS-YEB(2) CTRM Eagle 150B (038) ex 9M-BES,N828RL. Regd to
AP-BMQ Ce.172P (17273465) ex N4918G. Young Eagle Co.Ltd 7.7.08. Canx 9.9.14 to Malaysia.

The following c/ns have been physically checked on the eight Diamond HL8231 B737-85P (33975) Canx 23.11.20 to VP-CDM.
DA40NGs supplied recently to the Royal Thai Air Force: HL8371 A321-251NX (9226) Regn date 26.10.20.

Japan (JA) CHINA

JA2559 LET L-33 Solo (950401) Canx 20.11.20 as scrapped.
JA704A B777-281 (27035) Ferried to Taipei 17.11.20 for part-out. This month we chronicle a large number of recent Airbus deliveries in
Canx 25.11.20 as WFU. addition to helicopter changes thanks again to Jos Stevens. A
JA707A B777-281ER (27037) Canx 4.11.20 as WFU. considerable backlog of extra information has built up in recent weeks
JA808P A320-214 (5540) Canx 24.11.20 as WFU. which will mainly be tackled next month.
JA8976 B767-346 (27659) Canx 12.20 to N509KW.
JA8987 B767-346 (28553) Canx 12.20 to N503KW. NEW REGISTRATIONS
The following accident is also known: B-30D9 A321-271N (9345) Air China – Beijing 12.20
JA77AR R66 (0756) w/o in wooded terrain 10 kms NW of [D-AVXE]
Shizuoka on 30.12.20. B-30EC A321-253NX (9168) China Southern – Baiyoun 12.20
REGISTER NOTES B-30ED A321-253NX (9267) China Southern – Baiyoun 12.20
JA001A Ce.560 (560-0349) Canx 10.11.20 to VH-IVZ(2). [D-AVYC]
JA04TG Quest Kodiak 100 (100-0145) Canx 24.11.20 to N45DV. B-30EH A320-251N (10061) Hunan Airlines 12.20
JA21RP AS.365N3 (6548) Canx 7.8.20 as WFU. Became N234VM [F-WWDD]
12.20. B-30EL A321-253NX (9365) Chonquing Airlines 12.20
JA119N Ce.560 (560-0067) Canx 13.11.20 to VH-IVK(2). [D-AVYD]
JA150A A321-272N (10117) Regd to ANA Trading (ANA) 24.11.20. B-30EV A321-253NX (9266) China Southern – Baiyoun 12.20
Indonesia (PK) B-30EW A321-253NX (9441) China Southern – Baiyoun 12.20
PK-TVH Beech 1900D (UE-364) Canx to ZS-TVH 12.20. B-30EX A321-253NX (9472) China Southern – Baiyoun 12.20
The following accident is also known: B-30E5 A321-253NX (9288) China Southern – Baiyoun 12.20
PK-KLO Type unknown (Trike) w/o on t/o near Pematang, Sungai [D-AVXW]
Awan Kiri, Muara Pawan District 11.12.20. B-30E6 A321-253NX (9240) China Southern – Baiyoun 12.20
Laos (RDPL) B-30FM A350-941 (408) China Eastern – Shanghai 12.20
N215BJ Beech B300 (FL-1146) ex N215BV. Reportedly currently in B-30FN A320-251N (9545) China Eastern – Shanghai 12.20
Laos awaiting registry. [B-OOOG]
B-30FO A350-941 (411) China Southern – Baiyoun 12.20
Philippines (RP) [F-WZFS]
CANCELLATIONS B-320K A320-251N (10045) Zhejiang Loon Airlines 12.20
RP-C3261 A320-214 (4508) Canx to N287NV 12.20. [B-005R,D-AVVC]
RP-C7868 ATR-72-212A (748) Canx to VP-CNU 10.20. B-320L A320-251N (10154) Spring Airlines 12.20
Vietnam (VN) B-320Y A321-253NX (10213) China Southern – Baiyoun 12.20
B-321A A320-271N (10194) Juneyao Airlines 12.20
VN-A682 A320-214 (5742) Canx to HS-VKP 12.20.
VN-A686 A320-214 (5822) Canx to HS-VKQ 12.20.
B-321F A321-253NX (10036) Spring Airlines 12.20
India (VT)
B-321G A321-253NX (10124) Spring Airlines 12.20
VT-IDT A320-232 (5158) Canx to LZ-MDR 10.20. B-321R A321-211 (7311) West Air China 12.20
VT-IHD A320-232 (2914) Canx to LZ-AWH 10.20. [D-AAER,VP-BJK,XA-JPB,D-AVYM]
VT-INT A320-232 (3497) Canx to OE-IRJ 12.20. B-321T A321-211 (7358) West Air China 12.20
VT-INV A320-232 (3618) Canx to VP-COG 10.20. [D-AAET,VP-BJT,XA-GEO,D-AYAP]
VT-SYG B737-85R (34798) Canx to 2-VSYG 12.20. B-321U A320-251N (10379) Hunan Airlines 12.20
VT-SYM B737-8BK (29685) Canx to 2-VSYM 12.20. [F-WWDR]
VT-SYO B737-7BK (33025) Canx to 2-VSYO 11.20. B-321V A320-251N (10337) Colorful Guizhau Airlines 12.20
VT-SYP B737-7BK (33026) Canx to 2-VSYP 11.20. [B-000C]
B-321W A320-251N (10324) Zhejiang Loon Airlines 12.20
Myanmar (XY) [B-007M]
CANCELLATIONS B-321X A320-251N (10397) Zhejiang Loon Airlines 12.20
XY-AGW CL-600-2B19 (7136) Canx to N929SP 10.16. [B-005S,F-WWDE]
B-321Y A320-251N (8379) Chengdu Airlines 12.20
Singapore (9V) [B-000H]
CANCELLATIONS B-322J A320-251N (10058) China Eastern – Shanghai 12.20
9V-JSA A320-232 (2316) Canx to VH-UVK(3) 12.20. [B-007T]
9V-JSH A320-232 (2604) Canx to VH-UVP(3) 12.20. B-620G Comac ARJ-21-700 (149) OTT Airlines 12.20
9V-SSD A330-343 (1562) Canx to OE-IRE 12.20. [B-099S]
9V-STC A330-343X (986) Canx to C-GHKC(3) 12.20. B-650K Comac ARJ-21-700 (148) China Southern 12.20
ADDITIONS AND AMENDMENTS B-650L Comac ARJ-21-700 (147) Air China 12.20
ABN 12/20 HL8213 A321-231 (1970) Canx 25.11.20 to LZ-DAS. [B-099U]

B‑650Q Comac ARJ‑21‑700 (142) China Express Airlines 12.20 9M‑BAE PA‑28‑161 (2842347) BATS Aviation Sdn.Bhd.
[B‑099K] [9M‑NKB,N2030Q] – Ipoh 19.2.20
B‑650S Comac ARJ‑21‑700 (151) Chengdu Airlines 12.20 9M‑DAK R44 II (14416) 12.20
[B‑001L] 9M‑DON Ce.172S – Layang Layang Aerospace 12.20
B‑70C6 Bell 407GXi (54810) Shaanxi Helicopter Co.Ltd. . 9M‑FAZ PA‑34‑220T (3448003) BATS Aviation Sdn.Bhd.
[C‑GBQE] [9M‑SKL,N91959] – Ipoh 11.3.20
B‑70F0 Bell 407GXi (54814) Shaanxi Helicopter Co.Ltd. . 9M‑HOT Ce.172 – Layang Layang Aerospace .20
[C‑GDGT] 9M‑ITA Diamond DA40NG – International Aero Training
B‑70H2 R44 II (14328) Shenzhen Eastern General Academy Sdn.Bhd. .
Aviation Co.Ltd. . 9M‑ITB Diamond DA40NG – International Aero Training
B‑70L8 Bell 407GXi (54817) Shaanxi Helicopter Co.Ltd. . Academy Sdn.Bhd. .
[C‑GECZ] 9M‑ITC Diamond DA42 (42.249) International Aero
B‑70L9 Bell 407GXi (54818) Shaanxi Helicopter Co.Ltd. . Training Academy Sdn.Bhd .11
[C‑GEUZ] [HS‑DAI,(B‑9171),OE‑VPW]
B‑70M0 Bell 407GXi (54821) Shaanxi Helicopter Co.Ltd. . 9M‑ITD Diamond DA40NG (40.N084) International Aero
[C‑GFHO] [OE‑VDR] Training Academy Sdn.Bhd. 2.13
B‑70S8 Bell 407GXi (54848) Shaanxi Helicopter Co.Ltd. . 9M‑ITE Diamond DA40NG (40.N085) International Aero
[C‑GKUL] [OE‑VDS] Training Academy Sdn.Bhd. 2.13
B‑70S9 Bell 407GXi (54849) Shaanxi Helicopter Co.Ltd. . 9M‑ITF Diamond DA40NG (40.N086) International Aero
[C‑GKYN] [OE‑VPT] Training Academy Sdn.Bhd. 2.13
B‑70T0 Bell 407GXi (54852) Shaanxi Helicopter Co.Ltd. . 9M‑ITG Diamond DA40NG (40.N087) International Aero
[C‑GKUQ] [OE‑VPU] Training Academy Sdn.Bhd. 2.13
B‑70W2 EC.135T2 (0250) Shenzhen Eastern General 9M‑ITH Diamond DA40NG – International Aero Training
[EC‑IKB,D‑HTSF,D‑HECK] Aviation Co.Ltd . Academy Sdn.Bhd. .
B‑70W7 Bell 407GXi (54855) Shaanxi Helicopter Co.Ltd. . 9M‑ITI Diamond DA40NG – International Aero Training
[C‑GLNF] Academy Sdn.Bhd. .
B‑70Z1 R44 II – China Southern Airlines Ivy International 9M‑ITJ PA‑28‑181 – International Aero Training Academy
Flight Academy (Nanjing) Co.Ltd. . Sdn.Bhd. .20
B‑70Z9 AS.350B3e (8802) Inner Mongolia Tianyu General 9M‑ITK PA‑28‑181 – International Aero Training Academy
Aviation Co.Ltd. . Sdn.Bhd. .20
B‑721K EC.135.3H (2082) Zhejiang Desheng General 9M‑ITL Diamond DA40NG – International Aero Training
Aviation Co.Ltd. . Academy Sdn.Bhd. .20
B‑721L EC.135T3H (2089) Beijing Shouhang Helicopter 9M‑ITM PA‑28‑181 – International Aero Training Academy
Co.Ltd. . Sdn.Bhd. .20
B‑723C Kaman K‑1200 K‑Max (A94‑0052) [N12001] . 9M‑ITN PA‑28‑181 – International Aero Training Academy
Sdn.Bhd. .20
CANCELLATIONS 9M‑ITO Diamond DA40NG – International Aero Training
B‑70QW AS.350B3 (4517) Canx to ZT‑RTB 10.20. Academy Sdn.Bhd. .20
B‑3205 ERJ‑190‑100LR (19000556) Canx to M‑ABNL 12.20 then 9M‑ITP PA‑28‑181 – International Aero Training Academy
to Myanmar. Sdn.Bhd. .20
B‑3210 ERJ‑190‑100LR (19000570) Canx to M‑ABNV 12.20 then 9M‑ITQ PA‑28‑181 – International Aero Training Academy
to Myanmar. Sdn.Bhd. .20
B‑6086 A330‑343 (879) Canx to VQ‑BSO 12.20. 9M‑ITR PA‑28‑181 – International Aero Training Academy
B‑6396 A320‑214 (3605) Canx to OE‑IRW 12.20. Sdn.Bhd. .20
9M‑ITT PA‑28‑181 – International Aero Training Academy
B‑721E Agusta AW.139 (31823) ex I‑EASW. (Not c/n 31838). 9M‑ITU Diamond DA42NG (42.N112) International Aero
Training Academy Sdn.Bhd. 2.13
9M‑ITV Diamond DA42NG (42.N113) International Aero
ABN 11/20 B‑120V Diamond DA42NG (42.NW025) Sichuan Longhao
Training Academy Sdn.Bhd. 2.13
Flight Training Co.Ltd. Details confirmed.
B‑10YP Type confirmed as a Diamond DA42NG by
9M‑ITZ PA‑28‑181 – International Aero Training Academy
photo evidence.
Sdn.Bhd. .20
9M‑KEN Diamond DA40NG – Atas Aeronautik Sdn.Bhd./Asia
Aeronautical Training Academy (AATA)
MALAYSIA – Johor Bahru‑Senai .20
9M‑KIA DHC‑6‑300 (593) SKS Airways Sdn.Bhd – Subang 12.19
We start to tackle the considerable backlog this time and detail a large N169SG,N663MA]
number of aircraft registered over the past few years – in particular 9M‑KSA PA‑28‑181 – Malaysian Flying Academy – Melaka .20
the flying training fleets with allocations in the 9M‑IT. and 9M‑SK. 9M‑KSB PA‑28‑181 – Malaysian Flying Academy – Melaka .20
series. While many entries repeat data already published several 9M‑MFA PA‑28‑181 – Malaysian Flying Academy – Melaka .20
remain unconfirmed thus any further input would be most welcome 9M‑MIN Diamond DA40NG – Atas Aeronautik Sdn.Bhd./
– especially regarding the 9M‑SK. range where a considerable number Asia Aeronautical Training Academy (AATA)
of re‑registrations have evidently taken place. Meanwhile grateful – Johor Bahru‑Senai .20
thanks are due to Pete Longley, Steve Ozel, Jos Stevens and Barrie 9M‑NEW B737‑42JF (27143) My Jet Xpress – Subang 12.20
Towey for their help. [OE‑IWP,ZS‑JRC(2),N717AS,ZS‑JRC(2),
NEW REGISTRATIONS 9M‑SKA(2) PA‑28‑161 (2841184) Malaysian Flying Academy
9M‑AMA R44 Cadet (30073) 12.20 [N520PU] – Melaka 10.05
9M‑BAA PA‑28‑161 (28‑8416032) BATS Aviation Sdn.Bhd. 9M‑SKB(3) PA‑28‑161 (2841186) Malaysian Flying Academy
[9M‑SKS,N43263] – Ipoh 19.2.20 [N521PU] – Melaka 10.05
9M‑BAC PA‑28‑161 (2842348) BATS Aviation Sdn.Bhd. 9M‑SKC(2) PA‑28‑161 (2841187) Malaysian Flying Academy
[9M‑NKC,N2048X] – Ipoh 19.2.20 [N522PU] – Melaka 10.05

9M‑SKD PA‑38‑112 (38‑81A0083) Malaysian Flying Academy
[N25924] – Melaka . AUSTRALIA
9M‑SKE PA‑28‑161 (28‑8316085) Malaysian Flying Academy
[N4309W] – Melaka .
9M‑SKG(3) PA‑28‑161 – Malaysian Flying Academy – Melaka . CASA as usual provides the basic data for our Australian update taking
9M‑SKH PA‑28‑161 (2841316) Malaysian Flying Academy the register to late December with our customary valued input from
[N9212U] – Melaka . Tony Arbon and John Streeter.
9M‑SKI(3) PA‑28‑161 (2841317) Malaysian Flying Academy A varied selection this time with several helicopters from Africa
[N9212Z] – Melaka . including two Bell 412s from Kenya. An entry which requires further
9M‑SKK PA‑44‑180 (4496336) Malaysian Flying Academy clarification is the Polish SZD‑56 VH‑NWP which is listed as ex SP‑GAVI
[N2591S] – Melaka . – this we assume is a new series in Poland. To round off our survey we
9M‑SKO PA‑28‑161 (28‑7816064) Malaysian Flying Academy have a welcome large RAAus register update which contains confirmed
[N47376] – Melaka . current marks for many machines transferred from the main VH‑
9M‑SKP PA‑28‑161 (28‑7916532) Malaysian Flying Academy register. The type and weight coverage has also been expanded and
[N2905Y] – Melaka . includes even a Tri‑Pacer below!
9M‑SKQ PA‑28‑161 (28‑8016112) Malaysian Flying Academy
[N81114] – Melaka . NEW REGISTRATIONS
9M‑SKR PA‑34‑220T (34‑8133225) Malaysian Flying Academy VH‑AMD(6) Beech B300C (FM‑88) NAA P/L (Pel‑Air Aviation
[N616WA] – Melaka . [N88FM] P/L) – Mascot/NSW 25.11.20
9M‑SKT(2) PA‑28‑181 – Malaysian Flying Academy – Melaka .20 VH‑BFI(4) Innovaero 5DHF‑10‑1001‑FL (0001) Innovaero
9M‑SKU(2) PA‑28‑181 – Malaysian Flying Academy – Melaka .20 P/L – Kardinya/WA 16.12.20
9M‑SKV PA‑34‑220T (34‑8333026) Malaysian Flying Academy VH‑BQZ(4) SAAB 340B (340B‑399) C&L Aerospace P/L
[N8307U] – Melaka . [JA8594,SE‑C99] – Alderley/QLD 23.12.20
(Since to Layang Layang Aerospace) VH‑BRX(3) Innovaero 5D01X‑0001‑1001 (1) Innovaero P/L
9M‑SKZ(1) PA‑28‑161 (2841194) Malaysian Flying Academy . – Kardinya/WA 23.12.20
[N529PU] (DBR in f/l near Melaka on 7.2.13) VH‑BZL(5) Van’s RV‑7 (74101) A.R.Beazley
9M‑SKZ(2) PA‑28‑181 – Malaysian Flying Academy – Melaka .20 – Reedy Creek/QLD 21.12.20
9M‑WEE Ce.172 – Layang Layang Aerospace .20 VH‑EUV(2) R22 Beta II (2722) Dash Helicopters P/L
9M‑WYS PA‑28 – Admal Sdn.Bhd. .20 – Jimboomba/QLD 11.12.20
CANCELLATIONS VH‑HAU(2) Hutter H28 (GFA/AB/154) P.S.Rundle
9M‑NKB PA‑28‑161 (2842347) Re‑regd 9M‑BAE 2.20. Canx. – Wangi Wangi/NSW 9.12.20
9M‑NKC PA‑28‑161 (2842348) Re‑regd 9M‑BAC 2.20. Canx. VH‑IRB(2) Bell 206B (2324) Interstate Motor Marketing
9M‑NKG PA‑28‑161 (2842353) Canx to 2‑MNKG 11.20. [VH‑SWI] Services P/L – Camden/NSW 18.12.20
9M‑SKL PA‑34‑220T (3448003) Re‑regd 9M‑FAZ 3.20. Canx. VH‑IVX(2) Ce.180A (32981) A.A.G.Henderson – Scone/NSW 11.12.20
9M‑SKS PA‑28‑161 (28‑8416032) Re‑regd 9M‑BAA 2.20. Canx. [VH‑RFD,N9684B]
VH‑JUU(2) R44 Raven I (2634) Heliflite P/L
REGISTER NOTES – Bankstown/NSW 18.12.20
9M‑HMD TB‑20 (2192) ex N432GT. Regd to HM Aerospace Sdn.Bhd VH‑JXE(2) R22 Beta II (3719) J.C.Crozier (Hawkeye
11.5.05. Currently shown as ‘inactive’. Helicopters P/L) – Hughenden/QLD 24.11.20
9M‑HME TB‑20 (2074) ex 9M‑SOC. [ZS‑RUL]
9M‑IAC Cirrus SR20 (1894) Re‑regd 9M‑ZWR prior to being w/o VH‑JXJ(2) R22 Beta II (4388) J.C.Crozier (Hawkeye
on 1.12.18. Helicopters P/L) – Hughenden/QLD 25.11.20
9M‑IAG Cirrus SR20 – correct c/n is 1914, not 1916. [ZS‑RLG,N4203B]
9M‑KAR Bell 206B (2254) ex ZK‑HLG. Regd to SAR Helicopters VH‑JXU(2) R22 Beta II (3567) J.C.Crozier (Hawkeye
Sdn.Bhd – Miri 4.6.02. Re‑regd 9M‑SHB 30.12.02. Helicopters P/L) – Hughenden/QLD 24.11.20
9M‑SKK PA‑44‑180 (4496336) Marks believed NTU. Became [ZS‑RTX]
9M‑SSK. VH‑JYA(3) Beech 1900D (UE‑94) Awesome Aviation P/L
9M‑ … Beech B200 (BB‑2005) ex LN‑LTL,N6005S. Confirmed for (Nantay P/L) – Perth/WA 26.11.20
Layang Layang Aerospace – 9M‑marks not yet known. [ZS‑ALT(2),VH‑NOA(4),PK‑OCW,ZS‑PPX,N94GL,
9M‑ … Ce.172S (172S12489) ex N883FA (Canx to 9M‑ 10.20) N94UX]
9M‑ … Ce.172S (172S12490) ex N884FA (Canx to 9M‑ 10.20) VH‑KAA(3) R44 Raven II (14420) Heliflite P/L
9M‑ … Ce.172S (172S12493) ex N885FA (Canx to 9M‑ 10.20) – Bankstown/NSW 3.12.20
VH‑KQH(2) R44 Raven I (2630) Heliflite P/L
The batches of PA-28-181 Archer TXs exported to Malaysia between 2017
– Bankstown/NSW 3.12.20
and 2020 are reportedly for the Malaysian Flying Academy at Melaka.
VH‑LHJ(3) Agusta AW.109SP (22419) Benjamin Duncan
Included are the following:
Aviation P/L (Australian Corporate Jet
9M‑ … (2843870) ex N7079E (Canx to 9M‑ 2.6.17)
[I‑EASU] Centres P/L) – Essendon/VIC 17.12.20
9M‑ … (2843871) ex N7081C (Canx to 9M‑ 2.6.17)
VH‑LWO(2) Pilatus PC‑12/47E (1935) RFDS of Australia
9M‑ … (2881208) ex N8012V,N9510N (Canx to 9M‑ 3.12.19)
(Western Operations) – Jandakot/WA 23.12.20
9M‑ … (2881209) ex N8013G,N9512N (Canx to 9M‑ 3.12.19)
9M‑ … (2881210) ex N8014K,N9513N (Canx to 9M‑ 3.12.19)
VH‑NIC(3) EC.130T2 (8918) Ocean Ecology P/L
9M‑ … (2881211) ex N8015E,N9516N (Canx to 9M‑ 3.12.19)
– Jandakot/WA 11.12.20
9M‑ … (2881242) ex N80561,N9515N (Canx to 9M‑ 6.3.20)
VH‑NVS(2) Bell 412 (33204) Atlantick P/L (Sydney
9M‑ … (2881243) ex N8056H,N9516N (Canx to 9M‑ 6.3.20)
Helicopters P/L) – Bankstown/NSW 30.11.20
9M‑ … (2881268) ex N80150,N9527N (Canx to 9M‑ 23.3.20)
9M‑ … (2881269) ex N8016C,N9529N (Canx to 9M‑ 23.3.20)
9M‑ … (2881270) ex N8016J,N9528N (Canx to 9M‑ 23.3.20)
VH‑NWP(2) SZD‑56‑3 (563119004) Skysight Weather P/L
9M‑ … (2881271) ex N8016L,N9510N (Canx to 9M‑ 24.3.20)
[SP‑GAVI] – Willaston/SA 9.12.20
9M‑ … (2881283) ex N8057Q,N9525N (Canx to 9M‑ 12.11.20)
VH‑PDR(3) Kitfox IV (C9407‑0042) Custom Sport Aircraft
9M‑ … (2881284) ex N8058C,N9526N (Canx to 9M‑ 12.11.20)
P/L (P.D.Krauss) – Lane Cove/NSW 3.12.20
One of the remaining PA‑38s was erected as a static display at their VH‑PHG(5) Tecnam P.92 Eaglet (1297) P.H.Davis
HQ in 8.19, painted as ‘9M‑MFA’. [24‑7366] – Cooma/NSW 30.11.20

VH-PHW(3) Bell 429 (57390) Hawker Pacific P/L VH-SWI Bell 206B (2324) Re-regd VH-IRB(2). Canx 18.12.20.
[C-GHFZ] – Bankstown/NSW 27.11.20 VH-TEM(2) CASA C-212-CC (C212-CC37-1-138) Canx 24.12.20 to USA.
VH-PWG(3) DG-1000S (10-282S186) Gliding Club of VH-TXI(2) Ce.182H (18256175) Canx 24.12.20 as WFU.
Victoria Inc – Benalla/VIC 16.12.20 VH-UQI(2) MS.893A (10962) w/o and DBF at Greenbank, Logan/QLD
VH-RQC(4) B737-8FE (33797) UMB Bank NA (De Lore and on 6.11.20. Canx 23.12.20.
Associates P/L) (Rex Regional Express) 23.12.20 VH-VNG A320-232 (3674) Canx 15.12.20 to Ireland.
[VH-VOP,ZK-PBB,VH-VOP,N1782B,N1787B] VH-VNO(2) A320-232 (4053) Became OE-INN and stored 3.20. Canx
VH-TWD(4) Van’s RV-12 (RV12579) R.Hop – Glen Forrest/WA 3.12.20 14.12.20 as revoked.
VH-UVK(3) A320-232 (2316) Qantas Airways Ltd (Network VH-VOP B737-8FE(33797) Re-regd VH-RQC(4). Canx 23.12.20.
Aviation P/L) – Perth/WA 11.12.20 VH-XSC(2) Pitts S-2C (6044) Canx 23.11.20 to ZK-LDJ
[9V-JSA,F-WWDR] VH-XUH(2) A320-232 (6749) Canx 2.12.20 to 2-HXHU.
VH-UVP(3) A320-232 (2604) Qantas Airways Ltd (Network VH-ZYK Aeroprakt A-22LS Foxbat (A22LS-281) Transferred to
Aviation P/L – Perth/WA 15.12.20 RAAus register. Canx 25.11.20.
The following accidents are also known:
VH-UYW(2) ERJ-190-100IGW (19000174) Bravo Airlines P/L
VH-HGU(4) R44 (2615) w/o near Tallong SE of Marulan/NSW while on
Alliance Airlines P/L) – Brisbane/QLD 24.12.20
a training flight from Goulburn/NSW on 2.12.20.
VH-IIL(3) Progressive Aerodyne Searey (N479) Badly damaged
VH-VGK(3) R22 Beta II (2973) Heliflite P/L
following engine failure on t/o at Tyabb/VIC on 25.11.20.
[ZK-HIF(4),JA7957] – Bankstown/NSW 30.11.20
VH-SIP(2) Dyn-Aero MCR-01 VLA Sportster (225) w/o near
VH-VIM(2) AS.350B3 (4223) UTS Geophysics P/L (Aviation
Serpentine airfield/WA during a post-maintenance test
Utilities P/L) – Camden/NSW 8.12.20
flight on 28.12.20.
VH-VKP(2) Lancair Super ES (17) P.J.R.Smith – Ballarat/VIC 26.11.20
VH-… J-3C-65 Cub (15441) [N87783,NC87783] 12.20
VH-… J-3C-65 Cub (15647) [N88028,NC88028] 12.20
VH-VNX(3) Diamond DA42NG (42.N415) Lynsch P/L
VH-… PA-28-161 (2842142) [N138DC,N9512N] 12.20
(S.R.Caling) – Loganholme/QLD 14.12.20
VH-… PA-28-161 (2842181) [N234SR] 12.20
VH-WCJ(4) TAF Sling 4 (254K) W.C.Janse Van Rensburg
VH-… PA-28-181 (2843173) [N4127X] 12.20
– Wongawallan/QLD 25.11.20
VH-… PA-28-181 (2843513) [N330PA,N9514N] 12.20
VH-WSU(2) Gippsaero GA-8 Airvan (GA8-17-244)
VH-… TAF Sling 4 (113) [ZU-TAC] 12.20
Wrightsair P/L – Strathmore/VIC 30.11.20
VH-… Van’s RV-8 (83578) [ZU-ILO] 11.20
VH-XYQ Cameron Sky-Papa-120SS (12343) Drome P/L
(Dawn Drifters P/L) – Canberra/ACT 25.11.20
VH-YLR Maule M-5-235C (7222C) T.R.Gilbo (Fairgil P/L)
VH-KAM(3) Lancair Super ES (17) Canx 6.7.06 as revoked. Restored
[VH-MEB(3),N56293] Moruya/NSW 23.11.20
as VH-VKP as above 26.11.20.
VH-YXR(2) Agusta AW.139 (31277) Eagle Copters Ltd
VH-ZFN Agusta AW.139 (41228) Canx 8.5.19 to Nigeria. Became
(Babcock Mission Critical Services Australasia
[C-GLPI(2),N215YS] P/L) – Adelaide/SA 18.12.20
VH-ZFP Agusta AW.139 (41370) Canx 28.11.19 to Trinidad and
VH-YXU A320-232 (5281) JJHK1 Co.Ltd (Camo Australia
Tobago. Became 9Y-SAR.
P/L / Jetstar) – Mascot/NSW 21.12.20
VH-YXW A320-232 (5281) JJSA3 Co.Ltd (Camo Australia
P/L / Jetstar) – Mascot/NSW 21.12.20 NEW REGISTRATIONS
[JA18JJ,F-WWIO] 23-0001 Flight Design CTLSi (F-18-02-05) 4.6.20
VH-YZK(3) R22 Beta II (2893) Heliflite P/L 19-1656 Zenair CH750 Cruzer – 1.10.19
[ZK-HUY(3),JA21CE] – Bankstown/NSW 30.11.20 23-1658 Aeroprakt A22LS Kelpie (A22LS-362) 4.10.19
VH-ZMK(2) Bell 412 (33066) Atlantick P/L (Sydney 23-1659 Aeroprakt A32 Vixxen (101) 18.11.19
Helicopters P/L) – Bankstown/NSW 30.11.20 24-1660 BRM Aero Bristell UL RG (468/2020) 4.10.19
[5Y-PAH,N550AS,C-GHCB(3),ZK-HDA(3), 23-1661 Jabiru J230-D (J947) 17.10.19
N626LH,JA9599,N3886W] 32-1662 Aerochute Hummerchute (497) 17.10.19
VH-ZNZ(3) R44 Raven I (2633) Heliflite P/L 19-1663 Wolf WII Boredom Fighter (737) 24.10.19
– Bankstown/NSW 18.12.20 23-1664 Aeroprakt A22LS Kelpie – 31.10.19
VH-ZPN(2) SAAB 340B (340B-384) Rex Investment Holdings 19-1665 Sonex Onex (162) 11.11.19
P/L (Regional Express P/L) – Mascot/NSW 14.12.20 24-1666 Aeroprakt A22LS Foxbat (A22LS-240) 22.11.19
[VH-REX(7),(VH-LKH),N384AE,SE-C84] [VH-ZGQ(2)]
24-1667 Slepcev Storch SS Mk 4 (SS4-085) 25.11.19
VH-AIA(3) Ce.A185F (18502289) Canx 2.12.20 to ZK-TWZ. 19-1668 Jabiru J400 (J163) [VH-KJQ(2)] 3.12.19
VH-BQZ(3) Helve Classic (001) Transferred to RAAus register as 19-1669 ICP MXP-740 Savannah VG (08-06-51-731) 4.12.19
19-…. Canx 15.12.20. 19-1671 Pietenpol Air Camper (1) 4.12.19
VH-CZP(3) Evektor EV-97 SportStar (20070824) Transferred to 32-1672 Aerochute Hummerchute (498) 13.12.19
RAAus register as 24-…. Canx 30.11.20. 19-1673 Jodel D11 Cuby (N80) [VH-UJO(2)] 17.12.19
VH-DCQ(2) PA-23-250F (27-7954012) Canx 15.12.20 to N585NY. 19-1674 Progressive Aerodyne SeaRey (1DK238) 19.12.19
VH-DKU(2) Agusta AW.139 (31798) Canx 2.12.20 to Thailand. [VH-JLJ(2)]
VH-FUD Ce.A152 (A1520976) Canx 30.11.20 to ZK-TXT. 23-1675 TAF Sling 2 (127) [ZU-KHG] 9.1.20
VH-JTE(4) Avro 146-RJ100 (E3274) Canx 18.12.20 to Canada. 19-1676 Rans S-20 Raven (06190088) 13.1.20
VH-JYI(2) PA-23-250F (27-7754031) Canx 15.12.20 to N315NY. 23-1677 TL-2000 Sting Carbon S4 (19ST485) 21.1.20
VH-MEB(3) Maule M-5-235C (7222C) Re-regd VH-YLR. Canx 23.11.20. 19-1678 Aeropup Mk 4 (2050) 29.1.20
VH-MRQ(3) Beech B200GT (BY-167) Canx 17.12.20 to N130JF. 23-1679 Australian LightWing Speed SP-2000S (011) 14.2.20
VH-PJP(2) Pitts S-1-11B (1013) Canx 16.12.20 as WFU. 23-1680 Jabiru J230-D (J955) 24.2.20
VH-PUN Ce.172B (17247794) Canx 3.12.20 as WFU. 23-1681 Jabiru J230-D (J949) 4.3.20
VH-PUQ(2) Gauthier 42 (AU-001) Canx 17.12.20 as WFU. 32-1682 Aeros Ukraine Cross Country (03-19-272) 17.3.20
VH-REX(7) SAAB 340B (340B-384) Re-regd VH-ZPN(2) Canx 14.12.20. 19-1683 TEAM Hi-Max 1400Z (662) 18.3.20
VH-RFD Ce.180A (32981) Re-regd VH-IVX(2). Canx 11.12.20. 19-1684 Weber Valkyrie (CW004) 27.3.20
VH-RLU(6) EC.130B4 (3990) Canx 25.11.20 as WFU. 23-1685 Aeroprakt A22LS Foxbat (A22LS-377) 17.4.20

23-1686 Tecnam P.2008 (169) [VH-UZI(4)] 28.1.20 23-9050 Ce.162 Skycatcher (16200059) 23.10.20
19-1687 Zenair CH650B Zodiac (65-10948) 23.4.20 [VH-YML N6031N]
19-1688 Evans VP-2 Volksplane (V267) [VH-LJO] 1.5.20 23-9340 TAF Sling 2 (139) [ZU-JAL] 9.9.20
19-1689 ICP MXP-740 Savannah S (18-08-54-0631) 6.5.20 19-9919 Wittman W-8 Tailwind (218) 15.9.20
23-1690 Aeroprakt A22LS Foxbat (A22LS-335) 11.5.20 [VH-AKZ(5),N118T]
[VH-ZYQ] 19-…. Jabiru J430 (812) [ZU-SLL] 12.20
19-1691 Skyreach BushCat (CH-239C) 29.5.20
19-1692 Vans RV-3B (11496) 9.6.20 ADDITIONS AND AMENDMENTS
ABN 9/20 VH-CRW(5) Falcon 7X (217) Canx 21.8.20 to F-HPOD
23-1693 Jabiru J230-D (J959) 10.6.20
12.20. Replaced by VH-CRW(6) 7.9.20.
19-1694 Zenair CH650B Zodiac (65-7470) 27.6.20
VH-ZYH IAI-1124 (376) Canx 3.8.20 to H4-ZYH.
19-1695 AAK Hornet (062) 18.6.20
ABN 11/20 VH-MQX Ce.U206G (U20604924) Canx 29.9.20 to
23-1696 Aeroprakt A32 Vixxen (043) [23-1775] 22.6.20
ZK-DRI(2) 11.20.
19-1697 AAW J-6 Karatoo (662P) 30.6.20
ABN 12/20 VH-ATZ(5) Supermarine Spitfire Mk 26B (075) Canx
19-1698 Pioneer Flightstar II SC (400) 1.7.20
27.10.20 to N237RS.
19-1699 Corby CJ-1 Starlet (407) 6.7.20
19-1700 Pietenpol Air Camper (170) [VH-XHE] 30.6.20
19-1701 Zenair CH750 STOL (75-10247) 7.7.20
23-1702 Aeroprakt FPNA A22 Valor VLA (2008-0249) 16.7.20
19-1703 Zenair CH750 STOL (75-8324) 17.7.20
A few changes in Fiji, the Solomons and PNG lead us to the final New
19-1704 ICP MXP-740 Savannah S (17-12-54-0572) 24.7.20
Zealand update of 2020. Data comes as always from the NZ CAA and
19-1705 Fisher Celebrity – 12.8.20
features the usual mixture with the addition of a remarkable number
19-1706 TK Viper – 18.9.20
of Squirrels in prospect for registry.
19-1707 Skyreach BushCat (CH-244C) 19.8.20
19-1708 Wittman W-8 Tailwind (298) 19.10.20 NEW REGISTRATIONS
23-1709 Aeroprakt A32 Vixxen (032) [VH-OGY] 15.10.20 DQ-HVS BO.105CBS-4 (S-549) Island Hoppers Ltd – Nadi 10.19
19-1711 Just SuperSTOL (JA297-04-13) [ZK-CVV(2)] 3.11.20 [N549VS,VH-XBO(2),ZK-HAK(3),N105SM,N105LF,
23-1712 Tecnam P.92 Echo Classic (1606) 25.9.20 N4202D,D-HDNX(2)]
19-1713 Rand KR-2S (ABHB-1) 4.11.20 H4-ZYH IAI-1124 (376) 8.20
19-1714 Just Highlander (JA531-10-18) 11.11.20 [VH-ZYH,N376BE,N376WA,N110SF,N1124P,
19-1715 Rand KR-2S (9609) 25.11.20 4X-CJP,4X-CUH]
23-1716 Aeroprakt A22LS Foxbat (A22LS-281) 30.11.20 P2-PXR DHC-8-402 (4184) Air Niugini – Port Moresby 12.20
19-1717 Jabiru J230 (J303) [VH-PRQ(2)] 11.8.20 N509LX,C-FNEI]
23-1718 Flight Design CTSW (19-05-03) 2.12.20 ZK-AMD(2) DHC-2 Beaver Mk 1 (1227) Auckland Seaplanes Ltd
23-1720 Evektor EV-97 SportStar Plus (20070824) 26.11.20 [N375RM,C-GWCT(2),N67665,57-2571] 15.12.20
[VH-CZP(3)] ZK-DLH(2) Rans S-21 (10190065) D.L.Hart – Ashburton 22.12.20
19-1721 Corby CJ-1 Starlet (202) 1.12.20 ZK-DRI(2) Ce.U206G (U20604924) Wings and Water
19-1724 Fly Synthesis Storch (83) 7.12.20 [VH-MQX,N735HQ] (Te Anau) Ltd – Te Anau 30.11.20
23-1775 Aeroprakt A32 Vixxen (109) 28.12.19 ZK-FAE(2) Cameron Van-110SS (4577) Adventure Balloons
24-2003 BRM Aero Bristell UL RG (470/2020) 30.10.19 [G-ORAC] (NZ) Ltd – Methven 22.12.20
23-2021 Aeroprakt A32 Vixxen (101) [23-1659] 18.11.19 ZK-FAK Cameron N-77 (2295) Adventure Balloons
23-2022 Aeroprakt A32 Vixxen – 17.3.20 [G-SLAC] (NZ) Ltd– Methven 21.12.20
19-2103 TAF Sling 2 (288K) [VH-VWD(2)] 2.9.20 ZK-HMW(4) KH.369HS (6644) Minaret Station Ltd – Wanaka
19-2108 Jabiru J230-D (J758) [VH-ZAL(2) 8.10.20 [ZK-IAC,RP-957,JA9184] 16.12.20
23-2181 Direct Fly Alto TG (DF124) 7.10.20 ZK-HOT(8) H.369D (128-0415D) The Alpine Group Ltd
19-2200 Wittman W-9L Tailwind (90)[VH-LWT N1731] 1.12.20 [ZK-HUW,N58273] – Wanaka 16.12.20
23-2233 Direct Fly Alto – 6.1.20 ZK-IAX(2) H.369E (0421E) The Alpine Group Ltd – Wanaka
32-2237 Airborne Windsports Edge X Redback (E-0897) 11.11.20 [ZK-HMW(3),VH-SUV(2),JA6042] 16.12.20
[32-4762] ZK-ISP(3) EC.130T2 (7841) Force Aviation 2018 Ltd
32-2274 Airborne Windsports Edge X Wizard III [ZK-IEC(3)] – Coromandel 18.12.20
(E-0476/WZ3-0822) [T2-2274] 10.9.20 ZK-OIL(2) Zlin Aviation Shock Cub (371) J.D.Simpson
32-2383 Airborne Windsports Edge X Wizard – Karamea 7.12.20
(E-0400/WZ-0158) [T2-2383] 1.12.20 ZK-PHN EMB-500 Phenom 100 (50000250)
23-2409 Aeroprakt A22LS Kelpie (A22LS-389) 23.10.20 Pouakai Investments Ltd – Auckland 8.12.20
23-2461 Aeroprakt A22LS Kelpie (A22LS-364) 1.11.19 [2-JBMF,N861CB,4L-ALF,UR-ALB,PT-TJK]
23-2501 Aeroprakt A22LS Kelpie (A22LS-388) 26.10.20 ZK-SGI Aeroprakt A-22LS (391) D.J.Signal – (Auckland) 9.12.20
19-2592 Quickie Q2 (153624) 3.9.20 ZK-SOX ICP MXP-740 Savannah S (18-02-54-0593)
32-2836 Airborne Windsports Edge X (E-0284/306) 6.11.20 SOX Syndicate 3.12.20
[T2-2836] ZK-SRB Rans S-7 Courier (0904375) East Canterbury
32-6018 Airborne Windsports Edge XT-912 (XT-912-0279) 24.6.20 Aviation Ltd – Temuka 11.12.20
23-6188 TL-3000 Sirius (19SI188) 27.11.19 ZK-TWZ Ce.A185F (18502289) Glenbrook Station
32-6279 Airborne Windsports Edge XT-912 (XT-912-0449) 10.8.20 [VH-AIA(3),N3395S] (2010) Ltd – Omarama 17.12.20
24-6384 PA-22-150 (22-3183) [N2915P] 16.9.20 ZK-TXT Ce.A152 (A1520976) New Zealand Airline
(still listed as current on US register) Academy Ltd – Oamaru 15.12.20
23-6910 Zlin Savage Cub – 12.11.20 [VH-FUD,N1643C,N761QD]
32-7831 Airborne Windsports Edge X Outback (E-0931) 6.8.20 ZK-VIC(2) Vickers Wave-POC (POC01) Vickers Aircraft
[32-4791] Company Ltd – Hamilton 22.12.20
19-7885 Arion Lightning (33) [19-8775] 26.11.20 ZK-ZYZ Micro Aviation B22 Bantam (0143) J.R.Zyza
19-8384 Rainbow Cheetah XLS (CH-118) 31.10.19 [ZK-TED(2)] – Hamilton 7.12.20
23-8790 Aeroprakt A22LS Foxbat (A22LS-403) 28.10.20
23-8840 American Legend AL3 Cub (AL-1102)[N82EH] 29.9.20 Fiji (DQ)
23-8881 Aeropro Eurofox 3K Trigear (60720) 7.5.20 CANCELLATIONS
23-8882 Aeropro Eurofox 3K Trigear (60620) 8.5.20 DQ-HVS BO.105CBS-4 (S-549) Reverted to N549VS. Canx 10.12.20.

