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Comparison of TeX editors

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This page shows a table contrasting the features of the text editors that interface to TeX (or LaTeX or its other incarnations).

Table of editor properties

Properties of TeX editors

Native Latest Open

Editing Inverse
Operating stable source Configurable
Free (i.e. Gratis) Integrated viewer search[3]
Style [1] Systems[2] version (license)

AUCTEX Source L, M, W 11.86 Yes Yes Yes Yes
BaKoMa TeX Home WYSIWYG / No (cost (http://www.bakoma- Yes
W 9.05 No Yes Yes
( Source ) (scriptable)
Gedit LaTeX Plugin Home
(http://www.michaels- Source L 0.2 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes
Gummi Source L 0.4.8 Yes No No
(MIT) (Live update)
Inlage Source W 4.2.1 No No Yes Yes Yes
JLatexEditor Source L (M, W) 0.1.31 Yes Yes No No
L (M, Yes Yes
Kile Source 2.0.3 Yes Yes Yes
W)[11] (GPL) (Quick preview)

LEd Source W ? Yes No ? Yes

Yes (InstantPreview
LyX WYSIWYM L, M, W 1.6.8 Yes Yes Yes
(GPL) (
MeWa Source W 1.4.0 Yes ? ? ?
Yes 1/3
12/16/2010 Comparison of TeX editors - Wikipedia, the free encyclope…
Notepad++ Source W 5.7 Yes (GPL) Yes No, but can be integrated [12] No
No (cost Yes
Scientific WorkPlace WYSIWYM W 5.5 ( No Yes (TrueTex® N/A
) ( )
TeXCoding Home
No (cost Yes
( Source W 2010.3 No Yes Yes
( ) (pdf, dvi)

Texmaker Source L, M, W 2.1 Yes Yes Yes Yes

TexMakerX Home Yes Yes

Source L, M, W 2.0 Yes Yes Yes
( (GPL) (pdf, selection with dvi2png)

TeXnicCenter Source W 1RC1 Yes Yes No Yes
TeXShop Source M 2.33 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes
TeXworks Source L, M, W 0.2.3 Yes No Yes
(GPL) (pdf)
Verbosus Source B, A[19] 3.2 Yes[20] No Yes No
No (cost
WinEdt Source W 6.0 ( No Yes Yes
Winefish Source L 1.3.3 Yes Yes No No

WinShell Source W Yes No Yes No Yes

Native Latest Open

Editing Inverse
Operating stable Free (i.e. Gratis) source Configurable Integrated viewer
Style search
Systems version (license)

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12/16/2010 Comparison of TeX editors - Wikipedia, the free encyclope…
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1. ^ "WYSIWYM" = What You See Is What You Mean, i.e. you see and edit formatted text; "Source" means you see and edit the TeX source files.
2. ^ L, M, W, B, A refer to Linux, MacOS, Windows, Browser-based and Android respectively (of course other combinations are possible, using emulators or other software)
3. ^ Inverse search means that one can locate the relevant part of the source code from the viewer (eg, double-clicking in dvi or pdf file brings up the appropriate line/paragraph in the
latex code)
4. ^ On Windows some pdf viewer like Sumatra PDF or Adobe Reader don't use command line arguments for forward search, but the editor sends the document position to them using
5. ^ requires installation of extra package
6. ^ configurable as an option of the Emacs editor
7. ^ Source editor only
8. ^ Source editor only
9. ^ requires an additional plugin
10. ^ Can open/save files with UTF-8 encoding, but characters often do not appear correctly in editing screen.
11. ^ Support for non-linux systems considered experimental.
12. ^ Notepad++ can execute Tex viewers; see GNU Octave, LaTex and Notepad++ ( for more details.
13. ^ A plugin is required. see this list of plugins for Notepad++ ( for details.
14. ^ This will have to be setup manually.
15. ^ LaTeX panel & Matrix panel
16. ^ requires installation of extra package ( → How to install spelling dictionaries for the TeXworks editor ( )
17. ^ provides a subset of the regular expression syntax implemented in the Perl scripting language, but fully supports Unicode ( → Issue 194: Add advanced regexp options to
Find/Replace ( )
18. ^ template file in resource directory ( → Documentation of the code completion feature ( )
19. ^ "VerbTeX" ( . 2010-07-28. Retrieved 2010-07-28. "VerbTeX is a LaTeX Editor for Android
Devices. It uses Verbosus in the background to generate PDFs."
20. ^ "Terms and Conditions" ( . 2010-02-23. Retrieved 2010-03-06. "The service is free to use (you are
allowed to create four resources of any type for free). Additional costs arise if you decide that you don't want this restriction and explicitly purchase its removal."

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