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Light Rail Manila Corporation

Mezzanine, Engineering Building, LRTA Compound,

Aurora Boulevard,Pasay City, Metro Manila
VAT Reg. TIN 008-825-261-00000

Sep 29, 2020, 3:39 PM
Vendor Name & Address: Vendor TIN PO No:




Vendor Contact Person: LRMC Contact Person:
Vendor Contact No: LRMC Contact No:
Delivery Date: Payment Term Incoterm
Dec 11, 2020 50% DP; Balance upon DDP LRMC Jobsite
Please Bill To: DEPOTLRMC Additional Terms:
Aurora Blvd. Warranty: 3 years
Pasay NTC permits included
NCR Item 1 inclusions:
1300 -STP9000, 1.8Watt RF, Clear, GPS, no antenna, no battery
-SC21/SC20 & STP series High Capacity Battery Pack
-STP/SC20 Series 1/4 wave Antenna 806- 870MHz
-STP8/STP9 Series Belt Clip
-STP/SC2-Series 1+1 Charger
-Mains Plug Adapter
-Mandown License
-Programming Leads (3 pcs)

Item 2 inclusions:
-STP/SC2 Series 6 + 6 Desktop Charger
-Mains power leads

Item 3 inclusions:
-STP/SC2-Series 1+1 Charger
- Mains plug adapter

Item 4 - SC21/SC20 & STP series High Capacity Battery Pack

Please Deliver To: DEPOTLRMC

Aurora Blvd.

Line # PR # Requestor Qty Unit Description Testing Required Vendor Date Unitcost Amount
1 PR-10313 SPECIAL 161 UNIT Hand-Held Y Dec 11, 2020 49,615.57 7,988,106.77
PROJECTS Portable Radios
(Please see long
Hand-Held Portable Radios (161 Unit)

Note: Can configure with TETRA radio communication system


Rugged and designed for optimum reliability in harsh condition.

10/8/20 2:12 PM 1 / 3
Light Rail Manila Corporation
Mezzanine, Engineering Building, LRTA Compound,
Aurora Boulevard,Pasay City, Metro Manila
VAT Reg. TIN 008-825-261-00000

Line # PR # Requestor Qty Unit Description Testing Required Vendor Date Unitcost Amount
Trunked and conventional operation modes

Full duplex PABX and PSTN interconnections

Optimized user interface.

High resolution colour display

IP 65,IP66,IP67 for dust and water ingress protection

Hardware enabled End - to - End Encryption

High audio power speaker.

Package included: Battery, Charger, Antenna and Manual

Designed for mission critical standard,high capacity battery satndard.

High speed programming via USB slave cable

GPS, Man-Down alarm, Air Interface Encryption,Enhanced Security Module, Wide

range of languages supported.
Battery Performance: Duty Cycle 5/590>16Hours

High Capacity Battery: Li Ion 1880mAH and 2150mAH

2 PR-10313 SPECIAL 10 PIECES Additional Portable Y Dec 11, 2020 29,010.00 290,100.00
3 PR-10313 SPECIAL 61 PIECES Additional Portable Y Dec 11, 2020 3,690.00 225,090.00
PROJECTS Radio Desktop
4 PR-10313 SPECIAL 119 PIECES Additional Battery Y Dec 11, 2020 3,150.00 374,850.00
PROJECTS for Portable Radio

TOTAL (Vat-Inclusive) PHP 8,878,146.77


Juan F. Alfonso, CEO
This is a system generated document. No Signature required.
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Acknowledgment Certificate No: xxxxxxxx

Date Issued: xxxxxxxx
Effectivity Date: xxxxxxxx
Series Range: From PO 100001 to PO 999999

