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More woes for Cosmopolitan Club

Authorities tell management to restrict outsiders from accessing commercial facilities, including a shopping complex
S Kushala Ayukta which in December 2010 asked the to include commercial activities. The club has BDA and BBMP to cancel various permissions been pocketing upwards of Rs 10 lakh each
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and licences issued to the club. month in rentals from the commercial activi-
In his order, BDA commissioner Bharat Lal ties. Earlier, the club had been accused of glar-

C osmopolitan Club has, in recent

times, been one of the most happen-
ing places in south Bangalore offer-
ing activities for all age groups —
entertainment, shopping and eating. But, the
party might soon come to an end with the
Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) ask-
Meena said, “The BDA has withdrawn the
approval given to Cosmopolitan Club for a
bowling alley, departmental store, coffee shop
etc on its premises. Such activities, even if per-
mitted, should be restricted to members.
Parking should be provided in the club prem-
ises to avoid traffic hassles in the vicinity. If
ing violations in the building’s construction
and encroachment of adjacent land, which
was used for a tennis court. The management
subsequently applied for regularisation of the
same. The BDA gave its nod and asked the
management to pay Rs 4,44,82,200 towards
lease amount.
There were several reports of a race between Google
and Facebook to acquire Twitter at a valuation of
$10 billion, but co-founder Biz
Stone has denied them. Twitter
was valued at $3.7 billion last
December and also received $80
ing the management to bar non-club mem- this order is violated, then the BDA will with- million funding from
bers from these commercial facilities that fetch draw its civic amenity site leased to the club CLUB TRIES TO BUY TIME Andreessen Horowitz group last
the club a substantial amount in rent. management.’’ A BBMP health officer said, Replying to the BDA’s order, Cosmopolitan week. With estimated revenue of
The club in Jayanagar IIIrd Block has been “Based on the BDA withdrawing its approvals, Club president S C Kari Gowda said, “The issue $100-110 million this year, a
in the news for the wrong reasons after sub- we are considering cancelling health licences is whether to allow outsiders to use the facili- planned price hike in its most consistent revenue
letting its premises to Amoeba bowling alley, of the restaurant and the departmental store.’’ ties. It was the BDA that allowed the club to source — Promoted Trends, and a new Translation
a coffee shop, a departmental store. It had sub-let our premises for commercial activities. Center website that recruits volunteers to help
struck the deals with the departmental store STORY OF THE CLUB Based on the approval, we entered into these translate its websites and mobile apps into more
and bowling alley in October 2006. Nearby BDA had allotted a civic amenity site to the agreements for huge amounts. We should be languages, there's much chirping going on.
residents have been complaining about the club in 1967 on a 30-year lease for ‘outdoor permitted to function till the expiry of the
traffic chaos that followed. Bylanes in the activities’. The lease was subsequently extend- agreements.” According to him, the city’s 2005 TABLET WARS
vicinity are choked by the vehicles of cus- ed up to June 2030 for a sum of Rs 1.28 lakh. master plan allows use of 20 per cent of a civic Even as iPad 2 — faster, lighter, thinner, and
tomers. The issue came up before the Lok Over the years, ‘outdoor activities’ have come amenity site for commercial activities. equipped with a front facing camera and more
memory, is reportedly in produc-
tion, there are rumours that the

Slab fee structure iPad 3 would also be released in

autumn this year. With the loom-
ing Android invasion in the form
. AA will continue of Motorola Xoom and Samsung
Galaxy (both running

Full Touch Screen Dual SIM Mobile for engineering, Honeycomb), HTC launching
Flyer (running Gingerbread), RIM’s Playbook, and
HP announcing the webOS based Palm TouchPad,

with Camera & Bluetooth - medical courses there is reason for the world's most valuable tech
company to shift another gear.

Good news for students as govt INTEL INSIGHT

lIOOt 2499 Deal Code: 692
rejects Justice Padmaraj
committee’s recommendations
Only six months after confirming that MeeGo, its
joint venture with Intel, was off to a good start,
Nokia announced a huge
strategic alliance with
Microsoft’s Windows
Bangalore Mirror Bureau Mobile and affirmed that it aims to beat Android, its
other suitor. Apparently

H ere’s some good news for students

planning to enter professional
courses this year. As in the previous
year, the state government is likely to fol-
low the ‘different slab’ fee structure for
Nokia had also considered a partnership with RIM.
Meanwhile, Intel, which had tried to underplay this
development, announced on Thursday that there
would be an Intel-powered smartphone in the mar-
ket by year end, but maintained that multiple
engineering and medical courses. devices like tablets, netbooks, set-top boxes and
Speaking to Bangalore Mirror, higher edu- automotive systems would drive growth.
cation minister Dr V S Acharya said, “We
will be entering into a consensual agree- FACEBOOK ‘HARDWARE’
ment with private college managements. Earlier this week, Facebook announced a SIM card,
We will not adopt the differential fee struc- built by Gemalto, for GSM mobiles. It brings social
ture for individual colleges based on the networking to non-smartphones
Justice Padmaraj Committee report. Instead, and provides text-menu-based
as in the previous year, we will have one fee interaction with Facebook to any
structure for students clearing CET and GSM-compatible handset even
another for those going through COMED without a data plan. Oberthur
or other private college managements.” Technologies is another compa-
The minister’s statements drew curtains ny offering social networking and
on the confusion over the fee structure IM services via SIM-based appli-
row. Last year, it was announced that the cations, supporting Facebook,
committee report would be taken into Twitter and Yahoo. Meanwhile HTC has released
consideration, something that would not two new Android handsets - Salsa and ChaCha,
have worked in favour of students. with a dedicated Facebook button.
Meanwhile, Acharya said he would speak
to the press on Friday to clear the air over TO SUBSCRIBE
this year’s seat sharing ratio. “We are yet to Just a couple of days after Apple announced its sub-
take a decision on the seat sharing ratio with scription service in the App Store, allowing pub-
private college managements. As we have lishers to set the price and time
already announced the CET dates, we will of subscriptions and customers
see to it that things are sorted out without to manage it from their iTunes
disturbing the CET schedule”, he added. account, Google announced

.6 Months Warrantf• Shipping 2001- Extra
Meanwhile, a senior officer from the One Pass, for publishers to main-
Package Includes:
Medical Education department said students tain direct relationships with
Mobile ,2 Fashion Jackets (Back Covers), Charger, need not worry about seat matrix, fee struc- their customers and to give read-
Earphone ,Manual,USB Cable , Battery ture and exam dates as the government is in ers access to digital content across websites and
Shop Using Credit Card end Get FREE Surprise Gift the process of sorting out the issues. mobile apps. Google plans to take only a 10 per cent
:rrI to, Cnn, nIoint
To Roni Coil OO 51 fih4A (7AM tn I OPM I “Consensual agreement came up for cut from publishers as opposed to Apple's 30 per
(JORDER NOW 0922 345 1000 1 0922 345 2000 approval in the Supreme Court on Feb 14
and 15. But due to some technical reasons,
cent. Also in Apple's case, user data will be shared
with publishers only if the users explicitly choose to
) OPEN 24 HOURS SMS naapto l to 58888 I Visit naapto l .com lhot I Home Delivery it was not approved. We are confident that share it, but Google will share the customer infor-
Keep Your Area Pin Code Ready I Pay By Cash On Delivery I Secure Credit Card !Keep Your OTP Ready SC will approve it by next week,” he said. mation it collects with publishers.