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Editor in Chief: March 16th 2011

Shani Blankrot Page 1

OIL!!! And vation

some other bullocks
behind their first book. ered over. Kerosene, propane,
ed semi-colon and my failure to
understand how comma’s work. CO-OP CORNER
Damon Surgenor I admit, the sporadic placement Things to Remember:
“When I was a college student in octane, jet fuel; the fruits and of commas in places is because
4th year Mechanical • The Co-op website offers
the late…” (Insert date here) “… vegetables of industry, all origi- I had no idea what I was doing, many tips and is very infor-
I spent a three month vacation nating from the heart of Alberta. so I figured a pause would make mation. The website is
W hat is the fastest way to
become the target of the
“progressive student populous’
in Europe…” and on and on four
hundred pages further [1].
Working in the oil industry al-
It might even get further pro-
cessed to nylon or maybe even
things better.
• Round II is from February 15
First line of “No Sense of Place” – April 8
”, or more correctly, the “environ- lows you to travel around the Anyone who protests the devel-
mentally adware’s” unrelenting world to places not open to the opment of Canada’s tar sands is
(1985). Joshua Meyrowitz… (def- Word of the Week
initely not a B-grade sociologist, Seasonal Decomposition(n): The
hatred? public or the travelling liberal arts absolutely correct, in that it is a breakdown of a student's ability
book has interesting parallels to
Getting a job in the oil industry student. Places where personal huge burden on the surrounding to study and be productive as
all that social networking that
seems to be the ticket. And that mercenaries are necessary and natural environment. Unfortu- the seasons tend to spring and
goes on with the internet these summer. Can be used to forecast
is exactly why I chose a Co-op dictatorships come and go on a nately there are no other options productivity levels of school
job in Alberta, at one of Canada’s monthly basis. It would definitely to sustain our excessive North- work over the course of an 8
Not sure, you find it… some-
premium tar sands operations. be extremely valuable to see the American lifestyle. It’s not really, month horizon.
where in “Joshua Then and Now’
Onwards, to explore the industry unfortunate circumstances that then, a question of toppling an (1980). Mordecai Richler Editors’ note: Word of the Week is a humour column
away from the sensationalized human’s love for oil has caused in evil entity that can simply be de- based on popular expressions around Sexton Campus.
By: Damon Surgenor (4th year If you have any complaints or suggestions, please email
viewpoint of media engines and some areas of the world. feated through lobbying and pro- Obviously we prefer suggestions!
environmental organizations, For all the flack that Tar Sands testing. I’m not sure what those
founded on admirable notions, companies, like Suncor and Syn- Dalhousie sustainability folks at dalgossipgeek
but which have only served to crude, get for the environmental the Killam, back in January, were
fuel person’s love for themselves, destruction inherent in the ex- after with that passive protesting.
instead of the environment. traction of bitumen (I guess some Surely, it was beautifully modeled .....XOXO

