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aL A) =I = = =I PLA LAL a) A LL LA Ah et A oh | ma) ab Different people are brought to different places with this “Alleluia.” Some are transported to caravans crossing the vast Middle Eastern desert; some are carried to the wildlife of the African savannah; others are whisked'to the highest peak in the Northern Philippine mountain ranges, gazing down at the rolling landscape below. The truth is, this “Alleluia” was written with no other image in mind than that of splendorous creation crying out her praises to the Lord— earthy, wild, and free. The piece’s shifting meters are meant to make the song sound almost free-time, and its driving rhythm pushes the song forward. The song's harmonies, sparse and with few shifts, are meant to be sung loud’and unrestrained. Alleluia Choir (SSAATTBB) ‘Music and arrangement PAULO K TIROL Mixed voice ensemble (SAT) ‘Soprano obbligato Freely and intensely boo Eve . e me Sipe nce ENSEMBLE Ty cE >. > e a @ MIXED ENSEMBLE é ‘Priippine Copyright © 2003. esutt Communications Foundation, Inc.All rights reserved. Ake, Alte ~~ orl Alois «2 coaeeles ' > ' ©. ormvestarte re © gM mal. wh eee ® > 5 e ae Ack oi te ee i = ee ee ee ee ® e e Ae . e e e > ft, . Ale -lu-ialte-by te - Alsleslu-ial fe-by AL = le = Maeda Tea, Te ~ nat ‘Able = hu ia! fe -Iu, Tel, Te = vat Alle = Wy fale, a= at Te, Ae = ha ~ ia, ” Alsle- Ww tat te- ty Able =I iate- hy, Able = br iat Te Ia, Ade - hu - ia, Ace mee ig Se A, AS Sens ey alk Sw e9 bs f bo D soxxo enseare ven 69 ine cn) ia. fal Abele, Alste= ty = ial tevty Ale at Als ty Allens ial Al-ie, Ale le- dw = ft Alsi, Alves ts dl Alle, Ale Wy lal Ale, Aleks feed, Als de- 5 are 5 Alu ee @®°? DEE sD EDD © D e Tefal Alle = ba = eo De > e “axe ENSEMBLE Alen fore re) —_ c ——— ke AL = festa a