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The Crucible

Anticipation/Reaction Guide

Part I Directions: Prior to reading The Crucible, in the BEFORE column, respond to each
statement by writing (+) if you agree, (–) if you disagree, and (?) if you are unsure of your beliefs.

Part II Directions: For the statements below, write a 500 word or more response to ONE
statement as to why you have the belief you do.

Part III Directions: After reading the story, in the AFTER column, respond again to the
statements. Then write a 500 word or more response as to why your feelings changed since
reading the play. If your feelings have not changed, write a response to a different statement than
the one you chose for part II.

Before Statement
1.___ Confessing to a crime you didn’t
commit in order to avoid After
punishment is wise. 1.___

2.___ The difference between right and

wrong is clear.
3.___ It is better to die for what you
believe in rather than to lie to
save your life. 3.___

4.___ There is only one correct way to

interpret the Bible.
5.___ That which doesn’t destroy us
only makes us stronger.
6.___ It’s more difficult to forgive
yourself if the person you have
hurt doesn’t forgive you. 6.___

7.___ Courage means doing something

even though it can be difficult
and fearsome. 7.___

8.___ A person is innocent until proven

9.___ Beliefs in opposition to common
values should be illegal.
10.___ Justice is best determined in a
court of law.