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Advanced Computer Systems

Section 0 – Spring Semester 2011

COURSE: CPEN 4710-0, CRN 21076

TITLE: Advanced Computer Systems

CLASS SCHEDULE: Monday/Wednesday 4:00 – 5:15 (EMCS 301)

CREDIT: 3 semester hours

FACULTY: Dr. Joe Dumas ( – Office: EMCS 313C – Phone: 423-425-4084 – CSE Office Phone: 423-
425-4349 – Office hours: as posted on office door or by appointment

TEXTBOOKS (required): Clements, Alan. Microprocessor Systems Design: 68000 Hardware, Software, and Interfacing
(third edition), PWS Publishing, 1997. ISBN 0-534-94822-7. Paul, Richard P. SPARC Architecture, Assembly Language
Programming, and C (second edition), Prentice Hall, 2000. ISBN 0-13-025596-3.

REFERENCE: Weaver, David and Germond, Tom. The SPARC Architecture Manual (Version 9, Revision 1.4.7), SPARC
International, Inc., copyright 1994, revised 2003. Available on-line at

OVERVIEW: In this course we will study and compare/contrast typical CISC and RISC computer architectures, particularly
as exemplified by the widely popular Motorola 68000 and Sun SPARC (Scalable Processor ARChitecture) microprocessor
families. We will examine the instruction set, data representation and addressing modes, hardware interface, I/O and
memory structure, exception handling, support for multitasking, multiprocessing, and high level languages, and other
relevant features of each of the two microprocessor families in order to better understand their similarities and
differences and the advantages and disadvantages of each. Programming, hardware, and other assignments will be used
to illustrate and reinforce the material covered in the lecture and textbooks. The prerequisites for this course are CPEN
or CPSC 3700, 3710, and 4700 with grades of C or better. If you have any doubts regarding your preparation to take this
course, please discuss your situation with me as soon as possible.

GRADING: Grades will be based on your performance on three in-class tests, a comprehensive final examination, and a
number of graded assignments which may include homework, projects, programming assignments, pop quizzes, etc.
Your numerical average will be based on the following weighting: Test 1, 20%; Test 2, 20%; Test 3, 20%; Final Exam, 20%;
Assignment average, 20%.

Letter grades for the course will be assigned on the following scale: 90.00 or higher, A; 80.00 - 89.99, B; 70.00 - 79.99, C;
60.00 - 69.99, D; less than 60.00, F. When assignments/tests are returned to you, review them carefully. If you detect an
error in scoring or have any other questions, see me as soon as possible. I will not adjust scores any later than one
week after the test or assignment in question has been returned to you.

INDIVIDUAL WORK POLICY: All work on assignments, tests, and the final exam is to be done on a strictly individual
basis unless I specifically notify you otherwise. Assignments may be discussed with other students in a general sense
only; all work handed in is to be your own. Credit may be reduced or denied for any work which has been copied or
which is substantially identical to the work of another student(s). The following items are not allowed during tests:
baseball caps (or any other article of clothing that can easily conceal notes); mp3, CD, tape, or other audio or video
players; cell phones, pagers, or other radio-frequency devices; calculators (other than basic, four-function, non-
programmable devices). I reserve the right to disallow other items at my discretion. Important: Cheating of any kind on
a test or exam will result in a grade of F for the course for the first offense. Egregious and/or repeated examples of
duplicated assignments are also grounds for assignment of a failing grade. In addition to the above penalties, any
student who is involved in act(s) of academic dishonesty may be reported to the Honor Court for possible further action;
penalties may include suspension or dismissal from UTC.

COURTESY POLICY: Please do not use PDAs, cell phones, or pagers in class. If you have one, please turn it off or silence it
so that it will not distract others or interrupt class. If your personal communication device rings, beeps, or makes any
other audible sounds during class you will be asked to leave. If you have a unique situation (such as an illness in the
family, etc.) that requires you to leave your device on during class, please inform me of the situation before class and sit
near an exit to minimize disruption. Also, please refrain from using laptops or other computing devices during class
unless for the purpose of taking notes (no e-mail, web surfing, social networking, working on assignments or other
projects, etc.). It is OK to make recordings of the lecture if you wish, for personal or small group study use; however, I
reserve copyright and do not grant permission to distribute such recordings to anyone not enrolled in the class.

ATTENDANCE POLICY: Students are expected to attend class regularly and to contact the instructor as soon as possible
in the event they miss class so that they may be informed of material covered, upcoming assignments or tests, etc.
Students are also advised to check the course web page at and UTC Online
(Blackboard) regularly for information and announcements. There is no point penalty assigned for cutting class;
however, the student is responsible for all material covered and any assignments due. Late assignments will be
penalized substantially (if they are accepted at all) unless a medical or other legitimate, documented excuse is provided.
No make-up exams will be given. The final exam score will be counted in place of the lowest of the three test scores if it
helps your grade. If you miss one of the tests for any reason, excused or unexcused, your score for that test will be zero
and your final exam score will be used for that test. Scores for a second or third missed test will be assigned at the
instructor’s discretion, with a default value of zero if the absence(s) are unexcused.

ADA STATEMENT: Attention: If you are a student with a disability (e.g. physical, learning, psychiatric, vision, hearing,
etc.) and think that you might need special assistance or a special accommodation in this class or any other class, call the
Office for Students with Disabilities at 425-4006, come by the office - 102 Frist Hall or see

If you find that personal problems, career indecision, study and time management difficulties, etc. are adversely
affecting your successful progress at UTC, please contact the Counseling and Career Planning Center at 425-4438 or

SPRING SEMESTER IMPORTANT DATES: Classes begin – Monday, January 10; last day to add a course – Friday, January
21; last day to drop without a “W” – Friday, January 21; mid-term grades given out – week of February 21-25; last day to
drop with a “W” – Friday, March 11; Spring break – March 12-20; last day of classes – Monday, April 25; final exam for
this course - Monday, May 2 (2-4 p.m.)