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A fully bilingual, dictionary
portable reference
for home or travel

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ISBN 2-8315-6571-5

Revised 1994
Fourth Printing - August 1997
Printed in the Netherlands
Berlitz Dictionaries

Dansk Engelsk, Fransk, Italiensk, Spansk, Tysk

Deutsch Dänisch, Englisch, Finnisch, Französisch,

Italienisch, Niederländisch, Norwegisch,
Portugiesisch, Schwedish, Spanisch

English Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German,

Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish,
Swedish, Turkish

Espanol Alemän, Danes, Finlandes, Frances, Holandes,

Ingles, Noruego, Sueco

Fran^ais Allemand, Anglais, Danois, Espagnol, Finnois,

Italien, Neerlandais, Norvegien, Portugals,

Italiano Danese, Finlandese, Francese, Inglese,

Norvegese, Olandese, Svedese, Tedesco

Nederlands Duits, Engels, Frans, Italiaans, Portugees,


Norsk Engelsk, Fransk, Italiensk, Spansk, Tysk

Portugues Alemäo, Frances, Holandes, Ingles, Sueco

Suomi Englanti, Espanja, Italia, Ranska, Ruotsi, Saksa

Svenska Engelska, Finska, Franska, Italienska,

Portugisiska, Spanska, Tyska
Contents Inhaltsverzeichnis

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Preface 6 Vorwort 7

Introduction 11 Erläuterungen 207

Guide to Pronunciation 12 Aussprache 208


Menu Reader 173 Aus der Speisekarte 337

German Mini- Grammar 188 Englische Kurzgrammatik 349
German Abbreviations 195 Englische Abkürzungen 357
Numerals 197 Zahlwörter 360
Time 198 Uhrzeit 361

Some Basic Phrases 199 Nützliche Redewendungen 199

Measures and Temperature 368 Maße und Temperatur 368


In selecting the 12.500 word-concepts in each language for this dic-

tionary, the editors have had the traveller's needs foremost in mind.
This book will prove invaluable to all the millions of travellers, tourists
and business people who appreciate the reassurance a small and
practical dictionary can provide. It offers them — as it does beginners

and students all the basic vocabulary they are going to encounter and
to have to use, giving the key words and expressions to allow them to
cope in everyday situations.
Like our successful phrase books and travel guides, these dictionar-
ies — created with the help of a computer data bank — are designed to
slip into pocket or purse, and thus have a role as handy companions at
all times.
Besides just about everything you normally find in dictionaries, there
are these Berlitz bonuses:
• imitated pronunciation next to each foreign-word entry, making it
easy to read and enunciate words whose spelling may look for-
• a unique, practical glossary to simplify reading a foreign restaurant
menu and to take the mystery out of complicated dishes and inde-
cipherable names on bills of fare
• useful information on how to tell the time and how to count, on
conjugating irregular verbs, commonly seen abbreviations and
converting to the metric system, in addition to basic phrases.

While no dictionary of this size can pretend to completeness, we expect

the user of this book will feel well armed to tackle foreign travel with
confidence. We should, however, be very pleased to receive comments,
criticism and suggestions that you think may be of help in preparing
future editions.

Bei der Auswahl der 12 500 Begriffe, die in jedem der beiden Teile die-
ses Wörterbuchs enthalten sind, standen die Bedürfnisse des Reisenden
stets im Vordergrund. Dieses handliche und praktische, mit Hilfe einer
Datenbank erstellte Wörterbuch wird sich deshalb für alle Reisende -
ob Touristen oder Geschäftsleute -, aber auch für Anfänger und
Sprachschüler als unschätzbarer Helfer erweisen. Es enthält den
Grundwortschatz und alle wichtigen Ausdrücke, die man benötigt, um
sich im Alltag in jeder Lage zurechtzufinden.
Wie unsere Sprachführer und Reiseführer paßt auch dieses Wörter-
buch in jede Jacken- oder Handtasche und ist so immer griffbereit.
Neben all dem, was man von einem Wörterbuch erwartet, bietet es
noch diese besonderen Vorteile:

• Die internationale Lautschrift (IPA) nach jedem Stichwort in der

Fremdsprache löst alle Ausspracheprobleme.
• Ein einzigartiges kulinarisches Lexikon hilft beim Lesen der Speise-
und Getränkekarte und enträtselt all die unbekannten Gerichte und
• Nützliche Hinweise über Zeitangaben, Grund- und Ordnungszahlen,
unregelmäßige Verben und übliche Abkürzungen werden ergänzt
durch einige Sätze, die in alltäglichen Situationen zustatten kom-

Selbstverständlich kann kein Wörterbuch dieses Formats Anspruch auf

Vollständigkeit erheben. Wir glauben jedoch, daß der Benutzer dieses
Buches sich mit Zuversicht auf die Reise machen kann. Es versteht sich,
daß wir jede Art von Kommentar, Kritik oder Anregung begrüßen, die
uns helfen, zukünftige Auflagen zu verbessern.


adj adjective ntpl neuter plural
adv adverb num numeral
Am American P past tense
art article Pi plural
conj conjunction plAm plural (American)
feminine PP past participle
f present tense
fpl feminine plural pr
m masculine pref prefix
mpl masculine plural prep preposition
n noun pron pronoun
nAm noun (American) v verb
nt neuter vAm verb (American)

The dictionary has been designed to take account of your practical
needs. Unnecessary linguistic information has been avoided. The entries
are listed in alphabetical order, regardless of whether the entry word is
printed in a single word or in two or more separate words. As the only
exception to this rule, reflexive verbs and a few idiomatic expressions are
listed alphabetically as main entries, according to the verb or the most
significant word of the expression.

e.g. sich befassen mit is found under b

auf Wiedersehen is found under w
When an entry is followed by sub-entries such as expressions and
have been listed in alphabetical order.
locutions, these, too,
Each main-entry word is followed by a phonetic transcription (see
Guide to pronunciation). Following the transcription is the part of
speech of the entry word whenever applicable. When an entry word may
be used as more than one part of speech, the translations are grouped
together after the respective part of speech.
Considering the complexity of the rules for constructing the plural of
German nouns, we have supplied the plural form whenever in current
Each time an entry word is repeated in plural or in sub-entries, a tilde
(~) is used to represent the full entry word. Two dots above the tilde (~
means that, in the plural, the word takes an Umlaut.
In plurals of compounds only the part that changes is written out fully,
whereas the unchanged part is represented by a hyphen.
Entry: Abenteuer (pi ~) Plural: Abenteuer
Abend (pi ~e) Abende
Satz (pi ~e) Sätze
Geschäftsmann (pi -leute) Geschäftsleute

An asterisk (*) in front of a verb indicates that the verb is irregular. For
details, refer to the lists of irregular verbs.

Guide to Pronunciation
Each main entry in this part of the dictionary is followed by a phonetic
transcription which shows you how to pronounce the words. This
transcription should be read as if it were English. It is based on Standard
British pronunciation, though we have tried to take account of General
American pronunciation also. Below, only those letters and symbols are
explained which we consider likely to be ambiguous or not immediately
The syllables are separated by hyphens, and stressed syllables are
printed in italics.
Of course, the sounds of any two languages are never exactly the same,
but if you follow carefully our indications, you should be able to
pronounce the foreign words in such a way that you'll be understood.
To make your task easier, our transcriptions occasionally simplify
slightly the sound system of the language while still reflecting the essen-
tial sound differences.


g always hard, as in go
kh a k-sound where the tongue doesn't quite touch the roof of the
mouth, so that the air continues to come out, with a sound of
friction between the tongue and the roof of the mouth after back ;

vowels (e.g. ah, o, oo) like ch in Scottish loch, otherwise more

like h in huge

r pronounced in the back of the mouth

s always hard, as in so
zh a soft, voiced sh, like s in pleasure

Vowels and Diphthongs

aa long a, as in car
ah a short version of aa between a in cat and u in cut

ai like air, without any r-sound

eh like e in get

er as in other, without any r-sound

ew a "rounded ee-sound" say the vowel sound ee (as in see), and

while saying it, round your lips as for oo (as in soon), without
moving your tongue when your lips are in the oo position, but

your tongue is in the ee position, you should be pronouncing

the correct sound
igh as in sigh
o always as in hot (British pronunciation)
ou as in loud
ur as in fur, but with rounded lips and no r-sound

1) A bar over a vowel symbol (e.g. ew) shows that this sound is long.

2) Raised letters (e.g. yaa) should be pronounced only fleetingly.

3) German vowels(i.e. not diphthongs) are pure. Therefore, you should

read a transcription like oa without moving tongue or lips while
try to
pronouncing the sound.
4) Some German words borrowed from French contain nasal vowels,
which we transcribe with a vowel symbol plus «g (e.g. ahng). This «g
should not be pronounced, and serves solely to indicate nasal quality of
the preceding vowel. A nasal vowel is pronounced simultaneously
through the mouth and the nose.
A *
abf allen v slope
(a/7p-fah- lern)
Aal (aal ) m (pl ~e) eel abfassen v *draw up
(a/7p-fah-sern )

ab (ahp prep as from adv off; ~

) ; abfertigen (a/7p-fehr-ti-gern v dis- )

und zu occasionally patch

abändern (a/?p-ehn-derm v change ) Abfluß (a/jp-flooss drain ) m
Abbildung (a/?p-bil-doong /(pl ~en) ) !
Abführmittel (a/?p-fewr-mi-terl nt (pl )

picture ~) laxative
abbremsen (a/?p-brehm-zern ) v slow abgelegen (a/?p-ger-läy-gern adj ) far-
down remote
Abbruch (a/?p-brookh m demolition ) abgeneigt (a/?p-ger-nighkt adj averse )

abdrehen (a/?p-dräy-em v turn off ) abgenutzt (a/7p-ger-nootst adj worn- )

Abend (aa-bernt ) m (pl ~e) night, out

evening Abgeordnete (aftp-ger-or-dner-ter m )

Abenddämmerung (
aa-bernt-deh-mer- (pl ~n) deputy Member of Parlia-

roong ) / dusk ment

Abendessen (aa-bemt-eh-sern ) nt sup- abgerundet (a/?p-ger-roon-dert adj )

per dinner
; rounded
abends (aa-bernts adv at night ) Abgesandte (a/7p-ger-zahn-ter m (pl )

Abenteuer (aa-bem-toi-err nt (pl ~) ) ~n) delegate, envoy

adventure abgeschieden (a/7p-ger-shee-dern ad] )

aber (aa-berr conj but

) isolated
Aberglaube (aa-berr-glou-ber ) m abgesehen von (a/)p-ger-zäy-em )

superstition apart from

'abfahren (a/7p-faa-rem v pull out ) Abgott (a/?p-got ) m (pl ~er) idol
Abfahrt (a/?p-faart /departure )
Abgrund (a/7p-groont m (pl ~e)

Abfahrtszeit (a/?p-faarts-tsight /(pl )

abyss, precipice
-en) time of departure Abhandlung (a/7p-hahn-dloong ) /(pl
Abfall (a/7p-fahl m
(pl ~e) garbage;
) -en) essay
litter, rubbish, refuse Abhang (a/?p-hahng m (pl ~e) slope )

Abfalleimer (a/?p-fahl-igh-merr ) m (pl *

abhängen von (a/?p-hehng-ern de- )

~) rubbish-bin, dustbin ; trash can pend on -


abhängig 16 Abtei

abhängig (a/7p-hehng-ikh ) adj depend- abreisen (a/?p-righ-zem ) v depart, *set

ant out
abheben (a/7p-häy-bern v *draw
) Absatz (a/7p-zahts (pl -e) heel
) m
abholen (afy>-höä-lern ) v pick up, col- paragraph
lect, fetch abschaffen (aftp-shah-fem v abolish )

abhorchen (a/7p-hor-khem ) v eaves- abschalten (a/?p-shahl-tem v *cut off )

drop abscheulich (ahp-s/7o/-likh adj hid- )

Abkommen (ahp-ko-mem ) nt (pl ~) eous, terrible

agreement Abschied (a/?p-sheet parting ) m
Abkürzung (a/?p-kewr-tsoong ) /(pl *
abschießen (aa6-shee-sern v launch )

~en) abbreviation abschließen (aftp-shlee-sern v *shut )

abladen (a/7p-laa-dem v unload ) Abschluß (a/?p-shlooss issue ) m
Ablagerung (a/?p-laa-ger-roong /(pl ) abschneiden (a/7p-shnigh-dem) v
~en) deposit *cutoff; chip
ablaufen (a/?p-lou-fern ) v expire Abschnitt (a/?p-shnit ) m (pl ~~e) sec-
ablehnen (a/?p-läy-nern ) v reject tion ; extract
ableiten (a/?p-ligh-tern ) v deduce, infer abschrauben (a/?p-shrou-bern ) v un-
Ablenkung (a/7p-lehng-koong ) /diver- screw
sion Abschrift (a/?p-shrift ) /(pl ~en) copy
abliefern (a/?p-lee-ferm ) v deliver abschüssig (a/7p-shew-sikh adj slop- )

ablösen (a/7p-lür-zern v relieve

) ing, slanting
abmachen (a/?p-mah-khem v stipu- )
absenden (a/?p-zehn-dern ) v *send
late off
sich abmelden (a/7p-mehl-dem ) check Absicht (a/?p-zikht ) /(pl ~en) pur-
out pose, intention
sich abmühen (aftp-mew-ern labour ) absichtlich (a/?p-zikht-likh ) adj delib-
Abnahme (a/?p-naa-mer /(pl ~n) de- ) erate, on purpose, intentional
crease absolut (ahp-zoa-/dör) adj sheer
abnehmen (a/?p-nä"y-mem ) v *take absplittern (a/?p-shpli-terrn ) vchip
away; decrease; slim Abstammung (a/?p-shtah-moong / )

Abneigung (a/?p-nigh-goong ) /dislike, origin

antipathy Abstand (a/?p-shtahnt m space

abnorm {ahp-norm) adj abnormal Abstieg (a/?p-shteek ) m descent

Abonnement (ah-bo-ner-ma/7*#) nt Abstimmung (a/?p-shti-moong ) /vote
(pl — s) subscription Abstinenzler (ahps-ti-ne/?A?-tslerr ) m
Abonnent {ah-bo-nehnt) m (pl ~en) ~) teetotaller
subscriber abstoßend (a/7p-shtöä-semt adj ) re-
Abordnung (a/?p-or-dnoong ) /(pl volting, repellent
~en) delegation abstrakt (ahps- trahkt) adj abstract
Abortus (ah-^or-tooss ) m (pl ~) abor- abstürzen (a/7p-shtewr-tsem v crash )

tion absurd (ahp-zoo/t adj absurd)

abraten (a/7p-raa-tern v dissuade ) Abszeß (a/7ps-tsehss ) m (pl -esse) ab-
from scess
Abreise (aftp-righ-zer /departure
) Abtei {ahp-tigh) /(pl ~en) abbey

Abteil 17 ähnlich

Abteil (ahp-tighl) nt (pl ~e) compart- Achtung (aMMoong /esteem; ) re-

ment spect
Abteilung(ahp-r/g/j-loong /(pl ~en) ) achtzehn (ahkh-xsäyn num eighteen )

department section
division, ; achtzehnte ah M-tsäyn-ter) num

'abtragen (a/7p-traa-gern v wear out ) eighteenth

abtrocknen (a/7p-tro-knern v dry ) achtzig {ahkh-xs\kh ) num eighty
abwärts adv downwards
(a/7p-vehrts ) Acker {ah-ken m (pl ~) field )

*abwaschen (aAp-vah-shern v wash ) Adapter (ah-dabp-terr) m (pl ~s)

up adapter
Abwasserkanal (a/?p-vah-serr-kah-naal )
addieren (ah-cfee-rern v count; add )

m (pl -e) sewer Addition (ah-di-te^dän) /(pl -en)

abwechselnd (a/7p-veh-kserlnt ) adj al- addition
ternate Adel (aa-derl ) m nobility
Abwechslung (a/?p-veh-ksloong ) / Ader (aa-derr ) /(pl ~n) vein
variation Adler (aa-dlen ) m (pl ~~) eagle
Abwehr (ahp-väyr /defence ) administrativ (aht-mi-ni-strah-teer") adj
abweichen (aftp-vigh-khem ) v de- administrative
viate Admiral (aht-mi-raa/) m (pl -e) ad-
Abweichung (aftp-vigh-khoong ) /(pl miral
-en) aberration adoptieren (ah-dop-tee-rern v adopt )

abwenden (a/jp-vehn-dem v avert ) Adressat (ah-dreh-saaf (pl —en) ) m

Abwertung (a/7p-vair-toong /devalu- ) addressee
ation Adresse {ah- dreh -sex ) /(pl -n) ad-
abwesend (a/7p-väy-zernt adj absent ) dress
Abwesenheit (a/?p-väy-zem-hight / ) adressieren (ah-dreh-see-rern ) v ad-
absence dress
abwischen (a/?p-vi-shem )v wipe Adverb (ahx-vehrp) nt (pl -ien) ad-
abzahlen (a/7p-tsaa-lern ) v *pay on ac- verb
count Affe (a/7-fer ) m
(pl ~n) monkey
abzeichnen (a/?p-tsighkh-nem ) v in- Afrika {ah-fn-kaa Africa )

itial ; endorse Afrikaner (ah-fri-£aa-nerr (pl ~) ) m

abziehen {ahp-xsee-em ) v deduct African
Abzug {ahp-xsöbk ) m (pl ~e) print afrikanisch (ah-fri-£aa-nish adj Afri- )

trigger can
Achse (a/7-kser /(pl ~n) axle ) Agent (ah-gehnt) m (pl -en) agent
Acht (ahkht / notice sich in -
) ; Agentur (att-gehn-ftwr) /(pl -en)
nehmen beware agency
acht (ahkht num eight ) aggressiv (ah-greh- seef) adj aggress-
achtbar {ahkht-baar adj respectable )
achte {ahkh-xer num eighth ) Ägypten (eh-gewp-xem Egypt )

achten (ahkh-xem v respect ~ auf ) ; Ägypter (eh-^ewp-terr m (pl ~) )

mind *pay attention to

; Egyptian
"achtgeben (a/Mr-gäy-bern) vlook ägyptisch (eh-gewp-i\sh adj Egyptian )

out ~ auf watch attend to mind

; ; ; ähnlich (a/n-likh adj similar; alike
Ähnlichkeit 18 Amerikaner

Ähnlichkeit /(pl ~en)

(a/n-likh-kight ) Allee [ah-la~y) /(pl -n) avenue
; allein {ah-lighn) adv alone
Ahnung (aa-noong /notion ) allenfalls (a/?-lem-fahls ) adv at most
Ahorn (aa-hom (pl ~e) maple) m allerdings (a/?-lerr-dings )adv of
Aids (aidz)flf Aids course
Akademie (ah-kah-day-mee) /(pl ~n) Allergie (ah-lehr-^ee) /(pl ~n) allergy
academy allerlei (a/?-lerr-ligh ) adj various, all

Akkord (ah- kort ) m (pl ~e) agreement sorts of

Akkreditiv (ah-kray-di-teef) nt (pl ~e) alles (a/?-lerss) pron everything; ~ in-
letter of credit begriffen all in
Akku (ah-koo) m (pl ~s) battery allgemein {ah\-§ex-mighn) adj gener-
Akne(a/7-kner) /acne al; public; common; universal; im
Akt (ahkt ) m
(pl ~e) act nude ; allgemeinen in general
Akte {ahk-xer /(pl ~n) record Ak-
) ; Alliierte (ah-li-eer-ter) m ally
ten file allmächtig (ahl-me/iM-tikri ) adj om-
Aktentasche (a/7/r-tern-tah-sher /(pl ) nipotent
~n) briefcase, attache case allmählich (ahl-ma/'-likh ) adj gradual
Aktie (aM-tsYer /(pl ~n) share Ak-) ; alltäglich (ah\-ta~yk-\\kh ) adj ordinary,
tien stocks and shares everyday daily ;

Aktion (ahk-fc^dän) /(pl ~en) action AI ma nach (a/7/-mah-nahkh (pl ~e) ) m

aktiv {ahk- teef) adj active almanac
Aktivität (ahk-ti-vi-te/Y) /(pl ~en) ac- Alphabet (ah\ -iah- ba~yt) nt aiphabet
tivity als (ahls conj when than ~ ob as
) ; ; if

aktuell (ahk-xoo-ehl) adj topical alsbald {ah\s-bahlt) adv soon

akut ah -kööt) adj acute
( also(a/7/-zöä) conj so
Akzent (ahk- tsehnt) (pl ~e) accent m Alt(ahlt)/n(pl~e)alto
akzeptieren (ahk-tsehp-tee-rern ) v ac- alt (ahlt adj old, ancient aged
) ;

cept Altar (ahl-faaO m (pl ~e) altar

Alarm (ah-lahrm) alarm m altbacken (a/?/f-bah-kern adj stale )

alarmieren (ah-lahr-mee-rem v alarm ) Alteisen (aM-igh-zern nt scrap-iron )

albern (a/?/-berm adj foolish, silly ) Alter (a/7/-terr nt age old age
) ;

Album (a/?/-boom nt (p\ Alben) al- ) Alternative (ahl-tehr-nah-tee-ver /(pl )

bum -n) alternative

Algebra (a/?/-gay-brah ) /algebra Altertum (aW-terr-tööm nt antiquity )

Algerien (ah\-ga~y-rvem ) Algeria Altertumskunde a/7/-terr-tööms-koon-


Algerier (ah\-ga~y-^err ) m (pl ~) Al- der)/archaeology

gerian adj elderly
ältlich (e/7/Mikh )

Alimente (ah-li-mayn-ter ) ntpl ali- altmodisch (a/?/r-möä-dish adj old- )

mony fashioned, ancient quaint ;

Alkohol (a/?/-koa-hol ) m alcohol Ambulanz (ahm-boo-/a/?A7fs) /(pl ~en)

alkoholisch (ahl-koa-/7dä-lish ) adj al- ambulance
coholic Ameise (aa-migh-zer /(pl ~n) ant )

all (ahl ) num all ; alle num all ; adv Amerika (ah-may-ri-kah America )

finished Amerikaner (ah-may-ri-/raa-nerr m ) (pl

amerikanisch 19 Angelegenheit

~) American where
amerikanisch (ah-may-ri-/raa-nish adj ) Änderung (e/w-der-roong ) /(pl ~en)
American change alteration

Amethyst (ah-may- tewst) (pl ~en) m andrehen (a/7A7-dräy-em v turn on )

amethyst *
anempfehlen (a/7A7-aym-pfäy-lem v )

Amnestie (ahm-nay-stee) /amnesty recommend

Amsel (ahm-zer\ /(pl ~~n) blackbird
) *anerkennen(a/?A7-ehr-keh-nem) v
Amt (ahmt nt (pl -er) office
) recognize
Amulett (ah-moo-/e/7r) nt (pl ~e) Anerkennung (a/?A7-ehr-keh-noong ) /
lucky charm, charm (pl ~en) recognition
amüsant (ah-mew-zato adj enter- ) Anfall (ahn-iah\ ) m (pl ~e) fit

taining Anfang (a/w-fahng )m start, begin-

Amüsement (ah-mew-zer-ma/ra^) nt ning; Anfangs- initial; primary
entertainment anfangen (a/7A?-fahng-ern) v start,
amüsieren (ah-mew-zee-rem ) v commence, * begin
amuse entertain; Anfänger (a/?n-fehng-err m (pl ~~) )

an (ahn prep on
learner, beginner
Analphabet (ah-nahl-fah-6a"pf (pl ) m anfänglich (a/w-fehng-likh ) adv orig-
~en) illiterate inally
Analyse (ah-nah-/elv-zer /(pl ~n) ) anfangs (a/?n-fahngs adv at first )

analysis Anfangsbuchstabe (a/w-fahngs-böökh-

analysieren (ah-nah-lew-zee-rern ) v shtaa-ber m (pl ~n) initial

analyse anfeuchten (a/?A7-foikh-tem v moisten )

Analytiker (ah-nah-/ew-ti-kerr ) m (pl anflehen (a/7A7-fläy-em) vbeg

~) analyst Anführer (a/7A?-few-rerr m (pl ~) lead- )

Ananas (a/7-nah-nahss /pineapple ) er

Anarchie (ah-nahr-Mee) /anarchy Anführungszeichen (a/?n-few-roongs-
Anatomie (ah-nah-toa-mee) /anatomy tsigh-khem ntpl quotation marks

anbauen (a/7/?-bou-ern v cultivate, ) Angabe {ahn-gaa-ber /(pl ~n) data )

raise pi
in Anbetracht (in a/w-ber-trahkht ) con- *
angeben (a/7/7-gay-bem ) v indicate;
sidering, regarding declare
anbieten {ahn-bee-tem ) v offer; pre- angeboren (a/w-ger-böä-rern ) adj
sent natural
Anblick (ahn-b\\k ) m sight ; look Angebot (ahn-ger-boax ) nt (pl ~e) of-
*anbrennen(a/7A?-breh-nern) v
*burn fer ; supply
Andenken a/w -den ng- kern nt (pl ~)
( ) angebracht (a/?n-ger-brahkht ) adj
souvenir remembrance memory
; ; proper
ander (ahn-öerr adj other different
) ; angegliedert (a/?n-ger-glee-derrt ) adj
ändern {ehn-öerm v change; alter ) affiliated
anders (ahn-derrs adv otherwise )
angehen (a/?A7-gäy-ern ) v concern
andersherum (a/w-derrs-heh-room )
Angeklagte (a/?n-ger-klaak-ter ) m (pl
adv the other way round -n) accused
anderswo (a/?A?-derrs-vöä adv else- )
Angelegenheit (aftn-ger-läy-gern-

Angelgeräte 20 Anproberaum
hight /(pl ~en)
) affair, business, anklagen (a/?A?-klaa-gem ) v accuse,
concern charge
Angelgeräte (a/^-erl-ger-rai-ter ) ntpl ankleben (a/?n-kläy-bem ) v *stick
fishing tackle, fishing gear ankleiden (a/w-kligh-dern )v dress
Angelhaken (a/wp-erl-haa-kern ) m (pl Ankleideraum (a/7/7-kligh-der-roum ) nt
~~) fishing hook (pl -e) dressing-room
angeln (ahng-er\n v fish, angle ) 'ankommen (a/w-ko-mern ) v arrive
Angelrute (a/^p-erl-röö-ter) /(pl -n) ankreuzen (a/?/?-kroi-tsern v mark )

fishing rod ankündigen (a/w-kewn-di-gem v an- )

Angelschein (a/^-erl-shighn (pl ) m nounce

~e) fishing hcence Ankündigung (a/7/7-kewn-di-goong / )

Angelschnur (a/^-erl-shnöör /(pl ) -en) announcement

~e) fishing line Ankunft (ahn-koonh /arrival com- ) :

angemessen (a/w-ger-meh-sern adj ) ing

appropriate ; adequate, convenient, Ankunftszeit (a/7/7-koonfts-tsight ) /(pl
suitable -en) time of arrival
angenehm (a/w-ger-naym ) adj pleas- Anlage (a/w-laa-ger /(pl ~n) invest- )

ant; enjoyable, pleasing, agreeable ment public garden


Angestellte (a/w-ger-shtehl-ter ) m (pl Anlaß {ahn-\ahss (pl Anlässe)

) m
-~n) employee cause, occasion
angreifen (a/w-grigh-fern ) v attack, Anlasser (a/?A?-lah-serr ) m starter mo-
assault tor
Angriff (aftn-grif ) m (pl ~e) attack anlegen (a/7/7-läy-gern v dock invest ) ;

Angst /(pl -e) fright, fear;

(ahngst ) Anleihe (a/w-ligh-er /(pl ~n) loan )

dread - * haben *be afraid

; Anmeldebogen (a/?n-mehl-der-böä-
ängstlich [ehngstAWh adj afraid ) gem m (pl ~) registration form

anhaben (a/w-haa-bern v *wear ) sich anmelden (a/w-mehl-dern check )

anhaken (a/w-haa-kern v tick off ) in

anhalten (a/w-hahl-tern ) v halt pull ;
anmerken {ahn -mehr- kern ) v note
up prevent anhaltend continuous
; Anmut {ahn-möbx ) /grace
Anhalter (a/?n-hahl-terr (pl -) ) m anmutig (ahn-möb-x\kh adj graceful )

hitchhiker; per - *
fahren hitch- annähernd (a/7^?-nai-ermt adj ap- )

hike proximate
Anhang (a/w-hahng m (pl -e) annex ) 'annehmen(a/7/?-na"y-mern) k accept;
Anhänger (a/w-hehng-err m (pl ~) ) assume, suppose; adopt; angenom-
supporter ; advocate pendant ; men daß supposing that
trailer annullieren (ah-noo-/ee-rern v cancel )

anhäufen vpile
(a/7/7-hoi-fem ) Annullierung (ah-noo-/ee-roong /(pl )

anheften (a/w-hayf-tem v attach ) -en) cancellation

Anhöhe (a/w-hCTr-er /(pl -n) rise ) anonym (ah-noa-newm) adj anony-
anhören (a/7n-hür-rern v listen ) mous
Anker (ahng-kerr m (pl ~) anchor ) anpassen (a/7A7-pah-sern ) v adapt : ad-
Anklage (a/?n-klaa-ger /(pl -n) ) just
charge Anproberaum (a/7/7-pröä-ber-roum ) m

anprobieren 21

(pi ~e) fitting room Anspruch (a/7A7-shprookh ) m (pi -e)

anprobieren (ahn -proa -bee- rem v try ) claim
on Anstalt (a/?A7-shtahlt ) /(pi ~en) insti-
anraten (ahn -xaa-xem v recommend ) tute ; asylum
anregen (ahn-räy-gem ) v incite Anstand (a/7A?-shtahnt ) m decency
Anregung (a/w-räy-goong ) /impulse anständig (a/7/7-shtehn-dikh ) adj de-
anrichten (a/w-rikh-tern v cause ) cent
Anruf (ahn -röof ) m (pi ~e) telephone anstatt (ahn-shtaht prep instead of)

call, call anstecken (a/7/7-shteh-kern v infect )

anrufen ahn -röö -fern v phone, ring
( ) ansteckend (a/?n-shteh-kemt) adj con-
up, call call up
; Am tagious, infectious
anrühren ahn -rew- rem v touch
) anstellen (a/jn-shteh-lern ) v appoint;
anschauen (a/w-shou-ern v look at ) engage
Anschauung (a/7/7-shou-oong ) /(pi Anstoß (a/?A?-shtoass ) m kick-off
~en) idea, outlook anstößig (a/w-shtür-sikh adj offensive )

Anschein (a/w-shighn semblance ) m *

anstreichen (a/w-shtrigh-khern v )

anscheinend (a/7A7-shigh-nemt adv ) paint

apparently Anstrengung (a/w-shtrehng-oong / )

Anschlagzettel (a/?n-shlaak-tseh-terl (pi ~en) effort, strain

m (pi ~) poster Antenne (ahn-?e/?-ner /(pi ~n) aerial )

anschließen (a/w-shlee-sern ) v con- Anthologie (ahn-toa-loa-#ee) /(pi ~n)
nect ; sich - join anthology
Anschluß (a/?n-shlooss ) m (pi An- Antibiotikum ( a h n -ti -bi- 6a -ti-koom ) nt
schlüsse) connection (pi -ka) antibiotic
'anschreiben (a/7A?-shrigh-bem) v antik (ahn-teek) adj antique
score Antipathie (ahn-ti-pah-ree) /dishke
Anschrift (a/w-shrift ) /(pi ~en) ad- Antiquität (ahn-ti-kvi-ra/r) /(pi ~en)
dress antique
Ansehen ahn -zay-em nt reputation
) Antiquitätenhändler (ahn-ti-kvi-ra/-
ansehen (a/w-zäy-ern v look at re- ) ; tem-hehn-dlerr) m (pi ~) antique
gard dealer
Ansicht (a/w-zikht /(pi ~en) view,
) Antrag (ahn-xraak ) m (pi ~e) motion
opinion; der ~ *sein consider; zur *
antreiben (a/7/7-trigh-bern ) v propel
~ on approval Antwort (ahnt-von ) /(pi -en)
Ansichtskarte (a/w-zikhts-kahr-ter ) / answer; reply; als — in reply
(pi ~n) picture postcard, postcard antworten (a/7/?r-vor-tern) v answer;
Anspannung (a/w-shpah-noong ) /(pi reply
~en) strain anvertrauen (a/?A?-fehr-trou-ern ) v
anspornen (a/w-shpor-nern ) v stimu- commit
late *
anwachsen (a/w-vah-ksern ) v in-
Ansprache (a/?n-shpraa-kher ) /(pi ~n) crease
speech Anwalt (a/?A7-vahlt ) m (pi ~e) solicitor,
ansprechen (aftn-shpreh-khem ) v ad- attorney
dress 'anweisen (a/7/7-vigh-zern ) v desig-
Anweisung 22 Argentinier

nate Appetithappen (ah-pay-teef-hah-pem )

Anweisung (a/w-vigh-zoong ) /(pl m

(pl -) appetizer
-en) direction money order ; Aprikose (ah-pri-toä-zer /(pl -n) )

anwenden (a/in-vehn-dem v apply ) apricot
Anwendung (a/w-vehn-doong /(pl ) April (ah-p/vV) April
~en) application Aquarell (ah-kvah-re/?/) nt (pl -e)
anwesend (a/V?-väy-zernt adj present ) water-colour
Anwesenheit (a/w-väy-zern-hight / ) Äquator {eh-kvaa-xor equator )m
presence Araber (aa-rah-berr ) m (pl -) Arab
Anzahl [ahn-tsaä /(pl ~en) number;
) arabisch (ah-/aa-bish adj Arab )

quantity Arbeit (aAV-bight /(pl ~en) labour,


Anzahlung (a/w-tsaa-loong /(pl ~en) ) work; job

down payment arbeiten (a/?r-bigh-tern v work oper- ) ;

Anzeichen (a/w-tsigh-khem nt (pl ~) ) ate

indication Arbeiter (a/?r-bigh-terr ) m (pl ~)
Anzeige (aAV7-tsigh-ger ) /(pl ~n) no- workman, labourer, worker
tice ; advertisement ; ticket Arbeitgeber (aAV-bight-gäy-berr ) m (pl
anziehen (ahn-tsee-em ) v attract; -) employer
*put on Arbeitnehmer (aAV-bight-näy-merr m )

anziehend (a/w-tsee-ernt) adj attract- (pl -) employee

ive Arbeitsamt (a/V-bights-ahmt nt (pl )

Anziehung (a/?n-tsee-oong ) /attrac- -er) employment exchange

tion Arbeitsbewilligung a/V-bights-ber-vi-(

Anzug (ahn-tsook m (pl ~e) suit ) li-goong /(pl ~en) work permit la-
) ;

anzünden (a/7/7-tsewn-dern v *light ) bor permit Am

Anzünder (a/7/7-tsewn-derr m (pl <-) ) arbeitslos (a/V-bights-löäss ) adj unem-
lighter ployed
apart (ah- pahrt) adv separately Arbeitslosigkeit aAV-bights-löä-zikh-

Aperitif (ah-peh-ri-feef) (pl ~s) m kight ) /unemployment

aperitif; drink Arbeitszimmer (a/7r-bights-tsi-merr nt )

Apfel (a/7-pferl m
(pl ~) apple
) (pl ~) study
Apfelsine (ah-pferl-zee-ner /(pl ~n) ) Archäologe (ahr-kheh-oa-/oä-ger ) m
orange (pl ~n) archaeologist
Apotheke (ah-poa-fay-ker /(pl ~n) ) Archäologie (ahr-kheh-oa-loa-^ee) /
pharmacy, chemist's drugstore ; archaeology
nAm Architekt (ahr-khi- tehkt) m (pl ~~en)
Apotheker (ah-poa-fay-kerr ) m (pl ~) architect
chemist Architektur (ahr-khi-tehk-töö/-) /archi-
Apparat ah pah -raat)
- m (pl ~e) ma- tecture
chine, apparatus Archiv {abr-kheef) nt (pl ~~e) archives
Appartement (ah-pahr-ter-ma/ragO nt Pl
(pl ~e) apartment nAm Argentinien (ahr-gehn-fee-nvem Ar- )

Appell (ah-peh/) m
(pl -e) appeal gentina
Appetit (ah -pay- reef) appetite m Argentinier (ahr-gehn-ree-nverr ) m (pl
argentinisch 23 atomar

