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WHH HW Quiz pgs. 337-343

1. The execution of 40,000 enemies of the republic was known as…

A. The Great Fear

B. The Reign of Fear
C. The Reign of Terror
D. The Great Terror

2. The fate of Louis XVI divided the National Convention into two factions, the…

A. Girondins and the Mountain

B. Mountain and the Jacobins
C. Jacobins and the Girondins
D. Girondins and the Committee of Public Safety

3. As rebellions erupted across France in 1793 the Committee of Public Safety made an example by executing 1,880
citizens at the city of…

A. Nantes
B. Paris
C. Varennes
D. Lyon

4. Robespierre believed that the Terror would create good citizens, or a…

A. Republic of democracy
B. Republic of citizens
C. Republic of virtue
D. Republic of civil duty

5. The Committee of Public Safety called for a mobilization of France to defend its borders in 1793 after which the
revolutionary armies grew to…

A. 500,000 men
B. 2 million men
C. 1 million men
D. 250,000 men

6. The radical revolution that emerged in 1793 was lead by all of the following individuals except…

A. Danton
B. Marat
C. Robespierre
D. Olympe de Gouges

7. How many men were members of the Committee of Public Safety?

A. 11
B. 12
C. 13
D. 14
8. In support of the National Convention’s belief in reason, the government instituted a policy called…

A. De-Christianization
B. De-religionization
C. De-classification
D. Vendemiaire

9. Napoleon’s sudden overthrow of the Directory is called a…

A. Revolt
B. Revolution
C. Golpe de estado
D. Coup d’etat

10. Following the end of the Terror, the National Convention was replaced by…

A. The National Assembly

B. The Directory
C. The Consulate
D. The National Directory

11. The Constitution of 1795 created a legislature composed of the Council of 500 and the Council of…

A. Elders
B. Electors
C. 300
D. Consuls

12. In accordance with the de-Christianization of France, the Notre Dame Cathedral was renamed…

A. Temple of Religion
B. Temple of Knowledge
C. Temple of Reason
D. Temple of France

13. What event ended the Reign of Terror on July 28, 1794?

A. The execution of Marat

B. The execution of Louis XVI
C. The execution of Danton
D. The Execution of Robespierre

14. The National Convention was pushed to more radical actions by the local government of Paris, called the…

A. Commune
B. Committee
C. Convention
D. Concordant

15. The symbolic execution device of the Terror was called the…

A. Axe
B. Guillotine
C. Gibbet
D. Fallbeil