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Undergraduate > Fall Semester

1. Eligibility

- Applicants of non-Korean nationality

- Applicants who have graduated or will graduate from their secondary education by August 31, 2011.

2. KAIST Scholarship
KAIST provides full scholarship for KAIST Scholarship recipients. Starting from the third year of enrollment,
students’ GPA should be above 3.0 (out of 4.3) in order to maintain the full scholarship. Monthly
allowances will vary from 200,000~350,000KRW.

3. Academic Programs

College School Departments/Divisions Degree

B.S. M.S. Ph . D .

College of Physics ★ ★ ★
Natural Science
Mathematical Sciences ★ ★ ★

Chemistry ★ ★ ★

Graduate School of Nanoscience ★ ★

& Technology

College of Biological Sciences ★ ★ ★

Life Science
& Bioengineering Bio & Brain engineering ★ ★ ★

Graduate School of Medical Science ★ ★

& Engineering

College of School of Mechanical Engineering ★ ★ ★

Engineering Mechanical,
Aerospace Aerospace Engineering ★ ★ ★

& Systems
Engineering Ocean Systems Engineering ★ ★
Civil & Environmental Engineering ★ ★ ★

Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering ★ ★ ★

Materials Science & Engineering ★ ★ ★

Nuclear & Quantum Engineering ★ ★ ★

Graduate School of EEWS ★ ★

The Cho Chun Sik Graduate School ★ ★

for Green Transportation

College of Electrical Engineering ★ ★ ★

Science Computer Science ★ ★ ★

& Technology
Information & Communication ★ ★ ★

Industrial & Systems Engineering ★ ★ ★

Knowledge Service Engineering ★ ★

Industrial Design ★ ★ ★

Division of Web Science Technology ★ ★

School of Management Science ★ ★ ★

Graduate School of Innovation ★ ★
& Technology Management

College of Management Engineering ★ ★

Graduate School of Management ★

Graduate School of Finance ★

Graduate School of Information ★
& Media Management

College of Graduate School of ★ ★

Cultural Science Culture Technology

Humanities & Social Sciences

* Management Science : only available as a double major or minor


4. Admissions Timeline for Fall 2011

* The timeline in this table is based on local time in South Korea.

Categories Deadline Notes

• Fill out the application form online

March 2, 2011. 10 a.m. (
Online Application
~ April 15, 2011. 5 p.m. • Application Fee : 50,000KRW

• A hard copy of the required

documents should arrive to
Team of Graduate and
Submission of International Admissions
By April 30, 2011. 5 p.m.
Documents by this deadline.

• Your application package should be

postmarked by April 15, 2011.

Arrival Check of • Check online to see whether

March 14, 2011. 10 a.m.
Documents the documents have arrived.
~ April 30, 2011. 5 p.m.

 You will be contacted if phone

Interview May 23, 2011. ~
interview is necessary

• Results will be posted on the website

June 1, 2011. (
• We will send you the Certificate of
Admissions (or invitation letter) so that
you can apply for the D-2 Visa.

• You will be contacted by OASIS

(Office of Advising and Support for
First Day of Class September 1, 2011. International Students) for registration


5. Required Documents

Categories Note Remarks

Required 0. Document Check Download

Download from admissions website.

1. Application Form Submit online on the admissions website. Click to go

Print it out and include it in the application to online
package. application

2. Statement of Can be found in the online application. Online

Financial Resources Print it out and include it in the application package.

3.. Letters of Download1

Download both forms from admissions website.
Recommendation Download2
Your teachers may send their recommendation
- one from homeroom
directly to the admissions office. Letters should be
signed and sealed across the back by the
- one from math or
recommenders in an official envelope.
science teacher

4. Transcripts of All of the academic results from secondary Original or

Academic Records education (include university transcripts if any) Certified copy

5. Official Test Score SAT 2, ACT, AP, IB, GCE A-level, university Original
Report entrance exam, etc.

You may attach a separate sheet to explain the

exam procedure/competition rate/results, etc.
6. Curriculum Vitae Freestyle

7. Diploma Original or
(Graduation In case your school cannot issue the (Expected) Certified Copy
Certificate) Graduation Certificate, it is possible to download
from the admissions website.

8. Copy of Passport The expiration date of your passport should be later Copy
or National ID than August 31 , 2011.


Optional 9. Official English
Institution Code of KAIST for TOEFL score report:
Proficiency Test Report

10. List of Honors and Download from admissions website. Fill it out and Download
Award include it in your application
package. Testimonial/evidence should be

11. Secondary/Tertiary GPA rating system, college acceptance

School Profile statistics, or other information that would help us
understand your school better.

* Where to submit your application :

Address : Team of Graduate and International Admissions

Rm# 506 Creative Learning Bldg. (E11)
291 Daehak-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, South Korea

6. Preparation Tips

1. Submitted documents will NOT be returned in any case. Keep a copy of the completed form in
case the materials get lost in the mail. Your teachers should do the same.
2. The application fee is non-refundable.
3. All documents submitted must be original. If a duplicate is submitted, it must be authenticated
with the seal of the issuing institution. Photocopied documents without a seal will not be
considered valid.
4. All documents should be translated in English or Korean. The translated copy should have a seal
of the institution as well.
5. After completing your online application, print out the completed form and the document checklist.
Arrange documents in the order shown in the table above. Please use clips to bind the contents
and do not staple. The checklist should be on top.
6. Admitted students may not defer enrollment to a later semester. Those who wish to defer
enrollment must reapply.
7. Please note that KAIST only issues the Certificate of Admissions for Student VISA (type:D2)
(including information on submitting the Confirmation Number of Visa Issuance for Chinese
8. Official Test Score Report: SAT1, SAT2, ACT, GCE A-Level, IB, AP, NCEA, high school leaving
exam, university entrance exam, or other nationally/internationally recognized exam results should
be submitted. You may attach a separate sheet to explain the exam procedure, competition rate,
results, etc.
9. Curriculum Vitae: a personal résumé showing comprehensive educational history and experience
10. Once you complete filling out the online application, you will be asked to pay the application fee.
You may choose to pay with a credit card (Visa/Master) or via bank transfer. Credit card payment
is much easier but in case you have to use bank transfer, the directions will be given at the end of
the online application procedure.
11. After paying the application fee, you will not be able to modify your application or get a refund.
Thus, carefully check what you have filled in before paying the application fee.
12. The Application Number should be kept for further procedure such as checking the final decision.
13. Make sure to visit the admissions website (March 14~April 30) for document arrival check. We will
not contact you individually.

7. Contact Information

- Phone : 042-350-2354 (Team of Graduate & International Admissions : Ms. EJ Jun)

- Email :

8. Visit KAIST website for other information: