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The West’s Crumbling Power
The Beginning of Sorrows: Part 2
by Chief Apostle Dr. Eric vonAnderseck

• The Judgments of God Intensify

• To whom Much is Given Much is
God’s message to the world: The door of • God Holds Out His Hand For

salvation through Jesus Christ is fast Repentance
closing and the time of God’s wrath is • Man Moves Further Away From God!
fast approaching. • God Raises up Sheaves of Wheat to
Stand Against the Tares
Now is the time to come into covenant
with God.
• Cain Bears the Yoke of Sin
• Man has not Changed!
The Beginning of Sorrows is also a • God Speaks Through His Prophets
wakeup call to the church for God has • Who is Willing to Hear His Voice?
said that judgment begins at the house of • Is Your Name in the Book of Life?
the Lord. This is the hour of temptation • Have You Been Believing a Lie?
for the church for God is challenging
• God Reforms Man’s Thinking
believers to come into covenant with
• God’s Fury!

Leviticus 26 Transcription of Teaching

Date of Teaching: November 7, 2008
[]: Editor’s insertion for flow of reading.
To Listen to the Teaching:

The Judgments of God Intensify

To whom Much is Given Much is required

God continually smites the nations regarding their indifference to Him; their smiting is equal to
that which they have received.

Those who receive much, much is required. We see the smiting of the children of Israel in
regarding His judgments in the book of Revelation as we see also Jerusalem divided up into
thirds and the nations of the world collapsing. All the monuments of man’s aspirations and his

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pride; the sky scrapers even the fishing industry, everything that Adam is tethered to for his
survival of the imagination is dissolved by the power of God.

Leviticus 26 - The temperatures of the judgments are set at its lowest: that has to do with
sicknesses and struggles. This is just the beginning; sorrow of heart, consuming of the eyes,
aliments which are treatable at this point, so those struck at this first level of aliments and
diseases, and sickness, think that at this point, if they are able to resolve these small things then;
they will be able to handle any big plague that comes against them; as people do today think:
regarding having inoculations prepared for any kind of dirty bomb or any kind of anthrax or
any kind of disease that hits (mad-cow disease or other things).

• God Holds Out His Hand For Repentance – Revelation 9:21

• Man Moves Further Away From God!

Revelation 9:21- In each smiting of God’s wrath there is also held out a hand for repentance.
“Yet repented they not!” At the beginning of the smiting they hid themselves in the dens and
caves of the earth and they cried out, “Hide us from the wrath of the lamb.” The word “hide” was
not a word of knowledge for repentance, but rather for resolve that we [the people] may
continue our lifestyle [uninterrupted for we do not want this God bothering us] as we like it and
enjoy it as we know about it: “that we may go out and play 9 holes of golf; that our turfs out
there will be nice and green and life will continue to flow with our pleasures, that we may enjoy
our weekends and have our parties, to continue to exploit other people and we can exercise our
passions as we see and as we desire.”

Revelation 6:16- We see that this is what they really wanted; they didn’t take it as “Oh Lord we
repent of our sins,” [and so] the intensity of their ignorance continued as they saw themselves
get further and further away from the Lord.

Leviticus 26:17, “I will set My face against you.” The distance will increase and you shall be slain
before your enemies; as we see even today the exchanging of coffins from one people to another
people. Why are Adamites destroying themselves?

Why do Adamites physically and philosophically fight against each other? Making widows and
orphans and increase the labor of the funeral homes. “They that hate you shall rule over you.”

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They are going to make the rules and so Moses, warning the children of Israel; your enemies, the
Gentiles, are actually going to make rules for you. We can see this beginning to happen in the
times of Samson, that the Philistines were ruling over them and the judges or the rulers of the
people say, “Don’t you know Samson that the Philistines are our rulers that we have to obey
their laws?”

• God Raises up Sheaves of Wheat

• To Stand Against the Tares

But God rose up a Sheaf of wheat amongst these thorns that stood against the lies of the
Philistines and also the religion of Dagon. The same thing today: God is raising up sheaves to
stand against the tares; that there is a division; there is contrast; that there is truth in the earth;
to those who embrace the covenant.

