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Working Better Together

A Course Proposal
Prepared by
Foluso Aribisala
2 DAY COURSE Enhancing The Effectiveness of Your Workforce!

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This is a training proposal prepared for Helios Towers Limited in response to a request for a
training solution to enhance integration and performance of individuals, groups, departments,
systems, processes, methods and resources within the company. Our solution is designed to
complement, integrate and support other (existing) team building initiatives within the

After reviewing this proposal, we look forward to a decision to implement

the training after agreeing final fees and delivery details.

This is a confidential document that we trust will not be shown to third parties or used for any
other purpose without our prior consent.


Teams are now the primary unit of performance in high performance organizations

A search through human history would reveal that no great achievement has ever been
achieved solely by the efforts of one individual. Success is the result of people pulling together
to meet common goals believing that there is no limit to their potential as a team.

Team-building is the process of preparing people to work together to attain the highest
performance possible. Many organizations have rushed into creating team-based workplaces
without taking their people through proper team building and bonding process. Although some
organizations recognize this early, most wait until problems occur and then request consulting
solutions for the symptoms of poor team cohesion, internal conflicts, power struggles, unclear
goals, lack of motivation and other symptoms related to poor team-building and development.

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Helios Towers is a site solutions provider of fully-managed tower sites on leased basis for
wireless operators. The company intends to become the leading solutions provider in
Nigeria/Africa by channeling its resources towards identifying, meeting and exceeding the
needs and expectations of its customers. While also providing the highest quality service in an
environmentally friendly manner.

As a fairly new company with staff joining from organizations with different cultures, values,
work ethics, paradigms and practices, Helios Towers Limited has experienced the typical
harmonization challenges between diverse sets of staff.

After recruiting and empowering a competent workforce, the next logical step is to enhance
their ability and willingness to work together as a team (unit). This will synergize individual
abilities and create a more efficient work unit where collective strengths, skills and knowledge
compensate for individual weakness. This is now considered as a key strategic requirement.

Rather than proceed at a normal or natural pace, Helios Towers Limited wishes to accelerate
the culturalization process (called ‘norming’ in teamwork terminology) so that the rewards of
having high performance, smoothly functioning teams comes sooner rather than later.

Also as competition and the work environment becomes more intense, teams will need
superior behaviors and skills to meet the expectations of higher levels of quality and output.
Therefore, part of the training solution will include international best practices for superior

Time and money spent on team building is not only a good business practice - it's a profitable
investment. PSL Consulting Team Building Training is an effective and time efficient way to
bring about organisational integration and performance improvement. The training builds
understanding of team dynamics and the role of teamwork in meeting overall organizational
goals while also enhancing the spirit of teamwork and mutual support to achieve goals within
the organization.

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The training can either tackle:

 Existing challenges
 Perceived future challenges
 Or in a ‘blue skies’ mode to think about ways of improving how teams in the organisation

Examples of challenges being faced by Helios Towers Limited include:

 A need for more information sharing both within teams and between teams.
 A need for better coordination of field (out of office at multiple locations) teams.
 A need for more urgency to overcome a casual approach to targets and deadlines.
 A clearer understanding of attitudes and perspectives, in particular between staff with
over 10 years working experience and staff with less than 5 years working experience.
 A need for more creativity in problem solving.


Our team building training is designed to promote the skills and attitudes necessary for building
superior teams and make the important transition from personal productivity to collective
Training Outcomes:
 Develop high performance team-players across the organization
 Develop effective team managers within the top management team
 Forge stronger alliances between geographically dispersed teams
 Build effective leadership within departments and units in the organization
 Develop an organisation culture that fosters effective team work
 Improve communication, relationships, confidence and trust among management team
 Reduce friction and "turf wars" between organizational levels and departments
 Improve communication between teams and departments
 Improve team based decision making within the organization

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On completing this training:
 Team members will be able to communicate with each other openly, honestly,
efficiently, and effectively.
 Team members will identify their own conflict style and learn to work with the various
conflict styles of other team members.
 Team members will be able to utilize effective communication and conflict management
 Team members will be able to create and work in a collaborative environment.
 Team members will identify and find their own unique role within the team.
 Team members will find at least one key insight that helps them work collaboratively
and individually.
 Team members will bond and have fun!