-) Argentinian Arzneimittellehre (ahrtsn/^-mitterl

argentinisch (ahr-gehn-ree-nish adj ) läy-rer) /pharmacology
Argentinian Arzt (ahrtst ) m
(pl ~e) doctor, phys-
Ärger (ehr-gerr anger ) m ician ;
praktischer - general practi-
ärgerlich (erV-gerr-likh adj annoying ) tioner
ärgern (e/?r-gerrn v annoy ) ärztlich (ehrtst-Wkh ) adj medical
Argument (ahr-goo- mehnt) nt (pl ~e) Asbest (ahss- behst) m asbestos
argument Asche (3/7-sher) /ash
argumentieren (ahr-goo-mehn-ree- Aschenbecher (a/)-shern-beh-kherr m )

rern ) v argue (pl ~) ashtray

Argwohn {ahrk -vöän ) m suspicion Asiate (ah-z^aa-ter m (pl ~n) Asian )

argwöhnisch (a/?r*-vür-nish ) adj sus- asiatisch (ah-z^aa-tish ) adj Asian

picious Asien (aa-zYern) Asia
Arkade (ahr-kaa-öer ) /(pl ~n) arcade Aspekt (ahss- pehkt) m (pl ~~e) aspect
Arm (ahrm ) m (pl ~e) arm; *- in Arm Asphalt {ahss- fah/t ) m asphalt
arm-in-arm Aspirin {aY\ss-p\- reen) nt aspirin
arm (ahrm ) adj poor Assistent (ah-siss-rerW) (pl ~en) m
Armaturenbrett (ahr-mah-foö-rem- assistant
breht nt dashboard
) assoziieren (ah-soa-tsi-ee-rern ) v asso-
Armband (arVm-bahnt ) nt (pl —er) ciate
bracelet Ast (ahst ) m (pl ~e) branch, bough
Armbanduhr (ahrm-bahnt-oor) /(pl Asthma (a/?sr-mah ) nt asthma
~en) wrist-watch Astronomie (ah-stroa-noa-mee) /as-
Armee (ahr-map) /(pl ~n) army tronomy
Ärmel (erV-merl m (pl ~~) sleeve ) Asyl (ah-zewl) nt (pl ~e) asylum
Ärmelkanal (e/7r--merl-kah-naal m ) Atem (aa-term breath ) m
English Channel Atheist (ah-tay-/sf (pl -en) atheist) m
Armlehne (arVm-läy-ner ) /(pl ~~n) Äther (a/-terr ether) m
arm Äthiopien (eh-ti-oä-pvem Ethiopia )

Armleuchter (a/?m?-loikh-terr ) m (pl Äthiopier (eh-ti-dä-pVerr (pl -) ) m

~) candelabrum Ethiopian
ärmlich (ehrm-Wkh adj poor ) äthiopisch (eh-ti-oä-pish adj Ethi- )

Armreif (arVm-righf (pl ~en) ) m opian

bangle Athlet (aht- /a"pr ) m
(pl ~en) athlete
Armut (ahr-möbx /poverty ) Athletik (aht-/ay-tik /athletics pl )

Aroma (ah-rdä-mah nt aroma ) Atlantik (aht-/a/7/?-tik Atlantic ) m

Art (ahn /(pl ~en) species, sort;
) atmen (aar-mem v breathe )

way, manner Atmosphäre (aht-moa-s/a/-rer /at- )

Arterie (ahr-ra>rver /(pl ~~n) artery ) mosphere

artig (ahr-wkh adj good ) Atmung (aar-moong ) /respiration,
Artikel (ahr-ree-kerl ) m (pl ~) article breathing
Artischocke (ahr-ti-s/70-ker ) /(pl ~n) Atom (ah- roam) nt (pl ~~e) atom;
artichoke Atom- atomic
Arznei {ahns-nigh) /(pl ~en) drug atomar (ah-xoa-maar) adj atomic
; ;

Attest 24 Aufschub

Attest (ah- tehst nt (pl ~e) certificate

) ton
Attraktion (ah-trahk-te^dä/7) /(pl ~en) aufknoten (otyf-knöä-tern v untie )

attraction Auflage (ouf-\aa-ger /(pl ~n) issue )

Aubergine (oa-behr-z/7ee-ner ) /egg- auflauern (oivMou-erm v watch for )

plant auflösen (otyMüT-zem ) v dissolve;

auch (oukh adv too, also as well
) ; sich - dissolve
auf (ouf prep on, upon at
; aufmachen (oL//-mah-khem ) v *undo;
aufbauen (oiy/-bou-em v construct ) unfasten
erect aufmerksam (oL//-mehrk-zaam ) adj at-
aufblähen (ot/f-blat-ern v inflate ) tentive
aufblasbar (o^-blaass-baar adj inflat- ) Aufmerksamkeit (odvf-mehrk-zaam-
able kight / attention notice
) ;

aufdecken (o^-deh-kern) v uncover Aufnahme (otyf-naa-mer /(pl ~n) re- )

Aufenthalt (o^-ehnt-hahlt ) m (pl — e) ception ; shot ; recording

stay ; delay aufnehmen (o^-näy-mem v pick up

Aufenthaltsgenehmigung (
ouf-ehnx- aufopfern (oi/f-o-pferm) v sacrifice
hahlts-ger-näy-mi-goong ) /(pl ~en) aufpassen (ouf-pah-sem v *pay at- )

residence permit tention watch out ~ auf look after

; ;

auffallen(otyttah-lern) v * strike aufräumen (otvf-roi-mem v tidy up )

auffallend (ofyf-fah-lemt) adj striking aufrecht (ouf-rehkhx adj upright, )

auffassen (oiyttah-sem v conceive ) erect ; adv upright

auffordern (oL/f-for-derm v invite ) aufrechterhalten o^-rehkht-ehr- (

Aufführung (ot/ttew-roong /(pl — en) ) hahl-tem) v maintain

show, performance aufregen (ouf-räy-gern v excite auf- ) ;

Aufgabe (ouf-gaa-ber /(pl ~n) duty,

) regend exciting
task ; exercise Aufregung (ot/^-räy-goong /excite- )

* aufgeben {ouf-gäy-bem ) v *give up, ment

quit ;
post, mail aufreihen (ot/f-righ-em) v thread
'aufgehen (o^-gäy-ern ) v *rise aufrichten (o^-rikh-tem v erect; auf- )

aufgliedern (o^-glee-derrn ) v *break gerichtet erect

down aufrichtig (ouf-rikh-tikh ) adj sincere,
aufgrund (ouf -groont) prep owing to, honest true ;

because of Aufruhr (ouf-röör ) m revolt, rebellion

sich * aufhalten (odyf-hahl-tern ) stay riot
aufhängen (otyf-hehng-em ) v *hang Aufsatz (o<v/-zahts (pl -e) essay ) m
Aufhänger (o^-hehng-err ) m (pl ~) *
aufschieben (otvf-shee-bem v delay; )

hanger postpone
Aufhängung (ouf-hehng-oong ) /sus- *
aufschließen (oL/f-shlee-sem v un- )

pension lock
aufheben (ouf-häy-bem v lift ) Aufschrei {ouf-shrigh (pl ~e) cry ) m
aufheitern (ot^-high-term v cheer up ) aufschreiben (oivf-shrigh-bem v )

aufhören {ouf-hür-rem v cease, ex- ) *write down

pire, stop ~ mit discontinue, quit
; Aufschub (oty/-shöop ) m delay; res-
aufknöpfen (o^-knur-pfem v unbut- ) pite

aufsehenerregend 25 ausführbar

aufsehenerregend (
ouf-zäy -ern-ehr- Augenschminke (otz-gem-shming-ker )

räy-gernt ) adj sensational /eye-shadow

Aufseher {ouf-zäy-err ) m (pl ~) super- Augenwimper (ou -gem -vim- perr ) /(pl
visor warden ; -n) eyelash
Aufsicht {ouf-zM\\ /supervision ) Augenzeuge (oi/-gern-tsoi-ger ) m (pl
Auf Sichtsbeamte ot/f-zikhts-ber-ahm- ( -n) eye-witness
ter ) m
(pi ~n) inspector August (ou- goost) August
Aufstand (otyf-shtahnt (pi ~e) re- ) m aus (ouss prep out of from
; ; for
bellion ; revolt, rising ausarbeiten (oL/ss-ahr-bigh-tern) v
aufstehen ouf-shtäy-em ( ) v *rise, elaborate
*get up ausatmen (ouss-aat-mem ) v expire,
aufsteigen (o^-shtigh-gem v as- ) exhale
cend ausbessern (ouss-beh-serm v mend )

Aufstieg {ouf-s\\\eeW climb as- ) m ; ausbeuten ouss- boi -tern v exploit


cent ; rise ausbilden ouss- bil -dem v educate;

( )

auftauen (ouf-tou- em) Kthaw train

Auftrag (ouf-traak (pi ~e) order ) m Ausbildung (ouss-bil-doong ) /training
auftreten {ouf-träy-tem v appear ) ausbreiten {ouss- brig h -tern ) v ex-
Auftritt {ouf-xüx (pi ~e) appear- ) m pand; *spread
ance Ausbruch (ouss- brookh ) m (pl -e)
aufwachen (ot/f-vah-khem v wake up
) outbreak
Aufwand (otvA/ahnt ) m expenditure ausdehnen (oiyss-däy-nern) v expand
aufwärts (ot/Avehrts adv upwards ) Ausdehnung (oi/ss-däy-noong /ex- )

aufzeichnen (ouf-tsighkh-nern v re- ) tension

cord *
ausdenken (cxyss-dehng-kem ) v de-
Aufzeichnung (otvAtsighkh-noong ) / vise
(pi ~~en) note Ausdruck {ouss-örook ) m (pl ~e)
aufziehen (ouf-xsee-em ) v *wind; term, expression; ~ * geben express
raise ausdrücken (ot/ss-drew-kern ) v ex-
Aufzug (ouf-xsöök ) m (pi ~e) lift ; el- press
evator nAm ausdrücklich (otvss-drewk-likh ) adj ex-
Auge (ou-ger ) nt (pl ~n) eye press, explicit
Augenarzt (ou-gern-ahrtst ) m (pl ~e) Auseinandersetzung (ouss-igh-na/7A7
oculist derr-zeh-tsoong ) /(pl -en) dis-
Augenblick (oü-gem-blik ) m (pl ~e) cussion, argument dispute ;

moment ; second, instant auserlesen (cwss-ehr-läy-zem adj ex- )

augenblicklich (oty-gem-blik-likh ) adv quisite, select

instantly Ausfahrt (ouss-iaan /(pl -en) exit )

Augenbraue (otv-gem-brou-er /(pl ) Ausflug (ouss-nöbk (pl ~e) excur- ) m

~n) eyebrow sion ; trip
Augenbrauenstift oty-gem-brou-ern- (
Ausfuhr (ouss-iöör ) /exports pl, ex-
shtift /72 (pl ~e) eye-pencil
) portation
Augenlid (ou-gem-leet nt (pl -er) ) ausführbar (oL/ss-fewr-baar ) adj realiz-

eyelid able

ausführen 26 ausschalten

ausführen {ouss- few- rem ) v perform ;

foreigner, alien
export execute, implement
; ausländisch (ouss- lehn -dish ) adj
ausführlich (otyss-fewr-likh adj de- ) foreign, alien
tailed 'auslassen (oiyss-lah-sern v *leave )

ausfüllen {ouss- few- lern ) v fill in; fill out, omit

out Am auslegen (oc/ss-läy-gern v display )

Ausgabe (oL/ss-gaa-ber ) /(pl ~~n) is- Auslegung (ot/ss-lai-goong /(pl -en) )

sue, edition ; expense explanation

Ausgang (oi/ss-gahng ) m (pi ~e) way 'auslesen (
ouss- läy-zayn ) v select
out, exit ausliefern ouss- lee-ferm
( ) v deliver
Ausgangspunkt (oi/ss-gahngs- extradite
poongkt ) m (pi ~e) starting-point auslöschen (oL/ss-lur-shem ) v extin-
ausgeben ( ouss- gäy-bern ) v *spend ;
guish, *put out
issue Ausmaß (ouss-maass ) nt (pl -e) ex-
ausgedehnt (o(yss-ger-däynt ) adj ex- tent ; size
tensive ; broad Ausnahme (
ouss- naa-mer ) /(pl —n)
ausgehen (ouss-gäy-em ) v *go out exception
ausgenommen (o<vss-ger-no-mern )
'ausnehmen (oL/ss-näy-mern ) v ex-
prep except empt
ausgesetzt (ot/ss-ger-zehtst) subject to ausnutzen ouss- noo-tsern v exploit
( )

ausgezeichnet (oi/ss-ger-tsighkh-nert )
auspacken (ouss- pah -kern v unpack, )

adj fine, excellent unwrap

Ausgleich (ot/ss-glighkh (pl ~e) ) m Auspuff (ouss-pooi m (pl -e) exhaust )

compensation Auspuffgase (ouss-poof-gaa-zer ntpl )

'ausgleichen (ouss-gligh-khem) v exhaust gases

equalize compensate ; Auspufftopf (ouss- poof -topf ) m si-
ausgleiten (oivss-gligh-tern /slip ) lencer ; muffler nAm
Ausgrabung (ouss-graa-boong ) /(pl ausrangieren (ot/ss-rarmg-zhee-rern ) v
~en) excavation discard
Ausguß (
oivss-gooss ) m (pl -güsse) ausrechnen (ouss-rehkh-nern ) v calcu-
sink late
* aushalten {ouss- ha hl -tern v sustain ) 'ausreißen (ouss-righ-sem ) v extract
ausharren ouss- ha h- rem v *keep up
( ) Ausreißer (oivss-righ-serr) m (pl ~)
Auskunft (ouss-koonft /(pl ~e) infor- ) runaway
mation Ausruf (ouss-rooi ) m (pl -e) exclama-
Auskunftsbüro ouss- koonfts-bew-röä ( )
nt (pl ~s) information bureau, in- 'ausrufen v exclaim
(ouss- röo-fern )

quiry office ausruhen (

v rest
ouss- röo-ern )

'ausladen (oi/ss-laa-dern v discharge, ) ausrüsten ouss- rewss- tern v equip


unload Ausrüstung ouss- rewss-toong /out-

( )

Auslage {ouss- aa-ger /(pl ~n) dis- 1 ) fit, equipment gear, kit ;

play ausrutschen ouss- roo-chern v slip

( )

im Ausland (im cwss-lahnt abroad ) aussaugen (ot/ss-zou-gern v *bleed )

Ausländer (ot/ss-lehn -den- (pl ~) ) m ausschalten ( ouss- sha hl -tern ) v switch

); ; );

ausschimpfen 27 auswendig

off; disconnect pronounce

ausschimpfen (ot/ss-shim-pfern v call ) ausstatten (ouss-shtah-tern v equip )

names *
aussteigen (ouss-shtigh-gern v *get )

Ausschlag (otvss-shlaak) rash m off

ausschließen (
cwss-shlee-sern ) v ex- ausstellen (oi/ss-shteh-lem ) v exhibit
clude *show
ausschließlich (ouss-shleess-likh ) adv Ausstellung (otvss-shteh-loong ) /(pl
exclusively; solely -en) exhibition ; display, show, ex-
Ausschreitung (ouss-shrigh-toong / ) position
(pi ~en) excess Ausstellungsraum cwss-shteh-loongs- (

Ausschuß (ouss-shooss ) m (pl -Schüs- roum ) m

(pl ~e) showroom
se) committee Ausstoß (oi/ss-shtöäss output ) m
Aussehen {ouss-zäy-em nt look ) austauschen ouss- tou-shern v ex-

aussehen ouss-zäy-em v look
( ) change
Außenbezirke (ot/-sem-ber-tseer-ker )
austeilen (oHss-tigh-lern v *deal )

mpl outskirts pl Auster {ouss- terr /(pl ~n) oyster


Außenseite (otv-sern-zigh-ter) /ex- Australien {ouss-tma-Wem Australia )

terior, outside Australier (ouss-fraa-iverr (pl ~) ) m

außer ou-sen prep beyond, besides
( )
but, except ; out of; ~ wenn unless australisch (ouss-fraa-lish adj Aus- )

äußer adj outward äußerst

(o/-serr ) ; tralian
adj extreme, utmost very ; ausüben (
ouss- ew-bem ) v exercise
außerdem (
ou-serr-däym ) adv more- practise
over Ausverkauf {ouss- fehr-kouf ) m clear-
Äußere (o/-ser-rer nt outside ) ance sale
außergewöhnlich ou-serr-ger-vCrm- (
ausverkauft (ouss-fehr-kouft ) adj sold
likh ) adj exceptional out
außerhalb (oiy-serr-hahlp )
prep out- Auswahl (otvss-vaal /choice; selec- )

side assortment variety

tion ; ;

äußerlich (o/-serr-likh ) adj external, auswählen (oivss-vai-lern) v select

exterior Auswanderer (otyss-vahn-der-rerr ) m
äußern (o/-serrn ) v express; utter (pl ~) emigrant
außerordentlich (ou-serr-or-demt-likh auswandern (oL/ss-vahn-derrn) v emi-
adj extraordinary grate
Äußerung (o/-ser-roong /(pl ~en) ex- ) Auswanderung (otyss-vahn-der-roong
pression /emigration
Aussetzung ( ouss- zay-tsoong ) /expo- auswechseln (
ouss- veh-kserln ) v ex-
sure change
Aussicht 1 (oüss-zikht) /view; sight Ausweg (otyss-väyk ) m (pl ~e) issue
Aussicht 2 (otyss-zikht /(pl —en) pros- ) Ausweis (oL/ss-vighss )m (pl ~e)
pect, outlook identity card
Aussprache (owss-shpraa-kher /pro- ) ausweisen (oL/ss-vigh-zern v expel )

nunciation auswendig (ot/ss-vehn-dikh adv by )

aussprechen (ot/ss-shpreh-khem ) v heart
) ) )

auswischen 28 bald

auswischen {ouss- vi -shem v wipe ) Backbord {bahk-borö nt port )

sich auszeichnen (otvss-tsighkh-nern )

backen (bah-kern v bake )

excel Backenbart (6a/7-kern-bahrt 777 whisk- )

ausziehen (otvss-tsee-ern ) v extract ers pl
Auszug (
otvss-tsöök ) 777 (pi ~e) excerpt Backenknochen (6a/7-kern-kno-khem
authentisch {ou-tehn-tish ) adj authen- 772 (pl -) cheek- Done
tic Backenzahn (6a/7-kern-tsaan ) 777 (pl
Auto {ou -toa 77/ (pl -s) automobile
) ;
-e) molar
im - * fahren motor Bäcker (beh-ken (pl ~) baker) m
Autobahn (otv-toa-baan /(pl ~en) ) Bäckerei (beh-ker-r/g/7) /(pl ~en)
motorway highway ttAot ; bakery
Autofahrer {ou -toa -faa-rerr 777 (pl -) ) Backofen {bahk-oa-iem 777 (pl ~) )

motorist oven
Autokarte (otv-toa-kahr-ter ) /(pl ~n) Backpflaume (baM-pflou-mer /(pl )

road map -n) prune

Automat {ou-toa-maat ) 777 (pl ~en) Bad (baat 77/ (pl ~er) bath

slot-machine Badeanzug (6aa-der-ahn-tsöok 777 (pl )

automatisch (ou-toa-maa-tish ) adj -e) swim-suit, bathing-suit

automatic Badehose (6aa-der-höä-zer /(pl -n) )

Automatisierung (ou-toa-mah-ti-zee- swimming- trunks, bathing-trunks,

roong / automation
) bathing-suit
Automobilismus (ou-toa-moa-bi-//ss- Bademantel (6aa-der-mahn-terl 777 (pl )

mooss 777 motoring

) ~) bathrobe
Automobilklub (ou-toa-moa-6ee/- Bademütze (6aa-der-mew-tser /(pl )

kloop ) 777 (pl-s) automobile club -n) bathing-cap

autonom (ou-toa-ndäm) adj auton- baden (6aa-dem v bathe )

omous Badesalz (6aa-der-zahlts nt ) (pl ~e)

Autopsie (ou-toa-psee) /autopsy bath salts
Autor (ou-tor (pl ~~en) author ) m Badetuch (£>aa-der-töökh ) nt (pl ~er)
autoritär (ou-toa-ri- tair) adj authori- bath towel
tarian Badezimmer (6aa-der-tsi-merr ) 77/ (pl
Autovermietung (oty-toa-fehr-mee- -) bathroom
toong ) /car hire car rental; Am Bahn (baan /(pl -en) railway; track

Bahnhof {baan-hoai 777 (pl ~e) sta- )

tion ; depot 77A777

Bahnsteig ~e)
B platform
(6aan-shtighk ) 777 (pl

Bahnsteigkarte (baan-shtighk-kahr-ter
Baby (ba~y-b\ ) nt (pl ~s) baby /(pl ~n) platform ticket
Babysitter (/jay-bi-si-terr ) 777 (pl -) Bahnübergang (6aan-ew-berr-gahng
babysitter 777 (pl ~e) crossing, level crossing
Baby-Tragetasche ( /jay-bi-traa-ger-tah- Bakterie (bahk-?a"p-ryer /(pl -n) bac- )

/(pl ~n) carry-cot

sher ) terium
Bach (bahkh 777 (pl -e) brook, stream
) bald (bahlt adv soon; shortly

;; ;

Balken 29 beachten

Balken {bahl-kexn m (pl ~) beam

) ~) barometer
Balkon \ba\\\- kaw*$) m (pl -s) bal- Barsch (bahrsh m (pl ~e) perch, bass

cony ; circle Bart (bahrt ) m (pl ~e) beard

Ball (bahl) m (pl ~e) ball Base {baa-zer ) /(pl ~n) cousin
Ballett (bah-leht) nt (pl ~s) ballet Baseball ( ba~yss- böäl ) m baseball
Ballon (bah- law#§-) m (pl ~e) balloon Basilika (bah-zee-li-kah ) /(pl -ken) ba-
Ballsaal (bahl-zaa\ ) m (pl -sale) ball- silica
room Basis (6aa-ziss /(pl Basen) basis )

Bambus {bahm-booss ) m bamboo base

Banane (bah-A?aa-ner ) /(pl ~n) ba- Baskenmütze {bahss- kern -mew-tser / )

nana (pl ~n) beret

Band 1 (bahnt ) nt (pl -er) band rib- ; Baß (bahss m (pl Bässe) bass)

bon tape
; Bastard (
6a/?ss- tahrt ) m (pl ~e) bas-
Band 2 (bahnt m (pl ~e) volume
) tard
Bande (bahn-öer /(pl -n) gang ) Batterie (bah-ter-ree) /(pl ~n) battery
Bandit (bahn-cfee?) m (pl ~en) bandit Bau (bou construction
) m
Bandmaß (6a/?A7Mnaass ) nt (pl ~e) Bauch (boukh (pl ~e) belly ) m
tape-measure Bauchschmerzen (boukh-shmehr-
bange {bahng-er adj afraid ) tsem ) mpl stomach-ache
Bank (bahngk /(pl ~~en) bank
) bauen (bou-err\ ) v construct, *build
Bank 2 (bahngk /(pl ~e) bench ) Bauer (
bou-err ) m (pl -n) farmer
Bank-Einlage (/?a/7^/r-ighn-laa-ger ) / peasant ;
(pl ~n) deposit Bäuerin (6o/-er-rin ) /(pl ~nen) farm-
Bankettsaal (bahng-te/?f-zaal ) m (pl er's wife
-säle) banqueting-hall Bauernhaus (6oty-errn-houss nt ) (pl
Bankkonto {bahngk-kon-xoa nt (pl ) ~er) farmhouse
-konten) bank account Bauernhof (bou-erm-höät ) m (pl ~e)
Banknote {bahngk-nöä-ter /(pl ~n) ) farm
banknote baufällig bou -f eh -likh
( ) adj dilapidat-
bankrott {bahng-krot) adj bankrupt ed
Banner (bah-nen nt (pl ~) banner ) Bauholz (bou-ho\\s nt timber )

Bar (baar /(pl -s) bar; saloon

) Baukunst bou-koox\s\ /architecture
( )

Bär (bair m
(pl ~en) bear
) Baum (boum (pl -e) tree ) m
Bardame (6aar-daa-mer ) /(pl ~n) bar- Baumschule (/?oL/m-shöo-ler /(pl ~n) )

maid nursery
Bargeld (6aar-gehlt nt cash ) Baumwolle boum-\io-\er / cotton ( )

Bariton (baa-r\ -ton (pl ~e) bari- ) m Baumwoll- cotton

tone Baumwollsamt (foivm-vol-zahmt m )

barmherzig (bahrm-/?e/7r-tsikh ) adj velveteen

merciful Bazille (bah-rs/-ler ) /(pl ~n) germ
Barmherzigkeit (bahrm-/?e/7Msikh- beabsichtigen (ber-a/?p-zikh-ti-gern ) v
kight) /mercy intend aim at ;

barock (bah- rok) adj baroque beachten (ber- ahkh-xem ) v attend to;
Barometer (bah-roa-may-terr ) nt (pl observe
beachtlich 30 Befugnis

beachtlich (ber-ahkht-Wkh ) adj con- Bedrohung (ber-oVdä-oong ) /(pl ~en)

siderable threat
Beachtung (ber-a/?M-toong ) /con- bedrücken
(ber-oVew-kern v oppress )

sideration Bedürfnis (bw-dewrf-russ nt (pl ~se) )

Beamte (ber-a/7/77-ter ) m (pi ~n) clerk need

beanspruchen (ber-a/?A7-shproo-khem )
sich beeilen (ber- igh-\em hurry )

v claim beeindrucken ber- ighn-droo- kern v( )

beantworten (ber-a/wf-vor-tem ) v impress

answer beeinflussen (ber-Z^-floo-sern v in- )

beaufsichtigen (ber-oL/f-zikh-ti-gem) v fluence ; affect

supervise beenden (ber-e/?A?-dem ) v end, finish
bebauen (ber- bou-em v cultivate ) beerdigen (ber-a/r-di-gem v bury )

beben (oay-bern v tremble

) Beere {bäy-rer /(pl ~n) berry; cur-

Becher (öe/7-kherr m (pi ~) mug,) rant

tumbler befähigen (ber-/a/-i-gem v enable )

Becken {beh-kem nt ) (pl ~) basin; Befähigung (ber-/a/-i-goong /(pl )

pelvis ~en) quahfication

bedächtig {bex-dehkh-\\kb adj wary ) befahrbar (ber- fear-baar adj navi- )

Bedarf (ber- dahrf) want m gable

Bedauern {ber-dou-erm nt regret ) befahren (ber-/aa-rem ) v sail
bedauern (ber-dou-erm v regret ) sich befassen mit (ber-/a/?-sern ) *deal
bedecken (ber-deh-kern v cover ) with
bedenklich ber-dehngk-\\kh adj criti-
) Befehl (ber- fäyl) m (pl -e) order;
cal command
bedeuten (ber-cfc>/-tem v *mean )
befehlen (ber-/ap-lem ) v order; com-
bedeutend (ber-db/-temt adj con- ) mand
siderable, big; important; capital, Befehlshaber (ber-/ap/s-haa-berr ) m
substantial (pl ~) commander
Bedeutung (ber-do/'-toong ) /(pl ~en) befestigen (ber-fe/iss-ti-gem ) v fasten;
meaning, sense importance von ~
; ; attach
* sein matter befeuchten ber- foikh -tern v damp
( )

bedeutungsvoll (ber-c/o/-toongs-fol )
beflecken (ber- fleh -kern v stain )

adj significant befördern (ber-fa/r-derrn v promote )

bedienen (ber-dee-nem v serve; wait ) Beförderung (ber-farr-der-roong /(pl )

on, attend on -en) transport promotion ;

Bedienung (ber-otee-noong ) /service befragen (ber-fraa-gern v query )

bedingt (ber-dingkt) adj conditional befreien (ber-frigh-em v exempt )

Bedingung /(pl ~en)

{ber-ding-oong ) befreit (ber -fright) adj exempt
condition term
; Befreiung (beh-rTv^-oong /liber- )

bedingungslos (ber-d/>7a-oongs-lö"äss )
ation exemption

adj unconditional befriedigen ber- free-d\ -gern v satisfy

( )

bedrohen (ber- dröä-em v threaten ) Befriedigung (ber-free-di-goong /sat- )

bedrohlich (ber-oVöa-likh adj threat- ) isfaction

ening Befugnis (ber- /oö/r-niss ) /(pl ~se)
; ;

befugt *
31 beischließen

authority Behaglichkeit (ber-/7aa/r-likh-kight) /

befugt (ber- föökt) adj qualified (pl ~en) comfort
befürchten ber- fewrkh -tern v dread
) 'behalten (ber- hahl-xem v remember )

begabt {ber- gaapt) adj gifted, talented Behälter {ber- hehl -xerr (pl ~) con- ) m
Begabung (ber-0aa-boong ) /faculty, tainer
talent behandeln (ber-/?a/?A7-derln ) v treat
begegnen (ber-gray-griem ) v *meet ;
encounter, *come across; zufällig ~ Behandlung (ber-/?a/?A7-dloong /(pl )

run into ~en) treatment kosmetische ~ ;

Begegnung (ber-gray-gnoong ) /(pl beauty treatment

~~en) encounter Behandlungsweise(ber-/7a/7A7-dloongs-
begehen (ber-0ay-ern v commit ) /(pl ~n) approach
vigh-zer )

Begehren (ber-#ay-rem nt wish ) beharren v insist

{ber -hah -rem )

begehren (ber-^ay-rern v wish; desire ) behaupten (ber-fa^p-tem v claim )

begehrenswert (ber-gay-rems-väyrt )
sich *behelfen mit (ber-/?e/7/-fern )

adj desirable *make do with

begeistern (ber-o^ss-term v in- ) behende (ber-/?e/?n-der ) adj skilful
spire begeistert adj enthusiastic
; beherbergen (ber-/?e/7r-behr-gern ) v
keen lodge
Begeisterung (ber-<57p/7ss-ter-roong ) / beherrschen v master
(ber-/7e/?r-shern )

enthusiasm beherzt adj brave

(ber -hehrtst)
begierig {ber-gee-r\Vh ) adj eager behexen (ber-/7e/?-ksem v bewitch )

Beginn (ber-0/>?) beginning m Behörde (ber-^tTTr-der /(pl ~n) auth- )

beginnen (ber-0/-nem v *begin; ) orities pl
wieder ~ recommence behutsam adj gentle
(ber-/7döf-zaam )

begleiten {ber- gligh-xem v accompa- ) bei (bigh )

with near, by
prep at, ;

ny conduct
; Beichte {bighkh-xer /(pl ~n) con- )

beglückwünschen {ber-g/ewk-vewn- fession

shem ) v congratulate, compliment beichten {bighkh-xem v confess )

Beglückwünschung {ber- g/ewk-vewn- beide {bigh-öer adj both, either ) ; ei-

/(pl ~en) congratulation

shoong ) ner von beiden either
Begnadigung (ber-^aa-di-goong / ) Beifall {bigh-tah\ ) m applause; ~
~en) pardon
(pl klatschen clap
begraben (ber-#raa-bern v bury ) beifügen (/?/0/?-few-gem v attach )

Begräbnis (ber-gra/p-niss nt (pl ~se) ) beige (bäyzh adj beige )

funeral, burial Beil (bighl)i?/(pl~e) axe

begreifen {ber-ghgh-\em ) v under- Beilage (^/7-laa-ger) /(pl ~~n) en-
stand; *see closure; supplement
Begriff {ber-grif) m (pl ~e) notion beiläufig (6/£r/7-loi-fikh adj casual )

begünstigen {ber-gewns-x\-$err\ ) v fa- beilegen (6/^-la"y-gem v enclose )

vour Bein (bighn nt (pl ~e) leg; bone


Beha m (pl -s) brassiere beinahe (6/#/?-naa-er ) adv nearly, al-

behaglich (ber-/?aa£-likh ) adj cosy, most
easy *
beischließen {bigh -sh\ee-sem ) v en-
; ; ; )

beiseite 32 Benutzer

close Beleg (ber- /ay*) m (pi -e) voucher

beiseite (bigh-z/#/7-ter ) adv aside beleibt (ber- lighpt) adj corpulent
Beispiel {bigh-shpee\ nt (pi — e) in- ) beleidigen (ber-//£r/7-di-gem v offend, )

example; zum - for in-

stance, insult beleidigend adj offensive

stance, for example Beleidigung (ber-//'#/7-di-goong /(pi )

beißen (bigh-sem v *bite ) -en) offence, insult
Beistand bigh -shtahnt) (
assistance m Beleuchtung (ber-/o/£/7-toong /light- )

Beitrag {bigh-traak (pi -e) contri- ) m ing, illumination

bution Belgien (behl-g^em Belgium )

beiwohnen (
bigh -vöä-nern ) v attend, Belgier (behl-g^err (pi -) Belgian ) m
assist at belgisch (6e/?/-gish adj Belgian )

bejahen (ber-^a-ern v approve; be- ) Belichtung (ber-likh-xoor\g /exposure )

jahend affirmative Belichtungsmesser (ber- likh-xoongs-

bejahrt (ber- Yaart) adj aged meh-serr ) m
(pi -) exposure meter
bekämpfen (ber-fe^m-pfem v com- ) beliebig (ber-/ee-bikh ) adj optional
bat beliebt (ber-/eepf) adj popular
bekannt {ber-kahnt) adj well-known bellen (behAem v bark, bay )

Bekannte (ber-kahn-xer) (pi — n) ac- m belohnen (ber-/oä-nem v reward )

quaintance Belohnung (ber-/oä-noong /(pi -en) )

bekanntmachen (ber -kahnt-rx\a\\- reward prize ;

khern ) v announce sich bemächtigen (ber- mehkh-x\ -gem

Bekanntmachung (ber -kahnt-mah- secure
khoong ) /(pi -en) announcement bemerken (ber-/7?e/?/--kern ) v notice
communique note remark

Bekanntschaft (ber-kahnt-shahix /(pi ) bemerkenswert (ber-me^r-kerns-väyrt )

-en) acquaintance adj noticeable

bekehren (ber-fc?y-rern v convert ) Bemerkung (ber-me/?r-koong ) /(pi
* bekennen (ber -keh-nem v confess ) -en) remark
* bekommen (ber-fo-mern v *get; re- ) bemitleiden (ber-m/Migh-dem vpity )

ceive bemühen (ber-meTv-em v trouble )

bekömmlich (ber-kurm-Wkb adj ) sich - try

wholesome Bemühung (ber-mew-oong ) /(pi -en)
bekrönen (ber- krür-nem v crown ) effort
bekümmert (ber-kew-rr\errx ) adj sorry benachbart (ber-raM/7-baart ) adj
Belagerung (ber-/aa-ger-roong ) /(pi neighbouring
-en) siege benachrichtigen (ber- naakh-nkh-x\-
belanglos (ber- lahngAöass ) adj insig- gern v notify

nificant sich *
benehmen (ber-na~y-mem ) act,
belasten ber- lahss- tern v charge
( ) behave
belästigen (ber- lehss-x\ -gem v bother ) beneiden (ber -nigh -dem ) v envy
Belästigung (ber-/e/7ss-ti-goong /(pi ) Benennung (ber-A7e/7-noong /(pi )

-en) bother -en) denomination

Belastung ber- /a/?ss- toong /(pi -en)
( ) benutzen (ber-noo-tsem ) v use; utilize
charge Benutzer (ber-noo-tserr ) m (pi -) user
; )

Benzin 33 Bescheidenheit

Benzin (behn- tseen) nt petrol; fuel; Bericht (ber -rikht) m (pl ~~e) account,
gasoline riAm, gas nAm report ; notice
Benzinpumpe behn- tseen-poom -per) /
berichten (ber-rikh-tem ) v inform; re-
(pi ~n) petrol pump fuel pump ; port
Am ;
gas pump Am Berichterstatter ber-r/Mr-err-shtah- (

Benzintank behn- tseen -tahngk

( ) m terr ) m
(pl ~) reporter
petrol tank Berichtigung (ber-zvM-ti-goong /(pl )

beobachten (ber-dä-bahkh-tern v ) ~~en) correction

watch Bernstein (6e/7m-shtighn amber ) m
Beobachtung (ber-oä-bahkh-toong / )
bersten behrs-tem v *burst crack
( ) ;

(pl ~en) Observation berüchtigt {ber- rewkh -xlkhx adj no- )

bequem (ber-kväym) adj comfortable; torious

convenient, easy Beruf (ber- rööf) m (pl ~e) profession;
Bequemlichkeit (ber-Zn/apm-likh-kight trade
/(pl -en) comfort beruflich (ber-roöf-likh ) adj pro-
beratschlagen (ber-raaf-shlaa-gem v ) fessional
deliberate beruhigen (
ber- röb-\ -gern ) v calm
Beratung (ber-raa-toong ) /(pl ~en) down ; reassure
deliberation Beruhigungsmittel (ber-rdö-i-goongs-
Beratungsstelle ber-raa-toongs-shteh-
mi-terl ) nt (pl -) sedative; tranquil-
ler)/(pl ~n) health centre lizer
berauscht (ber- rousht) adj intoxicated berühmt {ber- rewmt) adj famous,
berechnen (ber-raM/?-nern v calcu- ) noted
late berühren ber- rew-rem) v touch

berechtigt (ber-re/iM-tikht adj just ) Berührung (ber-rew-roong /(pl ~en) )

bereden (ber- ray -dem v persuade ) touch, contact

Bereich (ber-righkh) reach; range m besagen (ber-zaa-gem v imply )

bereit (ber- right) adj ready; prepared Besatzung (ber-za/?-tsoong /(pl -en) )

bereits (ber- rights) adv already crew

bereitwillig (ber-r/^r-vi-likh ) adj co- beschädigen (ber-s/7a/-di-gem ) v dam-
operative age
Berg (behrk ) m (pl ~e) mountain beschaffen (ber-s/7a/?-fern v provide )

mount beschäftigen ber- shehf-\\ -gem v em-


Bergbau {behrk-bou ) m mining ploy beschäftigt adj engaged,


Bergkette {behrk-keh-\er /(pl ~n) ) busy; sich ~ mit attend to

mountain range Beschäftigung (ber-s/?e/7Mi-goong / )

