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Alex Loyd, Ph.D. ND Ben Johnson, M.D.


The 7 Secrets of Energy Medicine:

How the Healing Code Works

Jed Diamond, Ph.D. has been a health-care professional for the last 45 years.
He is the author of 9 books, including Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places,
Male Menopause, The Irritable Male Syndrome, and Mr. Mean: Saving Your
Relationship from the Irritable Male Syndrome . He offers counseling to men,
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A friend knew I was working on a book about Energy Medicine and gave me a
copy of The Healing Code: 6 Minutes to Heal the Source of Your Health,
Success, or Relationship Issue. I have to admit, I was skeptical with all the hype
surrounding the book. The health program known as The Healing Codes is so
monumentally popular worldwide that when the book came out it sold out on
Amazon is just a few hours!

I was intrigued by the stories of the two authors Alexander Loyd and Ben
Johnson. Loyd described the years of frustration trying to find a treatment that
would work for his wife’s depression. Having suffered from depression myself I
understand how difficult a search that can be. Flying back to see his wife
following a phone call where she was suffering greatly and he feared for her life,
the Healing Code came to him as a gift from another world. Loyd says, “The best
way I can put it is: God downloaded into my mind and heart what we now call
The Healing Codes.”

When Loyd shared the information he had learned with his wife and she
began working the program, her depression gradually diminished and finally left
altogether. It hasn’t returned and both are extremely grateful for their good
fortune. Loyd then spent a number of years trying to validate the results he and
others were having. He began to delve into the science of Energy Medicine.

Ben Johnson had an even more dramatic story. After suffering with a number
of confusing symptoms, he was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
(ALS), commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. As a practicing physician he
knew the chances of his survival were slim and there was no known cure.
Johnson attended a seminar which Loyd taught and was intrigued with his
findings. He finally took the plunge, learned, and practiced the Codes. The
symptoms diminished and finally left altogether. “When I returned to the surgeon
who first diagnosed me,” he says, “He ran the test for Lou Gehrig’s (EMG) and
found it to be 100 percent gone. I have been symptom-free since March 2004.”

I spoke with Dr. Loyd and was impressed with his sincerity and desire to help
others heal. You can learn more on the site:
Here is a summary of my own understandings of the secrets described in the

Secret #1: There is One Source of Illness and Disease

Our bodies immune system and other systems in the body are finely tuned to
keep us healthy and to disease free. When the system is working properly the
many cellular disruptions that could turn into things like cancer are healed before
problems occur. When things are out of balance, disease occurs.

What causes us to get out of balance? Stress! Loyd and Johnson offer a
nice analogy to help us understand what’s happening on a cellular level:

In the Navy, when a ship is attacked, all maintenance, repair, and normal
activities cease. Even crew that are sleeping or eating have to “man the battle
stations.” When the alarm goes off, our cells cease their normal growth, healing
and maintenance. Why? The fire alarm is only supposed to go off in an
emergency, and all of those activities can wait a few minutes while we run or fight
to save our lives.

The cells literally close up, like a ship battening down the hatches in a time of
attack. Nothing is going in or out. You don’t see a tender ship coming up beside
a battleship to give it food or to unload the garbage during a battle. In the same
way our cells don’t receive nutrition, oxygen, minerals, etc. nor do they get rid of
waste products and toxins while under stress.

Under normal conditions the stress comes and goes quickly and shutting
things down for a short period of time does not cause damage. But increasingly
we are under chronic stress and our bodies, minds, and spirits can not repair
themselves. Physical, mental, and spiritual illnesses result.

Secret #2: Stress is Caused by an Energy Problem in the Body

We often think of stress as being caused by external circumstances, some

physical event that throws us off. Someone cuts in front of us on the freeway.
We have bills to pay and not enough money to pay them. We witness a horrific
Earth quake and Tsunami in Japan and wonder if it could happen here.

