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Test Questions

1. Please describe the DBS3900 equipment (hardware

configuration, board position, cable connections).

 DBS3900 (Distributed Base Station 3900)

 DBS3900 is consist of BBU3900, RRU3606, ODU3601CE,
accessories, cable and antenna system.
2. Which is the board that can support transmissions
interface and how many types of transmissions support?

-FE electric
-FE optic

3. Which board will provide the connection between BBU

and RRU?


4. Please fill in which can be the power input for one BBU
…….. .?How many amperes we need for one RRU?

+24V,-48V; 20 ampers for one RRU if we have APM, or 15

ampers if we have an indoor site

5. What speed can support each transmission port?

-FE electric 10/100Mbits/s; -FE optic 10/100Mbits/s; -E1

6. Which are the official scenarios regarding swap


Trebuie sa explice ceea ce le-a excplicat alex la training, in legatura cu pozitia RRU-
urilor, pe pilon, la baza pilonului sau pe shelter. Se va preciza si conexiunea pana la RRU,
adica daca se vor pastra feederii existenti sau se vor folosi jumperi pana la combiner si
de la combiner la antene.

7. Please draw E1 cable connection.

8. Please draw cable connection rules related to BTS swap

9. Which is the power input for the APM30H and in which
port we connect the alarm cable for outdoor sites? Do we
have AC power inside the APM30?

220V sau 380V, and the alarms are connected on MON1 and
Yes, we do have AC power inside APM.

10. When we use DCDU equipment and which function it


We use DCDU when we install BBU in 19 inch rack and the DCDU
provides -48V.

11. What is mandatory to have before connecting optical

fibers? Which is the color for single mode fiber, but for
multi mode fiber?

SFP module is mandatory to have.

Single mode fiber- yellow
Multi mode fiber - orange
12. How
you differentiate one RRU for 410MHz from one
which is for 450 MHz?

450Mhz is 450.A and 410Mhz is 450.D or 450.L (este diferentiat prin sub-
13. How
many external alarms can be provided by one BBU?
Which are the names of the ports?

16 alarms on EXT_ALM1 and EXT_ALM0

14. Which
is the role of each RRU RF port? How many inputs
and outputs have one combiner?

TX/RX - main
RX – diversity

4 inputs, 2 outputs
15. TheVSWR alarm appears on transmission or reception
side? What about RSSI value?

VSWR on transmission and RSSI on reception

16. If
on co-transmission the link from switch to the first BBU
will come on FE0 port, which will be the transmission
port for the second BBU?


17. If
the transmissions are on E1 we’ll use co-transmission


18. Which is the impedance for E1 cable? Please specify

which is the size for grounding cable .

120 ohms, 6 mm for grounding cable

19. Please
specify the user name and password for Telnet or
FTP connection to BBU.


20. Which is the BBU local IP address and mask? On which

port you can make the connection?


21. OMC
engineer informs you that on sector A you have
VSWR alarm, which are the steps in solving this issue?
Verify the connectors and then verify the jumper.
22. OMCengineer informs you that the second BBU can’t be
reached, which will be your local verifications to clarify
the position of this issue in the network transmissions?

First you need to ping the first BBU and then you should ping the gateway.

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