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• is a type of care and a philosophy of care that focuses on the palliation of a ill patient’s symptoms. These symptoms
can be physical, emotional, spiritual or social in nature.

• Is a program of medical and emotional care for the terminally ill

1. Although the health sciences will benefit from many of the advances in information technology that
are applied to a wide variety of medical field, information technology is of particular importance to
health care delivery.
2. Information Technology (IT) has transformed the ways modern healthcare systems acquire, store,
access and communicate medical information.
3. Hospice Fedora signals
a. a paradigm shift in the management of a patient data. By allowing easy access to patient
b. online medical records can enhance patient care. It is the acquisition and storage of electronic
medical records, and the accessibility and rapid transmission of healthcare information over the
c. It is also the place wherein the hospitals make their information available, along with the doctors
available within it.
In the present day, even with ever improving technology, a patient is still carrying his/her previous
records in the form of hard copies. The need to maintain a bulk of file is going on increasing. Now, for suppose
if the patient moves to a distant place without carrying these records and if he/she falls in an emergency
situation, then comes the necessity of files. This situation often raises a question for an alternative and the
alternative is provided by means of technology. This technology is given in the form of HOSPICE FEDORA,
which serves as a source to store the details of a patient and make it online.
It is a website which shows and helps you to collect most of the information about Hospitality and
Medical Services. This site will be done using ASP.NET 5 and SQL SERVER. Doctors can register in website
and patients can take their appointments through this site. Hospitals also can register here and patients can take
their appointments of doctors in that hospital through this site. It can use by the public to view the list of
doctors available in their cities and take appointments of doctors with the help of this site. This site will help
you to find the blood donators, heart donators, kidney donators and eye donators. This site also helps to post
ads. There will be online help for patients who want to clear doubts through e-mail facility. The site will help
you to find home nurses. It also includes a 24hrs Accidental Care Transport Service (ACTS).

The main aim of this project is to maintain the details and medical records of a patient and make it online. The
objectives of this project are:
• To adapt the present day technology in a different way to overcome some of the medical barriers.
• To provide a solution for the present day scenario of carrying the patient health records manually.
• To design a system in which it provides complete patient records online, by giving a unique username.

• It also facilitates the hospitals and pharmaceuticals to register with it and maintain their details
• To track the previous records by patient or doctor, whenever necessary.

The Scope of the project
1. The patients, doctors, hospitals and pharmaceuticals can register in this website and their details
are made online.
2. All these registrations have their own profiles and these can also be managed, updated.
3. The patient can get the details of the hospitals registered with this site to know the list of doctors
4. Administrator can view and manage the details of all the registrations.

1. Paper-based records have been in existence for centuries. Computerized information systems have not
achieved the same degree of penetration in healthcare as that seen in other sectors such as finance,
transport and the manufacturing and retail industries. The current systems that have been going to be
implemented however have been used both for administrative and clinical purposes.
2. The most common records in a clinic or hospital have to do with the patient. When a new patient comes to
the clinic, they fill out beginning paperwork in the waiting room. This paperwork asks for contact
information as well as a detailed history of the health of the patient. This is then stored with health records
management. Then, these records are changed and modified as the doctor sees the patient. On a future
visit, the doctor may need to reference back to that data. As you can see, records management is very
important in this setting.
3. In the current system, there is no scope for the patient details online, to serve as a source to provide
previous health records of diseases and treatments undergone. In case of emergency situation, patient will
be put into trouble, if they do not hold the records. Also the chances of getting difficulties in treatment
may arise.
1. Patient records are important and need to be maintained in good order often over long periods of time.
Records must be quickly made available so that correct treatment can be provided.
2. The medical record is a foundational principle of patient care. HOSPICE FEDORA is going to serve as a
source to maintain patient details online and facilitate with all the requirements to the patient by giving unique
3. Health care professionals can document a patient's medical problems and lay out a plan of treatment. The
other facility provided here is that hospitals and pharmaceuticals can register with us. In addition, patient
records can be accessed online, thereby decreasing the chances of information being damaged or misplaced.

The following features are provided by the proposed system:

• To capture data at the point of care
• To integrate data from multiple internal and external sources
• To support caregiver decision making.

System Requirement Specification

Software is the part of the computer system, which enables the user to interact with several physical hardware devices. The
minimum software requirement specifications for developing this project are as follows:

Operating System : Windows XP

Front- End : C#. and ASP. NET

The selection of hardware is very important in the existence and proper working of any software. When selecting
hardware, the size and requirements are also important.

Processor : INTEL Pentium 4

RAM : 512MB
Hard Disk Drive : 40GB