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SAP Solution Brief

SAP Manufacturing Improving Asset Visibility

SAP® Software Delivers Insight
Driving Operational Improvements

Organizations can increase

uptime, narrow process
­variability, control mainte-
nance costs, react faster
to process upsets, and
­satisfy customers more If the executives on the top floor had • A management execution system (MES)
greater visibility into events and pro- • A laboratory information management
­consistently if they can gain cesses on the shop floor, what could system (LIMS)
greater visibility into their you gain? What if a vice president of • A supervisory control and data acqui-
manufacturing could take in, at a glance, sition (SCADA) system
operations and asset per­ the real-time status of plant-floor opera- • A historian system
formance. Software from tions in multiple locations? What if that • Any other type of system
executive could drill down into the oper-
SAP can help you gain this ational details at a particular plant to The software can automatically upload
visibility. see real-time information about produc- data to business applications, though
tion rates and yields, quality and safety clear user interfaces enable shop-floor
metrics, and energy consumption and workers to enter information manually
emission? Or, when seeing an excep- if needed. Plant employees can use
tional situation, drill down still further, role-based dashboards to view the ag-
gaining insight into the actual perfor- gregated information at precisely the
mance of individual machines in a fa­cility operational levels they need to do their
thousands of miles away? jobs effectively.

With these insights, your organization For Plant Managers

would have the ability to manage opera- Instant visibility into metrics such as
tions more effectively, improve uptime overall equipment effectiveness enables
and plant performance, achieve higher plant managers to take quick action to
product consistency and quality, lower maintain or improve rate, quality, yield,
costs and increase profits, deliver goods energy consumption, emissions compli-
on time more reliably, and satisfy your ance, product mix, and other indicators
customers more consistently. tied to plant operations. Plant managers
also benefit from the ability to compare
Those are highly desirable outcomes that different production lines and plants, help-
software from SAP can help you realize. ing them establish best practices and
drive optimal delivery of production orders
Using Role-Appropriate Dashboards to their highest performing locations.
They can use this integrated software to
To gain greater control over your manu- communicate continuous improvement
facturing operations, integrated software initiatives in real time and respond to
from SAP can help you link the systems ­unexpected deviations and exceptions
that manage and monitor your production before they affect the customer.
environment with the systems you use
to plan and manage your business. SAP® For Line Managers
software can help you aggregate and Real-time visibility into production, tech-
act upon the information that is impor- nical machine performance, and mainte-
tant to your enterprise, whether your nance information helps line managers
shop floor or production environment responsible for the operation and per-
relies on: formance of individual production lines.
They can quickly follow up on problem Drilling Down into the Detail on the line is critical, but effective action
areas identified by a plant manager, track requires a level of visibility that goes
progress toward improvements, and Integrated software from SAP also beyond the components on the line itself.
identify new areas for study. Built-in makes it easier for you to gain insight You need to be able to consolidate infor-
alerts can flag out-of-control situations into operational details at a level that is mation from multiple sources – the equip-
and other exceptions, helping you rapidly right for each user. You might start with ment and the maintenance systems that
make changes to improve performance a view of manufacturing operations that support them, for example – to make the
and achieve manufacturing excellence. shows high-level performance metrics best decisions possible about the equip-
at plants around the world. But what if ment and the line.
For Reliability Engineers one plant is showing an alert condition?
Reliability engineers can take advantage By clicking on a single plant, the view Again, the integrated applications from
of the insights enabled by this integrated drills down into greater levels of detail SAP have been designed with these
software to support their continuous for just that plant – how individual lines needs in mind. The software includes
improvement and Six Sigma strategies. are performing within the plant, for connectors that are already configured
By taking advantage of the visibility en- ­example. Click again, and the visibility
abled by these integrated tools, reliabili- sharpens to show the details associat-
ty engineers gain real-time insight into ed with just the one problematic line. Plant employees involved
moment-by-moment fluctuations in asset
performance. Dashboards can display While a vice president of manufacturing in plant operations can use
the key performance indicators each may never want to drill down so deeply role-based dashboards to
person needs to track, configured as to see real-time alarm information
­according to specific organizational from a single machine on the shop floor, view the aggregated infor-
needs. At the same time, integrated a line manager or reliability engineer mation at precisely the
would definitely want that level of insight
– and software from SAP can provide it. ­operational levels they need
To gain greater control over The plant manager might have real-time to do their jobs effectively.
visibility into all the lines at a plant and
your manufacturing opera- can drill down into each line for more
tions, integrated software insight. The reliability engineer might to integrate a wide range of commonly
have visibility into each system – view- used systems – and it allows you to
from SAP can help you link ing real-time performance information construct custom-built connectors to
the systems that manage in one dashboard panel and suggestions integrate virtually any production system.
for ways to improve performance in
and monitor your produc- another. Similarly, while the kinds of visibility de-
tion environment with the scribed so far benefit an organization
Acting on Consolidated Input striving to increase the productive yield
systems you use to plan of manufacturing processes and plants,
and manage your business. Manufacturing facilities produce infor- this same visibility can also help stream-
mation from a wide range of sources – line the broader supply chain itself.
shop-floor equipment, emissions control Managers interacting with this integrated
r­ eliability-centered maintenance (RCM) systems, quality tracking systems, and software can readily see how production
software can analyze input from all areas more. There are other systems that capacity is balanced and how they might
of the production environment and auto- support these systems, too – mainte- move or reallocate production streams
matically refine maintenance programs nance systems, monitoring systems, in the face of fluctuations in demand.
for optimal performance. and the like. Visibility into the systems Your business decision makers can gain
greater visibility into information about components into a single platform, You need to be able to
orders, materials, equipment status, ­providing the best way to integrate
costs, and product quality. With this all systems running SAP or non-SAP
consolidate information
visibility you can become a more adap- software. SAP NetWeaver also helps from multiple sources –
tive manufacturer, better able to replen- organizations align IT with their business.
ish your supply network profitably while As the foundation for service-­oriented
the equipment and the
increasing your ability to respond effec- architecture (SOA), SAP NetWeaver maintenance systems
tively to unpredictable change. ­allows organizations to compose and
enhance business applications rapidly
that support them, for
Software and Services for Gaining to drive business change. example – to make the
Asset Visibility
Working together – and with other ap-
best decisions possible
Integrated software and services from plications as your organizational needs about the equipment
SAP and our partners can provide you dictate, such as the SAP Supply Chain
with the functionality you need to gain Management application or Meridium
and the line.
visibility into your assets. Several applica- RCMO – these integrated applications
tions comprise this integrated solution. can help you gain visibility across the
entire operational continuum. SAP MII Translating Insight into Control
The SAP® ERP application helps you is powered by the SAP NetWeaver
streamline your manufacturing processes technology platform, which enables an In summary, greater insight into the
– from planning and scheduling through organization to reduce IT complexity ­activities and events taking place within
sequencing and execution to monitoring, and obtain more business value from your manufacturing operations can drive
quality management, and analysis – and its infrastructure investments. SAP MII operational improvements across the
improve efficiency along your entire value and SAP NetWeaver support the ISA-95 enterprise. The real challenge is gaining
chain. standard, which provides uniform termi- visibility into these operations. Integrated
nology, concepts, and models for inte- software from SAP can help. You can
The SAP Manufacturing Integration grating enterprise resource planning gain greater visibility into – and increased
and Intelligence (SAP MII) application (ERP) systems with MES and process control over – complex, heterogeneous,
provides the direct connections between control systems. Prebuilt connectors multiplant environments. You can improve
business operations and shop-floor enable you to consolidate information your ability to manage shop-floor oper-
systems. It helps ensure that all data from many different sources and to gain ations from the top floor, improve up-
that affects manufacturing is visible in the insight you need to manage your time and plant performance, improve
real time – including information about operations with peak effectiveness. product consistency and quality, lower
orders, materials, equipment status, costs, increase profits, and better serve
costs, and product quality. The applica- In addition, the SAP Services organiza- your customers.
tion delivers preconfigured connectors tion can help assess your manufacturing
to many commonly used production processes and present a clear road map For More Information
­environment systems, as well as a rich to gaining increased visibility within your
set of manufacturing visualization and manufacturing operations. Using best To learn more about how integrated soft-
analytics tools that support your Six business practices developed during ware from SAP can help your organiza-
Sigma initiatives. more than 105,000 business engage- tion improve asset visibility, call your
ments in 120 countries, SAP Services SAP representative today or visit us
Underlying these integrated applications can help you keep your manufacturing on the Web at
is the SAP NetWeaver® technology plat- operations running at peak levels in /executiveview/manufacturing/improve
form. SAP NetWeaver unifies technology support of your business goals. -asset-visibility/index.epx.
Quick facts /contactsap

