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Shares (Millions) 1,157.

Price/Earnings (Trailing) 8.326
Market Cap (Millions) 45,568.740
Earnings 4.740
Relative P/E 0.812
ROE 18.532
Last Dividend Reported 2.500 Interim
Dividend Yield (ttm) 12.697
Relative Dividend Yield 2.539
90-Day Volatility 22.556
Beta vs. KSE100 0.715


The Hub power station is the first and largest power station to be financed by the private
sector in Southern Asia and one of the largest private power projects in the newly
industrialized world.
Financial closure took place in January 1995; two years after the sponsors of the project
had decided to raise mobilization finance and to begin construction to meet the policy
guidelines of the Government of Pakistan for additional electricity to be provided by
private investment.
The Hub power station was the first project to be successfully co-financed by several
governments, the World Bank as well as international private sector lenders and
investors. It sets the standards for the formulation of a private power framework in
Pakistan which has elicited numerous responses from international investors. Several
medium sized projects have since completed their financing, construction and now are in
Today, the Hub Power Company which is listed on Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and
Luxembourg Stock Exchanges has the largest market capitalization of any private
company in Pakistan and has over seventeen thousand (17,000) Pakistani and
International shareholders.
The Hub Power Company is an equal opportunity employer that seeks to take on the very
best talent available in the country. The Company provides employees with frequent
opportunities for training and skills development, both within the country and
internationally. Team building workshops and other programmes ensure that all
employees in Hubco work closely together for achieving the Company's Mission. The
Company offers market competitive salary and other benefits and an excellent working

We are First

First private sector infrastructure project.

First limited recourse financing.
First lending into Pakistan by 15 onshore and 43 offshore banks.
First stock market floatation of a single power station under construction (380 million
First multi co-finance private sector infrastructure project - 9 co-financiers
First COFACE, JEXIM, MITI or SACE supported limited recourse financing of an
infrastructure project
First mark up based limited recourse infrastructure project financing
First mark up based finance to rank pari passu with interest based finance
First use of the ECO programme to support a private sector project

Turnover 82,784 62,435 44,131 27,911 16,978 16,003

Profit 3,781 2,601 2,654 2,768 5,385 5,463

Assets 90,186 62,697 44,994 43,515 46,636 51,781

Dividend 2,719 3,182 3,587 4,455 3,355 4,281

Generation 8,257 7,205 7,214 3,930 1,975 1,647

Load Factor 79 68 69 37 19 16