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1 Which one of the following is not an eligible investor Govt Institutions Foreign Citizens Provident Fund
For a customer holding units in demat , the AMC also
requires to do his KYC ?
3 Which investment below gives international exposure Gold Fund None Both
Strategic Asset Fixed Asset Flexible Asset Tactical Asset
4 On doing risk profiling which asset allocation does it give ?
Allocation Allocationen Allocation Allocation
In a balance fund with net assets of 750 crores what is the
5 10.13 15.38 17.86 16.13
expenses that can be charged ?
Closing NAV of
I invest Rs 50 lacs at 2.30 pm with a local cheque for funds Same days Previous day the day
6 Next day NAV
other than liquid scheme, which NAV will you get ? closing NAV NAV preceding next
business day
7 What is the DDT for an individual in liquid fund ? 0.25 0.2 0.13 0.1
Closing NAV of
If invest in liquid fund and 11.30 am and the fund gets the day Same days Previous days
8 Next day NAV
cleared on the same day which NAV do you get ? preceding next closing NAV closing NAV
business day
prmium can be
What is true about premium paid in a life insurance Customer can Premium can be Premium is
9 availed under
company ? decide premium shown as exp volatile
Sec 80 c
10 The person with whom the units are pledged is known as Pledgor Pledgee
What is the highest expense ratio in a Fund of Fund scheme
11 2.25% 1.75% 0.75% 1.50%
12 Within the equity funds the highest risk are growth funds ? TRUE FALSE
How is company fixed deposit compare to bank fixed
13 Low Risk Highly Volatile Less Safe Lower Return
deposit ?
Within how many days the dividend warrants to be
14 15 7 10 30
dispatched on declaration?
15 A distributor needs different ARN for each AMC ? TRUE FALSE
High Yield Bond
16 A conservative investor need not be advised to invest in ? Gilt Fund Liquid Fund Short Term Plan
The New Pension scheme is both regulated IRDA and
PFRDA as it has an insurance component ?
Which is the fastest way of remitting funds on real time
None of the
19 Which of the following is a financial asset ? Govt Security Gold Real Estate
20 Which of the following is an SRO ? AMFI SEBI BSE RBI
NFO other than ELSS can remain open for maximum
21 7 days 15 days 21 days 30 days
In NFO the account statement is to be dispatched within –
22 5 days 15 days 20 days 30 days
days on closure of NFO ?
23 Companies issuing short term debt is called CD Tbills Debentures CP
Within a category one can decide on investments based on
Sharpe Ratio
Equity Oriented
25 Which of the following exempt from DDT ? Liquid Fund Income Fund Balance Fund
26 The arbitrage funds are taxed like debt funds TRUE FALSE
Providing for Shifting of job Providing for
27 Is not in a Transition phase ? Buying of house daughter for higher foreign study for
marriage income son
Market Value of
28 The NAV of scheme is impacted by ? No of Investors Unit Capital Size of Fund
Technical analysis is projecting trend based on human
behavior ?
30 Sub distributors work with Online platform Banks IFA
Q.No Question Option A Option B Option C Option D
31 Initial issue expense that can be charged to fund NIL 1.00% 2.00% 1.75%
According to Performance Advertisements the return Annualised
32 Simple Return Absolute return CAGR
shown for equity funds over 1 years are Yield
33 Assets class E investment in Equity debt Govt. Sec.
34 Expenses ratio is most important in case of Index Fund Offshore Fund Active Fund Passive Fund
Internal Audit
35 Code of ethics for employees of AMC is described by SEBI AMFI Trustee.
36 Recurring expenses in Equity scheme has a limit up to 1.50% 0.50% 1.25% 2.50%
In Transition phase of Wealth Cycle investor tends to
37 Equity Liquid Gold None of above.
increase the proportion of_______ assets in his portfolio.
38 Which of the following is a Financial Asset? Gold Real State Bank deposit None of above.
39 Index fund can give better returns from its Benchmark. TRUE FALSE
The young BPO executives should not be advised to invest
in long term schemes because of their lavish life style ?
