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Paul Rudolph: A Selective Bibliography

Compiled by Aileen Smith, February 2005

This bibliography consists of a selective list of books and articles relating to

Paul Rudolph. Those books held within the AA Library are indicated with a shelfmark.

Books (Alphabetically by title)

Architects on architects / edited by Susan Gray; foreword by Paul Goldberger

New York/London: McGraw-Hill, 2001 ISBN 007137583X (includes
Norman Foster on Paul Rudolph)

Architectural drawings / Paul Rudolph London: Lund Humphries, 1974 /

Architectural Book Publishing Co., 1981 ISBN 0803802080
AA SHELFMARK: 72.036(73):92RUD RUD (MLC)

Architecture in North America since 1960 / Alexander Tzonis London: Thames

and Hudson, 1995 ISBN 0500341419
AA SHELFMARK: 72.036(73) TZO (MLC)

Architecture of Paul Rudolph / Paul Rudolph, with introduction by Sibyl Moholy-

Nagy; commentaries to the works by Paul Rudolph London: Thames and
Hudson, 1970 ISBN 0500090572

Art and architecture of Paul Rudolph / Tony Monk, with a foreword by Norman
Foster Chichester: Wiley-Academy, 1999 ISBN 0471997781
AA SHELFMARK: 72.036(73):92RUD MON

Casas refugio = Private retreats / Gustau Gili Galfetti Barcelona: Gili, 1995
ISBN 8425216516

Changing of the avant-garde: visionary architectural drawings from the Howard

Gilman Collection / with contributions from Terence Riley, et al New York:
Museum of Modern Art, 2002 ISBN 0870700049
AA SHELFMARK: 72.036:742 CHA
Chicago tapes: transcript of the conference at the University of Illinois at
Chicago, November 7 and 8, 1986 / University of Illinois at Chicago New York:
Rizzoli, 1987 ISBN 0847808750 (Conference participants included Paul

Conversations with architects: Philip Johnson / John W Cook and Heinrich Klotz;
foreword by Vincent Scully London: Lund Humphries, 1973 ISBN 0853313539
72.036(73):92 COO (STORE)

Dessins d’architecture/ text by Paul Rudolph; French translation by Chantal

Oederlin; German translation by Stefanie Seidel-Vollmann; conception by Yukio
Futagawa Fribourg: Office du Livre, 1974

Evolving city: urban design proposals by Ulrich Franzen and Paul Rudolph / Peter
Wolf New York: Whitney Library of Design, 1974 ISBN 0851392083

First house: the grid, the figure and the void / Christian Bjone Chichester:
Wiley-Academy, 2002 ISBN 0470845384 (this book examines the first houses
of a selection of soon-to-be famous Harvard architecture students of the 1930s
to 1950s, including Paul Rudolph)
AA SHELFMARK: 72.036(73) BJO (MLC)

Follies: architecture for the late twentieth-century landscape / B J Archer and

Anthony Vidler New York: Rizzoli, 1983 ISBN 0847805107 (includes project
by Paul Rudolph)

Frank Lloyd Wright, Kaufman House ‘Fallingwater’, Bear Run, Pennsylvania, 1936
/ text by Paul Rudolph, edited and photographed by Yukio Futagawa / Global
Architecture 2. Tokyo: ADA Edita, 1970
AA SHELFMARK: 72.036(73):92WRI GLO (MLC)

How the critic sees: seven critics on seven buildings / ANY, 21 New Jersey:
Anyone Corporation, 1997

Key buildings of the twentieth century. Vol.2: Houses 1945-1989 / compiled by

David Dunster London: Butterworths, 1990 ISBN 0408500298 (includes
Town House, New York / Paul Rudolph)
New modernist in world architecture / Patricia M Snibbe, Richard W Snibbe
New York/London: McGraw-Hill, 1999 ISBN 0070594848

Paul Rudolph / Paul Rudolph, with introduction and notes by Rupert Spade
London: Thames and Hudson, 1971 ISBN 0500580081

Paul Rudolph: the Florida houses / Christopher Domin and Joseph King; with
photographs by Ezra Stoller New York: Princeton Architectural Press, 2002
ISBN 1568982666
AA SHELFMARK: 728.3.036(759) DOM