Bergmann (behrk-mahn ) m (pl -leute) (pl ~en) business, occupation em- ;

miner ployment job ;

Bergschlucht {behrk-sh\ookhx /(pl ) beschämt adj ashamed

{ber -shaimt)
~en) glen Bescheid {ber-shight) message m
Bergsteigen (6eMr-shtigh-gern nt )
bescheiden (ber-shigh-dem adj mod- )

mountaineering est humble


Bergwerk [behrk-vehrk nt (pl ~e) ) Bescheidenheit ber- s/7/'£/?-dem- night( )

mine f modesty

Bescheinigung 34 Bestellzettel

Bescheinigung (ber-s/7/#/7-ni-goong / ) erty

(pl -en) certificate *
besitzen (ber-z/-tsem ) v possess, own
beschlagnahmen (ber-shlaak-naa- Besitzer (ber-z/-tserr ) m (pl -) owner
mern v impound, confiscate
) besonder (ber-zoA7-derr ) adj special,
beschleunigen (ber-s/?/o/-ni-gem ) v particular ; separate
accelerate besonders (ber-zcw-derrs ) adv most of
beschließen (ber-s/j/ee-sem ) v de- all, especially
cide besonnen (ber-zo-nern ) adj sober
Beschluß (ber-shlooss) m (pl Be- besorgen (ber-zor-gem v procure )

schlüsse) decision look after, *do; besorgt anxious,

beschmutzt (ber -shmootst) adj soiled concerned
beschränken (ber- shrehng-kem v lim- ) Besorgtheit (ber-zoMt-hight ) /worry,
it anxiety
beschreiben (ber -shrigh-bem ) v de- bespötteln (ber-s/?pty/--terln ) v ridicule
scribe Besprechung (ber-s/?pre/7-khoong / )

Beschreibung (ber-s/7r/0/7-boong /(pl ) (pl —en) discussion review ;

-en) description bespritzen (ber-s/7pr/-tsem v splash )

beschriften (ber -shrif-\em v label ) besser beh-serr adj better superior

) ;

beschuldigen (ber-s/?oo/-di-gern v ac- ) best (behst adj best zum besten

) ;

cuse ; blame *
haben fool
Beschwerde (ber-s/?i/äpr-der ) /(pl -n) beständig (ber-s/7te/7/7-dikh ) adj per-
complaint manent constant, steady

Beschwerdebuch (ber-shväyr-öer- Bestandteil (ber-s/^a/wf-tighl (pl ) m

böökh ) nt (pl -er) complaints book -e) element ingredient ;

sich beschweren (ber-shvaj-rem )

bestätigen (ber-sto-ti-gem v ac- )

complain knowledge, confirm

beschwindeln (ber- sh vin-öer\n) v Bestätigung (ber-s/7fä/-ti-goong /(pl )

cheat -en) confirmation

beseitigen {ber -zigh-\\ -gern ) v elimin- Bestattung (ber-s/7te/Moong /(pl )

ate ; remove -en) burial

Beseitigung (ber-z/#/7-ti-goong ) /re- bestechen (ber-s/?te/?-khern ) v bribe,
moval corrupt
Besen (bäy -zerr\ (pl -) broom ) m Bestechung (ber-s/7te/7-khoong /(pl )

besessen (ber-zeh-sew adj possessed ) -en) bribery, corruption

Besessenheit (ber-ze/?-sem-hight / ) Besteck (ber -shtehk) nt cutlery
obsession bestehen (ber -shtäy-em v exist in- ) ;

besetzen v occupy; be-

(ber-ze/7-tsern) sist pass - aus consist of

setzt adj engaged occupied ; besteigen (ber -sht/gh -gem ) v mount,
Besetzung (ber-ze/7-tsoong /(pl -en) ) ascend
occupation bestellen (ber-s/?re/?-lern ) v order
besichtigen (ber-z/*/?-ti-gern v view ) Bestellung (ber-s/7te/?-loong /(pl )

besiegen (ber-zee-gem v *beat; de- ) -en) order; auf - gemacht made

feat ; conquer to order
Besitz (ber- zits) m possession; prop- Bestellzettel (ber-s/?te/?/-tseh-terl ) m
; ; ;

besteuern 35 bewaffnen

(pi ~) order-form Betragen (ber-fraa-gem ) nt conduct,

besteuern (ber-sfito/'-errn v tax ) behaviour
Besteuerung (ber-s/?to/-er-roong ) / *
betragen (ber-fraa-gern ) v amount to
* v concern
taxation betreffen (
ber- treh-tem )

bestimmen {ber -shti-mem ) v define, touch

determine destine ; betreffs (ber- trehfs) prep about, re-
bestimmt {ber -shtimt) adj certain garding, concerning
definite betreten (ber-rrap-tem v enter )

Bestimmung (ber-s/?f/-moong ) /(pl Betrieb (bertreep working ) m

~en) definition Betriebsanlage (ber- treeps-abn- laa-
Bestimmungsort (ber-s/7?/-moongs-ort )
ger )/(pl~n) plant
m (pl -e) destination Betriebsstörung (
ber- treeps-shtür-

bestrafen {ber-shtraa-iem v punish ) /(pl ~en) breakdown

roong )

bestrebt (ber-shträypt) adj anxious Betrübnis (ber-frelvp-niss /sorrow, )

bestreiten {ber- shtrigh-tem v dis- ) grief
pute betrübt {ber- trewpt ) adj sad
bestürzt (ber -shtewrtst) adj upset Betrug (ber -tröök) m deceit; fraud,
Besuch (ber-zöökh) m (pl ~e) visit; swindle
betrügen (
ber- trew-gem ) v cheat
besuchen (ber-zdö-khern v visit; call ) deceive ; swindle
on Betrüger (ber-frelv-gerr ) m (pl ~)
Besuchsstunden ber-zoöMs-shtoon- (
dern ) fpl visiting hours betrunken (ber-rroo^-kem adj drunk )

betasten v *feel
ber- tahss- tern ) Bett (beht nt (pl ~en) bed

Betäubung (ber-fo/'-boong /(pl ~en) ) Bettdecke (&?/?r-deh-ker /(pl ~n) )

anaesthesia counterpane
Betäubungsmittel (ber-to/'-boongs-mi- betteln {beh-\er\r\) vbeg
terl nt (pl ~) anaesthetic
) Bettler {behtAm ) m (pl ~) beggar
Bete {bäy-xer /(pl ~n) beetroot )
Bettzeug {beht-\so\k ) nt bedding
sich beteiligen an ber- r/#/7-li -gern ( )
beugen boi-gem (
v bow )

join Beule {boiAer ) /(pl ~n) dent; lump

beteiligt {ber-tigh-\\kh\ ) adj involved, sich beunruhigen (ber-oon-röö-i-gem )

concerned worry
beten [bäy-tem ) v pray beunruhigt (ber-oon-röö-ikht ) adj wor-
Beton {bay -tawng-) m concrete ried
betonen (ber-fdä-nem v emphasize, )
beurteilen (ber-ooMigh-lem v judge )

stress Beutel (6o/-terl (pl ~~) pouch ) m

Betonung (ber-töä-noong ) /accent, Bevölkerung (ber-r7y/7-ker-roong / )

stress population
betrachten (
ber- trahkh -tern ) v con- bevor {ber -föär) conj before
sider regard ;
bevorrechten ber- föär-rehkh -tern (
) v
beträchtlich {ber -trehkht-\\Vh adj con- )
siderable adv pretty, quite ;
bewachen (ber-i/a/7-khem ) v guard
Betrag ( ber- traak) m (pl ~e) amount bewaffnen (ber-i/a/?/-nern ) v arm
; j

bewahren 36 billig

bewahren (ber-i/aa-rern ) v *keep; pre- Bezahlung (ber-fsaa-loong /(pl ~en) )

serve payment
Bewahrung (
ber- i/aa-roong ) /preser- bezaubernd (ber-?soty-berrnt adj en- )

vation chanting glamorous ;

bewaldet (ber-i/a/?/-dert ) adj wooded bezeichnen (ber -tsighkh-nem v mark ) ;

bewegen {ber-väy-gem ) v move, stir bezeichnend typical, characteristic

beweglich (ber-vap/r-likh )adj mobile; bezeugen (ber-rso/'-gern ) v testify
movable sich beziehen auf (ber-fsee-em ) af-
Bewegung (ber-i/ap-goong ) /(pl ~en) fect
movement, motion Beziehung (ber-?sae-oong /(pl ~en) )

Beweis (ber- vighss) m (pl ~e) proof, relation, connection reference ;

evidence ; token Bezirk (

ber- tseerk) m (pl ~e) district
beweisen (
ber- vigh-zem ) v prove in Bezug auf (in ber -tsook ouf ) as re-
*show, demonstrate gards
bewerben ber- vehr-bem apply ( ) Bezugsschein (ber-fsdöfc-shighn ) m
Bewerber (ber-vehr-berr m (pl ~~) ) (pl ~e) coupon
candidate bezwecken (ber -tsveh -kern v aim ) at
Bewerbung (ber-i/e/?r-boong ) /(pl bezweifeln (ber-rsw^-ferln v doubt, )

~en) application query

bewilligen (ber-w-li-gern ) v allow; BH (bay -haa) bra m
grant Bibel (bee-ber\ /(pl -n) bible )

Bewilligung (ber-w'-li-goong ) /per- Biber (bee-berr (pl ~) beaver ) m

mission Bibliothek (bi-bli-oa-rapAr) /(pl ~en)
bewillkommnen (ber-w/kom-nern ) v übrary
welcome *
biegen (bee-gem v *bend )

bewirten (
v entertain
ber- veer-xem ) biegsam (beek-zaam adj ) flexible;
bewohnbar (ber- vöän-baar adj habit- ) supple
able, inhabitable Biegung (bee-goong /(pl ~en) turn, )

bewohnen (ber-vdä-nem v inhabit ) bend curve;

Bewohner (ber-i/öä-nerr m (pl ~) in- ) Biene (bee-ner /(pl ~n) bee )

habitant Bienenkorb (6ee-nem-korp m (pl ~e) )

bewölkt (ber- vurlkt) adj cloudy, over- beehive

cast Bier beer nt (pl ~e) beer ale
( ) ;

Bewölkung (ber-i/t7A7-koong /clouds )

bieten bee-xem v off er
( )

bewundern (ber-i/oofl-derrn v admire ) Bilanz (b\-lahnts) /(pl ~en) balance

Bewunderung (ber-i/ooA?-der-roong / ) Bild (bilt nt (pl -er) picture; image

admiration bilden (6/7-dem) v shape

bewußt (ber- voost) adj conscious; Bildhauer (6/Vr-hou-err ) m (pl ~)
aware sculptor
bewußtlos (ber- voostAöass ) adj un- Bildschirm (bilt-sbeerm ) m (pl ~e)
conscious screen
Bewußtsein (ber-voosf-zighn ) nt con- Billard (bi -V abrx) nt billiards pl
sciousness billig (6/-likh ) adj cheap, inexpensive;
bezahlen (ber-fsaa-lem ) v *pay reasonable

; ;; )

billigen 37 Blutdruck

billigen (6/-li-gem ) v approve of Bleistiftspitzer (£>//#/7-shtift-shpi-tserr

Billigung (6/-li-goong /approval ) /77 (pl -) pencil-sharpener

Bimsstein (6/ms-shtighn pumice ) m blenden b/ehn-dem v blind blen-

) ;

stone dend glaring

binden (bin -dem) vtie; *bind Blick (blik) m (pl ~e)look; glimpse,
Bindestrich (6/>?-der-shtrikh ) m (pl glance
~e) hyphen blind (blint) adj blind
Binse bin -zer /(pl ~~n) rush
( ) Blinddarm (6//>7f-dahrm ) /7? (pl -e) ap-
Biologie (bi-oa-loa-pee) /biology pendix
Birne (beer-ner) /(pl ~n) pear; light Blinddarmentzündung (btint-öabrm-
bulb ehnt-tsewn-doong ) /appendicitis
bis (biss prep to, till, until conj till
; Blindenhund (fc/Zn-dern-hoont ) 777 (pl
- zu till ~e) guide-dog
Bischof (bi'-shot (pl ~e) bishop ) m Blinker (bting-km )777 (pl -) indicator

bisher (b\ss- häyr) adv so far Blitz (blits ) 777 (pl ~e) lightning; flash
Biß (biss ) m
(pl Bisse) bite bißchen ; nt (pl -er) flash-
Blitzlicht (blits-um )

bit bulb
Bissen (bi-sem ) m (pl -) bite blockieren (blo-tee-rem v block )

Bitte (bi -ter ) /(pl ~n) request blöde blür-öer adj dumb
( )

bitte (bi-ter )
please here you are
; blond (blont) adj Mr
* bitten (bi-xem v ask request beg ; Blondine (blon-Gfee-ner) /(pl ~n)
) ;

bitter (bi -terradj bitter ) blonde

Bittschrift (bit-shritx /(pl -en) peti- ) bloß (blöäss adj naked, bare; adv

tion only
blank (blahngk adj broke ) Bluejeans (Mw-jeens pl Levis pl, )

Blase (blaa -zer /(pl ~n) blister; ) jeans pl

bladder bubble ; blühen (blew-em v flower )

'blasen (blaa-zem v *blow ) Blume (6/oö-mer /(pl -n) flower )

Blasenentzündung (6/aa-zem-ehnt- Blumenbeet (6/dö-mern-bä"yt ) 77/ (pl

tsewn-doong ) /cystitis -e) flowerbed
Blaskapelle (6/aass-kah -peh-ler) /(pl Blumenblatt (6/dö-mem-blaht nt ) (pl
-n) brass band ~er) petal
Blatt (bläht ) nt (pl -er) leaf; sheet Blumenhändler (6/oö-mern-hehn-dlerr )

page 777 (pl -) florist

Blattgold (blaht-$o\x nt gold leaf ) Blumenhandlung (6/oo-mem hahn

blau(blou) adj blue dloong ) /(pl ~en) flower-shop
Blazer (6/ay-zerr (pl -) blazer ) m Blumenkohl (6/dö-mem-köäl ) 777 cauli-
Blei (bligh)/2f lead flower
bleiben (bligh-bem v stay; remain ) Blumenzwiebel (6/oö-mem-tsvee-berl )

*keep bleibend lasting

; /(pl-n)bulb
bleich (blighkh adj pale ) Bluse (b/öö-zer ) /(pl ~~n) blouse
bleichen (bligh-khem v bleach ) Blut (b\6bx) nt blood
bleifrei {bligh-U'igh) adj unleaded Blutarmut (b/ööt-ahr- mööt) /anaemia
Bleistift (bligh-shtift) m (pl -e) pencil Blutdruck (blööt-örook m blood )
; ;

bluten 38 Bräutigam

pressure Botanik (boa-faa-nik /botany )

bluten {blöö-xem v *bleed ) Bote {böä-ter ) m

(pl -n) messenger
Blutgefäß (6/dör-ger-faiss nt (pl -e) ) Botengang (£>oä-tern-gahng (pl ) m
blood-vessel -e) errand
Blutsturz 6/dör-shtoorts ( ) m (pl -e) Botschaft 6oäf-shahft /(pl -en) em-
( )

haemorrhage bassy
Blutvergiftung (6/oöf-fehr-gif-toong / ) Botschafter (6oä?-shahf-terr (pl -) ) m
blood-poisoning ambassador
Boden 1 {böä-äem soil, earth ) m Boutique (boo- tik) /(pl ~n) boutique
Boden 2 (böä-dem (pl ~) bottom, ) m Bowling (6oä-ling nt bowling )

ground ; attic boxen [bo-ksem] vbox

Bogen {böä-gem ) m (pl ~) arch; bow Boxkampf (6oA:s-kahmpf (pl -e) ) m
bogenförmig (6oä-gern-furr-mikh ) adj boxing match
arched brach (braakh adj waste )

Bogengang (£>oä-gem-gahng ) m (pl Brand (brahnt m

(pl ~e) fire

~e) arcade Brandmarke (fra/wtf-mahr-ker) /(pl

Bohne (6o5-ner) /(pl -n) bean -n) brand
bohren (böä-rem ) v bore, drill Brandwunde (6/-a/7/?r-voon-der) /(pl
Bohrer (böä-rerr ) m (pl ~) drill -n) burn
Boje {böä-vex /(pl -n) buoy ) Brasilianer (brah-zi-/^aa-nerr ) m (pl -)
Bolivianer (boa-li-i/^aa-nerr) m (pl ~~) Brazilian
Bohvian brasilianisch (brah-zi-^aa-nish ) adj
bolivianisch (boa-li-i^aa-nish ) adj Bo- Brazilian
hvian Brasilien (brah-zee-ivem ) Brazil
Bolivien (boa-fee-v^ern ) Bolivia Brassen {brah-sem (pl ~~) bream ) m
Bolzen {bol-tsem ) m (pl -) bolt *
braten {braa-tem v fry roast ) ;

bombardieren (bom-bahr-cfee-rem ) v Bratensoße (£>Aaa-tern-zöa-ser) /(pl

bomb -n) gravy
Bombe {bom-bet ) /(pl ~n) bomb Bratpfanne (6raar-pfah-ner ) /(pl ~n)
Bonbon (bawǤ- baw&g-) m (pl ~s) frying-pan
sweet candy nAm
; Bratrost braat-rosx
(pl ~~e) grill ) m
Boot (böät nt (pl ~e) boat ) Bratspieß braa r-shpeess
(pl ~e) ) m
an Bord (ahn bort aboard ) spit
Bordell (bor-dehl) nt (pl ~e) brothel Brauch (broukh (pl ~e) usage
) m
borgen bor-gem v borrow
( ) brauchbar (broukh-baar adj useful )

Börse {bürr-zer /(pl ~n) stock ex- ) usable

change stock market, exchange
; brauchen (brou-khem v need )

purse brauen (brou-em v brew )

bösartig (Mrss-ahr-tikh adj vicious, ) Brauerei (brou-er -rigb) /(pl —en)

malignant brewery
Böse {bür-zer nt harm ) braun (broun adj brown tanned
) ;

böse {bür-zer adj cross, angry ill,) ; Brause {brou-zer fiiiz )

wicked, evil Braut (brout /(pl -e) bride


boshaft böäss- hahft adj malicious

) Bräutigam (fcroz-ti-gahm (pl ~e) ) m
brav 39 Brustkasten

bridegroom -e) envelope

brav braaf adj good
( ) Briefwechsel breef -veh-kserl ( ) m cor-
Brecheisen (6re/?/r/?-igh-zem nt (pl -) ) respondence
crowbar brillant {br't-Pahnt) adj brilliant
brechen breh-khem v *break
( ) ;
Brille (bri-ler ) /(pl -n) spectacles,
crack ; fracture glasses
breit (bright ) adj broad, wide *
bringen {bring-em ) v *bring; *take
Breite {brigh-xer /(pl ~n) breadth,
) Brise (bree-zer ) /(pl -n) breeze
width Brite (bri-xer ) m (pl -n) Briton
Breitengrad (fc/vgr/Mern-graat ) m (pl britisch [bri-tish ) adj British
~e) latitude Brocken (bro-kem m (pl -) lump )

Breitling (bright-lmg (pl -e) ) m Brombeere {brom-bäy-rer /(pl ~n) )

whitebait blackberry
Bremse (brehm-zer ) /(pl ~~n) brake Bronchitis (bron-Mee-tiss ) /bronchi-
Bremslichter (6re/?ms-likh-terr ntpl ) tis

brake lights Bronze braw#§ser f bronze

( )

Bremstrommel (6re/?ms-tro-merl /(pl ) bronzen brawßg-sem adj bronze

( )

-n) brake drum Brosche (bm-sher /(pl -n) brooch )

'brennen {breh-nem v *burn ) Broschüre (bro-shew-rer /(pl -n) )

Brennpunkt brehn -poongkx m { ) (pl brochure

-e) focus Brot (bröät 77^ (pl -e) bread

Brennschere {brehn-shäy-xet /(pl ) Brötchen (brürt-khem nt (pl -) roll, )

-n) curling- tongs pl bun

Brennspiritus (^/-e/7A7-shpee-ri-tooss ) m Bruch (brookh 777 (pl ~e) fracture,

methylated spirits break hernia


Brennstoff {brehn-sh\o\ (pl ~e) ) m Bruchstück brook/?-shtewk( ) 777 (pl

fuel ~e) fraction fragment ;

Bresche (brehsher /(pl -n) breach ) Brücke /(pl ~n) bridge

(brew-ker )

Brett (breht nt (pl -er) plank, board

) Bruder (
(pl -) brother
bro"ö-öen ) m
Bridge (brij) nt bridge Bruderschaft (6röö-derr-shahft /(pl )

Brief (breef ) m (pl ~~e) letter; einge- -en) congregation

schriebener - registered letter Brüderschaft (6reTv-derr-shahft /fra- )

Briefkasten (6reer"-kahss-tern (pl ) m ternity

-) letter-box; pillar-box; mailbox Brüllen (6rew-lern ) 77/ roar
72/4/77 brüllen [brewAem v roar )

Briefmarke breef-mahr-ker /(pl ~n)

( ) brummen {broo-mem v growl )

postage stamp, stamp Brünette (brew-ne/7-ter ) /(pl -n) bru-

Brieföffner breef-uri-nerr 777 (pl ~~)
( ) nette
paper-knife Brunnen {broo-nem m (pl ~) well )

Briefpapier breef-pah-peer nt note-

) Brunnenkresse (too-nern-kreh-ser / )

paper watercress
Brieftasche breef-tah-sher /(pl ~n)
( )
Brust (broost) /(pl ~e) ehest; breast,
pocket-book, wallet bosom
Briefumschlag (6/-ee/-oom-shlaak ) 777 Brustkasten (6/-oosf-kahss-tem ) m

Brustschwimmen 40 Büste

chest bulgarisch (bool-^aa-rish ) adj Bul-

Brustschwimmen {broost-shw-mem )
nt breaststroke Bummel (£>oo-merl m stroll )

Brüstung (
brewss- toong ) /(pl ~en) bummeln (600-merln) v stroll
rail Bummelzug (600-merl-tsöok m ) (pl
brutal (broo- taal) adj brutal ~e) stopping train
brutto {broo-xos ) adj gross Bund (boont) m (pl -e) league; Bun-
Bub (bööp m )~en) boy(pi des- federal
Bube (böö-ber m
(pi ~~n) knave
) Bündel {bewn-öer\ nt (pl -) bundle )

Buch (böokh nt (pl -er) book

) bündeln (bewn-der\n v bundle )

Buche (böö-Vhex /(pl -n) beech ) bündig (bewn-6\kh adj brief )

buchen (fcoö-khem v book ) Bündnis (bewnt-mss nt (pl -se) al- )

Bücherstand (6eTv-kherr-shtahnt ) m liance

(pl ~e) bookstand bunt (boont adj colourful gay bun-
) ; ;

Buchhändler (fcdö/r/7-hehn-dlerr m ) (pl tes Glas stained glass

~) bookseller Burg (boork /(pl ~en) castle, strong-

Buchhandlung (6oö/r/?-hahn-dloong ) / hold

(pl ~en) bookstore Bürge (bewr-ger m (pl -n) guarantor

Buchladen (böökh -\aa-dem ) m (pl ~) Bürger {bewr-gen m (pl -) citizen )

bookstore Bürger- civilian, civic

Büchse {bew-ksex /(pl ~n) tin, can ) bürgerlich (6ewr-gerr-likh ) adj middle-
Büchsenöffner (fcew-ksern-urf-nerr ) m class
(pl ~) can opener Bürgermeister (6eui//--gerr-mighss-terr )

Buchstabe {böökti-ohtaa-bet (pl ) m m (pl ~) mayor

~~n) letter Bürgersteig (6ew-gerr-shtighk) (pl m
buchstabieren (böokh-shtah-6ee-rern )
~~e) pavement sidewalk nAm

v * spell Bürgschaft (6ew-gerr-shahft) /(pl

Bucht (bookht ) /(pl -en) creek, bay, -en) guarantee
inlet Büro (bew-rdä) nt (pl -s) office
sichbücken [bew<kerr\ *bend down ) Büroangestellte bew-rdä-ahn-ger- (

Bude {böö-öer /(pl ~n) booth

) shtehl-ter ) m (pl ~n) clerk
Budget (bew -yap) nt (pl ~~s) budget Bürokratie (bew-roa-krah-ree) /bu-
Büfett (bew-feht) nt (pl ~e) buffet reaucracy
Bügeleisen (£>ew-gerl-igh-zern nt (pl ) Bürostunden (bew-roä-shtoon-dem )

~) iron fpl office hours

bügelfrei (6eTv-gerl-frigh ) adj drip-dry, Bursche {boor-sher ) m (pl ~~n) boy,
wash and wear guy, lad
bügeln (fcew-gerln
v iron press ) ;
Bürste {bewrs-ter /(pl ~n) brush )

Bühne /(pl ~n) stage

{bew-ner ) bürsten (bewrs-xem v brush )

Bühnenautor (bew-nem-ou-tor ) m (pl Bus (booss m

(pl ~se) bus

~en) playwright Busch (boosh (pl -e) bush

) m
Bulgare (bool-ßraa-rer ) m (pl -n) Bul- Busen (böö-zem (pl -) bosom
) m
garian Buße /(pl -n) penalty
(böö-ser )

Bulgarien (bool- gaa-rVem ) Bulgaria Büste (bewss-ter /(pl ~n) bust )

Büstenhalter 41 Damenbinde
Büstenhalter (£>ewss-tern-hahl-terr ) 777 China (khee-nah ) China
(pl ~) brassiere, bra Chinese (khi-nay-zer ) 777 (pl -n) Chi-
Butter (boo-xerr /butter ) nese
Butterbrot (600-terr-bröät nt ) (pl -e) chinesisch (khi-nay-zish adj Chinese )

sandwich Chinin (khi- neen) nt quinine

Chirurg {kh\-roork) (pl -en) sur- m
Chlor (klöär 77/ chlorine )

Choke (chöäk 777 choke )

Chor (köär 777 (pl ~e) choir


Cafe {kah- fäy ) nt (pl ~s) cafe Christ (krist 777 (pl -en) Christian

Camper {kehm-pen m (pl ~~) camper ) christlich (khst-Ukh ) adj Christian

Camping {kehm-p\n§ nt (pl ~~s) ) Christus {kriss- tooss ) Christ
camping Chrom (kröäm ) 77/ chromium
Campingplatz (/fe/7A7?-ping-plahts ) m chronisch (Aroä-nish adj chronic )

(pl ~e) camping site chronologisch (kroa-noa-/oä-gish adj )

CD-Spieler (tsay-öay shpee-lerr) m chronological

(pl ~) CD-player Clown (kloun -s) clown
) 777 (pl
Celsius (
tseh/-z\-ooss ) centigrade Cocktail {kok-xäy\ (pl -s) cocktail
) 777

Cembalo (c/7e/?m-bah-loa ) nt (pl ~~s) Compact Disc (fcom-pakt disk) /(pl ~s)
harpsichord compact disc
Chalet (shah-/ay) nt (pl -s) chalet Computer (kom-p^oo-teir) 777 computer
Champignon (shahm-p\-nvawn$) m Conferencier kaw«g--fay-rahf>§- s y a~y)

(pl ~s) mushroom 777 (pl -s) entertainer

Chance (shah#$-ser /(pl -n) chance )

Container (kon-ray-nerr 777 (pl ~) )

Chaos {kaa-oss nt chaos )

Charakter (kah-raM-terr ) m (pl ~e) Curry [kur-r\) 777 curry
charakterisieren (kah-rahk-ter-ri-zee-
rem v characterize

charakteristisch (kah-rahk-ter-r/ss-tish )

adj characteristic
Charakterzug (kah-ra/7/r-terr-tsöök) 777 da (daa ) conj as, since, because
(pl ~e) characteristic Dach (dahkh ) 77/ (pl -er) roof
charmant {shahx- mahnt) adj charming Dachziegel {dahkh -\see-ger\ ) 777 (pl -)
Charterflug (cte/w-terr-ftöök 777 (pl ) tile

~e) charter flight damalig (c/aa-maa-likh ) adj contem-

Chauffeur (sho- füfr) 777 (pl ~e) chauf- porary
feur damals (ctea-maals ) adv then
Chaussee (shoa-say) /(pl ~n) cause- Dame (
daa -mer) /(pl ~n) lady
way Damebrett (c/aa-mer-breht ) 77/ (pl -er)
Chef (shehf 777 (pl ~~s) boss; manager
Chemie (khay-mee) /chemistry Damenbinde (ctea-mern-bin-der ) /(pl
chemisch (kha~y-m\sh ) adj chemical -n) sanitary towel

Damentoilette 42 denkwürdig

Damentoilette (daa-mem-twah-leh-ter )
nent wave
/(pl ~n) powder-room, ladies' Daumen (dou-mem ) m (pl -) thumb
room Daune (dou -n er /(pl ~n) down )

Damenunterwäsche (daa-mern-oon- Daunendecke (doL/-nern-deh-ker ) /(pl

terr-veh-sher ) /lingerie ~~n)eiderdown
Damespiel (öaa-mer-shpeel ) nt Debatte {öay-bah-ter) /(pl ~n) debate
draughts checkers plAm
; Deck (dehk nt (pl -s) deck

damit (dah-m/r) conj so that Decke deh-ker / (pl -n) blanket

( )

Damm (dahm m (pi -e) dam;

) dike; ceiUng
embankment Deckel (deh-ker\ ) m (pl -) lid; top,
Dampf (dahmpf m (pi ~e) steam ) cover
Dampfer {dahm-pierr m (pl -) steam- ) Deckkajüte (cfeM-kah-vew-ter /(pl )

er ~n) deck cabin

Däne (da/'-ner m (pl -n) Dane
) Defekt (day-fehkt) m (pl -e) fault
Dänemark (flfa/-ner-mahrk Denmark ) definieren (day-fi-/?ee-rern ) v define
dänisch adj Danish
(da/'-nish ) Definition (day-fi-ni- rs^oan) /(pl — en)
dankbar {dahngk-baar adj thankful, ) definition
grateful Defizit (day-fi-tsit ) nt (pl -e) deficit
Dankbarkeit (dahngk-baar-k\gh\ f ) dehnbar (da"pA7-baar adj elastic )

gratitude dehnen (otey-nem v Stretch )

danken [dahng-kem v thank; danke ) Deich (dighkh (pl -e) dike;) m dam
schön thank you dein (dighn pron your )

dann(dahn) advthen Dekoration (day-koa-rah-rs^dä/7) /(pl

darauf {öah- rouf) adv then -en) decoration
darlegen (atear-läy-gern ) v State Delegation (day-lay-gah-fs^oän) /(pl
Darm (dahrm ) m (pl ~e) gut, intes- -en) delegation
tine; Därme bowels pl Delinquent (day-ling-Aveto (pl ) m
darstellen v interpret
(daar-shteh-lerri ) -en) criminal
Darstellung (c/aar-shteh-loong /(pl ) Demokratie (day-moa-krah-tee) /(pl
~en) diagram version ; ~~n) democracy
darum (daa-room conj therefore ) demokratisch (day-moa-/r/aa-tish adj )

das(dahss)protf that democratic

Dasein (oaa-zighn nt existence ) Demonstration (day-mon-strah-rs^oän )

daß(dahss) conj that /(pl ~en) demonstration

Dattel (rfa/7-terl /(pl ~n) date) demonstrieren (day-mon-sfree-rem v )

Datum (daa-toom nt (pl Daten) date ) demonstrate

Dauer dou-err f duration
( ) 'denken (dehng-kem v *think; )

dauerhaft (otou-err-hahft adj lasting, ) guess, reckon; ~ an *think of; sich

permanent - imagine
Dauerkarte (dotz-err-kahr-ter /(pl ) Denker {dehng-kerr m (pl ~) thinker )

~~n) season-ticket Denkmal {dehngk-maa\ nt (pl -er) )

dauern (dou-erm v last; dauernd ) monument memorial ;

permanent denkwürdig (cfe/?nA--vewr-dikh adj )

Dauerwelle (cfoty-err-veh-ler /perma- ) memorable

;) )

denn 43 Diplom

denn (dehn) conj for -n) diagonal

dennoch {deh-nokh adv still, how- ) Diagramm {d\-ah-grahm) nt (pl ~~e)
ever ; conj yet chart
Deodorant (day-oa-doa-ra/wf ) nt de- Diamant (ö\-ah- mahnt) m (pl -en)
odorant diamond
deponieren (day-poa-rtee-rem ) v bank Diät (di-a/Y) /diet
Depot (day-poä)~s) warehouse flf (pi dich (dikh pron yourself

deprimieren (day-pri-mee-rem v de- ) dicht (dikht adj thick dense ~ be-

) ; ;

press völkert populous

der (da"yr ) art (f die, nt das) the art ;
Dichter (dikh-xerr (pl ~) poet ) m
pron that ; which Dichtung (dikh-xoong /poetry )

derartig (otöpr-ahr-tikh ) adj similar dick (dik ) adj thick, fat ; corpulent,
dermaßen (dayr-maa-sern ) adv so stout, big ; bulky
desertieren (day-zehr-?ea-rem ) v de- Dicke flf/-ker / thickness
( )

sert Dieb (deep (pl ~e) thief

) m
deshalb {dehss-hah\p adv therefore ) Diebstahl (oteep-shtaal ) m (pl ~e) rob-
Desinfektionsmittel (dehss-in-fehk- bery, theft
te^öäns-mi-terl nt (pl -) disinfectant ) dienen (cfee-nern ) v serve
desinfizieren (dehss-in-fi-fsee-rern v ) Diener (ctee-nerr ) m (pl ~) servant
disinfect domestic, valet ; boy
deswegen (
cfetes-väy-gern ) adv there- Dienst (deenst (pl ~e) service ) m
fore Dienstag deens-xaak (
Tuesday ) m
Detektiv (day-tehk- teef) m (pl ~e) de- Dienstmädchen (cfeensf-mait-khern
tective nt (pl ~~) maid
deutlich (doit-Wkh ) adj clear; distinct, Dienstpflichtige cteensr-pflikh-ti-ger (

plain m (pl -n) conscript

deutsch (doich ) adj German Dienstraum (deenst-roum ) m (pl ~e)
Deutsche (
doi-cher ) m (pl ~n) Ger- office
man Dienststelle {deenst-sxeh-\er ) /(pl ~n)
Deutschland (tfo/c/7-lahnt Germany )
Devise (day-i/ee-zer /(pl ~n) motto ) dies (deess) pron this
Dezember (day-fse/7m-berr ) December diese dee-zer pron these
( )

Dezimalsystem (day-tsi-maa/-zewss- Diesel (dee-zer\ diesel ) m

täym nt decimal system
dieser (dee-zen pron this )

Dia (cfee-ah nt (pl ~s) slide

diesig (ctee-zikh adj hazy )

Diabetes m diabetes
(di-ah-äap-tehss) Digitaluhr (di-gi-faa/-öör) /(pl -en)
Diabetiker (di-ah-6a"p-ti-kerr m (pl -) )
digital clock, digital watch
diabetic Diktat (dik- taat) nt (pl ~e) dictation
Diagnose (di-ah-gA7oä-zer) /(pl ~n) Diktator (dik- tea -tor (pl ~~en) dic- ) m
diagnosis tator
diagnostizieren (di-ah-gnoss-ti-fsec diktieren (dik-tee-rern ) v dictate
rem v diagnose
) Ding (ding) nt (pl ~e) thing
diagonal (di-ah-goa-naa/) adj diagonal Diphtherie (dif-tay-ree) /diphtheria
Diagonale (di-ah-goa-naa-ler /(pl ) Diplom (6\-plöäm) nt (pl ~e) certifi-
Diplomat 44 Droge

cate; diploma; ein - erlangen Dosenöffner (ctöä-zern-urf-nerr m (pl )

graduate ~) tin-opener
Diplomat (di-ploa-maar ) m (pl ~en) Dosis {döä-z\ ss /(pl Dosen) dose)

diplomat Dotter do-terr nt (pl ~) yolk

( )

dir (deer) pron you Drache (drah-kher (pl ~n) dragon ) m

direkt (ö\-rehkt) adj direct Draht (draat (pl ~e) wire
) m
Direktor (di-mftMor) (pl ~en) m Drama {draa-mah ) nt (pl Dramen)
manager, director; headmaster; drama
principal Dramatiker (drah-maa-ti-kerr (pl ) m
Dirigent {ö\-n-gehnt) m (pl ~en) con- ~) dramatist
ductor dramatisch (drah-maa-tish adj dra- )

dirigieren (di-ri-^ee-rern ) v conduct matic

Diskontsatz (ö\ss-kont-zahxs (pl ) m drängen {drehng-em v push urge ) ;

~e) bank-rate draußen (drou-sem adv outside, out- )

