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Open Source Communications

Why Open Communications ?

Open Source Software
Open Architecture Hardware and Solutions

No Vendor Lock-in or Restricted Licensing

Dramatically Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Higher Security
Higher Scalability and Reliability
Why Open Source Software ?
Open Source is more secure, less costly and more reliable

Some of the busiest sites like google, amazon, ebay

run on Open Source Software

Open Source leads to Open Architecture Solutions

which means Low TCO

No Restrictive Licensing and Vendor Lock-in

Best of the breed software –

Why Simmortel ?
Fastest 50 Open Telecom Company

Leading Provider of Speech Recognition Engine

Pioneer of Hosted IVR and Speech Applications

Completely Open Source Solutions and Architecture

Contact / Call Center Solutions
Open Source Software - Asterisk
Open Architecture
Modular and Plugin Extensible

Inbound Calling – IP Soft Phone, SIP, Mobile, Land-line

Outbound Calling – Predictive Dialing

Campaign Management – Call Pop-up

Continuous Call Monitoring and Recording
Call Details Records (CDR) Generation and Storage
Real-time Statistics and Graphical Reporting

Maximize - Agent Productivity, Center Efficiency, RoI

IVR Solutions
Open Source Solutions => No Per-port License Fee
Open Software Development Kit (SDK) => No Hidden Costs

Programming – Open, Robust, Flexible, Fast Deployment

– GUI, PHP, Java, VoiceXML 2.0

Open Source Content Management System (CMS)

Channels – E1/T1, SIP, H.323, Jingle

Codecs – G.711 uLaw, G.711 aLaw, G.722, GSM, G.726, Speex

Open Integration with Speech Recognition (ASR) Engine

Speech Recognition
Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

Medium to Large vocabulary

Connected grammar, Continuous speech

Open Software Development Kit (SDK)

Open Integration with IVR Applications

Asterisk Speech Recognition API

MRCP v1, v2 support

Source Code Available for large deployments

Video IVR
3G Network Support

High Quality Video content

No Download required unlike GPRS or 3G Data
DTMF support for better UI – like a Web Browser

Circuit Switched 3G-324M 3GPP Network Protocol

H.245 Call Control

Audio Codecs – GSM AMR, G.722.2, G.723.1

Video Codecs – H.263, H.264
Mobile Value Added Services (m-VAS)
VAS Solutions for Telecom Operators
Voice, SMS, Video

Scalable Open Architecture

Managed Services Model

Integrated Billing, CDR Module

Real-time Analysis and Reporting
Custom design and development
Voice Logger Solutions
Open Source Software – Asterisk
Open Architecture hardware

Real-time Call Reports, Statistics, Detail Records

Continuous Call Monitoring and Recording
Optional Automatic Speech-to-text Conversion

No Restricted Licensing
Custom Solution Development
Questions ?