Paul Rudolph: the late work / Roberto de Alba, with an introduction by Robert
Bruegmann New York: Princeton Architectural Press, 2003
ISBN 1568984014
AA SHELFMARK: 72.036(759):92RUD DE

Sarasota School of Architecture: 1941-1966 / John Howey Cambridge, Mass.:

MIT Press, 1995 ISBN 0262082403
AA SHELFMARK: 728.1.036(759S) HOW

Twentieth century American house: masterworks of residential architecture /

edited by Kenneth Frampton and David Larkin; text by Kenneth Frampton
London: Thames and Hudson, 1995 ISBN 0500341435
AA SHELFMARK: 728.3.036(73) FRA

Understanding modern: the modern house as it was and as it is today / Andrew

Weaving with Lisa Freedman London: Quadrille, 2003 ISBN 1844000389

Yale Art + Architecture Building / photographs by Ezra Stoller; introduction by

Philip Nobel New York: Princeton Architectural Press, 1999 ISBN 1568981856
AA SHELFMARK: 72.036(746H):378.972 STO

Journal Articles (Chronologically by year and month)

‘Southern accents: an exhibition explores the unique flavor of Paul Rudolph’s
projects in Florida and Atlanta’ / article by Mireille Hyde
in Metropolis 24 (3) November 2004 / p. 46
‘Manhattan masterpiece’ / article by William Menking (one of Paul Rudolph’s
last buildings was a New York townhouse, now the headquarters of the Paul
Rudolph Foundation)
in Architects’ Journal vol.220 no.16 October 28 2004 / p.26-33

‘Saving Sarasota’ / article by Albert Hill

in Wallpaper (72) October 2004 / p.118-122

‘Art & architecture’ / article by Mark Alden Branch and Larry Albert (on Paul
Rudolph’s work)
in Architecture (New York) vol.92 no.6 June 2003 / p.41-53

‘Paul Rudolph: a constructivist masterpiece is rescued in Manhattan’ / article by
Mildred F Schmertz (triplex apartment of the late architect Paul Rudolph at 23
Beekman Place in New York)
in Architectural Digest 58 (12) December 2001 / p.162-169

‘Masterpieces 1971-2000’ / edited and photographed by Yukio Futagawa

(includes Private residence, New York / Paul Rudolph)
in GA Houses special 02 November 2001 / p.42-47 (text in

‘The surface as stake: a postscript to Timothy M Rohan’s ‘Rendering the surface’

/ article by Tom McDonough (on the fire which ravaged the Yale School of Art
& Architecture (Paul Rudolph) on June 14 1969)
in Grey Room no.5 Fall 2001 / p.102-111

‘Canon and anti-canon: the the fall and rise of the A + A [Art and Architecture
Building, Yale University]’ / article by Timothy M Rohan (analysis of Rudolph’s
1964 landmark)
in Harvard Design Magazine (14) Summer 2001 / p.24-31

‘Rendering the surface: Paul Rudolph’s Art and Architecture Building at Yale’ /
article by Timothy M Rohan
in Grey Room no.1 Fall 2000 / p.84-107

‘Paul Rudolph: Rudolph House, New York, USA,1975’ / Ken Tadashi Oshima
in A+U: Architecture and Urbanism (10) October 2000 / p.260-271
(text in Japanese+English)

‘Paul Rudolph: casa Rudolph, New York 1977-1997’ / Timothy M Rohan
in Casabella 63 (673-674) December 1999/January 2000 /
p.138-149 (in Italian+English)

‘Paul Rudolph: selected drawings: exhibition review’ / article by Noah Chasin
in Society of Architectural Historians Journal 57 (3) September 1998
/ p.316-318

‘Rudolph and Texas’ / article by W Mark Gunderson (on the late architect’s work
in Texas in the 1960s and 1970s)
in Texas Architect 48 (3) May-June 1998 / p.50-52