Diskussion (diss-koo-s^oäV?) /(pl ~en) doors nach - outwards


discussion Dreck (drehk m muck )

diskutieren (diss-koo-tee-rem v dis- ) dreckig dreh -k\kh { ) adj dirty, filthy

cuss argue; drehen (dra~y-em v twist )

Distel (d/ss-terl /(pl ~n) thistle ) Drehtür (dra~y-tewr /(pl -en) revolv- )

Disziplin (diss-tsi-p/een) /discipline ing door

doch(dokh) conjyei Drehung (cfray-oong /(pl ~en) turn, )

Dock (dok nt (pl -s) dock) twist

Doktor ofo£-tor (
(pl -en) doctor ) m drei (drigh) num three
dolmetschen (do/-vneh -ehern ) k inter- Dreieck {drigh-ehk nt ) (pl ~e) triangle
pret dreieckig (drigh-eh-k\kh ) adj triangu-
Dolmetscher (flfo/-meh-cherr) /27 (pl ~) lar
interpreter dreißig (drigh-sikh ) num thirty
Dom (döäm m (pl ~e) cathedral ) dreißigste (c/r/gi/7-sikhs-ter ) num thir-
Donator (doa-raa-tor m (pl ~en) do- ) tieth
nor dreiviertel drigh- feer-\er\
( ) adj three-
Donner (ofo-nerr m thunder ) quarter
donnern (cfo-nerrn) v thunder dreizehn (drigh-xsäyn num thirteen )

Donnerstag do-nerrs-taak m Thurs- ( ) dreizehnte drigh -\sa~yn-\er) num thir-


day teenth
Doppelbett (ofo-perl-beht nt (pl -en) ) dressieren (dreh-see-rern v train )

twin beds dringend (dring-emx adj pressing, ur- )

doppelsinnig (cfo-perl-zi-nikh adj am- ) gent

biguous dringlich {dhng-\\kh adj pressing )

doppelt (cfo-perlt adj double ) Dringlichkeit (dr/ngr-likh-kight /ur- )

Dorf (dorf nt (pl -er) village

) gency
Dorn (dorn (pl ~en) thorn
) m Drink (dringk (pl -s) drink ) m
dort (dort) adv there drinnen (dri-nem ) adv inside
dorthin {dort-hm adv there ) dritte (
dri-ter ) num third
Dose (
döä-zex ) /(pl ~n) canister Droge {dröä-ger ) /(pl -n) drug

Drogerie 45 Dynamo
Drogerie (droa-ger-ree) /(pl ~n) out
pharmacy, chemist's drugstore ; Durchgang (
doorkh -gahng ) m (pl ~e)
nArn passage
drohen {dröä-em v threaten ) Durchgangsstraße doorkh -gahngs- {

Drohung {dröä-oong /(pl ~en) threat ) shtraa-ser) /(pl ~n) thoroughfare

Drossel {dro-serl /(pl ~n) thrush ) durchmachen (
doorkh -mah-khem) v
drüben (drew-bem adv across over ) ; *go through
there durchnässen (
doorkh- neh-sem ) v soak
Druck (drook m pressure ) durchqueren (doorkh-£vay-rern ) v pass
drucken {droo-kem v print ) through
drücken drew-kem v press
( ) durchscheinend (cto*/7-shigh-nernt )

Druckknopf (drook-knopt m ) (pl ~e) adj sheer

push-button Durchschlag doorkh -shlaak
{ ) m (pl
Drucksache (ofoo/r-zah-kher ) /(pl ~n) -e) carbon copy; strainer
printed matter Durchschnitt doorkh -shnit)
m aver-
Drüse (drew-zer /(pl ~n) gland ) age, mean
Dschungel (joong-er\ jungle ) m durchschnittlich (otoM-shnit-likh )

du (döö pron you

adj medium, average adv on the ;

dulden (dool-öem v *bear ) average

dumm (doom adj dumb, stupid ) durchsichtig (ofoorM-zikh-tikh ) adj
Düne (dew-ner /(pl ~n) dune ) transparent
Dünger {dewng-eu dung, manure ) m durchsuchen doorkh -zdö-khern v
( )

dunkel doong-ker\ adj dark, dim;

( ) search
* v *be allowed to;
obscure dürfen [dewr-iem )

Dunkelheit /dark
{doong-ker\-h\ghx) *may
dünn (dewn adj thin; sheer; weak
) dürr(dewr) adj arid
Dunst (doonst m (pl ~e) haze va- ) ; Dürre dew-rex f drought

pour Durst (doorst) thirst m

durch (doorkh prep through by )
; durstig (doors-wkh adj thirsty )

durchaus doorkh -ouss) adv quite

Dusche {doo-sher /(pl ~~n) shower )

durchbohren (doorkh-foä-rem ) v Düsenflugzeug (tfew-zern-flöök-tsoik )

pierce /2/(pl~e)jet
durchdringen doorkh -dring-em ( ) v düster (c/eTvss-terr ) adj sombre,
penetrate gloomy
Durcheinander (doorkh-igh-na/w-derr )
Düsterkeit (cfelvss-terr-kight ) /gloom
m (nt) muddle, mess Dutzend {doo-xsemx ) nt (pl ~e) dozen
durcheinanderbringen (doorkh igh Dynamo (dew-A7aa-moa ) m (pl ~s)
A?a/7A7-derr-bring-ern ) v muddle dynamo
Durchfahrt (doorkh-iaan /passage )

Durchfall {doorkh-iah\ ) m diarrhoea

durchfallen doorkh -iah-\err\ ( ) v fail

durchführbar (c/oo^/7-fewr-baar ) adj

durchführen (doorkh-tew-rem ) v carry

Ebbe 46 Eigentümlichkeit

ehrerbietig (äyr-ehr-bee-tikh adj re-
E )

Ehrerbietung (äy/--ehr-bee-toong ) /re-
Ebbe eh-ber f low tide
( ) spect
eben (äy-bem adj level, ) flat; smooth, Ehrfurcht (äyMoorkht /respect )

even Ehrgefühl (äyr-ger-fewl nt sense of )

Ebene (äy-ber-ner ) /(pi ~n) plain honour

ebenfalls (ay-bem-fahls ) adv as well, ehrgeizig (äyr-gigh-tsikh ) adj ambi-
likewise, also tious
Ebenholz (äy-bem-holts nt ebony ) ehrlich (äyr-likh ) adj honest straight ;

ebenso (äy-bem-zöä adv as, equally ) Ehrlichkeit (äyr-likh-kight) /honesty

likewise ~ wie as well as
; ehrwürdig (äy/--vewr-dikh ) adj vener-
ebensosehr (äy-bem-zoa-zäyr adv as ) able
much Ei(igh)i3f(pl~er)egg
ebensoviel (äy-bem-zoa-feel ) adv as Eiche {igh-kher /(pi ~n) oak

much Eichel (igh-kher\ /(pi ~n) acorn


Echo (e/7-khoa nt (pi ~s) echo

) Eichhörnchen (ighkh-hurm-khem nt )

echt (ehkht ) adj true genuine, auth- ;

(pi ~) squirrel
entic Eid (ight ) m
(pi -e) vow, oath
Ecke [eh-ker ) /(pi ~n) corner Eidotter [igh-öo-terr nt (pi ~) egg- )

edel (ay-derl ) adj noble yolk

Edelstein (äy-derl-shtighn ) m (pi ~e) Eierbecher (/ör/7-err-beh-kherr ) m (pi
gem, stone ~) egg-cup
Efeu(äy-foi) m ivy Eierkuchen (/'#/?-err-koo-khem ) m (pi
Effektenbörse (eh-feM-tem-bürr-zer / ) ~) omelette
(pi -n) stock exchange Eifer {igh-ierr ) m
zeal dihgence ;

egal (ay-gaal) adjYike Eifersucht (/gr/?-ferr-zookht) /jealousy

egoistisch (ay-goa-/ss-tish ) adj egoist- eifersüchtig (/^/?-ferr-zewkh-tikh adj )

ic envious, jealous
Ehe (äy-er ) /(pi ~n) marriage ; matri- eifrig (igh-\r\kb adj zealous, diligent

mony eigen igh-gem adj own


ehe (äy-erconj before

) Eigenschaft (/^-gern-shahft /(pi )

ehelich äy-er- likh adj matrimonial

) -en) property, quality
ehemalig (äy-er-maa-likh adj former ) Eigenschaftswort /gr/7-gern-shahfts- (

Ehepaar (äy-er-paar nt (pi ~e) mar- ) vort nt (pi ~er) adjective


ried couple eigentlich (igh-gemt-Ukh adv really )

eher (ap-err adv before rather

) ; Eigentum {igh-gem-toom nt property )

Ehering (äy-er- ring (pi ~e) wed- ) m Eigentümer (igh-gem -tew- merr) m (pi
ding-ring ~) proprietor, owner
ehrbar (äyr-baar adj respectable ) eigentümlich (/^-gern-tewm-likh ) adj
Ehre (äy-rer /(pi ~n) honour; glory
) peculiar
ehren (äy-rem v honour ) Eigentümlichkeit /^-gern-tewm-likh-

ehrenwert (äy-rern-väyrt adj honour- ) kight ) /(pi ~en) peculiarity

; ;

eignen 47 einkreisen

sich eignen (igh-gnem )

qualify influential
Eile ( ighAex ) f haste, hurry speed ; einfügen ighn -iew -gern v insert
( )

Eil- express Einfuhr {ighn-ioor /import )

eilen (igh-\em ) v hurry; hasten, rush einführen [ighn -few- rem v import )

eilig (igh-Wkh ) adv in a hurry introduce

Eilpost (ighl-posx ) special delivery Einführung (/^n-few-roong /(pl )

Eimer {igh-merr ) m (pi ~) bucket, pail -en) introduction

ein (ighn ) art (f eine, nt ein) a art ;
~ Einfuhrzoll {ighn-töör-\so\ ) m duty,
anderer another import duty
Einakter (ighn-ahk-xen ) m (pl ~) one- Eingang {ighn-ganng ) m (pl ~e) en-
act play try; entrance, kein ~ no
way in ;

einander (igh-na/7/7-derr )
pron each admittance
other eingebildet (/^n-ger-bil-dert adj con- )

Einäscherung (/g/7A?-eh-sher-roong / ) ceited

(pl ~en) cremation Eingeborene (/gr/w-ger-böä-rer-ner ) m
einatmen ighn -aat-mem v inhale
{ ) (pl ~n) native
Einbahnverkehr (/^n-baan-fehr-käyr )
eingehend {ighn-gäy-em\ adj de- )

m one-way traffic tailed

Einband (/#/?/? -bahnt (pl ~e) bind- ) m eingeschlossen (/g/w-ger-shlo-sem )

ing included
sich einbilden {ighn-b\\ -dem ) fancy, Eingeweide (/^n-ger-vigh-der )
imagine bowels pl, intestines, insides
Einbildung (ighn-b\\-öoong /fantasy, ) Eingreifen (/#/?n-grigh-fem ) nt inter-
imagination ference
'einbrechen (/#/7A7-breh-khem) v einheimisch {ighn-h\gh-m\sh ) adj na-
burgle tive
Einbrecher (/^/?n-breh-kherr ) m (pl ~) Einheit {ighn-h\gn\) /(pl ~en) unit;
burglar unity
einbüßen {ighn-bew-sem v *lose ) einholen {ighn-hoa-\em ) v gather
eindringen {ighn-öüng-em ^ in- ) einige {igh-n\-ger pron some

vade trespass
; einkassieren {ighn-kah-see-rem v )

Eindringling {ighn-önng-Wng (pl ) m cash

~e) trespasser einkaufen [ighn-kou-iem v shop )

Eindruck (/gr/7A?-drook ) m (pl ~e) im- Einkaufstasche (/^/7A7-koufs-tah-sher) /

pression ; sensation (pl ~n) shopping bag
eindrucksvoll (/gr^-drooks-fol ) adj im- Einkaufszentrum (/g/7/7-koufs-tsehn-
pressive troom nt (pl -Zentren) shopping

einfach {ighn-fohkh adj simple ) centre

Einfahrt {ighn-iaan /(pl ~en) entry ) einkerben (ighn -kehr -bem ) v carve
Einfall {ighn-iah\ ) m (pl ~e) idea; Einkommen (ighn-ko- mem ) nt (pl ~)
invasion, raid revenue, income
Einfluß [ighn-i\ooss (pl -flüsse) in- ) m Einkommenssteuer (igh n-ko-merns-

fluence shtoi-err) /income- tax

einflußreich (/^-flooss-righkh adj )
einkreisen (/^/7n-krigh-zern ) v encircle

Einkünfte 48 Einwand

Einkünfte (/^-kewnf-ter fpl revenue ) book ; enter, register

* Einschreibung (/g^n-shrigh-boong /
einladen (ighn-\aa-dem v invite; ask ) )

Einladung {ighn-laa-doong /(pl ~en) ) (pl -en) booking

invitation * einschreiten (/g/w-shrigh-tern v in- )

einlassen ighn -\ah-sem v admit
) terfere
einleitend {ighn-Wgh-xerm adj pre- ) einsehen {ighn-zäy-em ) v *see
liminary einseitig adj one-sided
(/gf/7/7-zigh-tikh )

einmachen (/p/7A7-mah-khem) v pre- Einsicht {ighn-z\Vhx) /vision; insight

serve einsperren (/gr/w-shpeh-rern v lock up )

einmal {ighn-maa\ ) ac/vonce; some einspritzen (/gr/7/7-shpri-tsern v inject )

time einst (ig hnst) atfvonce

sich einmischen (/p/7/7-mi-shern ) inter- einsteigen (/grfi/?-shtigh-gern ) v *get
vene interfere with
; on embark

Einnahme (/^n-naa-mer) /capture; einstellen (/#/?A7-shteh-lemv stop, dis- )

Einnahmen earnings pl continue tune in garage

; ;

einnehmen (ighn-näy-mem v cash; ) Einstellung (/^/w-shteh-loong /(pl )

occupy, *take up capture ; ~en) attitude

einpacken (/gr/7/7-pah-kern v pack up ) einstimmig {ighn-shW-nvkh adj )

einräumen (ighn-ro\-mem v admit ) unanimous

einrichten (ighn-nkh-xem v furnish; ) einstöpseln (/^/w-shtur-pserln) vplug
institute in
Einrichtung (/gr^-rikh-toong ) /(pl einstufen («j/w-shtöö-fem v grade )

~~en) installation ; institution einteilen (/gr/w-tigh-lem v classify )

eins(ighns) num one *

eintragen (/^/7A7-traa-gem vlist, )

einsam (ighn-zaam adj lonely ) book

einsammeln (/gr/7/7-zah-merln v collect ) einträglich (/^n-traik-likh ) adj profit-
Einsatz {ighn-zahxs m (pl ~e) bet
) able
einschalten (/g/m-shahl-tem ) v turn Eintragung (/^/?/?-traa-goong /(pl )

on, switch on -en) entry; registration

einschenken (/gr/7A7-shehng-kern) v Eintreffen {ighn-xreh -fern nt arrival )

* v arrive
pour eintreffen {ighn-xreb-iem )

sich einschiffen {ighn-shl-iem ) em- 'eintreten (/gr^-träy-tern v enter )

bark Eintritt [ighn-xnx ) m entrance; entry;

Einschiffung ighn -shl-ioong /embar-
( ) admission ; -
verboten no entry
kation Eintrittsgeld (/p/w-trits-gehlt) nt en-
einschließen (/g/w-shlee-sern v in- ) trance-fee
clude, comprise involve encircle,
; ; einverleiben ( /p/7/7-fehr-iigh-bern ) v
*shut in, circle annex
einschließlich (/gr/w-shleess-likh adv ) einverstanden! (/g/w-fehr-shtahn-dern
inclusive all right!

Einschnitt (ighn-sbriw (pl -e) cut ) m Einverständnis (/p/7/?-fehr-shtehnt-niss

Einschränkung (/^-shrehng-koong / ) nt approval

(pl ~en) restriction, qualification Einwand {ighn-vahnx m (pl -e) ob-

einschreiben (/gr/w-shrigh-bern ) v jection; «- 'erheben gegen object

Einwanderer 49 Elendsviertel

to Eisenbahnfähre (
/(7/7-zern-baan-fai-rer )

Einwanderer (/gr/w-vahn-der-rerr ) m /(pl ~n) train ferry

(pl ~) immigrant Eisenhütte (/^/7-zem-hew-ter /(pl )

einwandern [ighn-vshn-derm v immi- ) ~n) ironworks

grate Eisenwaren (/0/7-zern-vaa-rern fpl )

Einwanderung (/g/w-vahn-der-roong ) / hardware

immigration Eisenwarenhandlung igh -zern-vaa- (

einwandfrei (/^n-vahnt-frigh ) adj rem-hahn-dloong /(pl ~en) hard- )

faultless ware store

einweichen (/^n-vigh-khem ) v soak eisern igh-zerm (
adj iron )

einwenden (/'ör/7A7-vehn-dem) vob- eisig (igh-z\kh adj freezing

ject; etwas einzuwenden * haben *

eislaufen (ighss-\ou-tem v skate )

gegen mind Eisschrank (/'öf/7ss-shrahngk ) m (pl ~e)

einwickeln v wrap
(/^/7/7-vi-kerln ) refrigerator
einwilligen (/^n-vi-li-gem v consent ) Eiswasser (/^ss-vah-serr nt iced )

Einwilligung (/^-vi-li-goong /con- ) water

sent eitel (igh-\er\) adj vain
Einwohner {ighn -voa-nerr ) m (pl ~) Eiter (igh-terr) m
inhabitant ekelhaft (ap-kerl-hahft ) adj disgusting
Einzahl (
ighn-tsaa\ ) /singular Ekuador (ay-kvah- döär) Ecuador
Einzelhandel (/^-tserl-hahn-derl ) m Ekuadorianer (ay-kvah-doa-^aa-nerr )

retail trade m (pl ~) Ecuadorian

Einzelhändler (/ßr/7A7-tserl-hehn-d!err) m Ekzem (ehk- tsäym) nt eczema
(pl ~) retailer elastisch (ay-/a/?ss-tish adj elastic )

Einzelheit (/#/?/7-tserl-hight ) /(pl ~en) Elch (ehlkh ) m

(pl -e) moose
detail Elefant ay- lay- feto
(pl ~en) el- ) m
einzeln {ighn-tser\n ) adj individual ephant
im einzelnen specially elegant {ay-\ay-gahnt) adj smart, el-

Einzelne {ighn-\s&\- n er ) m (pl ~n) in- egant

dividual Eleganz (ay-lay -gahnts) /elegance
einziehen (/^n-tsee-em ) v confis- Elektriker (ay-feM-tri-kerr ) m (pl ~)
cate electrician
einzig {ighn-\s\VX\ ) adj only; sole, elektrisch (ay-feM-trish ) adj electric
single Elektrizität (ay-lehk-tri-tsi-te/r) /elec-
einzigartig (/öf/7A7-tsikh-ahr-tikh ) adj tricity
unique elektronisch (ay-lehk-frdä-nish ) adj
Eis (ighss ) nt
ice-cream ice ; electronic
Eisbahn {ighss-baan /(pl ~en) ) Element {ay-\ay -mehnt) nt (pl -e) el-
skating-rink ement
Eisbeutel (ighss-bo\-\er\ ) m (pl ~) ice- elementar (ay-lay-mem- taar) adj pri-
bag mary
Eisen {igh-zem ) nt iron Elend (ay-lehnt ) nt misery
Eisenbahn {igh-zem-baan /(pl -en) ) elend (ay-lehnt ) adj miserable
railway ; railroad nAm Elendsviertel (ay-lehnts-feer-terl ) nt

elf 50 entfernt

slum empörend (ehm-ptyr-rernt ) adj revolt-

elf (ehlf ) num eleven ; Elf / soccer ing, shocking
team Ende {ehn-öer nt end ending,
) ; issue
Elfe (e/7/-fer)/(pl~n) elf enden {ehn-öem v end finish ) ;

Elfenbein (e/7/-fern-bighn ) nt ivory endgültig (e/?nr-gewl-tikh ) adj event-

elfte (eh/f-ter ) num eleventh ual
Ellbogen {ehl-boa-gem ) m (pl -) el- endlich (ehnt-\\kh adv at last )

bow Endstation (e/7m-shtah-tsy<5än /(pl )

Elster (eh/s-terr /(pl ~n) magpie ) -en) terminal

Eltern (ehl -term pl parents pl )
Energie (ay-nehr-gee) /energy; power
Email {ay-migh) /enamel energisch (ay-A7e/7r-gish adj energetic )

emailliert (ay-mah- Yeert) adj en- eng (ehng adj narrow; tight; enger

amelled machen tighten; enger *

Emanzipation (ay-mahn-tsi-pah-fs^dän) tighten
/emancipation Engel{ehng-er\ (pl ~) angel
) m
Embargo (ehm-fo^r-goa nt embargo ) England [ehngAahnt England Brit- ) ;

Emblem {ehm-b/äym) nt (pl ~~e) em- ain

blem Engländer (e/?A?^-lehn-derr) m (pl ~)
eminent (ay-m\-nehnt) adj outstand- Englishman Briton ;

ing englisch {ehng-\\sh ) adj English; Brit-

Empfang {ehm-pfahng) m (pl ~e) re- ish
ception ; receipt Engpaß (e/7A7gr-pahss ) m (pl -passe)
empfangen (ehm-pfahng-em) v re- bottleneck
ceive engstirnig (e/7A7^-shteer-nikh ) adj nar-
Empfängnis {ehm-pfehng-ri\ss ) /con- row-minded
ception Enkel ehng-ker\
( ) m
(pl -) grandson
Empfangsdame {ehm-pfahngs-öaa- Enkelin (e^-ker-lin /(pl ~nen) )

mer /(pl ~n) receptionist

) granddaughter
Empfangsschein {ebm-pfahngs- entbehren (ehnt-bap-rem v spare )

shighn (pl ~e) receipt

) m entbeinen (ehnt- bigh -nem v bone

Empfangszimmer (ehm-p/3/7/7£s-tsi- entbinden von (ehnt-b/n-dern dis- )

merr nt (pl ~) drawing-room

) charge of
empfehlen (ehm-p/äy-lern v recom- ) Entbindung (ehnt-6/n-doong /(pl )

mend ; advise ~en) dehvery, childbirth

Empfehlung (ehm-p/ap-loong /(pl ) entdecken (ehnt-cfe/7-kern v discover )

~en) recommendation advice ; detect

Empfehlungsschreiben (ehm-p/äy- Entdeckung (ehnt-cte/7-koong /(pl )

loongs-shrigh-bem ) nt (pl ~~) letter of ~en) discovery

recommendation Ente (ehn-ter /(pl ~~n) duck

empfindlich (ehm-p^Mikh ) adj sensi- entfalten (ehnt-fe^-tem ) v unfold ; ex-

tive pand
Empfindung (ehm- pfin -öoong /(pl ) entfernen {er\r\t-fehr-r\em ) v *take
~en) perception sensation ; away
empor (ehm-pdär) adv up entfernt {e\\r\t- fehmt) adj distant; far-

Entfernung entzünden

away, remote entferntest furthest

; sich * entschließen (ehnt -shlee -sem )

Entfernung (ehnt-fe/?/--noong /(pl ) decide

-en) distance; way entschlossen [ehnt-shlo-sem adj ) res-
Entfernungsmesser (ehnt-/e/?r-noongs- olute, determined
meh-serr ) m (pl ~~) range-finder Entschluß (ehnt- shlooss) (pl m
entgegengesetzt (ehnt-£rap-gem-ger- -Schlüsse) decision
zehtst ) adj opposite contrary ; entschuldigen (ehnt-s/?oo/-di-gem ) v
entgegenkommend (ehnt-gap-gern-ko- excuse ; *forgive ; sich ~ apologize
mernt adj oncoming
) Entschuldigung (ehnt-s/?oo/-di-goong )
entgehen (ehnt-^ap-em v escape ) /(pl ~en) apology, excuse; Ent-
enthalten (ehnt-/j#/i/-tern v contain, ) schuldigung! sorry!
include deny sich ~ abstain from
; ; Entsetzen (ehnt-ze/7-tsern nt horror )

Enthärtungsmittel (ehnt-fe/7/--toongs- entsetzlich (ehnt-ze/?fs-likh ) adj hor-

mi-terl nt (pl ~) water-softener
) rible
Entheiligung (ehnt-/»#/?-li-goong / ) sich entsinnen (ehnt-z/nem) v rec-
sacrilege ollect
enthüllen (ehnt-/?ei^-lern v reveal ) sich'entspannen (ehnt-s/7pa/7-nayn ) re-
Enthüllung (ehnt-/7ew-loong /(pl ) lax
~en) revelation Entspannung (ehnt-s/7pa/?-noong /(pl )

sich entkleiden (ehnt- kligh -dem ) un- ~en) relaxation

dress entsprechend (ehnt-s/?pre/7-khernt ) adj
* entkommen (ehnt-Zro-mem ) v escape adequate equivalent ;

entkorken (ehnt-for-kern v uncork ) entstehen (ehnt-s/tfay-ern ) v *arise
entladen (ehnt-/aa-dem v discharge ) entstellt (ehnt- shtehlt) adj deformed
entlang {ehnt- lahng) prep along, past enttäuschen (ehnt-ro/'-shem ) v disap-
'entlassen (ehnt-/a/?-sern ) v dismiss, point ; *let down *be disappointing

fire Enttäuschung (ehnt-fo/'-shoong /(pl )

entlegen (ehnt-/a"p-gem ) adj out of the -en) disappointment

way entwässern (ehnt-y/e/7-serm v drain )

entleihen v borrow
(ehnt- ligh-em ) entweder oder (eto-vay-derr
. . . . .

Entlohnung (ehnt-/dä-noong /(pl ) oä-derr ) either ... or

~~en) remuneration entwerfen (ehnt-i/e/7f-fern v design )

'entnehmen (ehnt-nay-mern) v de- entwerten (ehnt- väyr-xem v devalue )

prive of entwickeln (ehnt- w-kerln v develop )

Entrüstung (ehnt-retvss-toong ) /indig- Entwicklung (ehnt-w-kloong /(pl )

nation ~en) development

entschädigen (ehnt-s/?a/-di-gern v re- ) entwischen ehnt- w'-shem) v slip (

munerate Entwurf (ehnt- voorf) m (pl ~e) design

Entschädigung (ehnt-sfta/'-di-goong / ) entzücken (ehnt-tsew-kem v delight; )

(pl — en) indemnity entzückend delightful entzückt ;

'entscheiden (ehnt-s/7/0/7-dern v de- ) delighted

cide entzündbar (ehnt-?sew7?-baar adj in- )

Entscheidung (ebm-s/w#7-doong /(pl ) flammable

~en) decision entzünden (ehnt- tsewn -dem v *be- )
; ) ; ;

Entzündung 52 Erhöhung

come septic erfahren (ehr-fea-rem adj experi- )

Entzündung (ehnt- tsewn -doong /(pi ) enced skilled


-en) inflammation *
erfahren (ehr-fea-rern v experience )

entzwei {ehrw- tsvigh) adj broken Erfahrung (ehr-/aa-roong /(pi -en) )

Enzyklopädie (ehn-tsew-kloa-peh-otee experience

/(pi -n) encyclopaedia *
erfinden {ehr -fin -dem ) v invent
Epidemie (ay-pi-day-mee) /(pi -n) Erfinder (ehr-fin-derr ) 777 (pi -) inven-
epidemic tor
Epilepsie (ay-pi-leh-psee) /epilepsy erfinderisch (ehr-///7-der-rish ) adj in-
Epilog (ay-pi-/oä#) m (pi -e) epilogue ventive
episch (äp-pish adj epic ) Erfindung (ehr-^-doong ) /(pi -en)
Episode (ay-pi-zdä-der /(pi ~n) epi- ) invention
sode Erfolg {ehr- folk) 777 (pi -e) success
Epos (ay-poss nt (pi Epen) epic
) erfolglos (ehr-fo/A--löäss ) adj unsuc-
er{äyr)pron he cessful
erbärmlich (ehr- behrm -likh adj miser- ) erfolgreich (ehr-fo/£-righkh ) adj suc-
able cessful
erben ehr-bem
v inherit ) erforderlich (ehr-for-derr-likh ) adj
erblich [ehrp-Wkh adj hereditary ) requisite
erblicken (ehr-M-kern v glance ) erfordern (ehr-for-öerm v require )

glimpse Erfordernis (ehr-/b/--derr-niss 777 (pi )

erbrechen (ehr-6re/?-khem v vomit ) -se) requirement
Erbschaft (e/?rp-shahft /(pi -en) in- ) erforschen (ehr- for -shem v explore )

heritance ; legacy erfreulich (ehr-fro/-likh adj enjoyable )

Erbse /(pi ~n) pea

{ehr-pser ) erfreut (ehr- froit) adj pleased, glad
Erdball (äp/t-bahl 777 globe ) erfrischen (ehr- fr/ -shem v refresh er- ) ;

Erdbeben (iprf-bäy-bem nt (pi -) ) frischend fresh

earthquake Erfrischung (ehr-fr/-shoong /refresh- )

Erdbeere (äyrt-bäy-rer) /(pi ~~n) ment

strawberry sich * ergeben (ehr-^ay-bem ) result
Erdboden (ayrf-böä-dern ) 777 soil surrender
Erde (äyr-öer ) /earth ; soil Ergebnis (ehr-#a"pp-niss ) 777 (pi -se)
Erdgeschoß (äyrt-ger-shoss ) nt ground result ; issue, effect, outcome
floor 'ergreifen (ehr- grigh -fem v seize; )

Erdichtung (ehr- dik h-xoong ) /(pi ~en) *catch, grasp

fiction 'erhalten {ehr- hahl-xem v obtain )

Erdkunde (aprr-koon-der /geography ) erhältlich (ehr-/?e/7/Mikh adj obtain- )

Erdnuß (äyrt-nooss /(pi -nüsse) pea- ) able

nut 'erheben (ehr-häy-bem v raise; sich )

Erdteil (äp/t-tighl ) 777 (pi <~e) continent ~ * arise

sich ereignen (ehr-/gr/?-gnern ) happen Erhebung (ehr-/7a"p-boong /(pi ~en) )

v occur mound, hillock

Ereignis (ehr-/^/?-gniss nt (pi ~se) ) erhöhen (ehr- hür-em v raise )

event happening, occurrence

; Erhöhung (ehr-/7j?-oong /(pi -en) )

erholen 53 erregen

increase ; rise ; raise nAm (pl ~en) relief

sich erholen (ehr-/?dä-lern ) recover *
erleiden (ehr-//grft-dern v suffer )

Erholung (ehr-ftdä-loong ) /recreation erlesen (ehr-/ay-zern adj select )

recovery erleuchten {etv-hikh-tem v illumi- )

Erholungsheim (ehr -/?oä-loongs- nate

highm nt (pl ~e) rest-home *
) erliegen (ehr-/ee-gern v succumb )

Erholungsort (ehr-/?dä-loongs-ort ) m Erlös (ehr- lürss) m

(pl -e) produce
(pl ~~e) holiday resort erlösen (ehr-/Jr-zem v deliver, re-

erinnern (ehr-/-nerm v remind; sich ) deem

~~ recall, remember Erlösung (ehr-/j?-zoong ) /delivery
Erinnerung (ehr-/-ner-roong /(pl ) Ermächtigung (ehr-meMMi-goong / )

~en) memory remembrance ; (pl ~~en) authorization

sich erkälten (ehr-te/V-tern ) catch a Ermäßigung (ehr-ma/'-si-goong ) /(pl
cold ~~en) rebate
Erkältung (ehr-/re/?/-toong ) /(pl ~en) ermitteln (ehr-m/-terln ) v ascertain
cold ermüden (ehr-mew-dem ) v tire
erkennen (ehr-te/7-nern ) v recog- ermutigen (ehr-mdö-ti-gem ) v encour-
nize; acknowledge age
erkenntlich (ehx-kehnt-WVh ) adj grate- ernähren (ehr-na/'-rern v *feed )

ful *
ernennen ehr- neh-nexn) v nomi-

erklärbar (ehr-*/a/r-baar ) adj account- nate, appoint

able Ernennung(ehr-/?e/?-noong /(pl ~en) )

erklären (ehr-/Wa/-rem ) v explain; de- nomination, appointment

clare erneuern (ehr-no/'-errn v renew )

Erklärung (ehr-/r/a/-roong ) /(pl ~en) Ernst (ehmst m

gravity, seriousness

explanation ; statement ; declaration ernst (ehmst adj serious grave se-

) ;

Erkrankung (ehr-Ara/wg-koong /(pl ) vere

~en) affection ernsthaft (ehrnst-hahfx adj bad )

sich erkundigen (ehr-Zroon-di-gern en- ) Ernte ehrn-xex /(pl -n) crop har-
( ) ;

quire, inquire vest

Erkundigung (ehr-A-oon-di-goong /(pl ) Eroberer (ehr-dä-ber-rerr (pl *») ) m
~en) enquiry conqueror
erlangen (ehr-/a/?r?0-ern ) v obtain erobern (ehr-dä-berrn v conquer )

erlauben (ehr-fou-bern ) v allow, per- Eroberung (ehr-dä-ber-roong /(pl )

mit; erlaubt *sein *be allowed ~en) conquest

Erlaubnis (ehr-/oi/p-niss ) /permission erörtern (ehr-urr-terrn ) v discuss; ar-
erläutern (
ehr- /o/ -term ) v explain; gue
elucidate Erörterung (ehr-t/rr-ter-roong ) /(pl
Erläuterung (ehr-/o/'-ter-roong ) /(pl ~en) deliberation
~en) explanation erpressen (ehr-pre/7-sem ) v black-
erleben (ehr-/ay-bem v experience ) mail ; extort
erledigen (ehr-/ay-di-gem v settle ) Erpressung (ehr-pre/7-soong /(pl )

erleichtern v relieve
(ehr- lighkh -term ) -en) blackmail extortion ;

Erleichterung (ehr-//örAW>-ter-roong / ) erregen (ehr- ray-gem v excite )

; ; ; ; ;

Erregung 54 eskortieren

Erregung (ehr-ray-goong /emotion; ) class

excitement erstrangig (ayrsr-rahng-ikh ) adj first-

erreichbar (ehr- righkh -baar ) adj at- rate

tainable Ertrag ehr- traak)
m (pl ~e) produce
erreichen (ehr-r/gr/?-khem ) v reach, at- ertragen (ehr-fraa-gem ) v endure,
tain ; achieve ;
* catch *bear
errichten (ehr-r/M-tern ) v construct erträglich {ebr-tra~yk-\\kh ) adj tolerable
erect ; found *
ertrinken (ehr-tring-kem )v drown
erröten (ehr- rJ?-tern v blush ) *be drowned
Ersatz {ehr-zahts) substitute m erwachsen (ehr-ua/7-ksern ) adj adult,
Ersatzfüllung (ehr-za/?te-few-loong ) / grown-up
(pi ~en) refill Erwachsene (ehr-i/a/?-kser-ner m (pl )

Ersatzreifen (ehr-za/tfs-righ-fem ) m (pl ~n) adult, grown-up

~) spare tyre *
erwägen (ehr- ua/ -gem v consider )

Ersatzteil (ehr-za/?te-tighl ) nt (pl ~e) Erwägung (ehr-i/a/-goong /(pl ~en) )

spare part consideration

erschaffen (ehr-sfta/?-fem v create ) erwähnen (ehr-va/'-nem v mention )

erschallen (ehr-s/7a/7-lem v sound ) Erwähnung (ehr-i/a/'-noong /(pl ~en) )

Erscheinen (ehr-s/?/0/7-nem nt ap- ) mention

pearance erwarten (ehr-vahr-tem ) v expect an- ;

erscheinen (ehr -sh ig/7-nern v ap- ) ticipate ; await
pear seem ; Erwartung (ehr-i/a/7r-toong ) /(pl -en)
Erscheinung (ehr-s/?/'ör/?-noong /(pl ) expectation
~en) appearance apparition ; erweitern (ehr- vigh -term ) v extend
erschöpfen (ehr-sftivr-pfern v ex- ) enlarge, widen
haust erschöpft tired; Erwerb (ehr-vehrp) m purchase
* erschrecken (ehr-s/?re/?-kern * erwerben (ehr- vehr-bem v acquire
v *be ) )

frightened ; frighten, terrify, scare *buy

ersetzen (ehr-ze/?-tsern ) v replace, erwischen (ehr-w'-shern v *catch )

substitute erwürgen (ehr-vewr-gem v strangle, )

ersinnen (ehr-z/-nern v invent ) choke
Ersparnisse (ehr-s^paar-ni-ser) fpl sav- Erz (äyrts nt (pl ~e) ore

ings pl erzählen (ehr-fsa/-lem v *tell; relate


erstarrt (ehr- shtahrt) adj numb Erzählung (ehr-?sa/'-loong /(pl ~en) )

