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Ankit Fadia Certified

Ethical Hacker (AFCEH)


About Ankit……..

Ankit Fadia, 21 years old, is an independent

computer security and digital intelligence consultant .

He has authored six internationally best-selling books on numerous

topics related to Computer Security that have been widely
appreciated by both professionals and industry leaders the world

His books have sold a record 250,000 copies across the globe, have
been translated into Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Polish and
are also being used as reference textbooks in some of the most
prestigious academic institutions in Asia and North America.

About Ankit……….

In November 2001, Fadia was consulted by a classified intelligence

agency for breaking an encrypted message sent by one of Osama Bin
Laden’s men.

Since then Fadia has been involved in numerous classified projects

pertaining to International Security and Computer Networks. He handles
the Asia Operations of the classified intelligence agency.

Fadia provides customized cyber security training and consulting

solutions to clients all across Asia, Australia, North America and the
Middle East including Google, Citibank, Shell, Volvo, Thai Airways,
UOB Bank, PT Cisco Systems, Bank of Thailand, Bangkok Public
Bank, Amari Hotels, BlueScope Steel, Jumeirah International, Wipro,
Singapore Health Promotion Board, Infosys, Satyam, Schering Ltd
and many other organizations in the government, police and corporate

Ankit’s Training Portfolio

Financial & Banking Sector:

TA Securities (Malaysia), Bank of Maharashtra, United Overseas
Bank of Singapore, Bangkok Bank Public Co. Ltd, Citibank Taiwan,
Monetary Authority of Singapore, Bank of Thailand, GHL Systems
Berhad, PT Bank Rabobank International Indonesia and Australian
bank officials.
Software Sector:
Wipro Technologies, Infosys, Symphony Services, Satyam
Corporation, CMC Limited (TATA), PT Cisco Systems Indonesia.
Internet Services Sector:
Google, Sify (Satyam).
Government Sector:
Singapore Police, Inland Revenue Authority (Singapore), Inland
Revenue Board (Malaysia), Ministry of Defence (Singapore),
NISER (Malaysia), Ministry of National Development (Singapore,
Ministry of Home Affairs (Singapore), Monetary Authority of
Singapore, Multimedia Super Corridor (Malaysia), Indian Police,
Central Forensics Laboratory, Kerela Police, Andhra Pradesh Police
Department, APFSL, Pune Police.

Ankit’s Training Portfolio

Transportation Sector:
Singapore SMRT Corporation, Thai Airways International.
Industrial Goods Sector:
The Siam Chemicals (Thailand), BlueScope Steel (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, Shell
Information Technology International (Malaysia) and PT Indah Kiat Pulp &
Paper TBK (Malaysia).
Automobiles Sector:
Volvo Malaysia Sdn Bhd.
Education Sector:
Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies (IDSS, Singapore), Indian School
of Business (Hyderabad,India) Singapore Management University, Indian
Institute of Technology (IIT: Mumbai, Delhi and Kharagpur branches), BITS
Pilani, Ministry of Education (Singapore), Multimedia University.
Services Sector:
Amari Hotels and Resorts (Thailand), Jumeirah International Luxury &
Corporate Hotels.

Ankit’s Training Portfolio

Healthcare Sector:
Schering (Bangkok) Ltd, Compakar eHealth Tech Sdn.Bhd (Malaysia),
Health Promotion Board (Singapore).
International Conferences:
Young Entrepreneurs Organization (Dubai), Asia Technological Initiative
(Singapore), HACK (Singapore, Australia and Malaysia), Junior Chamber
International (New Delhi), CAN 2005 (Malaysia), Hacking (Malaysia,
Thailand and India) and InfoSec World (Singapore).
Business Leaders:
Young Entrepreneurs Organization (Asia-Pacific, Dubai University,
Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Dubai, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai,
Kolkata and Delhi), Young Presidents Organization (Malaysia, Bangalore,
Mumbai and Kolkata) and Young Leaders Forum (Kolkata).

What is the AFCEH program?
computer security program on the science of ethical hacking,
to discover loopholes in target systems and to setup security
systems to counter the computer criminals. Professionals who
undergo this training and certification program will have the
necessary knowledge required to administer security solutions
to companies and individuals by making computer networks
secure. Want to be recognized for your computer security
expertise? Want to be considered amongst the best security
gurus in the world? Want to climb up the career ladder and
improve your global job prospects? Want to be trained and
certified by world renowned author and computer security
guru? Want to become an ANKIT FADIA CERTIFIED
ETHICAL HACKER? If your answer to any of the above
questions is a yes, then you have come to the RIGHT PLACE!

AFCEH – Ver.1 Key Milestones

• Started in March 2006. 5 batches conducted, 3000 students

trained in more than 90 cities.

