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  As the overall number of ads served grew, interactive ads benefited the
most, rising to account for 50% of ads sold; Pre-Roll fell to 30%.

!   In-Video Ads have 7X higher engagement, 8X higher CTR than their rich
media display counter parts.

!   Despite the fact that Polite Pre-Rolls® feature far more 30+ second ads,
the Polite Pre-Roll® View-Thru Rate continued to grow rivaling the 15
second dominated Standard Pre-Roll.

!   In 2010 the online video audience broadened, while CPG, Travel,

Fashion, and Finance Advertisers made a concerted push into the space.

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AdoTube serves ads on thousands of publishers sites, serving 65MM to 90MM in-video ad
impressions per week.
This format index provides an overview of the effectiveness of our many different in-stream
video ad formats over 2009, Q1 2010, Q2 2010, Q3 2010, and Q4 2010.
We collected and analyzed data from a sample of over 3.5 Billion impressions deemed to be
statistically relevant, taking advertising verticals, video content, and type of targeting into
account. This was then split into four distinct categories:
•  Branded Overlay
•  Interactive Overlay
•  Standard Pre-Roll
•  Polite Pre-Roll®
Additionally, we broke these results out over 17 different verticals to analyze performance on
an industry by industry basis.
The following numbers are based on results derived from AdoTube’s Network only and do not
represent the in-video ad space as whole.

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!   Interactive Ads Accounted for 50% of Ads Served in Q4: As the overall pie grew, Interactive
Overlays and Polite Pre-Rolls® benefitted the most, combining to account for 50% of ads served in
Q4, while Pre-Roll fell to 30%.

!   In-Video Brand Engagement Rates Over 7X Display Benchmarks: In-Video Engagement

Rates remain solid at around 21%, over 7 times higher than leading rich media display

!   The rich media banner-like Overlay’s CTRs dwarf display counterparts: Interactive CTRs
are 8 times higher than rich media display benchmarks.*

!   Nearly 50% of Polite Pre-Roll®s served are 30+ seconds, delivering a more detailed
message. Standard Pre-Rolls are still dominated primarily by 15 second spots.

!   Despite longer ads, the Polite Pre-Roll® view-thru rate continues to rise, and is
comparable to the Standard Pre-Roll.

!   2010 Video Audience Broadens; Courts CPG, Fashion, Travel and Finance Advertisers: In
2010 the audience for Online Video broadened immensely, and with the audience came a concerted
push from new advertisers.

*Source:  DoubleClick  for  Adver4sers,  U.S.  Adver4sers,  DoubleClick  

©  2007-­‐11  AdoTube,  Inc.  –  All  Rights  Reserved   Rich  Media  formats  (video  only),  January  –  December  2009   3
From 2009-2010, the number of ads served grew 191% to 3.5 billion ads total. The
number of campaigns served in 2010 grew 281%. This growth was propelled by both
returning advertisers, as well as a large influx of new advertisers. Advertisers leveraged
AdoTube’s engaging formats, along with targeting and optimization tools to lower the
overall number of ads needed to be served per campaign by targeting.
Ads  Served  (in  Millions)  
2008   2009   2010  

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As the overall pie grew, Pre-Rolls lost their dominance falling in Q4 to 30% of ads
served. In their wake, newer Interactive Formats have grown explosively, and now
account for 50% of ads served. The most surprising story to come out of Q4 is the
bounce back of the Branded Overlays, which rose back up to a healthy 20% of ads

Q1  2010   Q2  2010   Q3  2010   Q4  2010  

Polite  Pre-­‐
Roll®       Polite  Pre-­‐ Polite  Pre-­‐
11%   Polite  Pre-­‐
InteracGve   Roll®   Roll®       Pre-­‐Roll   Roll  
Overlay   17%   23%   30%   24%  
Pre-­‐Roll   InteracGve  
Pre-­‐Roll   Pre-­‐Roll  
Branded   Overlay  
66%   64%   45%  
Overlay   15%   InteracGve  
12%   Overlay   InteracGve  
 25%   Branded   Overlay    
Branded   Branded   Overlay   26%  
Overlay   Overlay   20%  
4%   7%  

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CTR Growth slowed a little in Q4. Growth attributed to continued growth of high-
impact interactive formats.

Average  CTR  
2009   Q1  2010   Q2  2010   Q3  2010   Q4  2010  

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While interactive formats continue to grow in prominence, engagement rates have
tended to stay steady at a phenomenal 21.6%. Even as they have saturated inventory,
1 in 5 viewers still seem ready to engage. By simply being in the video stream,
engagement rates are 7 times higher than similar rich media display benchmarks.
Average  Engagement  Rate  
Rich  Media  Display  vs.  In-­‐Video  






2009   Q1  2010   Q2  2010   Q3  2010   Q4  2010  

Rich  Media  (Video)*  -­‐  2009   In-­‐Video  

*Source:  DoubleClick  for  AdverGsers,  U.S.  