The training will also encourage participants to take the initial steps of exploration of superior
team dynamics that will open the doors to their continuous development and performance


The training is facilitated in a minimum of 10 interactive modules using a multi-sensory training

approach which enhances participation, understanding and absorption of new ideas and habits.
Our team building modules are varied, and designed to offer different challenges, so all key
team building skill sets are utilised. Many of these modules are based around the Kaizen model
of continuous improvement.

Our training approach optimizes participants learning by dispensing with ineffective gimmicky
team building activities and unnecessary time consuming profiling/analysis.

Instead, we will introduce and explain team building principles then employ sets of carefully
selected team building exercises designed to enhance participants understanding of the
principles. The exercises will also highlight existing team challenges being faced within the
company. Each exercise will be debriefed with particular attention on challenges encountered
and the implications for the company. Following naturally from this will be various solutions

drawn from the participants including the best approach to implement the solutions.
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The exercises will be highly stimulating, thought provoking and moderately challenging but fun
to carry out such that participants will learn without feeling the mental strain of learning.
However, the exercises will be memorable and rewarding allowing participants to refer back to
them when tackling issues in the company. Ultimately they will leave the training with ideas for
improvement and an enthusiastic fresh perspective on the importance and role of teamwork
for driving performance within their organization.

In addition to exercise debriefing, at the conclusion of the training, participants will be required
to summarize their learning experience in a brief statement or presentation, which helps
reinforce their learning achievements and celebrate their accomplishment.


If you compare our training to others, you would notice the following differences:-

Engagement – Participants find our trainings engaging. The continuous attention and interest is
generated by encouraging lively hands-on participation, providing mental challenges and varied
delivery formats all leading to a stream of insights on the topic.

Adaptation – We ensure that we match the depth of the material to the current level of the
participants and proceed at a pace that is moderately challenging.

Exercises – While we keep knowledge, skills and attitude in close balance, we focus more on
skill development through carefully chosen hands-on real world exercises.

Experiences – We draw out the personal experiences of participants to keep their emotional
engagement high. Participants will find the personal experiences of others fascinating and

Simplicity – No matter how complex the material, we deliver it with a simple structure that is
easy to absorb.

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Multimedia – We include films and animated slides to keep interest high.

Tools – We include effective tools that can be used back in the office. Many of these tools are in
the form of laminated desk references making them easy to use day to day.


Below is a typical outline of our course. Each subject heading will have a number of topics. The
topics will be interspersed for the most effective delivery.

Our introductions are extensive so that the course can be run more efficiently.

We will clarify both course and participant objectives while encouraging higher goals.

Present position
Here we surface current knowledge, skills and attitudes. We will pair participants for the
exercises so those with higher skills can help those with lower skills.

We will detail the first principles as a foundation for superior teams.

Each module will have a set of key topics. We use a building block approach where we start
with simpler, foundation topics and build upon these with higher level topics until we reach the
desired level of knowledge, skills and attitudes.

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We will include a simple set of tools that participants can apply to a wide range of situations.
The tools are simple enough to memorize, even though we provide most of them as laminated
desk references.

As much as possible, we will break team dynamics into sets of processes. These can then be
learnt step by step to ensure mastery of the skills.

Most of the learning will be via exercises. The lecture format will be minimized. The exercises
will be interesting but challenging. The debriefing will focus on key insights and attitudinal
shifts. Some of the exercises will be based on real life examples developed by the participants
solving their own problems.

Personal exploration
To reinforce attitudinal change, we will encourage lots of personal exploration and discovery.
Most life changing learning experiences come from solving challenges. We will help participants
develop effective ways to solve challenges so learning will be continuous, even after the end of
the course.

© Copyright 2010, PSL Consulting, All Rights Reserved | Your Reliable Partner For Business Success & Growth

Our team building training is designed in a modular format. Based on the specific team building
needs of the participants and your organization, these modules can be combined and facilitated
at different levels of complexity.

