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Any person who is suffering from a migraine headache can give you an idea as to how
agonizing the pain can be. This severe unbearable pain can have a significant impact on your
emotional and physical well being hence making your routine functioning impossible. But,
Homeopathy is one safe therapy that can help you find a permanent relief from this agony.
Migraine is a vascular headache of a severe and chronic nature. Low levels of serotonin activate
some chemical changes, which causes dilation (expansion) of blood vessels in the brain and
nerve irritation, hence causing the Migraine headache. It is generally centered above one eye or
the other. It is usually accompanied by nausea, vomiting and visual disturbances. Most migraine
headaches usually last for about 4 hours, but occasionally severe ones can last for several days
or up to a week. The migraine headaches can characteristically come in clusters or periodically.
The rate of recurrence of migraines varies extensively among individuals. It is common for a
migraine sufferer to get 2-4 headaches per month. Some people, however, may get headaches
every few days, while others only get a migraine once or twice a year.

Types of Migraine: Migraine can be classified into two categories:

1) Migraine without aura: This type is more common and is associated with a slowly
increasing headache which in due course develops into a throbbing headache. This
headache is mostly unilateral and is accompanied with nausea, vomiting, and unusual
sensitiveness to light and noise
2) Migraine with aura: This type is less common and is known as classical migraine. This
headache is unilateral too and is accompanied with nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light often
causing momentary visual impairment, double vision, numbness, tingling, vertigo, difficulty
speaking, and weakness on one side of the body. Some people may have symptoms of
migraine aura without a headache.
(Aura is a premonition, generally consisting of visual disturbances or neurological symptoms
occurring within the hour before the onset of the headache).

Causes of Migraine:
The correct cause of a migraine is not known. It has a tendency to run in families and the
vascular theory states that migraine is due to the inflammation and dilation of the blood vessels
in the head causing a disturbance of blood flow and thus leading to pain. There are a number of
factors that can trigger an attack. Migraine ‘triggers’ can be categorized as follows:
• Physical fatigue, due to over-exertion or over-relaxation.
• Psychological factors like stress, excitement, worry, shock, and anxiety.
• Sensitivity to certain foods and beverages: Certain foods like cheese, chocolates,
alcohol, caffeine, citrus fruits, etc. can trigger a migraine attack.
• Low blood sugar or Hypoglycemia can trigger migraine too. Often, missing meals can
trigger an attack, especially in children.
• Medical problems like high blood pressure, dental problems, etc.
• Hormonal: Migraine has a 75% rate among women, mainly due to the hormonal
relationship with estrogen that influences serotonin levels. When estrogen levels fall, so do
serotonin levels. This link between estrogen and serotonin levels may also explain why some
women suffer from migraine shortly before their menstrual periods or during perimenopause
(the years leading up to menopause). Headaches related directly with the menstrual period
are referred to as menstrual migraine.
• Lack of sleep or too much sleep can trigger migraine attacks. A number of people find
that they get migraine after overindulging into a weekend sleep.
• Other factors like loud noise, bright lights, TV, strong smells, weather changes can also
trigger the attack.

Signs and symptoms of Migraine:

• Pain that is more severe on one side of your head.
• Throbbing or hammering pain.
• Pain that interrupts with normal activity.
• Pain aggravated by activity.
• Nausea and vomiting accompanied by headache.
• Unusual sensitiveness to light or sound.
• Visual disturbances -- Hallucinations, Flashing lights, Double vision, etc.

Homeopathic approach to the Treatment of Migraine:

Looking for a safe, natural, effective, and long-lasting answer for your migraines? Consider
Homeopathy. The Homoeopathic approach to the treatment of migraine patients is more
individualistic. Homoeopathy considers migraine as a personality disorder and for this reason
the treatment must be decided on the basis of a complete study of the patients' personality.
There are hundreds of Homeopathic medicines which are used successfully for the treatment of
migraine. For a permanent relief from Migraine, you need to consult an experienced Homeopath
who can understand the picture of the disease from a detailed analysis of the patient to find the
correct remedy for that particular patient based on the patient’s individuality. This constitutional
approach helps treat all cases of migraine successfully. Also, Homeopathic medicines are 100%
safe with no side effects and are proven effectively on human beings. The positive effect of
Homeopathic treatment is long lasting and can last for life.

With most of the patients the initial improvement starts after 2-4 week treatment, reducing the
frequency and interval of the attacks. The attacks are almost terminated after 4-8 week
treatment. But to achieve the maximum and the most permanent result the patient has to
undergo 8-18 month treatment.

Do’s and Don’ts to help you deal with Migraine headache:

• Splash cold water on your face during a severe migraine attack, and then lie down in a
dark room and rest.
• Take adequate sleep.
• Take a break from your daily routine.
• Set a regular and organized routine for your life style.
• Work in a pleasant atmosphere. Avoid stress.
• Avoid exposure to bright lights, loud noises, cold drafts, being under the sun for a long
time, overstraining your eyes.
• Avoid fried, too salty, spicy food, alcohol, caffeine, canned foods, stop smoking. A
vegetarian diet is preferable.
• Eat lots of raw fruits and vegetables.
• Don’t overwork yourself physically or mentally.
• Don’t overeat, eat small and frequent meals.

Hence, every person suffering from migraine must consider Homeopathy to provide relief and
lifetime cure.