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3:42:47 |Introduction
56:43 |Belief System I
2:01:02 |Belief System II
1:19:08 |Public Trust & Private Trust I
1:38:37 |Public Trust & Private Trust II
1:34:06 |Public & Private Commerce LRog Good
1:36:19 |Mock Trials
1:59:11 |Brandon and Gordon 10-5-26
1:38:23 |Secured Debt Remedy I SETOFF
1:06:54 |Blueprint for Remedies Neg Aver
59:53 |Color in Law 30:00
1:56:20 |Contract is Law 1:16:00
1:25:28 |Private Commerce & Interest UCC 35:00
1:54:55 |Control The Contract 7 In personam
1:17:27 | Settle Court Account 8min
1:25:39 | Perspective on Claims China
1:33:12 |Contracts in Review

feb 8th sentenced. three total. march 5th. public defenders file appealed. out
on bond pending appeal.

process....a4v, r4v, use assett account to set off total criminal charges on the
case. going to prison to

pay debt. mitimis, the judgement from the hearing which is the
sentencing...certified copy held...

petition court to abate...while private process...remove public defender...cant

fire, didnt hire,

conditional acceptance (neutering him)...that he accepts private asset

account payment, two

he does argue any of the facts in the public, assist the undersigned by
bringing a record

of set off, settlement, and closure of the judgement to the court for private
set off

settlement and closure and for an order, judgement and decree releasing all

levies and attachments on any collateral belonging to the defendent larry


got a4v on judgement. notice to probation: thank you for your offer to report

probation....monday at 2, date, the undersigned conditionally accepts your


to report to probation including but not limited to, any orders for the

to show up and or report for incarceration on proof of claim that the


is not entitled to an abatement in order to resolve the matter by way of the


private administrative remedy. ..that the attached administrative process,

attached hereto,

five pages, exhibit a, that there is not a good likelihood that the matter will
be set off

settled and closed making the purpose of reporting for incarceration, and
thereby increasing

the public liability, moot. at this time i am requesting abatement in your

request to report

for probation...(probation works directly for the court) pending the outcome
of the administrative

process with the court to settle and close this matter. you may reach me at
the phone number above...

please advise me of your acceptance of my request for abatement of this

matter pending the outcome

which should now be scheduled for sixty days of the draft of this letter. if i do
not hear from you, it is

agreed that the matter is abated pursuant to the terms and conditions of this

no arrest warrant, because counter offer removed the other offer from the
asking questions of the public? public is gonna lie. the court has recently
recvd faxes from lsmith...

the debtor appeals the case SETTLE COURT ACCOUNT WITH 15 MINUTES

disabuse : to free from fallacy

frn's: Federal Reserve Notes

set off of account is valuable consideration.

methodology of dtc from republic to ...

could do it with dtc card, buy groceries...

some other party waccill interlop

use as 2nd witness.

condtionally accept everything youre saying upon proof of claim, with this
public person, that

my private process with....(cfo) ... will not make anything that youre talking
about here mute.

cuz when im done well have it settle. then send copy of the conditional
acceptance to cfo

or he knows public officials interfering in your

process...moot....not worthy

of consideration or discussion for it has already been resolved or no longer

needs to be resolved.

in battle, aircraft carrier, flying with plane to deliver a4v, r4v, andall records
in process...trying to get

aircraft carrier to cfo.

settle court account

court is the residence of a sovereign.

a court is a bank.

a prison is a bank.

this may be used to get a prisoner out of a bank, for the body is currency,
deposited bank...another loan

out based on him as security for that loan. the money order, the a4v, the
1040v, the notice to set off, all

could be going to settle debt. the process would go to the head banker, ie
head of court, meaning warden,

after process done....doing the a4v on the minimis, or whatever it is that is

document with the warden

that is the document for which he has deposited the currency and holds it in
reserve for the lien...

the original matter, everyone therewith involved, everyone gets notification

of happenings.

laches: inexcusable delay in enforcing a claim.

the doctrine of estoppel: the barring of a person in a legal proceeding...from

making allegations

or denials which are contrary to a previous act or statement by that person or

a previous adjutication

applies to irs, everybody...

tacit acquiescence.....notary cert of non response...mana from heaven, gov
will agree for remedy.

he who does deny, admits, a maxim, door four arguing

same process for warden, head of court. a4v held

everything we're talking about here

"Banking without Social Security"--Public Document

he accosted transfer of prisoners...had to have jurisdiction

what are we waiting for, a phone call, returns, ok lets go...

oaklahoma transfer station: i wont be availing myself to your services your ass... by what authority? are you threatening? by

what authority? who is the creditor in the contract. the requester. the guard
was demanding. he was counter requestor


the noun request means the act of as king

as is defined the capacity of

creditor positions:




