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February 4, 2008

Talk of Imminent War Against Iran Amid an

Attack of 'Coincidences'
By Len Hart

The "coincidences":
• A series of internet disruptions due to cut
telecom cables that has cut Iran off the
• Israel is not affected.
• An Iranian Oil Bourse, where oil, petrochemicals
and gas will be traded in various non-dollar
currencies, is set to open this month.
• Israelis have been told to prepare for war,
presumably with Iran
Before leaving the Middle East, Bush is reported to
have promised Benjamin Netanyahu that the US would
join Israel in a nuclear strike on Iran. In Israel, there is
talk of a "...a rain of missiles" for which Israelis must
prepare now.
Speaking on radio as part of a military propaganda offensive, retired
general Udi Shani said: "The next war will see a massive use of ballistic
weapons against the whole of Israeli territory."
Shani was tasked recently with drawing up a report on the way the military
authorities operated during Israel's 2006 summer war against Hezbollah in
During that conflict thousands of rockets hit Israel, but were limited to the
north of the country from where hundreds of thousands of people were
The character of war has changed, said the general.
"Strikes to the rear must now be taken into account -- that is what will
come and we must prepare in a totally different way for this eventuality,"
he said.
--Israelis told to prepare 'rocket rooms' for war
By the time the following dispatch hit what was left of the internet, it was clear: the
world is under attack by organized coincidences:
DOHA (AFP) - An undersea telecoms cable linking Qatar to the United Arab
Emirates was damaged, disrupting services, telecommunications provider
Qtel said on Sunday, the latest such incident in less than a week.
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The cable was damaged between the Qatari island of Haloul and the UAE
island of Das on Friday, Qtel's head of communications Adel al Mutawa
told AFP.
Cables were also damaged last week in the Mediterranean and off the
coast of Dubai, causing widespread disruption to Internet and international
telephone services in Egypt, Gulf Arab states and south Asia.
The cause of the damage is not yet known.
--DOHA (AFP) - Qatar reports new damage to Gulf undersea cables
It is amazing how much damage can be done by a rogue coincidence.
A repair ship was expected to begin work to fix the two cables in the
Mediterranean Sea on Tuesday. They were damaged on Wednesday,
rupturing connections not only in Egypt but also thousands of kilometres
--Qatar reports new damage to Gulf undersea cables
The sub-plot that ties all these "coincidences" together is the planned opening of the
Iranian oil bourse where petrochemicals, oil and gas will be traded in non-dollar
currencies. Iran Finance Minister Davoud Danesh-Jafari has said that the bourse will be
open during the Ten-Day Dawn, ceremonies marking the
victory of the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran. There's more
at: Oil Bourse
Making these developments especially ominous are Bush's
repeated threats and promises to Israel that he will join a
nuclear attack on Iran. I wonder if this improbable attack of
the cable killing coincidences, denying oil traders access to
the net, is enough to delay the opening of Iran's planned oil
Given the precipitous fall of the dollar, only idiots will not
consider the effect that an Iranian oil bourse will have on a
war-mongering US.
Bush, of course, denies that his wars of aggression have anything to do with oil and, in a
very, very narrow technical sense, perhaps not! They are, in fact, motivated by the fact
that over the course of a century, the US economy was utterly dependent upon the
availability of cheap energy, initially from West Texas, but later, the Sheikhs!
One wonders what goes on inside the heads of blithering idiots, primarily those who
wage war upon their own people, those idiots who threaten the world from atop a
precarious perch. So precarious the American position --one wonders if impeaching and
removing this blithering idiot now is simply too little too late. Even now, however, good
people are morally bound to oppose Bush even if it is with a dying breath beneath a
mushroom cloud!

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Authors Bio: Len Hart is a Houston based film/video producer specializing in shorts and
full-length documentaries. He is a former major market and network correspondent;
credits include CBS, ABC-TV and UPI. He maintains the progressive blog: The
Existentialist Cowboy