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“Automated & Mobile controlled Rescue Robot”

D.Prahitha P.J.Sahithya
Sri Venketeswara College Sri Venketeswara College Of
Of Engineering Engineering.
Tirupathi Tirupathi

ABSTRACT: control the robot by seeing the video through 3G

Of late natural and man made calamities became technology. It also helps to provide medical aid
unmanageable. Notwithstanding the fact that for needy. Our system can also be used to detect
Government takes all steps to protect and reduce and defuse the fire, human life detection during
the impact of calamity, Right from the ancient earth quakes. Thus our aim is to provide a
times only humans are being used for these robotic system that can act as a savior during
rescue operations. However, over the past natural and man made calamities.
decade or so, the autonomous systems role has 1. INTRODUCTION:
changed – the emergence of smart munitions One can create life no one has the rights to
and precision aerial bombardment has resulted destroy it. The saying goes like this. Right from
in the human entering tough urban combat the early stage humans have lost their life during
situations to mop up any remains of calamities. the rescue operations. Here in our project we are
Our system is the first of several such programs going to take up this issue to build a robotic
that are looking at revamping the rescuers gear. system which can perform rescue operations in
Our system basically has two modes. One mode wars, during earth quakes, fire etc. It has the
is the automatic mode and the other mode is user capability of terrain climbing. Our robot also has
control mode. The automatic mode makes the the capability of detection and diffusion of the
robot to detect the obstacles and move without fire. This project is sure to create revolution in
any human intervention. In certain unavoidable the rescue operations.
circumstances the control comes to user who can 2. EXISTING SYSTEM:
control the operations of the robot from remote There is much advancement in the field of
location using a mobile phone. The user can engineering, robotics in particular. Many robotic
systems have been developed for various
ii) Guiding a blind in any environment
purposes. There are certain systems which are
with the help of a guiding handle
used for automatic motion of vehicles in road mounted over the Robot.
and wheel chairs which can help disabled and
iii) Detecting unusual situations such as
this robot is named “E-shield”. There are also trespasses, Land mines, fire, and gas
leakage using a multiple sensor system.
robotic systems which can be used for defense
purpose. In addition to these advancements there iv) Controlling the Robot from anywhere
in the world through mobile phones
are also robotic systems which can perform
using DTMF technology.
rescue operations during natural calamities. But
v) Robot sends messages (SMS) during
these robotic system are being controlled only
critical situation to the user through the
be a remote computer which makes it less mobile phone provided in the Robot,
which is interfaced to a micro-
reliable and more over it has less extended
controller through a Data cable.
vi) Object Recognition and Navigation for
3. PROPOSED SYSTEM: Autonomous operation through Infra-
Here in the existing system there are only Red sensors.
remote monitoring and controlling of robots are vii) Finding out the exact location of the
available using computer. Here in my system we Robot through Global Positioning
are going to control the robot from remote
location using a mobile phone through 3G viii) Complete Home Security system.
technology. Thus my system is more reliable to ix) Manually controlled Recovery Robot.
as mobile phones have become order of the day.
It has many new extended applications. My
robot is also capable of detecting and diffusing 4. DTMF TECHNOLOGY:
the bombs more quickly. It can either be done The DTMF keypad is laid out in a 4×4 matrix,

through automatic mode or by user mode. My with each row representing a low frequency, and

system also contains fire detection module. This each column representing a high frequency.

project is a new idea that will enable a mobile Pressing a single key (such as '1') will send a

robotic system, to perform multiple tasks in a sinusoidal tone of the two frequencies (697 and

domestic environment such as 1209 hertz (Hz)). The original keypads had
levers inside, so each button activated two
contacts. The multiple tones are the reason for
i) Identifying victims during disasters like
Earthquake and Land Slides and calling the system multi frequency. These tones
reporting their location to rescuers with are then decoded by the switching center to
help of CCD Camera and Global
Positioning System. determine which key was pressed.
We have started with the implementation of our
robot and have finished implementing some of
the modules. A snap shot is as given below.

The sounds used for touch tone dialing are

referred to as DTMF (Dual Tone Multiple
Frequencies) tones. Each number (as well as the
"#" and "*") is represented by a pair of tones.
For instance, the number "1" is represented by 6. EXTENDED APPLICATIONS:
the frequencies 1209 Hz and 697 Hz. DTMF Some of the extended applications of our
"Touch" Tones are defined in CCITT Volume robot is
VI: General Recommendations on Telephone Vehicular Automation:
Switching and Signalling Recommendation This vehicular automation includes
Q.23: Technical Features of Push-Button
1. Automobile Automation
Telephone Sets.". This document and its related
2. Automatic Vehicles in Army
standard documents will tell you more than you
would ever want to know about DTMF tones. 3. Automatic Vehicles in Space Research

4. Wheel Chairs
Steps involved:
Here in these type of applications we no need to
• In phone settings, Auto-answer option is
add any thing new to the ROBOT because our
E-SHIELD itself is capable of detecting the
• Then we have to make the call to the
obstacles and move around. In case of
mobile which is connected to the robot.
automobiles let us consider we place the same
• When the call gets accepted, we have to circuit in a car then it can run with out help of
press the defined keys to make the robot any human intervention once route map has been
to move in particular direction. fed into the microcontroller. In army, thousands
of people die during war times just while condition. Beads of a thermistor material (a
operating trucks and tankers. If we automate material, such as germanium, whose resistance
these vehicles by using our circuit it’s sure to changes with its temperature) support a wire that
bring revolution in the defense field. In case of forms part of the fire detection circuit. The bead-
space research these types of robots are vital supported wire is enclosed in a metal tube routed
because, for capturing images of distant planets through the area to be protected. If the tube is
where human can’t go we need these kinds of heated by a fire, the thermistor material changes
robots. Similarly the same robots can also be from an insulator into a conductor and
used for paralytic and disabled persons for completes an electrical circuit between the
moving around smaller distance. central wire and the tube. This completed circuit
Earth Mine Detection initiates the fire-warning procedure by turning

As the robot designed by us is capable of on the fire-warning light and sounding the fire-

moving around different places by detecting warning bell.

different obstacles the presence of a earth mine 7. PROS AND CONS:

can be easily detected by using earth mine  The robot has remote controlling facility
detection sensor which is readily available in the so that it can be controlled from any
market. We place the sensor in the robot which where in the world using mobile phone.
moves to different places once if it detects with  Our robot also has an in built bomb
earth mine or a bomb it gives signal to the diffusion technique by which bomb
handler by using mobile phone. diffusion can be done from a remote
Human Life Detection in Earth Quakes location.

The Robot will have the PIR sensor, which will  One of the disadvantage of our robot is
help to detect the alive human beings. It consists that the response time is high.
of an IR based human radiation sensor, which 8. FUTURE ENHANCEMENT:
picks up signals from human body radiations  Our future aim is to reduce the response
and gives a signal output. The human body time to a greater extent.
radiates infrared waves with wavelengths of 8 to  We are also working on adding some
12 micrometers. Whenever any human being more new applications to our robot.
comes in the vicinity of the system the IR 9. CONCLUSION:
system gives the Signal. The proposed system is aimed towards to reduce
Fire Detection: the human rescue operations. This also helps on
A component in a fire detection system that remote bomb detonation and automatic bomb
signals the presence of a fire or overheat detection. Our robot also has terrain climbing
facility. Hence, “E-SHIELD” is sure to create a
revolution in its own field and ensure complete
support from people of different societies.
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