"ya papers"

conveyance with private plate

I am not a political sub division

states did not single power

feds placed there for safety

al capone

bicameral system

26 hours in a vehicle. drive there drive back. speaking in the car. 4 one hour
lessons. dominic smith raise right hand. who is dominic smith? dominic smith
is the person who is supposed to appear before me. why do keep referring to
me as dominic smith? are you not dominic smith? im the agent for dominic
smith. she, glasses adjustment. which is a mason sign for i see you. council
approach the bench. sir could you please step out of the courtroom? he
returns a few minutes later. will you swear in to testify? why whould i testify?
are you refusing to testify? are you assuming i am refusing to testify? no. he
says i will affirm. he takes stand. my yes is yes my no is no. notaries and all
will accept affirmation. james 5:12, but above all things, swear not, neither
by heaven neither by earth, neither by any other oath...

asks four questions of him. no's.

why would i hear you? they want you over at the chow hall.

manipulate: skillfully, or with great skill to operate or maneover.

i give him no jurisdiction. no prints. no photos. why take my private property

to discharge me.

sergeant bo got crew with stuff. he opens door. walks right up to him, can i
talk to you? when request equal equal in the republic. srgnt bo. gordon hall.
shook hands. surety for party whose hand shook, role i will perform whatever
duty. striking hands a ceremony used technically as surety for another. stuck
90 days. he was first witness. escorted out with rapid response. sgt bo and he
walking in front. you dont belong here. well could you just step in this room
for me...2nd witness benefit and priviledge, completes 90 days elsewhere,
halfway house.

call to action to close.

proverbs 3 :13 happy is the man that findeth wisdom

retaineth: to practise or to continue to use

they tax debtors. call that girl ask for forgiveness. i realize that im in error.
that my attitude is...and i appreciate what youve done for not
looking for...i appreciate you as a public servant doing your job....

wisdom : legist

knowledge: exec

understanding: judicial

holy spirit, son, and father

to get a commercial honor.

sovereign works for you when you see it in others.

sid likes to be right. sid is attached.

give something to ease fears.

took a benefit. socks put on. transferred to another jail.

no call to action, not knowing how to close.

john smith, hand out. with marshal peeking around the corner. shaking
hands. surety.

words will never hurt you.

testing faith and resolve.

conditional upon ten thousand payment for id.

chess set forty grand. warden went to jail.

conduct and assent:

set off

perfection of title

control of posession

currency from assetts, control of collateral


window of opportunity

post the discharge in the year 2000

continue to live

three years as three days

remain in the land captured under the new force

the windows to the dtc will be shut

ability to capture the estate

why health care bill

how protect democr

debt is proble in democr

debt and death same

two forms death

sin, genesis..not physically die

civl death have no rights, have no titles

outside garden of eden


health care legal title over body

put lien on everyone, commercial lien

the creditor holds lien

is the corp US now the creditor, yes?

14th ammendment strawman

gordon brings strawman documents

ucc-1, that in public sector to differ

between me and myself

myself the creditor

me the debtor

colorably keep zip

unalienable, not lienable

private to private

public as slaves to master

privately to keep private

genesis 14 first intl tax protestors

move from the debtors to creditors

this is the irs calling

gen 14--levy--who saved people from levy

abram not metaphor for christ

went to save nephew lot

lived in city, but not citizen

after debt default, can not levy republic, assets

what is liable are posessions and property of corp us

no can levy assets of republic

move rez from dem to republic

we are stage one and two, not stage three

the bill put a lien on people

china has to take physical posession

unless recorded lien, the hcare bill

our sheep asleep, china stays home

as in foreclosure, physical posession

mass shift in wealth

change...debtors to creditors

we now have mortgage to get paid

when new mortgage, standard of living

lower free funds

therefore health is death care

are you suggested

55502 a

....denial of benefit for failing to give ssn...guilty in

guilty of violating

red number, entrance number from republic

ssn regular number entrance via democracy

romans 8:28 that all things work together for good

warden arrested and removed from office

3 year probation sentences on gordon hall

knew viable alternative

as a thing is bound, so it is unbound

cracking the code, 3rd edition

james allen

maxims of law

ideas and concepts are the enemies,

maybe, though maybe not


we would be happy to do it your way

provided these bridge the

whose traffic control system is this

i, myself, me

1930s gov got equitable use of all estates

by reg estate by b cert

in health care bill

women's rights, womens' responsibilities

health care (life), health care (death)

gun control

taking the chip

1203.4 cal pen codeexpunged

findcal code

discharge take away charge, which is commercially stressed

release: still bound, alteration though in contract pursuant to changing lease

1789-1999 america released


account settlement on a court case

step one record one

a for v the complain or indictment

include a money order

sample money order

one may create

indictment wont have amount

complaint for money will have amount

a for v language settle account to zero

as includes penalties fees

as sum certain perhaps unknown

registered mail number as instrument number

memo line with account line

if court case indicate court case number

in the box, strawman public trust name and address

in account number field, social no dashes

processor is irs technical support division

probably send it there first with presentment

as 2nd witness
even if sum certain

no amount in 1040v in case of fees, penalties, interest

special endorsement on back with signature

also endorse the money order as but signature

no payment coupon on complaint

money order takes place of...