PNG (P2) LV‑ … Beech 58P (TJ‑96) [N4269S] 11.20
LV‑ … Ce.172RG (172RG0654) [N6392V] 11.20
LV‑ … Ce.182T (18283112) [N2063R] 11.20
The following accident is known:
LV‑ … Ce.210L (21061378) [N732BC] 12.20
P2‑ASM DHC‑6‑300 (389) Badly damaged in runway excursion at
LV‑ … Ce.501 (501‑0215) 11.20
Wobagen airstrip on 1.12.20.
LV‑ … Ce.525 (525‑0302) [C‑GSYM(2),N326B] 12.20
New Zealand (ZK)
LV‑ … Cirrus SR22 (0038) [N2821T] 12.20
CANCELLATIONS LV‑ … Cirrus SR22 (4395) [N520GW] 12.20
ZK‑EXA Ce.T303 (T30300110) Canx 22.12.20 as exported. LV‑ … Learjet 45 (45‑170) [N45VS,N45UP] 12.20
ZK‑FCM Skycraft Scout Mk.III (MAANZ/110) Canx 21.12.20 as WFU. LV‑EKL ASW‑20L (20283) [D‑6534] 12.20
ZK‑HIN(4) R22 Beta II (3742) Canx 4.12.20 as exported. LV‑EKU LS4 (4598) 12.20
ZK‑HMW(3) H.369E (0421E) Re‑regd ZK‑IAX(2). Canx 16.12.20. LV‑E.. ASW‑20CL (20791) [N77NK,N1GV] 12.20
ZK‑HUV(3) R22 Beta II (2722) Canx 4.12.20 to VH‑EUV(2). LV‑E.. Discus B (268) [N32EM] 11.20
ZK‑HUW H.369D (128‑0415D) Re‑regd ZK‑HOT(8) 16.12.20. Canx. LV‑X … Van’s RV‑7 (70784) [N162J] 12.20
ZK‑IAC KH.369HS (6644) Re‑regd ZK‑HMW(4). Canx 16.12.20. LV‑X … Van’s RV‑12 (120941) [N548RV] 12.20
ZK‑IEC(3) EC.130T2 (7841) Re‑regd ZK‑ISP(3). Canx 18.12.20. VP‑FMC BN‑2B‑26 (2316) FIGAS – Port Stanley 11.20
ZK‑IIF Guimbal Cabri G2 (1088) Canx 10.12.20 as exported. [G‑CLHR]
ZK‑JHU Airborne Windsports Edge 582 (582‑411) Canx 10.12.20 ZP‑CRT CL‑600‑2B19 (7200) Paranair – Asuncion 12.20
as exported. [LV‑HQU,EC‑MQZ,N718AV,VQ‑BGQ,C‑GFMV,
ZK‑MCC(4) ATR‑72‑600 (714) Canx 23.12.20 as exported. D‑ACJF,C‑FMLQ]
ZK‑TED(2) Micro Aviation B22 Bantam (0143) Re‑regd ZK‑ZYZ.
ZK‑TLC(3) Ce.182T (18282081) Canx 10.12.20 as exported. Uruguay (CX)
The following accident is also known: CANCELLATIONS
ZK‑HEK(2) EC.120B (1023) w/o at the mouth of the Kekerengu River, CX‑SDU CL‑600‑2B19 (7209) Canx to N709AV 11.20.
Kaikoura district, Canterbury on 15.12.20. The following accident is also known:
CX‑BBD M.20C (2354) Badly damaged in f/l after t/o from Melilla
ZK‑ … AS.350B2 (2609) 12.20
[C‑GBCN(2),F‑GLHP] Argentina (LV)
ZK‑ … AS.350B2 (2896) 12.20
ZK‑ … AS.350B2 (2956) 12.20 LV‑HQU CL‑600‑2B19 (7200) Canx to ZP‑CRT 12.20.
[C‑GPWL(2),C‑GVXT(2),N189EH] LV‑WIE R44 Astro (0080) Canx to PK‑RTE.
ZK‑ … AS.350B2 (1637) 12.20 The following accidents are also known:
[C‑GPWV,ZK‑HRQ(3),JA9337] LV‑DEY Ka.6CR (6087) Crashed at Aeroclub Canuelas on 5.12.20.
ZK‑ … AS.350B2 (2786) 12.20 LV‑DHD Phoebus C (861) Involved in a t/o accident at De Rauch
ZK‑ … AS.350B2 (2565) 12.20 LV‑FQN AS.350B3 (7713) w/o in the Cabra Corral reservoir, Salta
[C‑FNBR,N60618] following a wire‑strike with a zip‑wire on 20.11.20.
ZK‑ … AS.350B (1816) [C‑FXAL,SE‑HNP] 12.20 LV‑VDJ SA.227AC (AC‑729) DBR in runway excursion landing at
ZK‑ … BK.117C‑1 (7541) 12.20 Mendoza on 5.11.20.
(D‑HHTT(3))] Paraguay (ZP)
ZK‑ … PA‑18‑150 (18‑4644/2) 12.20
A large number of aircraft were substantially damaged or w/o following
a hangar collapse in a violent storm at Asuncion International Airport on
PARACHUTE/PARAGLIDER/HANGGLIDER REGISTER 15.11.20. Those involved included the following:
32T U‑Turn Passenger 2 Pro (GK‑PA2‑PRO‑23SK‑3278) Canx ZP‑BGB Beech 58 (TH‑1419)
3.12.20 as WFU. ZP‑BHO Beech 58 –
ZP‑BJO Ce.150M –
ABN 9/20 ZK‑HIF(4) R22 Beta II (2973) Canx 21.8.20 to VH‑VGK(3) ZP‑BOT Ce.414A (414A0467)
11.20 ZP‑BST Ce.182Q (18266445)
ZK‑HUY(3) R22 Beta II (2893) Canx 21.8.10 to VH‑YZK(3) ZP‑BWN Beech 58 (TH‑1237)
11.20 ZP‑TIZ Ce.172M –


A short section detailing known recent changes in Uruguay from the A further large slice of Brazilian data is with grateful thanks again to
Aviacion Civil Uruguay news group thanks to Colin Adcock, as well as David Garbett and covers additions extracted from the official ANAC
Argentina and Paraguay. We also record the latest FIGAS Islander in register of 1.10.20. It is worth noting that whilst we do not normally
the Falklands. Next month we will feature additional news from Chile. cover drones in this section, we have listed a number below as they
form part of the established register sequence. Within editorial time
NEW REGISTRATIONS limits we have included additions up to PS‑J.. – the remainder will
CX‑DUP Thompson Steen Skybolt (111) [N111PG] 5.20 appear next time.
CX‑PTC R44 II – .20
CX‑ … G.164A (1360) [N40ET] 12.20 NEW REGISTRATIONS
LV‑JUH Ce.182T (18283115) [N270DM] 12.20 PP‑BEN(2) BD‑700‑2A12 (70030) IJT Brasil Representaçao
LV‑ … Beech A36 (E‑1315) [N36AV] 11.20 Comercial de Aeronaves Ltda 6.20R

PP-BMB Agusta AW.169 (69105) Aeronaves e Motores SA 1.20R PP-XPL(2) Air Fly AF-SS-72 (LP2020-02) Luiz Paulo G. R. de
PP-BRL(2) Sensefly Ebbe SQ (ES-11-05161) Barcell Bahia Assis 3.20R
Florestal Ltda 5.20R PP-XPZ(2) Rubic III (103) Lithos Arquitetura e Engenharia
PP-BRU(3) Honda HA-420 (42000175) Líder Táxi Aéreo SA Ltda 4.20R
(Air Brazil (CofA 18.3.20) 1.20R PP-XQI(2) XMobots Arator 5B (173) Instituto de Meio
PP-BSD Sensefly Ebbe Classic (EB-13-34486) BASF SA 9.20R Ambiente de Dourados 8.20R
PP-BSG Sensefly Ebbe Classic (EB-13-12651) BASF SA 9.20R PP-XXD(2) Scout Aero SL-230 (UA0090041218)
PP-BSH Sensefly Ebbe Classic (EB-13-27073) BASF SA 9.20R Diogenes Luis de Oliveira 6.20R
PP-BSI Sensefly Ebbe Classic (EB-13-15405) BASF SA 9.20R PP-XZE(2) ACS Indústria ACS-330 (1) ACS Indústria
PP-BSJ Sensefly Ebbe Classic (EB-13-15089) BASF SA 9.20R Aeronáutica Ltda 9.20R
PP-BSK Sensefly Ebbe Classic (EB-13-05183) BASF SA 9.20R PP-XZK(2) LET Z-37-2 Cmelak (19-02) Martin Baumann
PP-BSL Sensefly Ebbe Classic (EB-13-14945) BASF SA 9.20R (Canx 6.19 – now reserved again) 8.20R
PP-BSX Sensefly Ebbe Classic (EB-13-23110) BASF SA 9.20R PP-ZBO(2) Ercoupe 415-C (4235) Eduardo Salem Bastos 7.20R
PP-BSY Sensefly Ebbe Classic (EB-13-02594) BASF SA 9.20R [PP-DEU,NC3610H]
PP-BSZ Sensefly Ebbe Classic (EB-13-28407) BASF SA 9.20R PP-ZIZ(2) Flyer RV-10 (FVE-2232) Flyer Indústria
PP-CEI Sensefly Ebbe SQ (ES-11-30585) Carlos Ernesto Aeronáutica Ltda 1.20R
Augustin 8.20R PP-ZME(2) MZM Z-616 – MZN Importação, Exportação e
PP-CGE Sensefly Ebbe Plus (EP-11-26296) Congeo Manufatura Ltda 8.20R
Engenharias 5.20R PP-ZPS(2) Pitts S1 (1005) William Rambo .20R
PP-CNA Sensefly Ebbe Plus (EP-11-28101) Canoinhas PP-ZSC(2) Standard Cirrus (458) Lucio José Cardoso Teixeira
Assessoria e Planejamento Agroflorestal 5.20R [PH-501] de Almeida 3.20R
PP-CTZ AT-802A (802A-0853) Evandro Roberto Cortezia 5.20R PR-BNI(2) Gulfstream V (605) Savixx Comercio
PP-DSP Sensefly Ebbe Plus (EP-11-04865) D.dos Santos Internacional SA 5.20R
Pereira Ltda 8.20R [N37AL,N691RC,N62ML,N62MS,N554GA]
PP-ELC(2) Sensefly Ebbe Classic (EB-03-20372) Eldorado PR-BOZ Reserved for Prime Servicios Internacionais e
Brasil Celulose SA 8.20R Aeronáuticos Ltda 7.20R
PP-ELK(2) Sensefly Ebbe Classic (EB-03-25676) Eldorado PR-CNV Ce.150J (15070413) Matheus Lellis 9.20R
Brasil Celulose SA 8.20R [N60571]
PP-FSI Sensefly Ebbe Plus (EP-11-22744) Futurasig PR-CSJ Beech C90-1 (LJ-1011) CSJ Patrimonial Ltda 6.20R
Geotecnologia Ltda 5.20R [N278SW,VH-FDW]
PP-HPR Beech B200GT (BY-253) Comexport Trading PR-DLO Reserved for Daniel Oliveira dos Santos 9.20R
Comercio Exterior Ltda 8.20R
PR-DUF EMB-500 Phenom 100 (50000420) Comexport
Trading Comercio Exterior Ltda 8.20R
(Also reserved as PS-AAC)
PP-JFP(2) PA-46-350P (4636140) Comexport Trading
PR-FIT Ce.182P (18261658) Romar Francisco Ferreira 1.20R
[N4121K] Comercio Exterior Ltda 2.20R
PR-FKA Agusta AW.119 Mk II (14974) Ministerio da Justica
PP-LOR AT-402B (402B-1437) Redex Aeroagricola Ltda 8.20R
[N281BP] e Seguranca Publica 3.20R
(Also reserved as PS-PRF)
PP-LYA(2) BK.117D-2 (20304) Abernessia Gestao de Ativos
PR-FKB Agusta AW.119 Mk II (14976) Ministerio da Justica
[D-HADU(11)] Ltda (CofA 18.3.20) .20R
[N284BP] e Seguranca Publica 3.20R
PP-MCK Sensefly Ebbe Plus (EP-11-10452) Metro Cubico
PR-FKC Agusta AW.119 Mk II (15006] Ministerio da Justica
Proyectos e Consultaria Ltda 6.20R
[N282BP] e Seguranca Publica 3.20R
PP-MME Sensefly Ebbe Plus (EP-11-27367) MM Servicios
PR-FKD Agusta AW.119 Mk II (15007) Ministerio da Justica
Representaçoes e Comercio Ltda 7.20R
PP-MTZ Sensefly Ebbe Plus (EP-11-06020) Matrix [N283BP] e Seguranca Publica 3.20R
Topografia Ltda 9.20R PR-FKE Agusta AW.119 Mk II (15011) Ministerio da Justica
PP-ORE Sensefly Ebbe Plus (EP-11-01734) Oliveira & Rae [N884PA] e Seguranca Publica 3.20R
Engenharia Ltda 7.20R PR-FKF Agusta AW.119 Mk II (15012) Ministerio da Justica
PP-PAD XMobots Arator 5B (97) COFCO International [N688SH] e Seguranca Publica 3.20R
Brasil SA 9.20R PR-GBO(2) Neiva EMB-201A (200434) Gerson Omari 8.20R
PP-PIR LET L-23 Super Blanik (18806) Aeroclube de PR-GEX(2) Sensefly Ebbe Plus (EP-11-01059) Geoterra
Pirassununga 3.20R Soluçoes Agroflorestais Ltda (Canx 5.20) 5.20R
PP-PRE XMobots Arator 5B (96) COFCO International PR-GEX(3) Sensefly Ebbe Plus (EP-11-17711) Geoterra
Brasil SA 9.20R Soluçoes Agroflorestais Ltda 6.20R
PP-RAZ Sensefly Ebbe Plus (EP-11-02877) PR-GPK Sensefly Ebbe Plus (EP-11-32200) GPS Norte
Raizen Energia SA 1.20R Equipamentos de Geomensura Ltda 6.20R
PP-TPH Taylorcraft BL-65 (3379) Aeroclube de Cafelandia PR-GPU(2) Sensefly Ebbe Plus (EP-11-32200) GPS Norte
(Reservation canx 16.3.20) 3.20R Equipamentos de Geomensura Ltda (Canx 6.20) 5.20R
PP-VVM R66 (0964) HBR Aviaçao S.A. (CofA 12.12.19) . PR-GPU(3) PA-28R-201T (28R-7703322) Global Parts Ltda 8.20
PP-XDE(2) Air Fly AF-SS-71 (LP2020-01) Air Fly Balonismo e [N43973]
Inflaveis Ltda (Canx 2.20) 1.20R PR-GTS Neiva EMB-201A (200267) Gerson Omari 7.20R
PP-XDE(3) XMobots Hexacóptero (Proto 2) Xmobots 8.20R PR-GVC/D/E/G/H/K/L/M/N/O/Q/S/T/U/W/X/Y/Z
PP-XJT(2) Rubic Amazonas (104) Iridio Aparecido Rochinski Marks all reserved for GOL Linhas Aereas SA 1.20R
Boni 5.20R PR-HLD Reserved for Pierre Engenharia Civil Construções
PP-XKB(2) XMobots FW150 (Proto 01) XMobots 3.20R e Incorp. Ltda 6.20R
PP-XLC(2) Lancair ES (71) Ruy Alberto Textor 6.20R PR-IRS(2) Bell 505 (65266) Timbro Comerico Exterior Ltda (8.1.20)
PP-XNH(2) XMobots Dractor (Proto 01) XMobots 3.20R [C-GLXG(2),C-FOFE]
PP-XNH(3) XMobots Dractor (Proto 03) Xmobots 7.20R PR-JCH Ce.310R (310R0943) S.O.S. Servicios e
PP-XOH(2) Air Fly AF-SS-68 (LP2020-03) Georg Alexander Repuperação de Aeronaves Ltda (5.6.20)
Frohlich 1.20R PR-JOT Ce.R182 (R18201306) Ana Cristina Freitas Rust 3.20R
PP-XOM(2) EMB-500 Phenom 100 (50000001) Embraer SA 6.20R [N2132S]
PP-XPD(2) XMobots Hexacóptero (Proto 1) XMobots 7.20R PR-KRC(2) PA-34-220T (3449512) JP Martins Aviação Ltda 1.20
(Canx 7.20) [N9529N]
PP-XPD(3) SZ DJI Technology M210 (0G0DG1Q02400) PR-KOT(2) Pilatus PC-24 (165) Comexport Trading Comercio
Dronestore Comercial Ltda 9.20R [N121AD,HB-VZN] Exterior Ltda 3.20R

PR-LAV(2) AT-402B (402B-1425) Rafael Bortoli (6.12.19) PR-YSF A320-251N (9431) Azul Linhas Aéreas
[N2358J] [F-WWBK] Brasileiras SA (20.12.19)
PR-LFK(2) Ce.210L (21060155) S.O.S. Servicios e PR-YSG A320-251N (10070) Azul Linhas Aéreas
[N59196] Repuperação de Aeronaves Ltda (22.7.19) [F-WWBZ] Brasileiras SA (6.9.20)
PR-LPK(2) Ce.T210N (21063432) Amazonaves Taxi Aéreo PR-YYG A320-251N (7799) Azul Linhas Aéreas
[N489CA,I-TIBI, N4329A,(D-EIME)] Ltda 4.20R [VQ-BXJ,PR-OBK,D-AVVI] Brasileiras SA (27.10.19)
PR-LPP(2) Cirrus SR22T (2007) Timbro Comerico Exterior PR-YYJ A320-251N (7484) Azul Linhas Aéreas
Ltda (29.9.19) [VQ-BXE,PR-OBH,F-WWBG] Brasileiras SA (28.2.20)
PR-LRM(2) PA-46-500TP (4697629) Savixx Comercio PR-ZAD(2) Autoflight V40 – Lucas Candeloro 4.20R
Internacional SA (CofA 14.6.19) 7.20 PR-ZAM(2) Ce.A150M (A1500524) Aroldo de Oliveira
[N629AL,C-FFTT,N9535N] [N7951V] Andrade Jr. 1.20R
PR-MDX Hawker 800XP (258692) Razac International PR-ZAO(2) IAR.823 (52) Barata Aviation 6.20R
[N90WP,N700R,N37092] Trade Ltda 6.20R [N60512]
PR-MMO(2) AT-402A (402A-1442) Centroar Agro Aéreo Ltda 9.20R PR-ZEG(2) Elanus L (1) Gunar Armin Halboth 1.20R
[N40126] PR-ZEV(2) WAG Aero PA-14 Cruiser (EDI-01) Luis Eduardo
PR-NSM(2) AT-402A (402A-1444) Aero Agrícola Medianeira Torresan 7.20R
Ltda 9.20R PR-ZGL(2) T.131 Jungmann (PA203) Aero Store Aviation Ltda 3.20R
PR-ORR Ce.T210N – Vanderlei Reck 3.20R PR-ZIU(2) AMS Flight Apis (A021) Frank Tacografo Ltda 5.20R
PR-PDO ATR-72-212A (1297) Passaredo Transportes [ZS-GYF]
[EI-FMK,F-WWEC] Aéreos SA (18.1.20) PS-AAC Beech B200GT (BY-253) Comexport Trading
PR-PDP ATR-42-500 (581) MAP Transportes Aéreos Ltda (18.1.20) Comércio Exterior Ltda 3.20R
[HK-5117,N581NC,PR-TKG,D-BPPP,F-WWLE, [N94MY,N94MJ,N253KA]
F-WWEY] (Also reserved as PP-HPR)
PR-PDQ ATR-72-212A (791) Passaredo Transportes PS-AAD(2) R66 (0933) CISA Trading S.A. (8.20)
[M-ABMC,VT-JCL,F-WWEK] Aéreos SA 3.20R PS-AAF A320-232 (4156) America do Sul – Taxi Aéreo Ltda 9.20R
PR-PDR ATR-72-212A (793) Passaredo Transportes [VT-IGJ,F-WWBM]
[M-ABMD,VT-JCM,F-WWEN] Aéreos SA 3.20R PS-AAS Beech C90GTI – Arni Alberto Spiering 6.20R
PR-PDS ATR-42-500 (561) MAP Transportes Aéreos Ltda (6.4.20) PS-AAZ Beech B200GT (BY-379) Razac International
[2-HJKL,HK-5219,XA-TKJ,F-WWLV] Trade Ltda 5.20R
PR-PDT ATR-72-212A (771) Passaredo Transportes PS-ABL PA-42 (42-8001025) Abelha Táxi Aéreo e
[M-ABMB,VT-JCJ,F-WWEJ] Aéreos SA (7.8.20) Manutenção Ltda 9.20R
PR-PEB Sensefly Ebbe Plus (EP-11-31211)
PS-AJR Beech C90GTI (LJ-1908) Razac International Trade
Petroleo Brasileiro SA 8.20R
[N845WR,D-IXAA,OE-FDY,N3208T] Ltda 9.20R
PR-RCF(2) Ce.525B (525B-0603) Sertrading (BR) Ltda (27.2.20)
PS-ALB Reserved for AB Administração de Bens Negocios
PR-SBV Cirrus SR22T (2091) Timbro Comerico Exterior
e Participações Ltda 6.20R
Ltda (6.4.20)
PS-ALL EMB-203 (20001437) Embraer SA 3.20R
PR-SII(2) Beech B300 (FL-1200) Vale SA (26.12.19)
PS-AME Eclipse EA500 (000097) D.G.O Representações
[N502TS] Ltda 5.20R
PR-SOA PA-25-260 (25-7405725) BSB Capital Comercio
PS-AMF Beech B200GT (BY-384) Comexport Trading
de Aeronaves Peca e Acessori 9.20R
Comercio Exterior Ltda 9.20R
PS-AMT Diamond DA62 (62.C023) Aeromot – Aeronaves
PR-SOD PA-25-260 (25-5154) BSB Capital Comercio de
e Motores SA 3.20R
[EC-BVI,N9718N] Aeronaves Peca e Acessori 9.20R
PS-ANV Bell 505 – TAM Aviação Executiva e Taxi Aéreo SA 9.20R
PR-TCB(2) Bell 505 (65223) BMF Brasil Administração
PS-ARA Falcon 2000LX (371) Comexport Trading Comércio
[C-FZGX] de Bens Próprios Ltda (4.3.20) [F-WWJQ] Exterior Ltda (NTU – See below) 1.20R
PR-TIC(2) AS.355F1 (5178) Flyone USA Corporation 3.20R PS-ARA(2) Falcon 2000LX (370) Comexport Trading Comércio
[N71TJ,V2-CHL,N250US,(N155RM),N250US] [N371FJ,F-WWJP] Exterior Ltda 7.20R
PR-TMF Sensefly Ebbe Plus (EP-11-04523) TMF Soluções PS-ARC Beech B200GT – Comexport Trading Comércio
Agropecuarios e Ambientais 5.20R Exterior Ltda 3.20R
PR-TQA/B/C/D/F/G Marks reserved for TAM Linhas Aéreas SA 1.20R PS-ASB Reserved for Asas Linhas Aéreas 4.20R
PR-UQN Bell 429 (57379) Sertrading (BR) Ltda (31.8.20) PS-ASB(2) AT-402B (402B-1439) IVAI Aeroagricola Ltda 7.20R
[C-GRQC(3),C-GNDV] [N1005Z]
PR-VQV(3) Diamond DA62 (62.C026) Timbro Comercio PS-ASC Reserved for Asas Linhas Aéreas 4.20R
Exterior Ltda 3.20R PS-ASE Reserved for Asas Linhas Aéreas 4.20R
PR-WER(2) AT-502A (502A-3227) Rosangela Bernardete PS-ASL Ce.525 (525-1047) Comexport Trading Comércio
[N40254] Steffen Werner (28.2.20) Exterior Ltda 1.20R
PR-XTJ A350-941 (265) TAM Linhas Aéreas SA (6.8.20) PS-ASO Beech B200 (BB-1907) Aerosul Táxi Aéreo Ltda 8.20R
[A7-AQA,(PR-XTJ),F-WZGO] [N716CH,XA-RDJ,N37307]
PR-XTK A350-941 (282) TAM Linhas Aéreas SA (7.8.20) PS-AVE Ce.182T (18283098) Quattror Comercial Ltda 1.20R
[A7-AQB,(PR-XTK),F-WZGS] [N2052G] (Marks NTU – see below)
PR-XTL A350-941 (313) TAM Linhas Aéreas SA (5.8.20) PS-AVE(2) Ce.182T (18283114) Quattror Comercial Ltda 6.20R
[A7-AQC,(PR-XTL),F-WZFI] [N2064L]
PR-XTM A350-941 (363) TAM Linhas Aéreas SA (13.12.19) PS-AVI AT-402A (402A-1435) Aviax Aviação Agrícola Ltda 9.20R
[F-WZGW] PS-BAR Gulfstream 690C (11700) Barbieri Agricola Ltda 5.20R
PR-XTS(2) XMobots Arator 5B (154) Tecsystem Teccnologia [N840SM]
em Software Ltda (CofA 31.7.20) 1.20R PS-BAT Reserved for Bruce Allan Teixeira Cabral 6.20R
PR-YJB A321-251NX (9243) Azul Linhas Aéreas PS-BDY AT-502B – Marlon Fedrizzi 9.20R
[D-AVXG] Brasileiras SA (25.2.20) PS-BEL Ce.525 (525-0487) Razac International Trade Ltda 1.20R
PR-YJC A321-251NX (9366) Azul Linhas Aéreas [N487CJ,N487WF,PP-LJR,N191PP,CC-CMS]
[D-AYAY] Brasileiras SA (22.9.20) PS-BEN Ce.680 – Lider Táxi Aéreo S.A. (Air Brasil) 1.20R
PR-YSD A320-251N (9418) Azul Linhas Aéreas PS-BFD Falcon 8X (411) Comexport Trading Comércio
[F-WWIQ] Brasileiras SA (20.12.19) [VQ-BFD,F-WWQK] Exterior Ltda 1.20R
PR-YSE A320-251N (9426) Azul Linhas Aéreas PS-BFP Beech B200GT (BY-375) Bom Futuro Agrícola Ltda 3.20R
[F-WWDP] Brasileiras SA (28.12.19) [N375KA]

PS-BOI Reserved for Maia Aviation Importação e PS-FMR Beech B200GT – Comexport Trading Comércio
Exportação Ltda 4.20R Exterior Ltda 7.20R
PS-BOR Reserved for AB Administração de Bens Negocios PS-FRF EC.130T2 (8806) Helicópteros do Brasil SA (19.3.20)
e Participações Ltda 9.20R PS-FSJ AT-502B (502B-3257) Ricardo Vieira Neves 6.20R
PS-BOZ Reserved for Prime Servicios Internacionais e [N5001N]
Aeronáuticos Ltda 7.20R PS-FSR Gulfstream V-SP (5075) Comexport Trading
PS-BRA Beech B200 (BB-1138)Brasil Vida Táxi Aéreo Ltda [N518QS,N575GA] Comércio Exterior Ltda 6.20R
[ZP-BFC,N29TV,N138AJ,ZS-SOL] 3.20R PS-GAM Reserved for Aquiles Mafini 7.20R
PS-BSM PA-39 – Premier Tangara Escola de Aviação Civil 4.20R PS-GAR(2) Beech C90GTI (LJ-2175) Timbro Comercio Exterior
PS-BVA PA-42 (42-8001061) Brasil Vida Táxi Aéreo Ltda 6.20R (Also reserved as PS-PAS) Ltda 1.20R
[N821DK,N4100L] PS-GHA to PS-GHZ Reserved for GOL Linhas Aéreas SA 1.20R
PS-BYA EMB-203 (20001436) Embraer SA 3.20R PS-GJA Ce.206H (20608307) Agropecuaria Guaruja Ltda 1.20R
PS-CAM R66 – Children Participações Ltda 7.20R [N193P]
PS-CAR Ce.182N (18260602) Raúl Vieira da Cunha Neto 7.20R PS-GJB to PS-GJE Reserved for GOL Linhas Aéreas SA 1.20R
PS-CAT Gulfstream V-SP (5121) SPCTA Táxi Aéreo Ltda 7.20R PS-GLO AT-402B (402B-1434) Agropecuaria Locks Ltda 5.20R
[N671BB,N671BR,N1972N,N550PR,N921GA] PS-GMF Reserved for MAIA Aviation Importação e
PS-CBC Ce.550 (550-0881) Razac International Trade Ltda 9.20R Exportação Ltda 4.20R
[N108MV,N306CS] PS-GMP EMB-203 (20001435) Embraer SA 3.20R
PS-CCF EC.130T2 (8876) Helicopteros do Brasil SA 1.20R PS-GMT Ce.525 (525-0819) Toledo Mineração Ltda 3.20R
(Also reserved as PS-FEF) [N525JD] (Marks NTU)
PS-CMF Agusta A.109S (22735) Comexport Trading PS-GMT(2) Beech C90GTI (LJ-2094) Razac International Trade 9.20R
[(PS-TKK),I-RAIQ] Comércio Exterior Ltda 9.20R [N169VV,N50094]
PS-CPV Ce.525B (525B-0620) Comexport Trading PS-GNA to PS-GNM/PS-GNO to PS-GNZ
Comércio Exterior Ltda 1.20R Reserved for GOL Linhas Aéreas SA 1.20R
PS-CRA Diamond DA62 (62.C026) Timbro Comércio PS-GOV PA-31T2 (31T-8166052) SESP Secretaria de
Exterior Ltda 5.20R Estado de Segurancia Publica 5.20R
PS-CRS AT-402B (402B-1429) Sergio Azevedo Introvini 9.20R [PR-MSP,N423JB,D-IOKA,N823SW,N9156Y]
[N4023R] PS-GPA to PS-GPZ Reserved for GOL Linhas Aéreas SA 1.20R
PS-CTA Ce.208B – CTA Cleiton Táxi Aéreo Ltda 1.20R PS-GQA to PS-GQZ Reserved for GOL Linhas Aéreas SA 1.20R
PS-CTB Ce.208B – CTA Cleiton Táxi Aéreo Ltda 1.20R PS-GRA to PS-GRZ Reserved for GOL Linhas Aéreas SA 1.20R
PS-CTE Ce.208B – CTA Cleiton Táxi Aéreo Ltda 5.20R PS-GSC Beech C90GTI (LJ-2051) Razac International Trade
PS-CTM Ce.208B – CTA Cleiton Táxi Aéreo Ltda 5.20R
[N19TT,ZS-BEX,N5051F] Ltda 3.20R
PS-CTN AT-502B (502B-3261) Robson Catellan 7.20R
PS-GSM PA-46-350P (4636453) Arizona Aircraft Inc. 7.20R
PS-CTX Ce.208 Amphibian (20800393 CTA Cleiton Táxi
[N378RB,N712WS] Aéreo Ltda 3.20R
PS-GSV Beech C90GTI (LJ-2137) Sertrading (BR) Ltda 1.20R
PS-CTZ Ce.208B (208B5586) CTA Cleiton Táxi Aéreo Ltda 5.20R
PS-CUB J-3C-65 Cub (6269) Greg B.Kuntz 3.20R
PS-GTA Beech 390 (RB-98) Alexandre Andrade Jr. 4.20R
PS-DAM Ce.T210M (21062231) Douglas Augusto Macoeski 1.20R
PS-GTB EMB-203 (20001442) Embraer SA 5.20R
[PR-MEE, N761FW]
PS-GVT AS.350B3 (8888) Helicópteros do Brasil SA 7.20R
PS-DBS Falcon 8X (450) Brasil Warrant Administração
PS-HLS EMB-203 (20001438) Embraer SA 5.20R
de Bens e Empresas SA 3.20R
PS-HVD Learjet 75 (45-499) Canada Administradora de Bens
PS-DDA(2) Gulfstream G280 (2206) CISA Trading SA 3.20R
[N26AL,N504CR,N50111] Inmoveis Ltda 7.20R
PS-DIB Bell 429 – Sertrading (BR) Ltda 3.20R PS-IFF BK.117D-2 (9997) Helicópteros do Brasil SA 7.20R
PS-DIR EMB-203 (20001428) Embraer SA 3.20R PS-IFT TBM-700N (1350) CISA Trading SA 9.20R
PS-DJG Pilatus PC-12/47E (2065) Synerjet Brasil Ltda 9.20R [N940MK]
[HB-FRF(21)] PS-IGM Reserved for Luis Fava Jr. 9.20R
PS-DLO Beech G58 (TH-2531) Daniel Oliveira dos Santos 9.20R PS-III R66 – Helibase Servicios Comercio e Manutenção
[N531BE] Aeronáutica Ltda 9.20R
PS-DNZ Agusta AW.169 (“19”) PAIC Participações Ltda 9.20R PS-IIU Ce.208B – Manaus Aerotaxi Participações Ltda 7.20R
PS-DOR EMB-505 Phenom 300 (50500589) Comexport PS-IMD PA-31T1 (31T-8104006) Agropecuária Umuarama
Trading Comércio Exterior Ltda 9.20R [N37TW,(N816CM),N2367X] Ltda 12.19R
PS-DRG Ce.T210M (21061815) Diego Rodrigo Garrido 7.20R PS-IND Beech G58 (TH-2468) INPASA Agroindustrial SA 8.20R
[FAU747,CP-….,N357RB] [(PS-INP),N468EJ]
PS-DYB Bell 429 (57401) Sertrading (BR) Ltda 9.20R PS-INP(2) Ce.525 (525-0989) INPASA Agroindustrial SA (8.20)
[C-GUIF(3)] [N518JL]
PS-EBI Diamond DA62 (62.089) Razac International PS-ISR Beech B200 – TAM Aviação Executiva e Taxi
[N122YZ,N189DA] Trade Ltda (19.3.20) Aéreo SA 9.20R
PS-EKR Falcon 900EX (168) Aero Store Aviation Ltda 3.20R PS-IVA Reserved for Mill Táxi Aéreo Ltda 7.20R
[N510GT,N446TD,N900JQ,(N900JF),N900JG, PS-JAQ Reserved for Prime Servicios Internacionais e
F-WWFQ] Aeronáuticos Ltda 7.20R
PS-ENV R66 – Helibase Servicios Comercio e Manutenção PS-JAS EC.130T2 – Helicópteros do Brasil SA 7.20R
Aeronáutica 9.20R PS-JBR AT-502B (502B-3254) Aeroterra Aviação
PS-FEF EC.130T2 (8876) Helicópteros do Brasil SA 6.20R Agrícola Ltda 9.20R
(Also reserved as PS-CCF) PS-JCT Cirrus SR22 (1000) José Caludio Torresan 3.20R
PS-FFG AT-502A (502A-3244) Andre Tripoloni 5.20R [N636KB]
[N85152] PS-JHC Honda HA-420 – Líder Táxi Aéreo 1.20R
PS-FHC Ce.210K (21059406) Fernando Horta da Cunha Jr. 1.20R PS-JJJ R66 – Helibase Servicios Comercio e Manutenção
[PR-FVG,N8106G] Aeronáutica Ltda 9.20R
PS-FKR Falcon 2000EX – Aero Store Aviation Ltda 3.20R PS-JMR EMB-203 (20001434) Embraer SA 3.20R
PS-FLS AT-502B (502B-3260) Fernando Luis Stoffel 7.20R PS-JPR Ce.525B (525B-0616) Comexport Trading
[N1008G] Comercio Exterior Ltda 3.20R
PS-FMG Beech B200 (BB-1898) Táxi Aéreo Hercules Ltda 3.20R PS-JRD BD-100-1A10 (20833) Restaurante Madero (14.1.20)