Bottom up Top down
41 Term “Stock picking” is used in which of the following? Both None of above.
approach approach
What is the applicable rate of STT in case of repurchase of
42 0.13% 0.33% 0.02% 0.25%
Equity scheme?
Market value is 152 crore, Dividend accrued but not
received= 8 crore, liabilities = 2 crore Total no of
43 200 210.67 213.33 None of above.
outstanding units is 75 lakhs. What will be the NAV of the
Investment Investment Investment Investment
44 Investor selects an MF based on
Philosophy Strategy Policy Objective
45 ______ has been appointed by Trustee Custodian R&T AMC Distributor
High Portfolio
46 Risk May be defined as Asset Allocation Financial Loss
Transaction Cost Rebalancing
Avoid telling as Avoid telling as Increase risk to
Financial Planner defines that client does not have
47 Inform the Client client will be he may loss the generate higher
resources to meet goals. He should
dishearted client return
Which of the following account in NPS is a Saving
48 Tier I Tier II Tier III Tier IV
49 Mutual Fund is exempted from Wealth Tax TRUE FALSE
Needed for a
50 KYC is required for investment more than 20000 10000 Not required single rupee
If investor is a
KYC for Minor KYC for Minor
minor, KYC
is needed only if is needed only if KYC is not at all
should be of his
51 If a minor Invests Rs 10,000 in MF, KYC is needed or not investment investment required for
guardian even
exceeds Rs exceeds Rs minors
for a single
20000 50000
rupee investment
Since Preparation of WILL is a long process, it has to be
By selling
By allowing
number of units by listing MF in
53 Close ended fund allows investors to re-purchase their units fixed number of
in a fixed stock exchange
Units to sale
54 ______ Allots the ARN Number AMC SEBI NISM AMFI
55 Application for MF would be rejected if paid in Cheque DD Cash Bankers cheque
56 Mutual Fund Investor cant pledge units TRUE FALSE
57 Change in the value of NAV is Standard Risk Systematic Risk
Q.No Question Option A Option B Option C Option D
NAV of the date
NAV on the date
when notice is
when trustee Earlier Day
58 Which one is called cum-dividend NAV issued to meet Same day NAV
approves NAV
trusteed to
finalize dividend
When scheme is first launched and investor invests in MF...
59 NFO IPO Purchase Re-Purchase
it is called
60 KIM Document is a summary of SID SAI OD SID+SAI
If investor invests in a Guilt fund at 3:30 p.m., he would get Previous Days NAV of Next
61 Current NAV Same day NAV
the units at which NAV ? NAV Business Day
If investor invests in a Equity fund at 3:30 p.m., he would NAV of Next Previous Days
62 Same day NAV Current NAV
get the units at which NAV ? Business Day NAV
The guideline issued by AMFI for intermediaries are known None of the
as above
Bank AMC offices
Offices of
64 Time stamping arrangements is must for AMC Offices Distributors declared as point
Branch of acceptance
Unaudited accounts of the scheme must be published in the None of the
65 Every 3 months Every 6 months Every 12 months
news paper above
An Investor Invests Rs 100000 in a 365 days FMP and got
66 7750 750 Insufficient Data 1000
Rs 107750, what would be capital gain in this case ?
Equity Share Derivative
67 STT is charged on Equity MF All of the Above
Trading Trading
An investor plans to invest Rs 12000 in a scheme whose
68 <1000 1000 1200 Cant Say
NAV is Rs 12, how many units he will likely to be obtained
Company's Earning per share would be indicated by
69 P/E Ratio Current Ratio EPS Leverage Ration
None of the
70 Beta of Index would be Less than 1 Equals to 1 more than 1
While evaluating return for an index fund across a peer Past
71 Beta Coefficient Tracking error R-Squared
group, which of the following is more important performance
The fund sponsors should have a sound financial track
72 12 months 3 Years 5 Years 7 Years
record of
73 What is the current PPF Rate ? 7.50% 7.75% 8.00% 8.50%
Father wants his son to be a doctor and study will start after
A = P + (1+r) ^ n A = P / (1+r) ^
74 5 years. The current expense is 2500000. How to calculate A = P x (1+r) ^ n A = P / (1+r) ^ n
–1 (1/n) – 1
the expense after 5 years
For calculating Standard Deviation in Excel, which formula Standard
75 Stddev Stdev var
to be used? Deviation
Diversified debt Diversified
76 Which of the following has lowest risk ? Liquid Fund GILT Fund
fund Equity fund
Discounting Discounting Compounding Compounding
If I require 500000 after 2 years, which method will I
77 method with method with method with method with
follow ?
