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Curbshot developed this super scaled down method as a means of familiarizing novice cooks

with the
subtleties of the reaction. It is definitely maximum expertise with minimal investment - Two
stacked soup cans
comprise the receptacle for the heat source (candle) and reaction vessel (test tube) Specifically
designed for
use with matchbook phosphorous and tinctured iodine crystals, it will about 0.7 gm and requires
little in the
ways of ingredients or supplies. Excellent synth for experienced cooks who are short on
resources. Curbside
says not to deviate in any way from from directions Total time from start to snort is 2.5 hours.
Many Hive
members report accomplishing it in a .little over an hour! Mmmm mmmm good.

1.5 gm. Pseudoephedrine3-Test Tubes (or cigar tubes)

2.0 gm. Red Phosphorous2-Tin Cans )8 oz.)
3.0 gm. Iodine Crystals1-Balloon (standard Kid size)

Electrical TapeCandle (short)

Measuring Cup (US/Metric)Distilled Water - d-H2O
Hydrogen Peroxide Muriatic Acid
SandEye Dropper
Alarm Clock/TimerScissors
FunnelGlass Ash Tray
Razor Blade Gram Scale

Punch/Drill air holes in one of the tin cans. This will hold the candle - your heat source. Fill
second can with
wet sand and place on top of first can., This provides an even heating surface as well as a
receptacle for the
test tube which is where the reaction will take place. Finally, place test tube in freezer 5 min. prior
to start of


1. Remove test tube from freezer

2. Add Iodine, Ephedrine and Red Phosphorous (in exactly that order);
3. Add 4 drops Hydrogen Peroxide
4. Immediately place balloon over top of test tube (1 cm. from edge) and tape securely.
5. Shake vigorously while keeping thumb over top of tube to keep anything from entering balloon.
6. Place tube 2.5 - 3.0 in. deep in Can
7. Heat for 1 hour
8. Blow out candle and let cool for 15 min.
9. Using scissors, cut off balloon.
10. Add 20 ml. d-H20
12 Shake vigorously while keeping thumb over top of tube.
13. Saturate a Coffee Filter with d-h20 and place in Funnel. Place funnel on top of 2nd test tube .
14. Pour (filter) contents of 1st test tube into 2nd test tube.
15. A clear-yellowish liquid should remain.
16. Mix 8 gm of Lye & 20 ml. of d-h2O in a clean test tube.
17. Shake vigorously while keeping thumb over top of tube (caustic - wear gloves)
18 Place in sand to cool.
19. Add 50 ml. lighter fluid to original reaction test tube (with yellow liquid)
20. Into this tube, add lye solution.
21. Cover hole with thumb and shake once.
22. Place in sand for 15 min.
23. Pour off top layer only into empty clean test tube.
24. Add 20 ml. of d-H2O.
25. Add 4 drops of Muriatic Acid.
26. Shake hard.
27. Use eye dropper to pick up bottom layer.*
28. Drop liquid into ash tray.

After liquid eavaporates, residue will be app. 0.7 gm/ of pure crystal meth, Scape with razor blade
and enjoy!

*You may need to attach a short length of aquarium hose to dropper so that it can reach bottom
of tube.

Soup Can Synth