STOP 8min

please forgive me. please forgive me.


you and the police. boston tea party. hunded pages pamphlet.

Private Registered Bond for Setoff (BC BOND)

This is in accordance with Uniform Commercial Code, and House Joint Resolution 192 of 5 June 1933, and UCC 1-104
and Public Law 73-10.


Certificate of Live Birth No. 1000-01001, Accepted for Value and Exempt from Levy
certified copy of "Certificate of Live Birth", numbered: 1000-01001, duly endorsed as follows:








original I.R.S. Form 1040-V, Payment Voucher, duly endorsed as follows:







"(signature) (date)"



For the benefit of the Undersigned Principal
Indemnity Bond, Offset Bond, Promissory Note, Setoff Bond, Surety Bond
One, Surety Bond Two,

paramount security interest holder.

secured party
setoff bond

Court Process..ucc...register interest in a case or account

Instrument Issue...ucc to register note...asign note

Short Timeline

Couple days act on dishonor. Fax transmision log.





notary has capacity to execute duties from within or without the united
states, with or without california.

presentment letter so judge know notary record.

dear mr so and so i have been contact by john henry doe from outside the
united states for the purpose of providing the notices attached

hereto. the contents of this fax were mailed to (trustee of transaction)

can fax to judge. follow up with hard copies. i called the court.

i have private, confidential, propriety information that needs to go to the

judge, how should it be addressed? is there no room number for the judge?
mark it confidential, private; front and back. can put in camera on the

fax directly to judge's chambers, and how? or general number and attention
to judge with confidential information..mark in chambers or in camera...

originals in cert of service, non response--) to judge.

orig cert of service signe on on file copies, after sent,,,,indicate in sent copies
(signature on file with notary)

says it in their codes.

when dealing with irs....add in the penalty clause without the united states,
for irs has a without us and with us division.

return address typically non-domestic without the united states.

a notary mentions.

the case is the collateral in the ucc 1, brandon adams is the creditor and
brandon adams is the debtor.

access dtc funds for strawman debts.

Prima facie : evidence adequate to establish a fact or to a presumption of fact

unless refuted.

Bring into Court as Second Witness, the Democracy. An unrebuted affidavit

becomes a judgement in commerce (republic, private). With Judges orders or
attorney's papers, read bottom up (in order of importance). If one has
attorney, one not allowed to speak (no se) (as in per se). If the one party
keep's the paperwork of the other party, acceptance to conditions. One may
tender a bond number for set off.

Out of Asset Account, Legal and Equitable Title. The first time presented with
something, do a full acceptance to set off, settle, and close the account. They
are allegedly bringing a charge, and therefore either an accusatory
instrument or a charging instrument or it could be an indictment, information,
a complaint, --whatever it is it creates a commercial stress--commercial
energy that is supposed to move from one account to another account to
zero something the accounts, goes away.

Democracy is a Military Government, under an emergency, displacing a civil

government. De facto government, where De Jur (by law) is not.

Is Mr Smith here? "What do you want with Mr Smith?"

Youve been charged with a crime, "and", how do you plead, "and" "Upon
proof of claim that there is a charging instrument." "Does the court at this
time have a charging instrument?"
(pay the bill) Start a process. Complete the Process. Rebut the Asssumptions.
Negative Averement.

Concluded the Process then Bring into Public.

General Appearance.

Status Conference: Check in to see how the parties are doing. Parties'
responsable for settlement. Parties may bring settlement agreement before

Genesis 23: How to bring private settlements into the public for ratification.

Remedial Law: To obtain recompense for actual damages. Is procedural.

How to be Colorable in Language:

Colorable: If all spectrums there, white light. "We learn a little here, a little
there, through stammering lips", as simulacrum, or prima facie by Black's.
Substance stays.

Bailer: Is a Courier. Same ground as Parties. Stays within Vessel.

Akin to Inquisition. Rebut assumptions.

Deepak was Born in Baltimore, Maryland-Rebuting the Presumption that he's

the Trust, Rebuting the Presumption of the name: to make as same as.

Stenographer: Memorializing contract between the parties.


Perhaps Letter Rogatory in 3rd Person in Negative Averement in what

regards...hands in pockets. That which is evidence, that within the police
report. Include those statements made in the police report. The "Narrative" is
not an affidavit.