Integrated software from SAP can help an organization gain greater visibility into – and control
over – manufacturing operations. Together the SAP® ERP application, SAP Manufacturing
Integration and Intelligence application, and SAP NetWeaver® technology platform – along with
other software as needed – integrate plant-floor systems with core enterprise applications.
All employees involved in plant operations can use role-based dashboards to gain precisely
the operational visibility they require to do their jobs effectively.

Business Challenges
• Gain role-appropriate visibility into complex, heterogeneous, and globally based manufac-
turing operations
• Improve responsiveness to changing plant conditions
• Identify and respond to manufacturing plant issues and exceptions more rapidly
• Integrate manufacturing-floor operations with business drivers to streamline the supply

Key Features
• Manufacturing asset utilization – Set up alerts for out-of-control conditions, calculate
and compare overall equipment effectiveness, rapidly drill down for sources of poor
• Business planning – Match enterprise resource planning data on orders and production
planning, correlate to actual plant experience, and adjust operations immediately as
• Plant maintenance – Gain insight into the real-time status of operating equipment, and
­leverage this insight for improved uptime and reliability

Business Benefits
• Increased uptime within manufacturing operations due to real-time alerts
• Greater product consistency through greater visibility of quality results and faster
­reaction to in-process results
• Lower costs through improved insight into manufacturing processes and controls that
drive meaningful improvement projects
• Higher profits through optimized performance and reduced waste 50 094 304 (09/03)
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