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Ismail Yurdakok

Are They Decreasing or Increasing ?

Sexual assault rising in state 2010/01/06
KOTA BARU: The statistics of rape cases in Kelantan showed a disturbing trend as
it recorded an increase of 25 per cent last year. Kelantan police chief Datuk A
bdul Rahim Hanafi said out of the 313 cases last year, 60 per cent involved vict
ims below 16 years old.
"Twenty-three cases involved victims who were 12 years and below, 165 cases for
those between 13 and 16, and 125 cases for above 16," he said at the state polic
e headquarters here.
Through a survey, Rahim said, the police found that rape cases took place due to
socialising and consensual sex. – Bernama
(Did) Selangor crime index drops by 5.3 per cent(?) 2010/01/06
SHAH ALAM: Selangor saw the crime index dip by 5.3 per cent or 3,365 cases last
year, as compared to the previous year. Last year, 54,339 cases were reported wh
ereas 57,704 cases were reported in 2008.
DESPITE THIS, Selangor police chief Datuk Khalid Abu Bakar said there was an ala
rming increase in daytime break-ins, with 4,634 reported last year as compared t
o 2,888 cases the previous year. He also noted a similar pattern involving rape,
whereby 678 cases were reported last year and 638 cases in 2008. "Careless hous
e-owners are among those who contribute to daytime break-ins," he told reporters
at his office in the Selangor police headquarters here today. On this year's pl
ans, Khalid said the police would focus on daytime break-ins and improve communi
ty policing programmes in each neighbourhood. – BERNAMA
We must not forget that Ottoman Empire collapsed after abolished some of the Isl
amic law in her last period of 80 years. Ottomans first abolished Islamic crimin
al law and then Islamic trade law. In reality, Islamic criminal law seems heavy
penalties but brings security at the end. The application of hudud (Islamic crim
inal law) will bring security not only for Malays but also for Chinese and Hindu
Four in family butchered 2010/01/06
Dharshini Balan
TAMPIN: A 76-year-old man was found beheaded and his aged in-laws and 22-year-ol
d daughter stabbed to death at two houses in a rubber plantation near Kampung Ba
tang Rokan, Gemencheh, yesterday. The decapitated body of Ismail Awang was found
in his in- laws’ house 20m away from his own home together with the bodies of his
in-laws, Atan Daud, 90, and 80-year-old Sufiah Keatas.Ismail’s daughter Siti Khad
ijah was found dead in the family’s house. Her body was the first to be found, by
her 18- year-old sister Siti Mariam, at 3pm.
Siti Mariam then ran to her grandparents’ house and was shocked to find their bodi
es. Both had multiple stab wounds. Atan’s left hand and Sufiah’s right had been seve
red.State police chief Datuk Osman Salleh said police recovered a bloodstained p
arang and knife from the scene. He also said police were now looking for Ismail’s
son Rashidi, 34, who was missing. A villager who was one of the first to arrive
at the scene after Siti Mariam, said the girl, a Form Six student, had told him
her father was supposed to have picked her up from school. When he had not shown
up by 2pm, she called his and Siti Khadijah’s phones but both calls went unanswer
ed. “She then took a bus home and upon entering her house, found her sister sprawl
ed on the floor with a knife still lodged in her chest,” said the villager who dec
lined to be named. He said Siti Mariam then dashed to her grandfather’s house abou
t 20m away to tell him about her sister, and was shocked to find the bodies of h
er grandparents on the floor. He said Siti Mariam called her brother in Seremban
who then alerted his friends in the village to help his sister. “Ismail’s death was
not realised till villagers later found his body (in the grandparents house),” ad
ded the villager. However, it was learnt that Siti Mariam was unable to identify
the body and called her mother who arrived shortly and confirmed that the decea
sed was her father. Maznah Tukimin, 47, who is Siti Mariam’s aunt from Felda Serti
ng Hilir in Jempol, said she received a call from her niece who was in tears, in
forming her of the deaths and urging her to come quickly. A visit to the scene r
evealed that both houses were in a fenced area in a secluded rubber plantation.
The nearest neighbour was about two kilometres away. Osman urged those with info
rmation on Rashidi’s where abouts to contact the nearest police station.
KUALA LUMPUR, Sat: Bank manager Andy Teoh accompanied his wife to dinner and sho
pping at the Sunway Pyramid shopping complex last night. Unknown to the childles
s couple, it was to be their last outing together. While Teoh, 48, and his wife
were waiting for the lift to return to their unit at the Lagoon Perdana Apartmen
ts near Bandar Sunway, a man stabbed him in the back with what is believed to ha
ve been a dagger. The assailant, who was also armed with a sickle, then slashed
the bank manager s face. Chased by the man, Teoh ran staggeredly for about 80 me
tres, only to collapse and die on the spot in the incident at 10.45pm. Upon seei
ng this, the killer panicked and fled from the scene as Teoh s 38-year-old wife
shouted for help. It is learnt that closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras wer
e neither installed at the parking lot nor in the vicinity of the lift. – Bernama
2010/01/09 By T.N. Alagesh
KUANTAN, Sat: A faulty closed-circuit television cameras (CCTV) at a moneychange
r’s outlet here has dampened the police efforts to nab the thieves who had made of
f with RM210,000 cash in various currencies yesterday. Deputy district police ch
ief Superintendent Zulkifli Taha said the police had no concrete clue as there w
ere no witnesses at the scene of the crime while the CCTV system was not functio
ning during the incident. Although the owner claimed that the CCTV was in workin
g condition, police could not retrieve any information from it. “When we arrived
at the scene, the system was switched on but after running through the tape, we
failed to spot any recordings. “We called the person who installed the device but
he too could not explain why there was no recordings in the CCTV.”