• Cain Bears the Yoke of Sin

• Children of Cain:
o Those who Worship Themselves
o Those who use Passion for Justification

Leviticus 26:18 – “If you will not yet, for all this hearken unto Me:” In verse 18 the thermostat is
being turned up from one degree to seven degrees higher: “Then I will punish you seven times
more for your sin.” The same thing was spoken unto Cain: “Now I will smite Cain with seven
plagues.” Cain lived to be nine hundred years old and in each century, God would put one more
plague upon Cain that he would bear the yoke of his sin against his brother Abel.

This is what God is doing today on the children of Cain; those who worship themselves and their
passions using it for justification. They say, “Well I feel this is right, I don’t feel you’re right, I
am feeling that I am right,” which is their passion speaking and not truth speaking. The truths of
their own passions are speaking based on their experiences, saying “My experiences in life
dictate to me this perspective; therefore, I must be right.” And because of this the Lord says “I
will punish you;” not Satan, “I am going to do this.”

• They Which Sat in Darkness Saw Great Light! - Matthew 4:15

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“Then I will punish you seven times more for your sins.” we can see that when Jesus came on the
scene (The Emmanuel, God with us) when Jesus came on the scene with His ministry, they that
sat in darkness saw great light. The conditions of Israel at this time was at its peak of ignorance.

It will be the same thing again; when they kill the two witnesses Enoch and Elijah, they’re going
to actually think that they have removed the offence and they will actually mark it as a global
holiday in regarding this time: “Let’s celebrate the death of these two men, who so tormented us
and always told us we were bad people and always told us we need to come in covenant when
our traditions speak for us. We were working for world peace, global unity, religious
ecumenicalism; we were looking for this and these men always stood against our endeavors;
they were our enemies, they made me feel bad.” That’s the same thing that Ahab said to Micah,
“This prophet over here never speaks good concerning me; he always tells me I am a bad person
that I need to come into covenant, when we are keeping the traditions.”

Ahab would point to the hill and say, “See this hill over in Samaria, we have a shrine up there in
the honor of our fathers and you [Micah] are calling me a bad person, and look at the shrines
over here and the images of Jeroboam the son of Nabat. After all, the images that he makes is
inscribed in the faces of the cherubim; we believe in the same God that you do!”

Again that was Satan’s perception; false justifications. We can see the mindset of people in
ancient times is the mindset that the people have today.

• Man has not CHANGED!

• God Breaks the Pride of Man’s Power!

The Adamites are no different than they were thousands of years ago. Every city itself will
become nothing more than a mound and a dung hill for every honor of man. “And if you will not
yet hearken unto Me…I will punish you seven times more for your sins.” “And I will break the
pride of your power;” I am going to set mischief upon your honor; your heritage; your boasting;
and your education system. You see that today; God did the same thing; everything that man
exalts requires the blood of their aspiration, “and I will make your heaven as iron, and your
earth as brass.”

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Your labors will be difficult and your strengthens will be spent in vain. You’re going to work long
hours for little wage; “For your land shall not yield her increase,” even that which it does bring
forth is going to be diminished, “Neither shall the trees yield their fruits.”

• God’s Judgments are in Portions

• Man is Contrary to God’s Covenant!

This again is the sign that the sinners need to hearken to; isn’t this the case today? That the
fields of the farms that you have labored [for from] one generation to the next generation are not
bringing forth fruit (the harvests, as you determined). If God was to execute His wrath in its
fullness we would all be consumed. But God executes His judgments in portions; a portion here
and a portion there; a little famine here and a little famine there.

If you were to take out a map of the world and put it on your wall and every time the news comes
on, mark on that when there is an earthquake in China, there is an earthquake in the United
States. When there is an earthquake in Columbia or Venezuela or in Asia or Middle East. As one
portion so is another portion; a loss here and a loss there; a little here and a little there.