interest rate inflation rate interest rate inflation rate
Depositor of a Company Promoter of a CEO of a
78 Mutual Fund Sponsors can be compared to
company director company company
Salary of Fund Fees of
79 Which of the following can be charged to the scheme Office rent Administration
Administratives Custodian
Low PE compared with peer group or industry standard
indicates that stock is cheap and you should buy it
What would be the redemption value of a Unit if NAV is
81 15 14.85 15.5 15.15
15 and Exit load is 1%
82 Last step in the process of designing model portfolio Sector Selection Asset Allocation Client Selection
For a distribution channel, 60% of the employees should
have AMFI Registration Number
84 Equity Fund's Risk relative to market is measured by Tracking error Sharpe's Ratio Treynor Beta
Q.No Question Option A Option B Option C Option D
Uncommon to
85 Standard Risk is Common to all Systematic Specific to all
Along with
Only With Only Purchase
86 Request of Purchase can be made requisite form
Cheque requisite form
and Cheque
If an investor invests 1,000,000 at 3:30 p.m through Same day When fund gets Previous day
87 Next Day NAV
outstation cheque, he will get NAV of closing NAV credited closing NAV
Front Line
88 Liquidity risk is highest in Mid Cap stocks Index Stocks Guilt Security
Mr A Holds 2000 Units, scheme declared 1:4 bonus. How Depends on
89 400 500 8000
many units will Mr A Gets ? NAV
90 Investor can sue the trust for breach of trust TRUE FALSE
91 Distributors do not get commission on self business TRUE FALSE
92 Which of the following is an SRO of a Mutual Fund? AMFI SEBI AMC None of above.
93 What remains constant in a close ended fund ? Unit Capital NAV Both
First investment
First investment Additional
94 For which investment PAN card is necessary ? in specific All of the Above
in Mutual Fund Purchase
95 SEBI regulates Mutual Funds Depositories RTA All of the Above
96 Unit holders can hold their units in demat form TRUE FALSE
No need to
97 KIM needs to be updated every 3 months 6 months Once a year
update it
Trail commission are linked to valuation of portfolio in the
99 Risk can be measured by Variance Beta Any of the above
Establish and
Analyse and
According to the Certified Financial Planner - Board of Define the client Gather client Define client
100 Evaluate Client's
Standards (USA), the third stage in Financial Planning is planner data goals
Financial Status
1 C 51 C
2 B 52 B
3 A 53 C
4 A 54 D
5 D 55 C
6 B 56 A
7 A 57 A
8 D 58 C
9 C 59 A
10 B 60 D
11 B 61 C
12 B 62 B
13 C 63 A
14 D 64 D
15 B 65 B
16 C 66 C
17 B 67 D
18 D 68 B
19 A 69 C
20 C 70 B
21 B 71 C
22 A 72 C
23 D 73 C
24 A 74 B
25 A 75 B
26 B 76 A
27 C 77 C
28 C 78 C
29 A 79 D
30 D 80 A
31 A 81 B
32 D 82 C
33 A 83 B
34 C 84 D
35 B 85 A
36 D 86 A
37 B 87 B
38 C 88 A
39 B 89 B
40 B 90 B
41 A 91 A
42 D 92 D
43 A 93 A
44 D 94 B
45 C 95 D
46 C 96 A
47 A 97 C
48 B 98 A
49 A 99 D
50 D 100 D