‘Ashes to ashes [Paul Rudolph]’ / article by Philip Nobel

in Metropolis 17 (7) April 1998 / p.36

‘Paul Rudolph 1918-1997 [obituary]’ / article by Roberto de Alba

in Werk Bauen & Wohnen (3) March 1998 / p.60 (text in German)

‘Nietzsche in New Haven: how one philosophizes with a hammer’ / article by

Thomas Fisher (a consideration of Paul Rudolph’s Art and Architecture building
at Yale)
in Perspecta (29) 1998 / p.50-59

‘Paul Rudolph 1918-1997, a remembrance [obituary]’ / article by Edward J
in Florida Caribbean Architect 44 (4) December 1997 / p.10-11

‘Paul Rudolph drawings [exhibition review]’ / article by Philip Nobel

in Oculus 60 (3) November 1997 / p.15-16
‘Remembering Paul Rudolph’
in Oculus 60 (2) October 1997 / p.16-17

‘Un legado integro: Paul Rudolph 1918-1997 [obituary]’ / article by Herbert

in Arquitectura Viva (56) September-October 1997 / p.69-71 (text
in Spanish)

‘Paul Rudolph: a personal appreciation [obituary]’ / article by Michael Sorkin

in Architectural Record 185 (9) September 1997 / p.40

‘Paul Rudolph 1918-1997 [obituary]’ / article by Kenneth Frampton

in Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and
Preservation. Newsline (1) Fall v.10 1997 / p.7

‘Critic @ large: a brief memoir of the long life and short fame of Paul Rudolph’ /
article by Kurt Walter Forster
in ANY: Architecture New York, no. 21 1997 / p.13-15

‘Special issue. Philip Johnson 90: a birthday festschrift’ / article by Jean-Louis
Cohen, and others (includes ‘A Sunday afternoon’, by Paul Rudolph)
in ANY: Architecture New York, no.90, 1996 / p.44-45

‘The Concourse Building in Singapore’ / article by Roberto de Alba (a new 41-
storey building, part of a multi-purpose complex, by Paul Rudolph Architects)
in Arca (82) May 1994 / p.4-15

‘Paul Rudolph’ / article by Mildred F Schmertz and Stephanie Williams (presents
20 projects dating from 1948 to 1992, includes a biography and an article on the
famous “class of 44” at Harvard, by Stephanie Williams)
in World Architecture (19) September 1992 / p.27-47
‘Interview: Paul Rudolph’ / article by Ross Miller
in Progressive Architecture 71 December 1990 / p.90-92

‘Beach Road II’ / article by Paul Rudolph (project for high-rise office tower in
Singapore, architect: Paul Rudolph)
in Avant Garde (3) Winter 1990 / p.10-19

‘Paul Rudolph in Indonesia = Paul Rudolph at Jakarta’ (Dharmala office building)

in Architettura: Cronache e Storia (36) July/August 1990 /
p.562-564 (text in Italian+English)

‘Paul Rudolph “falsifica” l’insegnamento universitario’ / article by Paul Rudolph

(Paul Rudolph condemns university teaching)
in Architettura: Cronache e Storia (36) February 1990 / p.82-83
(text in Italian)

‘Bond Centre, Central Hong Kong, 1986, and Dharmala Office Building’ / architect
Paul Rudolph
in A+U: Architecture and Urbanism no.2 (233) February 1990 /
p.[8]-17, [18]-[25] (text in Japanese+English)

‘Paul Rudolph on Yale’s A + A: his first interview on his most famous work’ /
article by Michael J Crosbie
in Architecture, 77 November 1988 / p.100-105

‘Le visioni spazionali di Paul Rudolph = Paul Rudolph’s spatial visions’ / article by
Paolo Riani
in Arca no.19 September 1988 / p.44-51 (text in Italian+English)

‘La parabola del flusso e del riflusso = The parabola of ebb and flow’ / article by
Philippe Vernier (Yale University, Art and Architecture Building; architect: Paul
in Arca no.13 January-February 1988 / p.1-3 (text in
‘The Light House: Paul Rudolph’s triplex aerie suspended over the Manhattan
skyline’ / article by Michael Sorkin (Penthouse at Beekman Place, begun in
in House & Garden, 160 January 1988 / p.88-95