PS-JRP AT-402B (402B-1423) RP Aero Agricola Ltda 6.20R XA-VRR A320-271N (10208) Volaris 12.20
[N1008P] [F-WWIC]
PS-JRR Reserved for Aero Store Aviation Ltda 1.20R XA-VRS A320-271N (10148) Volaris 12.20
XA-… B737-4Q8 (25101) [N764AS] 12.20
CENTRAL AMERICA AND CARIBBEAN X.-… Bell 206L-4 (52282) 12.20
X.-… Bell 429 (57409) 12.20
Another regional survey takes in mainly items from Aruba, Bermuda [N890ET,C-GBRF]
and the Cayman Islands together with Mexico. X.-… Ce.TR182 (R18201011) [N73VX] 12.20
X.-… Ce.210B (21058044) [N9744X] 12.20
NEW REGISTRATIONS X.-… Hawker 400XP (RK-436) [N436RK,N147QS] 12.20
C6-… Ce.402B (402B1054) [N402NK] 12.20 XB-… PA-38-112 (38-81A0085) [N25954] 12.20
HP-…. Ce.206H (20608277) [N60563] 12.20 YS-… Bell 505 (65243) [C-GUEQ(2)] 12.20
P4-BAR Gulfstream V-SP (5131) 12.20 9Y-SAR Agusta AW.139 (413470) Bristow Helicopters 11.19
[N131GA,N313AG,M-GVSP,N671RW,N531GA] [VH-ZFP,N490SH]
P4-EBO B737-4H6 (27087) GJW 12.20
Bahamas (C6)
P4-KBK A320-271N (9459) Air Astana – Almaty 12.20 C6-TEN Ce.750 (750-0150) Canx to N975JS 12.20.
P4-KBM A320-271N (10005) Air Astana – Almaty 12.20 Panama (HP)
TG-… Beech 35B (D-10005) [N17761] 12.20 HP-1558CMP ERJ-190-100IGW (19000038) Canx to N938QQ 12.20.
TG-… PA-31P (31P-7400190) 12.20
[N14TG,(TG-…),N14TG,N4RG,N59337,TG-MOM, The following accident is also known:
N66831] HP-1735IM Bell 47G – w/o and DBF after landing on a truck at
TI-… AT-402B (402B-1315)[N235LA] 12.20 Changuinola on 13.12.20.
VP-BJN A321-211 (7348) 12.20
[XA-AJB,D-AVZC] Guatemala (TG)
VP-BUP A330-302 (1370) Nordwind Airlines 10.20 CANCELLATIONS
[M-ABLW,VT-JWT,F-WWKU] TG-RIF Ce.525 (525-0072) Canx to N525NV 12.20.
VP-BUU B737-85R (39069) Izhavia 12.20
[2-BTTA,(4X-…),2-BTTA,VT-TGC,2-BTTA,VT-JFZ] Bermuda (VP-B/VQ-B)
VQ-BAO B777F (66625) AirBridgeCargo 12.20
VQ-BDD B737-8EH (37598) UTAir 12.20
VP-BKC A320-214 (3545) Canx to EC-NNL 12.20.
VP-BRI B737-5YO (25289) Canx to N735Z 12.20.
VQ-BFJ A320-211 (6114) S7 Airlines 12.20
VP-BRN B737-5YO (25191) Canx to N735X 12.20.
VP-BRP B737-505 (24651) Canx to N735T 12.20.
VQ-BFQ A320-211 (6548) S7 Airlines 12.20 VP-BZO A320-214 (3574) Canx to EC-NNM 12.20.
[OE-IOG,C-FTXZ,OE-IDF,G-TCDK,C-FTXZ, VQ-BBC A320-214 (3835) Canx to EC-NNN 12.20.
G-TCDK,D-AZAJ] VQ-BKH A321-211 (841) Ferried to St.Athan for part-out 9.12.20.
VQ-BSO A330-343 (879) DAE Capital 12.20 VQ-BOG B767-341 (30342) Canx to N207DP 12.20.
[B-6086,F-WWKG] VQ-BTN B757-256 (26251) Canx to N260AS 12.20.
VP-CCU B737-752 (34300) TC Skyward Aviation Ireland Ltd 1.9.20 VQ-BZM Gulfstream IV-X (4123) Canx to N450LP 12.20.
VP-CCV A320-214 (4730) Celestial Aviation Trading 64 Ltd 29.9.20 Cayman Islands (VP-C)
VP-CCX A320-214 (4733) Celestial Aviation Trading 64 Ltd 29.9.20 CANCELLATIONS
[XA-ECO,F-WWIN] VP-CDY Falcon 7X (141) Canx to N510AN 12.20.
VP-CCZ A320-214 (4924) Celestial Aviation Trading 64 Ltd 29.9.20 VP-CGM BD-700-1A11 (9372) Canx to T7-WIN 12.20.
[XA-MTO,D-AXAB] VP-CHJ BD-700-1A10 (9537) Canx to 9H-ANS 12.20.
VP-CDC A320-214 (4933) Celestial Aviation Trading 64 Ltd 29.9.20 VP-CMV B737-86J (37766) Canx to F-HTVS 12.20.
[XA-YES,D-AXAE] VP-CVH Gulfstream G280 (2072) Canx to T7-CIF 12.20.
VP-CDE Gulfstream IV (4314) Decent Aviation Ltd. 20.8.20 VP-CXW A320-214 (3475) Canx to OE-LMF 12.20.
[VP-CYH,VP-CAX,N314GA] VP-CXX A320-214 (3425) Canx to OE-LMN 9.20.
VP-CDM B737-85P (33975) SAIC Leasing 1 Ltd 23.11.20 VP-CYH Gulfstream IV (4314) Re-regd VP-CDE 8.20. Canx.
VP-CDR BK.117-D2 (20272) Bovingdon Holding Ltd 10.11.20 REGISTER NOTES
[D-HADH(12)] VP-CEE Gulfstream VI (6255) Regd to Fly High Developments Ltd
VP-CFG BD-700-1A10 (60014) [C-GKAO(2)] 12.20 7.7.20.
VP-CLN BD-700-1A10 (9631) Cheung Tian Holdings Ltd 25.9.20 VP-CJT Falcon 2000LX (269) Regd to Maxter Healthcare Pte.Ltd
[ZS-OAK,C-GYPW] 22.10.20.
VP-CMF Agusta AW.139 (31881) Opus Enterprises Ltd 2.7.20 VP-CLW Gulfstream VI (6433) Regd to LSFL Cayman Company Ltd
[I-PTFN] 17.9.20.
VP-CNU ATR-72-212A (748) Elix Assets 7 Ltd 29.10.20 VP-CTO BD-700-2A12 (70032) Regd to Wings of Grace Ltd
[RP-C7868,F-WTBD,EI-REL,F-WWEI] 7.10.20.
VP-COG A320-232 (3618) WWTAI AIROPCO II DAC 30.10.20
[VT-INV,F-WWIJ] Mexico (XA/B/C)
VP-C.. BD-700-2A12 (70054) [C-GLOY(2)] 12.20 CANCELLATIONS
XA-EKT BK.117D-2 (20323) Aerolineas Ejecutivas XA-AJB A321-211 (7348) Canx to VP-BJN 12.20.
[D-HADU(12)] de San Luis SA .20 XA-ALM A320-214 (1308) Canx to N202AC 12.20.
XA-VAC A320-232 (3437) VivaAeroBus 12.20 XA-BIO A320-214 (4730) Canx to VP-CCV 9.20.
[N637AC,HL7769,F-WWDX] XA-DVH Hawker 400XP (RK-603) Canx to N603XP 12.20.

XA-DVZ Beech B200GT (BY-197) Canx to N5097L 12.20. C-GOUB(3) BD-700-1A10 (60039) Bombardier Inc
XA-ECO A320-214 (4733) Canx to VP-CCX 9.20. – Dorval/QC 17.12.20
XA-ING A320-214 (4304) Canx to N4304 12.20. C-GPPW(4) DHC-8-402 (4625) De Havilland Aircraft of
XA-INJ A320-214 (1162) Canx to N639AC 12.20. Canada Ltd – Downsview/ON 3.12.20
XA-LVS BD-100-1A10 (20383) Canx to N753RP 12.20. C-GPQD(2) DHC-8-402 (4626) De Havilland Aircraft of
XA-MTO A320-214 (4924) Canx to VP-CCZ 9.20. Canada Ltd – Downsview/ON 17.12.20
XA-SUN A320-214 (4411) Canx to N411AE 12.20. C-GPRD(2) DHC-8-402 (4627) De Havilland Aircraft of
XA-VFV BD-100-1A10 (20427) Canx to N309NZ 12.20. Canada Ltd – Downsview/ON 3.12.20
XA-VTA A320-214 (1259) Canx to N645AC 12.20. C-GPRN(3) Gulfstream G150 (294) Fast Air Ltd
XA-XII A320-214 (3508) Canx to N508MQ 12.20. – Winnipeg/MB 4.12.20
XA-YES A320-214 (4933) Canx to VP-CDC 9.20. [N568AB,N565AB,N994GA,4X-CVL]
XA-ZIH A320-214 (3667) Canx to N230AC 12.20. C-GSNG(3) Beech G58 (TH-2261) J.Irving – St.John/NB 16.12.20
XB-KVJ Ce.T206H (T20608828) Canx to N338WS 12.20. [C-GJCI(2),N220CH]
C-GSVD(2) Zenair CH 750-CR (C75-10612) R.Archibald
– Redeau Valley/ON 21.12.20
CANADA C-GSYV(2) Murphy Rebel (186R) T.Yaworski – Burlington/ON 17.12.20
C-GTNX(4) BD-700-2A12 (70079) Bombardier Inc
– Dorval/QC 15.12.20
We complete the 2020 register changes this month with data as usual C-GTQI(2) BD-700-2A12 (70080) Bombardier Inc
from Transport Canada. Numbers below hold up well considering the – Dorval/QC 22.12.20
season as well as Covid-19 considerations. As always imports provide C-GUBU(2) DHC-8-402 (4095) World Wide Aircraft
the most interest with several from Africa including the former DRC- Ferrying Ltd – (Accra/Toronto/ON) 3.12.20
regd King Air C-GBCN and a trio of former Ghana-regd Dash 8s. [9G-PIA,C-FXIG,G-JECF,C-FDHV]
C-GUCQ(2) DHC-8-402 (4094) World Wide Aircraft
NEW REGISTRATIONS Ferrying Ltd – (Accra/Toronto/ON) 4.12.20
C-FAND TBM-700 (850) (502) Abbott Investment Inc [9G-ACA,C-FXIC,G-JECE,C-FDHU]
[N221MA] – Springbank/AB 7.12.20 C-GUCZ(2) ATR-42-500 (606) World Wide Aircraft
C-FCGE DHC-8-102 (038) PAL Aerospace Ltd (Provincial Ferrying Ltd – Toronto/ON 9.12.20
Aerospace) – St.John’s/NL 29.12.20 [HK-5159,OY-YAA,8Q-VAQ,I-ADLQ,F-WQMA,
C-FHON AS.350B3 (8790) Airbus Helicopters Canada Ltd C-GUDC(2) DHC-8-402 (4098) World Wide Aircraft
– Fort Erie/ON 9.12.20 Ferrying Ltd – (Accra/Toronto/ON) 3.12.20
C-FJME Beech B300 (FL-409) Miccar Aerial Ltd [9G-MRH,C-FXIN,G-JECG,C-FAQH]
[N409LV,N6109U] – Yorkton/SK 17.12.20 C-GUKJ(3) Sikorsky S-76C++ (760718) Eagle Copters Ltd
C-FMZR Zenair CH.601XL Zodiac (6-67090) M.Macaulay – Calgary/AB 7.12.20
– Squamish/BC 10.12.20 [N821VW,PR-LDQ,VH-TZK(2),N2577C]
C-FOPN DHC-6-300 (291) Ashe Aircraft Enterprises Ltd C-GUKQ(2) Sikorsky S-76C++ (760660) Eagle Copters Ltd
(Rocky Mountain Aircraft) – Calgary/AB) R23.12.20 [N823KA,5N-BKM,N45063] – Calgary/AB 11.12.20
[N291AL,C-FOPN,F-BTOO,AP-AWF] C-GUKS(3) Sikorsky S-76C++ (760654) Eagle Copters Ltd
C-FRZZ Ce.172S (172S9179) Waterloo-Wellington Flying – Calgary/AB 7.12.20
Club – Waterloo-Wellington/ON 31.12.20 [N45003,PR-LDN,G-CEOR,9M-SPV,G-CEOR,
C-FSCO Quest Kodiak 100 (100-0228) The Craig Evan
C-GUKU(2) Sikorsky S-76C (760641) Eagle Copters Ltd
Corporation (Flightexec) – London/ON 17.12.20
– Calgary/AB 2.12.20
C-FWGV Bearhawk 4-place (815) C.Lawrence
C-GUKW(2) Sikorsky S-76C++ (760615) Eagle Copters Ltd
– Cooks Creek/MB 16.12.20
[N894BG,G-KAZA,N81085] – Calgary/AB 9.12.20
C-GBCN(3) Beech B300 (FL-857) Northern Thunderbird
C-GUOJ(3) BD-700-1A11 (60027) Bombardier Inc
Air Inc – Prince George/BC 29.12.20
– Dorval/QC 14.12.20
C-GUPB(2) Bell 429 (57393) Bell Textron Canada Ltd
C-GBIY(3) American Champion 8GCBC (609-2020) 2018769
[C-GRTW] – Mirabel/QC 7.12.20
[N60006] Alberta Ltd – Provost/AB 22.12.20
C-GCVY(4) Van’s RV-7A (131960) K.Coyle C-GUPC(3) TB-10 (981) 2783669 Ontario Inc
– Waterloo-Wellington/ON 8.12.20 [N25238] – Buttonville/ON 16.12.20
C-GFZM(2) PA-46-600TP (4698158) R.Lehtonen C-GUPF(3) Ce.177 (17700197) M.Bentivoglio
[N9541N] – Oshawa/ON 4.12.20 [C-FDAN,CF-DAN,N2397Y] – Boundary Bay/BC 4.12.20
C-GGLR(2) CL-600-2B16 (5563) PAL Aerospace Ltd C-GUPQ(2) Sikorsky S-92A (920203) VIH Aviation Group
(Provincial Aerospace) – St.John’s/NL 8.12.20 Ltd – Halifax/NSW 14.12.20
C-GGUB(4) Bearhawk 4-place (111) T.Tallevi – Squamish/BC 2.12.20 C-GUPU(2) Bell 505 (65318) Bell Textron Canada Ltd
C-GHKC(3) A330-343X (986) Air Canada – Dorval/QC 21.12.20 [C-GFNM] – Mirabel/QC 17.12.20
[9V-STC,F-WWKG] C-GUQX(3) Learjet 35A (35A-417) Top Aces Inc – Halifax/NS 24.12.20
C-GKLC(6) R44 II (12413) Grand Falls Aviation Service Ltd [VH-…,C-GXCB(2),LX-ONE,N281CD,(N37HR),
– Grand Falls/NB 16.12.20 HC-BTN,N90RK,N97D,D-CONO,(N117RJ),
[C-GMTJ(3),C-GXEE(2),N41403] N117FJ,N934GL]
C-GKPP(3) Ce.182Q (18265477) G.Landrey – London/ON 14.12.20 C-GURE(2) Bard Robot (Balloon) (Robot-01) A.Bard
[N735KD] – Vankleek Hill/ON 23.12.20
C-GKZN(3) Sikorsky S-76C++ (760664) Eagle Copters Ltd C-GVNY(4) Dornier Alpha Jet Model A (114) Top Aces Inc
– Calgary/AB 11.12.20 [N114ZA,41+14] – Bagotville/QC 2.12.20
[N897BG,5N-BSC,9M-SPW,G-KAZD,N4508N] C-GVOT(7) Ce.172N (17271597) Vayu Aviation Ltd
C-GLXB(2) Barrett Great Lakes (2000-J655) R.Barrett [N3583E] – Kamloops/BC 16.12.20
– Coburg/ON 23.12.20 C-GWCF(4) Bell 407 (53022) Westcan Aircraft Sales and
C-GOME(2) Ce.P210N (P21000258) G.Evans Salvage Ltd – Kamloops/BC 8.12.20
[N508TM] – Lac du Bonnet/MB 4.12.20 [C-FXYF,N407SUY,C-FXYF]

C-GWGI(3) Ce.560XL (560-5688) Fast Air Ltd C-GCPM(2) Gulfstream IV (1238) Canx 18.12.20 to N779LD.
– Winnipeg/MB 24.12.20 C-GEFE RAF 2000 GTX-SE (H2-97-8-323) Canx 17.12.20 to
[C-FAMI,N489ED,N469ED,D-CVHB,N50639] N357HB.
C-GWKY(3) Bell 206B (612) Premier Helicopter Services Ltd C-GFCV Ce.U206C (U206-1213) Canx 23.12.20 to USA.
– Pitt Meadows/BC 22.12.20 C-GFJO(4) BD-700-2A12 (70041) Canx 22.12.20 to 9H-VIA.
[C-GSKY(4),C-GBFE(3),C-GJBW,N71SP] C-GHOR(2) Ce.210-5 (205-0256) Canx 3.12.20 to N8256Z.
C-GXCB(3) ASW-20L (20385) J.Miller – London Soaring C-GHOZ B767-375 (24087) Canx 30.11.20 to N287AV.
[PH-1586,G-DEHV,BGA2707] Club/ON 22.12.20 C-GHVN(2) BD-700-1A10 (60001) Canx 3.12.20 to N259SB.
C-ILWN Air Conception Nitro 200 (1798) R.Davis C-GJCI(2) Beech G58 (TH-2261) Re-regd C-GSNG(3) 16.12.20.
– (Winnipeg/MB) 30.11.20 Canx.
C-ILYQ G&A Aero Florio Flyer (202001) T.Armstrong C-GJHK(3) BD-700-2A12 (70043) Canx 24.12.20 to M-LWCW.
– Stirling/ON 1.12.20 C-GJHQ(3) BD-700-2A12 (70044) Canx 30.11.20 to N62LV.
C-ILYR Kangook PHX (02225) A.Ortenburger C-GJIU(3) BD-700-2A12 (70048) Canx 9.12.20 to T7-AYA.
– Summerside/PEI 21.12.20 C-GJKL(4) BD-700-1A10 (60010) Canx 18.12.20 to N650CV.
C-ILYT Harpreet Walia Ultracombe 8C (HW-1508) C-GJVY(2) A319-112 (1742) Canx 3.12.20 to USA.
H.Walia – Baldwin/ON 11.12.20 C-GKAO(2) BD-700-1A10 (60014) Canx 7.12.20 to VP-CFG.
C-ILYU True Centre Flying Boat (001) A.Vaillancourt C-GKBR DHC-6-300 (617) Canx 30.11.20 to the Maldives.
– North Bay/ON 14.12.20 C-GKLF(3) BD-700-2A12 (70050) Canx 2.12.20 to N2777R.
C-ILYV Sky Sports Arrow (2277) G.Stinnissenn C-GKLN(3) BD-700-2A12 (70051) Canx 14.12.20 to N97DQ.
– Plattsville/ON 22.12.20 C-GKLX(2) BD-700-2A12 (70052) Canx 14.12.20 to HB-JLF.
C-GKNV EAA Model P Biplane (GGV 001) Canx 22.12.20 to
C-FTXF B737-8 (43303) Sunwing Airlines – Toronto/ON 12.20 C-GKRA(4) BD-700-1A10 (60020) Canx 15.12.20 to ZS-EKA(2).
C-GWLK(2) B737-8 (62877) WestJet – Calgary/AB 12.20 C-GLEF(3) Bell 407 (54022) Canx 22.12.20 to N897KV.
C-…. Beech C24R (MC-576) [N5124M] 12.20 C-GLHT(2) H.369D (39-0479D) Canx 16.12.20 to N316HK.
C-…. Beech B200 (BB-2009) 11.20 C-GLOY(2) BD-700-2A12 (70054) Canx 29.12.20 to Cayman
[LN-LTG,N62509] Islands.
C-…. Bellanca 7GCBC (1478-2021) 12.20 C-GLOZ(2) BD-700-2A12 (70055) Canx 14.12.20 to N40NS.
C-…. BK.117A-4 (7086) 12.20 C-GMCK M.20F (22-1215) Canx 15.12.20 to N7438V.
[N587MC,N1174U,XA-ZZG,N9745N,D-HBPG] C-GMIF(2) PA-46-500TP (4697374) Canx 17.12.20 to N447PT.
C-…. BD-700-1A11 (60027) [N20010,C-GIAO] 12.20 C-GMNI(2) AS.350B2 (2896) Canx 1.12.20 to New Zealand.
C-…. Avro 146-RJ100 (E3274) 12.20 C-GMRZ(2) Beech F33A (CE-1480) Canx 10.12.20 to N627KC.
[VH-JTE(4),T7-LWW,VP-LWW,HB-IXV,G-6-274] C-GMTJ(3) R44 II (12413) Re-regd C-GKLC(6) 16.12.20. Canx.
C-…. Ce.A152 (A1520876) [N4710A] 12.20 C-GMYY Beech 1900D (UE-228) Canx 10.12.20 to Mauritania.
C-…. Ce.180 (31052) [N9004C] 12.20 C-GMZE(2) Beech 1900D (UE-10) Canx 9.12.20 to Mauritania.
C-…. Ce.180J (18052491) [N333DW] 12.20 C-GNKH(2) BD-700-2A12 (70060) Canx 11.12.20 to N48EN.
C-…. Ce.525C (525C-0339) 12.20 C-GNMO(3) DHC-8-402 (4622) Canx 30.11.20 to S2-AKD.
C-…. DHC-8-402 (4075) [OE-LGH,C-GFCW] 12.20 C-GPWL(2) AS.350B2 (2956) Canx 1.12.20 to New Zealand.
C-…. Destiny 2000 (1C0245) [N2546T] 12.20 C-GPWV AS.350B2 (1637) Canx 1.12.20 to New Zealand.
C-…. Falcon 20-F5 (410) 12.20 C-GREQ(3) Ce.680 (680-0542) Canx 21.12.20 to N427GY.
[N410AZ,N410SB,N200J,N200CP,F-WRQT] C-GSKY(4) Bell 206B (612) Re-regd C-GWKY(3). Canx 22.12.20.
C-…. Pilatus PC-12/47 (871) [N650WC,HB-FQC(9)] 12.20 C-GSYM(2) Ce.525 (525-0302) Canx 23.12.20 to Argentina.
C-…. PA-31T2 (31T-8166066) [N632CB,C-FWPT,N9170C] 12.20 C-GSZM H.369D (117-0237D) Canx 8.12.20 to N690WA.
C-…. PA-44-180 (4496280) [N585ND,N9516N,N6103K] 12.20 C-GSZW(2) Bell 505 (65145) Canx 16.12.20 to N505MK.
C-…. SAAB 340B (340B-341) [N341CJ,N341SB,SE-C41] 12.20 C-GTGU Sikorsky S-76C (760658) Canx 15.12.20 to N658MS.
C-…. Sikorsky S-76C (760417) 11.20 C-GTHI(2) Sikorsky S-76C (760642) Canx 16.12.20 to N642MS.
[ZS-RFU(2),G-SSSE] C-GTPV Ce.172S (172S9179) Re-regd C-FRZZ 31.12.20. Canz.
C-…. TBM-700 (940) (1352) [N940BZ] 12.20 C-GTQG(2) B737-8Q8 (30701) Canx 29.12.20 to USA.
C-GUEQ(2) Bell 505 (65243) Canx 18.12.20 to El Salvador.
CANCELLATIONS C-GUGE(3) BD-700-1A11 (60013) Canx 9.12.20 to 3B-SGT.
C-FAMI Ce.560XL (560-5688) Re-regd C-GWGI(3) 24.12.20. C-GUIF(3) Bell 429 (57401) Canx 11.12.20 to Brazil.
Canx. C-GUOJ(3) BD-700-1A11 (60027) Canx 29.12.20 to Italy.
C-FBCN Ce.525 (525-0994) Canx 7.12.20 to N525NC. C-GYTX(3) Ce.T240 (T24002095) Canx 7.12.20 to N240VB.
C-FDLV Pilatus PC-12/47 (864) Canx 17.12.20 to San Marino. C-IIAN(2) Per Il Volo Miniplane (800804094) Canx 7.12.20.
C-FFWJ A320-211 (150) Canx 15.12.20 to USA. C-IJCY Paramoteur Air Pro 100 (AP1001009) Canx 7.12.20.
C-FIJK PA-18-150 (18-4644/2) Canx 7.12.20 to New Zealand. C-IJQK 3017583 Canada SD-2-B (0-192) Canx 8.12.20.
C-FKCO A320-211 (277) Canx 24.12.20 to USA.
C-FKCR A320-211 (290) Canx 8.12.20 to USA. The following accident is also known:
C-FKKR Ce.T310R (310R1341) Canx 21.12.20 to USA. C-FWPP Ce.140 (15004) w/o following engine failure on approach
C-FLLN TBM-700A (90) Canx 22.12.20 to N561TB. to a private strip 7 nms NE of Gronlid/SK on 11.12.20.
C-FLQX AS.350B2 (2786) Canx 1.12.20 to New Zealand.
C-FMWQ B767-333 (25584) Canx 30.11.20 to USA. REGISTER NOTES
C-FNBR AS.350B2 (2565) Canx 1.12.20 to New Zealand. C-FKNF Sikorsky S-92A (920155) Became N933BG 4.12.20. Not
C-FOTW Meyers OTW-160 (89) Canx 17.12.20 to USA. yet canx as C-FKNF.
C-FPAQ PA-31 (31-7912036) Canx 10.12.20 to USA. C-IHCF Challenger II/A (CH2-0701-2108) Became N896YS
C-FRWM Ce.182S (18280758) Canx 24.12.20 to USA. 10.12.20. Not yet canx as C-IHCF.
C-FTJO A320-211 (183) Canx 8.12.20 to USA.
C-FTJR A320-211 (248) Canx 24.12.20 to USA. TEMPORARY REGISTRATIONS
C-FTMF Pilatus PC-24 (157) Canx 23.12.20 to N517LH. NEW REGISTRATIONS
C-FTSU BK.117C-2 (9209) Canx 9.12.20 to N145GF. C-FBCE Diamond DA40NG (40.NC122) 16.12.20T
C-FUKR Stolp Fitz Starduster TOO (1078) Canx 30.11.20 to C-FBCE Diamond DA40NG (40.NC124) 29.12.20T
N757BH. C-FBCO Diamond DA40NG (40.NC123) 16.12.20T
C-FXAL AS.350B (1816) Canx 3.12.20 to New Zealand. C-FBCQ Diamond DA62 (62.C030) 16.12.20T
C-FXYF Bell 407 (53022) Re-regd C-GWCF(4) 8.12.20. Canx. C-FBDA Diamond DA40NG (40.NC126) 29.10.20T
C-GBCN(2) AS.350B2 (2609) Canx 1.12.20 to New Zealand. C-FBDG Diamond DA62 (62.C031) 29.10.20T

C‑FOFH Bell 407GX (54946) 14.12.20T C‑GUGY BD‑100‑1A10 (20864) Canx 8.12.20 to N598FX.
C‑FOWQ BD.500‑1A11 (55121) 16.12.20T C‑GUHA BD‑100‑1A10 (20865) Canx 16.12.20 to N577FX.
C‑GAEP Bell 505 (65337) 22.12.20T C‑GZWV CL‑600‑2D24 (15496) Canx 23.12.20 to N890D.
C‑GAJR Bell 407GX (54923) 22.12.20T
C‑GFNM Bell 505 (65336) 22.12.20T ABN 9/20 C‑GMOP(2) Van’s RV‑4 (1016) Canx 5.8.20 to N918ML
C‑GKAI Diamond DA40NG (40.NC121) 16.12.20T 12.20.
C‑GNAM BD‑500‑1A11 (55105) 1.12.20T ABN 11/20 C‑FUDG Ce.182J (18256826) Canx 30.10.20 to
C‑GOVY BD‑100‑1A10 (20884) 17.12.20T N341RM 12.20.
C‑GOWO BD‑100‑1A10 (20885) 17.12.20T ABN 12/20 C‑FCQV Ce.195 (7842) Canx 19.11.20 to N251Z.
C‑GPOM BD‑500‑1A11 (55113) 30.11.20T C‑FOKY Bell 204B (2043) Canx 20.11.20 to
C‑FTMW Lancair LC41‑550FG (411023) Canx 20.11.20
C‑FAPQ CL‑600‑2B16 (6161) Canx 8.12.20 to N622D.
to N524TG.
C‑FBCE Diamond DA40NG (40.NC118) Canx 14.12.20 to N27CD.
C‑GBYA(2) Helio H295 Courier (1201) Canx 20.11.20 to
C‑FBCE Diamond DA40NG (40.NC122) Canx 23.12.20 to
C‑GEOZ(3) AS.350B3 (4223) Canx 18.11.20 to USA,but
C‑FBCO Diamond DA40NG (40.NC117) Canx 7.12.20 to N845PA.
C‑FBCQ Diamond DA40NG (40.NC119) Canx 15.12.20 to N519LA. became VH‑VIM(2) 8.12.20.
C‑FBDA Diamond DA40 (40.1229) Canx 22.12.20 to N299DA. C‑GLPI(2) Agusta AW.139 (31277) Canx 12.11.20 to
C‑FBDG Diamond DA40NG (40.NC116) Canx 7.12.20 to N78PA. VH‑YXR(2).
C‑FDVT Diamond DA40NG (40.NC120) Canx 23.12.20 to N920LA. C‑GSHD(2) Bell 205A‑1 (30058) Canx 3.11.20 to N211GH.
C‑FOFH Bell 407GX (54920) Canx 1.12.20 to China.
C‑FOUQ BD‑500‑1A11 (55094) Canx 9.12.20 to YL‑AAX.
C‑FOVD BD‑500‑1A11 (55095) Canx 9.12.20 to YL‑AAY. CREDITS
C‑FZFX Bell 505 (65271) Canx 3.12.20 to N307BW.
C‑FZGL Bell 407GX (54907) Canx 29.12.20 to (N742AM),N743AM.
C‑FZGN Bell 407GX (54918) Canx 1.12.20 to China. With thanks also to: Graham Airey, Jim Birch, Peter Budden, Ian Callier,
C‑FZIC Bell 407GX (54904) Canx 23.12.20 to N741AM. Paul Carr, Richard Cawsey, Richard Church, Dave Clarke, Ian Comley,
C‑GBQH Bell 505 (65320) Canx 30.11.20 to Brazil. Paul Crellin, Howard Curtis, John M.Davis, Martin Degg, Herman
C‑GBRL Bell 407GX (54928) Canx 22.12.20 to N896KK. Dekker, Martin Dennett, Graham Drabble, Graham Duke, Phil
C‑GFNM Bell 505 (65318) Canx 15.12.20. Re‑regd C‑GUPU Dunnington, Graham Evans, Lars Finken, Bill Fisher, Colin Frost,
Damiano Gualdoni, Richard Hands, Markus Herzig, Nigel Hitchman,
C‑GFNP Bell 407GX (54911) Canx 23.12.20 to (N743AM),N742AM.
Mike Hollick, Vince Horan, Paul Jackson, Tony Jarvis, Vojislav Jereb, Bob
C‑GHES Bell 429 (57412) Canx 16.12.20 to Poland.
Kent, Mel Kirby, Martin de Koning/Helifinder, Erik Gjoerup Kristensen,
C‑GHGI Bell 407GX (54924) Canx 18.12.20 to Switzerland.
Vaclav Kudela, Roger Kunert, Arno Landewers, Stewart Lanham,
C‑GHHD Bell 505 (65206) Canx 3.12.20 to N50RM.
Joachim Lippl, Pete Longley, Michael Magnusson, Jan Mangelschots,
C‑GKAI Diamond DA62 (62.C029) Canx 10.12.20 to N119DA.
C‑GKAI Diamond DA40NG (40.NC121) Canx 22.12.20 to N930PA. Andy Marden, Steve May, Frank McMeiken, Tavs Aas Mortensen, Steve
C‑GLZC Bell 407GX (54922) Canx 1.12.20 to N37DF. Ozel, Simon Palmer, Ken Parfitt, Keith Parkinson, John Porter, Lloyd
C‑GLZE Bell 505 (65317) Canx 9.12.20 to Brazil. Robinson, Stephen Rudge, Geoff Russell, Rod Simpson, Colin Smith,
C‑GOVY BD‑100‑1A10 (20866) Canx 14.12.20 to OE‑HST. Terry Smith, Ton van Soest, Steven Sowter, Paul Stent, Chris Swan,
C‑GOWO BD‑100‑1A10 (20867) Canx 15.12.20 to N872MJ. Robert Swan, Barry Taylor, Graham Taylor, Ken Tilley, Barrie Towey,
C‑GPJH BD‑500‑1A11 (55099) Canx 23.12.20 to N3008J. Henk Wadman, Malcolm Whittington, Dave Wise, David Woods, Phil
C‑GPVF BD‑500‑1A11 (55085) Canx 4.12.20 to N306DU. Yeadon, Jos Stevens/Rotorspot, AB‑IX, Aeromedia, Aeroplane Monthly,
C‑GRRE Bell 505 (65327) Canx 14.12.20 to N606XX. Airfields‑List, Airline‑List,, Airnieuws, AMCAR, jetphotos.
C‑GRSI Bell 407GX (54919) Canx 1.12.20 to China. com, LutWick Aviation Group,,, Scramble,
C‑GRTW Bell 429 (57393) Canx 30.11.20. Re‑regd C‑GUPB(2) Chris Witt/Skyliner, Soviet Transports, Twin Otter World Blogspot,
7.12.20. Allan Wright/BN Historians.