After an outstanding pass of the people call it Tar these days), they after John Lennon’s famous Bed-
panel five drug test, I was on the
first plane to Calgary, waiting for
do have significant environmen-
tal programs in place. After all it
in back in 1969. Bringing it back
to Montreal: give peace/environ- ossip Write.
a charter to the Athabasca tar pit.
Who would have thought that
there was occupational drug test-
is Canada and strict environmen-
tal regulations apply. That be-
ing said, there is always room for
ment a chance against the evil
powers that be, I suppose.
Beyond that oddity, individual
eek Get Paid.
Send articles to
ing in Canada and that cannabis improvement. On a side note, it consumption of oil products like, Sextant Positions
is one of the five drugs tested? I is quite obvious that ceasing tar plastics, synthetic fabrics, and Fall 2011
incorrectly thought that this was sands operations completely, is fuels is the major issue at hand.
the stuff of the American Empire more environmentally friendly Perhaps critically analyzing your Needed: Editor in Chief and
only. However, if you hang about than refining the extraction pro- own lifestyle and how your in- Assistant Editor.Well compen- Halifax's Best Trivia!
the 7-Eleven in downtown Fort cess of bitumen for synthetic dividual impact can be reduced sated. Email Sexton Campus
Mcmurray at three O’clock in the crude. Of course, it would be should be considered. Perhaps
morning you will see why such difficult to halt the extraction of you could criticize all that you
tests exist. A pipe fitter, I worked a natural resource that everyone consume, wear, and touch before Get PAID Looking for something to do?
with, likened the scene to a zom- uses on a daily basis. you place the blame of complex 100-200 words -- $15 Not spending enough time
bie movie. Pain, sorrow, anguish, On to my field office, at the issues like global warming entire- 200-400 words -- $25 mingling with other faculties/
and despair far beyond the shel- In-situ plant, where bitumen ly on the government or industry. 400 - 600 words -- $30 disciplines? Then check out
tered halls of academia. Those was pumped 30 feet out of the Clearly these past few para- 600+ -- $35 some of these events.
left behind. ground with horizontally drilled graphs have been utter nonsense Picture(s) with article -- +$5, to a
maximum of $5 Thursday, March 17th
With the intentions of seeing steam pipes. After numerous cof- and bollocks; the musing of a
firsthand the malpractices and fee breaks with the site process cynical student that doesn’t un- Picture of the Week, Comic, St.Patrick's Day at the T Room
environmental horrors inscribed engineers, from Shanghai and derstand people or the current is- abstract -- $20 Saturday, March 19th
in the mountains of literature Seoul, I had a firm understanding sues facing society. As that great Note: your content must be School of Psychology
dismissing the Alberta oil indus- of the refining process down the Canadian writer once suggested printed on either the print or
Open Mic at the T Room
try, I found myself contemplating line. Both engineers had previ- “cynicism breads in people who web Sextant to qualify for pay-
an unfortunate dilemma: stay in ously worked in refineries at their are terrified and afraid, refuting ment Thursday, March 24th
the oil industry for the invaluable places of birth. Additionally, the alternative understanding when Formula SAE Night
work experience immediately Chinese characters for ‘Nuclear’, they can’t comprehend some- DSEUS Elections Actor and Architects
available, or quit based upon per- ‘Power’, ’Big’, ‘Hemp’, ‘Boy’ and thing” [2]. Or something along Voting days: 8:30 am Monday Saturday, March 26th
sonal beliefs. ‘Woman’ were revealed. A firm those lines, I couldn’t find the 5:00pm Wednesday March 16th
For a junior engineer, direct
Dal Diabetes
conceptualized understanding quote in the book, in the time al- Check out
design experience is the most of the Korean alphabet was not lotted. Of course, you can’t bar- Does your society have an
important thing in your life (far obtained. rel through life being cynical all
The Sextant is published by the event on Sexton Campus?
more important than beer) and And so, after the bitumen is the time. There is always music,
Dalhousie Sextant Publishing Send an email to sextant@dal.
in the oil industry, you get a lot diluted and sent to a refinery art, language, and writing to turn
Society and aims to represent ca and we’ll post it here!
of it. Additionally, it allows you in Edmonton or somewhere in to; the simple formula for retriev-
all of the students studying and
to travel around the world. And the USA, it is further processed. ing your brain from a momentary Don't forget - it's free to
living on Sexton Campus.
not the regular stint in Europe Cracked, diluted, and distilled to bout of depression, back into an advertise a society on The
Editor: Shani Blankrot
that a handful of B-grade sociolo- those products that environmen- operational second gear. Sextant.
Assistant Editor: Dilan Watson
gists claim was the eye-opening talists, politicians and business- In conclusion, I have to apolo-
Treasurer: Riccardo Ciccarelli
cultural experience, and moti- men alike get all hot and both- gize for the overuse of that dread-
March 16th 2011
Page 2

Loaded Levies
my hard earned money going
ing NSPIRG, Loaded Ladle, etc.
However, while certain societies
what ideas and initiatives they
support. This could be done as
I will be
Martin Crawley
5th year
towards on Dalhousie University
campus? Here are all the levies
tote that you can opt out easily,
sometimes it is not practical to
easily as having the levy opt-out
in conjunction with the online there
that full time students pay into do so. For instance, let’s say I DSU health plan opt-out. Stu-
Mechanical in an academic year: decided to opt out of NSPIRG, I dents can simply be linked to in- Robbie
would have to wait for a certain formation about each individual McCormack
NSPIRG: $4.00/year period in time where they open levy, and decide for themselves (Industrial