Leviticus 26:21 – “If you walk contrary.” When you see the word COVENANT highlight that and
hear the word CONTRARY [highlight that also]. As we see the word contrary here, we going to
see also the word CONTRARY in the verse 24, “You walk contrary to Me I am going to walk
contrary to you. You don’t honor Me, and I am not going to honor you.”

God is not robbing you of pleasure; what He is saying right here “When you come in covenant I
will see to it that you are pleased; that you have the pleasures of the flesh as I created you, but
when you replace my covenant with the pleasures of the flesh then I am going to judge you for
those things because now you are putting yourself above Me.

• God Speaks Through His Prophets!

• Who is willing to hear His Voice?

Leviticus 26:21 – “If ye walk contrary to Me, and will not hearken unto Me,” the word hearken
which means: “I am going to speak to you by the words of My selected vessels; Prophets, when I
speak by those people, which I send to you (as God has done in every millennium and every
WEEK, as we see in the book of Judges and in the book of Revelation; the 144,000 are going to

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be the voices of the Lord during the tribulation the first three and half years and they will be

Do you think people are going to run and say “Hey are you one of the 144,000 in the book of
Revelation?” and they say, “Yeah I am,” and they will say, “Yeah I really don’t believe so because
I don’t see anything different in you that is not of myself.”

In other words “You look like everybody else.” So did Jesus; Jesus looked like the common man
as concerning His appearance and His needs; He had to eat and He had to sleep; He looked like
everybody else, and so will the 144,000; they are going to look like anybody else. And the two
witnesses will look like everybody else; the knowledge of the throne is what they are going to be
preaching as the stewards and the grace of God to precaution people.“

“If you do not come into covenant with God; these things are going to happen to you.” And they
are going to be announcing to the nations of the world in regarding these things and they are
going to come against the governments saying, “You are not representing the interest of these
people; but the interest of your own endeavor.” You are running office just for the purpose of
putting your name in the books of history.” You want to leave a marking of your life as a
memorial for these people to honor; you’re not really interested in faith in God.”

And because of the words of these two witnesses they’re going to be had in abomination in the
eyes and the ears of the sinner to where the beast that ascends from the abyss that’s located in
Iran, he is going to come and contend with these two witnesses and overcome them by God’s
will. Nobody could ever overcome these two witnesses until God gave the beast that ascends out
of the abyss (the bottomless pit that is located in Iran) to overcome them.

• Is Your Name in the Book of Life?

• Have you Been Believing a Lie?

After three and half days the Spirit of God entered into these two witnesses and at that point in
time people will begin to think (whose names are not written in the book of life) have we been
believing a lie all this time and not realized it? Why did these two men arise from the dead and
ascend into heaven? Why did a voice come from the sky saying, Come up here?” Have we been
believing a lie? But again their hearts will turn away from God by Satan’s persuasion; the
deceiver of the world; the prince of darkness.
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Leviticus 26:22 – “I will send wild beast among you, which will rob you of your children.” I am
going to take them and I am going to preserve these animals in the zoo and then I am going to
release them by an earthquake. These lions, tigers, wolfs, and these bears are going to walk up
and down these streets of your suburbs and they are going to pounce on your children; drag
them and crush them. I will send wild beast among you even diseased beasts, which will rob you
of your children, and destroy your cattle, and make you few in number. Take heed! Isn’t this
what is happing today?

Alligators, crocodiles, wolves, mountain lions, even coyotes, coming into your cities, bears
walking up and down your streets even killing your pets, which you are fatting to feed these wild
animals; and these wild animals are being protected by law, which cause your leaders to initiate
for the purpose of doing these judgments that you will not be able to stand and protect yourself;
and your highways shall be desolate, not only because of high prices of gasoline but because of
bandits and gangs.


o God is NOT in expansion Programs
o God is in Christ!