Cessna T240 C-GYTX [T24002095], seen at Victoria, British Columbia on 8 August 2019, has been sold to the USA as N240VB. (Tim Martin)

Mel Kirby, 12 School Lane, Lostock Gralam, Northwich, Cheshire CW9 7PT

Happy New Year, let’s hope 2021 is better than 2020. This month I SIGHTINGS
have decided to do a run down on the Bristol Balloon Collectors
collection of envelopes. I am sure you will see quite a lot of these 22nd November 2020, Ashton Court, am
envelopes over the course of this year if things go back to somewhere On test with Cameron Balloons this morning was:
near normal. PH‑RBT Cam O‑31 [????]
There are three of four sightings this month, and further They had also tested a further four, quite strange to be here on a Sunday.
information again on Kubicek balloons. 26th November 2020, Ashton Court, am
Take care! On test wih Cameron Balloons this morning was:
JA‑A1656 Cam TR‑65[????] ‘Canon/‑’
Bristol Balloon Collectors
The Bristol Balloon Collection was started by brothers Liam and Dan 17th December 2020, Elvington Airfield, Yorkshire, pm
Whitelock in 2015, and by 2018 the collection had grown to six There was a night glow held here this evening where all members of the
envelopes. It now stands at a very impressive 42 envelopes, and public were asked to stay with their cars. It was a little bit breezy this
evening but the following balloons managed to tether:
hopefully you will see some of these tethered at this year’s events if
G‑BNRW Colt 69A [1101] ‘Callers Pegasus’
all goes to plan.
G‑BTZY Colt 56A [2084]
D‑OBWG Cam N‑145 [3491] G‑CJWH LTL Srs.1‑90 [035] ‘Fixings & Fasteners’
D‑ODGE Fb G34/24 [1184] ‘Wasseitramer’ G‑CLNY Ku BB‑26Z [1616]
D‑OQHK Fb G30/24 [989] G‑OATV Cam V‑77 [2149]
G‑BFFT Cam V‑56 [360] G‑OKEW Um M‑65C [65/184] ‘Kewtech’
G‑RNDE Ku BB/S [1666]
G‑BGOI Cam O‑56 [526] ‘Teachers Assurance’
G‑BIRE Colt 56 SS Bottle ‘Satzenbrau Pils’ 22nd December 2021, Charnock Richard, 14.50
G‑BJSW Th Ax.7‑65 [378] ‘Sandicliffe Ford’ G‑CISJ Um H‑31 [31/07]
G‑BLSX Cam O‑105 [1094] ‘Pettefords’
G‑BLTN Th Ax.7‑65 [621] Kubicek Balloons
G‑BMFU Cam N‑90 [628] ‘Cameron Demo’ I have received further updates from Ken Parfitt, Barry Taylor and
G‑BMJZ Cam N‑90 [1219] ‘Uvistat’ Richard Hands. This is getting confusing now so I will move on to
G‑BMKP Cam V‑77 [724] another manufacturer next month.
G‑BNNC Cam N‑77 [1523] ‘Olympia’ 1079 RA‑2996G (BB‑70Z) BT
G‑BORD Th Ax.7‑77 [1164] 1104 RA‑2440G KP
G‑BPLF Cam V‑77 [1903] 1105 RA‑1783G RH
G‑BPYV Cam V‑77 [1992] ‘Spa Vehicle Electrics’ 1388 BB‑70Z BT
G‑BRHG Colt 90A [1568] ‘Badgerline’ 1504 5Y‑LIR RH
G‑BSNU Colt 105A [1811] ‘Sun Rise’ 1515 to HB‑QQH not QOH BT/KP/RH
G‑BTCS Colt 90A [1895] ‘Variety Club’ 1529 XB‑PRH BT
1650 D‑OIZI (2) BT
G‑BTEE Cam O‑120 [2499]
1695 D‑ODGI not QGI BT
G‑BTJD Th Ax.8‑90 [1865]
G‑BTKW Cam O‑105 [2566] One further piece of information from Barry was:
G‑BTWJ Cam V‑77 [2670] c/n 12343 Cam Skypapa 120 VH‑XYQ as reported on in November’s
G‑BUUO Cam N‑90 [2994] ‘Bryan Brothers’ section.
G‑BUVW Cam N‑90 [3020]
G‑BWDZ Sky 105‑24 [002] ‘Sky Balloons’ Forthcoming Events 2021
G‑BWGA LBL.105A [295] ‘ASDA’
There is more information on meets at:
G‑BWKV Cam V‑77 [3780]
G‑BXBY Cam A‑105 [4077] ‘Roman Baths’‑ballooning‑calender.html
G‑BXGC Cam N‑105 [4137]‑meets‑events/.
G‑BXHL Sky 77‑24 [055]
G‑BXLP Sky 90‑24 [84] With thanks to Dave Wise who emailed me on Christmas Eve to say the
link I have been putting in for the last 14 years no longer works.
G‑BYLY Cam V‑77 [3375]
G‑BZDJ Cam Z‑105 [4832] ‘BWS’
I am still reluctant to publish events at present due to the pandemic.
G‑CEJC Cam N‑77 [4164] The two meets listed below are still planned to go ahead
G‑CLXY Bagan 42 [0001]
G‑EIIR Cam N‑77 [358] Apr 24th BBML Inflation day, Pidley, Cambs
G‑KEYY Cam N‑77 [1748] ‘Business Development’ Jun 4th/6th Midland Air Festival, Ragley Hall
G‑ONZO Cam N‑77 [1089]
G‑SLCE Cam C‑80 [4022]
Richard Cardy, Phil Claridge, Richard Hands, Lottie & Pablo, Kev
G‑SSBS Colt 77A [77A‑010]
McLaughlin, Ken Parfitt, Trev Read, Barry Taylor, Tim Turner, Malcolm
G‑TOOL Th Ax.8‑105 [1670] ‘Toolmaster’ Whittington, Dave Wise.

For more up-to-the-minute pictures see

Bob Ogden, 13 Western Avenue, Woodley, Berkshire RG5 3BJ


Location/GPS: At Inönü, D300, 38700 Pınarbaşı in the south
COLLECTIONS VOLUME 3 western part of the town. (38.7117N 36.3784E)
The code letters following museum/collection names refer to those Canadair CL‑226 Freedom Fighter (NF‑5B) [Northrop N‑156B]
used in the book. Unnumbered locations are new. The listings are given 74‑4016 (4016) ex K‑4016 (Netherlands)
in continent order: Africa, Asia, Oceania, Central America, South America.
A cross‑reference to the country codes can be found in the book. POLIS MÜZESI TU[C]
In previous ABN, aircraft identified.
NEW LOCATIONS – ASIA Sud SA.318C Alouette Astazou EM‑2128 (2128)


Address: Bijoy Sarani, Dhaka 1215 NEW LOCATIONS – OCEANIA
Tel: 02‑9870011
Last Report: 11/20 TINGHA MONUMENT AUS[B]
Admission: Unknown. Location/GPS: At Green Valley Farm, 161 Jones Rd, Tingha New
Location/GPS: In the south western part of the city. South Wales 2369 about 10 km south east of the
(23.7641N 90.3861E) town. (29.9869S 151.3002E)
Chengdu F‑7M [Mikoyan‑Gurevich MiG‑21F‑13] 1421 Piaggio P.166A VH‑PGA (374) ex D‑INLG

In previous ABN – aircraft identified.
Location/GPS: At the airport terminal at Avenida 8, La Aurora,
AMRAVATI MONUMENT IDA[E] Guatemala City 01013 about 15 km south west of the
Location/GPS: At the Commissioner Of Police Office, Near Bus city. (14.5880N 90.5300W)
Stand, Morshi Road, Amravati, Maharastra 444606 in Cessna 210
the eastern part of the town. (20.9316N 77.7753E)
Aircraft moved from HO9.
KOLHAPUR MONUMENT IDA[E] Location/GPS: As a restaurant at Agualpa, Lago de Yojoa on the
Location/GPS: At ECHS Polyclinic, Kolhapur‑Hupari Rd, Kolhapur, northern shore of the lake.of the town.
Maharashtra 416004 in the north eastern part of (14.9295N 87.9828W)
the city. (16.6994N 74.2543E)
Fairchild F‑27F Friendship HR‑ATI (95) ex N2722R, N44R, N270E,
Mikoyan‑Gurevich MiG‑23MF SK428 (039022211*) CF‑QYP, C‑FQYP, N19FF

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Now identified.
MONUMENTO DE LA CRUZ ARG[E] Chengdu F‑7P [Mikoyan‑Gurevich MiG‑21F‑13] 89‑547
In previous ABN, exact location now known. Shenyang FT‑5 55‑1607
Location/GPS: At Ruta 61, La Cruz, Córdoba in the northern part of
the town. (32.2956S 64.4782W) HÔ CHÍ MINH CITY MONUMENTS VN[B]29
Now carries false registration.
Beech B45 Mentor (T‑34A) E‑022 (CG‑186)
Yakovlev Yak‑40 ‘VN‑243’ (9631748) ex VN‑A446
RESTAURANTE LA MANGA ARG[E] At Vietnam Aviation Academy 104 Nguyen Văn Troi, Phuong 8, Quan
Typographic error in previous ABN. Phú Nhuan, Ho Chí Minh 700000 in the northern part of the city.
(10.7959N 106.6776E)
Cessna 337B Super Skymaster LV‑IYY (3370592) ex N2392S, LV‑PHH,
Piper PA‑28‑140 Cherokee – fuselage only. BOOK AMENDMENTS – OCEANIA


Location/GPS: At Calle Teniente Hugo Ortíz, Cumbaratza in the SOCIETY NZ[A]24
Transferred to a new owner.
south western part of the village.
(3.9947S 78.8700W) De Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth ZK‑BLK (82812) ex R4895, G‑AOAF
Israeli Aircraft Industries IAI‑201 Arava AEE‑203 (0015) ex 4X‑IAN,
Two aircraft formerly at EC30. MEXICANOS – GUADALAJARA MEX[C]6
Address: Parroquia Belisario Quevedo, Barrio El Forastero Aircraft repainted.
Latacunga Lockheed 580 (T‑33A) ‘JE‑044’ (580‑8628) ex 53‑5289, JE‑011
Tel: 0593‑32810‑206 Ext: 4261 North American NA‑174 Trojan (T‑28A) ‘30’ ex (USAF), 931
Email: marketing‑ Republic P‑47D Thunderbolt ‘18’ ex 44‑90205, PZT‑1012, ‘PZT‑1016’
Last Report: 12/20
Admission: By prior permission only. COLECCIÓN DE LA BASE AÉREA 8 MEX[E]19
Location/GPS: In the southern part of the town. Now a collection.
(0.9970S 78.5849W) Address: 66 Sur final, Melitón Salazar, 97269 Mérida, Yucatán
Tel: 0999‑984‑2231
Cessna 318E Dragonfly (A‑37B) FAE368 (43410) ex 71‑1410 Last Report: 11/20
Fairchild F‑27J Friendship HC‑BHD (122) ex N994 Admission: By prior permission only.
Hawker‑Siddeley HS.125 Series 400A XB‑ILD (25190/NA722)
ex G‑AXDO, N1393, N75CS, N75QS, N75TJ, N209NC, N38TS, Beech F33C Bonanza
(N280CH), XB‑ILD, FAE050 Lockheed 580 (T‑33A) JE‑024 ex (USAF)
Sikorsky S‑65C‑3 (CH‑53‑2000) 1582 (65239) ex N65239, 039 (Israel)


Location/GPS: At Tilo’s Paintball Park, Mameyes II, Río Grande
SHANGHAI VOCATIONAL SCHOOL COLLECTION CHI[C]181 00745 about 3 miles east of the town.
Shijiazhuang Y‑5 [Antonov An‑2T] 8462 (1110) (18.3694N 65.7674W)
Douglas DC‑3A‑456 Skytrain (C‑47A) – fuselage only.
Sikorsky S‑58
Location/GPS: At a business at Provincial Road 305, Gongjing,
Sichuan 643020 which is in the south western
part of the town. (29.3331N 104.7026E) BOOK AMENDMENTS – SOUTH AMERICA
Shenyang J‑6 [Mikoyan‑Gurevich MiG‑19S] 5631 COLEÇÃO DA BASE AÉREA DE SANTA CRUZ BR[D]14
Moved from BR[D]24.
F‑84 identified. Aeritalia AMX (A‑1A) A1A‑5514 (BX015)

Kaman K‑600‑3 Huskie (H‑43B) (HH‑43B) 4‑9401 MUSEO DE LA BASE AÉREA DE SALINAS EC31
Republic F‑84G Thunderjet 3‑19 Beech D45 Mentor (T‑34C‑1) FAE‑022 (GM‑22)

McDonnell M.98HO Phantom II (F‑4EJ) (F‑4EJKai) 17‑8440 (M140) Embraer EMB.312 Tucano (T‑27) 443 (312402)

The next issue of Aviation World is published on 1st March 2020. Contents include:
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• Palma holiday flights in the 1970s • Potez 840 – forgotten commuterliner
• Airbus and the blended wing‑body • Transatlantic flight – the postwar props
airliner • Republic Aircraft – part 3
• Two‑seat Hawker Hunter histories • General Aviation News
• BOAC Stratocruisers – part 2 • Book Reviews
• Members’ photo pages • Readers’ feedback

UK SCENE: Steven Wells
FOREIGN REVIEW: David Woods, 15 Swallowfield, Great Holm, Milton Keynes MK8 9BH

Abbreviations used in this section: 9. ZB691 * Gazelle AH.1 7Regt AA744

* Overshoots # Night Stopped 10. ZA705 * Chinook HC.6A 18Sqn SHF528
n/n Not Noted u/m Unmarked 11. ZH814 * Bell 212 AH.1 7Regt AA734
el Emergency Landing $ Overflight 12. ZJ118 Merlin HC.4 846NAS Commando 90
l Loan Aircraft £ Flythrough
f/n First Noted dep Departed Biggin Hill (EGKB) – with thanks to Nigel Burch
arr arrived fp Flypast October
a/t Airtest c/v Conversion 1. T-751 dep CL-604 LTDB SUI751
cf Crew Ferry T-752 arr CL-604 LTDB SUI752
departed on the 5th
Airfield Codes 5. T-786 c/f PC-24 LTDB SUI786
EGAA Aldergrove EGUO Colerne 20. ZD983 * Chinook HC.6A 7Sqn SHF587
EGDC Chivenor EGUW Wattisham 26. LF363/JX-B Hurricane IIC BoBMF Hurricane 97
EGDL Lyneham EGVF Fleetlands
EGDM Boscombe Down EGVN Brize Norton
4. 253 CN.235MPA IAC/101Sqn IRL253
EGDO Predannack EGVO Odiham
EGDR Culdrose EGVP Middle Wallop Birmingham Airport (EGBB) – with thanks to BHX Blog
EGDY Yeovilton EGWC Cosford November
EGHF (Lee-on-)Solent EGWE Henlow 4. ZZ171 *×4 Globemaster III 99Sqn RRR818
EGHG Yeovil EGWU Northolt 13. 084/YH Xingu FrAF/EAT319 CTM1772
EGHQ Newquay EGXC Coningsby 16. 69 Xingu FrN/28F CTM1758
EGMH Manston EGXD Dishforth ZE700 BAe 146 CC.2 32[TR]Sqn
EGNO Warton EGXE Leeming 18. ZM404 Atlas C.1 70Sqn RRR4995
EGNR Hawarden EGXP Scampton 21. 15004 f/v CC-150 CF/437Sqn CFC3194
EGOS Shawbury EGXT Wittering 24. 281 f/v PC-12NG IAC/104Sqn IRL280
EGOV Valley EGXU Linton On Ouse 27. 086/YI Xingu FrAF/EAT319 CTM1724
EGOW Woodvale EGXV Leconfield 30. 092/YL Xingu FrAF/EAT319 CTM1715
EGPF Glasgow EGXW Waddington ZH867 Hercules C.4 24/47Sqn Comet 180/
EGPK Prestwick EGYD Cranwell RRR180
EGQL Leuchars EGYE Barkston Heath
EGQM Boulmer EGYM Marham December
EGQS Lossiemouth EGYP Mount Pleasant 1. XW209 o/f Puma HC.2 Benson Wg SHF344
EGSY St Athan KEDW Edwards AFB ZM525 o/f Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS57
EGTC Cranfield KNBC MCAS Beaufort 3. 064/YY Xingu FrAF/EAT319 CTM1730
EGTF Fairoaks KNID China Lake 5. ZM415 Atlas C.1 70Sqn RRR4941
EGTK Kidlington LCRA Akrotiri 7. 81 Xingu FN/28F CTM1724
EGUB Benson OAKN Kandahar 10. 083/ZE Xingu FrAF/EAT319 CTM1734

Airfield Reports Blackpool Airport (EGNH)

JHC Aldergrove – with thanks to Fighter Control 10. G-BYVI * Tutor T.1 Manchester UAS UAM05
November ZM336 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 35
1. ZZ343 Voyager KC.2 10/101Sqn RRR2729 20. ZH888 * Hercules C.5 24/47Sqn Comet 146
ZE701 BAe 146 CC.2 32[TR]Sqn RRR1799 25. ZM327 Texan T.1 72Sqn Rocket 01
6. 98-0001 C-32A 89AW/1AS SAM925 ZM330 Texan T.1 72Sqn Rocket 02
8. ZZ338 Voyager KC.3 10/101Sqn RRR2109 26. ZM327 Texan T.1 72Sqn Swift 01
92-1454 # C-130H Tx ANG/181AS RCH146 ZM330 Texan T.1 72Sqn Swift 02
12. 92-1454 C-130H Tx ANG/181AS RCH144 December
ZZ171 Globemaster III 99Sqn RRR831 9. ZM406 o/f Atlas C.1 70Sqn Comet 455
13. 166377 C-37B VR-1 VV100 14. ZM511 Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS87
23. ZM406 Atlas C.1 70Sqn RRR4676/77 15. ZM522 Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS110
27. 165158/CW C-130T VR-54 CNV6527 ZM520 Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS43
16. ZM337 o/f Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 44
Barton Airfield (EGCB)
Noted here on 11/11 was Benson Wg Puma HC.2 XW213, callsign Bournemouth Airport (EGHH) – with thanks to CASPG E-Mail/Lee Weston
SHF308. November
2. ZZ520 * Wildcat AH.1 652Sqn Recon 22
RAF Benson (EGUB) 3. ZJ129/N * Merlin HC.4 845NAS Junglie 31
November ZA936/T Puma HC.2 Benson Wg SHF309
4. ZB691 * Gazelle AH.1 7Regt AA757 4. ZM512 Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS116
5. G-BYVD Tutor T.1 6FTS UAU44 G-ETPI * A-109E QinetiQ Tester 09
ZA710 Chinook HC.6A 28Sqn SHF267 5. ZD983 * Chinook HC.6A 18Sqn SHF399
departed to CMF Odiham ZH899 * Chinook HC.5 27Sqn SHF468

G-ETPM * DA-42 QinetiQ Tester 81 XW199 Puma HC.2 Benson Wg SHF335
6. ZZ111/0280 * AW-101-612 Leonardo/RNorAF WHE7 ZA940 * Puma HC.2 Benson Wg SHF302
9. G-ETPM * DA-42 QinetiQ Tester 84 ZJ955 * Puma HC.2 Benson Wg SHF388
10. ZZ393 * Wildcat AH.1 Leonardo/RNorAF WHE3 14+03 Global 5000 GAF/FBS GAF630
ZD983 Chinook HC.6A 18Sqn SHF533 19. ZH879 Hercules C.4 24/47Sqn Marshall 04
11. ZM337 Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 43 to Cambridge
ZZ178 Globemaster III 99Sqn RRR608 XW224 * Puma HC.2 Benson Wg SHF302
ZJ129/N * Merlin HC.4 845NAS Junglie 60 XW224 * Puma HC.2 Benson Wg SHF281
13. G-BYUV * Tutor T.1 6FTS UAD46 G-CGKH * Tutor T.1 Oxford UAS Nickel 40
ZM337 Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 41 G-CGKL * Tutor T.1 Oxford UAS Nickel 55
16. G-ETPM * DA-42 QinetiQ Tester 83 G-BBIF PA-23-250 Marshalls Marshall 01
G-ETPI * A-109E QinetiQ Gauntlet 60 20. MM62157 Do228-212 Italian Army/28Gr IEI2801
ZJ119/C * Merlin HC.4 846NAS Commando 60
MM62158 Do228-212 Italian Army/28Gr IEI2803
G-BYXK * Tutor T.1 727NAS Britannia 216
23. ZJ189 Apache AH.1 3/4Regt AA439
17. G-CBVP * Bell 412EP QinetiQ Gauntlet 36
ZJ197 Apache AH.1 3/4Regt AA440
ZK563 * Chinook HC.6 7Sqn SHF452
arrived for air freight, departed 2/12 to Norway
18. ZM336 Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 35
ZJ204 * Apache AH.1 673Sqn Panther 81
19. G-BYUH * Tutor T.1 6FTS UAU43
ZJ119/C * Merlin HC.4 846NAS Avenger 94 ZJ118/B * Merlin HC.4 846NAS Commando 559
20. G-ETPM * DA-42 QinetiQ Tester 03 09-0042 CV-22B 352SOW/7SOS Knife 71
23. ZJ132/Q * Merlin HC.3i 846NAS Commando 513 T-055 * A.330-MRTT MMF Multi 98
24. ZJ118/B * Merlin HC.4 846NAS Commando 530 24. ZJ191 Apache AH.1 3/4Regt AA40
25. ZH899 * Chinook HC.5 27Sqn SHF452 arrived for air freight, departed 02.12 to Norway
26. ZA705 * Chinook HC.6A 18Sqn SHF586 ZJ204 * Apache AH.1 673Sqn Panther 83
G-BYXS * Tutor T.1 727NAS Britannia 216 ZM704 Apache AH.2
27. ZJ129/N * Merlin HC.4 845NAS Junglie 23 ZM705 Apache AH.2
G-BYXK * Tutor T.1 727NAS Britannia 210 arrived by air freight, departed by road 25th, arriving at Wattisham
30. G-ETPM * DA-42 QinetiQ Tester 84 on the 26th
G-CGKL * Tutor T.1 Oxford UAS UAO12
RAF Brize Norton (EGVN) – with thanks to MAR G-COBS # DA-42 Cobham Calibrator
November 647
1. ZE701 BAe 146 CC.2 32[TR]Sqn RRR1799 T-054 * A.330-MRTT MMF Multi 98
2. ZE700 BAe 146 CC.2 32[TR]Sqn NOH99 25. ZA712 * Chinook HC.6A 28Sqn SHF250
15003 # CC-150 CF/437Sqn CFC3193 26. ZJ220 Apache AH.1 3/4Regt AA440
G-BBIF PA-23-250 Marshalls Marshall 01 arrived for air freight, departed 02.12 to Norway
3. ZJ203 arr Apache AH.1 ZB674 * Gazelle AH.1 7Regt AA739
ZJ207 arr Apache AH.1 ZZ386 * Wildcat AH.1 847NAS Marine 11
arrived by road, departed 7th as air freight to Boeing 30. ZA705 * Chinook HC.6A 18Sqn Gauntlet 34
ZA936 * Puma HC.2 Benson Wg SHF309 ZH866 Hercules C.4 24/47Sqn RRR300
4. ZK557 Chinook HC.6 7Sqn SHF404 from Cambridge
XW213 * Puma HC.2 Benson Wg SHF283
T-054 * A.330-MRTT MMF Multi 92
ZH871 Hercules C.4 24/47Sqn Marshall 01
07-8609/RS C-130J-30 86AW/37AS Herky 616
arrived from Cambridge
departed 2/12, flew local mission on 1/12 as Herky 161
G-CGKL * Tutor T.1 Oxford UAS Nickel 05
OO-FAE Falcon 7X BD/15Wg BAF80
CT-01 A400M BD/15Wg BAF659
253 CN.235MPA IAC/101Sqn IRL253
Cambridge Airport (EGSC) – with thanks to Stuart Clarke
MM62157 Do228-212 Italian Army/28Gr IEI2801
G-BSAH Islander CC.2 GAMA Avn GAM102T November
5. ZH877 Hercules C.4 24/47Sqn Marshall 04 3. GZ100 * AW-109SP 32[TR]Sqn SLOANE 01
to Cambridge 8. 5601 arr C-130J RNorAF/335Skv NOW335B
G-CGKP * Tutor T.1 Oxford UAS Nickel 08 5607 c/f C-130J RNorAF/335Skv NOW33A
F-RAJA A340-212 FrAF/ET3/60 CTM1077 12. 84006/846 Tp84 Swedish AF SVF815
253 CN.235MPA IAC/101Sqn IRL253 13. 214/MAK C-130J Qatari AF DEMA123
MM62157 Do228-212 Italian Army/28Gr IEI2801 19. ZH874 Hercules C.4 24/47Sqn
CT-01 A400M BD/15Wg BAF676 84008/848 Tp84 Swedish AF SVF813
6. ZZ521 Wildcat AH.1 847NAS Marine 11 30. C-215 c/f CL604 RDAF/Esk 721 DAF8932
R211/64-GK C-160R FrAF/ET64 CTM2013
9. ZA936 * Puma HC.2 Benson Wg SHF308 Cardiff Airport (EGFF) – with thanks to South Wales Aviation Group
10. ZE701 BAe 146 C.3 32[TR]Sqn RRR1349 November
ZH899 * Chinook HC.5 27Sqn SHF420 4. CT-01 * A400M BD/21Sml BAF659
11. ZA679 * Chinook HC.6A 28Sqn Kukri 1 5. CT-01 * A400M BD/21Sml BAF676
ZA714 * Chinook HC.6A 28Sqn Kukri 2 6. G-BYVW * Tutor 6FTS UAW22
12. ZJ233 * Apache AH.1 673Sqn Panther 83 9. ZZ517 g/a Wildcat HMA.A 825NAS Talon 26
ZD983 * Chinook HC.6A 18Sqn SHF528 10. 166694 C-40A VR-59 CNV4441
G-CGKH * Tutor T.1 Oxford UAS Nickel 17 departed on the 12th
13. ZJ196 * Apache AH.1 673Sqn Panther 83 11. ZM337 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 43
17. ZA705 * Chinook HC.6A 18Sqn SHF519 30. ZK028/FD * Hawk T.2 25Sqn VYT536
ZH901 * Chinook HC.5 18Sqn SHF533
XW232 * Puma HC.2 Benson Wg SHF341 December
84007 Tp84 SweAF/F7 SVF820 9. 84-0087 C-21A 86AW/76AS VALOR 21
13-5778 * MC-130J 352SOW/67SOS Strix 62 10. OO-LUM Falcon 7X BD/15Wg BAF90
G-BBIF PA-23-250 Marshalls Marshall 01 ZK022/M * Hawk T.2 4Sqn VYT 50
18. ZE708 BAe 146 C.3 32[TR]Sqn RRR1501 15. ZK014/E Hawk T.2 4Sqn Pagan 1
ZD983 * Chinook HC.6A 18Sqn SHF519 ZK016/G Hawk T.2 4Sqn Pagan 2
ZH896 Chinook HC.6A 7Sqn SHF413 18. XX261/CJ * Hawk T.1A 100Sqn Pirate 29

RAF Coningsby (EGXC) – with thanks to 26. ZZ178 Globemaster III 99Sqn RRR824
2. XX311 * Hawk T.1 RAFAT Red 5
3. XX339 * Hawk T.1 100Sqn PIRATE 17
XX325 * Hawk T.1 RAFAT Red 10
ZK376/376*×2 Typhoon FGR4 41Sqn REBEL 57
11. G‑FRAT Falcon 20 Cobham Rushden 96
8. ZK432/432 * Typhoon FGR4 6Sqn LOS35
flew local sortie as Warthog 81
ZK434/434 * Typhoon FGR4 6Sqn VENOM 21
ZJ956 Puma HC.2 Benson Wg SHF333
ZK374/374 * Typhoon FGR4 6Sqn VENOM 21
17. ZA681 Chinook HC.6A 27Sqn SHF432
14. ZK014/E * Hawk T.2 4Sqn VYT 50
19. ZA680 Chinook HC.6A 27Sqn
Exeter Airport (EGTE) – with thanks to Exeter Airport Movements
RAF Cranwell (EGYD) – with thanks to Waddo-Area-Spotters
1. 166377 C‑37B VR‑1
4. ZG997 Defender AL.1 651Sqn AA515
3. 166377 C‑37B VR‑1
ZM328 Texan T.1 72Sqn VYT14
5. ZZ409 * Wildcat AH.1 652Sqn Recon 21
departed on the 6th
ZH870 * Hercules C.4 24/47Sqn Comet 105
ZM330 Texan T.1 72Sqn VYT90
6. ZE700 BAe 146 CC.2 32[TR]Sqn NOH35
departed on the 6th
ZZ110 * AW‑101‑612 Leonardo/RNorAF WHE02
ZM329 Texan T.1 72Sqn VYT88
12. ZZ409 Wildcat AH.1 652Sqn Recon 2
departed on the 6th
13. ZZ503 * Avenger T.1 750NAS
6. ZJ955/X Puma HC.2 Benson Wg Yoda 2
14. XZ334 Gazelle AH.1 7Regt AAC757
XW235/Q Puma HC.2 Benson Wg Yoda 1
ZG996 Defender R.2 651Sqn AAC501/538
12. ZM143/009 * F‑35B 207/617Sqn Marham 16
16. ZH875 * Hercules C.4 24/47Sqn
18. XX332/CD*×2 Hawk T.1A 100Sqn Pirate 22/29
20. ZM335 Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 33
27. ZJ956 Puma HC.2 Benson Wg SHF333
RNAS Culdrose (EGDR)
28. ZH875 * Hercules C.4 24/47Sqn
ZM416 * Atlas C.1 24/70Sqn Comet 453
4. XX261/CJ # Hawk T.1A 100Sqn Cuthbert 1
29. ZM414 * Atlas C.1 24/70Sqn
XX187/CN # Hawk T.1A 100Sqn Cuthbert 2
ZA936 Puma HC.2 Benson Wg
XX198/CH # Hawk T.1A 100Sqn Cuthbert 3
ZA712 Chinook HC.6A 28Sqn
5. ZZ534 Wildcat HMA.2 815NAS Martlet 57
ZZ386 Wildcat AH.1 847NAS Marine 11
RAF Fairford (EGVA) – with thanks to various E-Mail lists and MAR
Doncaster Robin Hood Airport (EGCN)
4. 84‑0087 C‑21A 86AW/76AS Falcon 64
15. 95‑00123 UC‑35A E/1‑214 Avn Duke 58
4. ZM328 Texan T.1 72Sqn VYT 14
17. GZ100 AW‑109SP 32[TR]Sqn RRR1369
ZM329 Texan T.1 72Sqn VYT 88
ZH901 Chinook HC.5 18Sqn SHF533/545
5. ZM328 Texan T.1 72Sqn VYT 14
97‑00105 UC‑35A E/1‑214 Avn Duke 58
ZM329 Texan T.1 72Sqn VYT 88
18. 01‑0076 C‑37A 86AW/76AS Spar 80
6. ZM303 * Prefect T.1 3FTS CWL 61
ZH894 Chinook HC.6A 27Sqn SHF413
ZM321 * Prefect T.1 3FTS CWL 92
19. 97‑00105 UC‑35A E/1‑214 Avn Duke 76
9. ZM305 * Prefect T.1 3FTS CWL 97
10. ZM313 * Prefect T.1 3FTS CWL 19
Farnborough Airport (EGLF)
ZM318 * Prefect T.1 3FTS CWL 98
ZM319 * Prefect T.1 3FTS CWL 90
6. ZJ955 Puma HC.2 Benson Wg Yoda 2
13. ZM310 * Prefect T.1 3FTS CWL 99
A6‑HEH B737‑800 Dubai A/W DUB 6
19. ZM310 * Prefect T.1 3FTS CWL 96
departed on the 15th
23. ZZ507 * Shadow R.1 14Sqn WAD57
9. F‑ZBMH DHC‑8 Securite Civile Milan 7A
ZZ504 * Shadow R.1 14Sqn WAD54
11. F‑ZBFJ King Air 200 Securite Civile Benga 9A
25. ZM335 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 35
17. 558 Gulfstream IV Omani AF MJN580
30. ZM416 * Atlas C.1 24/70Sqn Comet 451
departed after maintenance with Gulfstream
19. A6‑HEH B737‑800 Dubai A/W DUB 6
Duxford Airfield (EGSU) – with thanks to Stuart Clark
departed on the 22nd
10. ZA705 Chinook HC.6A 18Sqn SHF528
Fleetlands (EGVF)
Noted arriving here on the 16/11 was BoBMF Lancaster PA474 callsign Noted departing here on 11/11 was Chinook HC.6A ZH892, callsign
Lancaster 98 for winter maintenance. SHF527, it departed back to Odiham after servicing.

