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Welcome Email

Welcome Email
Leicht Deutsch Lernen
Lerne Deutsch fließend sprechen
Learn to speak German fluently

4 important notes:
1. If you see an ad (advertisement) with the URL: or our logo,
please don’t click it. It will cost us money and you know us already.
And because we give you our lessons for free our project doesn’t have a lot of money.

2. At the bottom of every email will be a link to unsubscribe (cancel). If you click that link, you
will not get any further German lessons – So please look before you click.

3. If you have already got some email lessons from us don't click the link in the first email
again (the link which gets you to the Maja download site) - otherwise the course will start
again! If you want to download Maja again use this link instead:

4. If you want to tell your friends about us, just give them our link: Don’t send them our emails. If they click the unsubscribe
link you won’t get any further lessons. And if they click the link in the first email your course
will start again!

Wir begrüßen die ganze Welt!

We welcome the whole world!

Hallo Leute,
Hello folks,

wir freuen uns, dass du dich für unseren Newsletter (Kurs) eingetragen hast.
we are pleased to see that you for our newsletter (course) registered

In unserem Newsletter wollen wir dich motivieren Deutsch zu lernen.

In our newsletter want motivate learn

Aber nicht wie du es vielleicht aus der Schule kennst.

But not like maybe school know

Nein, auf eine ganz andere Art.

No in a completely different way

Das Wichtigste ist, dass du Spaß hast.

The most important thing is that you fun

Nur wer Spaß am Lernen hat, bleibt motiviert und lernt viel schneller als alle anderen.
Only who fun keeps motivated much faster than all the others
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Welcome Email

Du wirst lernen wie ein Muttersprachler seine eigene Muttersprache lernt.

You are going to learn like a native speaker own mother tongue

Ohne Vokabellisten oder Grammatikregeln auswendig zu lernen.

Without vocabulary lists or grammar rules memorize

Du wirst durch unsere Lektionen die Sprachmuster ganz natürlich lernen.

You will our lessons speech patterns learning naturally

Vielleicht wirst du nicht erklären können warum die Wortreihenfolge in einem Satz so sein muss.
Maybe you won’t be able to explain why the word order in a sentence has to be that way

Oder warum du die und nicht eine andere Zeitform gewählt hast.
Or why and not another tense choose

Aber das können Muttersprachler oft auch nicht und trotzdem sprechen sie fließend Deutsch.
But that can native speaker often neither nevertheless fluently German

Also sei entspannt und denke nicht über Grammatik oder das Lernen nach. (nachdenken = think about)
So be relaxed and don’t think about grammar

Höre einfach nur zu und habe Spaß. Der Rest kommt automatisch.
Just listen and have fun the rest will come automatically

Deshalb nennen wir es „Leicht Deutsch Lernen!“

That's why we call it “Learn German Easily!”

Download of your first lesson “Maja”

If you need to download the lesson “Maja” again, use this link below and not the link in the first email
we sent you.

If you click the link in your first email again (to get to the download page of Maja) your email course
will start from the beginning.

Use this link instead:

And please don’t send your emails to anybody else.

If they click the link in your first email your course will start again.

And if your friends click the unsubscribe link in any email we sent to you, your course will stop.
So let them sign in themselves.

Greetings from Germany

Lucas Kern
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Welcome Email

What will you find on our web page

See the sidebar on our page on the right

Most important things:

Home (near the bottom)

Schedule for the email lessons.
You should check this schedule from time to time to see if you are still on track.

Basic Exercises
There are some basic German grammar exercises. We have just started this site, so there will come
much more. We recommend doing these mini lessons every day for a few minutes.

Google (and the 2.000 most important words)

You will learn the most important German words and you can use the Google search engine.
We recommend doing these mini lessons every day for a few minutes.

If you want to learn German effectively, then come back to our site every day and make our online
exercises in addition to our email lessons.

Do our email lessons as often as you can but try to do the online lessons daily.
Just one minute every day will have a huge effect in the long run!


Instructions for TPRS

We explain how you should use our TPRS lessons (like Maja).

In our video section you will find learning videos, song lessons but also funny and crazy stuff.

Link to us
If you want to support our free project, we would be happy if you find web sites, which would link to us.
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Welcome Email

If you like our style and our methods to teach the German language,
please help us to keep this Free Project alive.

If you feel excited about this project, like we do, then tell the world about us.

If you use our social buttons to post on your pin boards on FB & Co it will help us a lot.

Or you could use our Tell a friend button and send our URL e.g. of our funny videos.

Or you could send our URL of our form to subscribe, so that your friends can get our free lessons as well:


If you like to be my friend on Facebook:

And here is the link to our Fan Page on Facebook:

And if you like our fan page - please press

(c) Copyright Leicht Deutsch Lernen - Learn German Easily

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