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The intro

Nas daily like

Whenever I have time I always go to the cr and look if there is a water

And if Its not filled I say Sarok

Sarok is a term in Bicol to Igib in Tagalog and waterrefill in English

I drive to the freush water source in orur barangay to look for water using tricycle and there I take a
bath, drink water. I say to you its very hard to carry the gallons there because you have to walk up the
road. But we are still gratefull because we have water! Why am I saying this to you?  Fresh water
makes up only 0.01% of the World's water and approximately 0.8% of the Earth's surface, yet
this tiny fraction of global water supports at least 100000 species out of approximately 1.8
million – and I am proud that Im part of this

You know if we don’t

It’s a cycle
If we don’t have the water

We cant feed the animals

We cant water the plants

We cant drinkoiurselves

And we will lose food and rerources which is necessary for survival.

But why are the sources being drained

We need to know that’s its all because of our carelessness

Not only water is for providing path for water

But we also use it as selfie background



Prevents erosion

And manymoreee

As human species we are also part of the biodiversity and we need to take care of it

We have higher knowledge and understanding so we need to avoid being a preadator instead we
become the savior of this planet so we can preserve the life on earth

Everthing in this world is a life a plant is a live. A cat is a life all of us rely on each other so we need to
take care of ourselves,

To see the new generations like him, her and them or even our childreans and grandchildrens continue
smiling in the future.

I save the rain