Erstaunen (ehr-s/?toty-nem ) nt amaze- tale

ment, astonishment Erzbischof {ehrts-b\ -shot ) m (pl ~e)
erstaunen (ehr -shtou-new ) v amaze; archbishop
surprise erzeugen(ehr-fso/'-gem v generate )

erstaunlich (ehr -shtoun-Wkh ) adj as- erziehen (ehr-fsee-em v *bring up

* )

tonishing, striking Erziehung (ehr-rsee-oong /education )

erste (a"prs-ter ) num first ; adj initial es(ehss)proi2 it

foremost Esel (ay-zerl ) m
(pl -) donkey; ass
ersticken {ehr- shti -kern v choke ) eskortieren (ehss-kor-tee-rem v es- )

erstklassig (a"yrsf-klah-sikh adj first- ) cort


Essay 55 Faden

Essay {eh-say (pl ~s) essay

) m Exemplar (
eh -ksehm -plaar) nt (pl ~e)
eßbar (ehss-baar adj edible ) specimen copy ;

Essen (e/7-sern nt food ) exklusiv (ehks-kloo-zeef) adj exclusive

essen (e/j-sern v *eat; zu Abend )
~ exotisch (eh-/rsdä-tish adj exotic )

dine Expedition (ehks-pay-di-te^dän) /(pl

Essenz {eh-sehnts) /essence ~en) expedition
Essig (e/7-sikh ) m vinegar Experiment {ehks-pay-n- mehnt) nt (pl
Eßlöffel (e/?ss-lur-ferl m (pl ~) table-
) ~~e) experiment
spoon experimentieren (ehks-pay-ri-mehn-
Eßlust (ehss-\oos\ /appetite ) tee-rern v experiment

Eßservice (eftss-sehr-veess nt dinner- ) explodieren (ehks-ploa-ofee-rem v ex- )

service plode
Etage (ay-?aa-zher /(pl ~n) storey; ) Explosion (ehks-ploa-z^dän) /(pl ~en)
apartment nAm blast, explosion
Etappe (ay-ö/7-per) /(pl ~n) stage explosiv (ehks-ploa-zeer") adj explosive
Etikett (ay-W-keht) nt (pl ~e) label, Export (ehks- port export ) m
tag exportieren (ehks-por-ree-rem v ex- )

etliche {eht-\\-kher adj several ) port

Etui {ehx-vee) nt (pl ~s) case extravagant (e/?/rs-trah-vah-gahnt ) adj
etwa (eht-vah adv about, approxi-
) extravagant
mately Extrem (ehks- träym ) nt (pl ~e) ex-
etwas eht-vahss pron something
( )
; ir- treme
gend ~ anything extrem (ehks- träym) adj extreme
euch (oikhpron you yourselves
) ;

euer (o/-err pron your


Eule (o/-ler /(pl ~n) owl

Europa (oi-rdä-pah Europe )

Europäer (oi-roa-pa/'-err m (pl ~) )

European Fabel (/aa-berl /(pl ~~n) fable


europäisch (oi-roa-pa/-ish adj Euro- ) Fabrik (iah-breek) /(pl -en) factory;

pean mill, works pl
evakuieren (ay-vah-koo-ee-rern v ) Fabrikant (tah-bn- kahnt) m (pl -en)
evacuate manufacturer
Evangelium (ay-vahng-#a]/-|yoom ) nt fabrizieren (fah-bri-rsee-rem ) v manu-
(pl -ien) gospel facture
eventuell (ay-vehn-too-e/?/) adj poss- Fach (fahkh ) nt (pl -er) section
ible trade, profession
Evolution (ay-voa-loo-fs^dä/?) /(pl Fächer (fe/7-kherr (pl -) fan ) m
~en) evolution fachkundig (/aM/7-koon-dikh) adjtx-
ewig (ap-vikh adj eternal
) pert
Ewigkeit (ay-vikh-kight /eternity ) Fachmann (
/aM/7-mahn ) m (pl -leute)
exakt {eh-ksahkt) adj precise, very expert
Examen (eh-fcaa-mem nt (pl ~) ex- ) Fackel (/a/?-kerl ) /(pl -n) torch
amination Faden (
/aa-dern ) m (pl ~) thread
; ; ;

fähig 56 Faustschlag

fähig feZ-ikh adj able capable

( ) ; fälschen {fehl-shem ) v forge, counter-
Fähigkeit (fe/-ikh-kight) /(pl ~~en) feit
ability ; faculty, capacity Fälschung (feh/shoong /(pl ~en) )

Fahne /aa-ner /(pi ~n) flag

( ) fake
Fahrbahn {faar-baan /(pi ~en) car- ) fahl-xer /(pl ~n) fold crease
Falte ( ) ;

riageway lane roadway nAm ; ; wrinkle

Fährboot (
fair-boat ) nt (pi ~e) ferry- falten (/a/7/-tern v fold )

boat Familie (fah-mee-iver) /(pl ~n) family

fahren (faa-rem ) v *drive; *ride; Familienname (fah-A77ee-l y ern-naa-mer )

sail m surname
Fahrer (/aa-rerr (pl -) driver ) m fanatisch (fah-naa-tish adj fanatical )

Fahrgeld fear-gehlt nt fare

( ) "fangen {fahng-em v *catch; capture )

Fahrgestell (/aar-ger-shtehl nt (pl ~e) ) Farbe fahr-ber f (pl ~n) colour

( )

chassis paint dye ;

Fahrkarte (/aar-kahr-ter ) /(pl ~n) farbecht (fahrb-ehkhx adj fast-dyed )

ticket Färbemittel (/e/7A-ber-mi-terl nt (pl ~) )

Fahrkartenautomat (/aar-kahr-tem -ou- colourant

toa-maat ) m (pl ~~en) ticket machine färben (fehr-bem v dye )

Fahrplan (/aar-plaan m (pl ~e) time- ) farbenblind (/a/7/--bern-bl int adj col- )

table, schedule our-blind

Fahrrad (
faar-raax ) nt (pl -er) cycle, farbenfroh (/a/7/--bem-fröä adj colour- )

bicycle ful
Fahrt (faart /(pl ~en) ride, drive
) Farbfilm (fahrp-i\ Im ) m (pl — e) colour
Fährte (fair-ter /(pl ~n) trail ) film
Fahrzeug (/aaMsoik nt (pl ~~e) ve- ) farbig (/a/7r-bikh ) adj coloured
hicle Farbton {fahrp-xöan m (pl -e) shade )

Faktor fahk-tor
(pl — en) factor ) m m (pl ~e) pheasant
Fasan (fah-zaan)
Faktur (fahk- töör) /(pl ~en) invoice Faschismus (fah-s/7/ss-mooss m fas- )

fakturieren (fahk-too-ree-rern v bill ) cism

Fakultät (fah-kool-fa/Y) /(pl ~en) fac- Faschist (iah-shist) m (pl ~en) fascist
ulty faschistisch adj fascist
(fah-s/?/ss-tish )

Falke {fahf-ker ) m (pl ~n) hawk Faser (

/(pl ~n) fibre
/aa-zerr )

Fall (fahl ) m (pl ~e) case; instance; Faß (fahss nt (pl Fässer) barrel cask
) ;

auf jeden ~ at any rate im ; ~ in Fassade (fah-saa-der) /(pl ~~n) facade

case of Fäßchen (fehss-khem nt (pl ~) keg )

Falle (/a/7-ler)/(pl-n) trap fassen fah-sem v grip ( )

"fallen (/a/?-lem) v*fall; ~ "lassen Fassung (/a/7-soong /(pl ~en) socket )

drop fast (fahst adv nearly, almost)

adj due
fällig (/e/7-likh) faul (foul adj lazy, idle )

Fälligkeitstermin fe/7-likh-kights-tehr- (
Faust (foust /(pl ~e) fist )

meen m
(pl ~e) expiry
) Fausthandschuhe (
falls (fahls conj in case, if
) er ) mpl mittens pl
falsch (fahlsh adj wrong, mistaken ) Faustschlag {foust-s\\\aak) m (pl ~e)
false punch

Favorit 57 * festhalten

Favorit (fah-voa-reer ) m (pl ~~en) fa- Feldbett {feh/t-behx ) nt (pl -en)

vourite camp-bed
Fax (faaks) nt (pl ~) fax Feldstecher (fe/?/f-shteh-kherr) m (pl
faxen (faa-ksern) to send by fax -) field glasses, binoculars pl
Fazilität (fah-tsi-li-te/r /(pl ~en) ) fa- Felge (
fehl-ger /(pl ~n) rim

cility Fell (fehl ) nt (pl ~e) skin

Februar fey-broo-aar February ( ) Felsblock feh/s-b\ok (pl -e) boul-
( ) m
fechten fehkh-xem v fence ( ) der
Feder fäy-öerr /(pl ~n) feather
( ) Felsen fehl-zem (
(pl -) rock ) m
pen spring
; felsig (fe/?/-zikh adj rocky )

Federung (fey-der-roong /suspension ) Fenster fehns-xen nt (pl ~~) window

( )

Fee (fäy /(pl -n) fairy ) Fensterbrett (fe/7A?s-terr-breht nt (pl )

fegen {fäy-gem v *sweep ) -er) window-sill

Fehlen (fäy-\em nt want ) Fensterladen (/e/?A7s-terr-laa -dem ) m
fehlen fäy-\em v fail fehlend miss-
( ) ; (pl ~) shutter
ing Ferien (fcp-rvern pl vacation )

Fehler {fayAerr ) m (pl -~) mistake; er- Ferienlager (/ay-rVern-laa-gerr nt (pl )

ror, fault -) holiday camp

fehlerhaft (fey-lerr-hahft ) adj faulty Ferkel [fehr-keri nt (pl ~) piglet )

Fehlgeburt (fe"p/-ger-b<5ört) /(pl ~en) fern (fehrn adj far; ferner adj fur-

miscarriage ther adv moreover


Fehlschlag (£p/-shlaak ) m (pl ~e) Ferngespräch (fe/jrn-ger-shpraikh nt )

failure (pl ~e) trunk-call

Fehltritt (/ap/-trit ) m slip Fernsehen (fehrn-zäy-em nt televi- )

Feier (
/(pl ~n) celebration
figh-err ) sion
feierlich (figh -en-\\kh adj solemn ) Fernsehgerät (fehm-zäy-ger-räit ) nt
Feierlichkeit (%/7-err-likh-kight) /(pl television set
~en) ceremony Fernsprecher (/e/?rA7-shprai-kherr ) m
feiern figh-erm ( ) v celebrate phone
Feiertag figh-en-xaak ( ) m (pl -e) holi- Fernsprechverzeichnis (

day shprehkh-fehr-tsighkh-niss ) nt (pl

Feige (
figh-ger ) /(pl ~n) fig telephone book
~~se) Am
feige figh-ger
( ) adj cowardly Fernsprechzelle fe/?/77-shprehkh-tseh- (

Feigling {fighk-Ung ) m (pl ~e) coward ler /(pl ~n) telephone booth

Feile (figh-ler) f(p\~n) file Ferse fehr-zer /(pl ~n) heel

( )

fein (fighn ) adj fine ; delicate fertig {fehr-i\kh adj ready; finished )

Feind (fighnt ) m (pl ~e) enemy Fertigkeit (fe/ir-tikh-kight) /art, skill

feindlich {fighnt-\\kh ) adj hostile fertigmachen (fe^Mikh-mah-khem ) v
Feinkost fighn-kost ( ) /delicatessen prepare finish ;

Feinkostgeschäft fighn-kosx-ger- (
fesseln (/e/7-serln v fascinate )

shehft nt (pl ~e) delicatessen

) Fest (fehst nt (pl ~e) feast )

Feinschmecker (
fighn-shmeb-kerr ) m fest (fehst adj firm fixed, perma-
) ;

(pl ~) gourmet nent solid adv tight

; ;

Feld (fehlt ) nt (pl -er) field festhalten (fehst-hah\ -tern v *hold; )
; ;

Festival 58 Fischgräte

sich - *hold on Feuilleton (<fere'-er-tawn§-) nt (pl ~~s)

Festival (fe/?ss-ti-vahl ) nt (pl ~s) festi- serial
val Fieber nt fever
(fee-berr )

Festkörper (fe/7sr-kurr-perr) m (pl ~) fiebrig (fee-brikh adj feverish )

solid Figur (fi-gödr) /(pl -en) figure

Festland (
fehst-lahnx ) nt mainland Fiktion (fik-ft'riär?) /(pl -en) fiction
continent Film (film (pl ~e) film movie
) m ;

festlich (fehst-Wkh adj festive ) filmen fil-mem v film

( )

festmachen (/eter-mah-khem v fasten ) Filmleinwand (///m-lighn-vahnt) /

Festmahl (fe/?sf-maal nt (pl -er) ban- ) screen
quet Filter (
W-terr ) m (pl ~) filter
Festnahme (/e/?sf-naa-mer /(pl -n) ) Filz (filts) /23 feit

arrest capture ; Fimmel (/7-merl ) m (pl -) craze

festsetzen (/e/7sf-zeh-tsern v deter- ) Finanzen (fi-na/w-tsern )
pl finances pl
mine ; stipulate finanziell (fi-nahn-rsW) adj financial
feststecken v pin (
fe/?sf-shteh-kern ) finanzieren (fi-nahn-fsee-rern ) v fi-

feststellen fetef-shteh-lem v notice

( ) nance
ascertain, establish diagnose ;
finden [fm-dem ) v *find; *come
Festung {fehss-toong /(pl -en) for- ) across ; consider
tress Finger fing-err (
(pl -) finger klei- ) m ;

Fett (fehtnt (pl ~e) grease, fat

) ne ~ little finger
fett (feht adj fat greasy
) ;
Fingerabdruck (ftn^-err-ahp-drook m )

Fettheit {feht-h\ghx /fatness ) (pl ~e) fingerprint

fettig (fe/7-tikh adj greasy, fatty ) Fingergelenk (///7^-err-ger-lehngk nt )

feucht (foikht adj wet damp, moist, ) ; (pl ~e) knuckle

humid Fingerhut (fing-err- höbt (pl ^e) ) m
Feuchtigkeit (/b/M-tikh-kight) / thimble
damp moisture, humidity
; Fink (fingk ) m (pl ~en) finch
Feuchtigkeitskrem /b/W?-tikh-kights- (
Finne (
fi-ner m (pl -n) Finn

kräym /(pl ~s) moisturizing cream

) finnisch (//-nish ) adj Finnish
feudal adj feudal
{ioi-daal) Finnland (///7-lahnt Finland

Feuer foi-en nt (pl ~) fire

( ) finster (
adj dark
fins-terr )

Feueralarm (fo/'-err-ah-lahrm ) m fire- Finsternis (/irns-terr-niss) /(pl ~sen)

alarm dark eclipse;

feuerfest (
fo/'-err-fehst ) adj fireproof Firma [feer-mah /(pl -men) firm, )

Feuerlöscher (/b/'-err-lur-sherr ) m (pl company

~) fire-extinguisher Firnis (feer-ri\ss ) m varnish
feuersicher (/b/-err-zi-kherr ) adj fire- Fisch (fish (pl ~e) fish ) m
proof fischen //-shern v fish ( )

Feuerstein (fo/'-err-shtighn ) m (pl ~e) Fischer //-sherr (pl ~~) fisherman

( ) m
flint Fischerei (fi-sher-r/^/?) /fishing
Feuerwehr fo/-err-väyr / fire-brigade
( ) industry
Feuerzeug (fo/'-err-tsoik nt (pl — e) ) Fischgräte (//s/7-grai-ter) /(pl -n)
cigarette-lighter fishbone
Fischhandlung 59 forcieren

Fischhandlung (//s/7-hahn-dloong / ) Fluch (flöökh (pl ~e) curse ) m

(pl ~~en) fish shop fluchen (//dö-khern v curse, *swear )

Fischnetz //s/j-nehts nt (pl -e) fish-

( ) Flucht (flookht /escape )

ing net flüchten {flewkh-xem v escape )

Fjord (fvort ) m (pl -e) fjord Flug (fldok)zn(pl-e) flight

FKK-Strand (ehf-kaa-tea-shtrahnt) m Flügel (/7eTv-gerl (pl ~~) wing; ) m
(pl ~e) nudist beach grand piano
flach (fiahkh ) adj smooth, plane, level, Flughafen (//oö/r-haa-fem (pl ~) ) m
flat airport
Fläche fleh-kher /(pl ~n) area
( ) Flugkapitän (//oofc-kah-pi-tain ) m (pl
Flakon (üab-kawng-) nt (pl ~s) flask ~e) captain
Flamingo {i\ah-ming-goa (pl -s) ) m Fluglinie (//oö/f-lee-nver) /(pl ~n) air-
flamingo line
Flamme {flah-mer /(pl ~~n) flame ) Flugplatz (//dö/r-piahts ) m (pl -e) air-
Flanell {ttah- nehl) m flannel field
Flasche flah-sher /(pl ~n) bottle
( ) Flugzeug(//döA--tsoik nt (pl ~e) aero- )

Flaschenöffner /7a/7-shem-urf-nerr ( ) m plane plane, aircraft airplane


(pl ~) bottle opener nAm

Fleck (flehk (pl ~e) stain; spot,
) m Flugzeugabsturz #dö£-tsoik-ahp- (

speck blauer ~ bruise

; shtoorts (pl ~e) plane crash
) m
fleckenlos (fle/7-kern-löass adj spot- ) Flur (flöör (pl ~e) corridor
) m
less, stainless Fluß (flooss (pl Flüsse) river m )

Fleckenreinigungsmittel f/eh-kem- (
flüssig (//ew-sikh adj liquid, fluid )

righ-ni-goongs-mi-terl nt Stain re- ) Flüssigkeit (//ew-sikh-kight /(pl ~en) )

mover fluid
flegelhaft flay-gerl-hahft
( ) adj imperti- Flußufer (
tfooss-öo-ferr ) nt (pl ~)
nent riverside, river bank
nt meat; flesh
Fleisch (flighsh ) flüstern flewss-xerm ( ) v whisper
Fleischer %/7-sherr(
(pl ~) butch- ) m Flut (flöot ) /high tide, flood
er Focksegel (
fo/r-säy-gerl ) nt (pl ~)
Fleiß (flighss ) m diligence foresail
fleißig (%/7-sikh ) adj diligent, indus- Föderation (fur-day-rah-rs^dän) /(pl
trious ~en) federation
flicken v mend, patch
(///-kern ) Folge fol-ger /(pl ~n) result, issue,

Fliege (flee-gex /(pl ~n) fly; bow tie )

consequence sequel series, se- ; ;

fliegen {flee gern v *fly ) quence
fliehen (flee-em v escape ) folgen fol-gem v follow folgend
) ;

fließen {flee-sem v flow; fließend ) following, subsequent
fluent folglich (folk-\\Vh adv consequently )

Flitterwochen (///-terr-vo-khern ) fpl Folklore (folk-/oa-rer ) /folklore

honeymoon Fön (fürn m (pl ~-e) hair-dryer

Floß (fläass)Jüf(pl-e) raft Fonds (fawn$ m (pl ~) fund )

Flöte (flür-xer /(pl ~n) flute ) foppen fo-pern v kid ( )

Flotte (//o-ter /(pl ~n) fleet ) forcieren (for-see-rem ) v strain ; force


fordern 60 Fremdenverkehr

fordern for-öerm v demand, claim

( )
Fracht (frahkht /(pl -en) freight, )

fördern furr-öerm v promote

( ) cargo
Forderung (for-der-roong /(pl ~en) ) Frage fraa-ger /(pl -n) inquiry,
( )

demand, claim question, query issue, problem ;

Form (form /(pl -en) form, shape

) fragen fraa-gem v ask fragend in-
( ) ;

Format for- maaf) nt (pl -e) size

( terrogative ; sich ~ wonder
Formel (for-merl /(pl ~n) formula ) Fragezeichen (fraa-ger-tsigh-khem ) nt
formen for-mem v form model
( ) ; -) question mark
förmlich {furrm-\\kh adj formal ) Fragment {Uah-gmehnt) nt (pl -e)
Formular (for-moo- /aar) nt (pl ~e) fragment
form frankieren (frahng-fee-rern v stamp )

Forschung (
for-shoong ) /(pl -en) re- franko {frahng-koa adj post-paid )

search Frankreich {frahngk -ngbkh France )

Forst (forst m (pl -e) forest

) Franse {frahn-zer /(pl ~n) fringe )

Förster (
furrs-xen m (pl ~~) forester) Franzose (frahrwsoä-zer (pl -n) ) m
Fort (föär ) ~s) fort
73/ (pl Frenchman
fort (fort) ad v gone französisch (frahrwst7?-zish ) adj
fortdauern forr-dou-errn v continue
( ) French
fortfahren /evf-faa-rern v carry on,
( ) Frau (frou /(pl —en) woman wife ) ;

*go on, *go ahead, proceed con- ; gnädige - madam

tinue ~ mit *keep on
; Frauenarzt (/rot/-em-ahrtst) (pl -e) m
fortgeschritten (fo/?-ger-shri-tern adj ) gynaecologist
advanced Fräulein (froi-tighn nt (pl -) miss )

fortlaufend (forMou-femt adj con- ) frech (frehkh adj bold, impertinent )

tinuous frei (frigh ) adj free; vacant

fortschicken fo/?-shi-kern v dismiss
( ) freigebig (fr/#/?-ga~y-bikh adj gener- )

fortschreiten forf-shrigh-tem v ad-( ) ous, liberal
vance * v *hold
freihalten {frigh-hah\ -tern )

Fortschritt (fort-shrit (pl ~e) ad- ) m Freiheit {fhgh-h\gh\ ) /(pl -en) free-
vance, progress dom ; liberty
fortschrittlich (forf-shrit- ikh adj pro- 1
) Freikarte (%/7-kahr-ter) /(pl ~~n) free
gressive ticket
fortsetzen forr-zeh-tsem
( ) v continue Freitag (
frigh-xaak ) m Friday
fortwährend (/orf-vai-remt ) adv con- freiwillig {frigh -v\-\\kh ) adj voluntary
tinually Freiwillige {frigh -v\ -I i-ger ) m (pl -n)
Foto (foä-toa) nt (pl ~s) photo volunteer
Fotographie (foa-toa-grah-fee) / Freizeit {frigh -\s\gh\ /spare time )

photography fremd (frehmt ) adj strange; foreign

fotographieren (foa-toa-grah-fee-rern) Fremde (
frehm-öer ) m (pl -n) stran-
v photograph ger ; foreigner
Fotokopie (foa-toa-koa-pee) /(pl ~n) Fremdenheim (/re/7rr/-dem-highm ) nt
photocopy (pl -e) guest-house
Foyer (fwah-^ap) nt (pl -s) foyer, lob- Fremdenverkehr (
by käyr ) W tourism
; ;

Fremdling 61 funktionsunfähig

Fremdling (frehmt-Ung ) m (pl ~e) Fruchtsaft frookht-zahh (pl -e)

( ) m
alien squash
Frequenz {Uay-kvehnts) /(pl — en) fre- früh (frew) adj early
quency früher frew-err adj former, prior,
( )

Freude (froi-öer) /(pl ~~n)joy; pleas- previous adv formerly ;

ure, gladness Frühling {frew-Ung spring; spring- ) m

freudig (fro/'-dikh
adj joyful ) time
sich freuen froi-em *be delighted ( ) Frühstück (frew-shtewk nt breakfast )

Freund (froint (pl ~e) friend ) m Fuchs (fooks (pl ~e) fox ) m
Freundin {froin-ö in /(pl ~nen) friend ) fühlbar feW-baar adj palpable
( )

freundlich (froint-Ukh ) adj friendly, fühlen (few-\em v *feel )

kind führen few-rem v carry *lead,

( ) ;

Freundschaft (froint-shahix ) /(pl -en) guide, direct, conduct; führend adj

friendship leading
freundschaftlich (fro/nf-shahft-likh ) Führer felv-rerr(
(pl ~) guide ) m
adj friendly guidebook
Frieden free-öem
peace ) m Führerschein (felv-rerr-shighn ) m
Friedhof freet-hoai(
(pl -e) cem- )m driving hcence
etery Führung (few-roong /leadership )

friedlich {freet-Wkh ) adj peaceful management

frieren {free-rem ) v *freeze Fülle {few-\er) /plenty
frisch (frish ) adj fresh füllen {fewAern) v^ fill

Friseur {in- zurr) m (pl -e) hairdress- Füller few-\eu

( ) m (pl ~) fountain-
er, barber pen
Frisierkommode (fri-zeer-ko-möä-der )
Füllung (few-loong ) /(pl ~en) stuff-
/(pl ~n) dressing-table ing, filling
Frist /(pl ~~en) term
(trist ) Fundbüro (foont-bew-roa ) nt (pl ~s)
Frisur /(pl ~~en) hair-do
(fri-zdö/-) lost property office
froh (fröä adj glad, joyful
) Fundsachen (foont-zah-khem ) fpl lost
fröhlich (frür-Ukh adj merry, jolly, ) and found
cheerful fünf (fewnf) num five
Fröhlichkeit (/rJ?-likh-kight) /gaiety fünfte fewnf-xer num
( ) fifth
fromm (from ) adj pious fünfzehn fewnf-xsäyn num( ) fifteen
Frosch (frosh ) m (pl ~e) frog fünfzehnte fewnf-\säyn-ter { ) num fif-

Frost (frost) m frost teenth

Frostbeule (frosf-boi-ler ) /(pl ~n) fünfzig (fewnf-\s\kh ) num fifty

chilblain funkelnd (to?#-kerlnt adj sparkling )

Frösteln (frurss-\er\n ) nt shiver, chill Funken {foong-kem ) m (pl ~) spark

frösteln (
frurss-\er\n ) v shiver frö- ; Funktion (foongk- rs^dän) /(pl -en)
stelnd adj shivery function ; operation
Frottierstoff (fro-feer-shtof ) m (pl -e) funktionieren (foongk-ts^oa-nee-rern )

towelhng Kwork
Frucht (frookht /(pl ~e) fruit ) funktionsunfähig (foongk-rs^däns-oon-
fruchtbar frookht-baar adj fertile
( ) fai-ikh) adj oui o( ot6qt
) ;

für 62 Garderobenschrank

für (fewr) prep for

Furcht (foorkht /terror, fear )

furchtbar (foorkht-baar adj terrible, )

dreadful, awful
fürchten {fewrkh -tern v fear ) Gabe {gaa-ber ) /(pi -n) gift ; faculty
fürchterlich {fewrkh-terr-Wkh adj ) Gabel (gaa-ber\ /(pi -n) fork )

frightful sich gabeln {gaa-ber\n fork )

furchterregend (föo/*/7f-ehr-räy-gernt )
Gabelung (#aa-ber-loong ) /(pi -en)
adj terrifying fork
Furt (foort /(pi -en) ford
) gähnen (gai-nem v yawn )

Furunkel {ioo- roong-ker\ ) m (pi -) Galerie (gah-ler-ree) /(pi -n) gallery

boil Galgen (gahl-gem (pi -) gallows ) m
Fürwort {fewr-von nt ) (pi -er) pro- Pi
noun Galle (gah-\er) /gall; bile
Fusion {ioo-zyöän) /(pi -en) merger Gallenblase (#3/?-lern-blaa-zer /(pi )

Fuß (fööss ) m
(pi -e) foot zu - ; -n) gall bladder
walking, on foot Gallenstein (0a/?-lern-shtighn (pi ) m
Fußball (fööss- bah I ) m (pi -e) foot- -e) gallstone
ball soccer
; Galopp {gab- fop) m gallop
Fußballspiel (fööss-bahl-shpeel ) nt (pi Gang 1
(gahng ) m (pi -e) aisle
-e) football match course ;
Fußboden (
fööss- böä -dem ) m (pi -) Gang 2 (gahng ) m gait, walk, pace ; in
floor - *
bringen launch
Fußbremse (
fööss- brehm-zer) /(pi -n) gangbar {gahng-baar adj current )

foot-brake Gangschaltung (gahng*hah\-toong / )

Fußgänger (fööss-gehng-err ) m (pi — gear lever

pedestrian ; - verboten no pedes- Gans (gahns /(pi -e) goose )

trians Gänsehaut (gehn-zer-houx /goose- )

Fußgängerübergang (
fööss-gehng-err- flesh
ew-berr-gahng ) m (pi ~e) pedestrian ganz (gahnts ) adj whole; total, entire.
crossing complete ; adv entirely ;
Fußknöchel (fööss-knur-kherl ) m (pi Ganze nt whole
(gahn -tser )

-) ankle gänzlich (gehnts-\\kb adj total, utter; )

Fußpfleger (
fööss- pfläy-gerr ) m (pi -) adv altogether, wholly, completely
pedicure, chiropodist Garage (gah-raa-zher /(pi -n) garage )

Fußpuder (fööss-pöö-derr ) m foot Garantie (gah-rahn-tee) /(pi -n)

powder guarantee
Fußtritt (
fööss-trit ) m (pi -e) kick garantieren (gah-rahn-ree-rern) v
Fußweg (
fööss-väyk m (pi -e) foot-
) guarantee
path Garderobe (gahr-der-röä-ber) /(pi -n)
Futter (
föo-terr ) nt (pi ~~) lining cloakroom wardrobe checkroom
; ;

Garderobenschrank (gahr-der-röä-
bem-shrahngk ) W (pi -e) closet


Garderobenständer 63 Gedanke
nAm Gattung (gah-xoong /(pl ~en) breed )

Garderobenständer (
gahr- der- röä- Gaze (gaa-zer /gauze )

bern-shtehn-derr ) m (pl -) hat rack Gebäck (ger- behk) nt cake, pastry

gären (gai-rem v ferment ) Gebärde (ger-63/r-der /(pl ~n) sign )

Garn (gahm nt (pl ~~e) yarn

) Gebärmutter (ger-fta/r-moo-terr ) /
Garnele (gahr-nay-ler /(pl ~n) ) womb
shrimp Gebäude (ger-6o/-der ) nt (pl ~) build-
adj nasty
garstig {gahrs-iikh ) ing ; construction, house, premises
Garten (gahr-xem (pl ~) garden ) m pi
zoologischer ~ zoological gardens *
geben (gay-bem v *give )

Gartenbau {gahr-xexn-bou ) m horticul- Gebet (ger-ba~yt) nt (pl ~~e) prayer

ture Gebiet (ger- beet) nt (pl ~e) zone,
Gärtner (gehrt-nen ) m (pl ~) garden- area, region ; territory ; field
er Gebirge (ger-beer-ger nt ) (pl ~)
Gas (gaass nt (pl ~e) gas
) mountain range
Gasherd {gaass- häyrt m (pl ~e) ) gas gebirgig (ger-beer-g\kh ) adj mountain-
cooker ous
Gasofen {gaass-oa -fem ) m (pl ~) gas Gebirgspaß (ger-beerks-pahss m (pl )

stove -passe) mountain pass

Gaspedal (#aass-pay-daal ) nt (pl ~e) Gebiß (ger-biss) nt (pl Gebisse) den-
accelerator ture; künstliches — false teeth
Gasse (gah-ser / alley, lane ) geboren (ger-^dä-rern adj born )

Gast (gahst m (pl ~e) visitor, guest

) Gebrauch (ger- broukh) m use
Gästezimmer gehss- ter-tsi-merr nt
( ) gebrauchen (ger-tou-khern v apply, )

(pl ~) spare room, guest-room use gebraucht adj second-hand


gastfreundlich (gra/isr-froint-likh ) adj Gebrauchsanweisung (ger-broukhs-

hospitable ahn-vigh-zoong /(pl ~en) directions )

Gastfreundschaft (gätef-froint-shahft )
for use
/hospitality Gebrauchsgegenstand (ger -broukhs-
Gastgeber (^a/?sr-ga"y-berr ) m (pl ~) gäy-gern-shtahnt ) m (pl ~e) utensil
host Gebühr (get-bewr) /(pl ~en) charge;
Gastgeberin (gra/7s?-gä"y-ber-rin ) /(pl Gebühren dues/?/; gebühren-
~nen) hostess pflichtige Verkehrsstraße turnpike
Gasthof {gahst-höaf ) m (pl ~e) inn nAm
gastrisch {gahss-xnsh adj gastric ) gebührend (ger-6ew-rernt adj proper )

Gaststätte (#a/7s?-shteh-ter /(pl ~n) ) Geburt [ger-böört) /(pl ~en) birth

roadhouse roadside restaurant
; Geburtsort (
ger- boons -ort ) m (pl ~e)
Gastwirt {gahst-veen (pl ~e) inn- ) m place of birth
keeper Geburtstag (gei-boorts-xaak (pl ) m
Gaswerk gaass- vehrk nt (pl ~~e) gas-
( ) ~e) birthday
works Gedächtnis (ger-dehkht-mss nt mem- )

Gatte {gah-xer (pl ~~n) husband

) m ory
Gatter {gah-xerr nt (pl ~) fence ) Gedanke (ger- dahng-ker ) m (pl ~n)
Gattin {gah-xm /(pl ~~nen) wife ) thought ; idea

gedankenlos 64 Gehirnerschütterung

gedankenlos {ger-dahng-kem-\öass ) freezing-point

adj careless Gefrierschutzmittel (ger-fa?e/--shoots-
Gedankenstrich [ger-dahng-kem- mi-terl nt (pl -) antifreeze

shtrikh (pl ~e) dash ) m Gefrierwaren (ger-/reer-vaa-rem fpl )

Gedeckkosten (ger-cfeM-koss-tem )
pl frozen food
cover charge Gefühl (ger- fewl) nt (pl ~~e) feeling
Gedenkfeier (ger-ote/^/r-figh-err ) /(pl gefüllt {ger -fewlt) adj stuffed
~~n) commemoration gegen (pap-gem prep )
against ; versus
Gedicht {ger-dikht) nt (pl -e) poem Gegend (ga~y-gem\ /(pl -en) region,

Geduld (ger-doo/t) /patience area ; district, country

geduldig (ger-ofoo/-dikh adj patient ) Gegensatz (#3p-gem-zahts ) m (pl ~e)
geeignet (ger-^-gnert adj conveni- ) contrast
ent, suitable, proper, appropriate gegensätzlich (gray-gem-zehts-likh adj )

Gefahr (ger -faar) /(pl ~en) danger; opposite

risk, peril gegenseitig (#<?y-gem-zigh-tikh adj )

gefährlich (ger-fe/r-likh ) adj danger- mutual

ous perilous
Gegenstand (^"p-gern-shtahnt ) m (pl
Gefährte {ger- fair-xer (pl ~n) com- ) m -e) article, object
panion Gegenteil (ga~y-gerr\-\\gh\ nt reverse, )

Gefälle (ger-feh-\er nt gradient ) contrary; im - on the contrary

gefallen ger- /a/7-lem) v please
gegenüber (gay-gem-elv-berr prep )

gefällig (ger-feh-\\Vh ) adj obliging; en- opposite, facing

joyable *
gegenüberstehen (gäy-gem-elv-berr-
Gefälligkeit (ger-fe/?-likh-kight ) /(pl shta"y-ern ) v face
~en) favour Gegenwart (sräp-gem-vahrt ) /present
Gefangene (ger-fahng-er-ner m (pl ) presence
~n) prisoner gegenwärtig (£3p-gern-vehr-tikh ) adj
gefangennehmen (ger -fahng-em- present ; current
näy-mern ) v capture Gegner (#<?p-gnerr ) m (pl -) oppo-
Gefängnis [ger-fehng-cuss ) nt (pl ~se) nent
gaol, jail, prison Gehalt (ger- hahlt) nt (pl ~er) salary,
Gefängniswärter (ger- /e/?A7#-niss-vehr- pay
terr) m
(pl ~) jailer Gehaltserhöhung (ger -/73/7/fs-ehr-hur-
Gefäß ger- faiss) nt (pl ~e) vessel
oong)/(pl -en) rise
Gefecht (ger- fehkht) nt (pl ~e) com- gehässig (ger-/?e/?-sikh ) adj spiteful
bat geheim (ger-highm) adj secret
Geflügel (ger-flew-ger\ ) nt fowl, poul- Geheimnis (ger-/7/#/7m-niss nt ) (pl
try ~se) secret mystery ;

Geflügelhändler (
ger- //ei^gerl-hehn- geheimnisvoll (ger-/7/#/7/77-niss-fol adj )

dlerr ) m (pl ~) poulterer mysterious

Geflüster ger- flewss- terr nt whisper
( )
gehen (ga~y-em v *go; walk )

gefräßig (ger-fra/'-sikh adj greedy ) Gehirn (ger- heern) nt (pl ~e) brain
* gefrieren (ger-free-rern v *freeze ) Gehirnerschütterung (ger- teem -ehr
Gefrierpunkt (ger-freer-poongkt) m shew-ter-roong /concussion )


Gehör 65 Genehmigung
Gehör {ger-hürr) nt hearing Gelegenheitskauf (ger-/ap-gem-hights-
gehorchen (ger-/?cv-khem v obey ) kouf ) m
(pl -e) bargain
gehören (ger-/7tfr-rern v belong ) gelegentlich (ger-/ap-gernt-likh ) adv
Gehorsam {ger-höär-zaam m obedi- ) occasionally
ence Gelehrte (ger-/äpr-ter ) m (pl -n)
gehorsam {ger-höär-zaam ) adj obedi- scholar
ent Geleit (ger- light) nt escort
Gehweg {gäy-vayk ) m (pl ~e) side- Gelenk {ger-lehngk) nt (pl -e) joint
walk nArn gelenkig (ger-/e/?A7#-kikh ) adj supple
Geier {gigh-err ) m
(pi ~) vulture geliebt ger- leept) adj beloved