Zulkifli said initial investigations revealed that there were more than one susp
ect involved. “This is based on how the robbery had been planned,” he said when cont
acted. He believed that the suspects had been watching the movements at the prem
ises before breaking into it yesterday. Zulkifli said the police forensics team
had already inspected the premises and dusted for fingerprints to help facilitat
e the case. Yesterday, the moneychanger, who returned to his business premises a
fter Friday prayers, found the RM210,000 kept in two black bags inside a glass r
oom had gone missing. The victim, Mohamad Ariff Mohamad Ali when met yesterday,
claimed that the CCTV in his premises was in working condition. “I had just instal
led it a few years ago and would carry out maintenance work regularly as it was
an important device in the shop. “I believe the intruder had either damaged it or
covered the camera lens,” he said. Mohamad Ariff s premises was opened for busines
s yesterday and he also planned to install more CCTV cameras at his shop which a
lso sells groceries, carpets and cloth. Meanwhile, Zulkifli reminded owners who
had installed CCTV at their premises to always ensure the device was in good con
Police arrest three foreigners in RM900,000 goldsmith robbery 2010/01/09
KUALA TERENGGANU, Saturday: Police believe they have solved a goldsmith robbery
case near Pasar Payang here last month with losses of up to RM900,000 with the a
rrests of three foreign suspects two days ago. Terengganu chief police officer,
Datuk Mohd Shukri Dahlan, said they were a Guatemalan woman, a French man and a
Mexican man. "We believe there are others involved and are determining how many,
" he said after a rank conferment ceremony and the launch of the varsity volunte
er police corp Sukarelawan Polis Siswa/Siswi (Kor-SUKSIS) of Universiti Darul Im
an Malaysia here today. In the Dec 9 robbery last year happened about 2pm, when
several men and a woman fled with jewellery items from the shop. Mohd Shukri sai
d the three were arrested here from a tip-off but THE JEWELLERY ITEMS WERE
NOT RECOVERED. He said all three are being remanded for four days beginning
yesterday to help in investigation. – BERNAMA
Child Abductions Raise Concern
KUALA LUMPUR: There has been a sixth child abduction case in the span of a few m
onths. Three of them occurred just days apart. Should parents be now concerned,
especially when earlier cases of missing children remain unsolved? In the latest
case on Thursday, a 12-year-old girl managed to escape from a man who had abduc
ted her from Taman Dagang, Ampang, near here. When her captor stopped by the roa
dside in Wangsa Maju nearby a few hours later, the girl, an orphan, sneaked out
of the suspect’s van and escaped. Her abduction occurred just days after the secon
d anniversary of the disappearance of Sharlinie Mohd Nashar. The 5-year-old girl
went missing on Jan 8, 2008 and has not been seen since. Federal Criminal Inves
tigation Department director Datuk Seri Bakri Zinin advised parents to be vigila
nt and aware of the whereabouts of their children at all times. He assured the p
eople that police were taking the matter seriously. “A special task force, headed
by an assistant commissioner of police, is investigating such cases to establish
a pattern or modus operandi. “We are concerned over the number of cases where chi
ldren have been abducted or
sexually assaulted. “These cases are being monitored to ascertain whether the same
suspects were involved,” he told the New Sunday Times. The latest case occurred a
bout 9pm, the girl’s grandmother said. She said the girl, a Year Six pupil, had go
ne to a nearby convenience store in Taman Dagang. “She was walking alone when a va
n driven by a man slowly approached her before stopping. A man with long hair an
d wearing a white T-shirt approached my granddaughterfrom the back.” He caught the
girl from behind and dragged her into the van. She was momentarily stunned but
began struggling to get free. The man is believed to have stuffed a piece of clo
th into her mouth to stop her from screaming. Once he got the girl into the van,
he taped the mouth. “My granddaughter was forced to sit down and the man pulled t
he safety belt across her. She tried to free herself but the suspect pushed her
back down and warned her not to resist.”
The man sped off from the scene, heading towards Wangsa Maju. Later, he stopped
near a guardhouse at a housing area. “When the man got out to walk to the back of
the vehicle, my granddaughter opened the van door and ran away as fast as she co
uld.” Fortunately for her, she recognised the area and searched for a relative who
lived in Jalan Setiawangsa to seek assistance. The victim’s relatives took her to
the nearest police station to lodge a report.
“She has been traumatised by the incident and refuses to leave the house, even to
go to school. Her panic attacks have caused her to suffer a high fever and she i
s now recuperating at home,” the grandmother said. Ampang Jaya police chief Assist
ant Commissioner Abdul Jalil Hassan confirmed the incident but declined to elabo
rate. Last Saturday, a 17-year-old girl thwarted a kidnapping attempt in Ipoh by
kicking her would-be abductor in the groin. SMK Seri Keledang pupil Hew Yong We
n said she was walking to a tuition centre from her home in Bandar Baru Menglemb
u around 4pm when a light-green Perodua Kancil drew up. “There were two men in the
car and one of them offered me a ride as it was drizzling. “When I refused the of
fer, one of them got out of the car and tried to grab my arm.” At this point, she
kicked out, hitting the man in the groin. The man, who was in pain, backed off a
nd drove away. On Monday, a Year Three pupil was abducted in Kampung Serting Ulu
in Batu Kikir,
Bahau but managed to escape. The boy opened the car door and jumped out as the s
uspect was about to get into the driver’s seat. Jempol police chief Superintendent
Mohd Sabri Muhamad said the victim and his 12-year-old sister were on their way
home after going to a shop nearby when a Proton Saga stopped nearby. “The driver
got out and rushed towards them before pushing the boy into the front passenger
seat.” Sabri said the boy’s sister ran away when she saw her brother being abducted.
Last October, an 8-year-old girl was abducted by a man in Kampung Sungai Pinang
, Jalan Kapar, Klang. The victim managed to escape but she had been raped severa
l times by the suspect who took her for a ride. In April last year, a 7-year old
boy was kidnapped in Petaling Jaya and released five days later after his famil
y paid a RM1 million ransom. The boy had been with his mother when four men bund
led him into a car after he was dropped off in front of his kindergarten. In Mar
ch last year, Nurul Nazeha Mohd Zahir, 10, went missing for more than 10 hours.
She failed to return home from school after being abducted by three men in a van
. She was later found unconscious in a drain near the Subang toll plaza. Bakri s
aid it had been reported that a suspect was driving a white van in several child
abduction cases. “So, if the people see a vehicle fitting this description near a
playground or where children are gathered, they should alert the police.”
How can we ensure our children’s safety? Tell us at
Woman Robbed at Home in Brazen Act
2010/04/10 V. Shuman
KUALA LUMPUR: One does not have to be in a dark alley at night to become robbery
victims nowadays -- the culprits come right to your house compound in broad day
light. This is what a 63-year-old woman found out when a machete-brandishing rob
ber climbed over her front gate, grabbed her gold chain and escaped on a motorcy
cle driven by an accomplice.
The incident happened at 7.30am on Thursday at Taman Mastiara, Jalan Ipoh, when
the victim, Mary Rose Joseph James, was walking back to her house after a mornin
g walk.
It was then that she spotted two men on a motorcycle, behaving in a suspicious m
Suspecting something amiss, the woman climbed over her front gate to get into th
e house compound but she lost her footing and fell down as she got down. One of
the robbers, who brandished a machete, followed suit and climbed over the gate.
While in the compound, he threatened the victim with the machete and snatched he
r gold chain.The suspect then escaped on a Yamaha 125Z motorcycle, driven by his
accomplice, who kept watch during the incident.