But science tells us that regardless of the external circumstances, if there is a

problem it registers in the energy field of the body. These ideas from quantum
physics were first discovered by people like Albert Einstein who said, “All matter
is energy.” George Crile, Sr., M.D., Founder of the world famous Cleveland
Clinic said, “Diseases are to be diagnosed and prevented via energy field
Loyd and Johnson say, “The understanding of quantum physics is opening up
the greatest breakthroughs of healing and health that we have ever
experienced.” They offer a nice analogy to describe the process:

One hundred years ago, before we had the electrical grid, if you wanted to
have electricity you needed your own generator. (We are on solar power where I
live, but need a back up generator in the winter). You put gas in the tank to fuel
the generator. It required a source of oxygen (air intake) and it had to exhaust
the byproduct in the form of fumes. As long as the fuel lasted, you had

It’s the same way in our cells. A cell has to have oxygen and glucose (fuel),
and it has to be able to exhaust the waste out of the cell. When you stop that
process, you get a “brown out” where the cell doesn’t function properly, and
eventually a “black out” just as with the generator when it runs out of fuel. If the
process goes too far, the cell will literally die. So you can see how stress
sending the cells into a state of alarm can cause an energy shortage, leading to
cellular damage and what we would eventually label a disease. The type of
disease or diagnosis that manifests is simply determined by which link in the
chain breaks.

Secret #3: Issues of the Heart (called many things by modern science—
cellular-memory, unconscious, subconscious, etc.) Are The Control Mechanism
for Health.

The underlying cause of all stress is trauma and the resulting misinformation
that is stored as cellular memory. In the old way of looking at things we assumed
diseases were caused by something physical going wrong in the body. But
increasingly we now know that disease is triggered by faulty beliefs that result
from trauma. The trauma puts us into a stress reaction that causes physical,
mental, and spiritual illness. What’s more the trauma does not have to be severe
to cause disease.

Here’s how Dr. Johnson understands what happened when he practiced the
techniques of the Healing Codes. “So what was this perfect code? This
incredible technique? Actually, we were not even focusing on the Lou Gehrig’s
disease at all. We were focusing on a few cellular memories from my childhood,
the kind that all of us can relate to. There were no huge traumas in my life. I
was never sexually abused. I was never beaten, and I promise you I never
missed a meal.” But he goes on to say that, like all of us, he did get messages
that he internalized and under the right circumstances could cause disease later
in his life. “I still had ‘bad programming’ that was sending stress signals to my
cells and causing disease.”

He goes on to say that not coincidentally Southwestern University Medical

School, Stanford University Medical School, Harvard Medical School, and New
York University Medical School have all released research indicating that these
types of cellular memories may very well be the missing piece of the puzzle in
health and healing.

Cancer can be a result of bad cellular memories replacing good ones.

Psychological trauma, addiction and depression may all be furthered by
abnormal memories inside the cells. Diseases that turn up later in life, scientists
suspect, may be due to errant memories programmed into cells as people age.

Now scientists are striving to understand how cells acquire these memories
and perhaps treat disease at its roots by adjusting them. "This may provide one
of the most powerful ways of curing illness," said Eric Nestler, M.D., Ph.D.,
Director of the Friedman Brain Institute at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York.
For many diseases, he says, treatments today aren't much better than Band-
Aids. They address a disease's symptoms, but not its cause. "Harnessing this
knowledge," Nestler said, "offers the potential of really correcting the

Secret #4: All Memories Are Energy Stored and Recalled as Images, and
90% of Them Are Unconscious

Think of your computer hard drive and all that is stored there. I know I’ve got
stuff in there that I’ve totally forgotten about and don’t even know is there, but it’s
recorded and could be retrieved with the proper methods. Like our hard drive our
own memories are stored, but most are unconscious or subconscious.

Loyd and Johnson say, “The latest research seems to indicate that these
memories are stored in our cells, literally all over our bodies. These memories
are not flesh and blood; they are stored in our cells as an energy pattern.”

They go on to say that all data, everything that happens to us, is encoded in
the form of cellular memories. Some of them contain destructive or inaccurate
beliefs that cause the body’s stress response to be activated when it shouldn’t,
which turns off the immune system and causes literally every problem in our lives
that we know of. The substance of these cellular memories is a destructive
energy pattern in the body.”

With my computer, I’ve learned to activate the “defragging function” to get it to

work more efficiently. As we heal the cellular memories we heal the process that
causes the physical, emotional, and spiritual diseases we have.