10/8/20 2:12 PM 2 / 3
LIGHT RAIL MANILA CORPORATION Delivery, the Purchaser is entitled to claim liquidated damages equal to
PURCHASE ORDER TERMS & CONDITIONS 0.5% of the price of the Goods for each complete day of delay as from
1. TERMS AND CONDITIONS. the agreed date of Delivery or the last day of the agreed Delivery
1.1 These terms and conditions of order (“Conditions”) shall govern the period. The liquidated damages shall not exceed 10% of the price of the
Order and any amendment placed by Purchaser with Supplier and take Goods.
precedence over Supplier's terms and conditions of supply (if any) 9.2 If the delay in Delivery is such that the Purchaser is entitled to
notwithstanding any provision to the contrary in the same and Supplier maximum liquidated damages under Clause 9.1 and if the Goods are still
shall be deemed to have agreed to the priority of these Conditions by not delivered, the Purchaser may in writing demand delivery within a
commencing any work pursuant to the Order. final reasonable period which shall not be less than one week.
1.2 All Orders placed by Purchaser shall be placed in writing on 9.3 If Supplier anticipates that he will not be able to deliver the
Purchaser's official order form. No person has any authority on behalf of Goods at the time for Delivery, he shall forthwith notify the Purchaser
Purchaser to place an oral order or variation to any existing Order, and thereof in writing, stating the reason and, if possible, the time when
Purchaser accepts no responsibility or liability for any verbal or Delivery can be expected. If Supplier fails to give such notice,
otherwise non-authorised order so placed. Purchaser shall be entitled to compensation for any additional costs
2. DEFINITIONS. which it incurs and which he could have avoided had he received such
Deliver or Delivery shall mean the act of the Goods being safely and notice.
physically handed over to the Purchaser’s care, custody and control, free 10. TITLE
of physical and legal encumbrances, at the place of delivery indicated in 10.1 Title in the Goods shall pass to Purchaser upon Delivery. If
the Order or, if the Order does not indicate the place of delivery, the Purchaser makes any payment to Supplier before Delivery of the Goods,
Purchaser’s offices at the LRTA Compound, Aurora Boulevard, Pasay City, title to any materials and work in progress in respect of the Goods
Philippines. shall pass to Purchaser upon such payment. The transfer of title in any
Goods shall mean all materials, equipment, information (including materials or work in progress shall not transfer the risk, which shall
documentation) and/or services supplied under the Order. only pass in accordance with Condition 11.
Order shall mean the Purchase Order Form together with these Conditions 10.2 Supplier warrants full and unrestricted title to Purchaser for
of order and all documentation issued with, or referred to in, the all Goods under this Order, free and clear of any encumbrances at the
Purchase Order Form. point of title passing hereunder.
Purchase Order Form shall mean the purchase order form attached to these 11. LIABILITY AND RISK. Supplier shall be liable for any loss or damage
Conditions, setting out the relevant details in relation to the sale and to the Goods however caused until Delivery. If before risk is passed to
purchase of the Goods, including the specifications, specific Delivery Purchaser any of the Goods sustain damage /loss, then Supplier shall
terms, and price. immediately replace them free of cost.
Purchaser shall mean Light Rail Manila Corporation or such other entity 12. INDEMNITY. Supplier agrees to indemnify, hold harmless and defend
as may be instructed by Purchaser. Purchaser from and against any claim, demand, cause of action, loss,
Supplier shall mean the person, firm or company stated on the Order and expense or liability of every kind brought by any person, from and
to whom the Order is addressed. against any judgments in respect thereto, on account of personal injury
3. GOODS. to or death of persons or damage to or destruction and loss of property
3.1 All Goods shall be supplied strictly in accordance with the arising directly or indirectly out of defects in the Goods, including
specification, drawings, data sheets, other attachments and conditions any costs, expenses and attorney's fees incurred by Purchaser for legal
stated on the Order, and shall be free from any defect or non-conformity action to enforce Supplier's indemnification obligations.
resulting from faulty design, materials or workmanship. Any changes to 13. SUPPLIER DEFAULT AND TERMINATION
the Goods (and the price payable) must be authorised by Purchaser in 13.1 Purchaser has the right to terminate the Order in any of the
writing, and must be received by Purchaser prior to shipping of Goods. following cases: (a) Supplier fails to Deliver the Goods to Purchaser
3.2 The Goods are guaranteed by Supplier to be in accordance with date for Delivery specified in the Order, and Purchaser does not
Condition 3.1. Purchaser may reject Goods not in accordance with exercise its right to demand Delivery within the period stated in Clause
Condition 3.1, such rejected Goods being held at Supplier’s risk and cost 9.2; (b) in case Purchaser exercises its right under Clause 9.2,
awaiting disposal. Supplier shall, at its cost and expense, and at Supplier fails to Deliver the Goods within the final period; (c) the
Purchaser’s election, repair or replace any Goods not in accordance with delay in Delivery is such that Purchaser is entitled to maximum
Condition 3.1. Repaired or replaced Goods shall carry the same guarantee liquidated damages under Clause 9.1; (d) it is clear from circumstances
as the original parts, and shall be delivered to their ultimate that there will occur a delay in Delivery which under Clause 9.2 would
destination at Supplier's expense. Supplier shall pay freight costs on entitle Purchaser to maximum liquidated damages; or (e) there is some
any rejected Goods. other material breach of the Order.
3.3 If within a reasonable time, Supplier does not fulfill his 13.2 If Supplier should have a receiver or liquidator appointed then
