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Otherwise different project

Arabian community in Bulgaria

Information and
missing information

Ruslan Trad
Arabian world
• Consists of 25 countries and in the most of them the Arabian language is
official. They are mainly countries from North Africa and West Asia.
• The population is 368 million people.
• The Arabian language is a social, economic and political organization of
the Arabian countries.
What does the Arabian community in
Bulgaria represents?
• It consists of Arabians from different countries. The largest amount of
Lebanese, Syrians, and Iraqis.
• Students and traders
• Just from the past few years there is a Settlement of this community in
• One of the oldest communities choose to live in Bulgaria - more than 40
year history.
Имиграцията в България
• The different assessments could be summary:
• The count of the legal immigrants is nearly
108 000 people, naturalized - 3600, residents –
40 000, temporarily residents - 64 000
• The official registration of the political asylum
people and refugees in Bulgaria begun at 1991.
• The count of the people who officially
requested political asylum status
between 1994 - June 2001
is 7029 people from 66 countries. The count of the
illegal residents in Bulgaria is between 30 000 and
50 000 people.
• There are different numbers - according to the Anna Krasteva`s “ The immigration to
Bulgaria” book, NSI points that in 1992 the Arabians are 5438.
• According to other data ( Wikipedia ) they are nearly 10 000 in 2004 and
there are a lot with dim status.
• According to police data the long time resident and the permanent resident
Syrians are nearly 3000 in 2001 and the permanent resident lebanonians
are 625.
• It is unclear why NSI does not include this kind of data in the National
The different communities
• The Arabian community consists of different kind of communities - Syrian,
Iraqi, Algerian, Egyptian etc.
• Their count depends a lot of the condition of the country they are coming
• The immigration streams are and will be from least developed muslim
countries - Near and the Middle East ( Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan,
Palestine, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Algerie, Egypt, Tunisia )
• The Arabians are incorporated in organizations of their own
community - Lebanese, Syrian, Iraqi etc.
• This organizations has a general organization representing the
whole Arabian community.
• There is a general meeting which includes all organizations.
• Every community has its own organization similar to Syrian
association in Bulgaria, Lebanese association etc.
• There are no religious Arabian organization.
• In general Arabians are not included members in a local
ethnic parties.
• The organizations are caring for every member and his family,
inclouding the coming students ones.
Community problems

Getting visa
and legal
Legal difficulties.
problems -
Missing and cards to
informatio property and
n in the commerce.
Possible problems
There is no tension between the local society and the
immigrants, but there is possibility for tension in the feature.


Islam phobia


Social discrimination


Misunderstanding about the terrorism problems


State protection

Need of State
Connection between
guarantees the
state and immigrant
community immigration
and refugees rights.

Law security and

Need of community protection for refugees,
researches, statistic immigrants and the
researches temporarily resident
The Future