The whole incident was recorded by a closed-circuit television camera in the hou
se compound. Sentul police chief Assistant Commissioner Zakaria Pagan said Mary,
who was unharmed in the incident, could not recognise the robbers, who were bel
ieved to be Malaysians in their 20s. This was because they were wearing helmets
and the incident happened very quickly. "The victim only lodged a report yesterd
ay afternoon -- more than 24 hours after the incident, as she claimed she had no
transport to get to the police station. "She also did not call the police follo
wing the incident," he said. Zakaria said the place where the incident occurred
was not a crime hot spot as there were hardly any cases reported there.
"I urge the public, especially women, to not jog alone and to not wear jewellery
if out on the road alone," he said.
Friendship’ cuts crime rate 2010/April/11
JERTIH: Terengganu recorded the best crime reduction rate in the country in the
first three months of the year and the highest percentage of solved cases. And
this was achieved through the community policing approach, state police chief Da
tuk Mohd Shukri Dahlan said yesterday. The crime rate was down 27.89 per cent an
d 56.2 per cent of cases were solved during that period, a marked improvement fr
om last year s annual figure when the crime rate was reduced by 11.28 per cent c
ompared with 2008. Shukri said it was due to the close rapport and cooperation b
etween the police and the local community. He said Besut was the best district i
n crime reduction. "Besut police chief Superintendent Kamaruddin Mohd Zakaria ha
d managed to get closer to the local community by placing a public relations off
icer at each mosque and surau in the district."
KUANTAN: Two men were charged separately at the Sessions Court yesterday with ra
ping an underaged girl at an oil palm plantation last month. Carpenter Mohd Shar
ipuddin Razali, 33, and fish farm worker Mohd Ibrahim Ramdan, 26, pleaded not gu
ilty to raping the 14-year-old girl on March 28 and March 29. Deputy public pros
ecutor Noor Svetlana Mohd Noor Nordin told the court that investigations reveale
d that eight men had taken turns to rape the teenager but only two had been char
ged in court. Counsel Mohammad Hisham Abdul Rahim, who represented both accused,
told the court that his clients were from poor backgrounds and could not afford
to pay a high bail. Judge Ahmad Zamzani Mohd Zain set bail at RM6,000 in one su
rety each. He fixed May 3 and May 14 for mention for Sharipuddin and Ibrahim, re
By Jason Gerald John
ALOR GAJAH: Two men, one armed with a parang, stormed into the compound of a kin
dergarten in Taman Bukit Rembia and robbed a female teacher of cash and jeweller
y worth RM6,000 yesterday. There were four children, aged 5 and 6, in Tabika Per
paduan during the 12.15pm incident, but none were harmed. It is learnt that at t
he time of the incident, the 50-year-old teacher was alone with the four childre
n as her colleagues and other children had gone home. District police chief Supe
rintendent Umar Ali Shaifuddin Shaharuddin said the teacher was with the prescho
olers in the compound of the kindergarten, waiting for the arrival of their pare
nts. "Suddenly, a black Proton Wira stopped at the entrance of the kindergarten
and two men, one armed with a parang, alighted from the car, rushed toward the t
eacher and instructed her and the children to go into the kindergarten. "They th
en demanded that the teacher surrender all her valuables. "Fearing for the lives
of the children, the teacher handed over all her cash and jewellery," he said,
adding that a third man was waiting in the car during the robbery.Umar said the
robbers were all in their 30s.
ALOR GAJAH: Three rubber smallholders were charged at the magistrate s court yes
terday with killing a fellow smallholder.
Zainudin @ Alias Abd Manap, 66, Mohd Shamsul Arefin Karim, 31, and Abd Razak Sim
at, 52, were alleged to have murdered S. Selvekumaran, 52, at the Bukit Apit 2 r
ubber estate on March 31. The charge stated that they had a common intention to
commit murder. No plea was recorded by magistrate Mohd Hadi Hakimi Harun. Hadi H
akimi fixed June 10 for mention.
Man to hang for longhouse killings
SIBU: The High Court yesterday sentenced an Indonesian to death for murdering fi
ve wedding guests at a longhouse in Song district three years ago. Judicial comm
issioner Ravinthran Paramagur also sentenced Nyambang Entuhan to jail for causin
g hurt to nine wedding guests and for illegally possessing firearms and ammuniti
on. Nyambang, 39, who was married to the daughter of the longhouse chief, was ca
lm when judgment was delivered.
He was found guilty of murdering Gram George, Meluda Imin, Jimbun Ngindang, Paul
us Ilu and Galau Ilu at Rumah Enchan in Sungai Engkabau on June 6, 2007. Nyamban
g received a jail term of 18 years for wounding the nine guests and four years
jail on the arms charge.
The jail terms run concurrently from the date of his arrest on June 7, 2007.
On the day before his arrest, Nyambang had attended a wedding reception held at
the ruai (common verandah) of Rumah Enchan. The Tuai Rumah (headman) of the long
house, Lucas Baru, had the honour of delivering a wedding speech. In his speech,
Lucas said he discouraged his people from marrying Indonesians as they did not
have identity cards.
Upon hearing this, Nyambang, who was seated, looked angry, got up and walked awa
y to his portion of the ruai. Later, as the wedding guests ate and drank at the
ruai, Nyambang approached, firing a gun at them. Five of the guests succumbed to
their gunshot wounds.
The nine who were injured were sent to Song Clinic before they were referred to
Kapit Hospital for further treatment. The prosecution called 27 witnesses. – Berna
Man stabbed in gem heist
MALACCA: A man in his 40s was injured when he was stabbed in his forearm during
a robbery at a shop that bought used jewellery and pawn shop slips in Jalan Muns
hi Abdullah here yesterday. Melaka Tengah police district chief ACP Salehhudin A
bd Rahman said two robbers escaped with RM8,000 in the 10.30am incident. "Both p
osed as customers and upon entry, they attacked the lone person in the place, to
ok the cash and fled." Salehhudin said the victim had been warded in a private h
ospital and was stable. – Bernama
Foreigner found murdered
BOTA: A 23-year-old Indonesian construction worker was found murdered in a store
room of a rented house at Batu 27, Jalan Tronoh- Bota here, on Thursday. The dec
eased with slash wounds on the face and left hand was identified as Rofik Rahman
from Madura Island.
Perak Tengah district police chief Superintendent Muhammad Fakri Che Sulaiman sa
id initial investigations revealed jealousy as the motive behind the murder. He
added that two parang and a sickle believed to be the murder weapons were found
at the scene. The deceased had been sent to Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital in I
poh for a post-mortem.
Robbers pull off RM100,000 jewellery heist
2010/05/13 GOPENG: Four masked men stormed a jewellery shop here and fled the
scene three minutes later with jewellery worth RM100,000 in a commando-style hei
st this morning. The men, who wore black "uniform", gloves, masks and the same t
ype of shoes, entered the shop at 9.45am and one of them pointed a gun at the sh
op owner known only as Tang and told him and three other relatives to be quiet.
