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MODEL 8·4113
The hydraulic lift is designed to provide hydraulic
power for raising and lowering attachments by finger-
tip control. This unit operates with hydraulic pressure
supplied by a piston-piston type hydrostatic trans-
Tractor models with a hydrogear type transmission
require Service Assembly 101668 to facilitate instal-
lation of this hydraulic lift.

(FIG. 2)

(25) in the cavity. Place the spring removed in

step 2 in the cavity after the ball. Thread in the
new plug (26) with o-ring. If it does not go
in easily the spring moy not be properly seated.
5. Using sandpaper or emery cloth, remove the
paint from the frame cross shoft (see Fig. 3). Use
on Allen wrench to remove the collar. Remove
the foot pedal, bushings and both spacers.
(FIG. 1)

1. Remove the left hand foot rest.
2. Using a % wrench, remove the plug and spring
from the upper rear corner of the transmission.
Do not lose any shims that might be inside the
plug. Save the spring for later use; leave the
cone valve in place. (See Fig. 1)
3. Place the new spring (item 2) in the opening
where the plug was removed, then replace the
plug and shims. CAUTION: If the plug does not
thread in easily, the spring and cone valve are
not all the way in. DO NOT FORCE PLUG. If no
shims were inside the plug, insert the two thick i----FRAlviE CROSS SHAFT

shims from the shim set (3).

4. Remove the plug from the upper forward corner
as shown in Figure 2. Discard plug. Place ball (FIG. 3)

lawn & garden tractors
6. Remove the indicator arm (21) to the lift arm shaft with the
lift ... ,,'.."nnhlv screw lockwasher and washer
See the
wires in the area.
at the lift assem- 12. Now connect the hoses to the transmission
be worked free from and holes as shown in 1
tractor. Place small removed back on
the frame cross the foot and
7. Install the new lift arm (1) inside the and fasten the rod to
hoodstand with the two cotters. The
can be inserted in the lift arm 13. Mount the footrest bracket on the tractor
it. Be sure the frame. The bracket fits on inside of the
face the of the tractor after frame and lines with the rear hoodstand
KeOIClce bolts and lockwashers. Recon- hole a hole in the footrest. See
lift bar to the new lift assem- view Fasten the footrest back
in Note that footrest is now
out one hole on the footrest bar to allow room
8. NOTE: Position the brake rod behind the lift arm for the The hoses should run the
as shown in 3. Slide the spacer over the outside the footrest as shown in 4.
frame cross followed the
with the holes out. Fasten the 14. Start the tractor. Move the valve and
der rod clevis to the lift arm with the clevis down several times to clear the
and two cotter the indicator arm to
decal. When the rod is retracted the
indicator arm to the "UP"
Check for leaks at Check
level in the transmission.
10W-30 or 10W-40
15. To check for a proper amount of pressure in the
connect a pressure at the
located between the of
The alternate
above the also be Pressure
should and 700 PSI when
the has reached the end of its stroke. If
checks below this range add one of the
shims at a time until proper is at-
tained. If no and the
lift works assumed that

in the
9. Mount the knob valve lever with the reverse steps found at the
Whizlock bolt (l the hose assemblies instructions.
to the valve as in 4. All hoses must
be connected as indicated to assure
ation of the lift. Bind the hoses
tie (31) about two inches below the valve. All attachments that work off the tractor
lift lever will operate in the same way with this
10. Fasten the valve to the valve lift.
the hex bolts 0) 1 Fasten the valve
to bolts and lock- IMPORTANT: Never run the lift without fluid or the
washers that to hold the will be voided.
See 4.
If the unit is ever dismantled for service, make sure
11 Mount the indicator on the hnnddt'l all parts are clean before it back
it as 1. Attach the After it is to install new fluid.

list Part No. and

Item Part No.

No. No.
973370 .468 1.0. x .078 4
973310 .414 1.0. x .072 4
3 103574 20 6628 Indicator Plate 1
4 6618 21 6629 Arm 1
5 ! 6619 22 910865 Pan Hd. Cr. 1
6 1932017 Cotter Pin 23 920008 1
7 4064 24 920082 I 1
8 . 102892 25 103216 1
9 6620 26 103217 1
10 908007 973310 1
11 915111 28 8007 1
12 103204 29 900214 1
13 960154 30 915662 1
14 103214 31 100571 1
15 103213 32 6630 Indicator 1
16 101422 33 102948 Lift 1
17 101423

5 4

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