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THIRD EDITION 8 8 Sipe ySIDE CONTENTS Review: Present Perfect Tense Present Perfect Continuous Tense Past Perfect Tense Past Perfect Continuous Tense 1 Describing Actions That Have Occurred Describing Actions That Haven't Occurred Yet Discussing Duration of Activity Discussing Things People Had Done Perfect Modals: Should Have Might Have May Have Could Have Must Have 15 Evaluating People's Activities Job Interviews Expressing Possibility Making Deductions Expressing Concern About Others Apolagizing Recounting Difficult Situations Passive Voice Relative Pronouns 31 Discussing Creative Works Describing Tasks Accomplished Discussing Things That Have Happened to People Describing Accomplishments Securing Services Automobile Repairs Historical Narratives Discussing Opinions Gazette a7 e 8 Embedded Questions 51 Asking for Information Indicating Uncertainty Referring People to Someone Else Reporting a Crime Reporting a Missing Person Conditional: Present Real (If__Will) Present Unreal (If__ Would) Hope-Clauses 65 Describing Plans and Intentions Consequences of Actions Discussing Future Events Expressing Hopes ‘Asking for and Giving Reasons Making Deductions Emergencies, “sine Gazette 7” @ Present Unreal Conditional (continued) Wish-Clauses 23 Advice Expressing Wishes Job Satisfaction Exprossing Ability Asking for and Giving Reasons Life in Cities nd Suburbs Past Unreal Conditional (If___Would Have) Wish-Clauses (continued) 95 Asking for and Giving Reasons Making Deductions Discussing Unexpected Events Expressing Wishes end Hopes Consequences of Actions Rumors Reported Speech Sequence of Tenses oSse Dazette 159 163 166 167 172 How to Say It! (communication Strategies) 109 Reporting What People Have Said APPENDIX Reporting Information Listoning Scripts Expressing Surprise Irregular Verbs Indicating Lack of Prior Knowledge Thematic Glossary Leaving, Taking, and Conveying Messages INDEX Job Interviews ‘Asking for and Giving Reasens Discussing Feelings Acviee Expressing Surprise is Apologizing &S6e Gazette 125 Reacting to Good News/ Reacting to Bad News ‘Asking for Information © Tag Questions Expressing Agreement Emphatic Sentences 129 Giving @ Personal Opinion Verifying Empathizing Exoressing Surprise Expresting Surpride Reporting Information Expressing Surprise Congratulating Invitations Initiating Topics Expressing Opinions Exoressing Agreement Pronunciation Writing 2 Personal Letter Reduced have, has, & had \Writing 2 Business Memo Reduced have Performance on the Job. Reduced Auxiliary Verbs Review: Verb Tenses Conditionals Gerunds Invitations Reduced you Contractions with would Reduced would Reduced have 145 Reduced to Tag Intonation Would you & Could you Expressing Disappointment Calling Attention to Feople's Actions Apologizing Giving Reasons Decision-Making Consequences of Actions Expressing Concem About People Asking for Assistance ICO rr offs online esoures for teaches land studer’s. Acces our Companion Websites, our Srline cataog, and out fcaloifces around the wot Longman English Success oes online couses to ave eamers exible study optons, Courses cover General Engh, Buses English, and Exar Preparation sat longmancom and 9 27 37 55 75 86 103 113 133 147 14 30 48 64 78 94 108 123 148 158