East Midlands Airport (EGNX) – with thanks to John Smith Gatwick Airport (EGKK) – with thanks to John Dyer E-Mail
November November
23. ZM406 Atlas C.1 70Sqn RRR4677 22. CE‑02 EMR‑135LR BD/15Wg
ZZ171 * Globemaster III 99Sqn RRR821 MM62244 F.900 AMI/31Sto
27. ZM337 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 31 25. CE‑02 EMR‑135LR BD/15Wg
30. OO‑FAE Falcon 7X BD/15Wg
1. ZM335 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 44 December
2. ZK302/302 * Typhoon FGR2 11Sqn Nightmare 21 2. OO‑FAE Falcon 7X BD/15Wg
5. ZZ334 Voyager KC.2 10/101Sqn RRR2154 3. 15003 # CC‑150 CF/437Sqn
8. ZM337 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 45 11. 130602 # CC‑130J CF/436Sqn CFC2569
16. ZM335 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 31 12. 130602 CC‑130J CF/436Sqn CFC2569
Was due to depart today, but went tech on arrival, departed on
Edinburgh Airport (EGPH) – with thanks to 19/12 as CFC3801
November 14. 130601 # CC‑130J CF/436Sqn CFC3801/
25. ZH867 *×2 Hercules C.4 24/47Sqn Comet 162 CFC2569
281 * PC‑12 IAC/104Sqn IRL281 19. CE‑02 EMB‑135LR BD/15Wg BAF613
ZK019/J * Hawk T.2 4Sqn VYT 39 25. 016 C‑295M PolAF/13ELTr

27. 012 C-295M PolAF/13ELTr ZG998 Defender AL.1 658Sqn AAC501
5. ZZ417 * Shadow R.1 14Sqn WAD01
Glasgow Airport (EGPF) – with thanks to e-mail lists ZM337 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 49
November 6. ZM333 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 50
27. 14+04 * Global 5000 GAF/FBS GAF625 ZM336 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 49
ZM333 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 42
ZM336 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 43
1. 14+03 * Global 5000 GAF/FBS GAF689
7. ZM336 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 42
7. ZH872 * Hercules C.4 24/47Sqn Comet 117
XX219 * Hawk T.1 RAFAT SMZ04
8. 14+06 * Global 5000 GAF/FBS GAF642
ZM322 * Prefect T.1 3FTS CWL 11
17. 14+07 * Global 5000 GAF/FBS GAF630
8. ZM337 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 42
9. ZM336 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 47
Hawarden Airfield (EGNR)
12. ZM309 * Prefect T.1 3FTS BKH89
ZM314 * Prefect T.1 3FTS CWL 71
3. ZM530 * Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS070
ZZ407 * Shadow R.1 14Sqn Serpent 57
4. ZM516 * Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS092
13. ZM321 * Prefect T.1 3FTS CWL 93
ZM523 * Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS028
14. ZM315 * Prefect T.1 3FTS CWL 88
6. ZM524 * Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS077 ZM414 * Atlas C.1 70Sqn RRR484
9. ZM530 * Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS059 15. XX319 * Hawk T.1 RAFAT Red 9
11. ZM337 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 43 ZM306 * Prefect T.1 3FTS CWL 71
ZM530 * Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS058 XX332 Hawk T.1A 100Sqn Aggressor 22
12. ZM501 * Jupiter HT.1 1FTS SYS100 ZM305 * Prefect T.1 3FTS CWL 68
ZM516 * Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS123 ZM303 * Prefect T.1 3FTS CWL 72
ZM523 * Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS073 ZM336 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 42
13. ZM509 * Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS045 16. ZZ507 * Shadow R.1 14Sqn Snake 57
16. ZM511 * Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS093 ZZ417 * Shadow R.1 14Sqn WAD 01
ZM512 * Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS116 ZM314 * Prefect T.1 3FTS CWL 68
ZM513 * Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS094 ZM336 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 45
17. ZM532 * Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS069 19. ZZ171 * Globemaster III 99Sqn RRR812
ZK011/B div Hawk T.2 4Sqn OB1 20. ZE708 BAe 146 C.3 32[TR]Sqn NOH35
ZK017/H div Hawk T.2 4Sqn OB2 ZM318 * Prefect T.1 3FTS CWL 68
ZK032/FH div Hawk T.2 25Sqn OB3 ZM317 * Prefect T.1 3FTS CWL 94
Valley diversions ZM321 * Prefect T.1 3FTS CWL 68
18. ZM506 * Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS077 22. ZM303 * Prefect T.1 3FTS CWL 61
ZM521 * Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS117 ZM309 * Prefect T.1 3FTS BKH68
19. ZM501 * Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS118 ZE708 BAe 146 C.3 32[TR]Sqn NOH99
ZM523 * Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS069 XX332 * Hawk T.1A 100Sqn Pirate 17
20. ZM327 * Texan T.1 72Sqn Vanquish 1 XX262 * Hawk T.1A 100Sqn Aggressor 12
ZM328 * Texan T.1 72Sqn VYT 99 23. ZM303 * Prefect T.1 3FTS CWL 68
ZM329 * Texan T.1 72Sqn VYT 79 ZM336 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 50
ZM330 * Texan T.1 72Sqn VYT 85 ZM314 * Prefect T.1 3FTS CWL 67
ZM331 * Texan T.1 72Sqn VYT 72 ZM335 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 36
ZM509 * Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS058 26. ZM336 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 37
ZM515 * Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS069 ZM335 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 33
ZM524 * Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS02 ZZ507 * Shadow R.1 14Sqn Serpent 57
23. ZK017/H * Hawk T.2 4Sqn VYT 28 27. ZM337 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 37
ZM513 * Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS075 ZH877 Hercules C.4 24/47Sqn RRR174
ZM516 * Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS058 ZK330 * Typhoon FGR.4 29Sqn Triplex 33
24. ZK013/D * Hawk T.2 4Sqn ZM336 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 48
ZK016/G * Hawk T.2 4Sqn ZM337 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 41
ZK021/L * Hawk T.2 4Sqn ZM335 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 36
ZK032/FH * Hawk T.2 25Sqn ZM321 * Prefect T.1 3FTS CWL 71
ZM508 * Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS012 ZM336 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 48
ZM530 * Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS029 28. ZM337 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 37
25. ZM516 * Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS95 ZM301 * Prefect T.1 3FTS BKH70
ZM522 * Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS123 29. ZM335 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 50
ZM525 * Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS077 ZM336 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 47
26. ZK019/J * Hawk T.2 4Sqn ZM335 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 32
ZK025/FA * Hawk T.2 25Sqn VYT 24 ZM302 * Prefect T.1 3FTS CWL 98
ZK026/FB * Hawk T.2 25Sqn ZM336 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 45
ZK032/FH * Hawk T.2 25Sqn 30. ZM336 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 50
ZM520 * Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS090 ZM335 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 49
27. ZM523 * Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS049 ZM337 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 33
30. ZE701 BAe 146 CC.2 32[TR]Sqn KRF31 ZZ416 * Shadow R.1 14Sqn Widget 46
ZK011/B * Hawk T.2 4Sqn ZM337 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 45/42
ZK017/H * Hawk T.2 4Sqn
ZK025/FA * Hawk T.2 25Sqn RAF Lakenheath (EGUL) – with thanks to Suffolk Military Aviation
ZK035/FK * Hawk T.2 25Sqn Society/SMAS Blog
ZZ504 Shadow R.1 14Sqn Serpent 54 November
2. N225AX B767-200 Omni Air CMB454
Humberside Airport (EGNJ) 3. N952CA B747-400F National Air CMB455/
October NCR572
1. ZH002 # Defender AL.1 658Sqn AAC526 4. 87-0032 C-5M 60/349AMW RCH151/825
ZM337 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 32 departed on the 12th
2. ZM309 * Prefect T.1 3FTS BKH71 5. 02-1111 C-17A Tn ANG/155AS RCH974

6. G‑988 * C‑130H KLu/336Sqn NAF78 16. ZK035/FK * Hawk T.2 25Sqn VYT 37
13‑5786 MC‑130J 352SOW/67SOS Dora 41 17. ZH001 Defender AL.1 658Sqn AAC501
7. 06‑6161 # C‑17A 60/349AMW RCH483 ZM513 * Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS16
8. 06‑6161 # C‑17A 60/349AMW RCH483 20. ZK019/J * Hawk T.2 4Sqn VYT 28
9. 02‑1108 # C‑17A 62/446AW RCH481 ZK029/FE Hawk T.2 25Sqn VYT 24
06‑6161 # C‑17A 60/349AMW RCH483 ZK551 * Chinook HC.6 7Sqn SHF2
10. 08‑6205 * MC‑130J 352SOW/67SOS Strix 65 ZK550 * Chinook HC.6 7Sqn SHF1
02‑1108 # C‑17A 62/446AW RCH481 ZK036/FL * Hawk T.2 25Sqn VYT 25
11. 02‑1108 # C‑17A 62/446AW RCH481 ZM325 * Texan T.1 72Sqn VYT 14
14. N71BD Gulfstream IV EJM415 21. ZK013/D * Hawk T.2 4Sqn VYT 24
departed on the 23rd ZM325 * Texan T.1 72Sqn VYT 90
18. 12‑1001 F‑15SA RSaudiAF Retro 71 22. ZM335 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 46
departed on the 21st ZM336 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 35
12‑1009 F‑15SA RSaudiAF Retro 72 ZK012/C * Hawk T.2 4Sqn VYT 13
departed on 10/12 ZM324 * Texan T.1 72Sqn VYT 85
12‑1083 F‑15SA RSaudiAF Retro 73 24. ZK012/C * Hawk T.2 4Sqn VYT 26
departed on 10/12 ZM332 * Texan T.1 72Sqn VYT 72
12‑1048 F‑15SA RSaudiAF Retro 74 ZM323 * Texan T.1 72Sqn VYT 88
departed on the 21st ZM324 * Texan T.1 72Sqn VYT 90
27. ZM324 * Texan T.1 72Sqn VYT 89
Lee On Solent Airport (EGHF) 28. ZK029/FE * Hawk T.2 25Sqn VYT 29
Noted arriving for servicing with Britten Noman on 3/11 was Defender ZK014/E * Hawk T.2 4Sqn VYT 39
AL.1s ZG848 callsign AA595 and ZH003 callsign AA515. 29. ZK025/FE * Hawk T.2 25Sqn VYT 26
30. ZM413 * Atlas C.1 70Sqn RRR472
Defender AL1. ZH002 as AA520 visited on 12/11.
RAF Leeming (EGXE) 1. ZM403 * Atlas C.1 70Sqn RRR474
November 3. ZK026/FB * Hawk T.2 25Sqn VYT 28
2. ZA705 Chinook HC.6A 18Sqn Fozzy 38 ZM336 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 44
ZJ194 Apache AH.1 3/4Regt Mallet 55 6. ZM517 Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS42
ZJ199 Apache AH.1 3/4Regt Mallet 2 10. ZK025/FA * Hawk T.2 4Sqn VYT 28
3. ZM318 * Prefect T.1 3FTS BKH 71 ZM528 * Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS42
ZM319 * Prefect T.1 3FTS CWL 90 ZM337 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 50
4. ZA705 Chinook HC.6A 18Sqn Fozzy 38 11. XX205/CK * Hawk T.1A 100Sqn Pirate 29
ZA707 Chinook HC.6A 18Sqn Fozzy 37 12. ZM326 * Texan T.1 72Sqn VYT 89
ZJ218 Apache AH.1 3/4Regt Mallet 1 ZM328 * Texan T.1 72Sqn VYT 85
ZJ223 Apache AH.1 3/4Regt Mallet 2 ZM326 * Texan T.1 72Sqn VYT 14
17. ZZ383 Wildcat AH.1 661Sqn 13. ZM335 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 37
T‑784 Cessna 560XL Swiss AF/LTDB SUI584 ZM411 * Atlas C.1 24/70Sqn RRR453
18. T‑785 Falcon 900EX Swiss AF/LTDB SUI584 14. ZM325 * Texan T.1 72Sqn VYT 74
19. T‑786 PC‑24 Swiss AF/LTDB SUI584 ZM335 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 35
ZK327/327 * Typhoon FGR.4 2Sqn LOS01 18. ZM326 * Texan T.1 72Sqn VYT 75
ZZ504 Shadow R.1 14Sqn Vulcan 54 ZK015/F * Hawk T.2 4Sqn VYT 26
20. XX281 Hawk T.1A 736NAS 19. ZM325 * Texan T.1 72Sqn VYT 89
hangared on arrival 26. ZA704 Chinook HC.6A 28Sqn SHF428
XX256/CU c/f Hawk T.1A 736NAS 28. ZK016/G * Hawk T.2 4Sqn VYT 42
24. HB‑AZC ERJ‑190 Helvetic A/W SUI596/7 September
25. T‑751 CL‑604 Swiss AF/LTDB SUI584 1. XX332/CD * Hawk T.1A 100Sqn
26. T‑751 CL‑604 Swiss AF/LTDB SUI584 ZA935 Puma HC.2 Benson Wg Ambush 1
GZ100 AW‑109SP 32[TR]Sqn XW199 Puma HC.2 Benson Wg Ambush 2
30. T‑752 CL‑604 Swiss AF/LTDB SUI584 3. ZM324 Texan T.1 72Sqn VYT 06
Exercise Yorknight: ZK013/D * Hawk T.2 4Sqn VYT 28
Ten F/A‑18s arrived on 24/11 to take part in this exercise, which was XX205 * Hawk T.1A 100Sqn Pirate 11
due to run until 18/12. All the below departed on 17/12: XX321 * Hawk T.1A 100Sqn Pirate 26
ZK436 * Typhoon FGR.4 29Sqn CBY329
J‑5002 J‑5021 J‑5232 J‑5016 J‑5017 (special colour scheme) 4. ZK021/L * Hawk T.2 4Sqn VYT 39
J‑5020 J‑5233 J‑5020 J‑5234 J‑5025 ZM324 * Texan T.1 72Sqn VYT 14
7. ZK031/FK * Hawk T.2 25Sqn VYT 43
RAF Linton On Ouse (EGXU) – with thanks to David Thompson 9. ZK025/FA * Hawk T.2 25Sqn VYT 25
The last Tutors of the Yorkshire UAS departed here on 1/12 for their ZH900 Chinook HC.5 27Sqn SHF446
new home base of Leeming. The airfield remained open until the 18th, 10. ZK025/P * Hawk T.2 4Sqn VYT 30
when the base closed for Christmas, and Air Traffic ceased to operate. ZA710 * Chinook HC.6A 28Sqn Kukri 1
ZH895 * Chinook HC.6A 28Sqn Kukri 2
Liverpool John Lennon Airport (EGGP) – with thanks to North West ZK321 * Typhoon FGR.4 n/n CBY319
Air News ZJ946 * Typhoon FGR.4 n/n CBY326
July 11. ZM325 * Texan T.1 72Sqn VYT 99
1. ZM330 * Texan T.1 72Sqn VYT 99 14. ZM335 * Texan T.1 72Sqn CWL 36
ZM331 * Texan T.1 72Sqn VYT 14 17. ZK029/FE * Hawk T.2 25Sqn VYT 28
6. ZK031 * Hawk T.2 25Sqn VYT 58 ZK018/I * Hawk T.2 25Sqn VYT 17
ZK035/FK * Hawk T.2 25Sqn VYT 13 ZK031/FG * Hawk T.2 25Sqn VYT 30
7. ZK014/E * Hawk T.2 4Sqn VYT 12 18. ZK031/FG * Hawk T.2 25Sqn VYT 30
8. ZM324 *×2 Texan T.1 72Sqn VYT 75/89 ZK019/J * Hawk T.2 4Sqn VYT 24
ZH001 * Defender AL.1 658Sqn AAC526 22. ZK015/F * Hawk T.2 4Sqn VYT 36
13. ZM326 * Texan T.1 72Sqn VYT 84 ZK011/B * Hawk T.2 4Sqn VYT 37
15. ZM324 * Texan T.1 72Sqn VYT 84 23. ZH889 * Hercules C.5 24/47Sqn RRR116

ZK025/FA * Hawk T.2 25Sqn VYT 28 Luton Airport (EGGW) – with thanks to Stuart Clarke
ZK016/G * Hawk T.2 4Sqn VYT 34 December
24. ZK028/FD * Hawk T.2 25Sqn VYT 28 25. 016 C-295M PolAF/13ELTr
25. ZM501 * Jupiter HT.1 1FTS SYS 69
Lydd Airport (EGMD)
Noted here on 3/11 on their way to Gilze Rijen were Wildcat AH.1s
1. ZH777 * Chinook HC.6A 18Sqn SHF544
ZZ390 callsign AA171 and ZZ391 callsign AA172. They night-stopped
ZK037 * Hawk T.2 25Sqn
before continuing to Exercise Eagle Wolf.
ZK011 * Hawk T.2 4Sqn
5. ZJ955 Puma HC.2 Benson Wg Warlock 1 Manchester Airport (EGCC) – with thanks to TAS E-Mail list
ZA940 Puma HC.2 Benson Wg Warlock 2 November
8. ZK036/FL * Hawk T.2 25Sqn VYT 37 13. ZM337 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 41
ZJ785 AS.365N3 658Sqn Hammer 22 16. 253 CN.235MPA IAC/101Sqn IRL253
ZJ780 AS.365N3 658Sqn Hammer 24 17. ZZ383 * Wildcat AH.1 661Sqn Carbon 09
9. ZM330 * Texan T.1 72Sqn VYT 84
ZK036/FL * Hawk T.2 25Sqn VYT 28 RAF Marham (EGYM) – with thanks to MAR
ZK036/FL * Hawk T.2 25Sqn VYT 43 November
ZZ174 Globemaster III 99Sqn RRR803 5. ZJ224 * Apache AH.1 3/4Regt AA443
10. ZH001 * Defender AL.1 658Sqn AAC528 6. ZM314 * Prefect T.1 3FTS Hustler 01
12. ZK032/FH * Hawk T.2 25Sqn VYT 13 ZM322 * Prefect T.1 3FTS Hustler 02
ZM329 * Texan T.1 72Sqn VYT 99 9. 169230/QB KC-130J VMGR-352 Raider 01
ZK012/C * Hawk T.2 4Sqn VYT 20 departed on the 12th
13. ZK015/F * Hawk T.2 4Sqn VYT 37 10. ZM301 *×2 Prefect T.1 3FTS Warboys 01
ZM327 * Texan T.1 72Sqn VYT 74 ZM305 *×2 Prefect T.1 3FTS Warboys 02
14. ZG996 * Defender AL.1 658Sqn AAC501 XW235/Q * Puma HC.2 Benson Wg SHF336
ZM329 * Texan T.1 72Sqn VYT 89 11 .G-BYUM * Tutor T.1 6FTS WIT55
15. ZK032/FH * Hawk T.2 25Sqn VYT 19 12. ZM319 * Prefect T.1 3FTS BKH87
ZK019/J * Hawk T.2 4Sqn VYT 13 ZM337 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 35
16. ZK026/FB * Hawk T.2 25Sqn VYT 28 16. 169607/CF-06 F-35B VMFA-211 Mazda
21. ZG998 Defender AL.1 658Sqn AAC528 169587/CF-02 F-35B VMFA-211 24/25
22. ZM330 * Texan T.1 72Sqn VYT 84 departed
ZZ507 * Shadow R.1 14Sqn Snake 57 ZK019/J Hawk T.2 4Sqn
ZM336 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 50 arrived for paint
ZM335 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 42 ZK030/U Hawk T.2 25Sqn
28. ZZ171 Globemaster III 99Sqn RRR803 into paint shop
30. 283 * PC-12NG IAC/104Sqn IRL283 ZK020/K Hawk T.2 4Sqn
departed paint shop
London Heathrow – with thanks to various E-Mail lists ZK019/J Hawk T.2 4Sqn
November support for swap over
23. ZE700 BAe 146 CC.2 32[TR]Sqn RRR1795 169230/QB KC-130J VMGR-352 Raider 01
18. ZJ957 Puma HC.2
arrived by road for painting
4. 166377 C-37B VR-1 VV105
19. G-BYVH * Tutor T.1 6FTS UAT991
24. ZM335 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 35
RAF Lossiemouth (EGQS) – with thanks to MAR
ZM337 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 31
26. ZZ507 * Shadow R.1 14Sqn Widget 57
1. G-GMAE King Air 200 Gama Avn
3. ZP803 Poseidon MRA.1 54/120Sqn Poseidon 1 Base notes:
new delivery 207/617 Squadron F-35B
4. ZG997 Defender AL.1 651Sqn AA515 The latest deliveries, ZM153, ZM154 and ZM155 callsigns RRR9711-
5. ZK352 Typhoon FGR.4 n/n Typhoon 77 9713, arrived at Marham on the 30th. They had departed Fort Worth
arrived from TMU on the 25th with Voyager ZZ332, callsign RRR9301, as support.
09-5713 * MC-130J 352SOW/67SOS Strix 67
6. ZK364 Typhoon FGR.4 LOS 28 RAF Mildenhall (EGUN) – with thanks to Suffolk Military Aviation
arrived from 11Sqn Society/SMAS
10. XX187/CO * Hawk T.1A 100Sqn Pirate 04 November
13-5776 * MC-130J 352SOW/67SOS Strix 67 1. 07-7177 C-17A 436/512AW RCH805
11. ZM417 Atlas C.1 24/70Sqn RRR4636/ 165352 # KC-130T VR-62 CNV3222
4637 2. 62-4125/OF RC-135W 55Wg Olive 56
ZE708 BAe 146 C.3 32[TR]Sqn RRR1533 departed 8th flew mission on 6th as Lube 21
12. 13-5786 * MC-130J 352SOW/67SOS Strix 67 165349 C-130T VR-62 CNV3881
13. ZZ512 Wildcat AH.1 847NAS Marine 11 departed on the 4th
ZZ521 Wildcat AH.1 847NAS Marine 12 3. N312AA B767-200F ABX Air ABX2270
19. ZH842 Merlin HM.2 814NAS Tiger 65 ZM336 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 43
22. ZH842 Merlin HM.2 814NAS 5. ZZ338 Voyager KC.3 10/101Sqn RRR822
23. ZM401 Atlas C.1 70Sqn RRR4541 167984 # KC-130J VMGR-352 Raider 01
24. ZH842 Merlin HM.2 814NAS ZM330 * Texan T.1 72Sqn VYT 84
ZM329 * Texan T.1 72Sqn VYT 88
ZE707 BAe 146 C.3 32[TR]Sqn RRR1535
ZM328 * Texan T.1 72Sqn VYT 85
25. ZH842 # Merlin HM.2 814NAS
6. 84-0087 C-21A 86AW/76AS Falcon 65
ZE707 BAe 146 C.3 32[TR]Sqn
G-988 * C-130H KLu/336Sqn NAF78
QRA North – noted during November were the following: 84-0085 C-21A 86AW/76AS Falcon 65
4. ZK336/336 ZK424/424 ZK435/435 9. 62-3498 KC-135R 6ARW Gold 67
9. ZK336/336 ZK424/424 ZK435/435 departed on the 11th
17. ZK324/324 ZK424/424 ZK435/435 84-0087 * C-21A 86AW/76AS Valor 42

ZZ177 * Globemaster III 99Sqn RRR829 ZH895 Chinook HC.6A 28Sqn SHF265
10. 58-0084 # KC-135T Pa ANG/171ARW Gold 77 ZA936 * Puma HC.1 Benson Wg SHF309
11. 99-0058 C-17A 62/446AW RCH861 4. ZH814 * Bell 212 AH.1 7Regt AA734
99-0168/AK C-17A 3WG/517AS RCH741 ZB691 * Gazelle AH.1 7Regt AA757
12. 169230 KC-130J VMGR-352 Raider 01 ZH895 Chinook HC.6A 28Sqn SHF260
Departed on the 16th ZZ385 Wildcat AH.1 659Sqn Valiant 61
15-5822/RS C-130J-30 86AW/37AS Herky 611 5. ZH814 * Bell 212 AH.1 7Regt AA734
84-0085 * C-21A 86AW/76AS Valor 21 ZA710 Chinook HC.6A 28Sqn SHF267
N477AX # B767-300 Omni Air CMB453 arrived for CMF
13. 84-0189 # KC-10A 305/514AMW RCH189 ZJ955 * Puma HC.2 Benson Wg SHF308
15. 83-0079 # KC-10A 305/514AMW Gold 75 6. ZH814 * Bell 212 AH.1 7Regt AA734
16. 64-14849/OF# RC-135U 55Wg Cobra 55 9. ZB691 * Gazelle AH.1 7Regt AA744
62-3502 KC-135R 92/141ARW RCH417 10. ZH814 * Bell 212 AH.1 7Regt AA734
Departed on the 21st flew mission on the 20th as Quid 51 ZD981 Chinook HC.6A SHF567
166715 UC-35D USMC VM715 arrived from Boscombe Down
Departed on the 18th 11. ZH892 Chinook HC.6A SHF527
LX-N90459 * E-3A NAEWF NATO 41 arrived from Fleetlands
17. N312AA B767-200F ABX Air ABX2270 12. ZH814 * Bell 212 AH.1 7Regt AA731
87-0037 # C-5M AFRC/337AS RCH487 ZJ129 Merlin HC.4 845NAS Junglie 24
ZH867 * Hercules C.5 24/47Sqn RRR140 16. ZH814 * Bell 212 AH.1 7Regt AA731
ZZ507 * Shadow R.1 14Sqn Snake 57 XW235 * Puma HC.2 Benson Wg SHF281
18. 59-1512 KC-135T Mi ANG/171ARS Gold 23
departed on the 21st Prestwick Airport (EGPK) – with thanks to
64-14839 KC-135R Il ANG/108ARS Gold 21 November
flew mission on the 21st as Gold 23; departed on the 22nd 1. 130601 CC-130J CF/436Sqn CFC4228
19. N488CR CL-600 Artemis US Army Brio 1 Departed, arrived 30/10, returned later in the day
20. 86-0014 # C-5M AFRC/337AS RCH495 and departed on 4/11
21. N743CK B747-400F Kalitta Air CMB161/ ZZ172 # Globemaster III 99Sqn RRR6368
CKS161 165158/CW # C-130T VR-54 CNV6518
22. 85-0007 C-5M 436/512AW RCH496 2. KAF343 C-17A KAF/41Sqn KAF3219
departed on the 25th departed, arrived on 31/10
59-1512 # KC-135R Mi ANG/171ARS RCH817
177705 # CC-177 CF/429Sqn CFC4003
23. 84-0061 # C-5M 436/512AW RCH875
ZZ175 Globemaster III 99Sqn RRR6640
25. 96-0005 C-17A NY ANG/137AS RCH738
ZH875 Hercules C.4 24/47Sqn RRR5830
N356KD B747-400F Western Global WGN186
16-5873/LI HC-130J NY ANG/102RQS King 11
30. 62-4125 RC-135W 55Wg Olive 55
05-0409 U-28A 1SOW RCH1020
arrived for TDY
07-0838 U-28A 1SOW RCH1018
07-0840 U-28A 1SOW RCH1016
Newquay Airport (EGHQ) – with thanks to Kevin Slade & MAR
departed on the 10th
08-0790 U-28A 1SOW RCH1022
Noted here on the 4th was Atlas C.1 ZM404, callsign RRR482,
departed 8th; but returned and departed on the 10th
performing an overshot.
3. 177701 CC-177 CF/429Sqn CFC4002
ZP802 * Poseidon MRA.1 54/120Sqn Sealion 01
RAF Northolt (EGWU)
4. 177702 # CC-177 CF/429Sqn CFC4004
4. ZA936 # Puma HC.2 Benson Wg Warlock 1/ KAF342 # C-17A KAF/41Sqn KAF3203
SHF330 ZM402 * Atlas C.1 24/70Sqn Comet 452
ZA940 Puma HC.2 Benson Wg Warlock 2 5. 15005 CC-150 CF/437Sqn CFC4166
9. ZH901 ×2 Chinook HC.5 18Sqn SHF527/586 departed on the 7th
20. ZM402 Atlas C.1 70Sqn RRR4524 ZZ338 Voyager KC.3 10/101Sqn RRR822/823
27. ZM407 Atlas C.1 70Sqn RRR4525 ZH845 Merlin HM.2 814NAS Redclaw
ZH002 * Defender R.2 651Sqn AAC528
Norwich Airport (EGSH) – with thanks to Neil Baker 6. 14+06 * Global 6000 GAF/FBS GAF630
November ZG998 * Defender R.2 651Sqn AAC528
4. CT-01 * A.400M BD/21Sml BAF659 XX332/CD * Hawk T.1A 100Sqn Pirate 06
5. CT-01 * A.400M BD/21Sml BAF659 7. 130601 CC-130J CF/436Sqn CFC4228
11. ZK375/375 * Typhoon FGR4 29Sqn Apollo 11 177702 # CC-177 CF/429Sqn CFC4004
ZZ507 * Shadow R.1+ 14Sqn Scarab 57 ZH842 Merlin HM.2 814NAS Tiger 65
12. ZZ416 * Shadow R.1 14Sqn Snake 46 ZH847 Merlin HM.2 814NAS Tiger 70
15. A9C-HWR a/t BAE 146-RJ85 Bahrain Amiri Flt BAH008 flew local flight and departed on the 9th
16. ZH870 *×3 Hercules C.4 24/47Sqn Comet 13 94-00316 C-12R A/52 Avn Shogun 27
17. ZE700 * BAE 146 CC.2 32[TR]Sqn NOH10 94-00318 C-12R A/52 Avn Shogun 30
A9C-HWR a/t BAE 146-RJ85 Bahrain Amiri Flt BAH008 165349/JW # C-130T VR-62 CNV6808
18. A9C-HWRdep BAE 146-RJ85 Bahrain Amiri Flt BAH008 TF-SIF DHC-8-314 Icelandic Coast Guard
23. ZE700 * BAE 146 CC.2 32[TR]Sqn NOH12 en route from Malaga to Reykjavik TFSIF
26. ZE707 * BAE 146 C.3 32[TR]Sqn NOH12 8. 99-0058 C-17A 62/446AW RCH861
departed on the 11th
Nottingham City Airport (EGBN) – with thanks to John Smith 9. ZZ176 Globemaster III 99Sqn RRR6649
Noted here on 14/12 was A-109SP G-Z100 of 32[TR]Sqn, callsign ZZ178 Globemaster III 99Sqn RRR6803
NOH23. ZZ333 Voyager KC.3 10/101Sqn RRR2188/89
10. 14+04 * Global 5000 GAF/FBS GAF686
RAF Odiham (EGVO) KAF342 C-17A KAF/41Sqn KAF3203
November G-BYVE Tutor T.1 NI UAS CWL 24
3. ZH814 * Bell 212 AH.1 7Regt AA734 on delivery to Aldergrove
ZH814 Bell 212 AH.1 7Regt AA731 ZZ333 Voyager KC.3 10/101Sqn RRR2202/03

10-0215 C-17A 437/315AW RCH879 28. 130613 # CC-130J CF/436Sqn CFC2526
departed on the 14th ZZ331 Voyager KC.2 10/101Sqn RRR2242/3
11. 15003 # CC-150 CF/437Sqn CFC4100 165831 C-40A VR-59 CNV6622
169547 P-8A VP-9 Rider 01 169547 P-8A VP-9 Rider 91
arrived for TDY; departed to Sigonella on the 20th arrived TDY
12. ZM336 Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 50 29. 144617 # CC-144C CF/412Sqn CFC3060
09-0639 # MC-12W Ok ANG/185SOS JM16 KAF343 # C-17A KAF/41Sqn KAF3213
11-00285 # MC-12D B/224 MIB Ronin 31 165831 C-40A VR-59 CNV6625
900530 # C-26D AOD Sigonella CNV6412 30. ZH867 Hercules C.4 24/47Sqn RRR180
165831 C-40A VR-59 CNV6609 ZH842 arr Merlin HM.2 814NAS Tiger 65
169544 P-8A VP-9 Rider 22
arrived TDY Ronaldsway – IOM (EGNS)
169548 P-8A VP-9 Rider 39 November
arrived TDY 4. ZM329 * Texan T.1 72Sqn VYT 89
13. 14+05 * Global 6000 GAF/FBS GAF686 5. ZM327 * Texan T.1 72Sqn
ZM406 * Atlas C.1 24/70Sqn Comet 453 ZK016/G * Hawk T.2 4Sqn VYT 36
ZZ512 Wildcat AH.1 847NAS Marine 11 ZG998 * Defender R.2 651Sqn AAC528
ZZ521 Wildcat AH.1 847NAS Marine 11 ZZ171 * Globemaster III 99Sqn RRR810
05-5150/HH# C-17A 15WG/535AS RCH321 12. ZM330 * Texan T.1 72Sqn VYT 11
90-1796 # C-130H Mo ANG/180AS RCH636 ZE701 BAe 146 CC.2 32[TR]Sqn NOH31
169546 P-8A VP-9 Rider 17 13. ZM406 * Atlas C.1 70Sqn Comet 453
arrived TDY 16. ZM326 * Texan T.1 72Sqn VYT 89
14. ZH001 * Defender R.2 651Sqn AAC522 ZM329 * Texan T.1 72Sqn VYT 06
ZZ333 Voyager KC.3 10/101Sqn RRR2192 ZM328 * Texan T.1 72Sqn VYT 99
900528 # C-26D AOD Naples CNV6113 19. ZK029/FE * Hawk T.2 25Sqn VYT 24
N789LL # King Air 350ER USSOC JM61 ZM328 * Texan T.1 72Sqn VYT 72
15. 130611 CC-130J CF/436Sqn CFC2525 23. ZK022/M * Hawk T.2 4Sqn VYT 27
departed on the 17th 25. ZG996 Defender R.2 651Sqn AAC530
165349/JW # C-130T VR-62 CNV3943 ZK019/J * Hawk T.2 4Sqn VYT 30
16. 15002 CC-150 CF/437Sqn CFC4101 26. ZK016/G * Hawk T.2 4Sqn VYT 17
ZH842 Merlin HM.2 814NAS Tiger 65 ZM416 * Atlas C.1 70Sqn RRR484
91-1232 # C-130H Ky ANG/165AS RCH100 27. ZM405 * Atlas C.1 70Sqn Comet 453
91-1233 # C-130H Ky ANG/165AS RCH102 ZM326 * Texan T.1 72Sqn VYT 89
17. 14+04 * Global 5000 GAF/FBS GAF676 ZK037/FM * Hawk T.2 25Sqn VYT 39
ZH845 Merlin HM.2 814NAS Redclaw
165349/JW C-130T VR-62 CNV3943 Sculthorpe Training Area (EGUP) – with thanks to SMAS
departed on the 19th November
18. 15002 CC-150 CF/437Sqn CFC4101 16 .ZJ186 Apache AH.1 3/4Regt Prowler 1
15004 CC-150 CF/437Sqn CFC3194 ZJ187 Apache AH.1 3/4Regt Prowler 2
departed on the 20th ZJ211 Apache AH.1 3/4Regt Nemesis 1
177701 # CC-177 CF/429Sqn CFC4001 19. ZJ186 Apache AH.1 3/4Regt AA064
ZK331 * Typhoon FGR.4 2Sqn LOS24 ZJ187 Apache AH.1 3/4Regt Prowler 2
165831 C-40A VR-59 CNV6617 23. 09-5713 MC-130J 352SOW/67SOS Strix 61
19. G-CGKE * Tutor T.1 Glasgow UAS UAJ51 13-5778 MC-130J 352SOW/67SOS Strix 62
20. 15004 # CC-150 CF/437Sqn CFC3194
14+05 * Global 6000 GAF/FBS GAF689 RAF Shawbury (EGOS) – with thanks to MAR
168850 P-8A VP-9 Rider 01 November
arrived TDY 5. ZJ223 * Apache AH.1 3/4Regt AA444
21. 15003 CC-150 CF/437Sqn CFC4102 ZJ191 Apache AH.1 3/4Regt Machete 1
166694 C-40A VR-56 CNV4942 6. ZJ191 Apache AH.1 3/4Regt Machete 1
165158/CW C-130T VR-54 CNV6521/27 went u/s on arrival, departed on the 11th
departed on the 27th ZJ213 Apache AH.1 3/4Regt Machete 2
22. ZH842 Merlin HM.2 814NAS Tiger 65 9. ZM327 * Texan T.1 72Sqn VYT 79
23. 15003 CC-150 CF/437Sqn CFC4102 11. G-CVBP Bell 412 Cobham BDN37
T-054 * A330-MRTT MMF Multi 99 G-BYWY * Tutor T.1 Birmingham UAS UAY14
KAF327 KC-130J KAF/41Sqn KAF3204 12. ZH583 Lynx 95 Leonardo WHE11/12
departed on the 25th flew local sortie as WHE 12
ZH002 * Defender R.2 651Sqn AAC530 13. G-BJOH Islander CC.2 Gama Avn Trojan 42
24. T-055 A330-MRTT MMF Multi 98 16. G-BYWG * Tutor T.1 Birmingham UAS UAY15
25. 15002 CC-150 CF/437Sqn CFC3169 18. ZJ955 Puma HC.2 Benson Wg SHF338
177704 # CC-177 CF/429Sqn CFC4018 19. ZK557 Chinook HC.6 7Sqn SHF487
ZM416 * Atlas C.1 24/70Sqn Comet 452
24. G-COBS # DA-42 Cobham Calibrator 647
ZH888 * Hercules C.5 24/47Sqn RRR161
G-FPLD # King Air 200 Cobham Calibrator 649
ZH842 Merlin HM.2 814NAS Tiger 65
30. G-BYVL * Tutor T.1 Birmingham UAS UAY14
departed on the 27th
G-BYWY * Tutor T.1 Birmingham UAS UAY15
ZH845 Merlin HM.2 814NAS Redclaw
XW237 Puma HC.2 Benson Wg SHF304
910502 # C-26D AOD Sigonella CNV6125
164598/AX C-130T-30 VR-53 CNV6722 Based movements:
26. ZM416 * Atlas C.1 24/70Sqn RRR484 6. ZM510 Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS82 to/from Middle Wallop
ZZ512 Wildcat AH.1 847NAS Marine 12. ZM526 Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS145 to/from Teeside
ZZ521 Wildcat AH.1 847NAS Marine 16. ZM501 Jupiter HT.1 1FTS SYS100 to/from Valley
164598/AX # C-130T-30 VR-53 CNV6722 ZM530 Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS69 to/from Valley
27. 240/F-RARF A330-223 FrAF/ET60 CTM1275 ZM512 Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS107 to/from Gloucester
ZM329 Texan T.1 72Sqn Swift 19. ZM521 Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS72 to/from Newcastle
ZM330 Texan T.1 72Sqn Swift Heliport

ZM512 Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS89 to/from Exeter 10. ZZ416 * Shadow R.1 14Sqn Snake 46
ZM522 Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS88 to/from Yeovilton ZK302 * Typhoon FGR.4 11Sqn Nightmare 21
20. ZM500 Jupiter HT.1 1FTS SYS666 to Oxford ZK371 * Typhoon FGR.4 11Sqn Nightmare 22
ZM514 Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS666/653 to/from Oxford 11. XX332/CD * Hawk T.1A 100Sqn Pirate 13
24. ZM501 Jupiter HT.1 1FTS SYS123 to/from Valley ZE701 BAe 146 CC.2 32[TR]Sqn NOH99
ZM521 Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS91 to/from Exeter 12. ZG997 * Defender R.2 651Sqn AA585
26. ZM502 Jupiter HT.1 1FTS SYS12 to/from Valley XX332/CD * Hawk T.1A 100Sqn Pirate 26
ZM531 Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS666 to/from Oxford ZK302/302 * Typhoon FGR.4 11Sqn
27. ZM527 Juno HT.1 1FTS SYS666 to/from Valley ZK371/371 * Typhoon FGR.4 3Sqn
ZM502 Jupiter HT.1 1FTS SYS635 from Valley 16. ZK031/FG Hawk T.2 25Sqn Obi 1
DHFS/1FTS Jupiter HT.1 ZK026/FB Hawk T.2 25Sqn Obi 2
G-CLKI was cancelled from the CAA register 11/11 to ZM496. XX317 * Hawk T.1A 100Sqn Pirate 05
17. XX321/CI * Hawk T.1A 100Sqn
AM&SU Hawk T.1 18. XX346/CP Hawk T.1A 100Sqn
Departures by road to Cosford during November were: XX332/CD Hawk T.1A 100Sqn
XX185 17th XX224 19th XX235 17th 19. ZZ331 Voyager KC.2 10/101Sqn RRR2310
On the 17th Hawk T.1s XX235, XX224 and XX185 (fuselage only) ZZ504 * Shadow R.1 14Sqn Vulcan 54
departed to Cosford by road. 22. ZZ338 Voyager KC.3 10/101Sqn RRR2112
24. ZM417 * Atlas C.1 70Sqn RRR482
Shobdon Airport (EGBS) XX346/CP * Hawk T.1A 100Sqn Pirate 26
November 25. ZM335 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 47
2. XW237 Puma HC.2 Benson Wg Kukri 1 ZG996 Defender R.2 651Sqn AA530
5. ZA679 Chinook HC.6A 28Sqn SHF265 ZM337 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 50
11. ZA679 Chinook HC.6A 28Sqn SHF265 XX317 * Hawk T.1A 100Sqn
26. 281 PC-12NG IAC/104Sqn IRL281
Southend Airport (EGMC) 253 CN.235MPA IAC/101Sqn IRL253
November XX261/CJ * Hawk T.1A 100Sqn
Noted here on the 4th was 659Sqn Wildcat AH.1 ZZ385, callsign 27. ZE707 BAe 146 C.3 32[TR]Sqn NOH99
Valiant 61. 28. ZZ343 Voyager KC.2 10/101Sqn RRR2184
29. ZZ331 Voyager KC.2 10/101Sqn RRR2160
RAF Stafford
November RAF Valley (EGOV) – with thanks to MAR & Valley Aviation Society
10. ZH895 Chinook HC.6A 28Sqn SHF399 November
11. ZA679 Chinook HC.6A 28Sqn Kukri 1 3. XX161 Hawk T.1W 736NAS Kraken 47
ZA714 Chinook HC.6A 28Sqn Kukri 2 arrived to AMRO
13. ZZ512 Wildcat AH.1 847NAS Marine 11 XX324 Hawk T.1A 736NAS Satan 2
ZZ521 Wildcat AH.1 847NAS Marine 12 XX329/CU Hawk T.1A 736NAS Satan 1/
Kraken 44
Stansted Airport (EGSS) – with thanks to Stuart Clark XX189/CR Hawk T.1A 736NAS Kraken
November air test
10. A6-MMM B747-400 Dubai A/W DUB 2 XX319 Hawk T.1 RAFAT Red 10
11. A6-FZZ B737-800 Dubai A/W DUB 12 XX325 Hawk T.1 RAFAT Red 7/6
25. A9C-HMH B767-400 Bahrain Amiri Flt BAH3 XX278 Hawk T.1 RAFAT Red 8/9
OM-BYC Fokker 100 Slovak Govt SSG006 4. XX200/CO Hawk T.1A 736NAS Kraken 45/
29. A6-MMM B747-400 Dubai A/W DUB 2 Spider 1
XX323 Hawk T.1 RAFAT Red 11
Teeside Valley Airport (EGNV) – with thanks to DTV Movements ZJ191 * Apache AH.1 3/4Regt Machete 2
website, 5. XX346/CP Hawk T.1A 100Sqn Pirate 12
November 6. ZZ504 * Shadow R.1 14Sqn Snake 54
3. ZK302 * Typhoon FGR4 11Sqn Typhoon 37 9. XX189 Hawk T.1A
6. XX187/CO * Hawk T.1A 100Sqn Pirate 13 noted outside AMRO