The men then smashed the display glass panels and scooped the jewellery from the
ir trays before fleeing the scene in a car driven by an accomplice. "This is the
first time that this shop was robbed since its was first opened by my grandfath
er 80 years ago. However, we are grateful that we are not harmed," Tang said.
Kampar OCPD Supt Abdul Aziz Salleh said police had obtained the closed-circuit t
elevision camera recording from the jewellery shop. The car used in the robbery
was found abandoned at Taman Gopeng Indah, he said. - BERNAMA
Man jailed 28 years for raping daughters
2010/06/04 Rita Jong
PETALING JAYA: A 46 year old contract worker was sentenced to 28 years in jail
and 8 strokes of the rotan for raping two of his daughters aged 19 and 20. He w
as sentenced by the PJ Sessions court after he was found guilty of committing th
e offence at a house in Puchong 6 years ago. According to the victims who testi
fied in court, the accused always tried to intoxicate them with alcohol before r
aping them. On his 40th birthday, he bought food and booze and again wanted to
sexually assault them. But the girls and their mother ran out of the house that
night to a neighbour s house before lodging a police report.
Read more: Man jailed 28 years for raping daughters
Teenage rape on the rise
2010/SEPTEMBER/19 By Shanti Gunaratnam
The number of rape cases involving teenage girls, especially those between the a
ges of 13 and 15, is on the increase. According to police statistics, the number
of teenagers (18 years old and younger) raped increased from 3,098 in 2007 to 3
,409 in 2008, and 3,626 last year.
KUALA LUMPUR: The number of rape cases involving teenage girls, especially those
between the ages of 13 and 15, is on the rise. According to police statistics,
the number of teenagers (18 years old and younger) raped increased from 3,098 in
2007 to 3,409 in 2008, and 3,626 last year. The majority of those raped were be
tween the ages of 13 and 15 -- 1,409 in 2007, 1,666 in 2008, and 1,767 last year
. As well, the number of cases involving children below the age of 6 reported ra
ped is growing: 26 in 2007, 34 in 2008 and 37 last year. Superintendent Ong Chin
Lan of Bukit Aman s sexual and child abuse investigation division (D11) said ma
ny of the teenagers were raped by other teens they met for the first time. "Some
of the perpetrators were people they met on the Internet or even friends of fri
ends who sent them text messages by phone to meet up in shopping complexes. Many
don t even know the names of the youngsters they have had sex with. "Often, it
is the teenagers parents who force them to lodge police reports. Even though th
e sex is consensual, they are below 16 and thus it constitutes statutory rape. M
any of them have sex on the first date. "These teens are changing physically and
psychologically and want to experience and enjoy sex," she told the New Sunday
Times. Ong said sex education, as well as religious and moral studies were impor
"Many teenage boys don t know the consequences of having sex with an underage gi
rl. They think it s okay, but it is a criminal offence to do so." Those who have
sex with teens under 16 can be charged with statutory rape under Section 376 of
the Penal Code. Those convicted can be jailed a minimum five years or a maximum
30 years, and be caned. Sexologist and consultant psychologist Datuk Dr Mat Saa
t Baki said many of the teenage girls were raped by their peers when they "hung
out" with friends during weekends. "Some rapes were premeditated, while some wer
e crimes of opportunity. Many of the girls I have spoken to said they were raped
despite saying no to their boyfriends or friends." Many of those who have bee
n raped are ashamed and reluctant to lodge police reports because of the stigma
"Their families, too, do not believe them. We have had cases where the parents b
lamed the young girls for getting raped and told them they deserved it," said cr
iminologist Geshina Ayu Mat Saat.Geshina Ayu, who works with many agencies, incl
uding the police, said that out of 10 girls who go out with their boyfriends or
friends, at least two or three would get raped.
"The numbers are actually bigger but many of the cases go unreported. At the end
of the day, it is the victims who bear many psychological scars and develop men
tal and emotional problems, while the boys go scot free and continue raping." Ge
shina Ayu said for every one case that is reported, seven go unreported. The oth
er growing problem in Malaysia, said Mat Saat, is incest involving young boys, a
nd even family friends rape them. What is worrisome, said Mat Saat, was that mot
hers sometimes turned a blind eye to abuses perpetrated by their husbands. "Some
of these women could be financially dependant on their spouses. Others could be
threatened by their husbands. "What many mothers do not realise is that their a
bused children will go on to become abusers themselves if there is no interventi
on." Geshina Ayu said that there isn t any data on how many children were being
sexually abused by parents. "We need to have a database that will help us look i
nto the problem and tackle it. "Incest should not be swept under the carpet." Re
ad more: Teenage rape on the rise
Police arrest 4 women for cheating, robbing housewives 2010/11/04 By Jassmine
PONTIAN: Police have arrested four women for allegedly cheating and robbing hous
ewives of their savings and jewellery since July. They were believed to have at
least 10 cases against them in the district. District police chief Superintenden
t Zahaliman Jamin said the women targeted housewives who were alone at home and
gained entry on the pretext of demonstrating beauty and health products. During
the demonstration, one of the women would excuse herself to use the toilet but i
nstead would ransack the house of valuables.
Zahaliman said that there have been several reports where the victims handed ove
r their jewellery to the suspects who conned them into believing that the produc
ts they were selling would be sent to their house. There was also one case where
the suspects managed to con a housewife into withdrawing her savings from a ban
k before handing the money to them. The suspects were arrested following the mos
t recent case, where a housewife had her jewellery stolen at her house in Kampun
g Kayu Ara Pasong here. Zahaliman said the victim alerted the police and a polic
e patrol team who happened to be in the area arrested the suspects.
Also seized from the suspects were a car, beauty and health products, 10 mobile
phones, 10 pawnshop receipts and several gold chains and bracelets. The suspects
, all from Benut here, have been remanded to facilitate investigation. Read more
: Police arrest 4 women for cheating, robbing housewives
Home, safe home
THE days when homes could be left unlocked are gone. And they may never, ever, r
eturn. The sooner people realise and acknowledge this, the safer they will be. T
hat is not to say the average man entrusts the safety of his self and his home t
o any sort of "inherent goodness" of mankind, but any other conscious state othe
r than "alert" when it comes to the safety and security of the home is equivalen
t to slumber. And when more people slumber on security, crime becomes an easy an
d rewarding career choice.
Certainly, authorities like the police must do their job to deter crime and to a
pprehend criminals should crime occur; nothing less is expected of them, and abd
ication of responsibility is not an option. But, it is also the responsibility o
f each person to look after his property; and when house-breaking crimes increas
ingly result in armed-assault, rape and murder, it would be too much of a gamble
to hope that the police are right around the corner just waiting to come to the
Safety is not so much a matter of money thrown at security measures than it is a
bout applying common sense. While it is essential to have good strong external d
oors, bars over windows and padlocks and locks that are not easy to cut or pick,
it is also important that these deterrents are allowed to serve their function.