Geige {gigh-ger /(pl ~n) violin

gelingen {ger- ling-em v manage, )

Geisel {gigh-zer\ ) /(pl ~n) hostage succeed

Geist (gighst ) m (pl -er) ghost, soul, *
gelten {gehl-xem ) v apply
spirit, mind spook
; Gelübde {ger-lewp-der ) nt (pl -) vow
geistig {gighss-Wkh ) adj mental; spiri- Gemälde (ger-ma//-der ) nt (pl ~) pic-
tual ture, painting
Geistliche {gighst-\\-kher ) m (pl ~n) gemäß (ger- maiss) prep according to;
minister, clergyman in accordance with
geistreich {gighst-r\g\\k\\ ) adj witty gemäßigt (ger-mar-sikht ) adj moder-
adj avaricious
geizig {gigh -\s\kh ) ate
gekrümmt {ger -krewmt) adj curved gemein {ger-mighn) adj vulgar, coarse
Gelächter {ger-lehkh-xen nt laughter ) Gemeinde {ger-mighn-der) /(pl -n)
gelähmt {ger-laimt) adj lame community congregation ;

Gelände {ger-lehn-öer) nt terrain; site gemeinsam {ger- mighn -zaam adj )

Geländer {ger- lehn -den nt (pl ~) ) rail common; adv jointly

gelassen (ger-/a/?-sem ) adj quiet Gemeinschaft (ger-m/^n-shahft / )

gelb(gehlp) <3<# yellow community

Gelbsucht {geh/p-zookhx /jaundice ) gemeinschaftlich {ger-mighn-shahh-
Geld (gehlt) nt money; zu Gelde ma- likh) adjoint

chen cash gemischt {ger- misht) adj mixed

Geldanlage (fire/7/f-ahn-laa-ger /(pl ) Gemüse {ger-mew-zer nt (pl ~) )

-n) investment greens pl, vegetable

Geldautomat (gfe/i/f-ou-toa-maat) m Gemüsegarten (ger-melv-zer-gahr-
(pl —en) cash dispenser, automatic tern ) m (pl -) kitchen garden
teller Am Gemüsehändler (ger-mew-zer-hehn-
Geldbeutel (peft/f-boi-terl ) m (pl ~) dlerr) m (pl ~) greengrocer; veget-
purse able merchant
Geldschrank (gre/7/r-shrahngk ) m (pl gemütlich (ger-mewr-likh ) adj cosy
-e) safe genau adj exact precise,
(ger- nou) ;

Geldstrafe (peM-shtraa-fer ) /(pl -n) accurate, careful, punctual correct ;

fine adjust, exactly

gelegen (ger- /ay-gem adj situated ) genehmigen (ger-näy-mi-gem ) v ap-
Gelegenheit (ger-/ap-gern-hight /(pl ) prove
-en) chance, opportunity, occasion Genehmigung (ger-/7a>mi-goong ) /
; ; ;

geneigt 66 Gesäß

(pi ~en) permission, authorization geradewegs (ger-raa-der-va~yks ) adv

permit straight
geneigt (ger- nighkt) adj inclined Gerät nt (pi ~e) appliance;
General (gay-nay-raa/) (pi ~e) gen-m tool,implement, utensil
eral geräumig (ger-ro/'-mikh adj spacious, )

Generalvertreter (gay- nay- raa/-fehr- roomy, large

träy-terr m
(pi ~) distributor
) Geräusch (ger-roish) nt (pi ~e) noise
Generation (gay-nay-rah-fsJ'oä/?) /(pi gerecht (ger- rehkht) adj fair; right-
~en) generation eous, right, just
Generator (gay-nay-raa-tor (pi ) m Gerechtigkeit (ger-re/7M-tikh-kight ) /
~en) generator justice
genesen (ger-ray-zern ) v recover Gericht (ger- hkht) nt (pi ~~e) court
Genesung (ger-/?a>zoong ) /cure, re- dish
covery Gerichtshof (ger -rikhts-hoai (pi ) m
Genie (zhay-/7ee) nt (pi -~s) genius -e) law court
genießen (ger-A?ee-sern v enjoy ) Gerichtsverfahren (ger-r/Mte-fehr-faa-
Genosse (ger-no-ser (pi -n) com-
) m rem nt (pi ~) lawsuit, trial

rade Gerichtsvollzieher (ger- rikhts-io\ -tsee-

Genossenschaft (ger-rto-sem-shahft / ) err ) m (pi ~) bailiff
(pi ~en) co-operative gering {ger- ring) adj minor, small;
genug (ger -nöök) adv enough geringer inferior; geringst least
genügend (ger-/7ew-gernt ) adj enough, geringfügig (ger-/7A70-few-gikh adj )

sufficient petty, slight

Genugtuung (ger-rtoö/r-töö-oong ) / Geringschätzung (ger-r^-sheh
satisfaction tsoong) /contempt
Genuß (ger-nooss) nrfpl Genüsse) en- *
gerinnen (ger-r/-nem v coagulate )

joyment, delight Gerippe (ger-Av-per nt (pi ~) skeleton)

Geologie (gay-oa-loa-#ee) /geology gern (gehrn adv willingly ~ * haben

) ;

Geometrie gay- oa- may -tree) /ge-

like, care for, love ; ~ * mögen like,

ometry *be fond of

Gepäck (ger- pehk) nt luggage, bag- gerne (gehr-ner adv gladly )

gage Gerste (gehrs-xer /barley )

Gepäckaufbewahrung (ger-pe/?/r-ouf- Geruch (ger-rookh) (pi ~e) smell, m

ber-vaa-roong ) /left luggage office; odour
baggage deposit office Am Gerücht (ger-rewkht nt (pi ~e) ru- )

Gepäcknetz (ger-peM-nehts nt ) (pi mour

~e) luggage rack Gerüst {ger- rewst) nt (pi ~e) scaffold-
Gepäckwagen (ger-pe/7/r-vaa-gern ) m ing
(pi ~) luggage van gesamt (ger-zahmt) adj overall
Geplauder (ger-p/otv-derr nt chat ) Gesamtsumme (ger-za/7A7?f-zoo-mer ) /
gerade (ger-raa-der adj straight
) (pi ~n) total
even; adv just Gesandtschaft (ger-za/wr-shahft ) /(pi
geradeaus ger- raa -der- cwss) adv
-en) legation
straight on, straight ahead Gesäß (ger-zaiss) nt (pi ~e) bottom

; ;

Geschädigte 67 Gesichtsmassage

Geschädigte (ger-ste/'-dikh-ter m (pl ) geschmacklos {ger-shmahk-\oass ) adj

-n) victim tasteless
Geschäft (ger-shehft) nt (pl ~e) shop geschmeidig {ger -shmigh-öikh ) adj
business deal Geschäfte machen
; ; supple, flexible ; smooth
mit *deal with Geschöpf (ger-shurpf) nt (pl ~e) crea-
Geschäftigkeit (ger-s/?e/?f-tikh-kight) / ture
bustle Geschoß (ger-shoss) nt (pl Geschosse)
geschäftlich (ger-s/?e/7/Mikh ) adj on floor
business Geschwader (ger- shvaa -derr ) nt (pl ~)
Geschäftsführer [ger-shehfts-few-ren )
m (pl -) executive Geschwätz {ger -shvehts) nt chat
Geschäftsmann (ger-s/7e/?frs-mahn ) m geschwind {ger -shvint) adj swift
(pl -leute) tradesman, businessman Geschwindigkeit (ger-s/7i//A7 -dikh-
geschäftsmäßig (ger-s/7e/7frs-mai-sikh )
kight /(pl ~en) speed rate
) ;

adj business-like Geschwindigkeitsbegrenzung (ger

Geschäftsreise (ger-s/?e/7frs-righ-zer) / s/?w'n-dikh-kights-ber-grehn-tsoong / )

(pl ~n) business trip (pl ~en) speed limit

Geschäftszeit (ger-s/?e/7fts-tsight ) /(pl Geschwindigkeitsmesser (ger-s/7WA7
~en) business hours dikh-kights-meh-serr) m
(pl ~) Speed-
geschehen (ger-shäy-em ) v happen, ometer
occur Geschwindigkeitsübertretung (ger
gescheit {ger-shight) adj smart, clever s/7w'/7-dikh-kights-ew-berr-träy-toong ) /
Geschenk {gex-shehngk) nt (pl ~e) (pl-en) speeding
gift, present Geschwulst (ger -shvoolst) /(pl ~e)
Geschichte {ger-shikh-ter ) /(pl ~n) tumour, growth swelling ;

history ; story, tale Geschwür {ger-shvewr) nt (pl ~e)

geschichtlich (ger-s/7//r/?Mikh ) adj his- sore, ulcer
torical Gesellschaft (ger-ze/7/-shahft ) /(pl
Geschick (ger-sM) nt fortune ~en) society, company; Gesell-
geschickt {ger- shikt ) adj skilful, schafts- social
skilled Gesellschaftsanzug (ger-ze/7/shahfts
Geschirrtuch (ger-s/?eer-t<5ökh nt (pl ) ahn-tsöök ) m
(pl ~e) evening dress
-er) tea-cloth Gesellschaftsraum (ger-ze/7/shahfts-
Geschlecht {ger -shlehkht) nt (pl -er) roum ) m
(pl ~e) lounge
sex gender
Gesetz (ger -zehts) nt (pl ~e) law
geschlechtlich {ger- sh/ehkht-\\kh adj )
gesetzlich (ger-ze/?fs-likh ) adj lawful
genital legal
Geschlechtskrankheit {ger -shlehkhts- gesetzmäßig (ger-ze/7fs-mai-sikh ) adj
krahngk-hight) /(pl ~en) venereal legal
disease gesetzt {ger -zehtst) adj sedate
geschlossen (ger-s/7/o-sern ) adj shut, Gesicht (ger-zikht) nt (pl -er) face
closed Gesichtskrem {ger-zikhts-kräym /(pl )

Geschmack {ger-shmahk) m taste; ~s) face-cream

flavour Gesichtsmassage (ger-z//r/?rs-mah-saa-
) ;

Gesichtspackung 68 gewöhnt

zher /(pl ~~n) face massage

) Gewächshaus (ger-i/e/?/rs-houss ) nt (pl
Gesichtspackung (ger-z/Mfs-pah- -er) greenhouse
koong /(pl ~en) face-pack
) gewagt (ger- vaakt) adj risky
Gesichtszug (ger-z/Mfs-tsöök (pl ) m gewähren (ger-vai-rem v grant, ) ex-
— e) feature tend
gesondert (ger-zon-derrt adv apart ) Gewalt (ger-vahlt) /violence, force;
gespannt (ger-shpahnt) adj curious; vollziehende - executive
tense Gewaltakt (ger-vaM-ahkt ) m (pl ~e)
Gespenst (ger- shpehnst) nt (pl -er) outrage
spook, phantom gewaltig (ger-vahl-Wkh ) adj huge
Gespräch (ger- shpraikh) nt (pl ~e) gewaltsam (ger-i/3/7/f-zaam adj viol- )

conversation, talk ; discussion ent

gesprächig (ger-s/^ra/'-khikh ) adj Gewand (ger -vahnt) nt (pl -er) robe
talkative gewandt adj smart, skilful
(ger -vahnt)
gesprenkelt (ger- shprehng -kerlt ) adj Gewebe (ger-va~y-ber nt (pl ~) tissue )

spotted Gewehr (ger- va~yr) nt (pl ~e) rifle,

Gestalt (ger-shtahlt) /(pl ~en) figure gun
Geständnis (ger-s/^e/wf-niss nt (pl ) Geweih (ger-vigh) nt (pl ~e) antlers
~se) confession
gestatten (ger -shtah-xem ) v allow, Gewerbe (ger-vehr-ber ) nt (pl ~)
permit trade, business
gestehen (ger- shta~y-em ) v confess Gewerkschaft (ger-i/e/7/*-shahft /(pl )

Gestell (ger -shtehl) nt (pl ~e) frame ~en) trade-union

gestern (gehss-term adv yesterday ) Gewicht (ger -vikht) nt (pl ~e) weight
gestikulieren (gehss-ti-koo-/ee-rem ) v gewillt (ger- vi/t) adj inclined
gesticulate Gewinn (ger- vin) m (pl ~e) benefit;
gestreift (ger -shtrighft) adj striped gain, profit, winnings pl
Gestrüpp (ger- sh trewp) nt (pl ~e) *
gewinnen (ger-w'-nern v gain, *win )

scrub gewiß (ger-wss) adj certain

Gesuch (ger- zöökh ) nt (pl ~e) re- Gewissen (ger-w-sem nt conscience )

quest ; application Gewitter (ger- w-terr nt (pl ~) thun-


gesund (ger -zoom) adj healthy, well derstorm

Gesundheit (ger-zoo^f-hight /health ) gewitterschwül (ger-w'-terr-shvewl

Gesundheitsattest (ger-zoonf-hights- adj thundery

ah-tehst nt (pl~e) health certificate
gewöhnen (ger- w7?-nem ) v accustom
Getränk (ger- trehngk) nt (pl ~e) bev- Gewohnheit (ger-i/dä/?-hight /(pl)

erage; alkoholfreies ~ soft drink; -en) custom, habit

alkoholische Getränke spirits gewöhnlich (ger-i/üm-likh adj cus- )

Getreide (ger -trigh -der nt corn, grain ) tomary, plain, ordinary, usual com- ;

getrennt (ger-trehnt) adj separate; mon adv as a rule, usually


adv apart gewohnt (ger -vöänt adj accustomed


Getriebe (ger-free-ber ) nt gear-box habitual, regular, normal; - *sein

Getue (ger-töö-er nt fuss ) *be used to
geübt (ger- ewpt adj skilled
gewöhnt (ger-vürnt) adj accustomed
; ; ; ;

Gewölbe 69 Gobelin

Gewölbe (ger- vurl -ber ) nt (pl ~~) arch uniform

vault gleichgesinnt (glighkh -ger -zmx ) adj
gewunden (ger-i/oon-dem ) adj wind- like-minded
ing Gleichgewicht (glighkh-ger-\j\kbx ) nt
gewürfelt (ger-i/euw-ferlt adj ) balance
chequered gleichgültig (glighkh-ge\N\-x\kh ) adj in-
Gewürz (ger-vewrts) nt (pl -e) spiee different
gewürzt (ger -vewrtst) adj spiced Gleichheit {g/ighkh-h\ghx) /equality
geziert (ger -tseert) adj affected *
gleichkommen {glighkh-ko-mem) v
Gicht (gikht) /gout equal
Giebel (gee-ber\ (pl ~) gable ) m gleichlaufend (glighkhAou-iemx adj )

Gier(geer) /greed parallel

gierig (gee-nkb adj greedy ) gleichmachen (glighkh-mah-khem ) v
gießen (gee-sem v pour ) level
Gift (gift nt (pl ~e) poison
) Gleichstrom (glighkh-shxroam ) m di-
giftig (gif-x\kh adj poisonous ) rect current
Gipfel (gr/'-pferi ) m (pl ~) height, top, gleichwertig [g/ighkh-wäyr-tM\ ) adj
summit, peak equivalent
Gips (gips) m
plaster gleichzeitig (glighkh-xs\gh-x\kh adj )

Gitarre (g\ - tan -rer) /(pl ~n) guitar simultaneous

Gitter (gi-xerr nt (pl ~) railing ) Gleis (glighss nt (pl ~e) track

Glanz (glahnts glare, gloss ) m *

gleiten (gligh-xem v glide, * slide )

glänzen (glehn -xsem v * shine ) Gletscher (gleh-cberr (pl ~) gla- ) m

glänzend (glehn-xsemx adj brilliant, ) cier
magnificent glossy ;
Glied (gleet ) nt (pl ~er) limb link ;

Glanzleistung (giahnts-\\ghss-xoor\g ) f glitschig (gli-ch\kh adj slippery


(pl ~en) feat global (g\oa-baal) adj broad

glanzlos glahnts Aöäss adj mat
( ) Globus {glöä-booss ) m (pl Globen)
Glas (glaass nt (pl -er) glass
gläsern (glai-zerm adj glass ) Glocke (0/o-ker ) /(pl ~n) bell
glasieren (glah-zee-rem v glaze ) Glockenspiel (#/o-kern-shpeel nt (pl )

glatt (glaht adj even smooth

) ; ~e) chimes pl
Glattbutt (glaht-boox (pl ~e) ) m brill Glück (glewk nt luck happiness
) ;

Glaube (gfou-ber m belief; faith )

glauben (glou-bem v believe )
glücklich (glewk-Ukh ) adj lucky
Gläubiger (#/o/-bi-gerr m (pl ~) ) happy, fortunate
creditor Glückwunsch (glewk-voonsh ) m (pl
glaubwürdig (gloub-\ie\Nr-6\kb ) adj ~e) congratulation
credible Glühbirne (glew-beer-ner /(pl ~n) )

gleich (glighkh ) adj equal ; alike bulb

level, even adv alike ; glühen (glew-em v glow )

gleichen (gligh-khem v resemble ) Glut (glööt) /glow
gleichfalls glighkh Aah\s
) adv also Gnade (gnaa-öer /grace; mercy )

gleichförmig {glighkh-iurr-m\kh ) adj Gobelin (goa-ber- lang) (pl ~s) tap- m


Gold 70 Großeltern

estry Grashalm {graass-hah\m ) m (pi ~e)

Gold(golt) nt gold blade of grass
golden {gol-dem adj golden ) Grat (graat 777 (pi ~e) ridge

Goldgrube (go/t-groo-ber /(pi -n) ) Gräte {grai-ter /(pi -n) bone, ) fish-
goldmine bone
Goldschmied {golt-shmeex (pi ~e) ) m gratis [graa-xm ) adv free
goldsmith gratulieren (grah-too-/ee-rem ) v con-
Golf (golf ) m
(pi -e) gulf; nt golf gratulate, compliment
Golfklub [gotf-Uoop (pi ~~s) golf- ) m grau {gtou) adj grey
club grauenhaft (p/txy-em-hahft adj hor- )

Golfplatz (po/f-plahts ) m (pi -e) golf- rible

links, golf-course grausam {grou-zaam ) adj cruel, harsh
Gondel (gon-öer\ /(pi ~n) gondola ) Graveur [grah- vürr) 777 (pi ~e) engrav-
Gosse {go-ser /(pi ~n) gutter) er
Gott (got 773 (pi ~er) god
) gravieren (grah-vee-rem v engrave )

Gottesdienst (#o-terss-deenst 777 (pi ) greifbar {grighf-baar adj tangible )

-e) worship greifen [grigh-iem )v *take
Göttin {gur-xm /(pi ~nen) goddess) Grenze {grehn-tser ) /(pi ~n) frontier,
göttlich {gurt-Ukh adj divine ) border boundary, limit, bound

Gouvernante (goo-vehr-/7a/?A?-ter) /(pi Grieche (gree-kher (pi -n) Greek ) m

~~n) governess Griechenland (pree-kbern-lahnt)
Gouverneur (goo-vehr-Aw) 777 (pi ~e) Greece
governor griechisch (gree-kh\sh ) adj Greek
Grab (graap nt (pi -er) grave, tomb
) Griff (grif ) 777 (pi -e) grip, grasp
Graben (graa-bern 777 (pi -) ditch ) clutch
* graben (graa-bem v *dig ) Grille (gri-\er ) /(pi -n) cricket ; whim
Grabstein (praap-shtighn 777 (pi -e) ) grillen (gn'Aem) v grill

gravestone, tombstone Grillroom (grit -room ) m (pi ~s) grill-

Grad (graat 777 (pi -e) degree
) room
Graf (graaf 777 (pi ~en) earl, count
) Grinsen (grin-zem nt grin )

Gräfin {grai-fm /(pi ~~nen) countess

) grinsen (grin-zem v grin )

Grafschaft {graat -shahft /(pi ~~en) ) Grippe (gri -per /flu, influenza )

county grob (grawp adj rude, coarse, gross


sich grämen {grai-mem )

grieve Gros (gross) 77/ gross
Gramm (grahm ) 77^ (pi ~e) gram groß (gröäss adj big; ) great, large,
Grammatik (grah-/?7a/?-tik ) /grammar tall; major

grammatikalisch (grah-mah-ti -Baa- großartig (grääss-ahr-tikh adj ) terrific,

lish adj grammatical

) grand, superb, magnificent
Grammophon {grah-moa- föän) nt (pi Großbritannien (gröäss-bri-ra/7-nVem )

~e) record-player, gramophone Great Britain

Granit {grah-neet) 777 granite Großbuchstabe {gröäss-bookh -shtaa-
Graphik (#raa-fik /(pi ~en) graph ) ber 777 (pi -n) capital letter

graphisch {graa -fish adj graphic ) Größe (griTr-ser /(pi -n) size )

Gras(graass) 77 1 grass Großeltern (proäss-ehl-terrn )

pi grand-
; ;

Großhandel 71 Haarkrem
parents pl grüßen {grew-sem v greet ) ; salute
Großhandel {gröäss- hahn-derl ) m gucken {goo-kem v look )

wholesale gültig {gewl-x\Vh ) adj valid

Großhändler (#rdäss-hehn-dlerr m ) (pl Gummi {goo-m\ ) m rubber; gum
~) wholesale dealer Gummiband (^oo-mi -bahnt ) nt (pl
Großmama {gröäss- ma h-maa /(pl ) -er) rubber band, elastic
-s) grandmother Gummilinse (öroo-mi-lin-zer) /(pl ~n)
Großmut {gröäss-möbx ) m generosity zoom lens
Großmutter (
gröäss- moo-terr ) /(pl ~) Gunst (goonst) /grace
grandmother günstig {gewns-x\kh adj favourable )

Großpapa {gröäss- pah-paa ) m (pl ~s) gurgeln {goor-ger\n v gargle )

grandfather Gurke {goor-ker ) /(pl ~n) cucumber

Großvater {gröäss-iaa-terr ) m (pl ~) Gürtel {gewr-xer\ ) m (pl ~) belt
grandfather Gußeisen {gooss- ig h-zern ) nt cast iron
* großziehen {gröäss-xsee-em ) v gut (gööt ) adj good ; right ; adv well ;

* bring up ; rear gut! all right! ; well!

großzügig (
gröäss- tsew-gikh ) adj gen- Güter {gew-xerr ntpl goods pl )

erous, liberal Güterzug (örelv-terr-tsöök (pl ~e) ) m

Grotte /(pl ~n) grotto
{gro-xer ) goods train freight-train nAm

Grube {gröö-ber /(pl ~n) hole, pit ) gutgelaunt (#oöf-ger-lount adj good- )

grün (grewn adj green; grüne Versi-

) tempered, good-humoured
cherungskarte green card gutgläubig (#döf-gloi-bikh ) adj credu-
Grund (groont ) m (pl ~e) ground lous
cause, reason; Grund- primary gütig (ö'eTv-tikh ) adj kind
gründen {grewn-dem v establish, ) gutmütig (grdöf-mew-tikh ) adj good-
found base ; natured
Grundgesetz {groont-ger -zehxs nt ) (pl Gutschein (pdöf-shighn ) m (pl -e)
~e) Constitution voucher
Grundlage {groont-\aa-ger ) /(pl ~n) Gynäkologe (gew-neh-koa-/dä-ger ) m
basis, base (pl ~n) gynaecologist
grundlegend {groontAäy-gertM adj )

fundamental, essential, basic

gründlich {grewnt-Wkh adj thorough
Grundriß (groont-üss

m (pl -risse)

Grundsatz {groont-zahxs ) m (pl ~e) Haar (haar ) nt (pl ~e) hair
principle Haarbürste (
haar- bewrs-ter ) /(pl ~n)
Grundstück {groont-shxewk ) nt (pl hairbrush
~e) grounds Haarfixativ (tor-fi-ksah-teef ) nt set-
Gruppe {groo-per ) /(pl ~n) group ting lotion
set, party haarig {haa-nkh ) adj hairy
Grus(grööss) grit m Haarklemme (/raar-kleh-mer ) /(pl -n)
gruselig (grrdo-zer-likh ) adj creepy hair-grip ; bobby pin Am
Gruß (grööss ) m (pl ~e) greeting Haarkrem (
/?aar-kra"ym ) /(pl ~~s) hair
Haarlack 72 Handelsware

cream Hälfte (heh/f-xer /(pl ~n) half


Haarlack [haarAahk ) m (pl ~e) hair- Halle {hah-\er)f(p\ ~n) hall

spray hallo! (hah-/öä) hello!
Haarnadel (/?aar-naa-derl ) /(pl -n) Hals(hahls) m (pl ~e)neck; throat
hairpin Halsband (hahls-bahnx ) nt (pl -er)
Haarnetz {haar-nebxs ) nt (pl ~e) hair- collar ; beads pl
net Halsentzündung (/?a/?/s-ehnt-tsewn-
Haaröl (haar-ür\ nt hair-oil ) doong /(pl ~en) laryngitis

Haarschnitt {haar-shriw (pl ~e) ) m Halskette (/?a/?/s-keh-ter /(pl -n) )

haircut necklace
Haartonikum (^aar-tcjä-ni-koom ) nt Halsschmerzen (/7a/7/s-shmehr-tsern )

hair tonic mpl sore throat

Haartracht (tear-trahkht ) /(pl -en) Halt (hahlt 777 grip

hair-do halten [hahl-tem v *hold, *keep ) ;

Habe {haa-ber ) /possessions, belong- halt! stop! - für reckon, count


ings pl Haltestelle (/?a/?/-ter-shteh-ler /(pl )

haben (haa-bem ) v *have ~n) stop
Habicht (/?aa-bikht m (pl ~e) hawk ) Haltung (hahl-xoong ) /(pl ~en) posi-
hacken (hah-kem v chop ) tion
Hafen (haa-iem m (pl ~) harbour, ) Hammelfleisch (/7a/7-merl-flighsh ) nt
port mutton
Hafenarbeiter ftaa-fern-ahr-bigh-terr ( )
Hammer {hah-men ) m (pl ~) hammer
(pl <-) docker Hämorrhoiden (heh-moa-roa-ee-dern )

Hafer (haa-ierr oats pl ) m fpl piles pl, haemorrhoids pl

Haft (hahft /custody, imprisonment
) Hand hahnt / (pl ~e) hand Hand-
( ) ;

haftbar (hahft-baar adj responsible ) manual

Haftbarkeit (te/tfr-baar-kight /re- ) Handarbeit (/7a/7/?f-ahr-bight /(pl )

sponsibility ~~en) handwork, handicraft needle- ;

Häftling {hehft-\\ng ) m (pl ~e) prison- work

er Handbremse (/7a/?nf-brehm-zer /(pl )

Hagel (
/?aa-gerl ) m hail ~n) hand-brake
Hahn m (pl ~e) cock; tap
(haan ) Handbuch (/?a/7A?r-b(5c)kh nt (pl -er) )

Hai (high m (pl ~e) shark

) handbook
Hain (highn m (pl ~~e) grove ) Händedruck (/?e/?n-der-drook ) m
häkeln {hm-kerin ) v crochet handshake
Haken (haa-kem ) m (pl ~~) hook Handel (hahn-der\ trade, com- ) m
halb (hahlp adj half; Halb- semi-
merce; business; Handels- com-
halbieren (hahl-tee-rern v halve ) mercial
Halbinsel (/?a/?/p-in-zerl /(pl ~n) pen- ) handeln (/?a/?/7-derln ) v act; trade;
insula bargain
Halbkreis (/7a/7/p-krighss ) m (pl ~e) Handelsrecht (/7a/7n-derls-rehkht) m
semicircle commercial law
halbwegs (
/7a/?/p-väyks )adv halfway Handelsware (/7a/7A7-derls-vaa-rer ) /
Halbzeit (/?a/?/p-tsight ) /half-time merchandise
; ;

Handfläche 73 Hauptverkehrszeit

Handfläche {hahnt-t\eh-kher) /(pl ~n) hart (hah rt) adj hard

palm hartnäckig (/?a/7/-?-neh-kikh ) adj dog-
handgearbeitet hahnt-ger-ahr-b\gh- (
ged, obstinate, stubborn
tert adj hand-made
) Harz(hahrts) m resin
Handgelenk (ftato-ger-lehngk ) nt (pl Hase (haa-zer m (pl ~n) hare

-e) wrist Haselnuß (/7aa-zerl-nooss /(pl ) -nüsse)

Handgepäck (tete-ger-pehk nt hand ) hazelnut
luggage, hand baggage Am Haß (hahss ) m hatred, hate
Handgriff (hahnt-gnf ) m (pl ~e) hassen {hah-sem ) v hate
handle häßlich {hehss-Wkh adj ugly )

handhaben (/ia/v?f-haa-bern ) v handle Hast(hahst) /haste

Handkoffer {hahnt-ko-ierr ) m (pl -) hastig {hahss-t\kh adj hasty )

suitcase Haufen {hou-iem (pl ~) heap, ) m lot

Handkrem {hahnt-kräym ) /(pl ~s) pile ; bunch
hand cream häufig (hoi-i\kh ) adj frequent ; adv of-
Händler (hehn-ö\err) m (pl ~) mer- ten
chant trader, dealer
; Häufigkeit (/?o/-fikh-kight /frequency

handlich {hahnt-Wkh adj handy; man- ) Haupt (houpt ) nt (pl ~er) head
ageable chief; Haupt- capital leading, ;

Handlung {hahn-ö\oong /(pl —en) ) main, chief; major

deed, action ;
plot Hauptbahnhof (houpt-baan-boai ) m
Handschellen (hahnt-sheh-\em fpl ) (pl ~e) central station
handcuffs pl Hauptleitung (/706/pMigh-toong /(pl )

Handschrift (/7a/?/?r-shrift /(pl ~en) ) -en) mains pl

handwriting Häuptling {hoipt-Wng (pl ~e) ) m
Handschuh (hahnt-shöö ) m (pl ~~e) chieftain
glove Hauptmahlzeit (/7oiypMnaal-tsight / )

Handtasche {hahnt-\ah-sher ) /(pl ~n) (pl ~en) dinner

handbag, bag Hauptquartier (/7ot/pr-kvahr-teer nt )

Handtuch (/?a/7A?Möökh ) nt (pl -er) (pl ~e) headquarters pl

towel hauptsächlich (/7o<ypr-zehkh-likh adj )

Handvoll /handful
{hahnt-io\ ) cardinal, primary adv especially, ;

Handwerk (hahnt-vehrk nt handicraft ) mainly

Hanf m hemp
(hahnf ) Hauptstadt (/7ot/pr-shtaht) /(pl ~e)
Hang (hahng m (pl ~e) hillside
) capital
Hängebrücke (hehng-er- brew- ker / ) Hauptstraße (/70L/pr-shtraa-ser /(pl )

(pl ~n) suspension bridge ~n) main road main street ;

Hängematte (^e^-er-mah-ter) /(pl Hauptstrecke (/7otvpf-shtreh-ker /(pl )

~n) hammock ~n) main line

* hängen {hehng-em v *hang ) Hauptverkehrsstraße (houpt-tehr-
Harfe (hahr-ier /(pl ~n) harp)
käyrs-shtraa-ser /(pl ~n) thorough-

Harke {hahr-ker /(pl ~~n) rake ) fare

harmlos {hahrm-\oass ) adj harmless Hauptverkehrszeit {houpt-iehr -ka~yrs-
Harmonie (hahr-moa-nee) /harmony tsight ) /(pl ~en) rush-hour, peak

Hauptwort 74 heiraten

hour Hebel (häy-ber\ ) m (pl ~) lever

Hauptwort {houpt-von nt (pl -er) )
heben hay-bem ( ) v lif t ; raise
noun Hebräisch (hay-to-ish nt Hebrew )

Haus (houss nt (pl -er) house

) Hecht (hehkht (pl -e) pike ) m
home; im - indoors, indoor; nach Hecke {heh-ker /(pl ~n) hedge )

Hause home zu Hause home, at ; Heckenschütze (/7e/7-kem-shew-tser )

home m (pl ~n) sniper

Hausangestellte (
/7otvss-ahn-ger-shtehl- Heer (ha"yr nt (pl ~e) army

ter ) /(pl ~n) housemaid Hefe häy-ier /yeast

( )

Hausarbeit (/?o(vss-ahr-bight /(pl ) Heft (hehft ) nt (pl ~e) note-book;

~en) housekeeping issue
Hausbesitzer (/70iyss-ber-zi-tserr ) m (pl heftig (hehf-x\kh ) adj fierce; violent,
~) landlord severe, intense
Häuserblock (fo/'-zerr-blok) m (pl ~s) Heftklammer (/7e/7/f-klah-merr) /(pl
house block Am ~~n) staple
Häusermakler (fto/'-zerr-maak-lerr) m Heftpflaster (
/7e/7^-pflahss-terr ) nt (pl
(pl ~) house agent ~) adhesive tape, plaster
Hausfrau houss-i rou /(pl ~en)
( ) Heide (high-der) /(pl ~n) heath,
housewife moor m heathen, pagan

Haushalt (houss-hah\x ) m (pl ~e) Heidekraut (%/7-der-krout nt heather )

housekeeping, household heidnisch {hight-r\\s\\ ) adj heathen,

Haushälterin (/?otyss-hehl-ter-rin /(pl ) pagan
~nen) housekeeper heikel {high-kex\ ) adj precarious, criti-

Haushaltsarbeiten houss-hah its-ahr- (

bigh-tem ) fpl housework Heilbad (highl-baax ) nt (pl -er) spa
Hausherrin {houss-heh-r'm ) /(pl Heilbutt {highl-boox ) m (pl ~e) hali-
~nen) mistress but
Hauslehrer (/?06/ss-läy-rerr) m (pl ~) heilen (highAem ) v cure, heal
tutor heilig {high-\\kh ) adj holy, sacred
häuslich (hoiss-Wkh ) adj domestic Heilige {highA\-ger ) m (pl ~n) saint
Hausmeister (/?otvss-mighss-terr ) m (pl Heiligtum high -Wkh-xoom ( ) nt (pl -er)
~) janitor, caretaker, concierge shrine
Hausschlüssel {houss-sh\e\N-ser\ ) m Heilmittel (highi-m\-xer\ ) nt (pl -)
(pl~) latchkey remedy
Hausschuh houss-shöb ( ) m (pl ~e) Heim (highm ) nt (pl ~e) home; asy-
slipper lum
Haustier houss-xeer nt (pl ~e) pet
( ) Heimatland (/j/^-maat-lahnt ) nt (pl
Haut (hout) /skin; hide -er) native country
Hautausschlag (fawf-ouss-shlaak) m *heimgehen(ft/#/?A77-ga>ern) v*go
rash home
Hautkrem (
hout-kxäym ) /(pl ~s) skin Heimweh {highm-väy ) nt homesick-
cream ness
Hebamme (/rayp-ah-mer ) /(pl ~n) Heirat {high-raax /(pl -en) wedding )

midwife heiraten (/7/'#/7-raa-tern v marry )

; ) ;

heiser 75 heucheln

heiser (high-zerr adj hoarse ) Herd (hayrt m (pl ~e) hearth stove
) ;

heiß (highss adj warm, hot

) Herde häyr-öer /(pl ~~n) herd, flock
( )

heißen high-sem v *be called
( ) Hering (häy-nng (pl ~e) herring ) m
heiter {high-ten adj cheerful ) Herkunft (ha~yr-koonh /origin )

Heiterkeit (/w^-terr-kight) /gaiety hernach {hehx-naakh) adv afterwards

heizen (high-xsem v heat ) Hernie {hehr-n^er) /slipped disc
Heizkörper {hights-kurr-perr ) m (pl -) Herr hehr
(pl -en) gentleman
) m
radiator mister; mein ~ sir

Heizofen {hights-oa-iem ) m (pl ~) Herrentoilette (/>e/7-rern-twah-leh-ter )

heater /(pl ~n) men's room

Heizöl {hights-ür\ ) nt fuel oil Herrin {heh-r'm /(pl ~nen) mistress )