©  2007-­‐11  AdoTube,  Inc.  –  All  Rights  Reserved   AdverGsers,  January  –  December  2009   7
Rich  Media  Display  vs.  Branded  vs.  InteracHve  Overlay  






2009   Q1  2010   Q2  2010   Q3  2010   Q4  2010  

Rich  Media  (Video)*  -­‐  2009   Branded   InteracGve  

*Source:  DoubleClick  for  AdverGsers,  U.S.  

©  2007-­‐11  AdoTube,  Inc.  –  All  Rights  Reserved   AdverGsers,  January  –  December  2009   8
In  Q4,  48%  of  the  Polite  Pre-­‐Rolls  served  were  30  seconds  or  longer.  This  is  opposed  to  
Standard  Pre-­‐Rolls,  where  15  second  spots  filled  60%  of  Pre-­‐Rolls  served.  

Length  has  been  known  to  greatly  effect  View-­‐Thru  Rates  and  abandonment  rates.  But,  the  
Polite  Pre-­‐Roll®,  by  giving  viewers  the  ability  to  view  the  ad  anyGme  during  the  video  or  to  
opt  out  completely,  allows  adverGsers  to  deliver  their  full  message  to  those  who  wish  to  
receive  it,  without  publishers  sacrificing  viewership  to  higher  abandonment  rates.  

Pre-­‐Roll  Lengths   Polite  Pre-­‐Roll®  Lengths  

>30  Sec.  
5%   >30  Sec.  

30  Sec.  
35%   15  Sec.  
30  Sec.  
15  Sec.  

©  2007-­‐11  AdoTube,  Inc.  –  All  Rights  Reserved   9

Q4’s  Polite  Pre-­‐Roll  CTR  fell,  but  beder  in  line  with  expectaGons,  just  below  3%.  Standard  Pre-­‐
Roll  conGnued  to  decline.  

View-­‐Thru  Rates  rose  as  viewers  showed  a  conGnued  acceptance  of  the  Pre-­‐Roll  format.  Most  
interesGngly,  the  Polite  Pre-­‐Roll®  View-­‐Thru  Rates  have  conGnued  to  rise  despite  the  fact  that  
the  length  of  the  Polite  Pre-­‐Roll®  is  generally  longer  than  Standard  Pre-­‐Rolls.  

Quarter   View-­‐Thru  Rate  (25%)   View-­‐Thru  Rate  (100%)   Ad  RetenHon  Rate  
2009     N/A   N/A   N/A  
CTR   Q1  2010   48.64%   37.24%   76.56%  
5.00%   Q2  2010   47.60%   34.10%   71.64%  
4.00%   Q3  2010   48.93%   35.77%   73.10%  
Q4  2010     53.57%   37.68%   70.34%  
Average  2010   49.69%   36.20%   72.91%  
Quarter   View-­‐Thru  Rate  (25%)   View-­‐Thru  Rate  (100%)   Ad  RetenHon  Rate  
0.00%   2009   59.03%   43.77%   74.15%  
2009   Q1  2010   Q2  2010   Q3  2010   Q4  2010   Q1  2010   57.57%   41.43%   71.96%  
Q2  2010   58.48%   42.65%   72.93%  
Standard  Pre-­‐Roll   Polite  Pre-­‐Roll®   Q3  2010   56.33%   39.98%   70.97%  
Q4  2010     59.66%   46.11%   77.29%  
Average  2010     58.21%   42.79%   73.46%  

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 Q4 saw the start of a big shift and a broadened base of verticals investing in Online Video
Advertising. CPG made a huge push along with new entrants such as Travel, Fashion, & Finance.
Even though Entertainment and Electronics verticals ran more campaigns in 2010 than 2009, their
overall percentage fell dramatically year/year due to the addition of newer verticals.

This highlights how Online video itself has broadened its audience base beyond young male techies
to a burgeoning ecosystem of viewers with advertisers eagerly following.

%  of  Campaigns  by  VerHcal  









Web  Services  &  
0.0%   5.0%   10.0%   15.0%   20.0%   25.0%   30.0%   35.0%  

2010   2009  

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About AdoTube
AdoTube is a complete in-stream/in-video solution that enables each part of the industry (agencies, advertisers
and publishers) to have easy and efficient access to in-stream ads. AdoTube’s platform includes the Adotube Ad
Network, Publisher Management Tool (PUMA), In-Stream Ad Exchange (AdEx), Network Partner Console for third
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In-stream video ad: A video ad that is played or viewed from a video player
Branded Overlay: An in-video advertisement that runs on top of the video content (bottom 1/3 of the screen)
while the video is playing. Clicks-through to a web-site, pausing the video
Interactive Overlay: Similar to a Branded Overlay with interactive elements such as a game or a video
Standard Pre-Roll: An in-stream video ad that plays before video playback
Polite Pre-Roll®: A dismissible and retractable in-stream video ad. When dismissed during video an overlay ad
reminds the viewer to watch the ad
Click-Through Rate(CTR): The percentage of viewers who clicked through an ad to the target link
View-Through Rate: The percentage of viewers who watched through a part or all of a video ad
Engagement Rates: The percentage of people who interact with an ad that has interactive capabilities, such as,
playing a game, initiating an in-ad video, social engagement (i.e. Facebook), store locator, or data entry
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