obligations under Clause 3.2, Purchaser may by notice in writing fix a Purchaser shall have the right to terminate the Order and/or to enter
final time for completion of Supplier’s obligations. If Supplier fails to upon Supplier's premises and to remove all such Goods, partly
fulfill his obligations within such final time, Purchase may itself constructed Goods, the materials or spare parts for the assembly or
undertake or employ a third party to undertake necessary remedial works manufacture of such Goods, in which title has passed to the Purchaser.
at the risk and expense of Supplier. 13.3 Purchaser shall not be liable to pay to Supplier any
4. PRICE & PAYMENT. cancellation or other charges or costs in connection with termination
4.1 The price is as stated in the Order. Unless otherwise stated the under this Condition.
price is fixed and shall include Delivery to the destination stipulated 14. CONFIDENTIALITY. This Order and all information, designs and
in the Order. drawings provided by Purchaser to Supplier shall remain property of
4.2 Payment will be made following receipt of Supplier's approved Purchaser and shall be returned to Purchaser on fulfilment of the Order
invoice, within the ‘payment term’ specified in the Order, provided that or its termination for whatever reason.
such invoice shall only be approved upon Purchaser’s satisfaction that 15. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. The price shall include all charges for
the Goods are Delivered. Invoices shall be addressed and delivered to royalties payable in respect of the use of any intellectual property in
such address as is set out in the Purchase Order Form. the use of any Goods. Supplier shall indemnify Purchaser against any
4.3 Purchaser reserves the right to off-set any sum payable to Supplier loss or damage suffered and against any liability for damages, costs or
by any sum due from Supplier to Purchaser, and Purchaser may withhold any otherwise incurred and against any expenses for costs, royalties or
payment to Supplier due under this Order to the extent that Purchaser otherwise by reason of any infringement or allegation of infringement by
deems necessary. any person of any intellectual property rights in the Goods.
5. TAXATION. Supplier shall pay any and all taxes, penalties, 16. FORCE MAJEURE. Either party shall be excused from suspend
assessments and fees imposed by reason of the delivery or preparation of performance of its obligations under the Order to the extent such
the Goods by Supplier. performance is impeded by events beyond that party’s control, including
6. ORIGIN AND CERTIFICATES. Purchaser may at any time ask for war or hostilities, riot or civil commotion, earthquake, severe and
certificates of origin of the Goods and such other certificates as extensive flood, fire or other natural disaster, strikes or walkouts,
Purchaser deems appropriate. Supplier shall provide Purchaser a for so long as the event continues. Each party shall bear its own costs
certificate of conformity for submittal to The Philippines Customs arising out of the occurrence of any of the above.
authorities which is sufficient to allow clearance of the Goods imported 17. STATUTORY REQUIREMENTS. Supplier shall conform to all statutory
into The Philippines. requirements in the performance of the Order, including compliance with
7. PREPARATION AND PACKING FOR TRANSIT. import and export laws and regulations of any applicable jurisdiction or
7.1 Goods shall be carefully and properly prepared, secured and packed in country. Supplier shall ensure that the Goods are in conformity with all
accordance with the Order (when stipulated) and as suitable to provide statutory requirements, current at the time of despatch. The date
adequate protection against damage in transit. Damage attributable to specified for Delivery in the Order will not be extended for delays in
improper or inadequate packing shall be made good at Supplier's expense obtaining or granting of the necessary export documentation.
and Supplier shall be responsible for costs of making good such damage. 18. NO WAIVER AND NON-EXCLUSIVE REMEDIES. Failure by Purchaser at any
7.2 Hazardous goods shall not be packed with those of harmless nature. time to enforce any of the provisions of the Order shall not be
Incompatible items shall be segregated to avoid contamination. Other than construed as a waiver by Purchaser of such provisions or in any way
as stipulated in the price, Supplier shall ensure there is no charge to affected the validity thereof. The remedies herein shall be cumulative,
Purchaser for handling, packing, crating, drayage or storage, unless and additional to any other or further remedies provided in law or
agreed in writing by Purchaser. Purchaser accepts no responsibility for equity. No waiver of a breach of any provision of this Order shall be a
the return of packaging. Goods shall be shipped consistent with good waiver of any other breach, or of such provision.
shipping practices. Items having a limited shelf life shall be clearly 19. GOVERNING LAW AND DISPUTE RESOLUTION
marked with their use by date. 19.1 The terms and conditions of Order shall be construed and
7.3 One (1) copy packing slip shall accompany all Goods shipments. governed in accordance with law of the Philippines. All disputes arising
8. SUB-CONTRACT AND ASSIGNMENT. Supplier shall not, without the consent which have not been resolved through negotiation shall be referred to
in writing of the Purchaser, assign, sublet or subcontract this Order or and finally resolved by the appropriate Philippine court.
any part thereof to any person, firm or company. Purchaser may assign or 19.2 Supplier shall continue the provision of the Goods and undertake
novate all or any of its rights under this Order. their obligations under the Order (including maintaining any delivery
9. TIMELY PERFORMANCE. schedule) during any dispute resolution procedure, unless otherwise
9.1 Supplier shall ensure that Goods are Delivered on or before the date agreed by Purchaser in writing.
for Delivery specified in the Order. If Supplier fails to Deliver the v. 1 - April 29, 2016
Goods on the date specified for

10/8/20 2:12 PM 3 / 3