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Vi /etc/sysconfig/network

Vi /etc/hosts

after rebooting
Linux Kernel parameters
vi /etc/sysctl.conf
Process resource limits
vi /etc/security/limits.conf
Other parameters changes
Applying patch :
Installing java j2sdk_1_4_2_12-linux-i586.rpm

export JAVA_HOME
starting sap installer
made directories trans .... /oracle/PRD/920_32
now using the latest version of sapinst from marketplace
installation of database instance
LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable was not set
set the variable export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/sapmnt/PRD/exe:/oracle/PRD/920_32/lib/
run the installation again
like above 12-13 error windows came just ignore it and run the rootsh script
now after installation click
patch was not installed so following error came

now installing the patch

there was one error shared memory which is given above. The error was resolved when we changed the
size of sga, shared pool, etc in initPRD.ora in oracle_home/dbs/ directory. The reason is when we give
size of memory more than 4GB then we have to reduce the size manually.

In our case the size is 8 GB so we reduced that. This occurred on 19th phase, now installation is running
This error came because brconnect tool was not working in /sapmnt/PRD/exe or
/usr/sap/PRD/SYS/exe/run (kernel) dowloaded fresh tool from marketplace but it was not working
because SAPCAR was of old version..downloaded new SAPCAR from marketplace and then it worked
see the screenshot.. I referred these two notes...

212876 – for SAPCAR and this sdn link After that it executed and is running fine..

this error was solved by simply stopping and restarting the sapinst
The installation went well now try to loginto the system
copying backup files from production server to test server
starting BR*tools
I'll try to take the backup first of the existing fresh database before doing anything .. I have stopped the
SAP intance

change the options accordingly

compression mode yes
changed the permissions now running the backup again
Again I changed permissions as a root user. Earlier I was changing the permissions as oraprd user.
I talked to vinayak and he said because of the profiles it is not taking the backup. Now I am going to
copy the profile from production server and try again.

The restore worked out like this :

instead of copying all the three files

bdxiukbt (dir) 7.8G

PRD (dir) 96K
bdxiukbt.aft (file) 28K

Don't copy bdxiukbt.aft (file) because it is corrupted and the Brtools try to read from this file and losts
the way the option we choose is 4. whole database reset.

From the PRD directory we copied two files

bdxiukbt.afd and backPRD.log

and started the process.. it completed successfully.

Glimpses after installation

After restoring the database for 100 client to be the logon client we added the parameter
login/system_client in Default profile of the ecctest server. We also selected the option activate active
profiles and it worked. Now all the configurations and users are restored from production server to the
test server and the test server has become clone of the production server. Now we are ready for the
Database upgrade.

Database Upgrade to Oracle 10g Release (10.2) : UNIX