Language Uses: Adverb Verb Fiction; Quantum

Date: Is setting a jurisdiction as well. There is a military way of writing a date.

Only allegiance to the creator.

Evidence: That which tends to prove or disprove any matter in question or to

influence the belief respecting it.

Negative Averement: Powerful to make statements in Negative Averement.

The burden of proof is on him who states positively. If one averes a negative
it is not up to this to prove. Civil Rules of Procedure: Suggest that in a
pleading, the contents of a pleading may have an assumption or a
presumption--if the other paty sees an assumption or presumption in a
pleading, and does not specifically avere by negative averement, that the
assumption or presumption in the pleading stands as astipulation and can not
be attacked in any of the trial. REBUT at first possible occasion by negative
averement that the party who assumed or presumed is then brough to prove
the assumption or presumption.

Template for Remedy :

Address the Parties. Principals and Respondents. All Parties represent

interests, all parties therefore must be addressed. A conditional acceptance is
a counter offer which has for legal effect of rejecting the offer, and
establishing a new offer.

Notaries: Official Witnesses; Private Side and Public Side Functions. Guards
Records. Exception to the Hearsay Rule. Are a deputy Clerk of the Superior
Court, and Representative of the Secretary of State Office.

What would form be in public? Simulate a Settlement, that in Form

resembles. Pay it off to bring account to zero. Statement of Account showing
Zero. Release of Lien, Satisfaction of Lien (reconveyence of title). Close the
Account, remove the lien, perfect the title. A template for the pursuit of
remedy. Simulate how remedy achieved (in form or appearance or imitating)
in Public. Elements List: Deed of Trust (is a lien), Promissory Note,
Application, Grant (or warranty)Deed, Statement of Account. In place. IF
(preceeding release of lien).


A creditor first settles the account. A Creditor uses an asset, not off a public
account. List of Documents for Step One: 1 Notice to Set Off, Instrument
(Money Order) : Sign, and Endorse on Back; Memo Account means SSN Or a
BONDED PROMISSORY NOTE (something on Deposit with Treasury) or a
CERTIFIED PAYMENT BOND. Some of Evidence of the Debt, Should have a
Banker's Acceptance, Front and Back IE of a 4 Page Statement, Each Page,
Front and Back, Acceptance Statement. 1040V...and a document referring (of
Brandon's) to the SPECIAL Endorsement on Back of 1040v.

What Banks Do : Your Private Assett is Converted to Public Debt. As Creditors,

we are not authorized to do. Congress authorizes to convert private assetts
into public debt.

Contact IRS to know where to Send SETOFFS, TENDER


Instrument (money order or Endorsed Payment Coupon). Evidence of a Debt

(with the acceptance on both sides), and the 1040v. We still present through
a notary, though we do not include the Cert of Service (in the packet). Who
can rebut? Maintained for Our Records for later. Notary maintains Cert of
Service and Copy all Mailed.

all adjustments.

Amicus Curae: Friend of the Court.


13th Article in Ammendment,



Liability Instrument:

A certain minimal states must approve. Prior to Civil War, state archives show
official approval. After Civil War, most records purged.

Then, after CW. Both articles are same ammendment, from different position.
1st allows no Titles of Nobility

operating in US, in application to the Republic (then, in past, beginning). No

attorneys public side of Government.

2nd 13th Article in Ammendment: there is no involontary servitude except

punishmnet in a prison after being duly convicted of a crime.

Before CW, states were supreme and national government created by state
and subserviant to states.

After CW, states subserv to natl gov.

In Private Process, if a Public Official should respond, this is the commission

of treason under the 1st 13th.

Your Private Trust is the Trustee of the Public Trust.

Public International Law: Deals with Authority delegated to the US

government to represent American Interests outside of American Society.
Private International Law : Deals with the Role of the Federal Government
within American Society were Federal Legislation migt Conflict with State Law
and where the Delegation of Authority to the United States Government is
limited or absent.

14th Ammendment: STRAWMAN, incorporate out of the FEDERAL ZONE.

Unlimited Commercial Energy.

Perfect the claim (for i have the facts), bring foreign judgement into court.


Controversy is created when facts are argued.

Pay the penal sum. Using Negotiable Instruments. Use the Secretary of
Treasury as Intermediary in lieu of Banks. Ability to Discharge and to Set-off
with your Signature. The Payment, itself, comes with Terms and Conditions.


The States in Unison:

Offer, acceptance of Offer, and Consideration.
Competent, Consideration, Mutual Assent

All laws written in past or future tense.