• Participants included students, industry and government -

Airtel, Reliance, MTNL, BSNL, ICICI Bank, Tata, DSP Merlyn
Lynch, Indian Army, Airforce and State Police Departments.

• 27,000 Hours of Video Lectures and 18,000 Text Books used.

• AFCEH helped thousands of Participants added credibility to

their resume and managed to receive better jobs.

• In Jan 2007, AFCEH was started in China, Singapore and


AFCEH – Ver.1 Key Milestones

• Toppers of each batch were interviewed and given the

opportunity to work with Ankit Fadia on projects like
research, consulting, writing books, teaching
assistantships and others.

• In April 2007, a special conference style package of the

AFCEH course was made available for corporate called
Ankit Fadia Computer Security (AFCS).

AFCEH Ver.1 Success Stories

Name: Jaya Bhattacharjee (26 years old)

City: Kolkata

Claim to Fame: After topping the AFCEH exam, Jaya was

selected for a project, then carried out research and co
authored a book on the topic of Encryption with Mr. Ankit
Fadia that was released at a national press conference in
February 2007.

Her Thoughts: The AFCEH course gave me the

opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge in the field of
Computer Security in a systematic manner. Everybody will
gain a lot from this course. Even if a person does not know
anything about the subject will also be able to understand
the concepts if he/she is sincere. I had a wonderful
experience writing the book and it gave me a well
deserved recognition among my friends, relatives, peers
and colleagues. It gives me immense happiness when I
see the books lined up in all the bookshops across India
like in Kolkata, Bangalore and others!

AFCEH Ver.1 Success Stories
Name: Manu Zacharia (30 years old)
City: New Jersey, USA (Cochin in India)

Claim to Fame: Like Jaya, even Manu co-authored a book on the

topic of Intrusion Detection with Mr. Ankit Fadia that was released at
a national press conference in February 2007. This book will soon
be released internationally. He was also selected to be the teaching
assistant of the course.

His Thoughts: I would like to express how much I enjoyed the

AFCEH course (Batch 1) and working with Ankit Fadia. The course
is taught in a friendly, easy to grasp manner. Beginners and experts
alike will benefit from the concise way that the course is structured.
The course takes you from an absolute beginner to a
knowledgeable expert in a very short amount of time. Everything is
written in plain English, & is easy to understand. I wouldrecommend
this course to any one who wants to gain insight into the mindset of
the hacker community and to protect and defend themselves
against the attacks. The quality of the course is very high as was
the delivery and presentation. Excellent content, good books and
easy to learn. Well done.

AFCEH Ver.1 Success Stories

Name: Vaibhav Kaushal (19 years old)

City: Hazaribagh, Jharkhand

Claim to Fame: After topping the AFCEH exam, Vaibhav was selected for a project, then
carried out research and co-authored a book on the topic of OS Hacking with Mr. Ankit
Fadia. This book is likely to be launched in the market SOON.

His Thoughts: I do not have words good enough to express how much I liked the
course. The course helped me gain better knowledge about many areas of the computer
security and the practical ways to protect computers from being attacked by other people.
What I liked about the course was that I had the opportunity to communicate with so
many people with special knowledge in various fields. We helped each other learn a lot
on the mailing lists of the AFCEH course group on Yahoo! In fact I was feeling a bit
nostalgic after we had completed the course ended.

Why is there a need for the new AFCEH 2.0?

Computer Security is a very dynamic industry. Every

single day thousands of new viruses, worms and security
vulnerabilities are discovered on the Internet. It is very
important for computer security professionals to remain
updated, educated and aware of the latest developments
in this dynamic industry. This is why it was important to
release version 2.0 of the AFCEH program. This new,
updated and improved version of the highly successful
AFCEH program contains NEW comprehensive training
material, content, lectures and books on the latest tools,
techniques and methods being used in the field of
computer security. AFCEH 2.0 will not only allow
participants to update their knowledge, but will also teach
them newly discovered techniques that were previously
not known while AFCEH 1.0 was being developed.
What is new in AFCEH 2.0?

• The KEYWORDS that succinctly describe AFCEH 2.0





What is new in AFCEH 2.0?

• More than 90% of the topics in the video lectures will

have a NEW, UPDATED data and content.

• A NEW book titled Intrusion Detection will be given out to

participants as a text book.