‘Tuttle residence, Rock Hall, Maryland, 1980-86’ / architect: Paul Rudolph
in GA Houses 21 February 1987 / p.[134]-141 (text in

‘Torre Dharmala a Jakarta – The Dharmala Building’ / article by Paul Rudolph

in Arca no.4 March 1987 / p.46-51 (text in Italian+English)

‘From object to space: an interview with Paul Rudolph: City Center, Fort Worth,
in Architectural Record 173 June 1985 / p.156-161

‘A conversation with Paul Rudolph: December 9 1983’ / article by Johann
in Reflections: the Journal of the School of Architecture, University of
Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2 Fall 1984 / p.70-77

‘The City Center, Forth Worth, Texas, design: 1978-81; completion: 1983’ /
architect: Paul Rudolph
in GA Document no.7 August 1983 / p.90-99 (text in

‘William R Cannon Chapel, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia’ / architect: Paul

in A+U: Architecture and Urbanism no.5 (152) May 1983 / p. [40]-49
(text in Japanese)
‘Rudolph’s chapel forms a quiet quadrangle; architects: Paul Rudolph’ / article by
Grace M Anderson
in Architectural Record, 170 (7) July 1982 / p.94-101

‘A conversation with Paul Rudolph’ / Paul Rudolph and Jeanne M Davern

in Architectural Record, 170 (4) March 1982 / p.90-97

‘Connecticut residence, Greenwich, Connecticut, 1977-1978; architect: Paul
in GA Houses, 6 1979 / p.84-87 (text in Japanese)

‘Joanna Steichen apartment, New York City, 1973-74; architects: Paul Rudolph
in GA Houses 5 December 1978 / p.100-105 (text in

‘Paul Rudolph apartment, New York City; architect: Paul Rudolph

in GA Houses, 5 December 1978 / p.106-109 (text in

‘Architecture: Paul Rudolph’ / article by Franklin David Israel (Residence on

shore, Long Island, New York)
in Architectural Digest, 35 (5) June 1978 / p.90-99

‘100 works by Paul Rudolph’ / article by Paul Rudolph (Survey of works
(including: Boston Government Service Center, Boston, Mass.; Art and
Architecture Building, Yale University, New Haven; Milam residence, Jacksonville,
Florida; Creative Arts Center, Colgate University, Hamilton, New York; Sarasota
High School, Florida; Jewett Arts Center, Wellesley College, Wellesley, Mass.;
Parking garage for 1,500 cars, New Haven….all by Paul Rudolph (1946-1974),
also includes essay “Enigmas of architecture” by Paul Rudolph, a chronological
list of his works, and a bibliography)
in A+U: Architecture and Urbanism (80) July 1977 / p.1-327 (text in
‘A spectacular apartment by Paul Rudolph’ (interior decoration of the architect’s
own apartment, New York City)
in House & Garden, 148 (10) October 1976 / p.116-123

‘Water: from its swirling source, water inspires architect Paul Rudolph to design
two exciting and prophetic baths’
in House & Garden, 148 (2) February 1976 / p.70-77

‘Paul Rudolph’ (includes Recent works, sketches and drawings, chronological
list of works, bibliography)
in A+U: Architecture and Urbanism (49) January 1975 / whole issue
(text in Japanese, English summaries)

‘Yale 1950-1965’ / article by Robert A M Stern
in Oppositions, 4 October 1974 / p.35-62

‘Standing by the twentieth-century brick’ (Green residence “prototypical”

modular house, Pennsylvania; Paul Rudolph architect)
in Progressive Architecture, 55 October 1974 / p.78-83

‘Recent work by Paul Rudolph’ / article by Tsukasa Yamashita
in A+U: Architecture and Urbanism, 3 (12) December 1973 / p.5-33
(text in Japanese, English captions and translations)

‘First and Second Church in Boston: rebirth in Back Bay; architect: Paul Rudolph’
in Progressive Architecture, 54 December 1973 / p.44-49

‘Paul Rudolph design a 20th century farmhouse with a greenhouse core’

(Farmhouse, Stonewall Farms, Pennsylvania)
in House & Garden, 144 (4) October 1973 / p.118-123

‘A vision of human space: Paul Rudolph, Boston State Service Center / article by
Carl John Black
in Architectural Record, 145 (1) July 1973 / p.105-116

‘Paul Rudolph: drawings’ (a recent monograph from Yukio Futagawa’s A.D.A.