Leviticus 26:23 – “And if ye will not be reformed:” Highlight the word reform, which means you
have to change your thinking. Your leaders are keeping you in bondage to yourself by Me
[because I am putting them in authority to do it because you are not turning to Me] by these
things; they [ministers] want you to come to church for the purpose of them maintaining
influence over you so that their coffers, and their money, and expansion programs will continue
on so they can boast themselves and say, “See God is with us!”

No! God isn’t with your expansion programs; God is in Christ—not in your aspiration. “And if
you will not be reformed by Me by these things:” God says, I am putting these judgments on
you; so don’t go cursing the devil cause you think it’s him, because it’s not him at all, it is Me; I
am doing it.

Your religious leaders always blame the devil so that they can maintain the false justification of
their covetousness. “And if you will not be reformed by Me by these things,” by these tools and
these judgments “but will walk contrary to Me,” highlight the word contrary because your
justifications are by spoilers and not by faith; “then I will also walk contrary to you.” Highlight

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the word contrary again verse 21, 23, 24. He says I am going to “punish you” and will walk
contrary to you “yet seven times more for your sins.”

There is the word seven again in verse 18, 21, 24, 28 and he brings out also and expounds on this
in verse 35.

• I Will Walk Contrary To You!

• I Will Not Stand In Your Favor!
• Neither Shall Your Hope Be Seen!

Neither will I allow your false justifications to remain prevalent; I will remove your false
justifications by My truth. “Then I will walk contrary to you, and will punish you yet seven times
more for your sins,” “And I will bring a sword upon you,” I am going to bring war on your gates
“that shall avenge the quarrel of My covenant.”

• The Quarrel of My Covenant!

o You prefer YOUR tradition over Covenant!
o You Prefer YOUR Aspiration over Faith!
o You Prefer YOUR Principle over Truth!
o You Prefer YOUR Covetousness over Temperance!

You look at covetousness as a token of one who has great faith. The more that you hoard, the
more gold that you have, the more finances that you had in the banks; you look at that as the
blessing of the Lord; that is not MY blessing! That is your deception—a deceitful lust.


 Your Justification is by Satan’s Perception!

“When you are gathered together within your cities,” (the same thing like the ghetto wars) “ I
will send the pestilence” the angel of pestilence among you, I will even send rodents, plagues of
the earlier centuries where we can see God did these things: Malaria, AIDS, and incurable
diseases. God says that I will do this; these things just don’t happen just out of nowhere; they
happen at a point and they happen on a mass scale just like the Lord send rodents in the land of
the Philistines which marred their crops; God did that; Super Natural.


o Man Will Not Prevail by Technology
o Man Will Not Prevail by Science

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Man will try to find some reason for it under the microscope; we call it MacGyverism, which
means he tries to find reason through his own logic and through his own science, which lies to
you because it removes it from the One that is judging you into one’s own logic and
circumstances of life saying, “We will prevail by our technologies, and by our physics and by our
science.” And yet God put his judgments upon these things.

“When you are gathered together within your cities,” (the same thing like the ghetto wars) “I will
send the pestilence” the angel of pestilence among you. Just like the Lord sent the angel of death
into Egypt by the word of Moses. God does the same thing [today], I will take all your first born;
by plagues, by incurable diseases or I am going to send them to war; I am going to take the best
of the best and I am going to use their blood to water the plants; the enemies’ fields. “And ye
shall be delivered into the hand of the enemy,” even Satan.



Leviticus 26:26 – “And when I have broken the staff of your bread,” I am going to make bare the
shelves of your grocery stores. Instead of the place where you are gathering together for your
pleasure it is going to be gathering together for your want. It says here “And when I have broken
the staff of your bread, ten women shall bake your bread in one oven” because of loss; financial
loss, “and they shall deliver you your bread again by weight,” same thing in the book of
Revelation “measure wheat for a penny and three measures of barely for a penny.”

As we see in the Apocalyptic opening here of the third beast: And the third seal will be opened
and he had a pair of balances in his hand, which showed the inequity of a man’s heart. “And ye
shall eat, and not be satisfied,” as we see in Revelation 6.