Heizung {high-\soon§ /(pl ~en) heat-

) herrlich {hehr-Ukh adj wonderful, )

ing lovely ; splendid

Held (hehlt ) m
(pl ~en) hero Herrschaft hehr-shahix / domina- ( )

helfen {hehl-fern v help assist, aid ) ; tion dominion, rule, reign

Helfer {hehMerr (pl ~) helper ) m Herrschaftshaus (/7e/?/--shahfts-houss

hell (hehl adj bright, light pale
) ;
nt (pl -er) mansion, manor-house
hellhörig (/7e/7/-hür-rikh adj noisy ) herrschen hehr-shem v rule (

hellviolett (/?e/?/-vi-oa-leht adj mauve ) Herrscher hehr-sherr (pl ~~) ruler

) m
Helm (hehlm (pl ~e) helmet
) m sovereign
Hemd (hehmt nt (pl ~en) shirt vest) ; herstellen (/?ay-r-shteh-lem ) v manu-
Henne {heh-ner) /(pl ~n) hen facture ;
her(häyr) adv ago herum (heh -room) adv about
herab {heh-rahp) adv down herunter (heh-/-ooA?-terr adv down )

herabsetzen (heh-ra/?p-zeh-tsern ) v re- herunterlassen (heh-roo/7-terr-lah-
duce, lower sem v lower

herabsteigen heh -ra/7p-shtigh -gern
( )
hervorragend (hehr-föär-raa-gernt adj )

v descend outstanding, excellent

herannahend (heh-ra/?A7-naa-emt) adj Herz (hehrts nt (pl ~en) heart )

oncoming Herzklopfen (/7e/?/ts-klo-pfern nt ) pal-

heraus (heh- rouss) adv out pitation
herausfordern (heh-rouss-for-derrn) v herzlich (hehrts-\\kh ) adj hearty, cor-
challenge, dare dial
Herausforderung heh-rouss-ior-öer- (
herzlos hehrtsAoass
) adj heartless
roong /(pl ~en) challenge
Herzog (hehr-xsoak m (pl ~e) duke )

herausgeben (heh-roL/ss-gäy-bern v ) Herzogin (/?e/7r-tsöä-gin /(pl ~nen) )

publish duchess
herausnehmen (heh-/-ot/ss-näy-mern )
Herzschlag (/7e/?rrs-shlaak ) m (pl ~e)
v *take out heart attack
sich herausstellen (heh -rouss -shteh- heterosexuel hay-xay- roa -zeh ksoo- I

lem prove
ehl)adj heterosexual
Herberge (/7e/?r-behr-ger /(pl ~n) )
Heu (hoi nt hay )

hostel Heuchelei (hoi-kher-//^/)) /hypocrisy

Herbst (hehrpst ) m autumn ; fall nAm heucheln (/7o/-kherln) v simulate

Heuchler 76 Hochzeit

Heuchler (hoikh-\err ) m (pl ~) hyp- hinsichtlich (ton-zikht-likh )

prep as re-

ocrite gards, regarding, about, with refer-

heuchlerisch (no/'/rn-ler-rish ) adj hypo- ence to, concerning
critical hinten (ton-tern adv behind )

heulen (no/'-lern) v roar hinter (to/7-terr prep behind after


Heuschnupfen (to?/-shnoo-pfem ) m Hinterbacke (to'n-terr-bah-ker) /(pl

hay fever -en) buttock
Heuschrecke (/?o/-shreh-ker ) /(pl ~n) Hintergrund (ton-terr-groont (pl ) m
grasshopper -e) background
heute (
hoi-ter ) adv today ; - abend Hinterhalt (ton-terr-hahlt (pl -e) ) m
tonight ; - morgen this morning ;
~ ambush
nachmittag this afternoon; - hinterlegen (
hin -terr- /ay-gem ) v de-
nacht tonight posit
heutzutage (/70/f-tsoo-taa-ger adv ) Hintern (ton-term ) m bottom
nowadays Hinterseite (to/7-terr-zigh-ter ) /(pl ~n)
Hexe (netokser /(pl ~n) witch ) rear
Hexenschuß (netoksem-shooss) m 'hinübergehen (hi-neiv-berr-gäy-ern )

lumbago v cross
hier(heer) adhere hinunter (hi-noon-terr adv downstairs )

Hierarchie (hi-ay-rahr-Mee) /(pl ~n) hinzufügen (hin-fsoö-few-gem v add )

hierarchy Hinzufügung (hin-tedö-few-goong / )

Hilfe (
to'/-fer ) / help assistance, aid
; (pl ~en) addition
erste ~ first-aid Hirt (heert ) m
(pl -en) shepherd
hilfreich adj helpful
(/?///-righkh )
Historiker ( hiss- fdä-ri-kerr) m (pl —)
Himbeere (to'm-bäy-rer /(pl ~n) ) historian
raspberry historisch (hiss-rdä-rish ) adj historic
Himmel (to-merl ) m sky; heaven Hitze (to-tser) /heat
hinab (h\-nahp) adv dovrn hoch (höäkh ) adj high ; tall

hinauf (h\-nouf) adv up Hochebene (tojä/rn-äy-ber-ner /(pl )

hinaufsteigen (hi-notvf-shtigh-gern v ) -n) plateau
ascend Hochland (ntfä/rn-lahnt nt uplands pl )

hinaus {h\-nouss) adv out hochmütig (nöä/rn-mew-tikh adj )

hindern (ton-derrn v hinder, embar- )

haughty, proud
rass impede
hochnäsig (torä/rn-nai-zikh adj snooty )

Hindernis (ton-derr-niss nt (pl ~se) )

Hochsaison höäkh -zeh-zawf>§-) /high

obstacle impediment ; season, peak season

hinein {h\-nighn) adv in Hochsommer {
höäkh -zo-meu ) m mid-
hineingehen (hi -nighn-qäy-em) v summer
*goin höchst (hürkhst adj extreme )

hinken {hing-kern v limp )

höchstens (hürkhst-ems adv at most )

hinreichend (ton-righ-khernt adj suf- )

Höchstgeschwindigkeit hürkhst-ger- (

ficient shvin-dikh-kight /speed limit )

Hinrichtung (ton-rikh-toong ) /(pl Hochzeit (/xtfn-tsight /(pl -en) wed- )

— en) execution ding


Hochzeitsreise 77 Hundezwinger

Hochzeitsreise (/wM-tsights-righ-zer ) / hörbar {hürr-baar adj audible )

(pi -n) honeymoon hören {hüf-rem v *hear )

hochziehen höäkh-xsee-em v hoist ( ) Horizont (hoa-ri- tsont) horizon m
Hof (höaf m
(pl ~e) yard court
) ; Horn (horn nt (pl -er) horn

hoffen (/7o-fern v hope ) Horsd'ceuvre (or-dürvr) nt (pl ~s)

Hoffnung {hof-noong /(pi ~en) hope ) hors-d'oeuvre
hoffnungslos (/?o/-noongs-löäss adj ) Hose {höä-zer) /(pl ~n) trousers pl,
hopeless slacks pl pants plAm
; ; kurze ~
hoffnungsvoll (/?or*-noongs-fol ) adj shorts pl
hopeful Hosenanzug (ftdä-zem-ahn-tsöok ) m
höflich hürf-Wkh { ) adj polite, cour- (pl~e) pant-suit
teous, civil Hosenträger (/7dä-sem-trai-gerr mpl )

Höhe (
hür-er ) /(pi -n) height ; alti- braces pl suspenders plAm

tude Hotel (hoa-te/7/) nt (pl ~s) hotel

Höhepunkt (/w-er-poongkt) m (pl Hotelpage (hoa-te/?/-paa-zher ) m (pl
~e) height zenith ; -n) page-boy, bellboy
höher h ür-err adj upper
( ) hübsch (hewpsh adj good-looking, )

hohl(höal) adj hollow pretty ; nice, fair, lovely

Höhle (hüf-\er /(pl ~n) cavern, cave
) Huf (höof ) m (pl ~e) hoof
den Hufeisen (ftdöf-igh-zem ) nt (pl ~)
Höhlung (/7JMoong /(pl ~en) cavity ) horseshoe
Hohn(höän) m scorn Hüfte {hewf-ter /(pl ~n) hip )

holen (/7oä-lem v fetch *get, collect ) ; Hüfthalter (hewft-hah\-\err (pl ~) ) m

Holland (/7o-lahnt) Holland girdle, suspender belt garter belt ;

Holländer (/70-lehn-derr) (pl ~) m Am

Dutchman Hügel (hew-ger\ ) m (pl -) hill
holländisch (/?o-lehn-dish adj Dutch ) hügelig adj hilly
(/7eTv-ger-likh )

Hölle {hurler) /hell Huhn nt (pl ~er) hen; chicken

(noon )

holperig (/?o/-per-rikh adj rough, ) Hühnerauge /7ew-nerr-ou-ger nt (pl ( )

bumpy ~n) corn

Holz (holts) nt wood huldigen {hool-öl-gem ) v honour
hölzern [huri-tserrn adj wooden ) Huldigung (/7oo/-di-goong /(pl ~en)

Holzhammer {
ho/ts -hah-merr ) m (pl tribute, homage
~) mallet Hülle (/?euv-ter ) /(pl ~n) sleeve
Holzkohle (/70/fs-köä-ler ) /charcoal Hummer (/700-merr) m (pl ~) lobster
Holzschnitzerei (/70/te-shni-tser-righ ) / Humor (Uoo-möär) m humour
(pl ~en) wood-carving humorvoll (hoo-moäV-fol ) adj humor-
Holzschuh (holts-shoo) m (pl ~e) ous
wooden shoe Hund (hoont ) m (pl ~~e) dog
homosexuell (/7oa-moa-zeh-ksoo-ehl )
Hundehütte (/700/7-der-hew-ter ) /(pl
adj homosexual ~~n) kennel
Honig (höä-mkh honey ) m hundert (hoon-öem ) num hundred
Honorar (hoa-noa- raar) nt (pl ~e) fee Hundezwinger (/700/7-der-tsving-err ) m
Hopfen (/70-pfern m hop ) (pl ~) kennel
Hündin 78 improvisieren

Hündin {hewn -din ) /(pl ~nen) bitch Idiot {\-d y öät) m (pl ~en) idiot
Hunger (hoong-err ) m hunger Idol (\-döäl) nt (pl -e) idol
hungrig {hoong-nkh adj hungry ) Igel (ee-gerl ) m (pl ~) hedgehog
Hupe {höö-per /(pi ~n) hooter; horn
) ignorieren (i-gnoa-ree-rern ) v ignore
hupen {höö-pem v hoot; toot vAm, ) ihm (eem) pron him
honk vAm ihn(een)proi3 him
Hupf (hoopf (pi ~e) hop
) m Ihnen (ee-nern )
pron you
hüpfen (/?ei/v-pfem v hop, skip ) ihnen (ee-nern )
pron them
Hure {höö-rer /(pl ~n) whore) Ihr (eer) pro/2 your
Husten {hööss-xem m cough ) ihr (eer )
pron you ;their her her ; ;

husten {hööss-xem v cough ) Ikone (i-£oä-ner ) /(pl -n) icon

Hut höbt m (pl ~e) hat
( ) illegal (/-lay-gaal ) adj illegal
sich hüten {hew-tem beware ) Illusion (i-loo-z^däV?) /(pl ~en) illu-
Hütte {hew-xer /(pl ~n) cabin, hut
) sion
Hygiene (hew-o-J'a'p-ner /hygiene ) Illustration (i-looss-trah- tsyöän) /(pl
hygienisch (hew-o-J'a'p-nish ) adj hy- ~en) illustration
gienic illustrieren (i-looss-free-rern ) v illus-
Hymne {hewm-ner ) /(pl ~n) hymn trate
hypokritisch (hew-poa-Aree-tish ) adj imaginär {\-rr\ah-g\- nair) adj imagin-
hypocritical ary
Hypothek (hew-poa-fay/r) /(pl ~en) Imbiß (/m-biss ) m (pl Imbisse) lunch;
mortgage snack
hysterisch (hewss-töp-rish ) adj hys- Imitation (
i -mi -tah- tsyöän ) /(pl ~en)
terical imitation
immer /-merr adv always ever -*-
( ) ; ;

wieder again and again

immerzu (i -merr- tsöö) adv all the time
immunisieren (i-möö-ni-zee-rem) v
ich(ikh)proi3 I Immunität (i-möö-ni-te/f) /immunity
ichbezogen (/M-ber-tsöä-gem ) adj impfen (/m-pfern v vaccinate, inocu- )

self-centred late
Ideal (i-day-aa/) nt (pl ~e) ideal Impfung (/m-pfoong ) /(pl ~en) vacci-
ideal (i-day-aa/) adj ideal nation, inoculation
Idee (i -oöp) /(pl ~n) idea imponieren (im-poa-/7ee-rem ) v im-
identifizieren (i-dehn-ti-fi-fsee-rern ) v press
identify Import (im- port) import m
Identifizierung (i-dehn-ti-fi-fsee-roong )
Importeur (im-por-ruTr) (pl -e) im- m
/(pl ~en) identification porter
identisch (\- dehn -t\sh adj identical ) importieren (im-por-ree-rem v import )

Identität (i-dehn-ti-fa/Y) /identity imposant (im-poa-za/?nr adj imposing )

Idiom {\-c/yöäm) nt (pl ~e) idiom impotent (/m-poa-tehnt adj impotent )

idiomatisch (i-dvoa-maa-tish adj idio- ) Impotenz (/m-poa-tehnts ) /impotence

matic improvisieren (im-proa-vi-zee-rem ) v


Impuls 79 Instandhaltung

improvise engineer
Impuls (\rr\- pools) m (pl ~e) impulse, Ingwer {ing-ven ) m ginger
urge Inhaber (/n-haa-berr m (pl ~) occu-

impulsiv (im-pool-zeef) adj impulsive pant bearer


imstande (im-s/rta/j^-der ) adv able; ~ inhaftieren (in-hahf-tee-rem ) v im-

sein zu *beableto prison
in (in )
prep in ; at, into, inside Inhalt (//7-hahlt contents pl ) m
indem (
in -däym) conj whilst Inhaltsverzeichnis (/>?-hahltsfehr-
Inder (//7-derr ) m (pi ~) Indian tsighkh-niss nt (pl ~se) table of

Index (//7-dehks m ) (pl ~e) index contents

Indianer (in-c^aa-nerr (pl ~) In- ) m Initiative (i-ni-tsvah-fee-ver) /initiat-
dian ive
indianisch (in-o^aa-nish adj Indian ) Injektion (in-yehk-rs^oän) /(pl ~en)
Indien (/n-dvern) India injection
indirekt (//7-di-rehkt adj indirect ) inländisch (/W-lehn-disn adj domestic )

indisch (/n-dish adj Indian ) inmitten (in-m/-tern prep among, )

individuell (in-di-vi-doo-e/?/) adj indi- amid

vidual innen (/-nem adv inside )

Individuum (in-di-i/ee-doo-oom ) nt (pl Innenseite (/-nem-zigh-ter /(pl ~~n) )

-duen) individual inside

Indonesien (in-doa-/7ay-zYern ) Indo- inner (/-nerr adj inside; internal

nesia Innere (/-ner-rer nt interior; im In-)

Indonesier (in-doa-A?a"p-zyerr) (pl ~) m nern within, inside

Indonesian innerhalb (/'-nerr-hahlp prep within. )

indonesisch (in-doa-rap-zish adj In- ) inside

donesian Inschrift (m-shrift ) /(pl ~en) inscrip-
indossieren (in-do-see-rern v endorse ) tion
Industrie (in-dooss-free) /(pl ~n) in- Insekt {m-zehkt) nt (pl ~en) insect
dustry bug nAm
Industriegebiet (in-dooss -tree-ger- Insektengift (in-ze/?/r-tem-gift) nt (pl
beet nt (pl ~e) industrial area
) ~e) insecticide
industriell (in-dooss-tri-e/7/) adj indus- Insektenschutzmittel (in-zeM-tern-
trial shoots-mi-terl nt (pl ~) insect repel-

Infanterie (in-fahn-ter-ree) /infantry lent

Infektion (in-fehk-rs^oän) /(pl ~en) Insel (//7-zerl ) /(pl ~n) island
infection insgesamt {\ns-ger-zahmt) adv alto-
Infinitiv (/>7-fi-ni-teef ) m (pl ~e) infini- gether
tive Inspektion (in-spehk- fs^däV?) /(pl
Inflation (in-flah-rs^öän) /inflation ~en) inspection
infolge (in- fof-ger )
prep owing to inspizieren (in-spi-rsee-rem ) v inspect
informell adj informal
(/A7-for-mehl ) Installateur (in-stah-lah-rüTr) m (pl
informieren (in-for-mee-rem v inform ) ~e) plumber
adj infra-red
infrarot (/^-frah-röät ) installieren (in-stah-/ee-rem ) v install
Ingenieur (in-zhay-^üTv) (pl ~e) m Instandhaltung (in-sfirato-hahl-toong )
Instandsetzung 80 Isolator

/maintenance investieren (in-vehss-fee-rern v invest )

Instandsetzung (\n-shtahnt-zeh- nvestition (in-vehss-ti-fs^oäV?) /(pl

tsoong) /repair ~en) investment
Instinkt [\n-stingkt) m (pl ~e) instinct inwendig (/n-vehn-dikh adj inner )

Institut (in-sti-fdöf) nt (pl ~e) insti- nzwischen (in-rsw-shern ) adv in the

tute meantime, meanwhile
Institution (in-sti-too-fs^oäV?) /(pl rak {\-raak) Iraq
— en) institution irakisch (i-raa-kish ) adj Iraqi
Instrument {\n-s\roo- mehnt) nt (pl ~e) ran(i-raaA?) Iran
instrument ranier (i-raa-nverr) m (pl ~) Iranian
Intellekt {\n-teh-lehkt) m intellect iranisch (i-/aa-nish ) adj Iranian
intellektuell (in-teh-lehk-too-e/7/) adj re (ee-rer) m (pl -n) Irishman
intellectual irgendein(ee/--gernt-ighn adj any )

intelligent {\n-\Q\\-\\-gehnt) adj clever, irgendwie (eer-gemt-vee adv anyhow )

intelligent irgendwo (eer-gemt-vöä adv some- )

Intelligenz {\r\-\eh-U-gehnts) /intelli- where

gence risch(ae-rish) adj Irish
intensiv {m-xehn-zeef) adj intense Hand (eer-lahnt Ireland )

interessant (in-tay-reh-sa/?nf) adj in- ronie (\-roa-nee) /irony

teresting ironisch (i-röä-nish adj ironical )

Interesse (in-tay-re/7-ser ) nt (pl ~n) rre (/-rer ) m (pl ~n) lunatic

interest irre(/-rer) adj mad
interessieren (in-tay-reh-see-rern ) v rreal (/-ray-aal )adj unreal
interest irren (/-rem ) v err; sich ~~ *be mis-
interessiert (in-tay-reh-seer? adj in- ) taken
terested irreparabel (i-reh-pah-raa-berl ) adj ir-

intern {\n-tehrn adj internal resident

) ; reparable
Internat (in-tehr-naaf nt (pl ~e)
) rrgarten (aer-ganr-tem ) m (pl ~)
boarding-school maze
international (in-tehr-nah-tsVoa-naa/) irritieren (i-ri-fee-rem ) v annoy, irri-

adj international tate

Intervall (in-tehr-i/a/?/) nt (pl -e) in- rrsinn {eer-im ) m lunacy
terval irrsinnig (eer-zi-nikh ) adj lunatic
Interview (in-tehr-^dö) nt (pl ~s) in- rrtum (eer-xöbm ) m (pl -er) error,
terview mistake
intim (\n-teem) adj intimate sland (eess-lahnt Iceland )

Invalide (in-vah-/ee-der (pl ~n) in-

) m sländer {eess- lehn -derr) m (pl ~) Ice-
valid lander
invalide (in-vah-/ee-der ) adj disabled, ständisch (eess-lehn-dish ) adj Ice-
invalid landic
Invasion (in-vah-z^dä/7) /(pl ~en) solation (i-zoa-lah-rs^dän) /(pl ~en)
invasion isolation ; insulation
Inventar (in-vehn-raar) nt (pl ~e) in- solator (i-zoa-/aa-tor ) m (pl -en) in-
ventory sulator
; ; )

isolieren 81 Jude
isolieren (i-zoa-/ee-rern ) v isolate; in- Januar ^a/7-noo-aar January ( )

sulate Japan ^aa-pahn Japan ( )

Isolierung (i-zoa-/ee-roong ) /(pl ~en) Japaner ^ah-paa-nerr m (pl ~) Jap- ( )

isolation anese
Israel («s-rah-ehl ) Israel japanisch (vah-paa-nish ) adj Japanese
Israeli (iss-rah-ay-li ) m (pl ~s) Israeli je . . . je (
äy ) the . . . the
israelisch (iss-rah-ay-lish ) adj Israeli jedenfalls ^ay-dem-fahls ( ) adv at any
Italien {\-taa-\vem ) Italy rate
Italiener (i-tah-^äp-nerr ) m (pl ~~) jeder J'ay-derr pron each, every

Italian everyone
italienisch (i-tah-^ay-nish ) adj Italian jedermann (
J'ay-derr-mahn pron )

everyone, everybody ; anyone

jedoch (vay-dokh) conj yet, but, only,
however adv though
J ;

jemals J'ay-maals adv ever (


jemand ^ay-mahnt pron someone, (


ja (
vaa )
yes somebody; irgend ~ anybody
Jacht vahkht /(pl ~en) yacht
( ) jene ^ay-ner pron those those

Jacke yah-ker /(pl ~n) jacket

( ) jener ^ay-nerr pron that that

Jackett {zhah-keht) nt (pl ~s) jacket jenseits ^ayn-zights prep across, be- (

Jade yaa-öer 777 jade

( ) yond adv beyond ;

Jagd vaakt /hunt, chase

( ) Jersey (yt/rr-si (pl ~s) jersey ) m
Jagdhaus ^aafcf-houss nt ( ) (pl -er) jetzt (
vehtst ) adv now ; bis ~ so far
lodge jeweilig ( ^ay-vigh-likh ) adj respective
jagen J'aa-gern(
v hunt ) Joch (Yokh ) nt (pl ~e) yoke
Jäger ^a/-gerr (
(pl ~) hunter ) m Jockei (yo-ki ) m (pl ~s) jockey
Jahr vaar nt (pl ~e) year
( ) Jod (
y<5ät ) nt iodine
Jahrbuch yaar-böbkh nt (pl -er) an-( ) Johannisbeere Yoa-/7a/?-niss-bäy-rer ( )

nual /(pl ~n) black-currant

Jahrestag (
^aa-rerss-taak ) m (pl -e) Jolle yo-\er /(pl ~n) dinghy
( )

anniversary Jordanien (Vor-o^aa-nVem Jordan )

Jahreszeit (
^aa-rerss-tsight ) /(pl ~en) Jordanier vor-daa-nYerr 777 (pl ~) (

season Jordanian
Jahrhundert (yaar-/7ooA?-derrt nt ) (pl jordanisch (yor-tfaa-nish ) adj Jorda-
~e) century nian
jährlich (
^a/r-likh ) adj yearly, annual Journalismus (zhoor-nah-//ss-mooss
adv per annum 777journalism
jähzornig (/a/'-tsor-nikh ) adj hot-tem- Journalist (zhoor-nah-//sf) 777 (pl ~en)
pered, irascible journalist
Jalousie (zhah-loo-zee) /(pl ~n) Jubiläum (Voo-bi-/a/'-oom ) 77/ (pl -läen)
bünd ; shutter jubilee
Jammer (
^a/7-merr ) m misery Jucken ( ^oo-kern ) 77/ itch
jämmerlich (^e/7-merr-likh ) adj lamen- jucken ^oo-kem ( ) v itch
table Jude (
^oö-der ) 777 (pl ~n) Jew

jüdisch 82 Kanadier

jüdisch yew-ö\sh ( ) adj Jewish ner /(pl -n) percolator


Jugend ^dö-gernt /youth

( ) Käfig (/ra/'-fikh (pl -e) cage
) m
Jugendherberge ^dö-gernt-hehr-behr- (
kahl (kaal adj bald naked, bare
) ;

ger /(pl ~n) youth hostel

) Kai (kigh ) m
(pl ~s) dock, wharf,
jugendlich (J'riö-gemt-likh ^'juven- )
ile Kaiser {kigb-zm (pl -) emperor
) m
Juli (^oö-li ) July Kaiserin [kigh-zet-r'm /(pl ~~nen) em- )

Jumper {jahm-perr ) m (pl -) jumper press

jung voong
( ) adj young kaiserlich (kigh-zerr-\\kh ) adj imperial
Junge (
Yoong-er ) m (pl -n) boy ; lad Kaiserreich (/r/gr/j-zerr-righkh nt (pl

Jungfrau Yoongk-Uou /(pl -en)( ) vir- -e) empire

gin Kajüte (kah-^eW-ter) /(pl -n) cabin
Junggeselle Yoong -ger-zeh-\er ( ) m (pl Kalamität (kah-lah-mi-fa/Y) /(pl -en)
-n) bachelor calamity
Juni (^dö-ni ) June Kalb (kahip) nt (pl -er) calf
Jurist {v oo- rist) m (pl -en) lawyer Kalbfleisch (kahlp-iWghsh nt veal )

Justitiar (
oo-sf/'-tsi-aar) m lawyer, Kalbleder {kah/p-\äy-den nt calf skin )

legal adviser Kalender (kah-/e/?A7-derr ) m (pl -) cal-

Juwel (v oo- väyl) nt (pl -en) jewel; endar
gem Kalk(kahlk) lime m
Juwelier (Voo-vay-feer) m (pl -e) jew- Kalkulation (kahl-koo-lah-fs^dän) /(pl
eller -en) calculation
Kalorie (kah-loa-ree) /(pl -n) calorie
kalt (kahlt) a^'cold

K Kälte[kehl-ter) /cold
Kalvinismus (kahl-vi-/7/ss-mooss ) m
Kabarett (kah-bah-re/??) nt (pl -e) Kalzium (kahl-ts^oom nt calcium )

cabaret ; revue, floor show Kamee (kah -may) /(pl -n) cameo
Kabel (A-aa-berl ) nt (pl -) cable ; flex Kamel (kah-may/) nt (pl ~e) camel
electric cord Kamera {kah-may-rah /(pl -s) cam- )

Kabelfernsehen (tea-berl-fehrn-zäy- era

ern) nt cable television Kamin {kah-meen) m (pl -e) fireplace
Kabeljau (tea-berl-You ) m (pl -e) cod Kamm (kahm m -e) comb ) (pl
Kabine /(pl -n) cabin
(kah-bee-ner ) kämmen (keh-mem v comb )

Kabinett (kah-b\- neht) nt (pl ~e) cabi- Kammgarn {kahm-gahm nt worsted )

net Kampagne (kahm-pa/7-nVer) /(pl -n)

Kachel (kah-kher\ /(pl -n) tile ) campaign
Kader {kaa-öen (pl -) cadre )m Kampf (kahmpf) (pl -e) battle;m
Käfer kai-ien(
(pl -) beetle bug ) m ; combat, struggle, fight
Kaffee (kah -fay coffee )m kämpfen (kehm-piem v *fight com- ) ;

Kaffeelöffel (JraMay-lur-ferl) (pl -) m bat, struggle, battle

coffee-spoon Kanada (kah-nah-dah ) Canada
Kaffeemaschine (teMay-mah-shee- Kanadier (kah-naa-dverr ) m (pl -) Ca-

kanadisch 83 Kater

nadian karmesinrot (kahr-may-zeen-röät adj )

kanadisch (kah-raa-dish adj Canadi- ) crimson

an Karneval te/7r-ner-vahl(
carnival ) m
Kanal (kah-naa/) m
(pl -e) canal; Karo {kaa-roa nt (pl ~s) check )

channel Karosserie (kah-ro-ser-ree) /(pl ~n)

Kanarienvogel (kah-naa-rVern-foa-gerl coachwork motor body ; Am
m (pi ~) canary Karotte (kah-ro-ter /(pl -n) carrot )

Kandidat (kahn-di-oaaf) m (pl ~en) Karpfen kahr-piem (

(pl ~) carp ) m
candidate Karren (kah-rem (pl -) cart ) m
Känguruh (kehng-goo-roo ) nt (pl ~s) Karriere (kah-r^ay-rer /(pl ~n) career )

kangaroo Karte (kahr-ter /(pl ~n) card map ) ;


Kaninchen (kah-neen-khern ) nt (pl ~) ticket

rabbit Kartoffel (kahr-fo-ferl ) /(pl ~n) pota-
Kanone /(pl ~n) gun
(kah-ndä-ner ) to
Kante {kahn-ter /(pl ~n) edge
) Karton (kahr- tawng) (pl ~~s) carton m
Kantine (kahn-tee-ner /(pl ~n) can- ) Karussell (kah-roo-se/7/) nt (pl ~s)
teen merry-go-round
Kanu (kah-noö) nt (pl ~s) canoe Kaschmir {kahsh-meer m cashmere )

Kanzel (kahn-\ser\ ) /(pl ~n) pulpit Käse {kai-zer m cheese )

Kap (kahp nt (pl ~s) cape

) Kaserne (kah- zehr-ner) /(pl ~n) bar-
Kapelle (kah-peft-ler /(pl ~n) band ) ;
racks pl
chapel Kasino (kah-zee-noa nt (pl ~s) casino )

Kaper (te-perr ) m (pl ~) hijacker Kasperletheater kahss-pen-\er-\ay- aa- (

kapern (tea-perrn ) v hijack len nt (pl ~) puppet-show


Kapital (kah-pi-faa/) i3/ capital Kasse {kah-ser /(pl ~n) pay-desk; )

Kapitalgeber (kah-pi-?aa/-gäy-berr ) m box-office

(pl ~) investor Kassierer (kah-see-rerr ) m (pl ~) cash-
Kapitalismus (kah-pi-tah-//ss-mooss ) m ier
capitalism Kassiererin (kah-see-rer-rin ) /(pl
Kapitän (kah-pi-fa/A?) m (pl ~e) cap- ~nen) cashier
tain Kastanie (kahss-raa-nver) /(pl ~n)
Kapitulation (kah-pi-too-lah-rs^oän) / chestnut
(pl -en) capitulation kastanienbraun (kahss raa-n^em
Kaplan {kah-plaan) m
(pl ~e) chaplain broun adj auburn

Kapsel (^a/7-pserl /(pl ~n) capsule

) Katakombe (kah-tah-/rom-ber ) /(pl
kaputt (kah -poor) adj broken -n) catacomb
Kapuze (kah-poö-tser /(pl ~n) hood ) Katalog (kah-tah-/oä£) m (pl ~~e) cata-
Karaffe (kah-raMer /(pl ~n) carafe
) logue
Karamelle (kah-rah-me/7-ler /(pl ~n) )
Katarrh (kah-tahr) (pl ~e) catarrh m
caramel Katastrophe (kah-tahss-f/rä-fer /(pl )

Karat (kah-raaf) nt carat ~n) catastrophe, disaster

Kardinal (kahr-di -naal) (pl ~e) car- m Kategorie (kah-tay-goa-ree) /(pl ~n)
dinal; Kardinal- cardinal category
kariert {kau- reert adj chequered
Kater (
kaa-xerr ) m hangover
; ;

Kathedrale 84 Kilometerzahl

Kathedrale (kah-tay-rfraa-ler ) /(pl ~n) bartender, barman

cathedral Kellnerin (te/7/-ner-rin ) /(pl -nen)
katholisch (kah-töä-lish adj catholic ) waitress
Katze {kah-xser ) /(pi -n) cat pussy- ;
Kenia (käy-rfah Kenya )

cat *kennen (te/?-nem v *know )

kauen (kou-em v chew ) Kenner (te/?-nerr m (pl ~) connois- )

Kauf (kouf m (pi -e) purchase

) seur
kaufen (teu-fem v *buy purchase ) ;
Kenntnis {kehnt-ri\ss /(pl ~se) )

Käufer (koi-i err ) m (pi ~~) buyer, pur- knowledge

chaser Kennzeichen (te/w-tsigh-khern nt (pl )

Kaufhaus (teuf-houss ) nt (pl -er) de- ~) characteristic, feature registra- ;

partment store tion number ; licence number Am

Kaufmann (tetyf-mahn ) m (pl -leute) kennzeichnen (te/7/7-tsighkh-nern ) v
; mark
Kaufpreis (teuf-prighss ) m (pl ~e) Keramik (kay-raa-mik ) /(pl ~en) ce-
purchase price ramics pl
Kaugummi (tety-goo-mi m chewing- ) Kerl (kehrl ) m (pl -e) chap, fellow
gum Kern (kehrn m (pl ~e) essence;

kaum (koum adv hardly, scarcely,

) heart, core ;
pip, stone ; nucleus
barely Kern- nuclear
Kaution {kou- tsYöän) /(pl ~en) bail Kernenergie (te/7/77-ay-nehr-gee ) /nu-
Kaviar (tea-vi-ahr caviar ) m clear energy
Kegelbahn (tey-gerl-baan ) /(pl ~en) Kerngehäuse (te/7/77-ger-hoi-zer ) nt (pl
bowhng alley ~) core
Kegeln (tey-gerln nt bowling ) Kerosin (kay-roa-zeert) nt kerosene
Kehle (tey-ler /(pl ~n) throat ) Kerze (kehr-tser /(pl ~n) candle )

kehren (tey-rern v turn ) Kessel (te/7-serl (pl ~) kettle ) m

Kehrseite (teyr-zigh-ter /(pl ~n) ) re- Kette {keh-xer /(pl ~n) chain }

verse keuchen (te/'-khem v pant )

m (pl -e) wedge

Keil (kighl ) Keule (te/'-ler) /(pl ~n) club
Keim (kighm m (pl — e) germ) keusch (koish adj chaste )

kein (kighn) pron no Khaki (tea-ki) n t khaki

keiner (kigh-nen pron none )
; ~ von kichern (Av'-kherm v giggle, chuckle )

beiden neither Kiebitz (tee-bits (pl -e) pewit )m

keinesfalls (/f/^/7-nerss-fahls adv by ) Kiefer (tee-ferr ) m (pl -) jaw
no means Kiel (keel ) m (pl -e) keel
keineswegs (^/7-nerss-väyks adv by ) Kieme (tee-mer) /(pl -n) gill

no means Kies(keess) m gravel

Keks (käyks m
(pl ~e) biscuit
) Kieselstein (tee-zerl-shtighn ) m (pl
cookie nAm ; cracker nAm -e) pebble
Keller (te/Herr ) m (pl ~) cellar Kilo (tee-loa ) nt (pl ~s) kilogram
Kellermeister (te/7-lerr-mighss-terr) m Kilometer (ki-loa-may-terr) m (pl ~)
(pl ~) wine-waiter kilometre
Kellner (te/?/-nerr) (pl ~~) waiter; m Kilometerzahl (ki-loa-may-terr-tsaa! ) /
- ; )

Kind 85 Kleinhandel

distance in kilometres Klasse(klah-ser /(pi -n) class; form


Kind (kint nt (pl ~er) child

) ; kid Klassenkamerad /r/a/7-sem-kah-mer- (

kleines - tot raat m (pi -en) class-mate


Kindergarten (/c/n-derr-gahr-tern ) m Klassenzimmer (/f/a/7-sem-tsi-merr) nt

(pi ~) kindergarten (pi ~~) classroom
Kinderkrippe (/r/n-derr-kri-per ) /(pi klassisch (klah-s\shadj classical )

~n) nursery klatschen (klah-chem v clap )

Kinderlähmung (/r/>?-derr-lai-moong ) / Klatschmohn {klahch -möän ) m (pi

polio -e) poppy
Kindermädchen (/f/n-derr-mait-khem Klaue (klou-er ) /(pi ~~n) claw
nt (pi ~) nurse Klausel (klou-zer\ ) /(pi ~n) clause,
Kinderwagen (fo'n-derr-vaa-gern m (pi ) stipulation
~) pram baby carriage Am ; Klavier (klah-weer) nt (pi ~~e) piano
Kinderzimmer (/r//?-derr-tsi-merr nt ) Klebealbum (/r/a"p-ber-ahl-boom nt (pi )

(pi -) nursery -alben) scrap-book

Kinn (kin) nt chin kleben {kläy-bem v *stick; paste )

Kino {kee-noa nt (pi ~s) cinema; pic-

) Klebestreifen (/r/ay-ber-shtrigh-fern ) m
tures movie theater Am, movies
; (pi — ) adhesive tape
Am klebrig (/r/ap-brikh adj sticky )

Kiosk ki osk
( (pi ~e) kiosk ) m Klebstoff (/r/app-shtof (pi ~e) gum m )

Kirche {keer-kher /(pi -n) chapel, ) Klecks (klehks ) m (pi ~e) stain, spot,
church blot
Kirchhof (keerkh-hoai (pi ~e) ) m Klee (Way) m clover
graveyard, churchyard Kleeblatt (*/a"p-blaht ) nt (pi -er)
Kirchspiel (Aeertr/i-shpeel nt (pi ~e) ) shamrock
parish Kleid (klight ) nt (pi -er) dress ; frock,
Kirchturm {keerkh-xoorm ) m (pi ~e) robe, gown Kleider ; clothes pl
steeple kleiden (kligh-öem ) v suit ; sich ~
Kirmes /(pi ~sen) fair
(A-eer-mehss ) dress
Kirsche {keer-sher /(pi ~~n) cherry ) Kleiderbügel (/r/«7/)-derr-bew-gerl ) m
Kissen (ki-sem nt (pi ~) cushion; ) (pi ~) coat-hanger
pillow Kleiderbürste (A7/#/?-derr-bewrs-ter ) /
Kissenbezug (/r/'-sern-ber-tsöök ) m (pi (pi ~n) clothes-brush
~e) pillow-case Kleiderhaken (/r//0/?-derr-haa-kern ) m
Kiste (kiss-xer /(pi ~n) crate ) (pl ~) peg
kitzeln (A-Z-tserln v tickle ) Kleiderschrank (/f//ör/7-derr-shrahngk )