“The Healing Codes heal that cellular memory, heal its destructive energy
pattern, and allow us to believe the truth so that we are not afraid when there’s
nothing to be afraid of,” say Loyd and Johnson. “Then we’ve fixed the thing
causing the problem at its source. We have defragged the human hard drive.
We have healed the memories.”
Secret #5: Your Antivirus Program May Be Making You Sick

Most of us have an anti-virus program on our computer to protect us from

unwanted intrusions and so does the human hard drive. In the human hard drive
it is our memory program that tells us to seek out pleasurable experience or
avoid painful experiences. This stimulus/response mechanism generally works
pretty well.

This mechanism is particularly sensitive to traumatic memories. When

something happens that causes us pain we want to be sure we don’t repeat that
same experience. Dr. Loyd recalls a client who had all the ingredients for
success, a 180 IQ, graduation from an Ivy League school with honors, and was
tabbed for greatness on Wall Street. But things never worked out right. “I keep
sabotaging myself in my career,” his client recalls. “Everybody says I should be
a mover and a shaker on Wall Street, but every time I’m getting close to
something like that, I find a way to mess myself up.”

Looking back for cellular memories of trauma, it turned out it was “no big
deal.” It was a Popsicle memory that turned out to be the key to the problem. It
went back to a memory when his client was five or six. It was a summer day and
Mom had given the sister a popsicle but would not give the client one until she
finished her dinner. No big deal, right? That couldn’t cause a huge block to
success, could it?

Well, we know it isn’t what happens to us that is the problem, but how we
interpret what happens. In this case the client interpreted the Popsicle memory
to mean that she wasn’t loved as much as her sister, that she was somehow
inadequate, defective. And these cellular memories got triggered in later life and
sabotaged her success.

The problem with these memories and the way we interpret them is that they
are so common and seemingly innocuous, we don’t recognize them as traumatic.
“These pre-language and pre-logical-thinking memories can really become a
bugaboo to us throughout our lives,” say Loyd and Johnson. “And we have
thousands of these.” When we go through a trauma, even a small one, our
higher rational thinking is disconnected to some degree. We go into shock.

When a later memory triggers a similar feeling, when we feel unloved or “less
than,” unsupported, or vulnerable, our protective mechanism kicks into gear and
tries to prevent us from being hurt again. Our adult brain sees it as self-
sabotage, but our cellular memory sees it as self-protection.

I had one of these childhood traumas when I was 6 or 7 years old. A friend of
my mother was watching me while my mother was at work. When my mother
returned she had to take the friend home and I was left to take care of myself for
the few minutes it took for my mother to drive her home. It got dark and I
became terrified my mother had abandoned me or that something had happened
to her. I quickly went into total panic.

I walked out to the curb and looked for her car. When I didn’t see it I started
to sob uncontrollably. Shortly thereafter my mother returned and she seemed
upset with me for crying and being outside where neighbors might see me. She
probably had only been gone 20 or 30 minutes, but in my mind it felt like forever.

Years later, as an adult, any time my wife came home later than expected, I
would begin to feel the same panic. One night my wife was particularly late (she
had met some friends and lost track of the time). As time passed I went from
worried to panicked to total melt-down with fantasies that she had been in an
accident and been killed. When she arrived home, happy to see me, I was
sobbing and angry. She couldn’t understand why I was so upset and I couldn’t
either. I dismissed my feelings as being “childish.”

No matter how many times I tried to talk myself out of feeling frightened when
my wife was a little late, I couldn’t do it. When we keep having these unwanted
feelings and experiences, Loyd and Johnson say, “Your protective programming
system is making a determination that somehow the circumstance you are in is
related to a trauma. These memories and this memory belief system become
programmed into the hard drive in our human computer. Pain memories are
prioritized over any other kind of memory in order to allow us to survive and grow

These deeply programmed pain memories originally had a survival value, but
now cause us stress that leads to illness. But since the memories are mostly
unconscious we have a difficult time healing them. Even when we can
remember the original trauma, we can’t seem to calm our troubled hearts.

Secret #6: What You Do Is What You Believe

Dr. Loyd shares the story of meeting and falling in love with his wife. They
had many, many things in common and shared their beliefs about themselves,
love, and marriage. “On the day that Tracey and I got married,” he says, “I can
honestly say that I thought we were about as ready as anyone could ever be.
We had been through pre-marital counseling, taken personality assessments and
compared them, written down what we wanted in life and what we didn’t want,
and how we would handle certain situations. Boy, were we ready!”

