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Thickness Data Control Program

UltraMATETM is an intuitive WindowsTM 95

thickness data control program that simplifies the
transfer, storage, analysis, and documentation of
thickness data. It replaces our popular

Easy To Use
Installation of UltraMATETM is easy through the
automated installation program. An intuitive user
inter face combined with extensive “on-line HELP”
simplifies use and provides immediate access to
details on program operation, features, and
capabillities. UltraMATETM is available on CD-Rom or
3.5” diskette formats.
Up to 25 thickness documents can be opened and
displayed at one time.

Advanced Features/Capabilities
Color Readings Reports displays or prints readings
in color based on user assignment of colors to
thickness ranges. Sizing of the color readings
spread sheet is easily accomplished through stan-
dard windows operation to view more or less of the
entire data file. Loss/Growth Violations, Min/Max
Violations, Obstructs, Empties, A-Scans, Minimum
Capture Points, and locations having Comments
attached can also be displayed in color.
UltraMATETM is part of the UtraVIEW
Suite of NDT Inspection Software

Printer compatibility problems are vir tually elimi-

nated by using standard windows suppor ted
printers. Printing of standard and custom gener-
ated repor ts is hassle-free.

Direct DMS Communication

Simple, fast bi-directional communication (send/
receive) is provided with the model DMS A-Scan
thickness gauge’s power ful alphanumeric on-board
data recorder. Thickness values, A-Scans, Com-
ments, Header information, and Obstructs
are communicated. An “Auto-Connect” feature
automatically selects the proper COM Por t and Color Readings of a Boiler file with break point
BAUD Rate vir tually eliminating communication thickness range color assignments.
problems. The DMS simply needs to be turned
ON — no special settings or menu selections
are necessar y to communicate!

Color Grid Block displays or prints a user as Comparison of Files provides an easy way to
signed color block for data locations. It allows compare data files (old vs. new) on screen.
data to be condensed and more information dis Point-by-point comparison showing delta between
played at one time. Color Histogram displays values and % changes, as well as, a file sum-
the # or % of occurrences within user specified mary showing average delta and % change.
thickness ranges for a data file.
Merge files allows up to five inspectors to work
on a large job (i.e. boiler and storage tank walls)
and then Merge the data into one single data file
upon completion of the work. User selectable
criteria such as Min, Max, or Avg, can be used to
handle any overlapping data locations. Inpection
time is dramtically reduced, integrity of data is
enhanced, and money is saved. Files being
merged must be of the same type and size.

Red readings contain stored A-scans which can be

sized and viewed.

Copy & Paste provides a quick and easy way to

get inspection data into standard spreadsheet
(Excel) and word processing ( MS-Word, Word
Per fect) programs. Time consuming conversions
to ASCII formats and expor t/import operations
are eliminated.
Simultaneous display of two original data files
with merged file.
Direct UltraPIPE Compatibility to send and receive
data files. Quick and easy editing and verification
of data in the field prior to sending to the UltraPIPE
program for in-depth analysis and reporting.

DMS MATE files are directly compatible with

UltraMATETM. Old historical DMS MATE (.dms) files
are easily viewed and saved as UltraMATETM (.utm)
files, and UltraMATETM files can also be saved as
DMS MATE (.dms) files for backwards compatibiity.

Future releases of UltraMATETM will provide com-

Copy and Paste data into an Excel spreadsheet patibility to the data loggers of other thickness
gauges, flaw detectors, and DataMATE (.dat) files.

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