• The following NEW topics will be taught: See



Introduction To Information Security SCANNING

And Ethical Hacking Ping and related ICMP concepts.
w Importance of Security w Port Scanning
w Can Hacking be Ethical? w Tool – Pinger
w Threat w Tool – WS_PingProPack
w Vulnerability w Tool – NetScan Tools
w Target of Evaluation w Tool – Hping
w Attack w Tool – icmpenum
w Exploit w Detecting Ping Sweeps
w CIA Triad – Elements of Security w Tool –IDS like ISA Server or Snort
w Modes Operandi of Hackers w Port Scanning
† Reconnaissance w TCP Connect Scanning
† Scanning w TCP SYN Scanning
† Gaining Access w SYN/ACK Scanning
† Maintaining Access w TCP FIN Scanning
† Covering Tracks w TCP NULL Scanning
w Classification of Hacker w TCP XMAS Scanning
† Black Hats w Detecting Port Scanning
† White Hats w Tool – nmap
† Grey Hats w Tool – SuperScan
TCP/IP Concepts in brief w Tool – Cheops
w OSI Layer and TCP /IP Architecture w DNS Mining
w Common Protocols used and their working w Tools – Perl script for DNS Mining –
w 3 Way Handshakes
w Whois
w DNS lookup / Nslookup w NetBIOS Null Session
w Network Range w NetBIOS Null Session Countermeasures
w Traceroute w Tool - NBTScan
w Sam Spade w Tool – DumpSec
w NeoTrace w Tool – NetBIOS Auditing Tool
w Visual Route w SNMP Enumeration
‰ SmartWhoIs w Tool – SNMP Util
w Tool – enum



w Password Attacks w Introduction

† Password Guessing
w Working of Trojans
† Dictionary attack
w Types of Trojans
† Brute Force Attack
† Hybrid Attack † Remote Access Trojans
† Social Engineering † Password Sending Trojans
† Shoulder Surfing † Keyloggers
† Dumpster Diving † Destructive Trojans
w Tool – Legion † DoS Attack Trojans
w Rainbow Tables † Proxy / Wingate Trojans
w Password Sniffing † FTP Trojans
w Tool – LOphtcrack † Software Detection Killers
w Previlege Escalation
w How Trojans are transmitted
w Tool – John The Ripper
w Tool – SubSeven or BackOrifice
w Password Cracking Countermeasures
w Tool – Netbus
w Keystroke Loggers
w Hardware Keylogger w EXE Binders or Wrappers
w Rootkits w XSS (Cross Site Scripting)
w Rootkit counter measures w Reverse Cross Site Request (RCSR)
w How to cover your tracks SNIFFERS
w Disabling auditing w

w Clearing the event log w What is packet or network sniffing?

w Steganography w Tool – Ethereal / Wireshark
w Other methods of hiding files w Tool – Snort
† Attrib
w Tool – tcpdump
† NTFS Alternate Data Stream
w Tool – Windump
w Buffer Overflows
w Protection against buffer overflow w Man in the middle attack
w Metasploit w ARP Spoofing
w Hacking using USB



w Introduction
w Types of DoS Attacks w Introduction
† Bandwidth attacks w How viruses work?
† Protocol attacks, and w Types of viruses
† Logic attacks w Protection of against viruses
w DDOS ‰
w Tool – Etherape
w Land Exploit
w Tool – Trinoo
‰ Preventing DoS Attacks
w Firefox as Pen Testing Tool
w Introduction w Some scripts (perl scripts or other scripts) which is commonly
w OLE DB Errors used during pen testing like lbd (load balancing detector)
w Input Validation Attacks
w Tools used for SQL Injection
w How to Prevent SQL Injection


w Introduction
w Various Wireless standards
w Wireless DoS
w Wireless Sniffing
w Tool - Airsnort
w Tool – AiroPeek
w Wireless IDS

About The Program

• 18-hour program spread over 30 days

• Live Video Lectures and Interactive Q&A Sessions of 4
hours over Video Conference.
• 14 hours free Internet access @ RW for accessing 11
hours of self-pace self-learning Video on demand content,
Hacking demonstration on Video & 2 hours of Online

• Ankit Fadia’s 6 international bestsellers worth Rs. 1545/- to

be given absolutely free.

• Certification on successful completion of online certification


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From Ankit Fadia moments Batch 4. Our S.P. Mr Milind Bharambe
and A.S.P Mr Sunil Kolhe successfully completed this course with enthusiasm.”

In ROM only Sangli has done Ankit Fadia Corporate Batch. Director Of M/s B.G
Chitale Dairy Mr Vishwas Chitale and also other computer profession’s
successfully completed this course with enthusiasm.” Our S.P. Mr Milind
Bharambe also participated in this course
About The Program

‰ Program Price – Rs. 6499/-

‰ The Price Includes
- Cost Of Video Conferencing
- Access Cost for Video-On-Demand
- On Line Examination Fee
- 6 of Ankit’s International Best Selling books on Hacking & counter

About The Program

For Admission Contact

Mahesh Ojha ( Web Lead )