This list of topics is not exhaustive, actual topics will depend on the level and speed of learning
of the participants. We will run multiple streams of topics allowing participants to choose the
pace and depth which most suits them. Some of these topics will be treated within specific
exercises that will typically address real life team issues.

Proposed Training Modules

Joining Forces: What Makes a Team. This training begins with a discussion of what makes a
successful team and where the participants' teams are falling short. Participants will be
required to share their past experience of working in teams and would be introduced to the
G.R.I.P. tool for managing team assignments.

Team Dynamics & Evolution Of The Team. Understanding team dynamics, features of high
performance teams and stages of team development.

Team Roles. Understanding team roles and responsibilities, team leadership roles and
responsibilities, shared leadership, shared responsibilities, changing team roles, individual
strengths and weaknesses

The Communication Jungle: Understanding Different Communication Styles. Objective setting,

establishing team focus, coordinating and managing team members

Beyond Hearing: A Model for Better Listening. This component of the training exposes
participants to a method for improving their listening skills. They will learn how to focus on the
speaker, empathize with what is being said, analyze the message, and respond. Also they will
engage in several rounds of practice listening where they will pinpoint their biggest challenges

for additional instruction.

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Better Questions, Better Answers: Skills for Eliciting Communication. Many people can have
an entire conversation without asking a single question. Unfortunately, they often miss the
point, miss out on facts, or miss an opportunity to communicate that they really understand the
speaker. This segment focuses on how to ask open-ended and closed-ended questions and
when to use each for better team communication.

Trust Builder: An exercise to demonstrate the importance of trust between team members

Problem-solving & Decision-making. Group problem-solving and facilitating the team decision-
making Process.

Difficult Personalities and Difficult Situations: Dealing with Challenges. This section looks at
ways to deal effectively with difficult personalities and difficult situations. From "negaholics" to
backstabbers and whiners to minimal contributors, participants will discuss better ways in
which to communicate and manage relationships with those whose actions make the process

Lost In Space: Teambuilding Survival Skills. Both fun and insightful lesson which includes a
simulation game where a team is stranded in space with limited oxygen and supplies. Together,
they must determine what items to select while waiting to be rescued. During this activity,
participants focus on negotiation and listening skills. Further, they discover that group
consensus can lead to a better conclusion than choices made by individuals.

Conflict Management. Managing conflict within the team, conflict with other teams, tact and
developing good interpersonal relations.

Time Management, Planning & Prioritizing. Time management, objective setting, establishing
team focus, coordinating and managing team members.

Most of these modules will incorporate self evaluations, learning debriefing and a variety of
indoor games to stimulate participants to bond and apply newly learnt teambuilding skills

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This course will have one primary facilitator with extensive team building facilitation, training
and coaching experience who will be assisted by one or two assistants who will provide
roaming individual support to participants.


Our fees cover content development, delivery and training materials. Our rates are set at
industry competitive levels which enable us to provide the first class service which you are
entitled to expect from us on this training.


Option 1: In-House Total Advance Balance

Expected Number Of
Participants Per Class
Location, Snacks & Feeding To be provided by
Helios Towers
Duration 2 days
Facilitators 1
Assistants 1 or 2
Development, Material & N20,000 Per N400,000 N240,000 N160,000
Facilitation Fees Participant (60%) (40%)

Under this option, Helios Towers Limited will be responsible for providing a suitable training

environment, refreshment and feeding for participants and facilitators

© Copyright 2010, PSL Consulting, All Rights Reserved | Your Reliable Partner For Business Success & Growth
Option 2: At PSL Facility Total Advance Balance

Expected Number Of
Participants Per Class 20

Location, snacks & Feeding To be provided by

PSL Consulting
Duration 2 days
Facilitators 1
Assistants 2
Development, Material & N30,000 Per N600,000 N360,000 N240,000
Facilitation Fees Participant (60%) (40%)

Kindly note that the amount stated above is exclusive of VAT


This program provides an excellent opportunity for Helios Towers Limited to accelerate the
development of efficient cross functional teams so that teamwork leads rather than hinders
group development.

It is our hope that this proposal meets your expectations and that arrangement for further
discussions or commencement of the training is communicated to us soonest.

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