Affidavit of Negative Averement

Opportunity to Cure

Conditional Acceptance

You would word the CA saying that you will accept their claim that you owe
them x amount of $ upon proof of claim that they can produce a valid
contract making you liable for such a debt (or such performance). Your
documents can be served by a notary and responses can be directed to the
notary so that at the completion of the process, if the matter is not settled,
the notary can issue a Notice of Non-Response / Certificate of Dishonor

Living Law

Three elements of Contract

Proof and the Perfection of Evidence

Argument, Explain

Straight Acceptance





Argue, Explain


Confess and Avoid

Conditionally Accept

In personam (jurisdiction):



Granting or conveying a security interest (is)

A lien on personal property created by an agreement: Security Interest.

He that aideth suretyship is surety.

Gordon Hall, here, merely...intervenor

He that hateth suretyship is sure.

He that is surety for another shall smart for it.


He who fails to assert his rights, has none.


Do not take his name in vain.

Graven image


The First Set of Dangers

The Chambers

In Camera.

Indications of the Courtroom as private: The Bailiff asking those all to be

seated, those standing, to be seated. The Judge arriving without the Robe.

"I am here as the Authorized Representative for the Surety over the
Defendant, hereinafter known as the Defendant, merely for the purpose of
Settle, Set-off, and Closure of this matter. If it please the Court, May I enter
the bar under these terms and conditions (Met by Ascension). Let the Record
show that I am under said Terms and Conditions
(enters the court) (Private)."

To qualify as an exception to the Hearsay Rule...must be a third party's

genuine, authentic, original record. Submit the Administrative Record,
through the Notary, under Seal. Goes to judges' Chambers. Notary keeps
record. certification of secretary of state: If notary resides outside state, have
...usable from one country to another, self authenticating, substance. Legally
recognized internationally, ie California through to Arizona (international).
Registered Mail.

Certificates of Non-response, Notices of Default, Notices of Fault

Invoking Administrative Process rather than Judicial Process.

Letter Rogatory

Dismiss with Prejudice

Higher Court

Judicial Determination



May: definition Black's.

US Secretary of State

Buvier's Law
Artificial Law

Natural Law

Private Trusts

Paramount Security Interest Holder

Security Interest

Unlawful Detainer

Legal Title

Equitable Title

"US may be used in any on of the following senses..." Hoover and Allison Vs
Evat, '45


Patriot Act II for DC and objects--citizen? I am a californian.

Congressional Powers

District of Colombia extended through zip codes.

Titles of birth incorporated from federal zone.


14th Ammendment strawman resides within domestic nat'l. jurisdiction.

Administrative Process

The moment promissory note signed, money loaned to the bank.


Red number SSN.

To understand the charges is to assent to make good the account.

Must agree to pay, plead guilty to the facts, else double-minded.

Double minded.

Inquisition is admiralty.

Rebut the assumption.


Public Debit Cards

Public Checking Accounts

1040v --all liabilities...

Lien Property Custodian

BC becomes DC, three years to claim

Statement showing positive number, a credit, response with check, a liability,

a negative number, account to zero, increases national debt.

Statement showing positive number, kept offer without response, waved

offer, debt moved t o public persona.

Alien Property Custodian

Private trust loans money to strawman who, in turn, makes mortgage to

creditor (who has lien).

Exodus 21:5

Banker's Acceptance


Alien Property Custodian

1917-Trading with the enemy Act

Secretary of Treasury

Remedy under Private International Law

Three Roles in Government where Expatriated, for representation of

substance of people's (assets?).

1890 Tax Act--Corporations

1909 Corporate Tax Act

1933 Corporations Legal (strawman)

Private Bond with Secretary of State

1933-first invocation of provision of constitution, FD Roosevelt meets
governors of states, to have states bring assets forward--everything, then
liens of estimated value of registered items.
The government does not operate on taxes, rather the bank loans on
1789 debt absorbed by Rothschild (Banque de Paris, France), King of England
acquires. The lender, the head; the borrower, the tail. US habitual debtor in
international commerce.
Constitution: Only gold and silver lawful trade for payment of a debt.
We never trade internationally with gold and silver (on the high seas), rather
we use commercial paper (admiralty); UCC; Law Merchant (latin).
1933-Gold no longer money of account.
Escheat, law of 1st 13th Ammendment
Understand the charges is to underwrite the account. Agree to pay or to not
An inquisition occurs in admiralty. Assumption one may rebut.
Jack and I
Gordon Hall
Winston, Tim Turner (gurus)
The Crack in the Code
"As a man thinketh" public domain. james allen.
Avatar, written explanation of film.
Wayne Stump (former) Arizona State Senator : dual citizenship, licenses and
UCC (reservation and rights).

