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Engineer Expert Reveals Grave Vulnerability

It would start simultaneously at four locations on the San Andreas Fault plus one
each on the Puente Hills Thrust Fault (which runs under the skyscrapers of
downtown Los Angeles) and the Hayward Fault in the San Francisco Bay area.

Earthquakes are naturally occurring events. So, is this the smiting of us sinners
that fundamentalist Christians have long prophesized? An “act of God” of
unparalleled ferocity?

But, what if it wasn’t? What if the state-wide quakes and conflagration were
triggered events by terrorist’s intent on inflicting death and destruction of
unimagined proportions?

That’s what Tolman Geffs, an ex-missile engineer (BS, MS, PE), successful
entrepreneur (Harvard MBA, 21 years as CEO), and author of the novel being
released this May, The Unsung Patriots, from Trabuco Press
( <>), believes
could happen.

On November 13, 2008, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) held the
cautionary ShakeOut Scenario earthquake drill in Southern California. The
Southern section of the San Andreas Fault is overdue for a major seismic event
by a factor of more than 2. Mere nudges could break it and the other faults free.

The scenario in his book details how those nudges can be delivered and be
made to appear to be “acts of God.” The key is the use of small diameter,
tactical A-bombs (equivalent to the U.S.’s now retired 40 kiloton yield W-33) not
as weapons, but as energy sources to create massive steam explosions deep
within faults thus triggering the release of orders of magnitude greater natural
forces that have been quietly accumulating for centuries.

“Six deep wells will be sunken (8 inch inside diameter oil well casings) and then
flooded for up to a year. Two bombs will then be inserted in each. Upon
simultaneous detonation, the upper and lower blast fronts will collide producing
horizontal pressure waves (ultra high-pressure steam and vaporized rock)
propagating in opposite directions. As the pressure waves pass they will reduce
the force pressing the opposing faces of the fault together, thus causing the
lockups to rupture which will trigger a multi-epicenter series of earthquakes.
Although, not of greater magnitude than naturally occurring quakes, the
prolonged duration will multiply the destruction.” Mr. Geffs explains.

“Unfortunately, there is an unrelated hazard also possessing the potential for
great carnage. It is the surreptitious oxygenation and subsequent detonation of
the abandoned, early oil fields underlying downtown Los Angeles, Beverly Hills,
the Port of Los Angeles, and numerous other communities. When these shallow
wells were abandoned, the oil-string casings were not pulled up; the well heads
were simply cut off and caps welded on. Oxygenation of these fields will turn the
hydrocarbon gases in the voids and the substantial remaining oil into bombs.

“To maximize carnage, these events will be initiated simultaneously during peak
traffic at the onset of a major Santa Ana wind event. Flames from the
subterranean explosions will shoot from newly opened fissures. That which
wasn’t obliterated will be incinerated in the following hurricane force
conflagration. As was the case following September 11th, fundamentalist
Christians will proclaim the devastation to be their long predicted wrath of an
infuriated God, and the flames shooting from the ground will be their irrefutable
proof. That this was an ‘act of war’ can never be proven to those who choose to
believe otherwise. Being aware of these views, those fanatical Islamic leaders
who believe the USA to be ‘The Great Satan’ may convince themselves that they
can get away with such an attack. What they believe is the crucial factor.

“What I am seeking is the unbiased, independent analysis of the threats
delineated. This will require the cooperative efforts of scientists from several
disciplines and extensive computer simulations. If the hazards are validated,
protective measures must be adopted.”

Mr. Geffs concluded, “Unfortunately, there is a near universal flaw in the human
psyche; we do not take threats seriously until after they have occurred. My quest
is to ensure that I’m never the in position to say, ‘I told you so.’ Meanwhile, we
remain a nation of sitting ducks.”

About Tolman F. Geffs

September 11, 2001 ended his retirement—the time had come to reveal a threat
he had first deduced in 1959. He chose to do so in a novel believing that only
public pressure will result in the enactment of the relatively inexpensive requisite
protective measures. Physically active, he paddles outrigger canoes, single-
hands a 69 foot ultra-light displacement sailboat, and skis. He and his wife Jill
enjoy ballroom dancing and travel extensively. They reside in Southern