AgustaWestland Wildcat AH1 ZZ385 [504] of 659 Sqn using callsign ‘Valiant 61’ at Southend on 4 November 2020. (John Coleman)

11. ZH871 Hercules C.4 24/47Sqn RRR123 The following were reported operating from here during Exercise Swift
12. XX256/CU Hawk T.1A 736NAS Satan 1 / Pirate:
Kraken 43 17. ZM405 Atlas C.1 24/70Sqn RRR464
XX189/CR Hawk T.1A 736NAS Kraken 41 ZH867 Hercules C.4 24/47Sqn RRR140
air test 19. ZH867 Hercules C.4 24/47Sqn RRR144
16. ZM501 Jupiter HT.1 1FTS SYS100 ZM408 Atlas C.1 24/70Sqn RRR483
17. ZK433 # Typhoon FGR.4 41Sqn Rebel 54 ZZ178 Globemaster III 99Sqn RRR819
18. ZM336 * Phenom 100 45Sqn CWL 35
ZK325/325 * Typhoon FGR.4 3Sqn Typhoon 44 Leonardo-Fineccanica Yeovil
19. XX187/CO Hawk T.1A 100Sqn Pirate 25 November
Merlin HM.2
RAF Waddington (EGXW) – with thanks to MAR/Waddo-Area-Spotters ZH843/88 noted on 6/12/18/20th
November ZH864/70 noted on 10/24th
2. XX242 * Hawk T.1 RAFAT Red 4 Merlin HC.4A
3. ZK439/439 * Typhoon FGR4 29Sqn Typhoon ZJ995/AD noted 4/18th
304 ZJ998/AE noted on 10/16/18/20/26th
4. XX278 * Hawk T.1 RAFAT SAK07 AW-101 612 Norway
5. XX322 * Hawk T.1 RAFAT Red 8 ZZ110 noted on 6/12/16/18/30th
11. ZM143/009 * F-35B 207/617Sqn Marham 13 ZZ111/0280 noted on 2/3/6/10th
ZH871 * Hercules C.4 24/47Sqn RRR123 ZZ112/0281 noted on 24th
G-BYVG * Tutor T.1 6FTS WIT 59 Wildcat AH.1
ZK375/375 T yphoon FGR.4 41Sqn Apollo 11 ZZ393 noted on 10/12th
12. ZG997 Defender AL.1 651Sqn AA585 ZZ415 noted on 20th
23. XX332/CD * Hawk T.1A 100Sqn Pirate 17
24. 63-7999/D * KC-135R 100ARW Quid 23 Wildcat HMA.2
25. 090/YE Xingu FrAF/EAT319 CTM1724 ZZ378 noted 4/24th
ZZ513 flew 2/4/12/16th
BAE Warton (EGNO) – with thanks to MAR ZZ514 arrived from Yeovilton on the 5th
November Lynx Mk95 (Portugal)
4. G-BYUI * Tutor T.1 Manchester UAS UAM03 ZH583 noted 6/10/12/16th
G-BYVI * Tutor T.1 Manchester UAS UAM01 Lynx Mk85 (Brazil)
G-BYVP * Tutor T.1 Manchester UAS UAM04 ZH964 noted 24/26/30th
G-BYXL * Tutor T.1 Manchester UAS UAM20 ZH965/N4003 noted 12th, wearing N4003’s serial, should be N4004,
9. XX205/CK * Hawk T.1A 100Sqn Lyric 62 flew 25th
10. ZK011/B * Hawk T.2 4Sqn
ZK026/FB * Hawk T.2 25Sqn Reptile 3 RNAS Yeovilton (EGDY)
12. G-BYUL * Tutor T.1 Manchester UAS UAM04 November
G-BYUY * Tutor T.1 Manchester UAS UAM07 2. G-BYWW * Tutor T.1 6FTS UAD46
G-BYXL * Tutor T.1 Manchester UAS UAM03 XE704 Hunter T.72 HHA Scampton 34
16. XX332/CD * Hawk T.1A 100Sqn Javelin 17 arrived on TDY until 12.12 – marked as XE688
17. G-BYVI * Tutor T.1 Manchester UAS UAM03 5. ZZ514 Wildcat HMA.2 815NAS
19. G-ETPK BAe 146 RJ-70 QinetiQ ETP86 departed to Yeovil
23. CC-2 C-295M Finnish AF FNF44 9. G-COBS DA-42 Cobham Calibrator 640
departed on the 25th 10. G-COBS # DA-42 Cobham Calibrator 640
XX332/CD * Hawk T.1A 100Sqn Pirate 13 ZZ529 Wildcat HMA.2 815NAS Martlet 21
25. ZK021/L * Hawk T.2 4Sqn VYT 30 disembarked from HMS Diamond
ZK035/FK * Hawk T.2 25Sqn VYT 17 12. ZH899 Chinook HC.5 27Sqn SHF399
ZK037/FM * Hawk T.2 25Sqn VYT 37 13. XX256 Hawk T.1 736NAS Spider 2/
26. G-BYUY * Tutor T.1 Manchester UAS UAM01 departed on the 16th Kraken 49

AAC Wattisham (EGUW) – with thanks to Suffolk Military Aviation Unit Updates
Society/SMAS Blog Apache
November ZJ182 AH.1 7 AA BN REME 10/20 ex 3Regt/663Sqn;
3. ZH895 Chinook HC.6A 28Sqn Airwolf 1 3Regt/663Sqn 11/20 ex 7 AA BN REME
ZA712 Chinook HC.6A 28Sqn Airwolf 2 ZJ189 AH.1 4Regt/656Sqn 10/20 ex ADSU Wattisham
5. ZH899 Chinook HC.5 27Sqn RFR7184 ZJ191 AH.1 7 AA BN REME 11/20 ex 4Regt/656Sqn;
10. ZA705 * Chinook HC.6A 18Sqn SHF528 4Regt/656Sqn 11/20 ex 7 AA BN REME
12. ZH895 Chinook HC.6A 28Sqn SHF269 ZJ194 AH.1 due CSP 11/20 ex 3Regt/663Sqn
26. ZM704 AH-64E Apache ZJ197 AH.1 7 AA BN REME 11/20 ex 4Regt/656Sqn;
ZM705 AH-64E Apache 4Regt/656Sqn 11/20 ex 7 AA BN REME
arrived by road from Brize Norton ZJ213 AH.1 4Regt/656Sqn 11/20 ex ADSU Wattisham;
4Regt/664Sqn 11/20 ex 4Regt/656Sqn
Weston-Super-Mare, The Helicopter Museum Helipad – with thanks ZJ220 AH.1 4Regt/656Sqn 10/20 ex 4Regt/664Sqn
to Martin Degg ZJ222 AH.1 due CSP 11/20 ex 673Sqn
October ZJ223 AH.1 4Regt/664Sqn 10/20 ex 4Regt/656Sqn;
19. XZ334 Gazelle AH.1 7Regt 7 AA BN REME 11/20 ex 4Regt/664Sqn
20. XZ334 Gazelle AH.1 7Regt ZM704 AH-64E Apache Wattisham Flt School 11/20 ex Boeing
29. ZA679 Chinook HC.6A 28Sqn ZM705 AH-64E Apache Wattisham Flt School 11/20 ex Boeing
ZA936 Puma HC.2 Benson Wg
RAF Wittering (EGXT) ZM407 C.1 24/70Sqn 11/20 ex Depth servicing
November ZM411 C.1 Depth servicing 10/20 ex 24/70Sqn;
Tutor T.1 24/70Sqn 11/20 ex Depth servicing
G-BYWI as CWL 24 arrived from Aldergrove, via Glasgow and Leeming ZM412 C.1 24/70Sqn 11/20 ex Depth servicing
on the 11th. ZM415 C.1 24/70Sqn 11/20 ex 1312 Flight

ZM417 C.1 Depth servicing 11/20 ex 24/70Sqn ZK364/364 FGR4 Op Shader 11/20 ex 1Sqn
ZK371/371 FGR4 3Sqn 10/20 ex Op Shader
Chinook ZK426/426 FGR4 BAE Lossiemouth 11/20 ex 6Sqn
ZH898 HC.5 CMF Odiham 11/20 ex 1310 Flt ZK437/437 FGR4 29Sqn 11/20 ex 3Sqn
ZH900 HC.5 Boscombe Down mods 11/20 ex 27Sqn
ZK555 HC.6 7Sqn 11/20 ex CMF Odiham Viking
ZA683 HC.6A 18Sqn 11/20 ex CMF Odiham ZE495/VA T.1 644VGS/CGS 11/20 ex GMS Syerston
ZA710 HC.6A CMF Odiham 11/20 ex 28Sqn ZE520/VJ T.1 Syerston long term store 11/20 ex SERCO
ZA711 HC.6A CMF Odiham 11/20 ex 28Sqn recovery
ZD981 HC.6A 18Sqn 11/20 ex Boscombe Down mods ZE521/VK T.1 644VGS/CGS 10/20 ex GMS Syerston
ZH775 HC.6A 27Sqn 11/20 ex CMF Odiham ZE522/VL T.1 GMS Syerston 11/20 ex 644VGS/CGS
ZH775 HC.6A Boscombe Down mods 11/20 ex 27Sqn ZE594/WX T.1 GMS Syerston 11/20 ex Syerston depth
ZH776 HC.6A 1310 Flt 10/20 ex 18Sqn ZE595/WY T.1 644VGS/CGS 10/20 ex GMS Syerston;
ZH777 HC.6A 27Sqn 11/20 ex 18Sqn 622VGS 11/20 ex 644VGS/CGS
ZH892 HC.6A 18Sqn 11/20 ex Fleetlands ZE602/XB T.1 Syerston Depth 10/20 ex 632VGS
ZE613/XM T.1 644VGS/CGS 11/20 ex GMS Syerston
ZE626/XQ T.1 644VGS/CGS 10/20 ex GMS Syerston;
ZG848 R.1 BN Lee on Solent 11/20 ex 651Sqn
622VGS 11/20 ex 644VGS/CGS
ZH003 R.2 BN Lee on Solent 11/20 ex 651Sqn
ZE629/XT T.1 GMS Syerston 11/20 ex Syerston depth
Hawk ZE630/XU T.1 GMS Syerston 10/20 ex 644VGS/CGS;
XX161 T.1A AMRO Valley 11/20 ex 736NAS 644VGS/CGS 11/20 ex GMS Syerston; GMS
XX185 T.1 DSAE Cosford 11/20 ex AMSU Shawbury Syerston 11/20 ex 644VGS/CGS
XX189 T.1A 736NAS 11/20 ex AMRO Valley ZE658/YK T.1 SERCO recovery 11/20 ex Syerston store
XX224 T.1 DSAE Cosford 11/20 ex AMSU Shawbury ZE682/YS T.1 Syerston depth 11/20 ex GMS Syerston
XX235 T.1 DSAE Cosford 11/20 ex AMSU Shawbury
XX281 T.1A Leeming depth servicing 11/20 ex 736NAS
ZZ392 AH.1 825NAS 11/20 ex 1Regt/659Sqn
XX324 T.1A AMRO Valley 11/20 ex 736NAS
ZZ393 AH.1 WST Yeovilton 11/20 ex Yeovil
Hercules ZZ395 AH.1 WST Yeovilton 11/20 ex WZM Yeovilton
ZH866 C.4 24/47Sqn 11/20 ex MADG Cambridge ZZ405 AH.1 Yeovil mods 11/20 ex WST Yeovilton
ZH879 C.4 MADG Cambridge 11/20 ex 24/47Sqn ZZ406 AH.1 825NAS 11/20 ex WST Yeovilton
ZH871 C.4 24/47Sqn 11/20 ex MADG Cambridge ZZ510 AH.1 WST Yeovilton 11/20 ex WCM/652Sqn
ZH877 C.4 MADG Cambridge 11/20 ex 24/47Sqn ZZ375 HMA.2 WZM Yeovilton 11/20 ex 815NAS
ZZ376 HMA.2 825NAS 11/20 ex WZM Yeovilton
Jupiter ZZ380 HMA.2 815NAS 11/20 ex WST Yeovilton
ZM496 HT.1 Shawbury 11/20 CAA regn G-CLKI canx ZZ381 HMA.2 WZM Yeovilton 11/20 ex 815NAS
ZZ514 HMA.2 Yeovil mods 11/20 ex 825NAS
ZZ517 HMA.2 Yeovil mods 11/20 ex 825NAS
ZM148/014 F-35B 207/617Sqn 11/20 ex M&FF
ZZ535 HMA.2 815NAS 11/20 ex Yeovil mods
ZM151/017 F-35B M&FF 11/20 ex 617Sqn
ZM153 F-35B 207/617Sqn 11/20 d/d ex Fort Worth
ZM154 F-35B 207/617Sqn 11/20 d/d ex Fort Worth
ZM155 F-35B 207/617Sqn 11/20 d/d ex Fort Worth
ZH824 HM.2 820NAS 11/20 ex Culdrose MDMF
ZH827 HM.2 IMP Culdrose 11/20 ex 820NAS
ZH847/66 HM.2 Culdrose MDMF 11/20 ex 814NAS EDITORIAL
ZH862 HM.2 824NAS 10/20 ex 814NAS
ZJ128/M HC.4 MFSU Yeovilton 10/20 ex 846NAS Welcome to 2021 and I hope that despite all the COVID restrictions
ZJ131/P HC.4 MFSU Yeovilton 10/20 ex 845NAS that you had some sort of Christmas and New Year.
Like most I am pleased to see the back of 2020 – but as I write we
Puma seem to be under the threat of even tougher restrictions due to the
XW220/K HC.2 28/33/230Sqn 11/20 ex P2MF Benson exponential infection rate. Meanwhile we have had approval of the
ZJ957/Z HC.2 Temp store Benson 11/20 ex 28/33/230 Sqn Oxford vaccine – this means mass vaccinations will commence and
maybe a form of normal by the time Spring arrives!
Sea King Let us hope amongst that amongst other things aviation events
XZ586 HAR.3 Heli-Ops Somerton 10/20 ex HMS Sultan will return – in some form!
XZ590/F HAR.3 Heli-Ops Somerton 10/20 ex HMS Sultan
ZA105/Q HAR.3 Heli-Ops Somerton 10/20 ex HMS Sultan
ZA137/20 HU.5 Heli-Ops Somerton 10/20 ex HMS Sultan EUROPE
XV656/185 ASaC.7 Heli-Ops Somerton 10/20 ex HMS Sultan
XV664/90 ASaC.7 Heli-Ops Somerton 10/20 ex HMS Sultan AUSTRIA
XV671/183 ASaC.7 Heli-Ops Somerton 10/20 ex HMS Sultan
XV697/181 ASaC.7 Heli-Ops Somerton 10/20 ex HMS Sultan Serial notes – Austrian Air Force
ZA126/191 ASaC.7 Heli-Ops Somerton 10/20 ex HMS Sultan Saab J105OË
Serial msn Remarks
BJ-40 105440 Painted in special ‘Golden Tiger’ marks and
ZJ914/WS-T FGR4 9Sqn 11/20 f/n coded
noted 11/12/20 at the 50 years of Saab
ZJ937/937 FGR4 6Sqn 11/20 ex 29Sqn
J105OË & Fly out ceremony.
ZJ949/949 FGR4 11Sqn 10/20 ex Op Shader
ZK311/311 FGR4 3Sqn 11/20 ex QRA/11Sqn
ZK324/324 FGR4 2Sqn 11/20 ex 6Sqn BELARUS
ZK327/327 FGR4 2Sqn 10/20 ex Op Shader
ZK351/351 FGR4 TMU Coningsby 11/20 ex 3Sqn On 23 October 2020 the Belarussian Defence Minister announced
ZK352/352 FGR4 2Sqn 11/20 ex TMU Coningsby plans for the purchase of four Mi-25M attack helicopters and four
ZK364/364 FGR4 1Sqn 11/20 ex 11Sqn Su-30SMs in 2021.

BELGIUM CEAM Centre d’Expertise Aérienne Militaire
The Centre d’expertise aérienne militaire, is the main French
Serial notes – Belgian Air Component aeronautical research and test centre, located at Mont‑de‑Marsan Air
Airbus A400M Base.
Serial msn Remarks
Base Aerienne 105 Evreux-Fauville
CT‑02 106 Delivered to 15th Wing at Melsbroek on
22/12/20 ET 1/62
Lockheed Martin C-130H Hercules Additional Escadrille is – SPA bi2 Triquètre
Serial msn Remarks GAM 56
CH‑09 4479 20 Squadron – withdrawn from use 17/12/20 Additional type operated is the C160.
on completion of its final operational flight. Works for DGSE – Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure
With the withdrawal from use of this C‑130 just six aircraft remain
operational: these are CH‑01, CH‑05, CH‑07, CH‑11, CH‑12 and CH‑13. EEA 1/54 SPA-bi 20 Lion des Flandres
Correction as the Escadrilles are as follows:
Airbus A321-231 SAL 1 Escargot Ailé
Serial msn Remarks BR228 Coq de Combat
CS‑TRJ 1004 Final flight 24/12/20 with 15 Wing; will be F8X CUGE Capacité Universelle de Guerre Electronique
returned to Hi Fly of Portugal. King Air 350 VADOR Vecteur Aéroporté de Désignation
d’Observation & de Reconnaissance
Base Aerienne 110 Creil-Senlis
Serial notes – Finnish Air Force ET 3/60
BAE Hawk Mk.51 Correction to Escadrilles:
Serial msn Remarks F110 Grue Huppée en virage with the Airbus A340
HW‑340 41H‑312239 Special blue and white colours and marked BR227 Tête de Gaulois Roux actually operates the A310.
‘HW 40 vuotto’ to celebrate 40 years of Also for training:
service of the Hawk with the Finnish Air BR224 Canard poursuivant un Papillon
Force – noted 16/12/20.
Base Aerienne 113 Saint Dizier-Robinson

FRANCE EC 1/4 is part of CFAS

The following updates the French Air and Space Force order of battle ABN page 1479
– my thanks to Philippe Jung for the extra detail
Typographic error: CIET should be CIEH
ABN page 1747 Base Aerienne 118 Mont-de-Marsan
Armée de l’Air et de l’Espace Française ECE 1/30 name correction – ‘Sarabée Rouge’
24/7/20 was the announcement about the new force, becoming EC 4/30 Typographic error: it operates Rafale DQ/EQ
effective on 11/9/20 with Order No 1 & of course the logo!
CEAM – operates aircraft of ECE 1/30. Thààlere is also an A400M
CEMAA became CEMAAE – Chef d’état‑major de l’armée de l’air et de
Detachment from 61 ET
l’espace (Chief of the Air and Space Force Staff)
Base Aerienne 120 Cazaux
A spelling mistake with CDAOA – Commandement de la Défense
Aerienne et des Operations Aeriennes ETO 2/8
SPA 73 name correction – ‘Cigogne Japonaise en virage’
ABN page 1748
Missing after DRHAA were the following commands: Base Aerienne 123 Orléans-Bricy

SIAé Service Industriel de l’Aéronautique ET 1/61

The SIAé is a support service under the French Air Force, with an inter‑ V 101 name correction – ‘Tête de Hibou d’argent’
service vocation, which brings together the aeronautical maintenance
delete 62émè Escadre de Transport
resources of the Ministry of the Armed Forces.
Arcueil: central management ET 3/61
Escadrille correction F119 not VB119
Ambérieu‑en‑Bugey: ground radars, 3S, aeronautical servitude
equipment, metrology Base Aerienne 133 Nancy-Ochey
Bordeaux: engines, modules and engine equipment
ETD 4/3 is now ETM 4/3 Escadron de Transformation operating
Brittany (Lann Bihoué, Lanvéoc‑Poulmic and Landivisiau sites): Mirage 2000D
airframes, engines, equipment, 3S and metrology of aircraft
Marine Base Aerienne 186 Noumea-La Tontouta
Clermont‑Ferrand (with branches in Toul and Phalsbourg): ET 52 carries the name ‘Serpent Egyptien’
aircraft and helicopter airframes and equipment Correction to base status: Détachement Air 190 Tahiti-Faaa, French
Cuers‑Pierrefeu (and Hyères branch): cells and aircraft and Polynesia
helicopter equipment, systems and radomes aircraft
ET 82 carries the name ‘Maine’
CERPA-CESA Centre d’Etudes, Réserves, Partenariats de l’Armée de
l’Air-Centre d’Etudes Stratégiques Aérospatiales (Centre for Studies, ABN page 1750
Reserves, Partnerships of the Air Force‑Center for Strategic Aerospace
Studies) Base Aerienne 367 Cayenne-Rochambeau, French Guiana
CERPA is in charge of defining and implementing the operational and 2 Esc SPA152 is named ‘Crocodile’
citizen Reserves policy of the Air Force. It also promotes the tangible
and intangible heritage of the Air Force. Finally it utilises links with Correction to base status: Eléments Air 470 Libreville-Leon M’Ba,
academia and civil society to enrich Air Force thinking. Gabon

Base Aerienne 702 Avord French Naval Aviation
Schiebel Camcopter S-100
Spelling correction: 36e Escadron de Détection et de Contrôle
Two new UAS helicopter systems were delivered recently to the French
Aéroportée Berry
Navy. Each system comprises two Camcopter S‑100s and a total of
Base Aerienne 701 Salon de Provence eight S‑100s is in service with 36 Flotille based at Hyères‑Le Palyvestre,
although the systems are deployed aboard the Mistral class
Correction to unit name: Equipes de Présentation de l’AA EPAA amphibious helicopter carriers Mistral and Tonnerre.

Base Aerienne 702 Avord (under DHRAA) Sécurité Civile

Bombardier DHC-8-402Q(MR)
Correction to command unit – Ecole de Pilotage de l’AA 315 Serial code msn Remarks
78 4623 Noted as C‑GPOX/78 at Toronto‑
EIV 2/12
Downsview 28/11/20 in full colours
SPA 172 corrected name – ‘Perroquet rouge’
This aircraft will be converted by Conair at Abbotsford, British
Détachement Air 273 Colombia to a firefighting configured aircraft. It is expected delivery
will be delivered Q421.
Opération Chammal
Al Shaheed Muwaffaq al Salti Rafale, ATL2, E‑3F (no Mirage 2000)
N’Djamena last flight C160 31/7/20, back Evreux 12/8/20 GERMANY

On 2 November 2020 the French Ministry of Defence confirmed its order To fend off the Boeing offer of F/A‑18F Hornets and FA‑18G Growlers
for three E‑2D Advanced Hawkeye AEW aircraft for the French Navy. to the German Air Force, on 9/12/20 Airbus offered the Tranche 5
When delivered (from 2027) they will replace the three E‑2C Hawkeyes Eurofighter as a replacement for the Tornado IDS and Tornado ECR
currently in use with 4 Flotille based at Lorient‑Lann‑Bihoué. fleet. The German Air Force is looking to replace 90 Tornado
On 8 December 2020 the French president officially approved the Interdiction and Strike (IDS) and Electronic Combat Reconnaissance
construction of a new nuclear‑powered aircraft carrier for the French (ECR) aircraft with 85 new aircraft from 2030.
Navy. The carrier will replace the existing Charles de Gaulle around
The German Navy has outsourced the training of its Lockheed P‑3C
2038 timeframe, and will house an air‑wing comprising 32 combat
Orion crews. A contract has been signed with ESG Aerosystems, an
aircraft and up to three E‑2D Advanced Hawkeye, ten UCAS systems
and four helicopters. The carrier will be constructed in the USA with a American subsidiary of ESG Elektroniksystem und Logistik to provide
planned start date of 2025, with sea trials due just over ten years later crew training via a partnership with MHD‑Rockland, based at Keystone
in 2036. Heights‑Keystone Airpark, Florida which has five former Royal
Australian Air Force AP‑3C Orions on strength: N656T (ex RAAF
Serial notes – French Air Force A9‑656), N661NK (ex RAAF A9‑661), N662JD (ex RAAF A9‑662), N664SD
We now continue on from where left last month with our type (ex RAAF A9‑664), and N665BD (ex RAAF A9‑665).
Airbus A340-211 GREECE
Code FixedReg msn Remarks
F‑RAJA 75 final operational flight 19/12/20 Serial notes – Hellenic Air Force
F‑RAJB 81 final operational flight 23/12/20 Beechcraft 350C Super King Air
Both aircraft operated by Escadron de Transport 3/60 were to be sold Serial msn Remarks
online on 22/12/20. 40. FM‑87 ex N87FM; noted 10/20
403 FM‑89 ex N889FM; noted 10/20
Both aircraft were noted with the Fargo Jet Center, Fargo, North
Code FixedReg Model msn Remarks
Dakota and are destined for the Hellenic Air Force as air ambulance/
F‑RACG Be350ER/ALSR FL‑1018 EEA 1/54 – handed
over 5/8/20; last medevac aircraft.
noted 10/20 Leonardo AW109S Trekker
F‑RACH Be350ER/ALSR FL‑1030 EEA 1/54 – handed Serial msn Remarks
over 2/12/20 (22701) 22701 noted as I‑RAIX 9/20 at Venegono, Italy
Be350ER/ALSR FL‑479 currently registered as (22704) 22704 noted as I‑EASR 10/20 at Venegono, Italy
F‑GYEE, and due to be As with the Beechcraft 350Cs these are destined for use in the air
delivered 2023 ambulance/medivac role.
Pilatus PC-21
These new aircraft have been donated by the Stavros Niarchos
The Pilatus PC‑21s carry a ‘709xx’ (without the dash) code on the rear
Foundation and will be operated for the National Centre for
fuselage and a two digit code on the tail fin.
Emergency Care (EKAB) by 356 MTM (Beech 350C) and 384 MED
Code FixedReg Model msn Remarks
(AW109S) located at Elefsis air base.
709FC 01 F‑RBFC PC‑21 293 EPAA 315 – last noted 7/20
In addition two of the three A109Es which have been stored will be
709FD 02 F‑RBFD PC‑21 204 EPAA 315 – last noted 7/20
709FE 03 F‑RBFE PC‑21 295 EPAA 315 – last noted 6/20 returned to service:
709FF 04 F‑RBFF PC‑21 296 EPAA 315 – last noted 7/20 Leonardo A109E
709FG 05 F‑RBFG PC‑21 297 EPAA 315 – last noted 10/20 Serial msn Remarks
709FH 06 F‑RBFH PC‑21 298 EPAA 315 – last noted 7/20 11059 11059 ex SX‑HDQ; 358 MED – stored
709FI 07 F‑RBFI PC‑21 299 EPAA 315 – last noted 7/20 11063 11063 ex SX‑HDS; 358 MED – stored
709FJ 08 F‑RBFJ PC‑21 300 EPAA 315 – last noted 8/19 11070 11070 ex SX‑HDU; 358 MED – stored
709FK 09 F‑RBFK PC‑21 301 EPAA 315 – last noted 7/20
709FL 10 F‑RBFL PC‑21 302 EPAA 315 – last noted 7/20
709FM 11 F‑RBFM PC‑21 303 EPAA 315 – last noted 5/19 ITALY
709FN 12 F‑RBFN PC‑21 304 EPAA 315 – last noted 5/19
709FO 13 F‑RBFO PC‑21 305 EPAA 315 – last noted 7/20 On 16/12/20 the first stone for the new International Flight Training
709FP 14 F‑RBFP PC‑21 306 EPAA 315 – last noted 10/19 School was laid at Decimomannu air base, Sardinia, Italy. The school is
709FQ 15 F‑RBFQ PC‑21 307 EPAA 315 – last noted 7/20 a joint venture between the Italian Air Force and Leonardo and is
709FR 16 F‑RBFR PC‑21 308 EPAA 315 – last noted 7/20 expected to be ready for operation sometime in 2022. It will be
709FS 17 F‑RBFS PC‑21 309 EPAA 315 – last noted 7/20 equipped with 22 Leonardo T‑346A Master training aircraft.

Serial notes – Italian Air Force D‑605 M7605 On order
Leonardo T-345A D‑606 M7606 On order
Serial Code Remarks
Therefore, I believe the six CH‑47Fs below are due to be upgraded:
M.M.55234 61‑202 61° Stormo – delivered 23/12/20
D‑890 M8890 ex N1004W; Last noted 18/2/19; withdrawn
M.M.55235 61‑203 61° Stormo – delivered 23/12/20
from use and returned to Boeing for
Both aircraft arrived at Galatina, Lecce on delivery – the type is to
replace Aeromacchi MB339A/CD fleet so we should see this type in
D‑891 M8891 ex N1074E; 302 Squadron – last noted 2/19
‘Frecce Tricolori’ colours at some time in the future. With the new
D‑892 M8892 ex N1098X; Last noted 7/2/19; withdrawn
International Flight School being created at Decimommanu, Sardinia
from use and returned to Boeing for
we will see 61° Stormo move there and integrate into thre school.
Leonardo HH-139B D‑893 M8893 ex N1122R; 302 Squadron – last noted
Serial code msn Remarks 3/6/20 at Reading RAP, Pennsylvania on
M.M.81985 15‑55 31906 ex C.S.X81985; delivered ferry flight (to Boeing?)
30/11/20 to Cervia air base for D‑894 M8894 ex N1149Z; 302 Squadron – last noted 2/19
15° Stormo D‑895 M8895 ex N1154T; 302 Squadron – last noted 2/19

Italian Police
Leonardo UH-139C
Serial code msn Remarks
Serial notes – Royal Norwegian Air Force
M.M.81978 PS‑116 31914 Accepted at Frosinone 22/12/20
C-130H Hercules
M.M.81979 PS‑118 31915 Accepted at Frosinone 22/12/20
Serial msn Remarks
These two UH‑139C were ordered during March 2020 at a cost of
957 4339 As we know this aircraft is now N130CG with
€35,935,200. The Police have an outstanding option on four more.
Coulson Aviation; it was noted in overall grey
colours still with its former serial on the tail
The aircraft was on its delivery flight to Alberni Valley RAP, British
On 16 December 2020 The Dutch Ministry of Defence announced that Colombia, but had to be diverted to Victoria IAP due to poor weather.
the Royal Netherlands Air Force’s fleet of 13 Pilatus PC‑7Ms would be Please note: the first N130CG was msn 4904 and was later re‑
retired in seven years’ time. No replacement type has been selected registered to N134CG, it was written off 2/12/20.
yet, nor is it certain that there would be a one for one replacement.

Serial notes – Royal Netherlands Air Force POLAND

F-35A Lightning II
Serial msn Remarks Serial notes – Polish Air Force
F‑015 AN‑15 FMS 18‑5409; delivered to 322 Squadron, PZL-Mielec TS-11 Iskra
Leeuwarden, Netherlands 24/12/20 from On 9 December 2020 the Polish Air Force officially withdrew the TS‑11
Cameri, Italy. Iskra from operational training use. A ceremony was held at 41.BLSz
Deblin to mark this end of use with 4.SLSz. The TS‑11 has been
Boeing CH-47F Chinook replaced by the Leonardo M346. Apparently, a small number of the
On 7 December 2020 Boeing announced that it had delivered all 14 type will still remain in use with Team Iskry.
new CH‑47F Chinook helicopters. The CH‑47Fs (CAAS II) are being In total the Polish air force operated in excess of 300 TS‑11s – the
delivered to the Royal Netherlands Air Force at Huntsville. So far four following is alisting of the last active TS‑11s. As far as reported the
have been handed over to 302 Squadron based at Fort Hood, Texas, TS‑11s have not actually been used for training since 2019.
with the remainder staying at Huntsville with SES International. Serial code Type msn Remarks
Serial msn Remarks 1611 TS‑11‑bis DF 3H‑1611 41.BLSz – last reported 8/15
D‑472 M7472 FMS 16‑07472; acceptance 31/3/20; 1629 TS‑11‑bis DF 3H‑1629 41.BLSz – last reported 8/18
delivered 6/5/20
D‑473 M7473 FMS 16‑07473; acceptance 2/4/20; delivered 1702 TS‑11‑bis DF 3H‑1702 41.BLSz – last reported 8/15
6/5/20 1708 4 TS‑11‑bis DF 3H‑1708 41.BLSz/Team Iskry – last
D‑474 M7474 FMS 16‑07474; acceptance 28/4/20; reported 8/18
delivered 30/5/20; 302 Squadron – 21/7/20 1901 TS‑11‑bis DF 3H‑1901 41.BLSz – last reported 3/15
D‑475 M7475 FMS 16‑07475; accpetance 20/5/20; 1910 TS‑11R 3H‑1910 41.BLSz – last reported 8/18
delivered 2/6/20; 302 Squadron – 21/7/20 1913 TS‑11R 3H‑1913 41.BLSz – last reported 8/17
D‑476 M7476 FMS 16‑07476; acceptance 28/5/20; 1917 TS‑11R 3H‑1917 41.BLSz – last reported 8/18
delivered 24/6/20; 302 Squadron – 19/8/20 1918 TS‑11R 3H‑1918 41.BLSz – last reported 8/18
D‑477 M7477 FMS 16‑07477; acceptance 23/6/20; 1919 TS‑11R 3H‑1919 41.BLSz – last reported 8/17
delivered 24/7/20; 302 Squadron – 19/8/20 2001 TS‑11‑bis DF 3H‑2001 41.BLSz – made last
D‑478 M7478 FMS 16‑07478; acceptance 25/6/20; operational flight on
delivered 24/7/20 9/12/20; transferred to
D‑479 M7479 FMS 16‑07479; acceptance 15/7/20; Deblin Aviation Museum
delivered 15/7/20 2003 TS‑11‑bis DF 3H‑2003 41.BLSz – last reported 8/17
D‑480 M7480 FMS 16‑07480; acceptance 28/7/20 2004 8 TS‑11‑bis DF 3H‑2004 41.BLSz/Team Iskry – last
D‑481 M7481 FMS 16‑07481
reported 8/19
D‑482 M7482 FMS 16‑07482
2005 TS‑11‑bis DF 3H‑2005 41.BLSz – last reported 7/19
D‑483 M7483 FMS 16‑07483
2006 6 TS‑11‑bis DF 3H‑2006 41.BLSz/Team Iskry – last
D‑484 M7484 FMS 17‑07484
reported 8/18
D‑485 M7485 FMS 17‑07485
2007 7 TS‑11‑bis DF 3H‑2007 41.BLSz/Team Iskry – last
The six serials below are likely to be the six older CH‑47Fs that will be reported 8/19
upgraded to the CAAS II (Common Avionics Architecture System) 2008 2 TS‑11‑bis DF 3H‑2008 41.BLSz/Team Iskry – last
standard reported 7/19
D‑601 M7601 On order 2009 3 TS‑11‑bis DF 3H‑2009 41.BLSz/Team Iskry – last
D‑602 M7602 On order reported 8/19
D‑603 M7603 On order 2011 1 TS‑11‑bis DF 3H‑2011 41.BLSz/Team Iskry – last
D‑604 M7604 On order reported 8/19

2012 TS‑11‑bis DF 3H‑2012 41.BLSz – last reported 8/18 90 r RF‑95215 MiG‑31K
2013 10 TS‑11‑bis DF 3H‑2013 41.BLSz/Team Iskry – last 91 r RF‑95216 MiG‑31K
reported 8/19 92 r RF‑95217 MiG‑31K
93 r RF‑92464 MiG‑31K
94 r MiG‑31K
95 r MiG‑31K
96 r MiG‑31K
The Israeli Elbit Systems company has struck a deal to modernise ten
97 r RF‑92472 MiG‑31K
Romanian Air Force IAR‑99 advanced training aircraft. The work will be
98 r RF‑92457 MiG‑31K
undertaken at the Avioane Craiova facility in Romania and the
99 r MiG‑31K
modernised aircraft will be designated IAR‑99TD – the first flight will
is expected at some time during 2022. 10 bl reported MiG‑35S
11 bl reported MiG‑35UB 2964734757
12 bl reported MiG‑35UB 2964753838
14 bl reported MiG‑35S
15 bl reported MiG‑35S 2964151846