Contract book
UCC book
Webster's fourth, College Edition (with synonyms)
Dvd's, Two
Repertoire of conditional acceptances
monday night downloads : Jack Smith, 1.50
yahoo group 1099 oid: patrick divine : Winston Shrout

Tim Turner
Private Commerce and Public Commerce of Court.
Contract Books: Williston on Contracts, Restatement's 2nd, Corbon on
Contracts, Bryan Blum's Contracts, Examples, Explanations
"Cooperative Federalism" G. Brown, Available for Download...
Congress and Authority--is this the title? ...a 73 page treatise...


Avatar: Cameron is really explaining our history...what our belief patterns

show us. Jake has neither wealth, nor the ideals of a scientist in mind, for his
is but to secure payment, that again his legs may be restored. Jake is there to
replace his brother, the scientist, who had been on a mission, to study facts.
Jake, all the while, is military (or adversarial). Earth had been dying as a
commercial zone, and thus Jake arrives in pandora for a substance of
immense value, unobtainium, that the dying commercial economy become
rejevunated, for this economy is but based upon the liability side of the books
and records, whereas the assets side had never been exposed. Us, the gods,
we dress as you, that you may come to be brilliant as us..where Jake, in his
true self, resides in a coffin--he the avatar is not alive, is not animated. Jake
thinks to know (re-act) (projection) that the civilization from which he comes
is smart--believing the host population is prehistoric...recall our president
bush calling iraqi's people not civilized. The earthlings are called
Dreamwalkers, fictional people. Jake is told he is as a child, not knowing to be
responsible, not an adult, one who is responsible, and thereby, can not be
given the benefits and priviledges. No i dont want you to follow me, you are
like a dont know how to relate with your not
know enough to be responsible. Children have not rights, and must do what
parents say...because they are not responsible, not adult. Wizard of Oz
(dorothy in land of Oz). Dorothy accompanied by three entities: the lion, the
scarecrow, the tinman. The lion is symbol of the tribe of judah for the people
of the god of israel, the sovereign power--dorothy's government...the lion dorothy as a natural woman, without courage. Alice in Wonderland.
We think you are the other alice. The Princess and the Frog. They go to the
witchcraft in the swamp to learn they must look deeper into themselves.


"The identity is alice, not the other alice--you are probably the other alice,
confused as to who you are-you are probably the other person you dont even
understand..." CiC (approx)
"We of this mighty western republic have to grapple with the dangers that
spring from popular self government, tried on a scale incomparably vaster
than ever before in the history of mankind..and from an abounding material
prosperity, greater than alsoo anything the world has hitherto seen"
Theodore Roosevelt.
"As regards to first set of dangers that men can never escaped being
governed..either he must govern himself or submit to being governed by
others. if from lawlessness or fickleness, from folly or self-indulgence, he
refuses to govern himself, than most assuredly, in the end, he will have to be
governed from the outside. they can prevent the need of government from
without, only by showing they posess the power of government from within."
Ben Franklin
"everybody in jail is there because they volonteered" -Robert Borg, Supreme
Court Nominee
"sovereignty is of course, not subject to law, for it is the author and source
of law." supreme court (R)
"a soverign can not make excuses for his failures. a sovereign must accept
responsibility for the exercise of power that inhears in him. and whereas is
true in our republic, the people are sovereign, then the people must show a
sober understanding, a sane and steadfast purpose, if they are to preserve
that orderly liberty upon which as a foundation every republic must rest." (R)
"few, if any intelligent and well educated laymen are schooled in the science
of law. (contract) and if charged with a crime, are capable determining for
themselves wether the indictment is good or bad. they are unfamiliar with
the rules of evidence, lacking both the skill and knowledge to adequately
prepare their defense, even though they may have a perfect one. they
require the guiding hands of councilor(s) at every step at the proceeding,
though they be not guilty, they face the danger of conviction, because they
do not know how to establish their innocence. if this be true of a man of
intelligence, how much more true it is of those without adequate schooling
and experience." -a judge
"an indictment can be discharged" CiC
"Authority is not subject to law [contract], for it is the author and source of
law [contract]."
"We believe you are the other alice...." Alice in Wonderland
"Wealth is the capacity to command labor" Adam Smith, Wealth of Nations
"Consent makes the law" --CiC
"preaching to itching ears [in the churches]...whereas the truth shall be found
in the pagan trust" approx. whom? (R)
"if we do not take a stand in the republic, then we are not part of the
democracy. " CiC
"If you have ought with your brother, take it to him privately." Bible
"There are two situations in which silence binds the offeree..." CiC (whom?)
"The first, will be last; and the last, will be first." Bible, referring to offer in


Confession and Avoidance (pontious pilate):

