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Zigbee based Human Sense Robot for Military Applications


In this project, we use an human sense robot to detect the human beings over certain
restricted areas with the help of an embedded microcontroller. The system uses an advanced
wireless protocol ZIGBEE which has the control over entire transceiver module. We use a
human detecting sensor which is capable of sensing lives and immediately alerts the wireless
camera fixed in the system which captures and sends the live video. It can be widely used in
more secured areas to detect the roaming of any person around certain highly protected area.
The entire area is monitored through the PC in the control room.

Project Specifications :

PC Interface : RS232
Sensor : Intruder Sensor
Wireless : Zigbee
Hardware used : +12V relay, wireless camera
Embedded Processor : AT89C52
Embedded Firmware : Embedded ‘C’ - Keil IDE.
Application Software : Visual Studio

Project Learning Outcome:

 Embedded System Basics

 Microcontroller programming
 Firmware Development
 Hardware Design and Trouble Shooting
 Application Software Design
 PCB Fabrication