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Hi, everyone  my name is
Sokhaem Chann. I am 32 years
old. I got married three years ago Church Planting Movement (CPM) is our main program in Harvest Training
and have two baby boys. Cambodia that is a part of Church Unlimited in New Zealand. “A Church
Planting Movement is a Holy Spirit controlled process of rapid, multiple
On the 30th of September at
about 4:00pm I was at the rice
reproductions of indigenous churches among a specific people group so that
field finding grasses for my every individual within that people group has opportunity to hear and
buffaloes. At that time it was so respond to the Good News of Jesus Christ.
cloudy and I could feel
something strange. It was so stuffy, which normally is
windy at the rice field. House Churches
We‟ve been busy in the 6 villages we‟ve established groups in (Troak,
When I looked to the east, just about 200 meters Samlei, Thmol, Preash Bakkor, Moha Want and Trapang Than villages).
away, I saw the dark cloud lower itself from on high
and it looked like the tail of the snake. Just after a
few minutes, I heard a very strong sound, just like We have 10 leaders are training to be a House Church Leader right now. And
many vehicles are speeding up. I saw grasses, leaves the church members are about 60 people totally. Each of the house churches
and water swirled up and that dark cloud “whirlwind” average member come to worship God weekly is about 15 people regularly.
heading toward people’s houses. Everyone at the rice
field that are finding grasses for the animals just can’t
But during this whole year some of villages had gone. Most of you will know
wait and ran quickly and screamed out loud the parable Jesus told in Matthew 13 about the farmer who sowed his seed
“everybody run the storm is here”. They were so widely, and the different kinds of ground it fell on. Well, we‟ve been feeling
scared. When I looked at it, I saw it was heading just a bit like that farmer lately. We‟ve been sowing „seeds‟ in a lot of different
straight to brother Mok’s house at that time of
places, and at first it seemed like most had fallen on good soil. The
trouble I was so terrified so shock because I’ve never
seen it before. But I heard a voice telling me, that various groups were doing well. However, over time hearts have been
God was there with me and it reminds me of Jesus and revealed, motives tested, and a whole spectrum of „grounds‟ have been
his disciples when they met a storm while they were revealed.
riding on the boat crossing the lake (Matthew 8:22-26).
I was filled with strength and boldness and I know
that God wants me to do something straight away and
to see miracles take place.

I stood on the rice fields with my finger point out to

that dark cloud and I screamed “Be calm in the name
of Jesus Christ my Lord” after I screamed I still saw
the dark cloud running toward brother Mok’s house
but I did not give up and Screamed again, “Be calm in
the name of Jesus Christ my Lord” then It was
disappear just about 15 meters behind brother Mok’s
house. Nothing in the house was broken accept a
banana tree behind his house.

I was so excited, and laughed while my tear dropped

down on my face. I know that God was so true, hear
my prayer and answered it.

Finally, I just would like to encourage everyone that

reading my testimony today, that God much bigger and
greater than you think He is. He is ready to help you.
He is not far but just a prayer way. There might be
something happening to you right now, maybe not a
storm, it can be trouble, hardship or worries etc, you
can trust on Him. Just remember this...True faith has
no doubt! Don’t wait anymore, just pray to him and He
hears you then He will answer it.
May God bless you abundantly and I love you all.

Love Sokhaem Chann 

Pastor Visal and Nary Sam Oeun had appointed by Pastor James Anson and
Pastor Grayson Allen from Church Unlimited in New Zealand on 29 August
2010 as a pastor in Harvest Svay Rieng Church in Svay Rieng province
Cambodia. We‟ve all been really encouraged by how the Sunday church is
going. There are many people coming regularly to the church service now. The
aim is to introduce the people in Svay Rieng to the Living God, by discussing
questions they have about Life/God, by presenting the Gospel to them through
various ways such as media, dance, drama, testimonies, messages, along with
giving keys to successful living based upon the Bible.

Praise the Lord! Now we have about 100+ of our church members come to
know Jesus Christ in our base (Harvest Svay Rieng Church) but with our
observation about 65-70 members come to worship God regularly in every
week. Our concern is because of our base/church is so small, not enough space
for our church members seating/worshiping.