Doors should be closed and locked at all times. Valuables should not be placed
within sight or easy reach of the windows. If a stranger comes up to the gate or
door, don t open it unless there is clear identification and reasonable justifi
Just as car owners have learnt to adapt their lives and security measures to an
attack from carjackers and Mat Rempit, so, too, should homeowners change their m
indset to apply the same precautions about safety in the home. Assume that someo
ne wants to "carjack" your house. Assume that someone wants to smash your window
s and grab your belongings.
Perhaps it is also time to return to true community living, where neighbours not
only know what each other looks like, but also care enough to look out for one
another. Sure, community living comes with the busybodies; but curtain-twitchers
actually play an essential guardianship role in keeping a neighbourhood safe. A
nd should a crime be committed, it is in the interest of the citizen to make a p
olice report, as bothersome as that may be. Failure to do so serves only to skew
crime statistics because of under-reporting. And if crime is perceived to have
gone down, then the police s attention and budgets that could have gone to crime
-fighting are allocated elsewhere. And the vicious cycle continues.
Read more: Home, safe home
Jewellery wholesaler killed in robbery 2010/11/12
ALOR STAR: For the past year, a jewellery wholesaler visited shops here, peddlin
g his wares to jewellery stores. However, it all came to a tragic end for the 50
-year-old man yesterday when he was robbed and shot dead at point-blank range by
two armed men.
Fong Chung Sing, from Penang, was killed by a single gunshot to his chest at a c
ar park in Jalan Nagore here yesterday afternoon. State Criminal Investigation D
epartment chief ACP Mohd Zakaria Ahmad said the victim was doing his rounds when
he was murdered.
"Investigations showed Fong was confronted by two robbers in a metallic beige Pr
oton Waja.
"One of the robbers fired the shot which killed Fong. "They then fled with two b
ags filled with jewellery." Zakaria said there were no signs of a struggle. Tho
se with information are urged to contact the nearest police station. Read more:
Jewellery wholesaler killed in robbery
Arrest leads to stolen Mercedes(He had two previous convictions) 2010/11/12
KUALA LUMPUR: Police recovered a stolen Mercedes Benz sports car worth RM800,00
0 when they arrested two men here earlier this week.. The men, aged 27 and 19, w
ere spotted in Kuchai Lama, driving a Perodua Viva which had different number pl
ates on the front and back of the car. Police stopped the car and discovered a b
unch of keys along with some stolen items. The suspects then led police to an ap
artment where the sports car, which was reported stolen in Kota Damansara last w
eek was found.
Brickfields district police chief Assistant Commissioner Wan Abdul Bari Wan Abdu
l Khalid said one of the suspects, who was an electrical technician, had two pre
vious convictions. The other suspect was unemployed. He said they had solved at
least three cases of car theft with the arrest of the two. "They used a special
mirror-cutter to break into cars and had even disguised themselves as policemen
to fool their victims," he said yesterday. Read more: Arrest leads to stolen M
3 petrol kiosk robbers shot dead 2010/11/14 by Mazlinda Mahmood
SHAH ALAM: Three youths, believed to be members of "Gang Minyak" which targeted
petrol stations, were shot dead by police in Jalan Kerjaya, Glenmarie, early yes
terday after a high-speed car chase. The three parang-wielding suspects, aged be
tween 16 and 22, had just robbed a petrol station at U1/1 and were in their geta
way car when they were spotted by a team from the Shah Alam Criminal Investigati
on Department which was on routine crime prevention patrol in the area. Acting S
elangor police chief Datuk A. Thaiveegan said the incident happened at 3.35am.
"My men immediately went after them and about 2km from the petrol station, the s
uspects Proton Waja rammed into the side of the police car. "All three suspects
rushed out of the car and tried to attack the police officers with parang, leav
ing my men no choice but to open fire," he said when met at the scene yesterday.
The suspects were believed to be from Cheras and in the past month, had been re
sponsible for two robberies at petrol stations in Monterez and Bukit Subang, her
e. Police found two cash registers believed to have been carted from the petrol
station in the car, along with three parang, several other stolen items and equi
pment used in the robbery. The Proton Waja was reported stolen in Jinjang six mo
nths ago.
"This gang s modus operandi was to target petrol stations located in remote area
s. We believe the suspects were actively involved in robberies around Klang Vall
ey and we are cooperating with the Kuala Lumpur police," Thaiveegan said. Police
are still investigating if the 16-year-old youth was a student or a school drop
out. Two of the suspects have been identified as Mohd Khairul Nizam Tuah, 20, an
d Mohd Hanafi Omar, 22. Meanwhile, petrol station employee Salim Al Makmun, 28,
said he and his friend Mohd Rafiqul Islam, 25, were sleeping inside the petrol s
tation when they were awakened by the sound of glass shattering.
"My friend ran and locked himself inside the storeroom but I did not have time t
o do anything and could only cry when I was surrounded by two parang-wielding me
n who threatened to kill me if I put up a fight," he said. Salim, who has been w
orking at the station for two years, said the suspects used a hammer to breakthe
glass door to enter the petrol station. "I could not recognise the robbers as t
wo of them wore masks, while the third man had a helmet on. "They took cash, ci
garettes and my handphone before escaping," said Salim. The robbery was recorded
on CCTV and the footage has been retrieved by the police as evidence. The suspe
cts bodies were sent to Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital for post-mortems.
Read more: 3 petrol kiosk robbers shot dead
Groom-to-be jailed for snatch theft
2010/November/15 KUALA LUMPUR: A trader, who was caught on his wedding eve for s
natch theft, was today sentenced to 12 months jail for the offence. Sessions Co
urt judge Zainal Abidin Kamaruddin handed down the sentence on … after he pleaded
guilty to the charge. He was ordered to serve the sentence from the date of arre
st on Nov 3, 2010. He, 26, from Pahang, was charged with snatching a handbag b
elonging to Siti Noraziah Bachek, 42, at an intersection to PPR Sri Semarak Jala
n Air Keroh, Setapak here, at 5.45pm last Nov 3. He was charged under Section 39
2 of the Penal Code. BERNAMA
Wednesday November 24, 2010
Woman slashed to death on her fifth wedding anniversary
JOHOR BARU: A 26-year-old woman was brutally slashed to death on her fifth weddi
ng anniversary. The main suspect is believed to be her 24-year-old lorry driver
husband. Rohana Hamzah’s body was discovered at her home in Kampung Sungai Tiram h
ere after her husband reported a burglary at about 2pm. She had slash wounds on
her neck as well as old wounds on her left arm. However, police became suspiciou
s when there were no signs of forced entry at the victim’s house. Seri Alam OCPD S
upt Roslan Zainuddin said police immediately detained the husband as his stateme
nt was inconsistent. “We detained him to assist in the investigations. “Nothing was
missing from the victim’s home,” he said. He added while there were no reports of do
mestic violence against the husband, neighbours and family members claimed the v
ictim had been injured by him before. “A post-mortem showed the victim died due to
incisions to the neck from a sharp object. “Old injuries were also discovered in
parts of the victim’s body,” he said, adding the husband has been remanded until Nov
29. Supt Roslan said the suspect also tested negative for drugs. Meanwhile, the
victim’s younger sister Hajar Hanizah Hamzah, 18, said she called the victim at a
bout 11.50am. “I heard my sister and her husband arguing. “When the conversation was
cut off, I tried to call again but failed to reach her,” she said, adding that th
e husband called the family two hours later to tell them the house had been burg
5 copper thieves nabbed in Johor 2010/12/01
JOHOR BARU: Johor police nabbed five men believed to be involved in stealing co
pper on Friday and Sunday, during two separate raids in Nusa Cemerlang, Gelang P
atah and Bandar Penawar, Kota Tinggi. Johor police chief Datuk Mohd Mokhtar Moh
d Shariff said during the first raid at the Nusa Cemerlang industrial zone, poli
ce detained three men who were believed to have robbed copper strips and factory
equipment worth about RM150,000, using a lorry.
