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Advanced Monitoring Platform

Sentient Energy’s Advanced Monitoring Platform

is a modular, intelligent monitoring system for the

Smart Grid, consisting of AMP™ line monitors and
the AMPLE™ suite of monitoring applications and
analytics. The MM2 line monitor unit is at the heart
of the system, deployed on three phase and single
phase lines across the distribution grid.

Multiple measurements Equipped with

high resolution current, temperature, and
waveform measuring capabilities, MM2
continuously monitors detailed line operating
conditions and events, such as real-time
current and ampacity, faults, momentaries, With excellent line of sight visibility in all
and equipment related disturbances. directions, the monitors can be hardware
configured to serve as routable mesh nodes
Intelligent processing The AMP MM2
that substantially enhance the robustness of
line monitor features gigabytes of storage the overall AMI network.
and a fully programmable controller running
Linux-based applications. The AMP MM2 can “Plug & Play” The AMP MM2 is easily
process all captured data locally, analyzing deployed and secured to the conductor in
waveform events and data trends from one single operation with a standard hot-stick
microseconds to years in duration. Rather than in minutes. No pole-attached enclosures
burdening the network with torrents of bits, or power from the secondary are required.
it communicates key grid event information It automatically establishes connectivity
in real time by exception, while forwarding with the local Silver Spring mesh network.
detailed data sets only upon operator request Equipped with a high visibility flashing LED,
or when bandwidth is available. the AMP MM2 “plugs & plays” into field-
Enhances existing
proven FCI practices while providing much
Silver Spring inside The AMP MM2
- The MM2 fits into traditional richer, actionable information to distribution
FCI processes comes with built-in Silver Spring Networks operators, T&D engineers, and line crews.
- Strengthens AMI business case communications and integrates seamlessly
- Leverages DNP3 protocol with any Silver Spring AMI or Distribution Standards-based The AMP MM2 line
- Upgradable & programmable
Automation network; no RTU, secondary monitor easily integrates into existing DMS
Cost efficient deployments power, or pole attachment is required. or SCADA systems as a fully compliant DNP3
- Easy installation Powered for unlimited availability, the AMP device. MM2 element management and
- No secondary power connection
- No pole attachments MM2 unit stays connected during outages and advanced analytics are provided by Sentient
- Designed for zero maintenance confirms power restoration immediately. Energy’s AMPLE enterprise application suite.
Network upgradable AMP line monitors are fully AMPLE Enterprise Applications The AMPLE suite is
programmable from the distribution operator’s office or designed to augment existing operational systems such
anywhere else inside the utility’s secure IT environment. as SCADA and the DMS through integration based on
All deployed MM2’s can have their software updated the DNP3 standard. It offers a growing set of software
“over the air” to equip the units with new capabilities, modules including standalone applications for the
up-to-date analytics or new protocols and standards. management of the MM2 line monitors, network
visualization, and advanced analytics. The AMPLE suite
AMPLE Monitor Element Manager The AMPLE Monitor
leverages AMP MM2 line monitor data for fault isolation,
Element Manager is the foundation of the AMPLE suite. outage restoration, condition-based maintenance,
It performs all core administrative, wireless programming, distributed energy resources management, distribution
and monitor diagnostic tasks for deployments of any size. power flow, and many other applications.
The Monitor Element Manager application also manages
trip settings and alarm configurations, operating system
upgrades, library versions, and application stacks.

AMP Master Monitor 2 Specifications

Communications Built-in, 2-way Silver Spring networking enabling immediate notification of faults,
momentaries & other grid events

Operating System Secure Embedded Linux; all software network upgradable

Current Measurement Operating 0 to 800A; Faults up to 10kA detected in 4ms (programmable);

waveform capture at 8KHz resolution

Conductor Temp Measurement -40 to +150°C

Programmable Thresholds Multiple upper/lower levels for current, temperature and ampacity;
fully programmable over network

Availability/Normal 100% available, unlimited 2-way communications

Availability/Outage Configurable; default settings: 2 hours at 100% availability followed by 10 hours

with 30 minute cycle reports.

LED Flash Indicator Daylight-visible, programmable flash pattern, lifetime operation

Operating conditions 0 to 35kV phase to phase; -40 to + 85°C

Qualifications ANSI®/IEEE495-1986™; FCC part B; salt fog environmental

Conductor fit 0.25 to 1.0 inch (up to 636 ACSR, 750 AAC bare

Physical Size: 7” x 4” x 6”; Weight: < 5 lbs; Weather-tight construction

Protocols Native DNP3, IPv6

Lifetime > 10 years

Installation Standard hot-stick; minimal installation time with no pole attachments required

ABOUT SENTIENT ENERGY Sentient Energy is a distribution automation company providing electric utilities with the most advanced,
yet cost-effective and mass-deployable distribution grid monitoring solutions — “The Eyes and the Ears of the Smart Grid”.
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