Once a month we‟re going to do an outreach as well. Some of church members

shared their testimonies, and there was a dance and song item organised by our
worship team leaders.

And it‟s great to see the people taking more responsibility in running the
church services, and growing in confidence. We‟ve finally got some
youths who are bold enough to join the worship team which is a real

Please pray that they would continue to grow in faith, in character &
that they would have the opportunity to reach their full potential in life.

Heaps of kids are coming and loving the new upbeat songs and program. We
continue to do a great job with the Children‟s Ministry. We plan the various
programs each week. There is a weekly Children‟s Church at our base Svay
Rieng town, Traok village, Prash Bakkor village, Moha Want village and Pau
Prey village now.

We have also started a training program for Children‟s Church workers from
various local churches, teaching them how to prepare a session, tell stories,
teach memory verses and so on.

About 200 kids come to worship God with Children‟s Ministry totally.


My name is Meas live in Traok village, Svay Rieng

Province, Cambodia.

Last week when I woke up from my sleeping in the

afternoon immediately my stomach was very
stomach ache but I don‟t know why I have
stomachache like this because I did not eat any
foods before this time.

I really was afraid because my parents do not stay at home at that time but I
remember about my God Jesus Christ that teacher Kunthea told me that he has
all powers even the sickness so I was prayed to God for my stomach ache that
God will heal me because my parents did not stay at home and also this time I
need to go to school too.

Immediately God had a miracle for me God replied for my praying and it was
stop stomach ache. I was very happy and praise to God and thanks God so
much for doing the miracle for me.

And after I went to school I was told my friend about the miracle that God
dose with me. And I also encouraged to my friend that if you have any
problems you should to pray to God Jesus Christ he will reply for your prayer.

To God be Glory always  Amen.


Mobile Clinic (MC) is a part of Harvest Training Cambodia supporting

from Australia. Praise the Lord, because our prayer God has answered
and now we have formed our Mobile Clinic in each villages that we are
working, it is amazing that God open the door for all these villages and
blessing them to have a Mobile Clinic.
Anyway, with this small project we were cooperating with Ministry of
Health in Svay Rieng province for running our Mobile Clinic in the
village we are working as well. Mean that, every time that we come to
do the clinic in each village, check and examine the patients we always
cooperated with Health Center, the chief of health center always sent
their doctor and nurse to help us in the village that we went to do the
This program is the key for sharing the Words of God to the people in
each village we are working. We do with people, both believer and
unbeliever. This is what God willing us to do 

Below is our strategy to do with the patients:

First Second
Sharing Number to Patient got first
the Patients number come to
checking by Doctor

Fourth Third
All the patients After doctor
come to our checked the patient
Christian Leaders come to the
to Pray for their Pharmacy to get
sickness & go home Medicine

The leader and the manager are distinctively different. The

manager is only focusing on routine daily activities and to
keep things right while the leader thinks ahead or pictures
about the future how it should be looking like. That‟s what
it means here by - VISION. There are ample of examples
of visionary leaders in the bible. “Without vision, the
people cast off restraint” – Proverb 29:18. This month
reflection, I would like to draw some key important points
on the characteristic of the visionary leaders. One of the
great visionary leaders from the bible is well known of
Nehemiah in the book of Nehemiah. If we read Nehemiah,
chapter 1 and 2, he was emotionally weeping of his
nation‟s ruin of the wall of Jerusalem. The great city had Sam Oeun Visal
been burnt down and ruined, the people were captured as
captives to other countries. Nehemiah mourned dearly for his nation and he prayed to
the God of shalom to help strengthening his nation. There was a thought came to his
head and that he went to the King to describe all the accounts of the city. In the end,
he asked the King for permission to rebuild the wall of the city, and he was granted by
the King. So Nehemiah got ready to set out to the target area.