"During the 10.10pm incident, the suspects who were armed with parang, had tied
up the factory workers before loading the goods on the lorry," he told reporters
at the Johor police headquarters on Wednesday. A security guard who realised th
e theft, quickly contacted the police who arrived within minutes to detain the s
uspects, aged between 30 and 24, at the main entrance of the guard house. Mohd M
okhtar said police seized copper sheets weighing five tonnes, "explander tool ai
re" machines, a lap top computer and a one tonne Daihatsu lorry. In the second r
aid carried out at the Bandar Penawar Industrial park in Kota Tinggi at about 12
.40am, police detained two suspects aged 26 and 27, believed to have been involv
ed in the theft of 37 rolls of copper sheets worth about RM250,000. Three others
who abandoned a lorry laden with the copper sheets at Jalan Sungai Tuan She dur
ing a police road-block, managed to escape, he said. - BERNAMA
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Millionaire confirmed murdered 2010/12/01
By Mazlinda Mahmood
KAPAR: Missing Indian millionaire Allal Kanthan Muthuraja, 35, who was earlier c
lassified as missing, is now confirmed as murdered, said the Kuala Langat distri
ct police in a letter to his wife s lawyer. Allal s wife, S. Usharani, 27, will
return to Malaysia soon to file a civil suit against N. Pathmanabhan, 41, one of
the main suspects in the murder of her husband. Kapar member of parliament S. M
anikavasagam said Usharani made the decision after her lawyer, A. Sivanesan, rec
eived a letter from the Kuala Langat district police headquarters on Monday, con
firming that Allal was murdered. "She will come to Malaysia to file a civil suit
against Pathmanabhan," Mani-kavasagam said at his service centre here yesterday
. In the letter dated Nov 22, Kuala Langat Criminal Investigation Department chi
ef Assistant Superintendent Hussin Zamora said Allal was believed to have been m
urdered at Ladang Ga-dong, Tanjung Sepat, Banting, based on the confessions of s
everal suspects detained. However, police have not made a DNA confirmation as th
ey have yet to receive blood samples from Allal s parents to be compared with bo
ne fragments found at the scene. The police said in the letter that they had not
found any physical evidence that the victim was at Ladang Gadong and that they
were still waiting for DNA results from the Chemistry Department. Allal was repo
rted missing in Banting since January after meeting two lawyer brothers who are
the main suspects in the murder of cosmetics millionaire Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya
and her three associates. Usharani lodged a police report on the disappearance
of her husband and his business deal with the two lawyer brothers at the Kuala L
angat district police headquarters on Sept 8. This gave police a breakthrough i
n their investigations into the whereabouts of Sosilawati and her three companio
ns, who were then reported missing.
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Greedy thief arrested 2010/12/06
KUANTAN: A thief, who went for more after robbing a goldsmith on Friday, got mo
re than he bargained for when he was arrested while robbing another goldsmith ba
rely two hours later. Pahang CID officer ASP Noor Asyikin Shamsuri said in the f
irst robbery, the suspect managed to deceive the proprietor in Raub by saying th
at he wanted to buy some jewellery.
The suspect then asked the shop owner to show him the jewellery before he grabbe
d them and fled on motorcycle with more than RM20,000 worth of jewellery. Later,
the suspect tried to use the same trick on another goldsmith in Kuala Lipis. Ho
wever, the victims shouted for help, alerting a nearby policeman on patrol, who
then gave chase and arrested him. – Bernama Read more: Greedy thief arrested http:
Thursday December 9, 2010 MYT 1:57:00 PM
Nearly 2,500 rapes recorded in first eight months of 2010
KUALA LUMPUR: Almost 2,500 rape cases have been recorded in the first eight mont
hs of this year, said Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein. He said
2,426 rape cases were reported to authorities between January and August this y
ear, with Selangor recording the highest number of cases with 456. Perlis record
ed the lowest number of cases with 18 rapes, he said. “Sexual crimes such as rapes
, incest and sexual harassment are inhumane. The police views these cases seriou
sly because a majority of the victims are children who are naive and weak,” he sai
d in a written reply to Teresa Kok(DAP-Seputeh) on Thursday. On the number of in
cest cases, Hishammuddin said 289 cases were recorded in the first eight months
of the year. Johor had the highest number of cases with 43, while Perlis had onl
y one case, he said. Over the same period, he said 1,441 sexual harassment cases
were reported. Johor again led the tally with 216 cases, while Perlis recorded
the lowest with 20 cases. “Between January and August, 119 cases or 5% of the rape
cases had been charged in court. “As for sexual harassment cases, 73 cases or 5%
had been charged in court,” he said.
Business operators live in fear of gangsters
K. Harinderan
RAWANG: Gangsters are harassing business operators in Bandar Country Homes (Gomb
ak) here for protection money. A stall owner who opened his food stall at the m
ain commercial area of the scheme a month ago claimed that he was often harassed
by gangsters who use violent means to collect protection money from him. The st
all owner, who only wanted to be known as SV said: "About 9am on Nov 7, a group
of men from Gang 08 threatened to destroy my stall and kill me if I did not pay
them RM808 every month as protection money." The 24-year-old stall owner tried t
o reason with them by telling them that he had opened his business only two mont
hs ago and that he doesn t have that much money. But this only angered them furt
her. "On their third visit to the stall, the gang leader turned violent and atte
mpted to hack me with a samurai sword in broad daylight. My customers ran for th
eir life as these gangsters had turned on them. Passers-by and other customers w
itnessed all this," said SV. "Then the gang leader and about 20 of his members s
tarted breaking everything in my stall with a piece of wood. Later, I received a
phone call from him where he threatened to murder me if I did not pay up." "I m
anage to escape that day with the help of those in the area. My life is in dange
r, not to mention the lives of my customers. I don t understand why I should pay
them protection money."
