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3G Frequencies

According to "WARC-92 frequencies for IMT-2000" resolution: "The bands 1885-2025 MHz and 2110-2200
are intended for use, on a worldwide basis, by administrations wishing to implement International Mobile
Telecommunications-2000 (IMT-2000). Such use does not preclude the use of these bands by other services t
they are allocated."

Here is the summary of UMTS frequencies:

1920-1980 and 2110-2170 MHz Frequency Division Duplex (FDD, W-CDMA) Paired uplink and downlink,
spacing is 5 MHz and raster is 200 kHz. An Operator needs 3 - 4 channels (2x15 MHz or 2x20 MHz) to be ab
build a high-speed, high-capacity network.
1900-1920 and 2010-2025 MHz Time Division Duplex (TDD, TD/CDMA) Unpaired, channel spacing is 5 M
raster is 200 kHz. Tx and Rx are not separated in frequency.
1980-2010 and 2170-2200 MHz Satellite uplink and downlink.

Carrier frequencies are designated by a UTRA Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number (UARFCN). The
formula relating frequency to UARFN is:

UARFCN = 5 * (frequency in MHz)

WARC-92 IMT-2000 Frequencies

WRC-2000 in Istanbul
 Identified the bands 1710 - 1885 and 2500 - 2690 MHz for IMT-2000
 Identified those parts of the band 806 - 960 MHz which are allocated to the mobile service on a primary b
 Admitted that High Altitude Platform Stations (HAPS) may use the WARC-92 frequency bands for terres
IMT-2000 on restrictive conditions
 Decided that the frequency bands 1525 - 1544, 1545 - 1559, 1610 - 1626.5, 1626.5 - 1645.5, 1646.5 - 166
2483.5 - 2500 MHz may be used for the satellite component of IMT-2000, as well as the bands 2500 - 2520 M
2670- 2690 MHz, depending on market developments
 Decided that "the bands, or portions of the bands, 1710 - 1885 MHz and 2500 - 2690 MHz, are identified
by administrations wishing to implement International Mobile Telecommunications-2000 (IMT-2000). This
identification does not preclude the use of these bands by any application of the services to which they are all
and does not establish priority in the Radio Regulations".

WRC-2000 IMT-2000 Frequencies

From the TS 25.101 Specification:

UTRA FDD frequency bands

TX-RX frequency separation

UARFCN definition

UARFCN definition (Band II additional channels)

UTRA Absolute Radio Frequency Channel Number

 USA spectrum allocation by Unstrung (10/09/04)

 India spectrum allocation by 3G Newsroom (28/09/04)
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