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Ruth Wu

(323) 834-9286 EDUCATION San Diego State University Master of Arts in Journalism Mass Communication and Media Studies May 2010 Xian International Studies University, China Bachelor of Arts in Translation May 2008 Related Courses: Law Translation, Consecutive Interpreting, Business Interpreting, Conference Interpreting, Economy and Trade Translation, Simultaneous Interpretation, Chinese-English Translation. EXPERIENCE Technovate Translations San Diego (SD), CA Translate various documents, covering different topics. Nov. 2010 present GUARDiON Health Sciences, LLC. SD, CA Translated 27 pages business plan, company brochures, and product description. Aug. 2010 present The Corky McMillin Companies SD, CA Translate companys profile, business letters in the area of real estate industry. June, 2010 present Imani Lee Translation Services SD, CA Translate certificates, company instructions, business materials, and etc. Mar. 2009 present Chinese Delegation Team Various location, CA Interpreted the meeting with the County of San Bernardino about its potential investments. July, 2011 Interpreted the meeting with the County of Los Angeles Probation Department about juvenile crime. June, 2011 Interpreted the meeting with the County of San Bernardino about the management of homeless people. June, 2011 Interpreted the meeting with Orange County Business Council about green energy. May, 2011 Interpreted the meeting with Los Angeles County about the Emergency Services. Oct. 2009 Interpreted the meeting with the San Diego County about its HR management system. Oct. 2009 Interpreted the introduction conference about the international program in UC, Irvine. Oct. 2009 New York Film Academy, Los Angeles Los Angeles(LA), CA 5-days classroom interpretation about screenwriting, TV production, new media, and etc. March, 2011 Jianghe Lifting Corporation Las Vegas, Nevada Interpreted for the Construction Expo and its business meetings with Fortune 500 Company JLG. March, 2011 Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Los Angeles Branch Los Angeles(LA), CA Interpreted for the tour about American financial institutes and Federal Reserve Bank March, 2011 China Unicom Americas LA, CA Interpreted for conferences with AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Rogers, etc with topics covering MSA, network capabilities, VOIP, IPLC, MPLS, DIA, etc. Sep. 2010 Mar. 2011 Wedding Ceremony LA, CA Interpreted for a traditional Chinese wedding ceremony for American guests. Feb. 2011 Confucius Institute at San Diego State University SD, CA Translated Institutes materials, and interpret lectures given by Chinese professors. Feb. 2009 Aug.2010 SDSU Department of Educational Leadership SD, CA Did the simultaneous interpretation for the 4-day Chinese and American Educational Leadership institute, including the area of special education, educational technology, education funding, and etc. June, 2010 MR Gallery Santa Monica, CA Interpreted for the galley at the three-day 19th annual Photo LA expo Jan. 2010 2010 Pasadena Rose Parade LA, CA Interpreted for the Chinese delegates from Chinese float Dance with the Terra Cotta Warriors in 2010 Pasadena Rose Parade and walked along with the float for 5.5 miles as the interpreter. Dec. 2009 Jan. 2010 Phoenix Satellite Television (US) Inc. Las Vegas, NV Interpreted for the 2009 Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant in the America region. Jun. 2009 Aug. 2009 Hunan Golden Eagle Broadcasting System (*The biggest and most famous local TV station in China) Translated and edited International News. Hunan, China Jul. 2008 Aug. 2008

Global Chinese Ceremony of Ancestor Worship Xian, China Escort Interpretation for the delegates attending the worship ceremony. Apr 2007 Czech Republic-China Economic & Trade Seminar Enterprises Projects Meeting Xian, China Interpreted for the business representatives of the Czech Republic during its presidents visit to China. Sep 2006 Fifth West China Forum for Foreign Direct Investment Xian, China Business interpretations for the representatives from different companies. Apr. 2006

Xiaosi Wu 2011

This is a list of some of the categories of translation I have done, and under each category are brief examples of my work 1.Business plan/ Finance: 23-pages Capital Stone Holdings, Inc Business Plan for EB-5 Immigrant Investors (~9500 Eng words) This business plan explains how the immigrant investors can benefit from Capital Stone Equity Fund I, LP. Topics cover executive summary, the environment for banking, capital structure, strategy and process, and etc. 2.Education: The Confucius Institute at San Diego State University - 2010 Confucius Classroom Applications (~17,000 Eng words) Translated 10 applications for Confucius Classroom. These aimed to strengthen cooperation in education between China and the US, and to promote the development of Chinese language at the K-8 levels. 3. Medical: 22-pages GUARDiON Health Sciences Business Plan August 2010 (~9000 Eng words) This document highlighted the company and its products for age-related macular degeneration (AMD). The document illustrated market research and strategy, introduced the management team, and explained the medical benefits and the technical documentation of their AMD preventative products in detail. 4. Real estate Several letters for potential investors in China, introducing the real estate market in San Diego and its possible opportunities for Chinese (~1000 Eng words) 5. Law Antenuptial Agreement (~1500 Eng words) Agreement prior to marriage. The content included couples legal responsibilities and the provisions for division of property and spousal support in the event of divorce. Immigration interview materials (~5500 Eng words) Immigration materials include VISA forms, greencard forms, childrens alimony applications etc. 6. Brochure Vancouver College of Art and Design program guide (~4800 Eng words) This introduced the college and its programs. They include information regarding Web Design, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Marketing and merchandising for Fashion, Fashion Design, as well as 3D Modeling Animation Art and Design. 7. Certificates and Degrees Bachelor and Masters degree translation as well as various certificate translations (~1300 Chinese characters)

8. Telecommunication International Data Center Introduction (~1200 Eng words) This introduced China Unicom's networks and secure IDC operational areas across different countries. The document also highlighted its service to government agencies, SMBs, SMLEs, other carriers and service providers. 9. Press release: Translation of more than 20 news reports for the Confucius Institute at San Diego State University. Translation sample: 10. Formal conference speech: institute.

Agenda for China Institute Celebration Dinner (~1700 Eng words)

Three formal speeches given by the supervisor, president, and director of the Chinese and American Educational Leadership