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Intermediate Examinations Spring 2010

March 8, 2010


Module D (1 hour 45 minutes)

Q.1 National University of Business Education (NUBE) is considering to connect the

networks installed in its campuses which are three kilometers apart. While reviewing
the IT department’s proposal in this regard, the head of procurement has observed that
IT department has recommended the use of a particular type of cable as data
transmission medium without giving any justification for its selection.

As IT Manager of the university, write a note to the head of procurement describing the
key characteristics of four types of data transmission media that are commonly used for
connecting networks. Give justification to support your recommendation. (10)

Q.2 The management of Proficient Consultants (PC) is considering to install an Expert

System as it is concerned about losing the expertise of some of its key employees.
However, the CEO is concerned that huge cost would have to be incurred which would
far outweigh the benefits.

(a) To what extent an Expert System can substitute the expertise of a key employee? (02)
(b) What other benefits can be secured by deploying an Expert System? (04)
(c) Limitations and constraints which the company must consider before acquiring
the expert system. (03)

Q.3 Perpendicular Limited’s network is down due to a virus attack. Management has asked
the IT manager to explain why the viruses were able to penetrate the system, in the
presence of disk scanner antivirus software.

As IT Manager of the company explain:
(a) two more kinds of antivirus software, besides conventional disk scanners; (04)
(b) how the controls against viruses be strengthened further? Also discuss the
possible justification for your failure to install the appropriate software. (04)

Q.4 Vertical Heights Limited (VHL) makes a variety of children products and sells them
directly in local market through its own stores. To counter the impact of the recent
recession, VHL wants to promote the use of e-commerce technology to promote its
business interests.

(a) Identify any six common uses of e–commerce technology. (03)
(b) Discuss what benefits can VHL obtain by use of e–commerce. (04)

Q.5 Many organizations prefer in-house development of computer applications in order to

achieve cost effectiveness and ensure that deadlines are met.

Explain the following, assuming you are the Project Manager responsible for in-house
development of an application and you are using SDLC approach:
(a) the key strategies that would help in achieving the objectives of cost efficiency
and timely completion of assignment; (05)
(b) responsibilities of the users in successful completion of the project; (05)
(c) the possible uses of Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tools for
achieving cost effectiveness and time saving. (05)

Q.6 Horizontal Ltd has realized the importance of data recovery after a recent disaster where
they lost some very important data. On the advise of a director the management is
inclined to implement the Grandfather, Father and Son methodology for data backup.

(a) Briefly discuss the above methodology. (03)
(b) Explain the risk which would persist even after implementing the above system
and suggest measures to minimize that risk further. (02)

Q.7 Briefly explain the following features of a Database Management System with a
suitable example in each case:

(a) Data sharing

(b) Query ability
(c) Rule enforcement
(d) Change and access logging (06)