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Note: Mr. sci.

Marjan Hajnal – Israeli Jewish scholar -- is a member of the

international team of experts, Institute for the Research of Genocide, Canada

Trifkovic’s actions during the 1992-1995 war, genocide denial and ‘hate speech’
— makes him morally reprehensible

Mr. sci. Marjan Hajnal


March 7, 2011.

In february 2011, Serbian students at the University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada)
invited Dr. Srdja Trifkovic to their campus where he was suppose to hold a lecture. Srdja
Trifkovics is a current friend to the war criminal fugitive Ratko Mladic, an advisor to the war
criminal Radovan Karadzic, a spokesperson for the “Government of Republika Srpska” and an
advisor to the previous Serbian president and a leader in the war crimes in SrebrenicaVojislav

Instantly after he was denied entry into Canada ahead of his scheduled lecture, an
overwhelming number of threats began pouring into the Institute for Research of Genocide-
Canada.This was all because the institute protested against an individual who promotes
human rights abuses towards non-Serbian nationals, more specifically towards Bosniaks.

It is not relevant to analyze or make excuses to students about human rights abuses. The facts
that threats have been made to members of the institute as well as members of their families
clearly demonstrate the level of loyalty towards their ideology which has brough serious
physical distruction in urban and rural infracture of Bosnia and Herzegovina, mass murders
and forced migration. What kind of human rights could exist if there are individuals that
continue to promote genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It is evident that there is a major Neonazi impact from Serbia spilling into regions of Bosnia.
These groups are known as “Rasonalisti” and “Stormfront” (presenting themselves as Arian
Racists). The government of Serbia has not taken any action against these groups to put a stop
to their propaganda which has seeped into the media and other concrete manifestations that
challenge peace and freedom. The main principle of these groups are racism inspired by past
German Nazis. As a historian, Srdja Trfkovic should be dedicating his career to inform citizens
and more specifically the young population about the military dilusions against humanity.

After being held for questioning at the Airport in Vancouver, Trifkovic was sent back to the
United States with the following reason:

“Denied on the basis of impeding human rights and international law while he was a high
commander in a government that took part in terrorism, systematic obstruction of human
rights, genocide, and war crimes”

Thanks to the actions taken by the Institute for Research of Genocide Canada (IRGC), the
wider scope of the international community has been able to see the criminal doctrines of
mass killings on the citizens of RBIH and the conditions that have been created by Serbia and
Croatia regarding the divide of the land; all on the account of Bosnia and Bosniaks as well as
all citizens faithful to Bosnia.

The Canadian Parliament adopted a Resolution on the Bosnia and Herzegovina Genocide.
July 11th has been declared Srebrenica Remembrence Day.

All indviduals and groups who believe in the major Serbia-Cetnik movement, that exists
worldwide has installed militant hegemon exposure which the Canadian government has
denied by rejecting Srdja Trifkovic entry. With this action, the government of Canada
demonstrated that the spread of a distructive ideology will not be tolerated in a democratic
county and all those who instigate human rights abuses will be deported from Canada.

All in all, that step would provide a strong incentive for United States authorities to reexamine
their tolerance towards adopted ideologies espousing terror, national and religious hatred, as
well as racial segregation. This would be especially relevant for firmly established supporters
of ideologies that violate basic human rights, fundamental principles of democratic societies,
and all other values cherished in our society.