Klage (A7aa-ger /(pi ~n) complaint ) m (pl -e) wardrobe

klagen klaa-gem v complain
( )
Kleidung {kligh-öoong /clothes pl )

Klammer {klah-men /(pi ~n) clamp ) klein (klighn ) adj little, small ; minor,
Klang (klahng (pi ~e) sound; tone) m petty, short
Klaps (klahps (pi ~e) smack ) m Kleingeld klighn -ge\n\x
( ) nt petty cash,
klar (klaar adj clear; pure; serene
) change
klären {klai-rem v clarify ) Kleinhandel (/r//0/?/7-hahn-derl ) m re-
klarstellen (/r/aar-shteh-lern v clarify ) tail trade
; ; ;

Kleinhändler 86 Kolbenstange

Kleinhändler (k/ighn-hehn-ö\err) m (pl Knoblauch [knöäp-kyukh m garlic


~) retailer Knochen (too-khem ) m (pl ~~) bone

Kleinkind (klighn-k\n\ ) nt (pl ~er) Knopf (knopf m (pl ~e) button )

toddler knob
kleinlich {klighn-WVh ) adj stingy knöpfen knur-piem v button

Kleinod nt (pl ~~e) gern

(k/ighn-oax ) Knopfloch {knopfAokb nt ) (pl ~er)
Klemme {k/eh-mer) /(pl ~n) clamp buttonhole
klettern {kleh-term v climb ) Knorpel {knor-per\ ) m cartilage
Klient (k\\-ehnt) m (pl ~en) customer, Knospe [knoss-per /(pl -n) bud )

client Knoten (knöä-xem m (pl ~) knot )

Klima (£/ee-mah nt climate ) knoten (knöä-xem v knot, tie )

Klimaanlage (AVee-mah-ahn-laa-ger) / Knotenpunkt (/rndä-tern-poongkt ) m

(pl ~n) air-conditioning (pl -e) junction
klimatisiert (kli-mah-ti-zee/r) adj air- knuffen (knoo-iem v punch )

conditioned Knüppel {knew-per\ (pl ~ ) cudgel, ) m

Klinge (kling-er /(pl ~n) blade ) club
Klingel (k/ing-er\ /(pl ~n) bell ) knusprig (knooss-pr\kh adj crisp )

klingen [k/ing-em v sound ) Koch (kokh (pl -e) cook
) m
Klinik (klee-ri\k ) /(pl -en) clinic; hos- Kochbuch kokh-bookh nt (pl ~er)

pital cookery-book cookbook nArn ;

Klippe (k/i-per) /(pl -n) cliff kochen {ko-kbem v cook; boil )

Klopfen /r/o-pfern nt knock, tap

( ) Kocher (fo-kherr (pl ~) cooker ) m
klopfen (/r/o-pfern v knock ) Kode (köat (pl ~s) code
) m
Kloster [k/öäss-ten nt (pl ~) cloister ) Köder {kür-öerr ) m (pl ~) bait
convent monastery ; Koffein (ko-fay-een) nt caffeine
Klotz (klots ) m
(pl -e) block; log koffeinfrei (ko-fay-een-frigh ) adj de-
Klub (kloop (pl -s) club) m caffeinated
klug (klöok adj bright, clever
) Koffer {ko-ierr ) m (pl -) case, bag
Klumpen (k/oom-pem (pl ~) ) m trunk
chunk lump ; Kofferraum (/ro-ferr-roum ) m (pl ~e)
klumpig {k/oom-p\kh adj lumpy ) boot ; trunk nAm
knapp (knahp ) adj scarce ; tight ; con- Kognak (^o-nvahk cognac ) m
cise Kohl (köäl /73 cabbage

Knappheit {knahp-h\ghx /shortage ) Kohle (/röä-ler /(pl ~n) coal )

*kneifen kn/gh-iem v pinch ) Kohlepapier (/rdä-ler-pah-peer nt car-

( )

Kneifzange knighf-Xsahnq-er /(pl { ) bon paper

~n) pincers pl Koje (köä-ver /(pl ~n) bunk, berth

Kneipe {knigh-per /(pl ~n) pub ) Kokain (koa-kah-een) nt cocaine

Knie (knee nt (pl ~) knee) Kokosnuß (foa-koss-nooss ) /(pl -nüs-
knien (knee-em v *kneel ) se) coconut
Kniescheibe (/rnee-shigh-ber) /(pl Kolben (ko/-bem m (pl -) piston )

~n) kneecap Kolbenring (/ro/-bern-ring (pl ~e) ) m

Kniff (knit) (pl ~e) trick m piston ring
knirschen kneer-shem ( ) v creak Kolbenstange (A-o/-bern-shtahng-er ) /

Kollege 87 konservativ

(pi -n) piston-rod m communism

Kollege {ko-läy-ger ) m (pi -n) col- Kommunist (fco-moo-wsf) m (pl -en)
league communist
Kollekteur (ko-lehk-rJ?r) m (pl -e) Komödie {ko-mür-ö^er ) /(pl -n) com-
collector edy
Kollektion (ko-lehk-rs^dän) /(pl -en) kompakt (kom-pahkt) adj compact
collection Kompaß {kom-jpahss ) m (pl -passe)
kollektiv (ko-lehk-feer") adj collective compass
Kolonie (koa-loa-A?ee) /(pl -n) colony Kompetenz (kom-pay-te/?A7fs) /(pl
Kolonne (koa-/o-ner /(pl ~n) column ) -en) capacity
Kolumbianer (koa-loom-^aa-nerr m ) Komplex {kom-p/ehks) m (pl — e) com-
(pl -) Colombian plex
kolumbianisch (koa-loom-^aa-nish )
Kompliment (kom-pli- mehnt) nt (pl
adj Colombian -e) compliment
Kolumbien (koa-/<%>/77-bYem Colom- ) kompliziert (kom-pli-rsee/? adj com- )

bia plicated
Koma (foä-mah ) nt coma Komponist (kom-poa-n/sf) m (pl -en)
Kombination (kom-bi-nah-fs^däT?) /(pl composer
-en) combination Komposition (kom-poa-zi-rs^dän) /(pl
kombinieren (kom-bi-nee-rem v com- ) -en) composition
bine Konditor (kon-otee-tor m (pl -en) )

Komfort {kom- föär) m comfort confectioner

Komiker (A-dä-mi-kerr m (pl -) com-
) Konditorei (kon-di-toa-r/£/0 /(pl -en)
edian pastry shop
komisch (Arä-mish ) adj funny, comic; Kondom (kon-dom) m (pl — s)
strange, queer condom
Komma (£o-mah nt (pl -ta) comma ) Konferenz {kon-tay- rehnts) /(pl —en)
kommen (ko-mem v *come; - ) conference
lassen * send for Konflikt {kon-flikt) m (pl ~e) conflict
Kommentar (ko-mehn- taar) m (pl ~e) Kongreß (kon-grehss) m (pl -gresse)
comment congress
kommentieren ko-mehn- tee-rem ( ) v König (A-Jr-nikh ) m
(pl -e) king
comment Königin (fo/r-ni-gin /(pl -nen) queen

kommerziell (ko-mehr-rs^/?/) adj königlich (kür-n\k-\\kh ) adj royal

commercial Königreich (ArJ?-nik-righkh ) nt (pl -e)
Kommission (ko-mi-s^däT?) /(pl -en) kingdom
commission committee; konkret {kon- krait) adj concrete
Kommode (ko-mdä-der) /(pl ~n) Konkurrent (kon-koo- rehnt) m (pl
bureau nAm ; chest of drawers -en) competitor; rival
Kommune (ko-moo-ner) /(pl -n) Konkurrenz {kon-koo- rehnts) /compe-
commune tition; rivalry
Kommunikation (ko-moo-ni-kah- *
kur-nem v *can *be able
) ;

tsyöän ) / communication *might

Kommunismus (ko-moo-n/ss-mooss konservativ (kon -zehr- vah-teef) adj
Konservatorium 88 korrigieren

conservative -sale) concert hall

Konservatorium (kon-zehr-vah-töä- Konzession (kon-tsen-s^dän) /(pl
rvoom /(pl -rien) music academy
) ~en) concession licence, per- ;

Konserven (kon-ze/?M/em fpl tinned ) mission

food konzessionieren kon-tsen-s^oa-nee- (

Konstruktion (kon-strook-rs^dä/7) /(pl rem v license


~en) construction kooperativ (koa-oa-pay-rah-teef) adj

Konsul {kon-zoo\ ) m
(pl ~n) consul co-operative
Konsulat (kon-zoo-/aaf nt (pl ~~e) ) koordinieren (koa-or-di-nee-rern v co- )

consulate ordinate
Konsultation (kon-zool-tah- tsyöän) f Koordinierung (koa-or-di-A7ee-roong ) /
(pl ~en) consultation co-ordination
konsultieren (kon-zool-tee-rern ) v con- Kopf (köpf ) m (pl ~e) head
sult Kopfkissen (/ropf-ki-sern ) nt (pl ~~)

Konsument {kon-zoo- mehnt) m (pl pillow

~en) consumer Kopfschmerzen (A-opf-shmehr-tsern )

Kontakt {kon- tankt ) m (pl ~~e) touch, mpl headache

contact Kopie (koa-pee) /(pl ~n) copy
Kontaktlinsen (kon-faMf-lin-zem fpl ) kopieren (koa-pee-rern v copy )

contact lenses Koralle {koa- rahAer /(pl -n) coral )

Kontinent {kon -\\- nennt) m (pl -e) Korb (korp m

(pl ~e) basket

continent Kordel (for-derl /(pl ~n) tape


kontinental (kon-ti-nehn-raa/) adj con- Kordsamt {kort-zahmt ) m corduroy

tinental Korinthe (koa-r/n-ter ) /(pl ~n) cur-
Konto {kon-toa nt (pl -ten) account
) rant
Kontrast (kon- trahst) (pl -e) con- m Korken {kor-kem (pl ~) cork) m
trast Korkenzieher (£o/--kem-tsee-err (pl ) m
Kontrollabschnitt (kon-fro/-ahp-shnit )
-) corkscrew
m (pl ~e) counterfoil, stub Korn (körn nt (pl -er) corn, grain

Kontrolle (kon-fro-ler /(pl ~~n) con- ) Kornfeld (korn-ieUW nt (pl -er) corn- )

trol, inspection ; supervision field

kontrollieren (kon-troa-/ee-rern ) v con- Körper {kurr-perr ) m (pl -) body
trol,check körperbehindert [k tv/r-perr-ber- hin-
konvertieren (kon-vehr-tee-rem ) v dert ) adj disabled
convert korpulent (kor-poo-/e/?nf ) adj corpu-
Konzentration (kon-tsehn-trah- tsyöän )
lent, stout
/(pl ~en) concentration korrekt {ko- renkt) adj correct
konzentrieren (kon-tsehn-free-rern ) v Korrespondent (ko-rehss-pon-cfe/?nf)
concentrate m (pl ~en) correspondent
Konzern {kon-tsehm) m (pl ~e) con- Korrespondenz (ko-rehss-pon-cfe/?/7fs)
cern /correspondence
Konzert {kon- tsehrt) nt (pl ~e) con- korrespondieren (ko-rehss-pon-cfee-
cert rem v correspond

Konzertsaal (korwseM-zaal ) m (pl korrigieren (ko-ri-gree-rem ) v correct

; ;)

korrupt 89 Kreuzzug

korrupt adj corrupt

(ko- roopt) krank (krahngk adj sick, ill

Korsett{kor-zeht) nt (pl ~s) corset kränken (krehng-kem v offend, *hurt, )

Kosmetika (koss-map-ti-kah ntpl cos- ) injure

metics pl Krankenhaus (/r/-a/?np-kern-houss nt )

Kost (kost) /fare; food (pl -er) hospital

kostbar (kost-baat adj expensive, ) Krankensaal (^a^-kem-zaal ) m (pl
valuable -sale) infirmary
Kosten koss- tern pl cost
( )
Krankenschwester (krahng-kem-
kosten (koss-xem v *cost; taste ) shvehss-terr /(pl ~n) nurse

kostenlos (koss- tem- löäss adj free of ) Krankenwagen (Ara/^-kem-vaa-gern

charge m (pl ~) ambulance
Kostgänger (fosf-gehng-err ) m (pl ~) Krankheit {krahngk-h\ghx /(pl ~en) )

boarder sickness, illness, disease ailment ;

köstlich (Artvrsf-likh ) adj delicious; de- Krater (^aa-terr (pl ~) crater

) m
lightful kratzen (krah-xsem v scratch )

kostspielig (^osr-shpee-likh ) adj ex- Kratzer {krah-xserr (pl -) scratch ) m

pensive Kraul (kroul) crawl m
Kotelett {kox-leht) nt (pl ~e) cutlet, Kraut (krout nt (pl -er) herb

chop Koteletten sideburns pl

; Krawatte (krah-va/7-ter) /(pl ~~n)
Kotflügel (A-där-flew-gerl (pl ~) ) m necktie, tie
mud-guard Krebs (kräyps ) m cancer
Krabbe (krah-ber /(pl ~n) crab ) Kredit {kray- deet m
(pl ~e) credit)

prawn kreditieren (kray-di-tee-rem v credit )

Krach (krahkh (pl ~e) noise; row) m Kreditkarte (kray-ateef-kahr-ter /(pl )

Krachen {krah-khem nt crack ) -n) credit card charge plate ; Aw

krachen {krah-khem v crack ) Kreide {krigh-der ) /chalk
Kraft (krahft /(pl ~e) force,) Kreis (krighss ) m (pl ~e) circle ; ring,
strength power energy
; ;
Kraftfahrer {krahft-iaa-rerr (pl ~) ) m kreischen {krigh-shem ) v shriek,
motorist scream
kräftig (krehf-x\kb ) adj strong Kreislauf {krighss-\out ) m circulation
Kraftwagen {krahft-vaa-gem ) m (pl ~) cycle
motor-car Krem (kra~ym /(pl ~s) cream

Kraftwerk {krahft-vehrk ) nt (pl ~e) kremfarben (/rraym-fahr-bern adj )

power-station cream
Kragen (kraa-gem m (pl -) collar ) Kreuz (kroits nt (pl ~e) cross

Kragenknopf (£raa -gern -knöpf m (pl ) Kreuzfahrt {kmits-Xaarx /(pl ~en) )

~e) collar stud cruise

Krähe (krai-er) /(pl ~n) crow kreuzigen (to-tsi-gem v crucify )

Krampf (krahmpf m (pl ~e) convul- )

Kreuzigung to-tsi-goong /(pl ~en)
( )

sion cramp
Krampfader krahmpf-aa-öerr /(pl { ) Kreuzung (kroi-Xsoong ) /(pl ~en)
~n) varicose vein crossing, crossroads, intersection
Kran (kraan m (pl ~e) crane
) Kreuzzug (Aro/fs-tsook (pl ~e) cru- ) m
Kricket 90 Kunstgewerbe

sade kubanisch (koo-6aa-nish adj Cuban )

Kricket (kh-ken nt cricket ) Kubus (too-booss m (pl Kuben) cube )

kriechen {kree-khem v *creep, ) Küche tew-kher /(pl -n) kitchen
( )

crawl Kuchen (A-dö-khem m (pl ~) cake )

Krieg (kreek (pl -e) war

) m Küchenchef (few-khem-shehf m (pl )

kriegen {kree-gem v *get ) -s) chef

Kriegsgefangene (
Areete-ger-fahng-er- Kuckuck (A-oo-kook ) m (pl -e) cuckoo
ner ) m (pl ~n) prisoner of war Kugel (foo-gerl ) /(pl ~n) sphere;
Kriegsmacht (/rree/rs-mahkht ) /(pl -e) bullet
military force Kugelschreiber (/rdö-gerl-shrigh-berr )

Kriegsschiff {kreeks-sh\t ) nt (pl ~e) m (pl ~) ballpoint-pen, Biro

man-of-war Kuh (köö ) /(pl ~e) cow
Kriminalität (kri-mi-nah-li-fa/f) /crimi- Kuhhaut (A-oö-hout ) /(pl -e) cow-
nality hide
Kriminalroman (kri-mi-/7aa/-roa-maan )
kühl (kewl ) adj cool; chilly
m (pl ~e) detective story Kühlschrank (A-eW-shrahngk (pl ) m
kriminell {kx\-m\-nehl) ^'criminal -e) fridge, refrigerator
Krippe (kri-per /(pl ~n) manger )
Kühlsystem £ew/-zewss-täym nt ( )

Krise {kree-zer /(pl ~n) crisis

) cooling system
Kristall (kr\ss- tahl) nt crystal kühn(kewn) adj bold
kristallen (kriss-fa/7-lern adj crystal ) Kühnheit (
kewn-\\\g\\x ) f nerve
Kritik (kri- teek) /(pl ~en) criticism Küken (tew-kem nt ) (pl ~) chicken
Kritiker (kree-W-kerr) m (pl ~) critic kultivieren (kool-ti-i/ee-rem ) v culti-

kritisch {kree-Wsh ) adj critical vate

kritisieren (kri-ti-zee-rern v criticize
) kultiviert (kool-ti-i/ee/t) adj cultured
Krokodil (kroa-koa-ctee/) nt (pl -e) Kultur (kool-toör) /(pl ~en) culture
crocodile Kummer (A-oo-merr m sorrow, grief )

Krone (Aröä-ner /(pl ~n) crown )

kümmern A-ew-merm (
v mind; sich )

krönen ArtTr-nem v crown

( ) -um look after, *take care of
Kröte (krür-xer /(pl ~n) toad )
Kunde (koon-öer ) m (pl ~n) custom-
Krücke (krew-ker /(pl ~n) crutch ) er, client

Krug (kröök m (pl ~e) pitcher, jug,

Kundgebung {koont-gäy-boong ) /(pl
jar — en) demonstration
Krümel (krew-mer\ ) m (pl ~) crumb Kunst koonst / (pl ~e) art die
( ) ;

krumm (kroom ) adj curved, bent; schönen Künste fine arts

crooked Kunstakademie (A-oonsf-ah-kah-day-
Krümmung (
krew-moong ) /(pl ~en) mee /(pl -n) art school

bend Kunstausstellung koonst-ouss-shxeh- (

Kruste (
/(pl — n) crust
krooss-xer )
loong ) /(pl ~en) art exhibition
Kruzifix (kroo-tsi-f/fc) nt (pl ~e) cruci- Kunstgalerie (foo/7s?-gah-ler-ree ) /(pl
fix ~n) art gallery
Kuba (A-oo -bah) Cuba Kunstgeschichte (
A-oonsf-ger-shikh-ter )

Kubaner (koo- baa-nen ) m (pl ~) Cu- / art history

ban Kunstgewerbe (
A-ocwsf-ger-vehr-ber )

Künstler 91 Ladung

nt arts and crafts lately

Künstler (fei/wsr-lerr (pl -) artist ) m Kurzschluß (£oo/?s-shlooss ) m short
Künstlerin {kewnst-\er-rin /(pl ~nen) ) circuit
artist kurzsichtig (£oo/?s-zikh-tikh ) adj
künstlerisch (kewnst-\er -rish ) adj ar- short-sighted
tistic Kurzwarengeschäft (
künstlich (kewnst-Ukh ) adj artificial nt (pl -e) haberdashery
ger-shehft )

Kunstsammlung (foonsf-zahm-loong )
Kuß (kooss (pl Küsse) kiss
) m
/(pl ~en) art collection küssen [kewsem v kiss )

Kunstseide (A-oonsf-zigh-der ) /rayon Küste {kewss-ter /(pl ~n) coast, )

Kunststoff {koonst-shxoi (pl ~e) ) m shore seaside ;

plastic; Kunststoff- plastic Küster {kewss-\en (pl ~~) sexton ) m

Kunstwerk {koonst-vehrk nt (pl ~e) ) Kutsche (A-oo-cher /(pl ~n) carriage, )

work of art coach

Kupfer nt copper
(foo-pf err )

Kupon (koo- pavmg-)(pl ~s) coupon m

Kuppel (fo?o-perl /(pl ~~n) dome
Kupplung (koop-\oong /(pl -en) )

Kur (köör /(pl ~en) cure
) labil (Iah -tee/) adj unstable
Kurbelgehäuse (A-oor-berl-ger-hoi-zer Laboratorium (lah-boa-rah-foä-rVoom )

nt (pl ~) crankcase nt (pl -rien) laboratory

Kurbelwelle (£oo/--berl-veh-ler) /(pl Labyrinth (lah-bew-nwf) nt (pl ~~e)

~n) crankshaft labyrinth

Kurpfuscher (foo/'-pfoo-sherr (pl ) m Lächeln (/e/?-kherln ) nt smile
~) quack lächeln (/e/?-kherln ) v smile
Kurs (koors m
(pl ~e) rate of ex-
) Lachen nt laugh
(/3/7-khem )

change course
lachen ( v laugh
/e/7-khem )

Kürschner {kewrsh-nerr (pl -) fur- ) m lächerlich (/e/7-kherr-likh adj ridicu- )

rier lous ludicrous


Kursivschrift (koor-zeef-shrift) /italics lachhaft (lahkh-hahh adj ludicrous )

pl Lachs (lahks ) m (pl -e) salmon

Kursus (foor-zooss ) m (pl Kurse) Lack (lahk m ) (pl ~e) lacquer; var-
course nish
Kurve (koor-ver /(pl ~n) curve,
) turn- lackieren (lah-tee-rem ) v varnish
ing, bend Laden ( /aa-dem ) m (pl ~) store
kurz (koorts ) adj short brief; in kur- ;
laden (/aa-dern ) v load ; charge
zem shortly Ladeninhaber (/aa-dem-in-haa-berr m )

in Kürze (in kewr-\ser) soon (pl ~) shopkeeper

kurzgefaßt (foo/?s-ger-fahst ) adj con- Ladentisch (/aa-dem-tish m (pl ~e) )

cise counter
Kurzlehrgang (/roorfs-läyr-gahng ) m Laderaum (/aa-der-roum ) m (pl ~e)
(pl ~e) intensive course hold
kürzlich {kewrts-Wkh ) adv recently, Ladung (/aa-doong ) /(pl ~en) freight,
; ; )

Lage 92 Laterne

charge, cargo highway

Lage (/aa-ger ) /(pi -n) location ; situ- Landstreicher (/a/7A7f-shtrigh-kherr ) m
ation ;
position, site (pi ~) tramp
Lager (/aa-gerr nt ) (pi ~~) warehouse, Landstreicherei ( lahnt-shtrigh-kher-
depot camp ; /vagrancy
Lagerhaus (/aa-gerr-houss ) nt (pi ~er) Landwirtschaft (/a/?nr-veert-shahft) /
store-house agriculture; Landwirtschafts-
lagern (/aa-gerrn ) v store agrarian
Lagerraum (/aa-gerr-roum ) m (pi ~e) Landzunge (/a/?/?Msoong-er) /(pi ~~n)
depository headland
Lagerung (/aa-ger-roong /storage ) lang (lahng adj long; ) tall; lange adv
Lagune (Iah -göö-ner /(pi ~n) lagoon ) long
lahm(laam) adj lame Länge (lehng-er ) /length; der - nach
lähmen (/a/mem ) v paralise lengthways
Laib (lighp ) m (pi ~~e) loaf Längengrad (/e/7^-ern-graat ) m (pi
Laie {figh-er )m (pi ~n) layman ~e) longitude
Laken (/aa-kern ) nt (pi ~) sheet länglich {lehng-Ukh ) adj oblong
Lakritze (lah-£/v-tser /liquorice ) langsam [lahng-zaam adj slow

Lamm (lahm nt (pi ~er) lamb ) Langspielplatte (/a/?ngr-shpeel-plah-ter

Lammfleisch (/aftm-flighsh nt lamb ) /(pi ~n) long-playing record
Lampe (
lahm-per ) /(pi ~n) lamp langweilen /ahng-\j\gh-\em v bore (

Lampenschirm (/a/7A77-pern-sheerm ) w annoy

(pi ~e) lampshade Langweiler (/a^np-vigh-lerr ) m (pi -)
Land (lahnt nt (pi -er) country,
) bore
land; an ~ ashore; an - * gehen langweilig lahng -vigh-tikh adj dull,
( )

land disembark
; boring unpleasant;

landen {lahn-öem ) v land disembark ; langwierig (lahng-vee-r\kh adj long )

Landenge {lahnt-ehng-er /(pi ~n) ) Lappen (/a/?-pem ) m (pi -) cloth

isthmus Lärm(lehrm) m noise
Landesgrenze (/a/w-derss-grehn-tser / ) lärmend (/e/7A-mernt adj noisy

(pi — n) boundary v *let * leave,

lassen (lah-sem ) ; al-

Landhaus (lahnt-Uouss nt ) (pi ~er) low to

country house lässig adj easy-going
(/e/7-sikh )

Landkarte (/a/wf-kahr-ter) /(pi ~n) Last /(pi -en) burden

(Iahst )

map charge, load trouble ;

ländlich (lehnt-Ukh ) adj rustic, rural lästig (lehss-Wkh adj troublesome, in- )

Landmarke (/a/7/7Mnahr-ker ) /(pi ~en) convenient ; annoying

landmark Lastwagen (/afof-vaa-gern ) m (pi ~)
Landschaft /(pi -en) ( /a/7nf-shahft ) lorry ; truck nAm
countryside landscape, scenery ; Lateinamerika (lah-f/0/?A7-ah-mä"y-ri-
Landsitz lahnt-ms (pi ~e) estate
) m kah Latin America

Landsmann (/a/7A?fs-mahn ) m (pi -leu- lateinamerikanisch (Iah- tighn-ah-may-

te) countryman ri-kaa-nish adj Latin- American

Landstraße (/a/wf-shtraa-ser /(pi ~n) ) Laterne {\ah-tehr-ner /(pi -n) Ian- )

; ;; )

Laternenpfahl 93 Leine

tern leather
Laternenpfahl (lah-fe/w-nern-pfaal ) m ledern ( adj leather
/a"p-derm )

(pi -e) lamp-post ledig adj single

(/a"p-dikh )

Lauf (louf (pi ~e) course

) m leer (layr adj empty; blank

Laufbahn (louf-baan /career ) leeren (/a"p-rem v empty )

laufen {lou-iem v *run ) Leerung (/ay-roong /(pi ~en) collec- )

Laufplanke (/oi/f-plahng-ker) /(pl -n) tion

gangway Legalisierung (lay-gah-li-zee-roong ) /
Laune (lou-ner) /(pi ~n) spirit, legalization
mood whim, fancy; legen /äp-gem v *lay, *put
( )

Laus (louss/(pi -e) louse ) lehnen (/a"p-nern v *lean )

laut (lout adj loud adv aloud

) ; Lehnstuhl (/a"pA?-shtöol (pi ~e) ) m
läuten (/o/-tem v *ring ) armchair, easy chair
Lautsprecher (/otvr-shpreh-kherr) m (pi Lehrbuch (
/ayr-böokh ) nt (pi ~er)
~) loud-speaker textbook
lauwarm ( /odv-vahrm ) adj tepid, luke- Lehre (/ay-rer /(pi -n) teachings pi )

warm lehren (/ap-rern v *teach )

Lawine (Iah- vee-ner ) /(pi ~n) ava- Lehrer (/a"p-rerr (pi ~) school- ) m
lanche teacher, schoolmaster, master
Leben [fäy-bem nt ) (pi ~) life ; life- teacher ; instructor
time; am ~ alive Lehrgang (/ayv-gahng ) m (pi ~e)
leben läy-bem v live
( ) course
lebend (/ap-bernt adj live, alive ) lehrreich (/ayr-righkh adj instructive )

Lebensmittel (/a"p-bems-mi-terl pl )
Leib (lighp (pi -er) body ) m
groceries pl Leibwache (//^p-vah-kher) /(pi — n)
Lebensmittelgeschäft (/ay-berns-mi- bodyguard
terl-ger-shehft nt (pi ~e) grocer's ) Leiche {Hgh-kher /(pi ~n) corpse )

Lebensmittel handler [lay -berns mi leicht (lighkht adj light gentle, slight
) ;

terl-hehn-dlerr ) m (pi ~) grocer Leichtigkeit (//gM/Mikh-kight /ease )

Lebensstandard (/ay-bems-shtahn- Leid nt sorrow, grief; affliction

(light )

dahrt ) m standard of living Leiden {Hgh-dem nt (pi ~~) ailment )

Lebensversicherung (/a"p-berns-f ehr-zi- suffering

* v suffer
kher-roong /(pi -en) life insurance
) leiden ligh-öem( )

Leber (/ay-berr /(pi ~~n) liver ) Leidenschaft (//gr/7-dern-shahft ) /(pi

lebhaft (/ayp-hahft ) adj brisk, vivid, ~en) passion
lively, active leidenschaftlich (//^-dem-shahft-likh
Leek (lehk)fl/(pl~~s) leak adj passionate
leck(lehk) adj'leaky leider (tigh-öerr) ady unfortunately
lecken (/e/7-kern )v leak lick ; leidlich {light-\\Vh ady fairly, quite

lecker (/e/7-kerr) adj appetizing; deli- Leierkasten (//g/7-err-kahss-tern ) m (pi

cious, good, tasty ~) street-organ
Leckerbissen (/e/7-kerr-bi-sem ) m (pi *
leihen (ligh-em ) y *lend
~) delicacy Leim(lighm) glue m
Leder (/ay-derr) nt leather; Leder Leine (ligh-ner /(pi ~-n) cord ) ; lead

Leinen 94 Likör

leash Libanon (/ee-bah-non ) Lebanon

Leinen (ligh-nem nt linen ) liberal (li-bay-raa/) adj liberal
leise ( /igh-zeradj low gentle ) ;
Liberia (li-6ay-rvah ) Liberia
Leiste lighss- ter /(pi -n) groin
( ) Liberier {\\-bäy-^eu ) m (pl -) Libe-
leisten fighss-tem v achieve offer
( ) ;
sich - afford liberisch (N-6a>rish adj Liberian )

Leistung (lighss-xoong ) /(pl -en) Licht nt (pl -er) light


achievement Lichtbild {likht-b\ it) nt (pl -er) photo-

leistungsfähig (%/7ss-toongs-fai-ikh )
adj efficient Lichtung (//M-toong /(pl -en) ) clear-
Leistungsfähigkeit //^ss-toongs-fai- (
ikh-kight /(pl -en) capacity
) lieb (leep ) adj dear; affectionate,
leiten Ugh -tern v head
) sweet
Leiter 1 (Hgh-xen ) m (pl -) leader Liebe (/ee-ber) /love
Leiter 2 /(pl -n) ladder
{/igh-xerr ) lieben (/ee-bem) vlove
Leitplanke (//^/7r-plahng-ker /(pl -n) ) lieber (/ee-berr adv sooner, rather

crash barrier Liebesgeschichte (

Leitung (//g/7-toong /(pl -en) lead ) ter ) /(pl -n) love-story
Lektion (lenk- tsYöän) /(pl -en) lesson Liebhaber (/eep-haa-berr) m (pl -)
Lenksäule {lehngk-zo\-\er) /(pl -n) lover
steering-column Liebhaberei (leep-haa-ber-/7'sr/7) /(pl
Lenz (lehnts spring ) m -en) hobby
Lepra (/ay-prah /leprosy ) liebkosen (/eep-köä-zern ) v hug
Lerche /c?/)r-kher /(pl -n) lark
( ) Liebling (/eep-ling ) m (pl -e) darling,
lernen lehr-nem v *learn
( ) ; auswen- sweetheart ; favourite ;
pet ; Lieb-
dig - memorize lings- favourite; pet
Leselampe (/ay -zer-lahm-per ) /(pl -n) Liebreiz (/eep-rights ) m charm
reading-lamp Liebschaft (/eep-shahft) /(pl -en) af-

'lesen (/ay-zem v *read ) fair

leserlich (/ay-zerr-likh adj legible ) Lied (leet nt (pl -er) song; tune

Lesesaal (/.-" ?er-zaal (pl -säle) ) m Lieferauto (/ee-ferr-ou-toa nt (pl -s) )

reading-room van
letzt (lehtst adj last ultimate, final
) ; ;
liefern (/ee-ferrn ) v furnish, supply,
past provide
leuchten (loikh-xem v *shine; leuch- ) Lieferung (/ee-fer-roong ) /(pl -en)
tend bright luminous ; supply delivery

Leuchtturm {loikht-toorm (pl -e) ) m Lieferwagen (/ee-ferr-vaa-gern (pl ) m

lighthouse -) delivery van, pick-up van
leugnen /o/-gnem v deny
( ) Liege /ee-ger / (pl -n) camp-bed
( )

Leute /o/-ter pl people pl

( )
cot nAm
Libanese (li-bah-rap-zer ) m (pl -n) "liegen (/ee-gern) v *lie
Lebanese Liegestuhl (/ee-ger-shtööl (pl -e) ) m
libanesisch (li-bah-na>zish ) adj Leb- deck chair
anese Likör {\\-kürr) m
(pl -e) liqueur
Lilie 95 Luke

Lilie (lee-Wer) /(pl ~n) lily (pl ~en) raise nAm

Limonade (li-moa-naa-der ) /(pl ~n) lokal (loa- kaal) adj local
lemonade Lokomotive (loa-koa-moa-tee-ver /(pl )

Limone (li-mdä-ner) /(pl ~n) lime ~n) engine, locomotive

Linde {/in-der ) /(pl ~n) lime Los(löäss) zir (pl ~e)lot
Lindenbaum (//n-dern-boum ) m (pl löschen (/t//--shem v extinguish )

~e) limetree Löschpapier (/t/rs/? -pah -peer nt blot- )

Lineal (li-nay-aa/) /7f (pl ~e) ruler ting paper

Linie (/ee-nver) /(pl ~n) line lose (
/dä-zer ) adj loose
Linienschiff (/ee-nVern-shif) nt (pl ~~e) Lösegeld (/J?-zer-geh It ) nt (pl -er)
liner ransom
adj left-hand,
linke (ling-ker ) left lösen lür-zem
( ) v solve
linkshändig (//>?^s-hehn-dikh ) adj löslich {lürss- likh ) adj soluble
left-handed losmachen (/däss- ma h-khem v detach )

Linse [lin-zer ) /(pl ~n) lens Lösung (/J?-zoong /(pl -en) solution )

Lippe (//-per ) /(pl ~n) Up Losungswort (/dä-zoongs-vort nt (pl )

Lippensalbe (//-pern-zahl-ber ) /(pl —er) password

~n) Hpsalve löten (/i7?-tem) v solder
Lippenstift (//-pem-shtift ) m (pl ~e) Lötkolben (/J??-kol-bem ) m (pl ~) sol-
lipstick dering-iron
List (list /(pl ~en) artifice, ruse
) Lotse (/dä-tser ) m (pl ~n) pilot
Liste (//ss- ter /(pl ~n) list ) Lötstelle (/Jft-shteh-ler ) /(pl — n) joint
listig (//ss-tikh adj cunning, sly ) Lotterie (lo-ter-ree) /(pl ~n) lottery
Liter ( /ee-terr ) m (pl ~) litre Löwe (
/t/r-ver ) m (pl ~n) hon
literarisch (li-tay-raa-rish ) adj literary Löwenzahn (/ür-vem-tsaan m dande- )

Literatur (li-tay-rah- töör) /literature lion

Lizenz {W-tsehnts) /(pl ~en) licence loyal (Iwah-^aa/) adj loyal
Lob (löäp nt praise glory
) ;
Lücke /(pl ~n) gap
lew-ker )

loben (/dä-bern v praise ) Luft /(pl ~e) air; sky; breath

Loch (lokh nt (pl -er) hole
) luftdicht {/ooft-öikhx adj airtight )

Locke (/o-ker /(pl ~~n) curl ) Luftdruck (looft-örook atmospheric ) m

locken /o-kem v curl
( ) pressure
Lockenwickler (/o-kem-vi-klerr) m (pl lüften {lewf-\em ) v air, ventilate
~) curler Luftfilter (looft-i\ -terr I
) /7? (pl ~) air-
lockern (/o-kerrn v loosen
) filter
lockig (/o-kikh ) adj curly luftig {/oof-wkh adj airy )

Löffel ( /l/M erl ) m (pl ~) spoon Luftkrankheit (/oofr-krahngk-hight) /

Logik (/dä-gik) /logic air-sickness
logisch (/dä-gish adj logical ) Luftpost (
tooft-pos\ ) /airmail
Lohn (löän ) m (pl ~e) wages pl, sal- Lüftung lewf-xoorig /ventilation
( )

ary, pay Luftzug (looft-xsöbk m draught )

sich lohnen (/dä-nern ) *be worth- Lüge (lew-get /(pl ~n) lie )

while; *pay lügen /ew-gem v lie ( )

Lohnerhöhung (/dä/7-ehr-hü~r-oong ) / Luke (/dö-ker ) /(pl ~n) hatch ;

Lumpen 96 mangelhaft

hole netic
Lumpen (/oom-pern ) m (pl ~~) rag Mahl (maal nt (pl -er) meal

Lunge {/oong -er /(pl ~n) lung ) mahlen (maa-lem v *grind )

Lungenentzündung loong-em-ehnx- (
Mahlzeit (maaMsight) /(pl ~en) meal
tsewn-doong /pneumonia )