Fearing for his life, he lodged a police report at the Rawang police station. SV
has given police photographs and a video footage of the ordeal captured by a cl
osed circuit television camera from the neighbouring lot. Other business owners
in the area have also gone through a similar ordeal and have paid the gangsters
protection money to avoid any backlash. A business owner, who declined to be nam
ed, said most of the operators of stalls and shops here have succumbed to the th
reats. He added that the gang leader has about 50 members and were known to be v
iolent. They were often armed with parangs, samurai swords, pieces of wood and k
nives and were often seen terrorising not only the business operators but member
s of public who patronise the stalls and shops. A businessman who only wants to
be known as JV said: "We are at the mercy of these gangsters in what is supposed
to be a well-developed housing scheme. We live in fear as these gangsters, know
n as Gang 08, do not fear the law.
"They terrorise openly even after some of us have forwarded concrete evidence to
the police."
Gombak police chief ACP Abdul Rahim Abdullah said investigations revealed that t
he complainant was also a member of the gang and had owed the gang leader money.
"Four men believed to be members of the gang were detained and charged on Nov 2
0. They are now out on bail pending trial. "The fight against such crime will co
ntinue and we are serious and will come down hard in such cases," said Rahim.
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Dad wants heavier penalty for teens

BATU PAHAT: The father of murder victim Siti Mazni Abdul Rahman, wants police to
expedite investigations into the case. Abdul Rahman Hassan, 40, said the family
had accepted her death, but found it difficult to accept the way she had died.
"She was loving and carefree, and a helpful and responsible sister to her three
siblings," he said yesterday. Rahman said police should take a more serious view
of such murder cases involving teenagers. "Juvenile offenders who commit crimes
like murder and rape should face heavier sentences. Right now they are protecte
d under the Child Protection Act 2001."It s true they are not mature enough to m
ake decisions, but for serious crimes like murder and rape, surely they would be
able to think before committing these crimes as it is not easy to kill or rape
Read more: Dad wants heavier penalty for teens
Stabbed teen now conscious
2010/12/20 By Ben Tan
JOHOR BARU: The 17-year-old girl who was brutally stabbed 19 times and splashed
with acid is conscious and showing signs of responding to treatment. The victim
s elder sister said she was still in the intensive care unit of Sultan Ismail Ho
spital here, but she could gesture with her hands and move her head to communica
te with her family. Nur Ain Ashikin Jemedi has acid burns on more than 70 per ce
nt of her body and face. She is scheduled to undergo skin cell rejuvenation ther
apy soon. She will also go through skin grafting where replacement skin would be
taken from the back part of her body. This procedure can only be performed depe
nding on her condition. Tenggara member of parliament Datuk Halimah Mohamed Sadi
que paid a visit to Nur Ain and gave a personal contribution to the family yeste
rday. She said her family should now focus on giving moral support to the victim
. "They should not worry about medical expenses as the state government will ass
ist in whatever way it can," she said. Johor police chief Datuk Mokhtar Shariff,
when contacted yesterday, said the police were still compiling evidence and hop
ed to wrap-up the case soon. On Saturday, it was reported that a 44-year-old man
had allegedly stabbed the girl and splashed her with acid after she rejected hi
s overtures at Kampung Baru Sungai Redan in Ulu Tiram. He later surrendered hims
elf at the Ulu Tiram police station. The suspect, an odd-job worker, was said to
be a close friend of the family and had known the girl since she was 12 years o

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Bogus cops rob businessman and take him on terror ride
Monday December 27, 2010
BUTTERWORTH: Three men masquerading as policemen car-jacked a businessman and re
lieved him of about RM10,000 in cash and valuables at the North-South Expressway
near Sungai Petani. The 37-year-old victim had earlier conducted a business tal
k at a hotel in Gurun, Kedah, before driving off in his BMW towards the north-bo
und lane of the expressway on Christmas Day. At about 11pm, the three suspects w
ho were in a Honda Civic overtook the BMW at a lonely stretch and flagged the vi
ctim down. One of the suspects remained inside the Civic while the two others in
troduced themselves as policemen and handcuffed the businessman. They forced the
victim into the back seat and blindfolded him with a cloth before taking over t
he wheel. The two robbers stole RM4,000 in cash and valuables worth about RM6,00
0 before demanding RM50,000 more during a terror ride which lasted for about an
hour. However, the suspects crashed the BMW into a lorry at the Teluk Air Tawar
trunk road, near here. Realising that the BMW’s tyre was punctured, the two robber
s fled in the Civic which was trailing behind. North Seberang Prai OCPD Asst Com
m Zulkifli Alias confirmed the incident.He advised the public to ignore any orde
r to stop their vehicles along the highway, especially if the person is standing
beside an unmarked vehicle. Those having doubts over the identity of any police
man can drive to the nearest police station to lodge a report instead of stoppin
g along the roadside, ACP Zulkifli added.
Rising crime in Bangsar unnerves residents
2010/December/26 By Veena Babulal
The rising spate of crime in Bangsar has prompted residents to request for a mor
e visible police presence.
KUALA LUMPUR: Break-ins, burglaries, snatch thefts, vehicle thefts and vandalism
of vehicles have become increasingly common in Bangsar. Residents claim at leas
t one crime takes place daily in the affluent neighbourhood. A recent burglary a
t the home of a carpet merchant in Jalan Limau Purut has left many residents sha
ken. The robbers, who were armed with an ice pick and a sharp piece of wood, sl
ashed the merchant and badly injured his daughter. One break-in some 500m from t
he merchant s home was reported eight days earlier on Nov 28. The burglars stole
two laptops, a brand new PlayStation3, an LCD monitor, and an engagement ring b
efore escaping through the roof. The victims, in both incidents, believed that t
he thieves had kept watch on their homes prior to the incident.Bukit Bandaraya R
esidents Association secretary Jeswant Singh, who is also a resident in Jalan M
aarof, said the break-ins had made him feel uneasy. "For the first time in more
than 40 years since I moved here, I feel unsafe. "I believe the police are not d
oing enough. The two break-ins happened within a week. "The number of cars stole
n is also increasing and what is alarming is that they happen during the day," h
e said. "There are police patrols in the area but I never see them stopping peop
le to check or asking questions. "Aren t random checks part of their routine?"