First, four additions to the unit section published in December ABN: 23 y RF‑92529 Mi‑24RKhR
25 y RF‑95692 Mi‑24RKhR
81 VTAP (Ivanovo/Severnyy, Ivanovo Region) – was established on
1/12/20 as part of the 12th Military Transport Air Division, 61st 55 r RF‑95928 Su‑24M 0915318
Separate Air Army, to receive two squadrons of Il‑76MD‑M (24 aircraft) 63 r RF‑95926 Su‑24M 0715333
and one squadron of An‑2. 19 r reported Su‑25SM 25508110219
25 r reported Su‑25UB
SAE … VTA – is to be formed in 2021 at Plesetsk Kosmodrome,
33 r reported Su‑25SM
Arkhangelsk region, as part of the 45th Air and Air Defence Forces
50 r RF‑95489 Su‑25SM3‑6 25508110332
Army, Northern Fleet Joint Strategic Command, with An‑26, Mi‑8
54 r RF‑90979 Su‑25UB(K) 38220141014
(exact unit title not yet known)
95 r reported Su‑25SM 25508110095
A Caspian Flotilla – is to be established (probably subordinate to the
03 r RF‑95279 Su‑27SM 36911026517
Black Sea Fleet HQ), the unit will be based at Kaspiysk/Makhachkala
07 r reported Su‑27P 36911035205
and will receive 3× Be‑200 and 3× modified Mi‑14PS
08 r RF‑93615 Su‑27SM 36911027103
173 OMShAP – is to reform subordinate to the Pacific Fleet HQ, 45 r RF‑95940 Su‑27UBP 96310415097
Eastern Military District. 56 r reported Su‑27SM(3) 36911038002
74 r reported Su‑27SM(3) 36911038001
We now continue and present aircraft and helicopter data. In this case 80 r RF‑95942 Su‑27UBP 96310430105
the data is by base and unit rather than in type order. Again, our thanks
01 bk RF‑95696 Su‑30SM 10MK51001
to Peter Longley for the time he has taken in preparing this information:
02 bk RF‑95697 Su‑30SM 10MK51002
b/n = bort nomer = board number (Individual aircraft code) 03 r RF‑95817 Su‑30SM 10MK51207
04 r reported Su‑30SM 10MK51208
colours are abbreviated as follows: 27 r RF‑95865 Su‑30SM 10MK51307 loaned from 31 IAP
bk = black r = red y = yellow 28 r RF‑95866 Su‑30SM 10MK51308 loaned from 31 IAP
bl = blue w = white 01 r reported Su‑34 4160664603106
(Note: as a general rule unit do not use b/n ‘13’, neither do they use 03 r RF‑93619 Su‑34 4160664802501
other b/ns considered unlucky, e.g. aircraft which have previously 34 r RF‑93801 Su‑34 4160662304102
crashed – this explains some of the b/n gaps) 35 r reported Su‑34 416066..05.20
01 bk reported Su‑35S 49083501101
AKHTUBINSK 02 r RF‑92453 Su‑35S 49083501102
267 LITs/929 GLITs (VKS) 03 r RF‑92452 Su‑35S 49083501103
B/n Reg. Type msn Remarks 04 r reported Su‑35S 49083501204
25 y reported Ka‑50 8798000025 wfu and stored 05 r RF‑95150 Su‑35S 49083501515
Akhtubinsk by 5/09 06 r RF‑95151 Su‑35S 49083501516
104 y reported Ka‑52K MA VMF 12 r reported Su‑35S 49083502002 loaned from 23 IAP

40 r reported L‑39C 734120 052 bl reported Su‑57 T‑50‑2

68 r RF‑95946 L‑39C 053 bl reported Su‑57 T‑50‑3
82 r RF‑95947 L‑39C 734234 054 bl reported Su‑57 T‑50‑4
058 bl reported Su‑57 T‑50‑8
05 r RF‑95933 MiG‑29S 2960731640 509 bl reported Su‑57 T‑50‑9
21 r RF‑93614 MiG‑29UBT 50903029659 ex Algerian AF FB‑04 510 bl reported Su‑57 T‑50‑10
22 r reported MiG‑29SMT 2960734130 511 bl RF‑81775? Su‑57 T‑50‑11 RF‑81775 assigned
23 r RF‑92811 MiG‑29SMT 2960734135 for use in Syria,
24 r RF‑95437 MiG‑31BM not confirmed as
25 r RF‑92476 MiG‑31DZ b/n 511
74 r ‘RF‑9535’ MiG‑31DZ wfu/left unit ? 33 r RF‑95948 Tu‑22M3 3791947
81 r MiG‑31BM
82 r MiG‑31BM 57 r reported Yak‑130 130.11.01‑1202
83 r MiG‑31BM 58 r reported Yak‑130 130.11.01‑1203
84 r MiG‑31BM 92 r reported Yak‑130 62‑01‑03/94206201678
85 r MiG‑31BM 75 OSAE (VKS)
86 r MiG‑31BM 33 r RF‑95957 An‑12BK 01347804 GLITs badge, regn
87 r MiG‑31BM not carried
88 r MiG‑31BM 37 r reported An‑12BK 8345810
89 r RF‑95200 MiG‑31K 38400189106 39 r reported An‑12BK‑PP(S) 02348309

68 r reported An-12BK 9346303 44 bl RF-17566 Mi-8MT 93821
56 w RF-92596 Mi-8TP 94331
12 bl reported An-26KPA 2804 ex b/n 12 r
28 r reported An-26 7008 01 r RF-44449 Yak-130 130.11.01-1320 MC-21-300 chase
29 r RF-93994 An-26 plane at Irkutsk-2?
01 r RF-95953 An-72 36572030470 02 r RF-44450 Yak-130 130.11.01-1401 MC-21-300 chase
03 r reported An-72 36572060610 RF-73021 allocated plane at Irkutsk-2?
but not carried by 03 r RF-44451 Yak-130 130.11.01-1402 MC-21-300 chase
2/17 plane at Irkutsk-2?
09 r reported An-72 36572093875 04 r RF-44452 Yak-130 130.11.01-1403
25 r RF-72917 An-72S 36572040581 05 r RF-44704 Yak-130 130.11.01-1404
26 r RF-90315 An-72 36572090795 06 r reported Yak-130 130.11.01-1405
– RA-72916 An-72 36572040525 07 r reported Yak-130 130.11.01-1406
08 r reported Yak-130 130.11.01-1407
– RA-82033 An-124-100 9773052832054 stored Ulyanovsk
40 r reported Yak-130 130.11.01-1308
01 r RF-19027 Mi-8MT 93514 41 r RF-81691 Yak-130 130.11.01-1309
02 r RF-93177 Mi-8MTV-2 95135
42 r RF-81692 Yak-130 130.11.01-1310
03 r RF-93626 Mi-8MTV-2 95766
43 r RF-81693 Yak-130 130.11.01-1311
05 r RF-91142 Mi-8MTV-5-1 96728 detached to
44 r reported Yak-130 130.11.01-1312
45 r reported Yak-130 130.11.01-1313
07 r RF-93523 Mi-8MTV-3 96238
46 r RF-81696 Yak-130 130.11.01-1314
10 r RF-93180 Mi-8MTV-3 96236
47 r reported Yak-130 130.11.01-1315
ANADYR/UGOLNYE KOPI 48 r RF-44445 Yak-130 130.11.01-1316
49 r reported Yak-130 130.11.01-1317
APSO 18 Brigada AA (VKS) 50 r RF-44447 Yak-130 130.11.01-1318
3× Mi-8 and 1× Mi-26 in satellite view 7/20. 51 r RF-44504 Yak-130 130.11.01-1116
An unidentified Mi-8AMTSh-VA crashed and destroyed by fire at 52 r reported Yak-130 130.11.01-1117
Anadyr 26/5/20. 53 r RF-44581 Yak-130 130.11.01-1118
54 r RF-44582 Yak-130 130.11.01-1119
75 y RF-04413 Mi-8AMTSh-VA AMTSVA643157542U Arctic c/s 55 r RF-44583 Yak-130 130.11.01-1120
76 y RF-04414 Mi-8AMTSh-VA AMTSVA643157543U Arctic c/s birdstrike & emergency landing in field Armavir 21/6/17
77 bl RF-95558 Mi-8AMTSh-VA Arctic c/s 56 r RF-44586 Yak-130 130.11.01-1201
78 y RF-04508 Mi-8AMTSh-VA Arctic c/s 57 r RF-81678 Yak-130 130.11.01-1216
97 bl RF-04474 Mi-8AMTSh-VA Arctic c/s
replaced original 56 r c/n 1202 to GLITs Akhtubinsk
58 r RF-81679 Yak-130 130.11.01-1217
replaced original 57 r c/n 1203 to GLITs Akhtubinsk
SAE 33 OTSAP (VKS) 59 r RF-44589 Yak-130 130.11.01-1204
1× An-26 and 1× Mi-8 in satellite view 7/20. 60 r RF-44590 Yak-130 130.11.01-1205
61 r RF-44591 Yak-130 130.11.01-1206
03 r RF-36005 An-26 9407
62 r RF-81662 Yak-130 130.11.01-1207
23 r RF-47325 An-26 8306
26 r RF-36004 An-26 4803 63 r RF-81663 Yak-130 130.11.01-1208
64 r RF-44584 Yak-130 130.11.01-1209
21 ? reported Mi-8MTV-5-1 65 r RF-81664 Yak-130 130.11.01-1210
22 ? reported Mi-8MTV-5-1 66 r RF-81665 Yak-130 130.11.01-1211
AAG 403 OSAP (MA VMF) 67 r RF-81666 Yak-130 130.11.01-1212
68 r RF-81667 Yak-130 130.11.01-1213
20 r reported Mi-8MTV-5-1 69 r reported Yak-130 130.11.01-1214
23 r RF-92066 Mi-8MTV-5-1 70 r reported Yak-130 130.11.01-1215
71 r reported Yak-130 130.11.01-1218
ARMAVIR 72 r RF-81681 Yak-130 130.11.01-1219
713 UAP/783 UTsBP i PLS (VKS) 73 r RF-81686 Yak-130 130.11.01-1220
1× L-39, 41× Yak-130 in satellite view 8/20. 74 r RF-81682 Yak-130 130.11.01-1301
75 r RF-81683 Yak-130 130.11.01-1302
24 r RF-36047 An-26KPA 4503 unit correct ?
76 r RF-81684 Yak-130 130.11.01-1303
58 r RF-36154 An-26 9308
77 r RF-81687 Yak-130 130.11.01-1304
27 bl reported L-39C 533435 78 r reported Yak-130 130.11.01-1305
29 bl reported L-39C 533431 79 r reported Yak-130 130.11.01-1306
41 bl reported L-39C 533430 80 r RF-81689 Yak-130 130.11.01-1307
51 bl RF-93227 L-39C 734213 100 r RF-44448 Yak-130 130.11.01-1319
53 bl reported L-39C 035041
60 bl reported L-39C 533529 163 OAUE (or now part of 713 UAP ?) (VKS)
63 bl RF-93234 L-39C 14× MiG-29 in satellite view 8/20
64 bl RF-93237 L-39C 633717 04 bl RF-92800 MiG-29UB 50903013569? seen Armavir
70 bl RF-93283 L-39C – but based at
75 bl RF-93241 L-39C Kushchevskaya now?
78 bl reported L-39C 09 bl RF-92796 MiG-29 wfu ?
81 bl RF-93249 L-39C 12 bl reported MiG-29
82 bl RF-93243 L-39C 22 bl reported MiG-29UB 50903010203 stored Armavir post
90 bl reported L-39C 2012
95 bl RF-93236 L-39C 633706 23 bl reported MiG-29 2960729019 stored Armavir 4/12
143 bl reported L-39C
47 w RF-92788 MiG-29 2960729025 wfu Armavir post
?? RF-93239 L-39C
30 bl RF-95385 Mi-8MT 51 bl reported MiG-29 2960729031 not noted since 2002

116 UTsBPA/185 TsBP i BP (VKS)
Serial notes – Spanish Air Force
04 bl RF‑36059 An‑26 5404
Lockheed Martin C-130H Hercules
19 bl RF‑36058 An‑26PS 3610
As I write this the Spanish Air Force was due to cease C‑130 operations
25× MiG‑29 complete plus 8× MiG‑29 partially dismantled in satellite on 31 December 2020. The type has been operated by Ala de
view 9/20. Transporte 31 at Zaragoza since 1974. For the record, the following
have been operated:
01 bl RF‑92138 MiG‑29A 2960526306 Serial code Model msn Remarks
02 bl RF‑92178 MiG‑29A 2960526309 T.10‑01 311‑01 C‑130H 4520 Ala 31 – written off 28/5/80
03 bl RF‑92179 MiG‑29A 2960526340 T.10‑02 31‑02 C‑130H 4526 Ala 31 – withdrawn from
04 bl RF‑92180 MiG‑29A 2960526350 use 9/16
05 bl RF‑92132 MiG‑29 T.10‑03 31‑03 C‑130H 4531 Ala 31
06 bl RF‑92136 MiG‑29 2960728185 T.10‑04 31‑04 C‑130H 4534 Ala 31 – stored Sevilla San
07 bl RF‑92135 MiG‑29 Pablo 9/20
08 bl RF‑92141 MiG‑29 TK.10‑05 31‑50 KC‑130H 4642 To Uruguayan Air Force
09 bl RF‑92137 MiG‑29 17/12/20
12 bl RF‑92188 MiG‑29 TK.10‑06 31‑51 KC‑130H 4648 To Uruguayan Air Force
14 bl RF‑92190 MiG‑29UB wfu/left unit 17/12/20
15 bl RF‑92191 MiG‑29UB 50903014699 crashed on the TK.10‑07 31‑52 KC‑130H 4652 Ala 31
Ashuluk range, T.10‑08 31‑05 C‑130H 4835 Ala 31
Astrakhan 4/6/15 T.10‑09 31‑06 C‑130H 4836 Ala 31
16 bl RF‑92192 MiG‑29UB wfu/left unit T.10‑10 31‑07 C‑130H 4841 Ala 31
17 bl RF‑92193 MiG‑29UB wfu/left unit TK.10‑11 31‑53 KC‑130H 4871 Ala 31; destined for Peru
18 bl RF‑92164 MiG‑29 2960516503 wfu and preserved TK.10‑12 31‑54 KC‑130H 4874 Ala 31; destined for Peru
on the airfield TL.10‑01 31‑01 C‑130H‑30 5003 Ala 31
2018 Pilatus PC-21
19 bl RF‑92169 MiG‑29 2960518074 Serial msn Remarks
decommissioned or stored from 2016, transferred to Volskoe E.27‑01/10239 314 Noted with test registration HB‑HWA at
VIMO for ground instruction Stans‑Buochs, Switzerland 2/12/20.
20 bl RF‑90844 MiG‑29SMT 2960737220 NH Industries NH90-TTH
21 bl RF‑90845 MiG‑29SMT Serial code msn Remarks
22 bl RF‑90846 MiG‑29SMT HD.29‑17/10236 803‑17 1426 delivered to 803 Escuadron
23 bl RF‑90847 MiG‑29SMT 2960737230 3/12/20.
24 bl RF‑90857 MiG‑29SMT
25 bl RF‑90858 MiG‑29SMT 2960737235 SWEDEN
26 bl RF‑92307 MiG‑29SMT
27 bl RF‑92308 MiG‑29SMT On 15 December 2020 the Swedish parliament gave the go ahead to
28 bl RF‑92309 MiG‑29SMT re‑establish the F16 Fighter Wing at Uppsala, the unit having been
30 bl RF‑92310 MiG‑29SMT 2960737308 disbanded for 17 years. Work will now commence at Uppsala to
31 bl RF‑92311 MiG‑29SMT 2960737311 prepare for the unit which is expected to be operational during 2025
32 bl RF‑92312 MiG‑29SMT 2960773714 operating the JAS39 Gripen (exact type is not known).
34 bl RF‑92313 MiG‑29SMT 2960737315
35 bl RF‑92314 MiG‑29SMT 2960737318 Serial notes – Swedish Air Force
36 bl reported MiG‑29 2960518094 decommissioned Saab JAS39E Gripen
after 2015 Serial msn Remarks
50 bl RF‑90850 MiG‑29UBM 396004 39‑6004 delivered to Malmen‑Linköping for use with
51 bl RF‑90853 MiG‑29UBM the FMV (Försvarets MaterielVerk) for
52 bl RF‑92760 MiG‑29UB developmental work during November 2020.
53 bl RF‑92759 MiG‑29UB
54 bl RF‑92195 MiG‑29UB wfu/left unit AFRICA
55 bl RF‑90861 MiG‑29UB
56 bl RF‑92155 MiG‑29UB 50903019623 ALGERIA
57 bl RF‑92293 MiG‑29UB
59 bl RF‑92114 MiG‑29UB It has been reported by Russian Media that the Algerian government
60 bl RF‑92805 MiG‑29UB has recently signed a final contract for the purchase of 14 Sukhoi Su‑
91 bl RF‑92152 MiG‑29UB not reported since 57 fighters for the Algerian Air Force.
93 bl RF‑93780 MiG‑29UB not reported since Serial notes – Algerian Naval Aviation
5/16 AgustaWestland AW101 Mk.610
95 bl RF‑93727 MiG‑29UB not reported since Serial msn Remarks
2013 MS‑25 50232 560 ERS – written off 16/12/20 when it
105 w RF‑92165 MiG‑29 2960516532 not reported since crashed into the sea off Bouharoun, Algeria
8/12 killing three crew members.

8× Mi‑8 in satellite view 9/20.

41 bl RF‑19001 Mi‑8PS‑9 8681
42 bl RF‑93903 Mi‑8MTV‑2 95229 Serial notes – Botswana Defence Force
43 bl RF‑93520 Mi‑8MTV‑2 96047 Eurocopter AS.350BA Ecureuil
44 bl RF‑90803 Mi‑8MTV‑2 95230 On 2 December 2020 a yet‑to‑be‑identified AS.350BA was written off
45 bl RF‑91417 Mi‑8T 9754450 seen dismantled in when it crashed on take‑off near Mombo, Chief’s Island, Moremi Game
2014 Reserve, Botswana.


Serial notes – Ethiopian Air Force Serial notes – Qatar Emiri Air Force
Mikoyan MiG-23 NH Industries NH90-TTH
On 29 November 2020 a MiG‑23 was written off in the Abi Adi area, Serial msn Remarks
Ethiopia – it would appear that the aircraft was shot down by the Tigray (266) Noted as C.S.X.62012 on 17/12/20 at Istrana,
nationalist movement. The pilot ejected and appears to have been Italy whilst undergoing test flights.
Serial notes – United Arab Emirates Air Force and Defence Force
The Mali Ministry of Defence has recently placed an order for an Saab 340AEW&C
additional Airbus C295W transport aircraft. Delivery is planned for Serial msn Remarks
some time during 2021 and it will join the aircraft delivered late 1331 431 noted 19/12/20 at Larnaca, Cyprus
2016. 1332 409 noted 19/12/20 at Larnaca, Cyrpus
Both aircraft have been retired from use, having been replaced by new
Bombardier 6000 GlobalEye aircraft, and were on their way Linköping,

Serial notes – Nigerian Air Force ASIA PACIFIC

Aero Vodochody L-39ZA Albatross
Serial Remarks
NAF354 Returned to service 4/12/20 AUSTRALIA
NAF364 Returned to service 4/12/20
Both had completed a Life Extension Programme and were handed On 11 December 2020, after 33 years of service, 77 Squadron, based at
over to the NAF 403 Flying Training School at Kano air base, Nigeria. RAAF Williamtown bade farewell to the F/A‑18A/B Hornet. A nine‑
aircraft flight made a final display around the base – one of the
Mil Mi-171E aircraft, A21‑23 which carries special marks, will be preserved at the
Serial Remarks Fighter World Museum at Williamtown. The unit will now prepare for
NAF582 Delivered 2/12/20 to NAF Base Makurdi as air freight the F‑35A Lightning II.
aboard Il‑76TD RA‑76502. It will be operated by the
22nd Quick Response Wing based at Lafia. Serial notes – Royal Australian Air Force
McDonnell Douglas F/A-18A Hornet
Serial msn Remarks
ZAMBIA A21‑1 228/AF‑1 To RCAF as (188001) by 19/11/20
Serial notes – Zambia Air Force McDonnell Douglas F/A-18B Hornet
Cessna 208B Grand Caravan Serial msn Remarks
Serial msn Remarks A21‑104 235/ATF107 To RCAF as (188107) by 19/11/20
208B5549 Noted at Tenerife Sur‑Reina Sofia, Canary Boeing F/A-18F Super Hornet
Islands, Spain as N425HP on 9/12/20. The Serial msn Remarks
aircraft was night stopping whilst on its A44‑223 AF‑23 1 Squadron – suffered damage to nose
delivery flight. undercarriage as a result of a runway
excursion during take‑off from RAAF
ZIMBABWE Amberley on 8/12/20. Both crew ejected
Serial notes – Zimbabwe Air Force
SIAI-Marchetti SF260 INDIA
On 24 November 2020 a SF260 of 6 Squadron crashed at a farm near
Dabuka Railway Station, near Gweru. Both pilots were killed in the India has announced plans to develop a new AWACS aircraft using the
crash. Airbus A320. The plan is to produce six aircraft – subject to approval
from the Defence Acquisitions Council. The aircraft will come from the
Air India fleet.
Serial notes – Indian Naval Aviation
On 26 December 2020 a MiG‑29KUB operated by INAS303 crashed
Israeli media has confirmed that the Israeli Ministry of Defence plans while operating over the Arabian Sea. One pilot was recovered, whilst
to sell 29 F‑16A/F‑16B Netz to the Canadian defence training the second was missing.
contractor Top Aces Inc.
The Israeli Air Force’s third F‑35I Adir squadron – 117 Squadron Sikorsky MH-60R Seahawk
has been re‑established at Nevatim air base and is now named ‘The Serial Remarks
Mighty Squadron’. The unit had previously operated the F‑16C Barak IN751 Noted with Sikorsky early December 2020
until October 2020.
Serial notes – Israeli Air Force
Grob G120A-I Snunit Serial notes – Indonesian Air Force
Serial code msn Remarks KAI KT-1B Woong Bee
4X‑DGA 900 85008 Flight Training School – written off Serial Remarks
24/11/20 when it crashed into a LL‑0111 Skadron Pendidikan 102 – written off 7/12/20 whilst on a
field near Mishnar HaNegev, north routine training mission from its base of Yogyakarta‑
of Beersheba, Israel killing both Adisucipto, Indonesia. Both crew ejected whilst
pilots. attempting to land and were hospitalised.

JAPAN 11002 09‑9002 Second prototype – first flight made at
Ching Chuan Kang Air Force Base on
Contrary to what has been published, 301 Hikotai did not end 25/12/20
Phantom operations on 20 November 2020 as had previously been AIDC is to manufacture 66 AT‑5s by 2026 to replace the AIDC AT‑3
thought. The final operational day was actually on 10 December currently in use as an Advance Jet Trainer.
2020, with the final decommissioning flight by F‑4EJ 07‑8436 with
‘Phantom Forever’ marks due to have been made on 14 December

Serial notes – Japan Air Self Defence Force Serial notes – Royal Thai Air Force
F-35A Lightning II Airbus A320-214CJ
Serial msn Remarks Serial RTAF Serial msn Remarks
09‑8721 AX‑21 301 Hikotai – noted 15/12/20 60205/HS‑TYW L15K‑2/63 9313 Inaugurated into service at
With the demise of the F‑4EJ Phantom from 301 Hikotai service the Bangkok‑Don Muang
first F‑35As were noted with 301 Hikotai marks on 15/12/20 at Misawa 21/12/20.
Air Base, Japan – only one was identified (as noted above) from the
Diamond DA40NG
publicity photos.
Eight DA40NGs serialled 60462 to 60469 inclusive were inaugurated
into service with 604 Squadron at Bangkok‑Don Muang on 21
Japan Maritime Self Defence Force
December 2020.
Sikorsky MH-53E Sea Dragon
Serial msn Remarks
Royal Thai Naval Aviation
8629 65586 FMS 169603; arrived with 309th AMARG
17/9/20 for storage from Erikson Inc Dornier Do228-212
8630 65587 FMS 169604; arrived with 309th AMARG Serial msn Remarks
30/9/20 for storage from Erikson Inc 1112 8226 101 Squadron
1114 8228 101 Squadron
Both Do228s arrived at Oberpfaffenhofen airport, Germany for
PAKISTAN overhaul and upgrade to Do228‑NG standard on 24/12/20 aboard
Antonov Airlines An‑124‑100 UR‑82029.
Serial notes – Pakistan Army Aviation
Cessna 208B Grand Caravan EX
Serial msn Remarks TURKMENISTAN
(707) 208B5583 noted as N707EX at Lavacolla Airport, Spain
(708) 208B5585 noted as N708EX at Lavacolla Airport, Spain Serial notes – Turkmenistan Air Force
Both Cessna 208Bs were noted making a technical stop on 7/12/20 Embraer EMB314E Super Tucano
whilst on their delivery flight to Pakistan. Serial msn Remarks
Airbus AS350B3 Ecureuil 31400270 noted as PT‑ZHI 8/12/20
On 26 December 2020 an AS350B3 Ecureuil of the 5th Army Aviation 31400271 noted as PT‑ZHJ 8/12/20
Squadron crashed in the Minimarg area of the Astore district. The Both aircraft were noted in Brazil and were due to depart from Recife,
helicopter was transporting a dead soldier from Gilgit‑Baltistan to northeast Brazil.
Skardu when it crashed and sadly both pilots and two soldiers were
killed in the crash. NORTH AMERICA
On 15 December 2020 the Republic of Korea announced that the Serial notes – Royal Canadian Air Force
Sikorsky SH‑60R Seahawk had been selected for the Republic of De Havilland Canada CC-115 (DHC-5A) Buffalo
Korea’s Naval Aviation Arm ahead of the Leonardo AW159 Wildcat. A Serial msn Remarks
contract to acquire 12 MH‑60Rs was due to have been signed by the 115457 457 ex 442 Squadron; preserved at Comox Air
end of 2020.
Force Museum, British Colombia, Canada –
placed on display 5/11/20
McDonnell Douglas CF-188 Hornet
Following on from last month’s information concerning the Serial msn Remarks
deployment of F‑15SGs and associated support to RAAF Darwin, all (188001) 228/AF‑1 ex RAAF A21‑1; delivered 19/11/20 as air
aircraft have now returned home to Singapore. freight aboard An‑124 UR‑82029.
McDonnell Douglas CF-188B Hornet
SRI LANKA Serial msn Remarks
(188107) 235/ATF107 ex RAAF A21‑104; delivered 19/11/20 as air
Serial notes – Sri Lankan Air Force freight aboard An‑124 UR‑82029.
Nanchang PT-6 (CJ-6)
Airbus CC-295 (C295W-SAR)
Serial Remarks
Serial msn Remarks
SBT‑197 Written off on 15/12/20 when it crashed near Kantale, Sri
295506 197 First flight with Airbus 16/11/20
Lanka whilst on a solo flight. The pilot was killed in the
United States Air Force
Serial notes – Republic of Taiwan Air Force On 23 December 2020 the 24th Tactical Air Support Squadron
AIDC AT-5 Yung Ying (Brave Eagle) operating F‑16CMs and based at Nellis AFB, Nevada was deactivated.
Serial code Remarks With deactivation of this unit will see its F‑16CMs transferred to the
11001 08‑9001 First prototype – first flight made 10/6/20 soon to be reactivated 65th Aggressor Squadron.

United States Navy Boeing C-137B
On 12 November 2020 a second batch of 36 Leonardo TH‑73A training Looks as if they are having a clear‑out of the old civilian Boeing 707
helicopters were ordered from AugustaWestland Philadelphia, airframes, as noted below:
bringing the total on order to 68 with a total requirement for 125. Serial msn l/n Remarks
As a consequence of the fire that raged aboard the USS N402PA 18833 405 Arrived with 309th AMARG for storage
Bonnehomme Richard (LHD‑6) during July 2020 the decision was taken 8/5/86; scrapped – to Lamb‑
on 30 December 2020 to decommission and scrap the ship. Various Depollution, Tucson, Arizona 13/8/20
options were explored but the scrapping was the most cost effective N495PA 19697 694 Arrived with 309th AMARG for storage
as it would have cost more to repair than building a new ship. 29/2/84; scrapped – to Lamb‑
The US Navy released its 30‑year shipbuilding plan on 10 Depollution, Tucson, Arizona 4/8/20
December 2020, and amongst the 48 planned retirements one noted N773TW 18405 305 Arrived with 309th AMARG for storage
was the USS Nimitz (CVN‑68) which is to be withdrawn from use during 14/10/93; scrapped – to Lamb‑
2025. Depollution, Tucson, Arizona 8/7/20
It appears that HSM‑79 ‘Griffins’ equipped with MH‑60R Seahawk N881PA 20020 768 Arrived with 309th AMARG for storage
will move from NAS North Island, California to NAS Rota, Spain by 9/4/93; scrapped – to Lamb‑
2022. Apparently two MH‑60Rs arrived aboard C‑17A 06‑6163 on Depollution, Tucson, Arizona 26/8/20
5/12/20. N18708 18984 487 Arrived with 309th AMARG for storage
14/12/83; scrapped – to Lamb‑
United States Marine Corps Depollution, Tucson, Arizona 28/7/20
VMFA‑314 Black Knights, the United States Marine Corps’ first F‑35C N28714 18408 326 Arrived with 309th AMARG for storage
Lightning II unit, achieved initial operational capability on type on 1 16/12/83; scrapped – to Lamb‑
December 2020. Depollution, Tucson, Arizona 16/7/20
N404PA 18835 408 ex Massachusetts Institute of
Boeing Aircraft Company Technology; arrived for storage with
Although not strictly military it is of note that Boeing retired its two 309th AMARG 26/10/20
trusty T‑33 chase planes from use on 5 December 2020 – the aircraft in
McDonnell Douglas KC-10A Extender
question are N109X (msn T33‑298) and N416X (msn T33‑369). They
Serial msn l/n Remarks
are to be replaced by A‑4 Skyhawks.
83‑0077 48218 388 ex 60th Air Mobility Wing; arrived for
storage with 309th AMARG 21/9/20
Serial notes – United States Air Force
87‑0120 48306 430 ex 305th Mobility Wing; arrived for
Boeing B-52G Stratofortress
storage with 309th AMARG 8/9/20
Serial Code msn Remarks
58‑0163 CA 464231 ex 93rd Bomb Wing; arrived for McDonnell Douglas F-15A Eagle
storage with 309th AMARG 14/4/94; Serial msn Remarks
scrapped – to Lamb‑Depollution, 76‑0021 200/A173 ex 101st Fighter Squadron/102nd Fighter
Tucson, Arizona 3/9/20. Wing; arrived for storage with 309th AMARG
58‑0230 LZ 464298 ex 42nd Bomb Wing; arrived for 25/10/93; scrapped – to Lamb‑Depollution,
storage with 309th AMARG 6/5/93; Tucson, Arizona 25/10/93.
scrapped – to Lamb‑Depollution,
F-16A Fighting Falcon
Tucson, Arizona 22/9/20
Serial code msn Remarks
58‑0245 LA 464313 ex 2nd Bomb Wing; arrived for
82‑0902 AZ 61‑495 ex 195th Fighter Squadron/162nd
storage with 309th AMARG 20/10/92;
Fighter Wing; arrived for storage with
scrapped – to Lamb‑Depollution,
309th AMARG 25/10/93; off inventory
Tucson, Arizona 11/9/20
58‑0258 464326 ex 93rd Bomb Wing; arrived for
storage with 309th AMARG 9/11/93; F-16C Fighting Falcon
scrapped – to Lamb‑Depollution, On 8 December 2020 an F‑16 of 176th Fighter Squadron/115th Fighter
Tucson, Arizona 28/9/20 Wing/WI ANG crashed in the Hiawatha National Forest, Upper
Peninsula, Michigan. The pilot was fatally injured in the crash.
Lockheed C-130E Hercules
Serial code msn Remarks
Serial msn Remarks
84‑1234 5C‑71 ex 412th Test Wing; arrived for storage
63‑7858 3928 ex 43rd Airlift Wing; arrived for storage with
with 309th AMARG 19/8/20.
309th AMARG 22/3/07; off inventory 11‑
84‑1237 AZ 5C‑74 ex 195th Fighter Squadron/162nd
Fighter Wing; arrived for storage with
63‑7887 3958 ex 37th Airlift Squadron/86th Airlift Wing;
309th AMARG 24/9/10; off inventory
arrived for storage with 309th AMARG
22/3/07; off inventory 11‑12/20
84‑1241 LF 5C‑78 ex 62nd Fighter Squadron/56th Fighter
63‑7892 3963 ex 327th Airlift Squadron/913th Airlift Wing;
Wing; arrived for storage with 309th
arrived for storage with 309th AMARG
AMARG 5/2/09; off inventory 6‑7/20
21/6/07; off inventory 11‑12/20.
84‑1276 AC 5C‑113 ex 119th Fighter Squadron/177th
64‑0529 4017 ex 43rd Airlift Wing; arrived for storage with
Fighter Wing; arrived for storage with
309th AMARG 20/12/07; off inventory 11‑
309th AMARG 21/9/07; off inventory
Lockheed C-130H Hercules 84‑1299 AZ 5C‑136 ex 195th Fighter Squadron/162nd
Serial msn Remarks Fighter Wing; arrived for storage with
81‑0630 4945 ex 164th Airlift Squadron/179th Airlift Wing; 309th AMARG 5/12/07; off inventory
arrived for storage with 309th AMARG 7‑8/20.
26/6/17; off inventory 10‑11/20
General Atomics MQ-1B Predator
Boeing WC-135C Serial msn Remarks
Serial msn Remarks 02‑3100 P100 Arrived for storage with 309th AMARG
62‑3582 18565 45th Reconnaissance Squadron/55th Wing; 9/7/19; off inventory 8‑9/20
withdrawn from use and arrived at 309th 06‑3166 P166 Arrived for storage with 309th AMARG
AMARG 15/12/20 for storage. 9/7/19; off inventory 8‑9/20

United States Naval Aviation 158112 AF-15 14149 ex VFC-12; arrived for storage with
McDonnell Douglas TA-4J Skyhawk 309th AMARG 11/8/93; off inventory
Serial code msn Remarks 9-10/20.
155085 ND-02 13901 ex VFC-13; arrived for storage with 158117 B-161 14154 ex CTW-2; arrived for storage with
309th AMARG 18/8/93; scrapped – to 309th AMARG 1/9/94; scrapped – to
HVF West, Tucson, Arizona 10/9/20 HVF West, Tucson, Arizona 11/9/20.
155087 A-748 13903 ex CTW-1; arrived for storage with 158119 A-767 14156 ex VT-7; arrived for storage with
309th AMARG 26/4/93; off inventory 309th AMARG 15/9/99; off inventory
9-10/20. 9-10/20.
155092 ND-00 13908 ex VFC-13; arrived for storage with 158131 A-721 14168 ex CTW-1; arrived for storage with
309th AMARG 23/7/93; scrapped – to 309th AMARG 15/7/97; scrapped – to
HVF West, Tucson, Arizona 8/9/20. HVF West, Tucson, Arizona 9/9/20.
155094 13910 ex VFC-12; arrived for storage with 158134 A-719 14171 ex CTW-1; arrived for storage with
309th AMARG 18/8/93; scrapped – to 309th AMARG 4/10/96; scrapped – to
HVF West, Tucson, Arizona 10/9/20. HVF West, Tucson, Arizona 16/9/20.
158142 A-764 14179 ex VT-7; arrived for storage with
155096 ND-01 13912 ex VFC-13; arrived for storage with
309th AMARG 1/9/99; scrapped – to
309th AMARG 25/8/93; off inventory
HVF West, Tucson, Arizona 11/9/20.
158144 A-724 14181 ex CTW-1; arrived for storage with
155097 C-433 13913 ex CTW-3; arrived for storage with
309th AMARG 29/7/96; scrapped – to
309th AMARG 17/9/91; off inventory
HVF West, Tucson, Arizona 10/9/20.
158147 C-476 14184 ex CTW-3; arrived for storage with
155099 B-109 13915 ex CTW-2; arrived for storage with 309th AMARG 26/11/91; scrapped –
309th AMARG 31/1/92; off inventory to HVF West, Tucson, Arizona 9/9/20.
9-10/20. 158453 B-105 14258 ex CTW-2; arrived for storage with
155105 A-738 13921 ex VT-7; arrived for storage with 309th AMARG 15/7/94; scrapped – to
309th AMARG 9/9/99; scrapped – to HVF West, Tucson, Arizona 8/9/20.
HVF West, Tucson, Arizona 10/9/20. 158464 B-104 14269 ex CTW-2; arrived for storage with
155118 A-745 13934 ex CTW-1; arrived for storage with 309th AMARG 4/8/94; scrapped – to
309th AMARG 30/7/96; off inventory HVF West, Tucson, Arizona 9/9/20.
9-10/20. 158474 A-702 14279 ex VT-7/CTW-1; arrived for storage
156909 B-117 14002 ex CTW-2; arrived for storage with with 309th AMARG 14/9/99; off
309th AMARG 23/10/91; off inventory inventory 9-10/20
9-10/20. 158478 B-149 14283 ex CTW-2; arrived for storage with
156917 A-768 14010 ex CTW-1; arrived for storage with 309th AMARG 1/9/94; scrapped – to
309th AMARG 20/8/96; off inventory HVF West, Tucson, Arizona 11/9/20.
9-10/20. 158488 AF-10 14293 ex VFC-12; arrived for storage with
156920 A-733 14013 ex CTW-1; arrived for storage with 309th AMARG 28/7/93; scrapped – to
309th AMARG 20/8/92; scrapped – to HVF West, Tucson, Arizona 9/9/20.
HVF West, Tucson, Arizona 8/9/20 158489 14294 Arrived for storage with 309th
156921 B-125 14014 ex CTW-2; arrived for storage with AMARG 11/2/92; off inventory
309th AMARG 30/7/92; off inventory 9-10/20.
9-10/20. 158491 B-142 14296 ex CTW-2; arrived for storage with
156922 C-462 14015 ex CTW-3; arrived for storage with 309th AMARG 21/5/93; off inventory
309th AMARG 22/9/92; scrapped – to 9-10/20.
HVF West, Tucson, Arizona 16/9/20. 158495 B-144 14300 ex CTW-2; arrived for storage with
156923 A-723 14016 ex VT-7/CTW-1; arrived for storage 309th AMARG 23/6/93; scrapped – to
with 309th AMARG 15/9/99; scrapped HVF West, Tucson, Arizona 10/9/20.
– to HVF West, Tucson, Arizona 158496 B-118 14301 ex CTW-2; arrived for storage with
15/9/20. 309th AMARG 4/2/92; off inventory
156924 B-119 14017 ex CTW-2; arrived for storage with 9-10/20.
309th AMARG 30/7/92; off inventory 158500 A-723 14305 ex CTW-1; arrived for storage with
9-10/20. 309th AMARG 23/6/93; scrapped – to
HVF West, Tucson, Arizona 10/9/20.
156927 B-138 14020 ex CTW-2; arrived for storage with
158505 B-147 14310 ex CTW-2; arrived for storage with
309th AMARG 29/4/93; off inventory
309th AMARG 20/11/91; scrapped –
to HVF West, Tucson, Arizona 8/9/20.
156928 B-122 14021 ex CTW-2; arrived for storage with
158506 B-148 14311 ex CTW-2; arrived for storage with
309th AMARG 1/7/92; scrapped – to
309th AMARG 4/2/92; scrapped – to
HVF West, Tucson, Arizona 11/9/20.
HVF West, Tucson, Arizona 9/9/20.
156937 C-464 14030 ex CTW-3; arrived for storage with 158507 C-501 14312 ex CTW-3; arrived for storage with
309th AMARG 28/7/92; off inventory 309th AMARG 21/9/92; scrapped – to
9-10/20. HVF West, Tucson, Arizona 16/9/20.
156939 A-764 14032 ex CTW-1; arrived for storage with 158516 C-481 14321 ex CTW-3; arrived for storage with
309th AMARG 27/5/93; off inventory 309th AMARG 31/1/92; off inventory
9-10/20. 9-10/20.
158083 AD-601 14120 ex VF-45; arrived for storage with 158519 B-108 14324 ex CTW-2; arrived for storage with
309th AMARG 13/1/93; scrapped – to 309th AMARG 5/5/92; off inventory
HVF West, Tucson, Arizona 10/9/20. 9-10/20.
158092 AF-12 14129 ex VFC-12; arrived for storage with 158523 A-731 14328 ex CTW-1; arrived for storage with
309th AMARG 4/8/93; off inventory 309th AMARG 23/5/96; scrapped – to
9-10/20. HVF West, Tucson, Arizona 16/9/20.
158109 A-733 14146 ex CTW-1; arrived for storage with 158524 C-403 14329 ex CTW-3; arrived for storage with
309th AMARG 15/7/97; scrapped – to 309th AMARG 5/5/92; off inventory
HVF West, Tucson, Arizona 10/9/20. 9-10/20.