Here are the eight characteristics of the visionary leader of Nehemiah as I did the
study on the bible: 1. He becomes an Agent of Change - He was hurt by the news but
felt responsible for changing the situation. (1:3) “(They) are in great distress and
reproach, and the wall of Jerusalem is broken down and its gates are burned with
fire.” 2. He prays, plans, and prepares - When the king asked him, (2:4) he prayed
first. He already had a plan so when the king asked him: He could already give a
definite date (2:6) He already knew the provisions needed (2:7) He already knew the
support needed (2:7). Before leaving, he asked the king for a “safe conduct pass”&
permission to cut timber 3. Initiates Action - He is willing to personally take the first
bold and difficult step 4. Personally Assesses the Situation - He evaluated the situation
by made a trip himself to verify the report. 5. Communicates Vision Well - People
have to “buy in” to the vision for them to reach it with equal passion as the visionary
leader. 6. Inspirational - He motivates everyone to passionately serve. He sets a good
example. The leader‟s life is always a key factor to success. 7. He delegates well -
Everyone had a clear assignment and knew what was expected of them. (Priests,
Levites, officials, women, among others) and the point is 8. Fights Opposition – He
had to protect his people and the work they were doing from the enemies. Again, if
you want to be the great leader, you‟ve got to have a big vision. People will follow
you when you‟re having the clear direction and picture of the whole trip or likewise,
there are nobody will follow you. If you say that you‟re weak of visioning, you‟ve got
to start developing and thinking. It won‟t wrong to do that, but it won‟t work if you
don‟t start from now. One of the important ways to do is to start by praying at first.
My desire and prayer for this month is to ask the Lord of hope to guide you and
inspire you along your way of your leadership development to become an Agent of
Change for Him. Richly bless you!


We always had network meeting in each week and month to exchange, learn and
sharing each other‟s lessons so that all stakeholders are able to make the most of the
meeting. We also joint hands in prayer for our ministry on the ground and the people
who we are serving for, to be able to be touched through power of the Holy Spirit.
There is a saying “When we work, we work, but when we pray God works” We‟ve
seen the tremendous progresses of our leaders, families and our network partners were
touched and recognized by our work, just because of we‟re humbly seeking and
working hard to achieve to glorify His name. We also had opportunity to share our
problems and needs while we are working and serving in the Kingdom of God in
where we are based. We prayed for each other‟s problems and needs.
My name is Chab Sophorn, I am 52 year of
• $60 monthly support for one Leader age. I have 3 children living Svay Ring
(including: food, fuel, medicine, province. My life was so messed up with so
trainings, evangelism booklet) many evil things. I was raised in a Buddhist
• Buy a box of bibles. It‟s around $75
family since I was a child. I had no role-model
• Send a short term teams to the
mission field. to look up to, since I was a child in the family.
• Sport equipments (football, foes bal, When I grew up and becoming a man of
etc...) heading the family, I just used all the ways I
• More Computers for students experienced from my father. I smoked and
vocational training.
drank too heavy.
• purchase a vehicle US$25000
• offering for the building fund Each time, I got home with too heavy drunk; I hit my children or my
• Help hosting friendship camp wife to release my anger. I didn‟t know of what I was doing toward my
kids and my wife.
Praise God for:
• Two House Churches was formed in But After I met with Harvest Training Center, Pastor Visal had prayed
New villages. for me and counseled me. Finally, I decided to ask for help from the
• The lives of the Leaders were Harvest Training, and I was helped and offered to learn and become a
progressively touched by the Love,
and power of God through our caring house leader. At Harvest Training they counseled me, and helped me to
staff. realize the dangerous path I was walking down, helped me to start
Prayer Requests taking responsibility for my life and find a good pathway to becoming a
• General fund for HTC ministry constructive member of society. Week by week they introduced me to
• One pickup truck for HTC ministry God, and it is God who changed me.
• Staff and wisdom to direct the
ministry. The more time I spent at Harvest Training the stronger my faith in Jesus
• The local churches to be active in.
grew every 3 days in every month and now I have came to plant a new
church in my village where I am living. I want to become a good leader,
and teach other Christians how to livening in God‟s Kingdom.

I want to thank God and Harvest Training and all their partners for
helping me get clean and for this new life I have 

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