Edita Tokyo Company reveal’s one of architecture’s most compelling minds)
in Architectural Forum, 138 (5) June 1973 / p.46-53

‘New way to live: a village in the heart of the city’ (Housing for Caldwell
Development Corporation, Buffalo, New York; Paul Rudolph architect)
in House & Garden, 143 April 1973 / p.120-123

‘The Art and Architecture Building at Yale, once again’ / article by Richard
in Burlington Magazine, 114 (837) December 1972 / p.853-861

‘Sculptural forms for pharmaceutical research’ (Burroughs-Wellcome Company,

laboratory and corporate headquarters; architect: Paul Rudolph)
in Architectural Record, 151 (7) June 1972 / p.95-100

‘A county governmental center by Paul Rudolph’ (Orange County Government
Center, Goshen, New York)
in Architectural Record, 150 (2) August 1971 / p.83-92

‘Paul Rudolph: work in progress’
in Architectural Record, 148 (5) November 1970 / p.89-100

‘The total town house’ (Town house, New York City; Paul Rudolph architect)
in House & Garden, 136 (5) November 1969 / p.122-127

in Progressive Architecture, 50 April 1969 / p.98-105

‘Paul Rudolph designs a town’ / article by Nan R Piene
in Art in America, 55 (4) July-August 1967 / p.58-63

‘A Christian Science Student Center by Rudolph demonstrates his virtuosity in the

creation of an architecture strongly manipulated in space and scale’ (University
of Illinois, Urbana)
in Architectural Record, 141 (2) February 1967 / p.137-142

‘That’s what a town is: Stafford Harbor, near Washington, DC’

in Progressive Architecture, 48 April 1967 / p.188-191

‘A new town that conserves the landscape: Stafford Harbor’

in Architectural Record, 141 (4) April 1967 / p.151-158

‘Colgate Creative Arts Center, Colgate University, Hamilton, New York’

in Progressive Architecture, 48 February 1967 / p.114-121

‘Paul Rudolph’s elaborated spaces: six new projects: Orange County Office
Building and Courthouse, Goshen, NY; Plaza development for Boston
Government Service Center; A house in the South; Beneficent House,
Providence, RI; Christian Science Building, Urbana, Illinois; John W Chorley
Elementary School, Middletown, NY)
in Architectural Record, 139 June 1966 / p.135-150

‘A daring house emphatically contemporary recalls the columned whiteness’ (the

house of Mr and Mrs John Wallace, Athens, Alabama)
in House & Garden, 129 April 1966 / p.186-193

‘Paul Rudolph: projected extension of the architect’s office, October 1961’
(includes photographs of the architect’s apartment by Yuji Noga)
in Perspecta, 9-10 1965 / p.249-264

‘Paul Rudolph: a series of articles’ (includes bibliography, biography including

education, awards, commissions and writings)
in Kokusai Kentiku, 32 April 1965 / p.17-70 (text in
‘Fortress for pharmaceuticals: Endo Laboratories, Garden City, NY’ / architect
Paul Rudolph
in Progressive Architecture, 45 November 1964 / p.168-173

‘Art and architecture building, Yale University’ / article by Vincent Scully

in Architectural Review, 135 May 1964 / p.324-332

‘Yale’s Art and Architecture School’ / architect Paul Rudolph (includes the
Building, the Measure by Sibyl Moholy-Nagy, the Contractor, the Architect)
in Architectural Forum, 120 February 1964 / p.62-89

‘Yale School of Art and Architecture’ / architect Paul Rudolph

in Progressive Architecture, 45 February 1964 / p.106-127

‘Yale Art and Architecture Building’ / architect Paul Rudolph

in Arts & Architecture, 81 February 1964 / p.26-29

‘Paul Rudolph designs a place to park in downtown New Haven’
in Architectural Record, 133 February 1963 / p.145-150