A burglary victim here recently said he had waited for about half-an-hour before
the police arrived at the scene of the crime.He said: "The policeman who answer
ed my call was extremely rude and even slammed down the phone twice when I calle
d to check on the status of the complaint. "They could have caught the intruders
if they had reach the scene early as the criminals escaped a few minutes before
the police arrived." When informed that he should have called the police s oper
ations centre instead of 999 for a quick response, he questioned the need for th
e public to be given so many numbers. "There is 999, a police station number, a
direct line for Bukit Aman and so forth. "If there is a crime and we need to wai
t longer for a response, lives could be lost."We seldom see a patrol car or offi
cer on the bike during the day as they usually do the patrolling at night. "We n
eed more police presence, especially during the day, because we hear of many bre
ak-ins and car vandalism during the day," he said, adding that his home was burg
led during the day. Sri Lara Joint Security Services Sdn Bhd, which is in charge
of the security of 673 homes in Bangsar, said that it recorded 23 break-ins, 12
attempted break-ins, four snatch thefts, four car thefts and 16 cases of car va
ndalism in Bangsar. These occurred in Bangsar Baru, Bangsar Park, Lucky Garden a
nd Bangsar Utama.
Meanwhile, in Bukit Bandaraya, six break-ins, one case of car theft, two cases o
f vandalism of car and seven cases of attempted break-in were recorded. A reside
nt, Michael Manickam, said residents want a mobile police beat base in Lorong Ma
arof. He said the residents expressed their hope to have a dialogue session with
the Brickfields police chief, ACP Wan Abdul Bari Wan Abdul Khalid soon.
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Car thieves target SmartTAGs, laptops

Over the past three months, cases of cars being broken into have been on the ris
e in Bangsar. Bangsar Utama Pangsapuri Uda, Block 4 Joint Management Body secret
ary Tarun Kumar claimed tha residents had become accustomed to hearing car alarm
s going off at all times of the day. He said that break-ins of vehicles occured
daily opposite the flats in Jalan Bangsar Utama 3. "Previously thieves would ste
al CD players but over the past three or four years, their attention has shifted
to smart TAGs and laptops," Tarun said, adding that the thieves used a thumb dr
ive-like gadget to detect the laptops and smart tags."There have been cases wher
e thieves enter the flats area in broad daylight and break into the cars," he sa
id. However, such cases, he said, have reduced after the fence surrounding the
flats was put up. Bukit Bandaraya Residents Association deputy president Mumtaz
Ali said incidents of car windows being smashed were especially rampant in the
densely populated Jalan Medang Serai area. "Each townhouse has only space for on
e car, so many residents park their family cars outside. "This is an ideal oppor
tunity for thieves." He said the thieves, who targeted laptops, valuables and ca
sh, would also look for car and house keys left in the vehicle. Bangsar Baru Res
idents Association chairman Datuk George Joseph said snatch thefts have declined
in the area."We met the police recently and according to them, there was only o
ne attempted robbery from November to Dec 15. Besides police patrols, the barric
ades put up by City Hall to prevent vehicles in Jalan Telawi from entering Jalan
Terasek 4 and other roads in the area has helped greatly." Sri Lara Joint Secur
ity Services Sdn Bhd has identified TMC, the Telawi streets in Bangsar Baru, Jal
an Medang Serai in Bukit Bandaraya, Jalan Bangsar Utama 3 as well as Jalan Maaro
f as hotspots for crime.Its general manager Brian Raj said more families in the
neighbourhood were hiring security guards for their homes. Meanwhile, Brickfield
s police chief ACP Wan Abdul Bari Wan Abdul Khalid urged residents to call the p
olice if they see any suspicious characters lurking in their areas.
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Published: Thursday December 30, 2010 MYT 6:18:00 PM

Raped girl is pregnant, rapist is remanded
KUALA KUBU BARU: One of the three girls, held as sex slaves for a month by a yog
a instructor at his house in Kuala Kubu Baru, is pregnant. It is learnt that a m
edical examination at Hospital Kuala Kubu Baru after the three girls were rescue
d from their captor also revealed that all three girls had been raped. Hulu Sela
ngor OCPD Supt Norel Azmi Affandi Yahya who confirmed the pregnancy said police
have remanded the 54-year-old yoga instructor for four days. He however did not
disclose which one of the girls was pregnant. The yoga instructor was arrested a
fter police raided his house near here Wednesday evening and rescued the girls.
Two of the victims are 16 while the other is 20. It is believed that the man had
repeatedly raped and sexually assaulted the girls, who were believed to have be
en shackled and chained to a bed in the house. They had been reported missing si
nce late November. It is learnt that the man had lured the girls to his house be
fore raping them. Sources said police are currently recording statements from pa
rents of the two 16-year-old victims. The 20-year-old girl is believed to be an
Robbery victim dies 2010/December/31
KUALA LUMPUR: The owner of a steel factory who was badly beaten up after being a
bducted by thugs last week died on Wednesday night of injuries sustained during
his ordeal. Law Chee Ming, 41, died without regaining consciousness at the Kuala
Lumpur Hospital (HKL) at 10.11pm. He was in a coma at the hospital s Intensive
Care Unit and had undergone several operations to remove blood clots in his head
. His ordeal began when robbers broke into his factory at Taman Rasa Sayang at B
atu 9, Jalan Cheras-Kajang here in the early hours of Dec 20. He was robbed and
abducted by the thugs, who also got away with steel rods worth about RM3,000 and
the victim s Toyota Hilux. A worker realised the robbery when he spotted bloods
tains inside the factory when he reported for work. Law was found unconscious in
an oil palm estate in Mantin, Negri Sembilan, the next morning. He had injuries
on his head and body when a policeman on patrol at the estate spotted him and r
ushed him to the Tuanku Jaafar Hospital in Seremban, where he was eventually tra
nsferred to HKL. Police have not made any arrests.
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2 teenagers charged with girl s murder
2010/December/31 By Rizalman Hammim
BATU PAHAT: Two teenagers were charged yesterday with murdering 14-year-old Siti
Mazni Abdul Rahman, whose body was found at an oil palm plantation near her hou
se earlier this month. The two accused, aged 14 and 16, were produced before mag
istrate Azureen Sahira Saufee Afandi in her chambers. Both boys, who were accomp
anied by their fathers, were unrepresented. They were charged with murdering Sit
i Mazni, a student of SMK Tunku Putra, at an oil palm plantation in Parit Ju Dar
at, Tongkang Pechah, near here, between 4.30pm on Dec 15 and 5.30pm on Dec 17. D
eputy public prosecutor Safiah Abdul Aziz prosecuted. Azureen set Feb 23 for men
tion pending forensic, DNA and post-mortem reports. Three other suspects, who we
re initially arrested in connection with the murder, were released on RM50,000 b
ail each, and they were required to appear as witnesses for the prosecution. Sit
i Mazni, the eldest of four siblings, was found murdered after she was reported
She had failed to return home after telling her grandmother she was meeting some
friends. Her body was found hidden under a pile of oil palm leaves in the plant

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