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1.| Amanda Chong Mui Ting 6
2.| Chong Li Ying 15
3.| Lim Sing Chee 34


Amanda : Oh my gosh I͛m so fed up with all these homework! Don͛t you guys feel
very tired of doing your assignments?

Lim : Of course I do! Yesterday I went to bed at about 11pm and it͛s all
because of the Physics assignment. It took me for about 5 hours to finish

Chong : Hey stop complaining about it. You still have to finish your assignments
as usual. In fact, don͛t you guys want to relax for a bit? I have a joke that
will definitely make you laugh. : A psychiatrist tells his patient, ͞I͛ve got
good news and bad news. The good news is you͛ve got a split personality.͟
͞Are you kidding me?͟ says the patient. ͞That͛s good news? What͛s the
bad?͟ The psychiatrist says, ͞The bad news is I͛m going to have to bill you

Amanda : What? That͛s it? It could barely made me laugh.

Lim : It͛s true. Now it͛s my time to tell you guys a joke I heard from my cousin.
One day, Phil visits his doctor after weeks of not feeling well. ͞I have bad
news,͟ says the doctor. ͞You don͛t have long to live.͟ ͞How long have I
got?͟ asks a distraught Phil ͞Ten,͟ the doctor says sadly. ͞Ten? Ten what?
Months?Days?͟ Suddenly the doctor interrupts, ͞Nine, eight, seven, six͙͟

Chong : Ha-ha-ha͙͙It͛s funny but not enough. At least mine is better than yours.
Hey Amanda, have any funny jokes want to share with us?

Amanda : Ok let me take a shot. Adam stepped into the toilet, he heard another
man from a cubicle saying, ͞Hello! How͛s the going?͟ Startled, Adam
replied,͟ I͛m fine.͟ The voice spoke again, ͞Where are you going?͟ Still
confused, Adam said, ͞I͛m going to see my girlfriend at her apartment.
How about you?͟ Then Adam heard the man in the cubicle saying,
͞Listen. I͛ll call you back in a minute. I͛m trying to find out who͛s the idiot
who keeps answering my questions.͟
Lim : Ha-ha-ha-ha͙͙ Not bad Amanda. Is Adam you mentioned in your joke
our classmate Adam Danial?

Amanda : No it isn͛t. I just picked a random name that popped out of my mind.
Anyway, have you guys ever been on diet?

Chong : No I haven͛t but my mom does. The doctor told my mom that she can͛t
have ice cream for dessert anymore, so she has it as an appetizer.

Amanda : What? You say that a diet? Ha-ha funny. My doctor suggested that I cut
back on red meat, so I͛ve stopped putting ketchup on my hamburgers.

Lim : Ha-ha-ha͙Do you ever heard of a diet-conscious lady once weighed 90

kilos, but she went on a strict diet. Now she weighs only 40 kilos,
including the casket.

Chong : I also heard once a woman was on diet for so long, later she

Lim : Ha-ha-ha͙Hey it͛s recess time. You guys want to have lunch in the

Chong : Count me in. How about you Amanda?

Amanda : No thanks I͛m on diet. I tell you if you cheat on a diet, you will gain in
the end. Hey I͛m just joking! Count me in; I͛m so hungry right now.

Lim & Chong : Let͛s go!