“So we got married, and less than a year later, both of us wanted a divorce.
What in the world happened? I now know that when Tracey and I said ‘I believe,’
we were talking only about what we consciously believed.” But the problem, as it
is with so many of us, is that 90 percent of our beliefs are unconscious. “After we
got married, circumstances happened for both of us that reactivated pain
memories which bypassed the conscious beliefs that Tracey and I had agreed
on. I would blame Tracey and she would blame me. We would get upset, we
would pout, we would do all kinds of things thinking that it was the circumstance
happening right then that was the issue.”

My wife, Carlin, and I have had similar experiences and I know many other
couples have as well. It’s our beliefs that can either help us heal or create
problems in our relationships and in our lives. 12 Step recovery programs such
as A.A call these unhelpful beliefs “stinkin’ thinkin’.” But those are just the
conscious thoughts. It’s usually the unconscious ones that do us in.

New research shows that the trigger for illness and disease in the body as
well in our relationships is always a wrong belief and, conversely, that once we
believe the truth and keep believing the truth, our cells become impervious to
illness and disease. What you believe will kill you or heal you. But the only way
to heal our problems permanently and completely is to heal those cellular
memories that are causing the problems that are being protected by the
unconscious mind.

Secret #7: When the Heart and the Head Conflict, The Heart Always Wins

Most of the big fights my wife and I have had over the years were triggered by
the old traumas from our past that were operating without our being aware of
them. Whenever she seemed less attentive or was late coming home, it would
trigger my fears of abandonment. When I’d get upset or angry with her, it would
trigger her old fears living with a father who raged and a mother who withdrew.

But we usually weren’t aware of the deeper pain, or if we were, we never

seemed to be able to turn off the old feelings. We thought we were fighting about
the current incident. Our heads would tell us that we shouldn’t get upset about
“this” or “that,” but our hearts were responding to a deeper truth.

Alex Loyd and his wife Tracey had similar experiences. “When the head and
the heart conflict, the heart wins,” Loyd learned. “With Tracey and me, the
unconscious pain memories started playing out in our marriage, so we blamed it
on our current circumstances, but that’s not what was going on.”

Here’s the bottom line: The heart is programmed to protect. It is the

number one job of the heart to protect you from having painful, possibly fatal
things from happening and especially from happening again. The heart lives in
the world of images and associations. It doesn’t realize that the legitimate fears I
had as a 5 year old, don’t serve me as a 50 year-old. It is still programmed to
cause a panic reaction to make the person who I’m dependent upon for love not
to abandon me.
We think we should “outgrow” these dependency needs, to be able to take
care of ourselves. But the truth is we have the same needs for safety, nurture,
and support as adults that we had as children. Once we fall in love and connect
with a partner, we are just as dependent on them for meeting our needs as a
child is on their parents. This doesn’t mean we are “co-dependent” or “needy.” It
just means we are human.

That is why we can’t talk ourselves out of our cellular memories, even with all
kinds of talk therapy, behavior modification, or cognitive restructuring. When the
head and heart conflict, the heart always wins because it is programmed to
protect us from harm and keep us connected to our loved ones. And nothing is
more important than that.

It does this by stimulating the body’s stress response. If the stress response
kicks in when it shouldn’t kick in, it causes us to be afraid when we should not be
afraid. If the head and heart conflict and the heart wins in a destructive way that
affects our health or career or relationships, or keeps us from being at peace, it is
because of fear in our hearts. We may not consciously feel the fear, but that is
what’s being resonated in our cells.

How the Healing Codes Heal:

Stress is the source of all our ills. A Healing Code works by getting rid of
stress at the source. Research from the Institute of HeartMath in California
indicates that if the stress can be removed, healing can occur throughout our
being, right down to our cells including our genes.

The discovery of The Healing Codes revealed the physical function that
automatically activates that healing resource identified by the Institute of
HeartMath. Using this resource, a Healing Code heals by changing the
underlying destructive energy pattern, or frequency, of a destructive image to a
healthy one.

There’s still much we have to learn about Energy Psychology and Energy
Medicine. Research continues at centers throughout the U.S. and around the
world. For more information on the Healing Code I suggest you visit their
website at

For more information on my own work on Energy Medicine and healing visit
me at or on Facebook at

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