‘Six new houses by Paul Rudolph: Mansion in Palm Beach; Arthur Milam House,
St John’s County, Fla.; R H Daisley House, Inlet Bay, Fla.; John Wallace House,
Athens, Alabama; N Leslie Silvas House, Greenwich, Conn.; Barnet Yanofsky
House, Newton, Mass.’
in Architectural Record, 132 November 1962 / p.123-138

‘Yacht and Country Club: Lake Region Yacht and Country Club, Winter Haven,
in Progressive Architecture, 43 July 1962 / p.124-127

‘Four centuries of painting and sculpture at the Galaxon New York World’s Fair’
in Art in America, 50 (3) 1962 / p.34-67
‘Paul Rudolph’ / article by Giulia Veronesi
in Zodiac, 8 1961 / p.148-161 (text in Italian)

‘Rudolph’ / article by Paul Rudolph (includes Yale University married student

housing, New Haven, Conn.; Yale University Art and Architecture School
Building, New Haven, Conn.; Milam House, St John’s County, Fla.)
in Perspecta, 7 1961 / p.51-64

‘Rudolph designs for the New York Fair’ (The Galaxon; Paul Rudolph, designer)
in Architectural Record, 130 (1) July 1961 / p.12

‘Four current projects by Rudolph: The house of seven levels: St John’s County,
Jacksonville, Fla.; Yale married student dormitory, New Haven, Conn,;
O’Brien’s Motor Lodge, Waverly, New York; Temple Street Parking Garage, New
Haven, Conn.’
in Architectural Record, 129 March 1961 / p.139-154

‘Rudolph at the cross-roads’ / article by Henry A Millon
in Architectural Design, 30 December 1960 / p.497-504

‘Concrete sanctuary: a new chapel for Tuskegee Institute’ / architect Paul

in Arts & Architecture, 77 December 1960 / p.22-23

‘What’s right with architecture’ / article by Edith Brazwell Evans (House in

Cambridge, Mass.; Paul Rudolph architect)
in Architectural Record, 127 mid-May 1960 / p.66-75

‘A school in the sun: Riverside High School, Sarasota, Fla.’ / Paul Rudolph
in Architectural Forum, 112 May 1960 / p.94-101

‘New architecture in an old setting: Jewett Arts Center, Wellesley College’ / Paul
Rudolph architect
in Architectural Record, 126 July 1959 / p.175-186
‘Sarasota High School, Sarasota, Fla’ / Paul Rudolph architect
in Architectural Record, 125 March 1959 / p.189-194

‘House in Florida’ / Paul Rudolph architect
in Arts & Architecture, 74 June 1957 / p.14-15

‘The current work of Paul Rudolph: US Embassy for Jordan; Mary Cooper Jewett
Arts Center; Sarasota-Bradenton Municipal Airport Terminal building; Bramlett
Co. building, Miami; St Boniface Episcopal Church, Siesta Key, Sarasota, Fla.’
in Architectural Record, 121 February 1957 / p.161-175

‘A modern arts center to harmonize with the architectural traditions of Wellesley
College’ (Mary Cooper Jewett Arts Center, Wellesley College, Paul Rudolph
in Architectural Forum, 105 December 1956 / p.100-106

‘Sanderling Beach Club, Sarasota, Fla.’ / Paul Rudolph architect
in Architectural Record, 114 October 1953 / p.150-155

‘Formal building for formal rituals: a fraternity house for Miami University’ / Paul
Rudolph architect
in Architectural Forum, 99 August 1953 / p.117-119

‘Rudolph and the roof, how to make a revolution on a small budget: House at
Siesta Key, Fla.’
In House & Home, 3 June 1953 / p.140-145

‘New directions. 1: Paul Rudolph’
in Perspecta, 1 Summer 1952 / p.19-25
‘Concrete home in Florida is one of eight prototype houses designed to solve
regional building problems’
in Architectural Forum, 89 October 1948 / p.101-108

Paul Rudolph Foundation

Compiled by Aileen Smith, Deputy Librarian

February 2005