Admiralty, Maritime, Equity:
Democracy (mirror image of the republic) (in the court) :
Substantiative and Procedural:
Socratic Method:
Set-off, settle, and close:
Secured Party Creditor:
Rights, Benefits, Priviledges :
Defendent: a corporation to which to assign liability.
Commerce: with exchange.
Merit: Quality deserving reward.
Law: equals contract. contract is with intention. all law emanates from
contract and agreement,
We the people: are sovereign.
Adult: Responsible.
Treasury Direct Account: To buy government securities. Turning StrawMan
into creditor of US...for BONDS and NOTES of the US.
IRS FORM 8088: Account information for Treasury Direct Account.
IRS: (encyclopedia brittanica) administers a tax system based on volontary
Common Law: is walking on the land
Soul: which is life.
Spirit: which is intelligence, which is breath.
Conscious: Awake to one's surroundings and identity.
As-king : (to) resolve; for this is the charge of the king.
Re-act : (past projection) (upon present neutral circumstance). Hitler.
Identify: identify is to make the same (as a name, for example) --thereby
opening an account where pecuniary damages may be lodged.
Assert: To state positively, with confidence, but with no objective proof.
Black's Law : Jurisdiction B, the Jurisdiction of the Democracy (versus
Republic or Private).
Georgia: has meets and bounds describing georgia
Georgia (state of): is all area above land and water of georgia..
Avatar: messenger to send to indigenous peoples
Adult: responsible.
Courage: is heart, is having heart or having firm faith in what you are doing....
Identify: To make the same.
Understand: Underwrite the Liability.
Deposition:Removal from office...or posession of throne.
Deserve: Have by conduct a claim.
Creditor: To Grant on a temporary basis.
Onus Provendi: Burden of Proof
Proof: To establish a thing as true, or to produce belief that it is true.
DTC: private security corporation
Merit: Deserving Reward.
Accost: To greet without being greeted first.
Merely: Nothing but, nothing more than.
Shalt: Present tense of Shall.
Position: creates counter-position.
Constitor: One who passes on his debts to a third party.
6th Article: Debts passed on as sureties for that debt, cosignes to national
DTC: Depository Trust Corporation (Legislative).
FRBC: Federal Reserve Banking Corporation (Executive).
IRS: To give remedy, our best friends.
UCC1: bond with state secretary--registered interest.
Private: Republic, Law of the Land, Common Law
Democracy: Public Trust, Admiralty, Maritime, Equity Law Form
Attorney: an esquire
Rez Judicata: Once decided, always decided.
Certificate of Service: Is an affidavit.
1933: Gold no longer money of account.
HJR 192 : House Joint Resolution "...tender dollar for dollar..."
Forgive: 1. To excuse for a fault or an offense; pardon. 2. To renounce anger
or resentment against. 3. To absolve from payment of (a debt, for example).
Truth: In accordance with the facts.
AsKing: In the capacity of King.
Acceptance: An agreement by either express act, or implication from conduct
to the terms of an offer, so that a binding contract is formed.
Title 22 of US Code: Deals with International issues. Dealing with Rights and
Assets in Private. Three Parties Trustees of this: Secretary of Treasury, US;
Secretary of State, US; Attorney General
Grantor of Public Trust: Federal Reserve
HJR (house joint resolution) : discharge debt dollar for dollar. HJR 192: What is
a dollar? Gordon Hall Dollars?