L ast week's referendum on

the $2.00 levy to support the
Loaded Ladle has probably been
DalOUT: $0.50/year
their office to allow reimburse-
ments of your levy over a period
if they want to support that soci-
ety without much effort or time
Engineering '11)

of a few hours for a few days. As spent. Furthermore, the DSU

one of the most polarizing is- WUSC: $0.50/year a student from Sexton Campus, I could enter the names of people
sues in Dalhousie this year. I am don’t see my time utilized prop- who decide to opt-in/opt-out In a galaxy far far away
extremely happy to see various Womens Centre: $2.34/year erly if I have to walk 30 minutes of a levy into a database such as in a land that is completely
students taking sides on these all the way up to Studley cam- the new Tiger Society's website unknown...
sorts of issues because it shows South African trust: $1.00/year pus, potentially be in a line up so that societies such as NSPIRG I will be there
that they care about their experi- for an extended period of time, can keep track of who paid their
ence at Dalhousie University. Gazette: $5.00/year as I am here
be questioned of my motives as fees. This will allow the society to
Although, I have a bone to pick to why I want my money back, control who is in attendance to
with the DSU and its levy pro- Sustainability Office: $2.00/year and spend another half hour to certain events and services. When all that you know has
gram, in how it is inaccessible, walk back to Sexton campus. I I think by having an accessible gone away
and societies take advantage And starting in September 2011 honestly didn’t bother going to and transparent way of how we I will be then as I am now
of student apathy to fund their the Loaded Levy: $2.00/year get my money back just because fund student-levied societies, it
goals and initiatives. Clearly you can see that each of the time and effort it would will help make future requests
The first time I heard about a student is paying $15.34 every take. A genuine student society for levies that much easier and When time has come to an
levy was during the NSPIRG year towards levies. What if you must not rely on student apathy less contentious than displayed end
uproar of 2009. That is when I don’t use one of the services or students' busy schedules for in the campaign in the 2011 and the well has run dry
realized that I (unknowingly) that are offered by a levy fee that funding. winter DSU elections. I will be here
paid $4 into a society that I did you pay into? Have you not the An easy to access opt out system
not even know existed. That first right to opt out? Some levies, to fill it up.
is critical in allowing students to
got me thinking: what else is in fact, let you do this includ- have control of their money and


What is SEEF?
The Sexton Engineering Endowment Fund is funded by the $15 fee that each 3rd and 4th year student pays each term they are enrolled in engineering programs at Sexton campus. The
purpose of SEEF is to support the pursuit of excellence in education, research and public service in the faculty of Engineering at Dalhousie University, Sexton campus.

What kinds of activities are supported by SEEF?

• Support for invited speakers
• Partial support for “chairs” in special fields
• Partial support for faculties and equipment
• Funds for teaching aids (A.V, films, etc.)
Student Activities
• Funds for undergraduate student projects
• Funding for tools and equipment for student projects
Equipment and Facilities
• Classroom enhancements, particularly if this involves the possible development of new funding sources
• Enhancement of laboratory instructional equipment
• Enhancement of student facilities (DSEUS, technical societies, etc.)
• Enhancement of office environment
Academic and Support Staff
• Support for staff self-improvement courses, workshops, etc.
• Special facilities
• Special acquisitions
Who is able to apply? Academic staff, support staff, undergraduate students, and alumni are able to submit proposals.

Do you have an idea that you think would enhance the academic experience of students at Sexton Campus? Then we want to hear from you!
How to apply: Application guides are available outside the DSEUS office in the design commons, which outline the application requirements. Make sure to follow all instructions
on the application guide.
Please forward any questions you may have to Chris DesRoches, SEEF Chair Winter 2011 at

Apparel - Belt Buckles (Bronze, Silver and

Gold toned), Keychains and T-Shirts!
EngiBEERing every Friday afternoon in the
Design Commons! Wear a sweater vest for a
free beer!

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