Leviticus 26:27 – “And ye will not for all this hearken unto Me,” and that is the words of My
Prophets, the stewards which I have sent and here is that word again “but walk contrary unto
Me,” and not do what I expect out of you and come in covenant.

• Many Run to Church

o But do not Come Into Covenant With God.
• Many Petition God for Their Sins
o But do not Come Into Covenant With God.

10 ©2008 Chief Apostle Dr. Eric vonAnderseck, IDCCST ® Education, All rights reserved
They are appointing people to be the leaders; but again the leaders are not stewards God has
sanctified, until God raises up a judge and we see this in the book of Judges.

Leviticus 26:28 – In verse 28 we see the word contrary again “Then I will walk contrary to you,”
I am not going to give you what you desire but I am going to put mischief to what I do give you;
it is going to choke you.

Just as He did with the children of Israel after they came out of Egypt; while they were chewing
they say that while they were chewing (in their mouth) they began to choke on it and a lot of
people died that day; as they are chewing the quail they died. Imagine that one; that was a
strange thing and then science today would say what really happened is they had “choke-alitis”
and that this happens so many years; that every other generation has “choke-alitis” and their
throats closes up on them.

People today give it some kind of Greek or Latin word and try to resolve it and they justify it by
trying to identify it by with a Latin or a Greek word when it’s God judging it; that doesn’t justify

o “I gave you a chance to make your petitions known to Me upon My
altar, and My altar is empty of any sacrifice of faith…”

“Then I will walk contrary unto you also in FURY!” We see this in the book of Revelation when
the Lord closes up the doors of His temple and His fury is increased; no man was able to enter
the temple chapter 15 & 16.

No man was able to enter the temple of God’s wrath or petition now. “I gave you a chance to
make your petitions known to me upon My altar, and My altar is empty of any sacrifices of faith
so therefore my wrath shall be intensified against you;”

“In MY FURY!” When God says in HIS FURY He means in His fury THE ANGELS WALK

Take heed of that because you are bringing it upon yourself if you don’t come into covenant with
God. And don’t go blaming other people and other philosophies; you have only yourself to blame
because you have heard the knowledge of the truth.
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Branches of the Lord No Shadow of Turning
Apostle Jacques Wessels Teacher Wendy Nilsson

Whilst in prayer I received the This morning I woke up with the

following words from the Throne words:
of Grace which I would like to
“I am the God of all the universe
share for your edification,
and in me there is no shadow of
exhortation, and comfort:

“Strong is the branch that stands in Gethsemane.”

How marvelous it is to be reminded of the might and
Jesus went to Gethsemane to pray just before He was majesty of God and of His steadfastness throughout all
betrayed into the hands of the sinners. generations as His plan and purpose for mankind is
played out.
We are as branches of the Lord and as we continue to
keep our focus on Christ we continue to stand against Lately, I have reflected much on the purpose of God in
Satan’s wiles. We remain mindful on the plan of God Christ Jesus and how by the works of His hand we are
and our destiny is sealed in Him. made the praise of His glory (all that He is and all that He
possesses) as we are prepared to return to Him who is
Going through the resistance part of our cycles of
our origin.
growth may at times seem as if the Lord has left us, but
He has not. He is just allowing a time for the proving of When Jesus came to earth He, who is God, chose not to
our faith. Are we going to keep our focus on Him or are function as God but as man with the same fleshly frailties
we going to allow the circumstances to dictate to us. as you and me. In other words, He who was without sin
(being Light and Life itself) subjected Himself to obey the
God has created the circumstances for His Word to be
commandments of God the Father. He could have:
fulfilled. When we remain bound to Altar we are
within the sanctuary and the Peace of God • Commanded the stone to turn to bread but He waited
crowns the soul, to act as a buffer against the with faith and patience for the time of His deliverance
blows of whatever scenario might be played out and reward thus setting the pattern for our spiritual
within the . . . growth in revelation, resistance & reward.

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