158525 C-415 14330 ex CTW-3; arrived for storage with Lockheed P-3C Orion
309th AMARG 22/9/92; scrapped – Serial msn Remarks
to HVF West, Tucson, Arizona 161411 5749 Arrived for storage with 309th AMARG
16/9/20. 8/12/20
158527 A-763 14332 ex CTW-1; arrived for storage with
Lockheed NP-3D Orion
309th AMARG 1/7/96; off inventory
Serial msn Remarks
148889 5007 Arrived for storage with 309th AMARG
158713 C-414 14334 ex CTW-3; arrived for storage with
22/10/08; scrapped – to HVF West, Tucson,
309th AMARG 22/9/92; scrapped –
Arizona 27/7/20
to HVF West, Tucson, Arizona
149674 5015 ex NAS Patuxent River; arrived for storage
with 309th AMARG 26/9/05; scrapped – to
158715 B-153 14336 ex CTW-2; arrived for storage with
HVF West, Tucson, Arizona 24/7/20
309th AMARG 11/2/92; off inventory
9-10/20. 154587 5268 ex VXS-1; arrived for storage with 309th
158721 C-422 14342 ex CTW-3; arrived for storage with AMARG 29/1/13; off inventory 9-10/20.
309th AMARG 28/7/92; scrapped – Sikorsky SH-60B Sea Hawk
to HVF West, Tucson, Arizona Serial code msn Remarks
8/9/20. 164851 TA-715 701934 ex HSL-51; arrived for storage with
Grumman C-1A Trader 309th AMARG 9/12/13; off inventory
Serial msn Remarks by 9-10/20
146038 68 Arrived for storage with 309th AMARG Sikorsky HH-60H Blackhawk
21/5/86; off inventory 10-11/20. Serial code msn Remarks
Grumman TC-4C Academe 163800 NW-211 701679 ex HSC-84; arrived for storage with
Serial code msn Remarks 309th AMARG 12/1/15; to USCG,
155724 AD-576 180 ex VA-42; arrived for storage with Elizabeth City 13/8/20.
309th AMARG 24/5/94; off inventory
9-10/20 United States Marine Corps Aviation
155726 NJ-851 183 ex VA-128; arrived for storage with McDonnell Douglas F/A-18A Hornet
309th AMARG 13/9/95; off inventory Serial msn Remarks
9-10/20 163155 582/A489 ex VMFA-112; arrived for storage with 309th
AMARG 18/8/20
McDonnell Douglas F/A-18C Hornet
Serial code msn Remarks McDonnell Douglas F/A-18C Hornet
163754 829/C112 ex Blue Angels; arrived for Serial code msn Remarks
storage with 309th AMARG 164676 WS-407 1106/C292 ex VMFA-323; arrived for
6/11/20 storage with 309th AMARG
Lockheed TP-3A Orion 164712 DW-712 1156/C316 ex VMFA-251; arrived for
Serial msn Remarks storage with 309th AMARG
151394 5107 ex VP-30; arrived for storage with 309th 2/11/20
AMARG 27/4/95; scrapped – to HVF West, 164905 NA-215 1237/C364 ex VMFA-251; arrived for
Tucson, Arizona 4/8/20. storage with 309th AMARG
Lockheed UP-3A Orion 28/8/20
Serial msn Remarks Lockheed KC-130T Hercules
150495 5021 Arrived for storage with 309th AMARG Serial msn Remarks
28/01/04; scrapped – to HVF West, Tucson, 164442 5222 ex VMGR-452; arrived for storage with 309th
Arizona 14/8/20 AMARG 2/9/20
Lockheed VP-3A Orion 165353 5412 ex VMGR-452; arrived for storage with 309th
Serial msn Remarks AMARG 24/11/20
149676 5017 Arrived for storage with 309th AMARG BAE/McDonnell Douglas AV-8B Harrier II
14/12/06; scrapped – to HVF West, Tucson, Serial msn Remarks
Arizona 24/7/20 163869 177 ex VMAT-203; arrived for storage with 309th
Lockheed P-3B Orion AMARG 28/7/20
Serial msn Remarks 163877 185 ex VMAT-203; arrived for storage with 309th
152742 5182 ex VP-60; arrived for storage with 309th AMARG 28/7/20
AMARG 23/2/94; scrapped – to HVF West, Bell AH-1W Super Cobra
Tucson, Arizona 27/7/20. Serial code msn Remarks
152743 5183 ex VP-67; arrived for storage with 309th 160743 YM-33 29139 ex VMM-365; arrived for storage with
AMARG 1/4/92; off inventory 9-10/20 309th AMARG 30/9/20
152751 5193 ex VP-60; arrived for storage with 309th 160804 YM-31 29145 ex VMM-365; ex HMLA-167; arrived
AMARG 6/1/94; scrapped – to HVF West,
for storage with 309th AMARG
Tucson, Arizona 28/7/20.
153418 5215 ex VP-67; arrived for storage with 309th
165276 YM-34 26324 ex VMM-365; ex HMLA-167; arrived
AMARG 23/2/90; off inventory 9-10/20
for storage with 309th AMARG
153420 5217 ex VP-90; arrived for storage with 309th
AMARG 13/1/94; off inventory 9-10/20.
165281 YM-32 26329 ex VMM-365; arrived for storage with
154594 5275 ex VP-66; arrived for storage with 309th
309th AMARG 30/9/20.
AMARG 24/5/94; off inventory 9-10/20.
165285 MM-22 26333 ex HMLA-773 Det A; arrived for
Lockheed UP-3B Orion storage with 309th AMARG 3/9/20
Serial msn Remarks 165449 MM-28 ex HMLA-773 Det A; arrived for
152727 5167 ex VQ-1; arrived for storage with 309th storage with 309th AMARG 17/7/20.
AMARG 30/10/95; scrapped – to HVF West, 165051 MM-20 ex HMLA-773 Det A; arrived for
Tucson, Arizona 23/7/20 storage with 309th AMARG 22/10/20

Bell UH-1N Iroquois 6551 181 2°/10° Grupo de Aviação – last noted 11/19
Serial code msn Remarks 6552 195 2°/10° Grupo de Aviação – handed over
160173 CA‑05 31723 ex HMLA‑467; arrived for storage with 9/12/20
309th AMARG 4/9/13; off inventory
9‑10/20 CHILE
United States Army Aviation Serial notes – Chilean Air Force
Fokker C-31A Embraer A-29B Super Tucano
Serial msn Remarks Serial Remarks
85‑01068 10668 ex ‘Golden Knights’; arrived at Lelystad on 469 Noted at Asunción‑Silvio Pettirossi, Paraguay 17/9/20 on
3/11/20 as N27FF delivery flight
This F‑27 was sold to the Flying Dutch Cultural Heritage’s (Stichting 470 Noted at Asunción‑Silvio Pettirossi, Paraguay 17/9/20 on
Vliegend Nederlands Cultureel Erfgoed) back in November 2019. The delivery flight
intention is to keep the aircraft airworthy and give people a chance to 471 Noted at Asunción‑Silvio Pettirossi, Paraguay 13/11/20
fly on an F‑27. on delivery flight
472 Noted at Asunción‑Silvio Pettirossi, Paraguay 13/11/20
United States Coast Guard Aviation on delivery flight
Lockheed Martin C-130J The A‑29Bs are operated by Grupo 1 at Base Aérea Los Cóndores which
Serial msn Remarks is located at Iquique‑Diego Aracena airport, Chile.
2015 5907 Delivered 18/11/20 to Aviation Logistics
Center Elizabeth City (NC); it will move to Chilean Naval Aviation
Waco, Texas during January 2021 for Airbus H125
modification to HC‑130J. Serial msn Remarks
8888 Noted 11/12/20 as PS‑GVT at Cordoba on
SOUTH AMERICA delivery flight to Viña del Mar where it will
join HU‑1
Serial notes – Royal Bahamas Defence Force
Cessna 208B Grand Caravan Serial notes – Colombian Air Force
Serial msn Remarks Embraer ERJ170
C6‑AWO 208B2084 Suffered substantial damage to its left‑hand Serial msn Remarks
wing on 30/11/20 when in collided with a FAC‑1180/ 17000151 SATENA – withdrawn from use and stored
tree on landing at George‑Town‑Exuma IAP, HK‑4528 at Bogota 10/20.
Colombian Naval Aviation
Bell UH-1N Huey
BRAZIL Serial msn Remarks
ARC223 32039 ex Colombian Army EJC‑230; Grupo
The Brazilian Federal Highway Police has ordered six Leonardo
Aeronaval de Transporte y Apayo Fluvial –
AW199Kx helicopters. The first is due to be delivered early 2021, with
crashed 4/11/20 and overeturned whilst
the remainder by mid‑2021.
undertaking a training flight at Guaymaral
Serial notes – Brazilian Air Force
Embraer T-27M
Serial msn Remarks PERU
1446 312424 first flight of this modernised T‑27 was
made on 23/10/20 at Parque de Material Serial notes – Peruvian Air Force
Aeronáutico de Lagoa Santa, Minas Gerais Boeing 737-4B6SF
state on 23 October 2020. Serial msn l/n Remarks
26526 2219 ex HK‑5228; due for delivery
Embraer E-99M (ERJ-145)
Serial msn Remarks Peruvian Army Aviation
6702 145263 ex PP‑XSC; 2°/6°GAv Mil Mi-28T
6703 145365 ex PP‑XSD; redelivered 18/12/20 to 2°/6°Gav Serial msn Remarks
at Anápolis. EP‑705 34001212490 stored at Lima‑Callao
The aircraft was originally designated R‑99A and later becoming E‑99 EP‑706 34001212489 stored at Lima‑Callao
and now upgraded to E‑99M. This is the second aircraft to be upgraded EP‑707 34001212492 stored at Iquitos
to E‑99M. All three have been sold as scrap.
Embraer KC-390 Millennium
Serial msn Remarks URUGUAY
2853 39000004 1° Grupo de Transporte de Tropa – last
noted 12/20 Serial notes – Uruguayan Air Force
2854 39000005 1° Grupo de Transporte de Tropa – last Lockheed Martin KC-130H Hercules
noted 12/20 Serial msn Remarks
2855 39000006 1° Grupo de Transporte de Tropa – last (594) 4642 ex TK.10‑05; delivered 17/12/20
noted 11/20 (595) 4648 ex TK.10‑06; delivered 17/12/20
2856 39000007 due for delivery to 1° Grupo de Transporte
de Tropa – possibly delivered by time this is
2857 39000008 on order
Pete Longley, Philippe Jung, ADF Serials, Air Forces Monthly, Scramble,
Airbus SC-105 (C295) Amazonas MAR, MSF, Flight Global, Janes, Aviation Safety Database, Airbus
Serial msn Remarks Helicopters, F.16‑net, NAMAR, ABIX, Touchdown News, C‑,
6550 157 2°/10° Grupo de Aviação – last noted 11/18 AMARC Experience, Defence Blog, PlaneBase

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LAW ENFORCEMENT Mirabel Airport. The same source states that the H145 involved is
C‑GSQP c/n 20091, previously operated across Europe by Elifriulia as
I‑MAKE from 2016.
NEW SOUTH WALES: On 3 November 2020, the Commissioner and
Police Minister were joined by a host of dignitaries to officially open GENDARMERIE: Four examples of the Airbus Helicopter A160 have
the Aviation Command’s new $60 million headquarters at Bankstown been ordered for use by the Gendarmerie.
Airport. This is part of a record $4.8 billion investment for the NSW
Police Force. As well as the $60 million for the academy, the investment
also includes $30 million for new Bell 429 helicopters, money for a
telecommunication system upgrade and five new state‑of‑the‑art
DEFENCE FORCE: At the end of October the US State Department
police stations.
Established in 1979, the Aviation Command has been providing was reported to have approved the possible Foreign Military Sale of
aerial support to NSW Police operations and assisting with aviation two Bell 412Epi and two Bell 429 helicopters to the government of
investigations for more than four decades. The command was initially Guyana for an estimated $256 million. The sale is not yet finalised, as
based at Sydney’s Kingsford‑Smith Airport before relocating to it depends on the final requirements of and acceptance by the Latin
Bankstown Airport in 1991, where it was housed in three World War II American country, according to the Defense Security Cooperation
hangars. Over the years, its fleet has grown in line with the needs of Agency, which notified the US Congress on 30 October.
the Force and the community, resulting in operational requirements The four helicopters will have unspecified customer‑unique
exceeding the capability of the previous base. modifications. Guyana will use the enhanced capability to strengthen
The new 25,000  m2 facility integrates hangar, maintenance, its homeland defence; conduct maritime surveillance, patrol, and
operations, training and administration functions in a single stand‑ interdiction; counter narcotic trafficking and transnational criminal
alone building, with a superior location, layout and design for an organizations; deter regional threats; and support coalition partners
effective State Emergency Response centre. It complies with new civil overseas.
aviation safety regulations and allows for improved accessibility,
visibility and mobility in policing operations and importantly, better
service of the community. UNITED STATES
The PolAir fleet was based on Bell helicopters for many years and
in the coming months it is set to return to an all‑Bell fleet. It currently ARIZONA: The Maricopa County Sheriff’s office is responsible for
consists of five helicopters (PolAir 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5), a mix of three 9,224 square miles (23,890 km2) of the state and around 4.2 million
Airbus types and two Bell 412s and two Cessna 208 fixed‑wing aircraft people living there. They have had an active air unit for many years,
(PolAir 6 and PolAir 7). mainly operating Bell singles.
The operation now has a Bell 429 twin‑engine helicopter in the
CANADA completion centre for delivery in the New Year. The new 429 is much
larger than current helicopters and is primarily intended for rescues.
QUEBEC: At the end of October it was announced that the Sûreté du
Québec, the provincial police service for the Canadian province and NORTH CAROLINA: The Charlotte City Council will replace one of its
historically an operator of locally manufactured Bell helicopters (if two Bell 407 helicopters that is now more than 20 years old.
only as a way of demonstrating support for the factory at Mirabel) had The Charlotte‑Mecklenburg Police Department has been operating
bought an Airbus helicopter. Bell helicopters for about 50 years and in 1997 acquired its first Bell
Unexpectedly the force has moved away from Bell and acquired a 407 (N407PD c/n 53161) to replace a long‑serving Bell 206. It is that
pre‑owned Airbus Helicopters H145 helicopter acquired in Italy. A Bell 407 that is to be replaced. The second 407 is three years younger.
spokesperson stated they were not aware of any tenders being issued. The $5.2 million required to buy the new helicopter will come
The Quebec Ministry of Transport (responsible for the Government air from the Capital Improvement Plan and not CMPD’s budget.
fleet) has stated the H145 could be in service by the end of the year,
rather than two or three years from now for a new aircraft when taking OKLAHOMA: The new air support facility for the Oklahoma City air
the tendering process, construction deadlines and delivery into unit is nearly finished to the north of the Will Rogers World Airport.
account. The main structure and landing area are complete and awaiting
The H145 will replace Bell 206LT TwinRanger C‑GSQA, which Sûreté completion with a hope that the unit will move in this month.
du Québec acquired in 1994. This example of the long out of
Until it moves the Air Support Unit will remain based with its two
production type suffered a serious accident on 22 January 22 while
AS350B3 helicopters at 1401 South Western Avenue, Oklahoma City, a
taking part in a search‑and‑rescue operation in Lac‑St‑Jean, 500km
City Centre location and former Airpark a few miles north of the
north of Montreal crashed into snow‑ and ice‑covered water. The pilot,
who was the sole occupant, suffered non‑life‑threatening injuries. The airport. The air unit is one of the last occupants of the former Airpark,
force also flies a 40‑year‑old Bell 206B JetRanger (made in Texas) and an area destined to be redeveloped with housing and commercial
a Bell 412 which was added to the fleet in 2002. units.
A local media company has pointed out that the apparent change The new larger facility is being built next to an existing police
in allegiance from Bell to Airbus Helicopters probably emanates from facility – known as the Southwest Briefing Station. On the north side
the more recent Province of Quebec commitment to support Airbus of the Will Rogers Airport, it was formerly known as Will Rogers but
after the European company took over the Bombardier C Series now the facility is known as the OPD’s Southwest Division, located at
airliner, now renamed the Airbus A220, which is also built at Montreal’s 5501 S Portland Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73112.

AIR AMBULANCE Under the new arrangement, the HSE is expecting to spend up to
€16 million over two years on the provision of an air ambulance
service which can operate when the Air Corps and Coast Guard are
BOSNIA & HERZOGOVINA: unavailable to transfer patients. Tender documents say the new
suppliers’ aircraft “may also be required from time to time on a similar
The Russian Helicopters holding company (part of Rostec State emergency basis to transport organ retrieval teams from one hospital
Corporation) has delivered the first (of three) Ansat helicopters to a to another”.
client in Europe. The operator of the rotorcraft, which is equipped for The service is required from June 2021 for two years but may be
medical operations, is the Ministry of Interior of the Republika Srpska extended for another two years. Potential suppliers must provide
(Bosnia and Herzegovina). their own aircraft, staff and equipment. The tender documents were
The contract includes the training of three technicians and two issued at the end of October and were due to close on 26 November.
pilots of the customer in the Kazan Helicopters Aviation Training The Air Corps has been struggling to sustain its operations
Centre which will provide further multi‑stage training of four more because of a shortage of qualified staff, such as pilots and technicians.
pilots and six technical personnel as more helicopters are delivered Figures show more than 800 personnel were discharged from Army,
over the next two years. Naval Service and Air Corps last year. This has increased steadily year‑
on‑year since 2013 when 473 people left. The situation has been
CANADA partly relieved by the recent introduction into service of four new
Pilatus PC‑12NG aircraft and the pending delivery of two Airbus C295
NORTH WEST: Keewatin Air, a small airline operating from seven aircraft in the medium term but remains challenging.
bases across Nunavut, Manitoba, and the Northwest Territories from
the border with Alaska to Hudson Bay is now deploying the EpiShuttle NEW ZEALAND
isolation pod, for safe transportation of contagious patients. Canada
is facing an increasing number of Covid‑19 cases, and safe transport is FLYING DOCTOR SERVICE: The New Zealand Flying Doctor service has
key to handle the pandemic. come a long way since it first took off 25 years ago – and in late
The airline operates a fleet based on the Pilatus PC‑12 and Beech October it unveiled a new specialist medical aircraft in Christchurch –
King Air. It is a subsidiary of a larger group of airlines owned by a Beechcraft Super King Air 200C ZK‑FDS. The King Air was introduced
Exchange Income Corporation and operates a variety of aircraft within at Christchurch Airport on 29 October with a ceremonial water salute
the group. by the airport fire service on landing. It is equipped with two patient
stretchers, plus seating for up to four medical crew, as well as patient
IRELAND support people, equipment and two pilots. Its 1,500 nautical mile
range allows it to service the entire South Island and the remote
The Health Service Executive (HSE) is looking for a new Emergency Air Chatham Islands. A journey from Invercargill to Christchurch takes
Ambulance Service provider to transfer patients (both inpatients and just over one hour, rather than eight hours by road ambulance.
at home based patients) between Ireland and other countries, mainly The new aircraft is needed as numbers of missions have
the UK, because the Air Corps and Coast Guard cannot transfer sick significantly increased in recent years. The service flew over 1,200
patients or donor organs at night. missions in the past year, up 17%. As a charity, the New Zealand Flying
The services are generally provided by the Irish Air Corps and the Doctor Trust relies upon the community for supporting the service
Irish Coast Guard Services under existing arrangements. However, due over the years.
to specific constraints both the Irish Air Corps and the Irish Coast
Guard Service are unable to provide Emergency Air Ambulance NORWAY
Services each night between the hours of 7 pm and 7.30 am (7 pm‑
8.30 am in June, July and August). The requirement is the transfer, via BØDØ: Luftambulansetjenesten HF in Bødø in the north of Norway is
air ambulance, of patients from Ireland to another jurisdiction, often to procure a new permanent base in Kirkenes at the extreme north of
in emergency situations. The entire provision of the service would be the country and close to the borders of Finland and Russia. This is an
the remit of the service provider i.e. staffing, equipment, etc. expansion of the existing contract and was set to be signed about ten

Eurocopter EC 135P2+ N835TX [593] of PHI – Petroleum Helicopters Inc / Christus Trinity Mother Frances Health System at Palestine Municipal Airport (KPSN)
on 7 December 2020. (Jarrod Wilkening)

days after a voluntary Transparency Notice was published at the end operation was started in January and was due to finish by the end of
of October. this year.
The Air Ambulance Service is to expand the existing contract with The funds for the new base project were ringfenced from years of
Norsk Luftambulanse AS for the operation of air ambulance bases to gifts in wills and committed before the Covid‑19 pandemic hit.
include the operation of the new base in Kirkenes. The total value of Exterior work on the project is now complete and despite all the
the additional element to the contract is assessed at 360,000,000, challenges of 2020 has managed to remain more or less on track. East
Norwegian Krone (about £300,000) and includes operations Anglia’s goal to become the first HEMS in the East of England to fly
equivalent to the other 13 air ambulance bases, including an air 24/7 is just a few months away.
ambulance helicopter, reserve helicopter, and doctor car, staff, Despite the difficulties, from July 2019 to June 2020 the air
maintenance, stand‑by, equipment, training, etc. The procurement ambulance exceeded its fundraising target and finished its financial
will follow the same period as the contract for the other air ambulance year with a surplus of £1.1 million, in part thanks to a one‑off
helicopter bases, up to and including 31 May 2024, with an option for government grant. In contrast, for the current financial year the
an extension for 2 plus 2 years. charity is predicting that £1.7 million shortfall – a fall of 15% – as its
The Air Ambulance Service signed a contract with Norsk fundraising income is hit by the effects of the pandemic.
Luftambulanse AS in 2016 for air ambulance helicopter services. The
contract includes 17 helicopters that are dedicated to the air UNITED STATES
ambulance service. 13 helicopters must always be on stand‑by at 12
bases. Unforeseen circumstances have arisen that now makes it FLORIDA: Critically ill and injured infants and children throughout the
necessary to expand the contract to include the operation of a new southeastern United States now have expanded access to the expert
permanent base in Kirkenes. The expansion to the existing contract is paediatric care of Wolfson Children’s Hospital of Jacksonville through
due to an increased requirement for stand‑by resulting from a a new Kids Kare helicopter. The refurbished 2014 Bell 407 helicopter,
changed view of vulnerability/risk, partly due to the challenges N610PA, the latest addition to Wolfson Children’s Critical Care
connected to the air ambulance services, and partly due to the Transport Fleet, is dedicated solely to infants and children, staffed
Covid‑19 pandemic’s influence on the general approach to with a highly trained clinical flight crew, and has advanced medical
vulnerability/risk. capabilities. Along with Kids Kare Mobile Intensive Care Units (ICUs)
and a fixed‑wing aircraft that are part of the transport fleet, the new
SPAIN helicopter is being used for interfacility transport to bring patients
from other hospitals in the region to Wolfson Children’s.
MADRID: The Community of Madrid has renewed two medical
helicopters operated by SUMMA 112 (the Medical Emergency Service GREAT LAKES: Leonardo has announced that Life Link III, an EMS
of the Community of Madrid). The newest of these aircraft, which came operator in Minnesota and Wisconsin (situated in the north of the USA
into operation on 1 November 2020, is Airbus H145 EC‑MOR. SUMMA west of the Great Lakes), has signed a contract for an AW169 and an
112 has the two medical helicopters in addition to ground based AW109 Trekker for air medical transport missions. The helicopters will
resources (28 mobile ICUs and 16 Rapid Intervention Vehicles). ensure in‑flight critical care and transport patients across the upper‑
At the end of May a contract was signed with Eliance Helicopter Midwest of the country and delivery is anticipated to take place in the
Global Services SL for the Helicopter Service at a cost of €2,571,300 fourth quarter of 2021.
euros for operational commencement at the Las Rozas and Lozoyuela This sale increases Life Link III’s Leonardo helicopters fleet to 14
bases. SUMMA 112 helicopters have carried out a total of 516 call outs aircraft and the company will be the first to operate a mixed fleet of
and 176 hospital transfers so far in 2020. AW119 IFR and AW109 Trekker. The EMS operator’s existing fleet
comprises of ten AW119Kx which have accrued more than 21,000
flight hours. In addition, in July of this year, Life Link III signed for the
UNITED KINGDOM first IFR‑certified AW119 in the civil market which will enable the
company to undertake safer operations in challenging weather
DEVON: On 11 November 2020 the new Airbus Helicopters H145 conditions. The helicopter is expected to be delivered in the third
helicopter was introduced into service and ready to bring emergency quarter of 2021.
medical care to patients across Devon.
Devon Air Ambulance Trust (DAAT) upgraded one of its two owned MISSOURI: Air Methods is to open a new helicopter base in Lincoln
EC135T2 helicopters to the larger airframe to provide some additional County, Missouri, north of St. Louis as part of its ARCH Air Medical
operational capacity. The new aircraft has a bigger airframe offering Service subsidiary, which has served Missouri and Illinois for more
additional cabin space for medical compartment. When operating than 40 years. Unlike other air medical companies. ARCH and Air
with a standard team of three clinicians (a doctor alongside two Methods do not require patients to purchase memberships for air
paramedics), there is still seating space for a parent/guardian or medical services.
trainee clinician or pilot. DAAT has designed its own medical fit‑out
which includes a unique seating configuration where up to three
clinicians can all access a patient, when on the ground or in flight, with FIRE
their equipment and monitors laid out in a systematic way and all
within easy reach. The medical interior of the H145 includes a new AUSTRALIA
single stretcher system to ease the transfer of a patient from the
scene of the incident, into the aircraft and then into the hospital A&E NATIONAL: The Fox and Coulson families are set to create a
making the journey more comfortable for the patient. nationally co‑ordinated and sovereign aerial firefighting fleet –
The new H145 will be based at Exeter airport and the existing with expertise in night‑time blaze‑battling – to quickly respond to
EC135 helicopter is based out of the north Devon Eaglescott airbase emergencies and prevent the severity of future bushfire seasons.
near Torrington. Together both will be providing up to 19 hours’ In the wake of the devastating 2019/2020 fires, Lindsay Fox,
service, operating until 2am every day, seven days a week. founder of Australia’s largest logistics company, LinFox, has teamed
up with the world’s leading aerial firefighting company, Coulson
EAST ANGLIA: An air ambulance service will push ahead with plans to Aviation Australia, to create Australia’s first national approach to the
run 24/7 despite the setbacks brought about by Covid‑19. The charity provision of high capacity fire and emergency aviation services that
operates across Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk, can operate at night as well as day, with the aim to launch next
working in partnership with similar air ambulance trusts, such as summer 2021.
Magpas and Essex and Hertfordshire. East Anglian Air Ambulance has The proposed fleet of large‑fixed wing air tankers, super heavy
had a “challenging year”, with a forecast £1.7 million loss over 12 helicopters and fire intelligence gathering aircraft will be based and
months, but it will still start flying 24/7 in 2021 after a 16‑week delay. operated throughout the State and Territories in Australia, with
The £7 million project to turn the original air ambulance base at maintenance and support infrastructure supplied in New South Wales
Gambling Close, Norwich Airport, Norfolk into a state‑of‑the‑art 24/7 and Victoria. The team intends to work with State Governments,

Territories, emergency services agencies, and within any framework UNITED KINGDOM
agreed by the Federal Government.
The team intends to build a world class training facility and centre HM COASTGUARD: A long time ago an eminent scientist, one Sir Isaac
of excellence for volunteers – Australia has one of the largest Newton, solemnly declared that every action has an equal and
volunteer firefighting forces in the world. This will help create a opposite reaction. Now it seems that the expanding level effort being
strong, intelligence‑led and informed approach to firefighting and be put into the ‘migrants across the English Channel’ have led to the
available 365 days a year. reconsideration of the current aviation contract for the Maritime and
Calls for a national aerial fleet have been echoed by fire victims for Coastguard Agency (MCA). Officially it is called a ‘Modification
decades and was a key recommendation made by the long‑awaited of a contract/concession during its term’ but it amounts to a
Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements 2020. significant rise in the money invested in the Coast Guard aviation
The Royal Commission focussed on emergency responses to the programme.
2019/2020 fire season which saw 33 lost lives, 3000+ homes destroyed, Aerial Surveillance Contract 2018/S 169‑384919 covering aircraft
three billion animals killed and 24 – 40 million hectares burned. operating services for the MCA covering operation, pollution
The combining of Fox and Coulson skill sets will allow the investigation, pollution, photography and maritime patrol aircraft
consortium to set up remote bases where aircraft can safely reload from December 2018 to December 2024 is now insufficiently funded
retardant close to a live fire zone, rather than having to fly, sometimes to go to full term.
for hours, to the nearest airport – and then back again. 2Excel Aviation Ltd, the suppliers of the relatively new fixed‑wing
assets (King Air and Navajo operating out of Doncaster airport) will
SAUDI ARABIA: Babcock Italia, which manages and operates the need additional funding to continue its current role. The modification
Italian Government’s fleet of 19 Canadair aircraft, recently sent two of of the contract will provide an additional line of tasking under the
them to Saudi Arabia to put out fires in the Asir region which borders aerial surveillance and verification (ASV) contract to allow the
the Red Sea and Yemen. authority to task one of two Piper Navajo aircraft, 24 hours per day,
Eight pilots, four maintenance technicians and two Canadair CL‑ 365 days of the year.
415s departed from the base at Ciampino Airport in Rome. Babcock The aerial surveillance and verification (ASV) contract was
Italia has previously lent assistance to missions in Sweden, Spain, procured based on a level of utilisation in line with a historic pattern
Portugal, Libya and Russia. of use of surveillance and engagement with stakeholders which
determined that the required capacity was a single line of tasking
UNITED STATES available 24 hours per day. Following the commencement of the ASV
contract in November 2019 the authority has faced a level of demand
Coulson Aviation is further expanding its global aerial firefighting which has exceeded its original estimates, requiring a temporary
capabilities with the acquisition of four former US Customs and increase in its aerial patrolling capacity. The additional demand has
Border Protection role configured Cessna Citation 550s. They will been driven by a recent increase in tasks from other government
employed in the role of leading tankers to retardant drop points and departments requiring support from the authority’s fixed wing
collecting intelligence for fire commanders on the ground. The reconnaissance assets in support of wider search and rescue efforts;
Citations will gather information from fire scenes – including weather, this could not have been foreseen at the commencement of the ASV
maps, drop analysis, and video – for transmission to command and contract.
control. The updated total contract value has moved the contract price
Coulson chose the Citation IIs for their existing special‑mission from just over £21 million to over £22.78 million plus VAT.
configuration, and their enhanced speed and range when compared
with older turboprop‑powered alternatives used by competitors. ACCIDENTS AND INCIDENTS
As a lead aircraft they will fly in advance of the tanker aircraft and
mark the target and then lead the larger tanker aircraft through the 6 November 2020 AgustaWestland A109S Grand N109EX Air
drop using the smoke to signal to the tanker when to begin dropping ambulance of Prime Healthcare Air Transportation LLC. A helicopter
its load. that was transporting a donated organ went out of control at low
height while landing on a rooftop pad on the Keck Hospital of USC/Los
SEARCH & RESCUE Angeles Co/USC Medical Center Heliport (35CA) in the Lincoln Heights
district, Los Angeles County, California, USA. The private air ambulance
was stable on its side near the helipad’s edge. There was no fire and no
ICELAND significant fuel leak but the main rotor blade was smashed with debris
on the road below the pad.
COAST GUARD: The availability of Icelandic Coast Guard helicopters
has been suffering due to an ongoing strike by maintenance staff. The 8 November 2020 Bell 206B N123NC North Carolina Highway
Coast Guard has issued a statement, explaining that due to the Patrol. The helicopter, on a training sortie and on approach to home
ongoing strike of aircraft mechanics, it was expected that no rescue facility, reportedly struck trees and crashed on Tryon Road in
helicopter would be available in the country by the middle of the week southwest Raleigh. It remained upright but the skids collapsed, the
commencing 25 November. The strike began on 5 November. tail boom was severely damaged and severed from fuselage pod.The
There was an expectation that Airbus Helicopters H225 TF‑GRO, pilot was uninjured.
the only operable helicopter, would be unavailable due to a check. The
other H225 TF‑EIR, was offline undergoing a check when the strike 8 November 2020 Bell 407 N139PD Puerto Rico Police Department.
was called. Regardless of the immediate outcome of the strike its Made an emergency landing on the beach at Vacía Talega beach,
effects on the ability of the Coast Guard to operate will be felt into Piñones, Puerto Rico as the tide was coming in. The skids sank into
next year. the soft sand. No casualties reported. The landing was on the
tideline so full sea water immersion does not seem to have taken
SPAIN place. From available images the nose‑mounted sensor pod was under
BARCELONA: The Department of the Interior located in Barcelona has
issued a tender €8 million tender for the charter, maintenance, supply 12 November 2020 Britten‑Norman BN‑2T‑4S Islander G‑CGTC
of spare parts, fuel supply, aircraft administration and technical flight Police Service of Northern Ireland. The aircraft was obliged to make a
operation of two Eurocopter EC135P2 helicopters owned by the precautionary landing at City of Derry Airport after experiencing
Generalitat de Catalunya and attached to the DGPEI’s, Olot base in engine failure while aiding officers on the ground during a security
northern Spain. alert in Limavady. The pilot and crew landed the plane safely without
The duration of the contract is intended to be from 1 January 2021 damage being caused and no injuries were sustained by those on
and end on 31 December 2023. board.

Ton van Soest, Engelsholm 112, 2133 AJ Hoofddorp, The Netherlands

TWIN COMMANDER (Pistons) LJ-1871 N20GT to Bank of Utah Trustee,

500 676 N312EC to Johan J Amy, Salt Lake City, UT 07.12.20
Coral Springs, FL 18.12.20 LJ-1908 N845WR rereg’d PS-AJR Madeireira
500B 910 N698R to VSPP Consulting LLC, Rochembach Ltda 12.20
Toano, VA 14.12.20 LJ-1909 N909EA allocation N260RW [NTU] 28.12.20
500B 983-24 N6154X allocation N917GT John D
Towner, Fairway, KS 18.12.20 BEECH C90GTx
500S 3138 N535SA allocation N760VR Vail Ranch LJ-2074 C-GGMC to 1827696 Alberta Ltd,
Transport LLC, Brawley, CA 31.12.20 Grande Prairie, ALTA 21.12.20
500S 3145 N202JH to Commander 3145 LLC, LJ-2094 N169VV Bank of Utah Trustee,
Wilmington, DE 02.12.20 Salt Lake City, UT canx 01.12.20
[exported to Brazil]
TWIN COMMANDER (Turbos) rereg’d PS-GMT Toledo Mineracao Ltda 12.20
690A 11137 N331RC to Reabe Aircraft LJ-2097 N685GS restored to Ghavi Enterprises Inc,
Improvements Inc, Kenosha, WI 02.12.20
De Pere, WI 23.12.20 [was canx 31.10.20]
690A 11262 N690DS to registration pending, LJ-2172 N198PP to TVPX Aircraft Solutions Inc
Rockingham, NC 22.12.20 Trustee, North Salt Lake, UT 10.12.20
690C 11610 N840SE to Green Fairways Florida LJ-2173 N273RK allocation for restoration 08.12.20
Inc, Key West, FL 08.12.20 [was canx 19.08.20 as exported to
690C 11665 N48BA to Legacy Aviation Services Germany]
Inc, Yukon, OK 11.12.20 restored to Rangeflyers Inc, Wichita, KS 09.12.20
695 95033 N126M rereg’d N880G Garlynson LJ-2175 N505RC allocation PS-PAS 11.20
Airways LLC, Ayr, NE 29.12.20 Textron Aviation Inc, Wichita,