colonization priests are there to find out what makes the
population tick...that the population be entreated to mutual agreement with,
and, failing this, that the advance of military that the populations may be
subdued, that the wealth be extracted under duress...the guy who is the
commercial head, hired by whoever (party, group, interest) financed (or
finances) the voyage. These expect return in profit). if exercise silence in
admiralty, maritime, equity, silence equates with confession which means
you are guilty. is a right in the republic, though not in the democracy where
the court operates. silence can only be equated with fraud where there is a
legal or moral duty to respond or where an inquiry left unanswered would be
intentionally misleading...United States versus Pruden (t)...Silence is fraud...if
exercise right in admiralty maritime equity, silence equates with confession,
which means we are guilty. we are guilty and liable, put me in prison and let
me pay the bill. if we believe silence is our right, it is true in the republic,
though in the democracy of the court (mirror image), guilty. Or Argue.
Argument is fighting, reasoning (explaining, explaining says justifying). Do
not argue the facts, do not argue the law, do not argue the jurisdiction of the
tribunal--all are guaranteed losses. she took funds out of a bank that was
frozen by order, thereby facing criminal charges, yet she issued a promissory
note, making it an exchange, and not theft. jack smith vs usa is mr smith in
the courtroom? your honor, let the record show that I am the authorized
representative....or...let the record show i am the authorized representative
for the secured party creditor with an interest in the defendant here today,
just refer to me as the defendent leslie jack smith hereinafter sir, thank you.
im here as...ill enter the bar under...if it please the court, may i enter the
court under ....( he was left outside), judge remarks the dude who owns mr
smith is in the courtroom....if it please. may i enter the bar under said terms
and conditions.......or...your honor, i am here as the defendent, in the
capacity of...public side look, lady, youve got to keep your filings out of
the public side or you are going to destroy your remedy, as she had been
filing with the clerk. send it to me, says he the judge, else well arrest you.
not what they say, but what they do not say. 27 months contempt no out
date. irs wanted statements non existent...she reacts to me
me...which you sign...wants to purge contempt....irs calls her in....a new
mantra: how can i help you now?....she cooperates with irs, who submit three
page report, broken apart by cic, conditionally accepts certain, and for the
world bank account, sends letter thereto and submit this in filing...i am here
today as....(in civil clothes)...judge finds contempt purged...(she goes
home) settle the tax case, still... (show you are a creditor) the bill
as it was issued, from the prosecutor, who sought for payment, for all the
years...please tell me how much you want...they did (court says neednt pay
lest ruling)..take my pen (to pay)...if court rules, it is public...she acted like a
creditor getting out...because she took on role of creditor in private... only will
court rule, if private party falls back into dishonor and does not settle the
claim..becomes public will she pay it now with asset funds or liability funds...if
a debtor, no capacity to use asset our man does not endorse
check. At the arizona dl counter, our man does not give ssn, he asks for the
law. he asks for a signatory that liability be transferred. police ask name or
id, to make same as name or as trust, then to give property, where opens an
account where pecuniary damages may be lodged, this is entering into a
transaction of a security interest. the officer charges the other, the
strawman-- producing a license is prima facie evidence of a contract. your
honor thank you for allowing me to speak today, your honor, your honor,
thank you for allowing me to speak here today...(your honor thank you) May I
address the court? Is the court going to deny me the opportunity to do
business here today?...(smile) (knowing) (flowers in the tree of life) (identify
offer) (ask questions) thank you. (pretend we are blind) (stevie wonder) (slow
it down) (like doc holiday by val kilmer in latin). We conditionally accept
your offer of a mental competency exam on proof of claim that tendering a
private setoff for settlement and closure of an open account to protect the
public from any further liability in the matter constitutes incompetency.
Liability may arrive from commercial interest. The Judge may entraine
contract with participant, however, three days to get in paperwork in, am I
worried? Did anybody rebut my definitions? Secretary of Treasury, US;
Secretary of State, US; Attorney General, US--none elected by US citizens,
Appointed. Under provisions of Int'l, for these to serve in these positions, they
must expatriate US citizenship. US corporation. 28 USC 3002 Sec15A : The US
is a federal corporation. Below the line, can not appear above the line.
Trustees neede to Represent the Substance of the People's Assets, that the
people have a remedy. These are for the Remedy. Secretary of Treasury has
Three Agencies: None are US government agencies. DTC, Legislative; FRBS
(Fed Res Ban Sys), Executive; IRS is Judicial in Administrative Procedures to
give your remedy. Debtors are those receiving benefits (of a trust), whereas
creditors loan money to government to finance (operations), these upon
registered securities. UCC1 Filing Notice: Separation of Entities. Rules of
Evidence, must have separate entities that one may appear in the
Democracry, the other in the Republic. A Creditor can not exist in the
Democracy. Commercially and Legally, a legislative notice of the separation
of two parties having the same name which commercially and legally are
distinct. These (Afv, rfv): Public Official will never respond, for, then, under
the 13th, treason. The inclusion of one is the the exclusion of the other (latin

honor amidst parties. know who you are and the procedure to get you your
remedy. agree with thine adversary quickly, willst thou are in the way with
him. stay in honor, with all offers, four doors: simple acceptance, conditional
acceptance (honorable) as creditors...always keep position as such. door
three is silence. We are in a sea of commerce. We are the royal family, with
all capacity to resolve, distribute, solve, we have all money, means and ends,
from where the beginning and extending, from us and by and for our designs.
We become commerce as we judge.

Commerce in two forms: By love, or by reward. Become a sacred creditor

responsable of all energy (and forms) dispensing. Be present--stop the story
that triggers from NEUTRAL EVENTS. Do not make assumptions, ask how to
help, ask questions (as the king and sovereign), create through the exercise
of choice. No more fear of the beast, break the cycle of being right, do not
judge (charge) your brother. Come from i dont know, and i dont need be
right. traffic stop : do you know why i pulled you over? No. Do you have a DL,
(offer), I have passp (counter offer). we see the enemy, and it us. Compose
with respect, love, and honor. Encounter (or event) is ripe with opportunity.
Mastery exists in the absence of position. In judgement, position is taken.
Creditors acting in the capacity of competent ambassadors. competent is
capable of handling one's own business. courtesy and respect to all officers.
offer receives counter offer. Competent meaning dischargin responsibilities,